The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1897
Page 7
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UPPER BBS MOINES: —^^^^__..,^._. - .... ,,_-_: ....^.-..^, _,..,^ __ ..._^.^ J ,^^^ J ^ J ^^ ai ^^-uu^ Ma a t Bat. YOU CAN'T STOP 'EM. ft,t fvtf «' ** Unfettered Element Falls , |o Cr«*fc "thfiiii — the JTJre Plena Defied. Tb« toews comes from Attica, Inrl., «f th« destruction, by five, ol the big laboratory and office building of the Sterling Remedy company, makers ot Ca&carets Candy Cathartic and No-To- BW, th« original guaranteed tobacco habit «uf€. Tha prep irations made by this big corporation are known throughout the world, The fire broke out in one of the •packing rooms on the third floor during the noon hour, and had made considerable head-way before it was discovered. The Sterling Remedy company is the principal Industry of the beautiful little city of Attica, employing several hundred people, besides being affiliated -With the Interests at the Indiana Mineral Springs, the famous Magno-Mud Cure. The entire population tvas •worked up to a frenzy of excitement. Meanwhile tin almost proverbial •energy aud presence °of mind of "Hnst- llng" Harry Kramer, the general manager of The Sterling Remedy company. •was displayed. He was the coolesi man at the scene. He quietly walked away ( and secured a big carriage sho room near by, and 'had all office furai ture, charred and delapldated as I •was, taken there. Several shipment were made the same evening from goods saved, and on Friday morning, all departments were at work in various rooms about town, while a gang of men were cleaning away the wreckage preliminary to rebuilding. The actual damage amounts to many •thousands of dollars; the loss due to interruption of business and contusion •of detail is inestimatable, 'but pluck and 'energy 'of one 1 man will turn defeat Into victory and move the wheels , 0 f 'business to ever-dncreasing speed. Nothing can stop the success of Gas- carets and No-To-Bac with such chat- | • force behind them. A-single sunflower stock at B nuns, Knn- -gftSj'Carried the unprouedonted <miuibor of 233'blooi»B.'atoue time. _ "Klomlyke Kirtlotin. Will 'be published by the .Soo Line Mondays, containing all the 'TELttoiiAipJiic NEWS mid up-to-date information ;nfs to the BEST ROUTES, ^SERVICES, STEAMSHIP SAIMNCS, .and.eYory facility as same -develops. IN- VALTJ.AHJ/R to Alaskau prospectors :aud all •their friends. To IMS placed on mnilin<? iliat send six cents (Go) ita stumps to W. K. G. 1'. A., Minneapolis, Minn. HOW TO WASH WITH EASE. Any Woman, With a Little Experience*, Can Wash Unrmenta Satisfactorily. LOVERING HALF PUNISHKD. Opinion i.mA. WEDNESDAY' DECEMBER 15. A1CEACE OF PEAES That li Secretary of of It. Washington dispatch: Secretary Al wn"ter"anS SiTsoap h a^eTKwa™ I ^ hn » mBde pnbllc th ° ™* nm ™ A ^ «HUrrtoodbyhomik.e^il vetthe^T- ministered to Captain Lovering of conveniences are the cause of yellow clothes Fort Sheridan, by sentence of court ^le^lhe^C^iuS^y 0 ft£ »«l»l. « *>»°™ "^ °" le " f th6 answered for Iho use of our grandmothers, president the proceedings ami sen- nM. the cheap laundry sonp found in the tenee in tho case of Captain Le< VI liftfrft ct^-»T'ttc luilf A fieri t 11 TV ~ ~ —~— 1 n asacory. That the family washing cannot bo sat- stactonly done with a scant supply ot hnrd ' n 's --village stores half n century ngo was thought good enough for women who Imd learned to make linrd rubbing do the work which goorl sonp should have done. But in this age ot progress labor-saving appliances nre iised by intelligent women, nud in no place do they count for more thnn in the Smindry. '" wrung When nil nro ami pj-aped in-a clean tub. u ucn mi nro washed pour boiling wnter over, nnd let stand until cool, thoii rinse, ftinl starch the clothes. After tho linens nro washed, tho white wearing clothes should be washed in the same way', then tl.« colored garments taken through fresh suns, ringed, starched, rend hung on the Hue. When dry each piece should be taken from the line, shaken out. sprinkled, folded and laid in a basket until illuming, -when they should be carefully iroued. Ki,i/..\K. FAUKF.U. fool The greatest remedy lor -anger is .delay. Ilia Grout Mlptnkr. He—"\Vlnt iiiiikcs YOU thiul; we about women!" Khe--"Uei-ausoyon are silly enough to think you know all .about them.' 1 Advice to Klodlkcrfl. "Bo sure you nre right—then-go ah The newspapers are filled with (ill sort.- of statements regarding mining in the Yukon basin; and schemes for the profit of the "stay-at-homes" -auo more plentiful tliiiu icicles in tlinwson. Tho railways are trying toiplaco ibefore you reliable •iu.fornm- •tiunins to nud how :ti The Northern Pacific ns the pioneer in Alaska passenger tnifllc. running its trains tfi'om.fSt. Paul mid Minneapolis rto 1'uget Hound and Portland, ihavo by their recently issued inap'foldor on Alaska,-again dain- •onstrated their right to first consideration. Semi-Chan. H. Fee. Kt. Paul. Jlimi., 2-ceuts postage for tho latest and best Alaska map .published, Miss (Florence Hudson, of Baltimore, bus 11 tooth ot solid gold, with adinmond in the •center-of <it. The .ornament cost'ber'cwer .151). Important. Tfotlro. A 'Wtn-or-womiin of jruwl churi'li siniYfltnEicn-n secure positlmi with woll knmvn hun-o vtf '20 years MAimliiitf to net us MnmiaM 1 um! Oirrt'HpoiiiUMit in llil»,.i!ounty. Sulnry K.iU yi-nnly. Addross A.V. T. KWeii'Bouvutiiry, -TH Michigan Ave., ChlcOHO, III. Whatman -has douo, woman .can undo. Kv.6ry;giiiililms n longing to bo Bziosed «o hard it tnirts. tence in the cnse of Captain Leonard A. Lovering, 4th Infantry, are approv ed. It is, however, disappointing that an offense so grave and an example so far reaching as this should have been visited with so light a pen nlty. There is no question but that Private Hammond deserved punishment for his conduct, but ho should have received it in the lawful v?ny The military laws governing the army arc explicit. They prescribe the duties of oflicers and enlisted men with the penalties ior their violati«n. Under them both have rights nnd obligations. When, therefore, an officer with the intelligence and experience with which Cnptiiin Covering is credit ed, not only violates these laws, but exhibits such a lack of humanity ns is shown in this case, he should receive a more severe pnmshimuittlinn a mere reprimand. Committing 1 such nets degrades the officer more than tho sol die* he punishes, and shows unfltncss for the cure and command of men, Under excitement men frequently do things which in cool moments they re cnVl with sorrow and regret. But this case is aggravated by the fJict that after weeks of deliberation this officer evinces no rcjrret for his wrongful nets." The specific charge against Lovering, for which he was sentenced to be publicly •reprimanded was "con- duet prejudicial to good -order ond military discipline. 1 ' The incident which brought jvbout the charge was the rough treatment of Private Hammond, who upon refusing to appear before Loverin-g when requested to do so, was, by tho order of the captain, drugged to the guard house by the heels. 'While this order was fcemer carried out Lovering prodded him several tkaes with his sword and kicked him repeatedly. The little that Is done seems nothing •when we look forward and see how much we hare yet to do.—^Goethe. Loving kindness Is greater than laws, and the charities of life are more than all ceremonies.—Talmage. Aspirations without faith are powerful only for destruction. They can kindle a revolution, but they cannot mould a new order.—-Westcott. To live in the presence of great truth and eternal laws, in which to be led by permanent Ideals—that Is what keeps a man patient when the world ignores him, nnd calm and unspoiled -when the world praises him.—Balzac. Life is made up, not of great sacrifices and duties, but of little affairs, In which smiles nnd kindness and little services cheerfuly rendered are wha •win and preserve the heart and secure comfort.—Sir Humphrey Davy. We He in the lap of Immense Intel Hgence, which makes us receivers o Its truth and organs of its activity When we discern justice, when we dls cern truth, we do nothing of ourselvo but allow a passage to Its beams.— Emerson. Tho Pursuit «»f UnpplnnBH. When the Declaration of Independence asserted man's right to this, it enunciated an immortal truth. The bilious sufferer in on tho road to happiness when ho begins to tnko Hosteller's Stomach Hitters., the most eflleneioUR liver regulator in exist- «nce. Equally reliable is it in chills and fever, constipation, dyspepsia, rheumatism kidney trouble and nervousness. Use it regularly uud nol at odd lulervnls. Is a beautiful possession. If* -woman owns one, and if ft single pearl drops off the string, she makes haste to find and restore it. Good health is a more valuable possession than a necklace of the most beautiful pearls, yet one by one the jewels of health slip away, and Women seem indifferent until it is almost too late, and they cannot be restored. To die before joti are feally old is to suffer premature death, nnd that is a sin. It is a sin because it is the result of repeated violations of nature's laws. Pain, lassitude and weariness, inability to sleep, dreadful dreams, starting violently from Sleep, are all symptoms of nerve trouble. You cannot have nerve trouble and keep your health. In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred the womb, the ovaries and the bladder are affected. They are not vital organs, hence they give out soonest. Mrs. Lydia 12. Pinltham's Vegetable Com- „„„«pound, by building up the nerves and restoring woman a organism to its natural state, relieves all these troublesome uterine symptoms. In confirmation of this we, by permission, refer to the following women, all of -whom speak from experience: Miss CK«A "AS HORN, 1912 Sharswood St., Philadelphia, Pa.; Misa GitACE Cor.T.oitn, 1434 Eastern Avc., Cincinnati, O.; MBS. NKWKT/T,, 50 llyevson St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Mna. IBAHEJJ OIIKUG, 320 Chestnut St., \Voburn, Mass, Mus. A. H. COM:, New llochclle, N. >'., and many others , For special symptoms Mrs. IMnkhara has prepared a Sanative Wash, which will cure local troubles. Give these medicines a trial. v . Write to Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass., if you are not quite satisfied; you can address private questions to a woman. CAUSE How baldness begins. How to prevent Everv person, male or female, shrinks from baldness. It adds to the appearance of aire and'is a serious discomfort. 1 he cases are rare when the falling out of the hair may not be stopped, and a new nnd healthy growth of the hair promoted. I lie hair crows in the scalp like a plaut in the soil. If a plant flourishes, it must have constant attention t it must be watered reeularly and find its food in the soil where it is rooted. It's so with the hair. NeElect is usually the beginning, of baldness. Dandruff is alloweS to thicken ou the scalp. The hair begins to loosen.. The scalp loses its vitality. The hair, insufficiently nourished, begins to fade and to fall. The instant need in such n case is some practical preparation which, slip- plying the needed nourishment to the scalp, will fee.l the hair, give it streng h, and so produce a strong and heathy growth. All this is Dr. Aver b Hair Vigor, the most P™? 1 *. 0 " 1 " 11 ^ ,?; We preparation for tfie bait.that ca»i be obtained. It tones up the sralp, does away with dandruff, stops the hair from falling, MStores the origtaal color to gray or faded The Omaha The Omaha Weekly Bee ' gives an abundant nnd gloss d hair, and growth. Those who are threatene ssy ith . approaching baldness will be interested following in the following voluntary statement, made by Alderman S. J. Green, of Spencer, Iowa, i-fe writes: "About four months ago, my hair commenced falling out so rapidly that I became alarmed, and being recommended Dr. Ayer's Hair Vigor by a . druggist, I resolved to try this preparation. 1 hn\e been now using it for three months, and. am much gratified to find that my Hair has ceased falling out nnd also Hint hair which had been turning gray for the V&?tfive iual years has been restored to its •"•»•--.: color, dark brown. It ciyes me much pleasure to recommend tins dressing."— k J. GIIEIIX, Alderman, Spencer, Iowa. Those who are interested in l^eBCTving and 1 ' eautif > ti " B , t , h . ec1 ilrLbook A sTory ot pace's l is sent free, on request, by the J. C. Ayer Co., t,ow*ll, Mass. •j. '- • »ee for 1898, the 3Oc 2Qc 35c The Week* Bee For clubbing purposes desired: For Woman's Home Companion For Farm and Fireside For Farm and Fireside, .. ........ 35c For Orange Judd Farmer, with Almanac ....... For New York Tribune For Prairie Farmer.... ..... ..... ' Each of the above publication. , » on 5Oc Atnotime ac o e a ^ ^«&^^^- AM - " U ° rdel ' S " The Weekly Bee, Omaha. , Boveral earn n.OOO y No larger stock of Silks and Dross Goods in any market, i ue _____ lowest prices for linubt Samples free, «BOS.. SALESMEN WANTED Groin, Potatoes, eto. This is the test work 01 the season. You should not Wrtto tor terms. Tin Jewell MareOTC^ SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OFFERS TW» Knife in sy liiohe* long when clowd. 0 W regular 76« Knltei sample sent for i»o. 0«r Dl»mond EdBe Hollow Uround «««or. / th» above Jack Knife and lifter tor 41.10. ee«fl» »nt p9»tp»ld. C»t»lo»U9 free. CHAMPUIN CUTLERY CO., ~ dial, »orew bezel and bfok, IK nw graved. Fully warranted. Men w Wf |»a 808 \y*l isu Avenue. HALL'S Vegetable Sicilian flAlRRENEWER^ Cleanses the scalp and pats new life into the fiair. It restores the lost cok* to gray .hair. It means ) youth and beauty* JluSKiToiiTrlTTER REPAYS THE FREIGHT CASH STORE ORE SEND 10 CIS. IN STAMPS. L1ti»rn.ry NotoH. Tho r.owcn-I\IerriU Co., Inilianapolis and Kansas City, linve reccnUy pub- lishutl Robert J. Ihirdette's latest boolc, ''011111108 From ;a .Tester's Hells." It is said to be the rarest production of that, prince of humorists. None of America's authors has a greater mun ber of enthusiastic admirers in Iowa tlian Mr. lUirdetto, und "Chimes From a Jester's Hel]«" will crcatly incre the number. The book is beautifully hound in polished red cloth and pold .and contains twenty-ono illusti-a tions, miiUinfr one of the handt>oine& booUs publislied this season. The North American Review fo SJecember presentB in its opening pages tlie first part of a remarkably thoughtful paper from tke pen of Professor Cesarc Lombroso., entitled "Why Homicide Has Increased in tUe United States," wherein tho appalling fact is presented that, whilst in all other .civilized countries homicides are yearly decreasing in number, in America tliei-e has been an increase of sixty per cefflt within tnn years and but twenty-live per cent increase in population! I'rofessor Lombroso was born in Venice, and is a graduate of the University of Turin. As a student of mental diseases and criminology he has become widely known. The frontispiece of the American Monthly Review of Reviews for December is a reproduction of the remarkable painting, "The Raising of La/arus," the work of the young American neirro artist, Mr. Henry O. Tanner. This minting has been purchased by the French government for the Luxe'inbcmrg Gallery. "Roach & Co.—Pirates," is the title of an excellent volume of Stories of the Sea from the pen of Hector Puller and published by the Bowen-Merrill Co., Indianapolis and Kansas City, There are nine stories in the volume, and it is hard to decide which is the most thrilling und entertaining. Every one of them commands the admiration of the reader, who feels after having finished the volume that its author is a writer of rare genius and one who understands the sea and its voyagers. Certain it is that Mr. Fuller lias made a careful study of his work and hns produced a volume of exceptional merit. Ti.e Jhristmas number of the Art Amateur is unrivalled this season, both for the beauty of its illustrations and the practicability of its articles. From the very attractive cover of holly and mistletoe we turn to the "Rembrandt" supplement, with its fifteen exquisite illustrations of the works of the famous Dutch artist. The color plate, "Little Sweethearts," by Toietti, is an ideal picture of five children's heads, charmingly soft in color. Outing for December offers a fenst of good things to all interested in sports and pastimes. Caribou and bear hunting, quail and duck shooting, golf, the kennel, the stable, basket ball, Indian ball, yachting, cycling, snowshoeing, skating, travel und fiction, all receive attention. Such well-known writers as Price Collier, Ed. W. Sandys, A. J. Kenealy, H. W. liuntington, P. H. Risteen and R. Tait McKenzie contribute interesting stories. A swallow was conveyed in a cage to London from its home in Chetwynd. It flew to its home nest, a distance of 145 miles, in 80 minutes, making tho trip at the rate of almost two miles a minute. A capricious young maiden of Auburn, Me.., won the affections of a, bashful sweetheart, and then discarded him. He sued for breach of promise, and the court lias decreed that the fickle fair one must pay him $1,789. In the year 1700 there was only one newspaper in the United States. Now there are more than in England, and Germany put tpgether. Ofttin. Tommy—"Paw, wlmt is n Rnob?" Jlr FiKK—"A wiob is a follow you \wca to co to wliool with who bus worked Ins way into a set whore you can't enter.' Cntiirrh Cnnnot Ho Ctirrtl with LOCAIj Al'l'lACATIONS, as they nnuot reach tlio sent of tho diKenso. l.n arrli is « tilood or consUtuUoiml dlKenBO niid in order to euro it you nuist, take in oninl reniodios. Hall's Cntiirrh Cure is akon internally, nud acts directly on mo blood ftnd mucous surfaces. It was pro- hcribod by one of tlve best physicians in liis country ior years, and is a regular iroscriptioii. It is not a quack medicine. t is composed of the best tonics cnoww, combined with tho best blood pnvifi«rs, noting; directly on the mucous surftiues. The iierfoct combination of tho two ingredients is what produces such wonderful results in curing catarrh, bond for testimonials, free. F .T. CHKNEY <t CO., Props., 'loledo, U. Hold by druggists, price 7r.o. Hull's Family Pills are tho bent. Jilted. Tommy—I don't bcliove tholr is any "KIS'IO—Then you're an infidel and I won't bo your sweetheart any more.—The \oiiow Book. _ I ItlOOll Glenn blood makes a ('loan skin. No , „„ i lietuity, Cnseiirotu Candy Cathar- V? y 1 tic cleans your blood and koops it clean, by 1 -"' stirring npthela/y liver and driving all ini- n ?°' ' iiuritios from tho body. Hogtn to-tloy to lll- banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads and that sickly bilious complexion by taking Cascarets,—beauty for ten cents. All druggists, fcatisfuction guaranteed, id, -», *»«• Sntan can't do much with a liappilv married couple. To repeat a trite platitude, ''thedouce can't boat a pair." lulily frro on receipt They 'am rullublu. iiiuuo Leather mouey circulated iu Russia so recently a« the timo of Peter the Oront. Ken (I tho You will enjoy this publication much better if you will got into the habit of reading the advertisements. They will afford a most interestinp study nnd will put you in the way of getting some excellent bargains. Our advertisers are reliable, they send what they advertise. Tlie hide of a hippopotamus, in BOino parts, is two inches thick. TO CUKE A COLD IN ONIO DAY. Tako Laxative Bromo Qutnlno TaWots, All Druggisisref und ttio money it it tails to euro. 2Bo It in "Tiny Tim's" season; his brief prayer is worthy of univerual udoptum: uoa iiless Us Every One!" Pifo's Curo for Consumption 1ms boon a family medicine with us since 1800.— J. K. Mudisoii. JJ4U9 42d Avo., Chicago, His. Sealskins are originally of a light drab color, but as found in the market are always dyed. Ask your grocer for Tone Bros.' Arabian Blended Coffee, a delightful drink. In B-jiound cans only. When \vo discover tho faults of our friends without being Imppyjwe nre groat. No-To-llac for Fifty Cents. GimranKwd tobacco habit cuie, makes wonk men strung, blood pure. 6Ue, tl. All (lrufe%'l«ts. Tho first lueifer match wus made in 1839. "Merry folly! what a volley (ireo'ts tho hanging of the bough I With a "Hoy, tho holly! Ho, the holly Who'd be'melancholy now!" Sl'orman«nUyOur«d. Wonts ornervousnesflnnn 1r8t diiy'B ««e of l>v. Klino'b Orniit Norvo llo»tar« Kmul f or VKKK «!*.OO trlnl liolilo nnil troati" DA5.KLiNJi.Lta..03I : A«'l._ BUVViil»d 0 li.Ultt. 1' Rlie—Why is it called tlio "silver moon? Ho—Because it conio« in halves and quarters, I suppose. Mrs. Wlnslow'sSootlilng syrup Forriilldroii twthlim.Koftwin tho BIIIIIK.I uducoa Inrtam _u!tloH,allayB paln.iiuruii wliiduollu. !!6 cuuta » bottlo. The Star of Betiilehem was so callecl bo- caufio of its rosouiblunco to tho one which guided tho Magi. Coe'B Cough lltilsam lBtI.0 oldest and best. It will break up a cold a'-l^cr Uittti any tlilnujclac. lUHMwajrsj'oHiilile. i i y It. The ivy a"mTholIy and pino never told whore Christ hid, aud BO they rouiam greeu all winter. JMuciitc Your llowolH With discards. Candy Cuthiirtlc. ouro constipation forever. IQo, 2 f IF f* t 1 f full ilnifftiiKt'H j'Qiuiid iiiouuj* JO. Jt v* v/ • *•« •«»!» M* "BIS* CJuUo 15«c«ntrlc. 1'aletto—D'Anber i« very eccentric even 'or an artist. Brush—Yes? Palette—Ho signs his pictures so legibly hat anyone can make out the name. Try <}rnlii-O. Ask your grocer to-day to show you a package of UHA1N-O, tho nevv food Irink that takes tho place of coifee. The children may drink it without niury as well as the adult. All who try it, like It. OllAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or .lavn, but it is made from pure grains, tuid the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. M the price of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Tastes like collee. Looks'like cofVec. Tho world is full of mou with no other possession tlmu experience, who \youlc be glad to sell it for loss than Uioypaut for it. DON'T DELAY—SEND AT ONCE. For tho Holiday Catalogue of tlio MERMOD * IACCAHD Jewelry Co., Broadway, Cor. LooUBt, St. Louis. It ebowB 3,000 of. the loveliest thing* "watches, Jewelry, Silverwares, Clocks and Mnslo Boxes.' II you will also send 2Ei cts., they will send von a pair of beautiful Solid Silver Dumb Bell Sleovo Unk Buttona, the newest- thing out. I Kev. Luther Humphrey, who died in New Hartford, Conn., recently, was a cousin ol the famous aboltionist, John Bj'own. j But fashions come ami fashion go, And Time Is on tho wing; Who knows? Within a year or BO Wo may bo "just the thing." Don't Toliacco Sjlt ftnd Smokt Voar Wfo To quit tobacco easily and forever, be magnetic, full of life nerve and vigor, take No-To-Bnc, tho wonder worker, that makes wenk men strain?. All druggists, 5Uc or $1. Cure gtiarnntoed. Booklet audBamplo tiee AddreRs Sterling Remo'ly Co., Chicago or Now York. __ this The now stars year number 427, already discovered Star Tobacco Is tho loading brand of the world, because it is the best. A'non-partisan is a tics. •wo.ll llowor in poll- WITHOUT DOUBT VW M. JL JLJL V* »-/ JL Jt^ v v — — Jo.oo1b® Oil ^ - -* -- — ^ ^di ^M*. >WI" AN OPEN LETTER To MOTHERS. WE ARE ASSERTING IN THE COURTS OUR RIGHT TO THE EXCLUSIVE USE Off THE WORD " CASTOBIA » AND "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," AS OUR 1RADB MARK. I DR SAMUEL PITCHER, of Byannis, Massachusetts, was the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the samo that has lorne and does now /Tp . 4£SfiZy?" on every bear the fao-simile signature of (<6a&^&Z&K wrapper. This is the original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which has been used in the homes of the mothers of America for over thirty years, LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is the kind you have always bought srf s/V/> ^--/^ ontho wd has the eignature O f^a^^^^^f wrapper. JVo one has authority from me to use my name except The Centaur Company of which Chas. S. Fletcher ta President. /->^ s <&*JL J _ .* n March 8, 1897: Q0**~^&<M**~***1** Do Not Be Deceived. Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute which some druggist may offer you (because he makes a few more penmea on it), the ingredients of which even lie does not know. "The Kind You Have Always Bought" BEARS THE FAC-SIMIUE SIGNATURE OF MORPHINE and WHISKY HABITS. 1IOMK CUKE. Hook I'liUK. UK. J. f. HOFFMAN, I»aucllaDlds.| CIUCAUO, IIJv isEWDISCOVERYlBWe. fc ___^^. ^^ „ quickrolJufamlcurcswors* 1-a.iDa. Benil for hook of testimonials and 1O days' treatment Free. Ur.ll. II. UHBKJI'8 soS8,All»w,«t. Atfl B H ••ftSDlr-addliig.pnt.comblnijtlonboara. ^•Snfl Pi V No IOOBO welBhta. U.S. stftiiilurd, <£9Unb&V Best ami cheapest. Suiiil for prices. WEEKS SCALE WORKS, BUFFALO, N. Y. Get your Pension _ iDOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. O'FARRELL, Pension Agent, . H23 New York Avenue, WASHINGTON, D.C, CUTLER'S MEDIQATED l"s"no oquul (or the cure of CATAUUH «nd LUHO DISKAHK.S. Hy "lull, tl.OO. i« v W. H, SMITH & CO., Trops., ItufTulo, N. Y. HomeseeHers'Guide ddrsa either J. F. Every UoiueBeoker «hould uddrcsa either J. F. .... ft WELL MACHINERY Insist on Having The Kind That Never Failed You. THI PiHT.VII. OOMMNY. TT MUH«.» »T»««T. H.W »O-K O.TY BENT Fitin. Uuve been W.TTHOMPSOH co,,; Uucce»ur» lo Slum City Eofluu * Iron Works SIOUX CITY, IOWA. Sick and Nervous Headaches POSITIVELY Cured in 30 Minutes, by CANDY CATHARTIC C WE CONSTIPATION At all Urugalsts or sent post- paW upo» receipt ol $t. FRENCH CHEMICAL CO, 356 Dearborn St., Chicago.

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