Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1938 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1938
Page 2
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nrttTWry ADVANCE. JANUATIY PAGE TWO AT .HEAT, TISlK FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, .JANfJAHY .11 AND lo. !!)««. And Now Christmas and VIMV Years are nor,- pleasant memories. After the holiday spending it now requires some careiul bnj- iiur <" s?ot. Hie bndffet Imclt In Italanee. DtiTiiicr the last .» years Ihe Council OiiU Stores have estnblislied ji reputation as Dependable llndpet Hnlnncers. For Ihis week-end we have specials that sire real bndiret balancers. Beef Roasts I'or the n-eeli-enil ne have Shnnlder Knasts at Me and I'*' per Ib. At tills low price we rim supply a must that wi" piease in every particular, Round Steak Thnsp who liiiow meat, have bnt I" I""'- "f "|° l { nH7nS i t< fi!^ priced »t ->->c l>or II.. and they knmv Ihe, are tender and tine flavored. !!uy an extra lUHf steak i..r an Men reast tlmt is lender ati'l juicy a»'l »"t misty, fresh Pork \ nice niece of fresh iiork i.-r anov.-n r»a«t at I Ic per Ib. A slice of lean, fresh ,,..!* 1- fry at 1!lf per 1h. \ he '"'•^" "[ fried fresh (lorii and It'' 1 ' 1 ' H»ss i'tuiciiKcs lias up?"' peal as a l«reak!'a«t cntnliinatnin. Beef to Boil, - - Pound, I2c Fresh Ground pure Beef Ib 14c Tomatoes T'i«n' ;•• n"i! .Mi'-ncfii'ii in '.m'niii'j- ihe ran and findnitr it ,-|.|i (,, ;i 1( , ,-,,1, •..>;;!] inciify, reij ••!','•>• liinia(ne«, ,lnsf xiich fit- iMHl"'--; at i'"'ri-cil 'laic :!lN -ACC!,-i-trd <>nV(-d at "-'• for the Vl. J "MI], Sweet Prunes 'ifi-ohim -.m' ovef pi-iirv- ilia* rrntiitv JiHli- -UL'fir. These i,ji-i. ;r";-.b jiriiivx ,iv>' :im--? ilc<.ir:il>li- fur -iHief and pic fruit. i''iv a Mipp! v for <h" v. inter at mir special price. A !-lb, i'!!!.• ''"r --!'•• v.T!'! r !i" i>rir_-in:'l '. ; ."i-!h. bn\- for S1.24. •tfrowEi dugar !,:ili'M iir"'^ -nsnv i- ;l ><- • M-rect • lliriir for the i-aramel ;>':••; !iiiL- .iv! i'ir M!t!c::!:i' -• Tnp. l-'or this sale ihe price is •• !>!,•. ,or i!c. \' iiHli' Mann given Miirar >yriin a delieloH" j.,,:,.,(;.,,, ,, l;!I i||. ;];.•-•'• r. li'ir i-M'Vi 'lay price nil Mapn is !ic •,(>!• !MI|<-|C. Vanilla Wafers i'ln'-i. i-ri-;i. i a-iilh flavnred \vafevs are a prime favorite •lith ihr .''iMii'.-sl.'r^, vice !o have mi hand in ser\e \vi'ih ice i-n'i!iii'ami _'>'l:'t!n .ii-vi'H. Onr vtcfli-i-iiil price is only !:'," iil-r h'-,'Kl(l. f\ i<T5i JI O ?' Our i\eo sSas Haskira'suat, w ater CORWITH 'AIDP TO GIVE TWO SCHOOL MEDALS Five Armstrong Boys Home from Trip to California T,« i "—Everett and i formerly lived in 'Armstrong. «' t * ll> _. . i * r T^l...... t_ -*- n. ttft \int- V» Mr. Mrs. Fleming- ore both well Armstrong:, -- . , SSSL -SBs! ssr^i^s^ nd Mrs. Anton Giwrdet! Fleming: Is tnlne uflvy there They A. AoXr^^^^ hB " "'" tm 1 '^%o^Lr n r«Sr2i^ ^tuSlFCV «" ^ non Rtifiia C. Welter and Mrs. former both Mrs. Baird (ire visit in I daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Martin the made Beer were hostesses. U was tie- ov enine; from a two weeks' vi cided that the Auxiliary would ,-alifortiin. , i ,, f ,, , •x-ain give history medals this! Thc nve b oys took a southern I I'our of tlie venr to the bov and eirl in the! rml te through Texas and New ception of fifth and sixth" grades in the Cor-^ MPXico , and reported the roads in thto same trip two years ago, with school who have the highest I ne ed of reconstruction. While in I boys found tlw roads much grades in American history forthe!,, le , v est they visited the Boulder I proved since their last trip. were siren by i r^m on the border line of Art-1 the boys appeared to be glad o he L — • -----'• -•- •" •- they nil enjoyed De t R. E. Morgan's, Algeria, d Mrs. Etlw. Hoppe, who it the P«st two week* at N nre now at the home of ppe's parents, Mr. and ti. Person. Iton Hurlbnrts. of Whltte- »ent Sunday <u Will lam id Mrs. Chris Oodfrodson, , we.ro Sunday dinner and guests at Eugene Pear- Stindajr ftftetnoon at 'the' RUdoliili Peters 'h6rney. Mrs. Cnlvln Tldaseholder and Mrs Raymond Bletstedt attended a aulltthg party Saturday afternoon at 1. C, Bterfltodt's, B«rt. Mrs. Ttllle Hannn, daughter Myrtle, and Mrs. A. H. Hanna wore a vrtsek' ago Tuesday dinner guests at Jfl files Wnd day Mrs. Hftrrifl am Wads-worth, Mrs. A. daughters .Tune Ado Mrte were dinner gui Tilllb Hanna. Mrs. Dora I/nalm with her sistor, ; Ftierstenati, Lott« Ci i — * U ' 'tots Mts. Ht Mrs. R. elstm'w. Mr. and son's. Mr. and Mrs. John Newbrough, Mrs. A. D. NewbroiiRh, Clifford Onrrlson. Ray Reynolds, and W. Jat Edw. Rnv Roy- PC'Ill Mra, Reynolds spent Sunday Bliwichard's. Irvington. nolds remained for a week's visit. Grace Angus returned Saturday from Rochester, whera she went year. Reports cliairnien of the community ser-' xona and Nevada. They also saw I back, although vice, sick call, and relief commit-j the Grand Canyon and viewed the!their trip. te^s. A delicious lunch was served at the close of tlie meetiiis-. Los Angeles New j \Veddinar T»ate Olinerveil— j The Fred and John Oxley fam-1 ilies entertained a croup of re-la-1 liv.-s Sunday afternoon in honor of the "'"'th weddinsr anniversary of' Mrs. John Oxley's parents, Mr. i sind Mr.-;. Arthur Laekmore. Forest 1 ( !'ity. The afternoon'.- entertainment conMfod of a mock \veddine.i sinc'ln^. pln.vins of ^anio.o. and vis-; itinc'. An an eel food rake decor- 1 iafed with the conventional bride 1 land bridesroom. was presented by' ' Mrs. (lail Skelley. Guests were' — ! Mrs. Skelley and sons John and : tor iR'iherf. Mr. and Mrs. Lackmore, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Lnekmore li.TiL'hter Gerrv. all of Forest Mr. and Mrs. Carl Edgren. Mr. Mrs. Arney Hovey. ant" Tezselbur^T. all former residents. In Lr visited at Miles uncle of Francis. They also vis-; won ifd Dr Scbreeeneost and Thos. - teams. AH through the clinic. ITattlo Warda, Bwrt. spent Saturday night and Stindnv with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ack«irman. OUior Sunday evening guests there were Clifford Schroder, Dr. and Mrs. Llchtor, all of Burt, and Mr. find Mrs. C. W. Hoerdt, Alpona. Mrs. a feu- Rose Parade in Year's day. ; n n rt Loses Double Header— In Enplewood the boys visited. ^ ^^ basketban tcnmg . won doublehender from Burt Friday | Caroline Ackarmnn spent The boys' first teftm| ( ] a y S last week there. it the half. The second team v i S Hed Sunday afternoon with Mr. 14-4. The boys and girls Ditimer's father, Chdflos Dittmor, co to Thompson Friday | wno \ s seriously ill at. Burt. Guernsey, who formerly lived insight. Th* girls' team to date has | Mr . and Mrfl , Dick J.insen, Ui- Armstrong. and Mr. and ftn in-8 _-V» llt»»-i ---- - ^ Mrs. i won six games and lost only one. They have an average of 44 points " ' '.UXatioial City. Calif., they vis-; per game ite'd the Arthur Flemings, who i points. to their opponents' 10 Resident is I>eai1— Funeral servii?e.= were held last 1 ek Tuesday afternoon at Web>:• I'iry f.ir ^^!•s. Jens Christen•!. who died at her home New ,-ir's dny, af'-.T beinz in poor 1 ahh ;'nr several months. Th« ; risreripi'm!! \vere former Corwith- sidfiits. Mr. i"hri?tenson owned'-• meat market here from 192fi to • 2". and ihe family lived in the u.'-e now oxvned 'oy Clifford Ap-• •••-;c, f. :\[rs. ' "uristenson is .«ur-' i-ed by her husband, a daughter 1 ivi"^. and a son. Those from :-•'• who attended the services •••re Mr. a«d Mrs. Emil S>jrenson, id Mr. and Mr.-*. David Johnson. left. Corwith Saturday after- • noon with the intention of attend- ; nisr ibo democratic banquet at Des j Moines. But before Mr. Bonnstet-' ter reached Des Moines, the weather forced him to turn back, so he still has bis ticket in his pocket. Lone Rock A birthday party honoring Mrs. Harold Cushman was held Sotur- $25 banquet day evening at her home. Attending, were Mr. and Mrs. Leo kotn. spent last Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Ahrend Neelaml. Friday evening guests there were Mr. and Mrs. Dolman Nielsen, Richard Bohrends, and the Russell -Bttrgesons, all of Son- oca. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Olson and daughter Pmilma .Toy were Sunday dinner guests at Morwin Marlow's. Mrs. John Dempsey, who accompanied John Arbogast, of Fenton, to Omaha, returned here Friday. Mrs. Conrad Rahn is seriously ill at nor homo south of town. The Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mueller, Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. .... ... taken Ahrend Neeland, and 'Mr. and Mrs.'Harry Ttnhn.M, Dodge Center, Minn., week Oris Cushman. came last, week on business, and Coila Jane. Hollister, .Toilet, 111., I also called on Mr. Rabn's mother, came Monday to visit at the par-! Theo. Kruoger and Floyd Marsh B. Hbllister's. i were business callers at Elmore Two Have Scarlet Fever— Mrs. Tlussell Riegle was ill with scarlet fever last and the Riggle home was quarantined. The two Higgle children, a boy and girl, had the disease sonje ental time ago. Elva Stnmbaugh, local Mr. and Mr.s. Walter Fnulstich telephone office operator, is also spent last Tuesday at John -. . quarantined at her home with Fuhr's. Fenton. Mr. Faulst.ich and (Householder, Wilmn, 0-ifford, nnn scarlet fever. children were Sunday afternoon j Mary Ann Flaig visited the Fcnton and supper guests at. Hugo Foul-'schools Friday. 1". 0 .Employe is 111— stieh's. Lotts Creek. Mr. and Mrs. | Mr. and Mr.s. Rudolph Tietz and John Carlson, assistant post- panlstich. accompanied by Mr. and | Mrs. Earl Lnuritzen, Algona, spout master, has been ill at his home M,..,. Hugo Faulstich, spent Satuv-' Saturday. Junnlta Wegener, Lorabclle A Personal Message to Ten Families in Algona No, we will not mention names, but as we write Uiis message in Jamiary, 1938, we have in mind ten fam'. ilies that we know would like to have a homo O f their own or a new home and who are financially able to build or who can easily arrange to ri nance the job—there may be others and you may be one of them. To these families we say—do not let 1988 pass with. out realizing your dream home. And the surest way of making sure that this yea r will be your new home year is to get started on it this month. The thing to do RIGHT NOW is rail at our office or phone us to come to your house and | e t us help you start the details of planning. Get your dream home into definite plan form. Then decide on the materials you want to use. Then we can tell y 0il the actual cost and help you arrange the financing, With all these details decided, you will be ready to start actual construction work at any time, and you; can set a definite date for Moving Into the New Home and THAT will be a day you will long remember. Make the first move TODAY—call on us or let us call on you. ALGONA IOWA I i!oy Scouts Have .Ueet.iucr •-n Boy Scouts were pres- h" weekly meeting last v/e I.i'f \V!Ui;;nis iva." a visitor at the : meet in 1 -', mid - r ave. some susrses-' lions on ieniit work. Lee is the only t'ornuT . j cout who ha.« attend-' r ; d 'he uieetinus and volunteered to lend a helpintr hand in the = enui movement in ;he cnmmun- iiy. Haymond Ri'_'i:lcs. Jimmie Calloway. Jimmie l-ar^on. William Robinson. Ronald Stevens, Jimio: 1 Oxley. and Wayne Woodbury have nil passed scout tests diirin 1 -' ihe past week. two weeks. Roberta Masterson has been workina at the postoffice during his absence. •-V!i'-7i -, ,,nr ' ni'f.'i- t'l^ti- il"inandv a clmniri- \vi- sim:L r esf yon !,--, riv.r (i«;.nl:ir nric"il Hi'd i'-air I'm'iec. Its rich, smooth :liiv(ir !:;!•; inadi- i«t-; ui" I'rii'inis i'nr Ihe Connril Oiil; Stores, '- .;ii'ri;il jiricr "V !•»<•, .if :1 j.nnnds i'nr '<-<•. Macaroni & Spaghetti \ niir f'avnriti 1 c.is^ernle ili^li abvajs jtleases. Vs a Ijlldu-el iialaneer i!" nth'T i'nod mniiiarcs M'ith aiacaronl and spnir- iicUi. !si '-nr rrlinjiliam' )ptH-l;ntre lliis svi-ek-cnd \ve ivlll sell :'. iiniind^ !'nr I")! 1 , Free Cereal 80 wl With 'he |.nn-hi!M' -.1' -J livr^e piu-Uacres <if Kcllo'^'s Corn Flukes i<i'i _-<•! a iieaiitii'nl blue cereal bmvl I'ree. The crim- biniitiiin |iriri' i'nr ihis <ale is Iflc. ONE CENT SALE Superb Toilet Tissue V line |i!in- ivlu'tc en-pe |ni[ior that is fhornTicrlily steHII/ed. Sur't, idi'-'iriii'iit, and lolnhle. An excellent cold cream re- iiMM-r, ^Incl,- iiji sit tliis Mile. I filer rolls for '-'oc. >Vitll e\- •r\ i rn!N MIM t'lin 1'iij one for Ic. Blue Barrel Soap Tlif ^ciap Unit ilof's Hie \viirk nf three ordinary cakes. It's khui |o jnnr liands. Tlie price is - bit; pound linrs for l'!c (^iiits to .loin Jfiisbunil— Mrs. Donald f'lark, formerly Alice Iiu.«h. dauehtor of Mr. and' Mrs. Fred Bush, has resigned her : position with the Oorwiih tele-' phone, exchange, where she has ! been employed for five years. She will join her husband, who is the : I yon of Mr. and Mrs. Diaries F. , | Clark. Rriit. -.mil who is connected' I with ihe I'rhchurd Auto Co.. at ritf, v.-lierr- they will make iheir nine. Mrs. Amy Poley and daush- Rita Fnye have taken over her •ork in ihe telephone office. Other Corwith \ews. Mrs. Elizabeth Jereenson returned last week from the Mercy hospital at Mason City, where .she lias been the last month following an operation for the removal of her appendix and .sail bladder. Her dauKhter-in-law, Mrs. Robert Jorsenpon and little daughter. Des Moines. are staying with her. | Mr. and Mrs. R. T,. Hauswith ! ami Shirley, and Mr. and Mrs. C. i ("'. Johnson spent Sunday with Mr.' Johnson's mother. Mr.s, Ckuuline Johnson, at. Rolfe. Gertrude Hurley. English teacher, accompanied th'--m and visited friends. Miss i coming to Corwith. The Queen Rsthe-r Circle met last "week' at Barbara Ltirson's. Virginia Walley had charse of the le.= son on, Isolations and Emergency. Lois Kscher gave a reading on. The Little Brown Church. A covered-dish supper and a social hour followed the meeting. Little Nancy Toillion, of Eagle i Grove, is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mr.s. Frfd Bush, while her parents. Mr. and Mrs. innaivhn Cronp in I'nrty— Clarence Toillion. are in the east- A croup of Knnaivha Eastern ern part of the state in connection Siar members gathered at Charles ; with a U. E. A. project. fsim in's. southeast of f'orwirb.i Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Brown and me evening last week for a bridge ! children, of Algona, spent the larty. The prize of the evening '• week-end with relatives in Cor- vas'won by Mr. and Mrs. L. D. >wirh. Saturday they drove to Ma- Wilkie, who in turn presented it .son f'ity to visit his father, C. H. o Mr. and Mrs. l-lamrn. Refresh-' Brown, who is a patient at the nents were served to tho.se pres-1 Mercy hospital. ••lit, who were Mr. and Mrs. O. E. < Myrtle Swenson has returned to day at. Fort Dodge visiting the __ Henry Stahlbuok's. Tlie. Faul-jr stiches are driving a new Chov-i rolet. The Leonard Heerdts, of! Burt, spent Sunday evening with ] Mr. and Mrs. Fred "Wegene.r, Mrs. Russell Thompson and son i Jack, and Mrs. E. C. Bierstedt, of j Burt. drove to Waterloo Sunday in i attend the funeral of Mrs. Mary! Faust. She was an aunt of Mr. • Wegener and Mrs. Bierstedt. ; j Mrs. Henry Schrocder was host- 1 'ess to the Burt Lutheran Aid la.?t'• Thursday. ; ' Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Tietz, of' Fenton, and the Raymond Bier- 1 stedts were Sunday supper guests at filma Krueger's. 1 Arlette Nave and Russell Las-; tine, Ringsted, spent Friday even-i : ing with Mr. tind Mrs. Fred ROWR. i ; f.ola Marlow and George Kiss-1 ! ner, Whittemove, were Sunday dinner guests at Bernard T/eeper's, Swea City. A fiii pound boy was born Sunday evening to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Householder. He has been named David Franklin. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krueccr, the James Ackarmans, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flaig, Mrs. Caroline Ackar- 'man, and Robert. Ackarman drove io Wesley Sunday, viewing Ihe scene of the fire which destroyed ithe cafe owned by Muriel I^ong, daughter of Mrs. Alex Krueger. ; Muriel had her feet badly frozen !a,nd is under a doctor's care. I Mr. and Mr.s. Kdw. Clarke, of j Minneapolis, were Saturday aftcr- I noon callers at W. J. Cotton's. The Cottons wero Sunday dinner THE BOSSES ARE AWAY! They told us we could ,try our hand- they left us in charge! And now we are going to start something- SO HERE GOES! Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse nift?.- her work in the James Muto home if-r. Mr. and Mrs. L. n. Wilkie. Mr. < at Des Monies, nfter ten days at. ind Mrs. Williams, and Mr. and ' her home hero. Mr. Muto was for- Mrs. William Brummond. jinerly the athletic coach in the Corwith school. (iirls Win Hist Hoys l-nse— j Florence Widen, daughter of Mr. Tim Corwith IVitch school earned ^nd Mrs, Hrnest Widen, underwent (in ijvpii hri'uk in a double-header' a n operation for appendicitis one basketball '--amo on the, local floor' day Ui.st week at the Mason City a week ;IK<> Tuesday evonins. The' Mercy hospital, where .she is a stu- CorwitJi ,1,'ii'ls won from ihft Me- i dent nnr.se. servey -,'irls by a score of fil-'JI.I Mrs. Margaret Hofmaster, of Des Uish for Corwith was Hetty j Moines, Mrs. Harvey Wadsworth, Hence, who dropped in "S points.! of Denver, and Mrs. Karl Griffith, V. .Vissen made 1C points to lead i of Algona, were visitors at Mrs. the visitlnjr squad. The boys' team ! Claude Stull's last week Wednes- lost 10 the Hrilt squad :!0-28.; day. Johnson, of Hrilt, was hif,'h in the; The Kev. and Mrs. Karl W. G. boys' -aine, scorin.s,' 12 points. JHiller attended ihe resular monthly Clarion sub-district ministerial inentliiK at Kanawha one day last S:ivi' ."in', on lAiuiraiuoi'd i-otn>:ul and iiwod factory adjust ini'in liri-s. \V<> h;ivi- on li;nul a nice stock of lu'< y;ri]) i ivorf for .-?now and mnd. \Vi> .-•.pcciiili/o in vnlcanixin^ i iivs and uibos. n inn» n ;i< 110 Slate Si. Oivt'n Trip ID \cw Yurl<— Mr. and Mrs. Cecil [io.siml and son Jiiiiinif, of Decorah. visited last week with Mrs. Howard's inoHior, Mrs. Clara Patterson. Mr. .-UK] Mr.s. Uo«aril left from Mason City for a throe-day visit in New York City, and for a wer>k in Mississippi, as quests of il.e Hankers Life Insurance Co.,; v m ," lie ; 1MO tl le r amf sisters' by wboin Mr. Bot;ard is employed. ' ———~~——^-^^^^ o bis absence. Mrs. ICd UnKer has returner from ihe Mason City Mercy hospital afler spending 12 days thero recovering from a major operation. ; M , irie W ieder, ; s , )C , m | iMK ., two Des Moines, vucallotl PARTY at the Monday Cards, Luiu'luion, Danco THE WORLD'S GOOD MEWS will i-fi;n( ir, ,MIII- Ii' ; .p. : . ,-vrry il:iv ihrr.inrh THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR Birthdny is (VIHrnitcd-- i Leonard Studer, .son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Studer, celebrated bis seventh birthday lust week. Ki'lal ives and friends who called to liflp cplchtxito were: .Mr. and Mrs. R. f. Olawe, Mr. ;ind Mrs. Oporgn Olawe and daughter, ihe Olio Olawe family, all of Corwith, the August Studer family, and Mr. and Mrs. John Studer, Wesley, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Clark, of Brill. Slhwcr is Given Friday— : Mrs. W. S. Hunt and daughter ', Klsie Mae were hostesses to a sronp of friends ;it a shower honoring Mr.s. Harold Es-ans at the borne of I lie hitler's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Master.son, Fridiiy evening. Various games and contests fiirnisbc-d ihe entertainment of i lie evening. Lunch was served. Mrs. Kvans received many beautiful gifts. Hotlmdist Circle Hccts— ; The XT. (',. C. circle of i lie Meth-! ndist Aid met with Klva Stambaugh last Wednesday afto-rnoon. Mrs. William Wood wax assisting hostess. The program, directed by j Mrs. Glen Dunlap. honored those, whose birthdays were in Decem-! ] ber Mrs. W. H. Perkins, Mrs. P.I E. Walley, Mrs. Claude Stull, and' Mrs. Gail Skc-llev. Has Expensive Ticket- Postmaster J. Josepfi Bonnstet- Good Cleaning Shows . . . There is simply no question about our quality cleaning—it shows. Profit by it—use our services regularly. Look your best and at the same time ec-onorm?,e I'hroug'h longer wear. Our service pleases the most exacting. If yon haven't tried our laundry service, do so now. Phone 330. Elk Cleaners Across from new Post Office Norman WWWWVWVWWVWYVV, Any $24.50 Suit of Clothes I7.4S Any $24.50 Overcoat 17.4S Alpagora DeLuxe OVERCOATS Sold tlii'migliout Iowa for $35— We'll sell t'liem this week for 24.85 (P. S. Mel says we'll give every overcoat buyer a neck scarf. I say we '11 give every suit buyer a tie.— Bob.) Laskin Lamb Lined STORM COATS Fine Laskin Collars, deep brown. A $20 value, but why pay prices other stores ask 1 ? We sell them at We Are Going To Shoot The Works, Give You Some Values You Cannot Match Anywhere, Any Place—We Know You Will Agree With Us. HEAVY DUTY Overshoes A Sensational $1 . buy, this week __ *•' BOYS' BLUE DENIM Bib Overalls Ages 6 to 16 at' only MEN'S RIB WINTER Union Suits 14 pound weight, at 13.65 Lambsdown Fleece Union Suits Finest fleece IT'suit made No. 1 quality OQ^ only, at QJ'L WE THINK THESE ARE THE GREATEST VALUES THAT WILL! BE FOUND IN NORTH IOWA FOR A LONG TIME TO COME. B T j OUR OPINION NO OTHER STORE OAN, OR WELL, VDAY IN A*T> DAY OUT,' GIVE YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR MONEY AS THIS i STOKE OF OURS. -"BOB" W "MEL" Dick and Jesse are helping us tliia week- The f T V Clothiers The Clothing Comer of North

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