The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1897
Page 5
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THE UPPER DES MOINES: ALGONA, inWA. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 15, 1897. -A. G-la,xit Clear in. —Of Winter Clothing and Furnishings A mass of clothing that must be sold between now and Jan. I, 1898, REGARDLESS OF COST. Our stock must be reduced. You want clothing—we want money. A greater opportunity to buy clothing at manufacturers' prices has never been offered you. Clothing is steadily advancing in P nce Don't neglect this opportunity. Our stock is full of fine tailored winter suits and overcoats worth m to $18-2§, Your choice, $10.90 We have some odd sizes in $12.50 and $14.00 suits and overcoats that we will close out at $9.75. .00 Suits and Overcoats at - - $7.75 This means your choice of any suit or overcoat up to $11.00. Nothing reserved. $7.50 SttitS and Overcoats at At this price we will show you a fine line of all-wool suits—colors guaranteed. $5.oo Chita's Sis AT COST .. We particularly desire to reduce our line of boys' and children's stuff, and are going to give you manufacturers' prices on everything. Our Big Slaughter List. -K^^ shoes at $i.i 9 5 $ I -°° P ants at -•& duck C ° atS at S tSi 1 %<^^^£A^ CONTINUES UNTIL JANUARY FIRST. COWLES' BLOCK, ALGONA, IOWA. oo i— ' i— ..-.-..i RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. ^^~~^*~~^^^^^~^^~*^~~^~' ------ ^^^^^^-^^^^ CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAI. TBAINS WEST. No.l departs at ...................... No. 3 departs at ...................... Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at. ................... No. 71 departs at .................... No. 65 departs at ..................... . TUAINSEAST. No. 2 departs at ...................... 10 4j> No. 4 departs at ...................... 0:28 Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at .................... " No. 94 departs at ..... ^iici A 10 45pm CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight 11:00 a m pass 7:05 am ...11:50 am North- Mixed 7:05 a m 1V11XUU ........ "" •" "* Freight ..... 11:50 am 2:41 bilVPQ . . . . J.1 i(>U 11, 111 JTtlDO ** •* * 1' *" jlxed 7:54 pm Mixed 10:28 pm Arrive at bes Moines at 12:15 p. in., 0:15 p. m., and 1:20 a. m. m w Vvavv ^ Agont moderate compensation. He is one of the hest librarians in the stiite, and A.1- gona is fortunate in having him. Some day the town will adopt the library und give him an opportunity to make it a splendid public institution. Another barn fire, that seems to have been set by somebody, illuminated the sky last Thursday night. It broke out in P. C. Wilson's barn and took the Gilmoro barn and two stacks of hay. Mr. Wilson's horse was badly burned, but is not yet dead. Frank Nicoulin is getting out advertising matter for his Minnesota lands. He covers a largo part of Big Stone and Traverse counties, has cheap railway rates, good local agents, and big lists I of cheap lands. Hois going to push matters this spring and is just the man to do it. THE PINE KEOORD OF COMPANY P. THE LOCAL FIELD. Bishop Fowler's great oration on Lincoln, Jan. 8. The weather has been milder, but it is still winter. Mrs. S. D. Drake is just recovering from a quite serious four weeks' illness. The new Union township Methodist church will be dedicated next Sunday. The Odd Fellows are figuring with O. B. Durdall for lights for their handsome hall. Goo L. Galbraith has part of his store building at Galbraith station up. He will complete it in the spring. By extra effort Mr. Durdall has got his new lights into several stores for the holidays. He is a pusher. The home minstrels played to a good audience last evening and gave a good entertainment. They talk of repeating it. There will be an oyster supper at W. F. Hoflus'in Union township Friday evening. Teams will be ready at the Baptist church. E G Bowyer hears from H. »• Vau'gh that Mrs. Vaughn is just recovered from a severe run of typhoid fever at her Denver home. Architect Proudfoot of Des Moines g for the state university. Rev Day has 30 tickets for Bishop house is going to be full better than the company. For nearly a week now Patrick Kain sustain him much longer. C A Weaver of Webster City is hay- A fords cheap mutual insurance opin- «oAHH°S once, and four ^ter clo etsjm ^ Jg in the basement. Supei visor o in charge of the work. D ep,t y Bo S ie,»dM- u ^'i;»:,rj: i&iSKss^a^ftfss SttSStiSfa-SZ The city council will have a sewoi survey made for ihe south aide of town as soon as the snow will permit. When the most feasible route is found the residents will haye an opportunity of offering to tap it. If enough will patronize the sower it will be put in as soon as practicable. John Goeders went up to Seneca and invoiced tho stock for tho stockholders of the co-operative store. It amounted to about enough with the building to pay outstanding The stockholders who put in §50 anil §100 each will get practically nothing on their stock. Hon. Peter Melendy, who selected the Iowa Agricultural College lands in 18(12, and who found 20,000 acres in Kossuth, promises to write a sketch of his trip in this county for our readers. He has always been a prominent man in this part of Iowa and his reminiscences will be very entertaining vending. The court room was crowded for the lycoum program, Saturday evening. At its close a permanent organization was formed. A second program will be given this coming Saturday evening. Everybody takes to the idea and Algona will get entertainment and profit out of the winter's work. Prof. Spencer is the right man to take hold of the matter. Mr and Mrs. John Heckart are very poorly. He is nearly 93 years of age, s suffering from a l»"-a\ytio Jtroko, IB blind and hears with difficulty. Mrs. Heckart is about 85 and is also unable to care for herself. Their daughter Emma cares for both and they have every attention and are cheerful as thev always have been. They are two of Algona's pioneers and have the sympathy of all in the afflictions incident to old age. We have heretofore referred to a big mortgage which the Chicago & Nortu- OT tern railway company is obliged to have recorded in every county through which the Northwestern line runs The mortgage is for a $165,000,000. It is due 90 years from date and expires Nov 1, 1987. It contains 88 closely printed pages and contains between 25 000 and 28,000 words; it will cover as nearly as can be estimated at this time 100 nages solid record of the county's big books. It will keep Recorder Randall and his assistant busy for several days to place it on record. Postmaster Hinchon notifies the public that the rental on postofflce boxes as been raised by the department. It will be after Jan. 1, 12* cents a quarter on call boxes, 35 cents on lock boxes, and 50 cents on drawers. It is not genially known, but the fixing of rent is flone wholly by the postofflce depart- nfe^d k/ren* collected f go wholly THo Yenr's Ulflo Practice Gives Nino Sharpshooters mid Twelve MnrliB- inoii. The annual report of Company I' s target firing has been completed. The company has nine sharpshooters and 12 marksmen under state rules. Four are United States sharpshooters. This is the third time M. J. Walsh has qualified, and he gets a date bar issued by the government. Four also are United States marksmen. It will bother the companies of the Fourth regiment to excoll this record. The United States sharpshooters are Lieut. Ward, Sergts. Walsh and Lew Hackman, private W. E. McMurray The United States marksmen uro Capt. Foster, Corps. Riley and Burbank, private Mat. Holzbauer. The state sharpshooters aro Gapt. Foster Lieut. Ward, Sergts. Low Hackman, Tuttle and Walsh, Corps Riley and Burbank, pnvatos W. £ McMurray and Dally. This is E. I. Burbank's third time to qualify as state sharpshooter and ho gets a date bar issued by the state. The state marksmen are Sergt._ lay lor. Corp. Carpenter, and privates Holzbauer, Spongberg, Wolfe, Rob son, Sehrader, Jogest, Bossmgham, Nelson, Halverson, and Peterson. Privates Smith, J. C. Peterson, and Sergt. W. B. McMurray aro in the first class; Privates Gilbride and Jas. Dally in the second; Corp. Croimn and Privates Seeley, A. Burbank. and Flanders in the third. Company F holds the two silver tip- phies of the regiment, and is going t" send a team to camp next year that can hold them. It has plenty of material. answer is: Ho must steal it. Ho also has plenty of green body oak wood which ho sells at $4.60 a cord, and a great many people in tho place tllink these two kinds of wood used together make the most economical of all fuel. This man also has dry oak and haid maple wood and dry p no slabs, By the way, if your wife builds tho fires, a cord of those pine slabs would be a very acceptable Christmas present. If s o does not, buy some for tho hired glil, anvway. This queer man is also soling drain tile'in small lots from his yard as cheap as they can bo bought in car lots. He has over two car loads o them on hand and needs the room. Ho also keeps all kinds of hardwood lumber and material for making wagons, buggies, and sleighs, wagon boxes hay presses, horse powers, and other arm implements. His name is Hamilton, that's all. JAMES PATTERSON'S ^—i——^••••••^•^••^•••••••'••i^^**^*^*"'' . , Marriage licenses have been iss^ toGus. Gebrte an / Afan ° nP ' UM Wigand, Gustar Seefeldt and I Anns M. w B J. F. Newell and Oena Weisoi ^ Cady and Carrie Sole, John nuu Lydia Loebig. ^thar in Des Chas. Kraft met his brotb« » £ Moines last week and tog," J 6loloth . purchased their stock of |P^| ht the ing. He says they ha ve £ gince largest stock and best quaui they went into business. rates but the department made the change. qpECUL sale on robes and blankets untfl Ohristmas. Come now if you ^^^^^ o rcSo^. GIRL wanted. Call at this office. TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY. Mr. and Mrs. J.cwls II. Smith nro Contfratulnted by Xel B hborH and IfrloiidB Who Talco Them by Surprise. A surprise party that was a success was planned for Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H Smith last Wednesday evening in honoi of their 25th wedding anniversary They were invited with a few friends to Jas. Patterson's for lea, and when i about 8 o'clock they returned to their home they walked in upon 125 old friends, who had in their absence taken possession. They noticed that the house was lighted up more than usual, but thought some one had called. They had not the slightest intimation of a celebration until they found themselves surrounded. Congratulations were showered upon them, and then they were seated in the bay window as though for a second wedding, and Rev. Sinclair, in behalf of the company presented them with a beautiful silver water service. Mr. Smith responded in a few words, which fully expressed the feelings of both. A social visit and refreshments from the well filled baskets of the visitors added to the en- iovment of a pleasant evening. Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith are among the earliest of tho county's pioneers. He came in July, 1855, to assist Gov. Carpenter in the government survey of the northwestern corner o the coun- tv and she was a member of the W nit- ins ville, Mass., colony, tliAt had come from the east in May of the same year. This was 42 years ago, along time in the history of a new county, and the first summer after the earliest settlement had been made. During all, theso years both have enjoyed in the f ullefat measure the esteem, the hearty good will, and lasting friendship of all who knew them as pioneers, or who have met them since. The friendly greetings that welcomed them on their anniversary in their home are only a faint expression of the general esteem in which they are held, and all the county will unite in honoring them for then- good work, and in wishing them a safe journey to the next milestone. For u Chrltttums .I'rosoiit. While you are hunting high and low for something acceptable for a Christmas gift, lot us suggest that a box of those fine cigars made at our factory will fill the hill exactly. Wo put them up In boxes made especially for tho pui- pose, and cnn fill your order promptly. We also carry a lino and complete lino of pipes, cigar holders and smokers articles generally, any of which aro the proper things for holiday gifts. Come in and see what wo have. 12 SOHU & WATEHnOUBB. THE best values in lamps at M. Z. Grove & Son's. Fmicy liuttor. Several parties in Algonahavo asked mo to supply them with butter. U enough pec.plo wish my butter so as to take all I make, I will be glad to accommodate them. Al- Holiday Goods. I have just received the finest line of goods I have ever bought since being in business, viz: A large assortment of lamps, and so cheap that no one can afford to be without one. Fancy plates of all styles, toilet sets of the latest designs, water sets from 500 up to $2.50; when you look at them you will feel that you can't keep house without one; lamp globes of all colors, and if you are ir style you must have one; anc when you step into my store jus imagine that you are in Burly & Tyrrell's store of Chicago, and when you look around and se the beautiful things you won' know the difference, and I car sell cheaper than you can sen away and get them. I wish ever person in Kossuth county woul • • i i. t_ _ 1 _ «j. ~^ T « »v\ e* f* 11 1 r\ Grocery Line. I have a large line of fancy andy, and a No. i candy at IOC pound. Nice assortments of -incy nuts, fresh roasted peanuts very day. Fresh Fruit. A nice ine of teas; try our 500 tea; our 50 tea is better than most stores ell at goc. T have a fine line of offees from 12^ to 400 a pound. iJClaUll ill j.^.w^.jv.41." ^ v ....-j ««• call and see the lamp I am selhn for $1.50. have a few barrels of apples yet. -lave you tried the flour made by the Algona Milling Co. ? It is hard to beat. Buckwheat flour, maple sugar, lobars soap for 250, and everything else that is kept in a first-class grocery. Please call and be convinced that you can get more for your money than at any other store in Algo- Thanking you for past fa- » _!./*.-11__ licit Ail €«•»«»*•»••£•, J vors, I am, respectfully, James Patterson. HAVE your carriages repainted now, while you cannot use them. Jns. Orr will do your work right at reasonable prices.-3813 CHAMBER, sots-the largest assortment and lowest prices at M. Z. Giovo & Son's. ^ FINK lot of Plymouth Rock roosters for sale. .._ IF vou want a nice rug you can got it at homo just as cheap or cheaper than you can of any peddler. See Calbraith &Co. JAS. A. Onu does first-class carriage painting at right prices. Now is tho time to have this work dono^-rfbtii Bob-BlodB nnil Cutters. A lot of No. 1 bob-sleds and cutters at very cheap prices. Don't buy until you see our elogant stock. 38t2 BRAOLEY & NICOULIN. It to rumored company of farmers u i . _ buy the Stacy. mill. n « fll l* fn W s. THE erty and ie doing £ good ^J 6 dvocat . UPPEE DES MOTOTB JM ' ™ aliy . ed a oo-opevatlve milling corny j Son's. Moore against Guy Ob«bb. The latter were five yards and lost the apiece. A new match u stockings and mittens for the dye the wool with Putnam Dyes, scarlet, cardinal or -uy<«. drug °*" vft JtfOINES that he n»» »" .""ubrary, &!«5?S!> MSrkT A« but He bought the Pete Christenson r8 ey Dull and after this date he Will at Brown's livery barn.-38ta EIGHTEEN karat rings that we 18 e Death of Mrs. WicKler. Mrs. J. V. Wickler, wife of the Whittemore furniture man, who talked of coming to Algona, died Dec. 7, as the result of a surgical operation. She was born Aug. 25, 1863, in Washington county, Virginia. In 1882she wasmar- ried in Storm Lake and came to Whit- temoro eight years ago, She leaves six children, the oldest H and the youngest 4 years of age. She was an earnest Methodist and a much es- ?eemed woman. Her death has caused mourning in many homes in Kossuth, A Queer Man. There lives in ft western Iowa town a man who is eelling all kinde of dry four- foot wood, delivered, at fS ft cord. Btiootively the question IB aeUed oau h.e sell it w cheap? If you want a genuine Smyrna or Moquot rug, look at Galbraith s. A NAIL THROUGH HIS FOOT. A UriUBO Builder Gets u Had Injury -BelnK Taken Cure of at tlio Poor Farm. ALedyardman named Cory, while working on the new bridge attempted to tear up a plank. He lifted his end, but the other failed to come, anO, sprung his end back, driving a spike In It through his foot and nailing him fast It was an ugly wound. Lou Mlllen has him at the poor farm, where ho is recovering. ^____ — . A HAHDBOME BBIPCHB. The New Uluckford Bridge Will Bo Open tor Travel This Week. It is likely that teams can cross tho new Blackford bridge this week. It is going to be tho best bridge in these parts. The span is 120 feet supported on two steel tubes at each end. In these tubes are three piles driven H feet in the ground. Then the tubes are driven over them about four Jeet below water level. Then the inside is filled ahout and on top of the piling with cement. It makes a handsome and durable bridge. The supervisors should be complimented. Per Doz. For the Genuine Rogers Knives And Forks. Dingley & Pugh, A Merry Xmas 4.-uu«*v Lyceum _ „ The lyceura will meet at court house hall Saturday evening at 7:30 o'clock sharp. Following is the program: From Santa Glaus, who is now making our stoi his many distributing points. As his agent we ... younger assortment of presents than you would b* lieve were contained in a hardware stock. Guns, Revolvers, Pocket Knives, Skates, Sleds Corn Poppers, Shears, Carving Knives, patent self bastSg meat aid turkey Roasters, Stoves, Sad Irons, nickel and copper ware, everything m the way of snort ng goods, table and kitchen furniture, and tlw ?Csand and one things which make useful and enjoy. able presents, Call and look over the line which Santa j Claushas uisuw'-'i-cw. ***v to snow you. , ^ J, W, ROBINSON^, sC'£3ftS s !..$,. U

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