The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1897 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1897
Page 2
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TflB UPjHfflttjDjBg MOOTES: ALOOKA, IOWA WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 15. 1897 v THE HEWS IH IOW1 ... ._. .. ^ .. __.._._. ^ DELILAH FAILS CONFESSES. JU£cf>O1irt«tfg** That She KM led Jerome ttel-n. WAVKBLT, Dee. 9,—The grand jury lias retorned an indictment against Delilah Fails, charging her with murder !n the first degree. Miss Fails «onfessed to the county attorney and Sheriff that she murdered Jerome Kern, shooting him twice; that she had planned it with Willie, as slated by him; that she induced Jerome to tneet her that morning, and that a veek before she borrowed the gun from a Jover. Jim Scott, returning it Mie next day after the murder; that Jerome had broken up several matches tor her, and she .had prayed God to give her strength tr kill him, if right, and then prayed for forgiveness and received it. She claims that the clothes caught fire from the bu'let. WAVEBI^Y. Dec. 13. — The grand jury found an indictment against William Kern, the accomplice of Miss Fails in the conspiracy to kill his father. At the same time Delilah Fails entered a plea of guilty of murder in the second .degree, which plea was accepted by .the state and approved by the court. .Later Kern was brought into court and entered a plea of murder in the second degree. This plea was also accepted. CEDAB EAIMDB, Dec. 13.— In the district court at Waverly Judge Clyde -passed sentence upon Deliah Fails and Vim. Kern for the murder of the latter's father. The girl was sentenced to twenty years' imprisonment and Kerns to twelve. KINNE GIVES NOVAK A WRIT. Order* Bin Ketorned to Tlntou t« Give Bin * Ch*«c« to Get BaflL CEDAR RAPIDS, jJec. 10.—There v-as a great sensation here when word was received from Des Moines that Chief Justice Kinne, of the supreme court, had issued a writ of habeas corpus and ordered Sheriff Metcalf to return to Vinton with Frank A. Novak, whom he had started to take to the Anamosa penitentiary. The sheriff, who bad arrived at Cedar Rapids when the writ was received, returned with Novak to Vinton. Novak win remain in the Benton county jail until the supreme court can decide the question as to whether the bail is permissable and excessive. TORE OFF BOY'S WHOLE FACE. SENSATION IN BEHRENS CASE. JMrft. licliren* Likely to Oft a New Trial and a Clmrice for Liberty. DAVENi'OJtr, Dec. 12.—Another sensation will be sprung in the celebrated Jlchrcns case, which has been a succession of surprises. Henry Langworth, the star witness for the defense, arrested some days ago for perjury, may yet be proven a trustworthy man, notwkbftand-ng the state's claim to the contrary. Tbf> discovery is reported that- Drc^^ist Kchlegle has not always placed the names of the of peris green on the roister, ami it is expected to ta-st Lang-worth did bay the to co'^'i/or a horse, as he stated. It trill be claimed that Behrens stole of this poison to commit suicide, Ibis is expected to give a new trial to Mrs. Bebrens. sentenced for life for the murder of her bufeband. THE CLUB WOMEN'S STORY. Dee Koines Ladies on the Oui Vive. DEB MoiMie, Dec. 7.—The ladies of Des Moines are anxiously waiting for the composite story which in being written for the News by representatives of the twelve ladies' literary clubs of the city. It is whispered that the first chapter will leave the hero and heroine "treed" by a bull on a mountain top at nightfall. A great deal of fun is anticipated from the Btory. The Daily News, in which the story will soon appear, is only Si a year, and has an enormous circulation. STEINECKE FOUND GUILTY. At- Jury ConvlrtB Davenport I.nd of an tempt to Murder III* Father. DAVKSPOKT, Dec. I). — The jury in the case of Richard Stcinecke, charged with assault with intent to murder his father, brought in a verdict finding the defendant guilty as charged. The defense tried to establish the prisoner's insanity. Probably Fatal Accidnnt. MABSJMI.I,TOW.V, Dec. 11. - James Hanson, an employe of the Brittain Packing Company, was rjuite seriously injured at the works while engaged in shackling hogs. The animal had been raised above him and was being let down on the bar to be stuck. In some manner it missed the bur and fell upon Hanson, throwing him violently to the floor. lie was rendered partially unconscious, und it is thought he is injured '"(^pu'ly; _ Htatfl Will J'liHh tlin C'UHCH. DKB Aloj.NKS, Dec. 11. — Attorney General Rerrilcy says he will push • the cases ngitiust W. M. McFarland, ex- eecretiuy of state, and Suel J. "pauld- ing, ex-seeretary-treaBurcr of the Btate pharmacy commission. Mr. Bemley a few days ago filed a motion to (strike certain things from the , answer filed by Mr. McFarlund, The mutter will come up first, Defeated, CHICAGO, Dec. 11. — Jn the shoot between Fred Gilbert, of Spirit Luke, Iowa, und J. A. It. Elliott, of Kansas City, for the Dupont trophy, each man killed 03 birds. On the shoot off Elliott won by a score of 25 to S3. OttervlUo I'ontofflce Jtobbed. Dec. 11. — Hurglars the postoflice at Otterville, a (small amount of stamps money. They were discovered fired upon, but escaped. It is they were local parties. Suicide ttt buluiicl. CITY, Dec. a— Word from five miles north on the M. & 8t. L. railway, says that a young man jnanied Johnson living near there, jgonajnitted suicide by hanging. John- fOD was 33 years old and unmarried, jvpidioft with his parents on a farm. Despondency over continued ill health tt Hftid fro be the cause- Au A Frightful Hunting Fatalilj X Krans. OSKALOOFA, Dec. ] 3.—Willie Ler.-el- lyan, a step-son of \Vtn. Eeece, of Evans, 15 years old, was accidentally shot and killed while out hunting. He tried going through a barb wire fence and the gun was discharged. The load of shot struck him under the chin and tore away his entire face. ISarr Mar Die. CKJMU RAPIDS, Dec. 33.—William Uarr. a young farmer near Fairfax, caught his left arm in a corn shcller and had it torn all to pieces below the*-' elbow. Amputation below the elbow was necessar.v. He is now suffering from the effects of hemorrhage and reaction and his condition is quite serious. To Supreme Court. CEDAR RAI'IDS, Dec. 13.—The contested election for sheriff of Jones county will be carried to the supreme court. Arnold (rep.) was declared elected by 8 votes at the time of the election. Voorhees (dein.) won by two votes on a recount. Jowan Killed at a Crowing. MAJISIJAJM..TOW.V, Dec. 13.—Joe J. Kobbe, the young farmer who was struck by a Xortluveslern engine at the Center street crossing one week ago, is dead. His death was the result of the injuries received at the time. ILL OVER THE WORLD GERMANY'S LAND GRAB. BEEUJT, Dec. C.—The German reinforcements which trill soon b« sent to Ki*<o Chan bay vrill consist of four companies of marines, consisting of 23 officers and 1,209 men. a company of naval artillery, numbering- 200 men. and several pieces of field artillery and a number of machine g'uns. LO^DOK. Dee. ?.—A special dispatch from Sbanebai says: Captain Becker with 210 marines, left Kiao Chan bay to occupy the surrounding villages. whence they proceeded to capture the city. The Chinese forts opened fire and the Germans replied, killing three of the garrison, which thereupon fled in disorder. The Chinese general in command was captured but afterwards liberated. Several German soldiers were injured by stones flung by the inhabitants of the villages. In return for this the bead men of those villages were beaten with bamboo sticks by order of the German commander. It MRS. WKINLEY PASSES AWAY. flFTT-FIFTH CONGRESS. Mother *f the Fre^Wetit Dead »t Canton, Ohio. CAS-TOT. Pec. IK.—Mrs. Nancy Allison McKinler is dead. Mr?*. McKinley passed from iife at a few minutes past 2 Testerdsr tt-orciur-. with all her children and other iicirfrdiat* relatives al her bedside- She did net suffer any in her last hrrrs, t~t gradually passed from the detj> paJsied sleet) in which she has rest-e-d almost constant!- for 1l;e past l-en days. 5cto the sleep of ceatti. Tbe prfs:dent and aJl her family vrere by her skie- There were no re«%Eh'Jons. hoTrever. Her last eonseioBRBef? was hours before her final taKinir away. SPAIN PREPARING FOR WAR. •Will he Rearlj- for the Jntrrvention Threatened t>v HcKinler. MAUHID, Dee. 10.—The Imperial says it takes it for granted the government will make the necessary preparations to meet "the intervention threatened by President McKinley." addinp: "If a nevr loan for the re- is reported here that China is willing ! organization of the navy is floated it to pay an indemnity of LOW.000 taels 1 is SUI "e to succeed." In conclusion the Novak. H Hall 837,500. Dec. 10.—Judge Burnham has decided to admit Fr.-ink Novak to bail pending an appeal to the supreme court, and has fixed the amount at 837,500. It is riot believed Novak can raise the amount. ..-E:. W. of the Preston Times, commit- shooting; himeelf. The b ju»j>j>pj«d financial Cortar Itaplfjg factory Fire. CKDAH KAPJDS, Dec. 11.—The Cedar Kapids button factory, three miles out of the city, caught fire at 1 o'clock n. m. and \vas totally destroyed. Two employes «ere badly burned and may die. IOWA CONUENSKlJ. Governor-elect Shaw has announced that it is his intention to retain Win. 10. O'Hlencss as commissioner of labor statistics. Mr. O'Bleness has held the position for four years, having been appointed by Governor Jackson. Charles Landingham, of Des Moines. was killed recently at Valeria, by falling from a Chicago, Great Western train. Landingham was employed with the road as a brake-man. lie leaves ;i wife and a small family One day lust week W. D. Moore, defaulting county treasurer of Uoone county, who disappeared last summer with Si3,000, came home and gave himself up, pleading guilty. Judge Weaver sentenced him to three and one-half years in the penitentiary and to pay a fine of 87,000. At Moberly, Mo., recently four men, Martin Mears, George. Darnharilt, George Dan-ell and John Regans, were seriously injured by a falling building. While tearing down an ice house it suddenly collapsed and the men were buried under the debris. Mears and Uarnhardt may die Darrell's home is in Iowa. George U. Clark, alias M. M. French, charged with victimizing many bankf and business houses, is now uude-j arrest at Chicago. lie has confessed to forging the names of Cashier 11. JJ. Richards, of the Mil lard Savings Hank, at Millard, Iowa, and E. II. Healey, of the Commercial National bank, at Britt,, Iowa. At Chicago recently Fred Gilbert, of Spirit Lake, Iowa, successfully defended his right to the Kansas City Star cup. He defeated J. A. R. Elliott, of Kansas City, by the decisive score of !)7 to 87. The three birds lost by Gilbert fell dead out of bounds. He started the race with a straight kill of 05. From an early point it was seen Elliott had no chance. Des Moines dispatch: State Mine Inspector Morgan Thomas has just compiled a table showing the amount of money lost by the coal miners of this district by reason of the September strike. Each company reported the difference between its pay roll of August just before the strike and of September during which the stri!;e was in progress and the aggregate loss to the miners in shown to be 849,188.07. At Chicago recently Holla Ileikes, of Dayton, O., challenger, defeated Charles Grimm, of Clear Lake, Iowa, for the cubt iron medal, by a score of 91 to 87. The match was shot at Watson's Park, apd attracted a notable crowd of local and out-of-town cracks. Fred Six, a young farmer residing at Niles Corner near Green, was found dead 9, few days ago with u bullet hole through bis head and a revolver lying near. It Is not believed to be case of suicide, M 8i« was shortly to be man-tea and ww o* a J»»ppy , , (about S7«3,2.X>) aud to grant all the German demands, including the temporary cession of Kiao Chau bay and adjoining territory. LOMKJ.V. Dec. 9.—A dispatch to the Times from I'ekin confirms the report that China, hoping for the evacuation of Kiao Chau. agrees unconditionally to all the demands of Germany. LONDON, Dec. 0.—Advices from Paris say three French cruisers have been ordered to prepare for immediate dispatch for China. PKKIX, Dec. 13.—The German-Chinese difficulty is practically settled. Germans refuse to discuss the occupation of Kiao-Chau bay. The governor of Shan Tung is removed from office. No monopoly of the mines and railroads are conceded to Germany, but that country is given preference. The area immediately surrounding Kiao- Chau bay is set apart exclusively for Germany. China yields on all other points. LYNCHED FOR MURDERING SIX. Npgro Mentx Violent Death at Iiancl8 of a Mob. WESSON, Miss., Dec. 12.—Charles Jones, the negro who murdered Mrs. Brown Smith and four children near here, was captured and lynched bv a mob. Jones visited the Smith home when the husband was absent at work and brutally assaulted the wife and then brained her with a club. Then to hide his guilt he began killing her six children, only sparing the babe, which was left untouched. The 5- year-old girl regained consciousness and told her father the name of the brute. The murdered mother and four children were found dead and dying in the yard showing how they struggled to escape. The negro was captured and taken to the county jail and then brought back and fully identified by the little girl. It is said he was promptly lynched. The country is excited and it is feared other lynch- in gs may follow. Tried to AHguHHiimte tint Sultan. LONDON, Dec. 10.—The Athens correspondent of the Daily Chronicle says that two soldiers in the imperial service at the Yildiz Kiosk, the palace of the sultan, made an attempt on the sultan's life. This was frustrated by the attendants of the sultan. The sultan had the rneu tortured in the hope of extracting the names'of the instigators, but both succumbed without revealing anything. not Only Sixteen Years. KANSAS CITY, Dec. 8.—Murder in the second degree was the verdict returned in the case of Dr. Jefferson D. Goddard, the druggist who shot and killed Fred J. Jackson, a laundry man, in the apartments of Jackson's wife at the Woodland hotel. The verdict of the jury fixes the penalty at sixteen years in the state penitentiary. The jury disagreed at a previous trial. Postpone Kansas 1'aeUlo Sule. WASHINGTON. Dec. 11.—In view of the senate resolution calling on the government to bid on the Kansas Pacific road, Attorney General McKenna has taken steps looking to a postponement of the sale of that road, now Bet for December 15, to February 15. liryun In Mexico. MONTKKKV, Mexico, Dec. 11.—Hon. W. J, Bryan, of Nebraska, is here on a visit. The distinguished American was the recipient of high municipal, state and federal honors. Imperial says: "The responsibility o the government is enormous if it fail to profit by the opportunity offered t< place thp country in a position to de fenu its interests.'' The Ministeria Globe confirms the report that the covernment is making preparations to meet the threats of intervention. Cuban deader Released. HAVANA. Dec. 11.—Gen. Rivera, the insurgent leader, who was eapturet in March last in the province of Pinar del Uio by the .Spanish troops, anc who was recently pardoned by a roya decree, has been released from the Cabanas fortress, where he had been imprisoned for several months ant sailed by the stearrer Colon for Cadiz his home. The Colon also carrie; back to Spain SOO sick, wounded ano otherwise incapacitated soldiers. Ur.van'h Present to Weaver. Pjiir.ADEr.niiA, Dec. 13. William Jennings Bryan has ordered a rare se of Thomas 'Jefferson's works to be presented to General Weaver, of Iowa IIKEVITIKS. French Occupy Town of Nlkkl. LAGOS, Africa, Dec. 10.—Advices from the interior Buy French troops had five engagements with the natives before effectively occupying Nikki. The king of Borgu fled. t Jury Secured. CHICAGO, Dee. 14.—After two weeks of examination, the jury to try Luetgert, the sausage maker, for the murder of his wife, has been secured. Court chaplains, when they preach before the German emperor, must condense their sermons so that they can be delivered in fifteen minutes. Long sermons, he says, make him weary. It is said that every thread of a spider's web is made up of about 5,000 separate fibres. If a pound of this thread were required it would occupy nearly 28,000 spiders » full year to furnish it. Tho cat w as considered a sacred animal by the ancient inhabitants of Heliopolis, Egypt. When one of these animals died in a private residence, the occupants slaved o# tlieip eye- It was officially announced at the White House a few days ago that Governor Griggs has been tendered and has accepted the office of at torney general, which will be vacatec b}' the nomination of Attorney General McKenna to be associate justice of the United States supreme court. Havana dispatch: News has been received here of a terrible fire at Jar- ucc.o, a town of about 10,000 inhabitants, in this province. About 110 houses were destroyed, with nearly all their contents. No accurate estimate of the amount of damage done can be made. Hundreds of families were rendered homeless and the situation is very distressing. The fire originated in an accident. Washington dispatch: The interstate commerce commission authorizes the following statement: "In the matter of the application of the Chicago & Alton Railroad Company and other carriers to the interstate commerce commission to extend the period within which they shall comply with the provisions of the act of congress of March 2, 1898, commonly known as the safety appliance act, and up"on which hearing has just been had, the commission has decided, upon cause shown, to extend said period two years for the petitioning ca riers." The London Daily Chronicle recently published a letter from :i correspondent in Havana, who says: "Sagasta's efforts are too late. Under Weyler's vile regime half the Cuban population disappeared and the remaining half has been converted into implacable enemies of Spain, enemies who will absolutely refuse to accept Spain's word. The central provinces are a desert waste. The sugar industry can only be restarted by the infusion of English and American capital, which few dare to invest. The island is lost to Spain, and it is clearly the duty of the United States to intervene in the interests of humanity and civilization and to end this fearful inferno." Washington dispatch: From the best information it appears that no change is to be made in the composition of the cabinet during the remainder of the current year .There are two good reasons for this. Attorney General McKenna has charged himself with the prosecution of the Pacific railroad cases, and it is not to be supposed that ho will relinquish his present office u^ .il the Kansas Pacific sale has passed into history. It is generally understood that Governor Griggs, of New Jersey, has been offered the place in the cabinet to be vacated by Attorney General McKenna, but it will not be possible for 1-im to take the office before the beginning of next year. The New Jersey constitution fails to make provision for a successor to the governor, and should Governor Griggs relinquish his place now there consequently could be no head to the state government during the period of time between now and January 1, Blanco has cabled his government that, knowing that General Correa, minister of war, is opposed to sending further re-enforcements, he has studied the means of creating a volunteer corps of whites and negroes who would reply to the guerilla tactics of the rebels by similiar warfare, but he would need for this undertaking, 4,000,000 pesetas monthly. He is convinced that by making a pecuniary effort Cuba, except the eastern part, w«uld be pacified by June next, when the local government could finish the ! SENATE. | TVnsTiinirton, Bee. 0.—The senate listened | to tbe reading of the president'* messag*. j after -which, as a mark of respect to the ! late Senator George of Missouri, adjourn- I ment -was taken. ' HOUSE. Loritnor. of Illinois, introduced a bill providing lor the establishment and re<ni- Jation of a postal savings bank syste:n. E~an?. of Kentucky, ntroduced a joint resolution pledging: payment of outstanding obligations in gold and providing for tbe roinaee of silver dollars of equal intrinsic value Tvith tbe gold dollar. Henderson, of Iowa, introduced a bill providing for a uniform system of bankruptcy. After listening; to the reading of the president's message, adjournment was taken. SEX.4TE. Washington. Dec. 7.—During the session 30S bills, many of them private pension measures, were introduced. Pettierew secured tbe passage of a resolution calling upon the interstate commerce commission for a list of railroad companies wbicb have complied with the law providing that safety appliances be placed on cars. Lodge desired to call up the immigration bill, but Gear objected, and adjournment was taken. norsE. Upon the distribution of Hie president's message to the various committees, a conflict of authority cauie up between the ways and means committee au'l the banking and currency committee, and a long debate ensued in •which Grosvenor attacked the civil service law. President submitted the report of the commissioner to the Paris exposition, recommending tbe appropriation of £'J1'J,003 so that a creditable display might be made. SENATE. Washington. Dec. 8.—Allen introduced a resolution declaring it to be the sejj.-e of the senate that the United Slates should recognize Cuba, and criticised the president for not carrying into effect tbe pledges of his party. Gear introduced a bill to authorize tbe secretary of the treasury to bid on behalf of the United States on the bonds in aid of railroads. The bill is intended to open the way for the settlement of the Kansas Pacific debt. HOUSE. Stone, of Pennsylvania, reported tbe pension appropriation bill and announced that he would call it up to-morrow. SBXATK. Washington. Dec. 0.—The resolution requesting the president to obtain postponement of the sale of the Kansas Pacific railroad until such a time as would give congress reasonable time to consider and act upon his recommendations relative to the purchase of the road by the government, was adopted. Hoar presented a petition from native Hawniinns agaiust annexation of the islands. HOfSB. The house entered upon consideration of the pension appropriation bill, und a debate began -which will probably continue several days. HOUSE. Washington, Dec. 10.—The house to-day passed the pension appropriation bill without amendment and adjourned till Monday. The amendments offered by democrats to correct alleged existing abuses were all ruled out on the point of order that they were new legislation. As passed the bill carries §141,120:1,880. Rsiyonets Sharpened. DUBLIN, Dec. 10.—The Evening Telegraph says that the war office has sent an order to Dublin for the sharpening of all sword bayonets in the possession of the regular troops in Ireland. The order is unprecedented and a perfect mystery to both officers and men. SONG Choir Sangr Hfmn at Bailor's Sermon. From the Brooklyn Eagle: our largest churches last e> pastor, one of the ablest and m quent preachers in the United delivered a sermon based on u, lowing text: "How precious are thoughts unto me, O God! -Psalm cxxrlx, 17-18 sermon- seemed to make a deep in sion upon the attentive congregatiot and the closing words of the speake, were peculiarly solemn, having refer enee to the uninterrupted presence of God, even through sleep and at wale ing in the morning. The musical di" rector, who regards himself as a laree quantity on the philosophy and dramatic effect of music, instead of improvising a selection suited to the spirit of the sermon, simply and with unintelli. gence, accorded to his programme and the quartet sang in excellent style "How long, O Lord, wilt thou forget me?" This inquisitive sentence, varied with the more solicitous inquiry "How long wilt thou hide thyself from me?" was the musical wail that followed the profound pastoral assurance of God's omnipotence, goodness, omnipresence, omniscience and perfect holiness, attributes that are ever active and at no time nor under any circumstances beyond the vision of man. And yet if that pastor would hint at such a ludicrous picture he might be accused of meddling. PUOVERS RESTING AT SEA. Pacific Coast Captain Sees Several Swimming F»r from Land. From the San Francisco Call: Up to within a few days of the arrival here from Honolulu of the Oceanic Steamship Company's steamer Australia, Captain Hotidlette was the owner of a plover that came aboard while on its way from Alaska to Hawaii. These birds are not web footed, and the captain seems to have solved the problem as to whether they ever rest. on the water during their long flight. Captain Houdlette says they do. "It was during the run from San Francisco to Honolulu that I saw several plovers in the water resting," says he. "When the steamer came too near they would rise out of the water with a few Haps of their wings, but, being vei'.v tired, they would soon settle back into the water again. In its efforts to get away one of them came on board and it lived until a few days ago. I always thought the birds made a continuous: flight of over 2,000 miles, but I am now satisfied that the birds rest on the waves when tired." Telegraph In the Suez Canal. A most ingenious system is employed by which the director of the Suez canal can tell at a glance the exact position of all vessels passing through it. A model is placed in the office at Port Said and the whole canal is worked from headquarters by means of the telegraph, the position of each ship being marked by a figure on the model. It is thus made easy to arrange for vessels passing each other. oliK Schools Close. MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 10. — The board of education has decided to close the schools of Minneapolis March 3, 1S98, itnci an ultimatum to that effect hus been issued. The board states that it lias no money and no legal right to borrow. IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT. DES MOINKS, Dec. 11.— The following certificate of title was granted pursuant to "An act to protect persons, associations, unions of working men, and others in their labels, trade marks and forms of advertising and has led to a conflict of opinion in which western inventors, who have free access to our patent office library to examine the United States ofiicial reports of all the patents issued since 3850 to the present time and can have all the mechanical und legal work done here thu>. is necessary in prepai-- ing and prosecuting applications for patents in the United States Patent Office at Washington and thereby avoid the investment of time or money required to go to -Washington, or to send their work and inoiu-y to \Yushington attorneys: "I hereby certify, that in compliance with the provisions of Chapter 3ti, Laws of the Twenty-fourth General Assembly of Iowa, ''an act to protect persons, associations and unions of working men and others in their labels, trade marks, and forms of advertising, Thomas O. Orwig, of Des Moines, Iowa, has this day filed in the cilice of the secretary of 'state p. form for advertisement described substantially as follows: the title and main features of said advertisement are in the words '"Iowa Patent Office," form of said ad in detail hereto attached. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the seal of the state department. Done at Des Moines, the capital this ninth flay of April. 1892. ' " Sec ' y of Stute Valuable information about obtaining, valuing ana selling patents sent Jree to any address. Thomas G. & ItuJph Orwig, Solicitors of Patents. Everybody in Kussia is registered by the police, and a record is kept of all travelers, the time of their arrival and departure. A Scottish diver in the Clyde recent- l.y excelled all European records by remaining under water for forty minutes, at a depth of 186 feet. The most ancient coin in Europe, the ciucat, was first struck in the minj 01 Venice, in the year 1284. Tha building is still in existence. A mule patrols tho beach at St. ug Us ti nei jn tt>i jn t f u When she hus found o pe . she turns i Seven Million Dollars in Fish Waate. In the United States the fisheries are worth about forty-five million dollars a year. The fish refuse is so economically and ingeniously utilized in the preparation of oils, glues, fertilizers, etc., that these conquests of waste realize about one-seventh, or fourteen per cent., of the total income from the fisheries. All rtoyalty Relnted. Nearly "all the royal personages of Europe are cousins, and not very far removed, as it has been laid down by a German genealogist that every crowned head of Europe, excepting Turkey, is descended from one or other of two sisters, who lived about 159 years ago. An Indication. "Has Dr. Pillington much of a practice?" "I guess not. The books in. his reception room are almost as clean as they were when they came from the shops." I'olur Fox Changes Its Color. The summer coat of the polar fox is dark, almost black. In winter it is so white that the animal can hardly be seen as it runs over the snow. POPULAR SCIENCE. A procession of icebergs sent against the surface of the sun would melt at the rate of three hundred million cubic miles of solid ice a second, and Its heat is estimated to produce a force of about ten thousand-horse power to every square foot of its surface. Of the children born alive one-fourth die before eleven months, one-third before the twenty-third month, half before their eighth year, two-thirds of mankind die before the thiry-ninth year, three-fourths before their fifty- first year, and of about twelve thousand only one survives a whole century. .Mr. Frank W. Very of the Ladd Observatory, Providence, R. I., has madQ some curious observations op the flight of migrating birds seen at night crossing the surface of the moon. E[$ watched them with a telescope of four inches aperture, magnifying forty times. The observations were made in the latter part of September. great majority of the birds from north to south, and traveled little companies. T.helr average spee,4 as calculated by Mr. Very, was seven miles an hour, although appeared tq travel &t the I'&tS 0f than one hupdred m^es an.

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