The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1897
Page 7
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VA,. WEPiVESBAY BEOEMBEK 8, 1897, t^-L-.L.. .-.J^tjj.^^i.^^....... 5 ,.- ;.. ^.a;... .. , ,..,„. ,.,._......:.... „...,..„ _„-„„.... ..,..-.,.., „.,..-. . ,-.,-,.„„. „ _ * , * Sopptaeot-flp Des Moines, ORDINANCE NO. 19 City of AlKOna, Iowa. and to Pi-ovlae f or thl f«1Sr Use Oonstruotlon «,d to Hog,, 6 Section 1. Be it Ordained by the City Coon oil of the City of Alsronn. Io,vn. that said eUy be, and the satae is hereby declared to •<,n«ir tute bttt one sewerage district. umst 'Sec. 2, The City Council may. by re-solution order the construction of a sewer on anv street and alley in said city, provide! that whenever a majority of the property hoM," subject tonssesshient for the construct ?, , r asewer, shall petition tbe Olty Council V; the same such improvement may tie r ,.re,l by a majority vote of the whole Oounc?! otherwise It fehttll require n throe-f" nhs vote of ti«M30Uiicll to order the construction Sec. 3. That all sewers to be constructor! in said city shall to be constructed accordance with n fi-onernl and .continuous sewerage system. acrordlnir to such plans and specifications. H« said city may from time to time adopt n? ulnriH for such freneral sewerage system anc of such materials as designated in said specinJatlmis and resolutions ordering the same. Sec. 4. All the sowers shall be built or mid by contract therefor to he entered nt" wit the lowest responsible bidder, us by linv >m ' virted. « ' Sec. 5. When work has been ordered im herein provided, tho Council tmly p,., 1 ,^" ,','* resolution hut they, i re to scloet and loci IP upon the M nd mid character of work and uia^ terlal of which the shall l,o made d constructed, n accordance with said plans tb | 0 0ity Council. sewers s'halUe mm 'on i ^Abstraction of '"' tr "8 * ™ Se * Cr ' % r W " W»e« SeCr *ork' of constructlmV tqhf l co ' D Pletlon of the contemplated the <S P pSr ers hereln before and when the ttmtSSnP t 1 nco ot , the accepted, M tereff n complete e und e T?hp t «? nace , ni ? d " se of sewers Engineer or other Lm£ Ct '' vlskm of «•'«» City e<I by the Council S Vt .ttifT 1 '?! 1 «PI"> tn t- Inspect the seworS from tim l « b ? hl ?, r " u - v to wlieu cleaning n,T«i me to tltne - and necessary, it shall be hil f l°f *?* ref ? ttlrH ftre suitable person to m.ikn « ' i y toem P'"y some slmil report tie s.i'n.V rt>p " ira " n<1 lro to the City Council. " d th ° Cosl ' s tllcrpof an The l " •..«,«. ..«..,»,... .^v-,,1 M.IIIUC Wllll Salll 1)11 id spoclfluntlons of a trenonil sower svsli- ,.io Council shall ftirthor provlili! by 'iWlu lion for the receiving ,,f bids for tf, G sium and advertise for bids for work and material by irlvlntf notice for at least ten days Iiv two publications In a weekly liow.tiiapr.i- nuh'llshcrt In said city, and bids shall ho Vceivec "m such time utter the first publication of 8I ,Ti advertisement as thn Council may direct and the Council may In Its discretion advertise-1 1 "I bids in the papers of dthcr cities. Tim c "v shall, In all cases when advertising for bids reserve the right to reject any or all bids ro- • co m 0 ? 1 1"? 8h l v " in "" OIISRS ri«inlrt! good and : sufficient bouds as by law forsuVh case" mo and provided, the same to accompany the contracts, If any awarded on said bids, arid tlie condition of such bonds shall bo lor the full, true and faithful performance of such con tract when executed as tho ease may be. boo. 0. All bids or proposals for work must be In writing:, signed by the parties tnnki,i K the same, enclosed In a sealed envelope, Indorsed, ''proposals for " (specifying tho work) addressed and delivered to the City Olork ol said city, on or before the time named for receiving bids. All bids must bo ac- comnanlcd in the same envelope addressed to said Olorlc with a properly cortlned hank check payable to the City of Algona, Iowa, for the sum of ten per cent, of tho entire cost ol tho work, or Improvement contemplated computed on the basis of such bid, and siild cortlned bank cheek must bo approved by tho Council before proceeding to examine, or consider tho bid or bids which It may accompany, provided that such bidder may in lieu of the certified check required by this section, deposit with tlio City Treasurer money to bi> by him retained until the required contract nnd bond accompanying same shall have been executed and entered Into with the city, in case a contract Is awarded him, or returned In case no contract Is awarded thereon, but in case such bidder shall fall to enter Into such contract when awarded, and furnish the required bond, within ten days aftor said award the money or check so deposited shall bo forfeited to, and become the property of said city, tho same being the fixed and liquidated damages for such failure on tlio purl of said bidder, and all bids shall specify the time required for the completion of said improvo- Sec. 7. All bids shall be opened and rend by the City Clerk In open council at such time as that body by resolution shall determine, and no bids shall be considered which are not substantially lu accordance with the advertisement, the plans and specifications of the City Engineer or other competent person appointed by the Council, the provisions of this ordinance, tbe resolutions ordering such oontom- plated improvement, and shall ho accompanied by tho proper certified check or money, as provided iiorelu, and no bids shall be deemed accepted, or contract for work entered Into until the sumo shall have been approved by a majority of said Council upon a call of the yeas and nays. Sec. 8. The party to whom tlio work shall bo awarded, shall, as a part of, his contract, execute to the city of Algonn, Town, a bond with two or more responsible sureties, residents of Kossuth county. Iowa, who shall each make affidavit to au amount which he is worth over and above debts, liabilities or incum- hrancos of whatever kind and subject to execution, and such amount shall in the aggregate amount to at least double the penal sum named, which penalty shall bo equal in amount to fifty per cent, of the entire contract price of said improvement, and said bond shall be conditioned, that said party shall well and truly perform, and faithfully carry out to the satisfaction of said Council all tho terms and conditions of said contract in a good, substantial and workman-like manner, and in accordance with the plans and specifications, of the City Engineer or other competent person appointed by the Council, the provisions of this ordinance, and of the reso- tion ordering said work, all of which shall be, and form a part of said contract, and such bond must bo approved by the City Council before said contract shall have any binding force on tho city. Sec. 9. In case the contractor shall fail to enter upon his work within the time specified In the contract, or to complete said work within the -time therein specified or shall fail to execute the same in a good and workman-like manner, and in accordance with the plans and specifications of the said City Engineer or competent person appointed by the Council, It shall be the duty ot said Engineer or person appointed to report that fact to tho City Council and thereupon the City Council may at once take poses- slon of the same, and reletthe sarno by contract, and tho first contractor shall be liable personally, and on his bond, for any loss or damage which said city may sustain by reason of his failure to comply with the terms of said contract. Sec. 10. The construction of all sowers shall; be done under tho direct supervision of the L'ity Engineer or competent person appointed by the Council and the sower committee of of said sewer abv "Sin!"T or f'P^'vlslon thrown l ntn ' ""P^Per materials to bo nmuic; tt » BUG iiiuneu uuui uue of dead and wounded Spaniards to another. It soon became evident that she was in -search of the body of her mother, and the pale, agonized face of the child, whose filial love had made her almost insensible to danger, touched the soldiers' hearts with pity. A moment later a despairing cry announced that she had found that for which she had risked her life. The Polish guards watched her movements with something like awe as she stooped and tenderly wrapped the mutilated form of the dead woman in a cloak and began 'to drag it away. Suddenly the girl Paused and seized a heavy cartridge box that lay in her path with an energy ithat seemed almost supernatural. Her frail, delicate form swayed and staggered beneath the weight of her burden, but she did not hesitate. A thrill of mingled horror and admiration filled the astonished watchers as they perceived that there, be- rfore their very faces, she was taking from them an instrument for future vengeance upon them. The inhabitants of the besieged city _ were almost destitute of ammunition, the motherless daughter sought to put into the hands of her countrymen means by which her wrongs might e in some degree avenged. the etrajn was becoming almost than she could bear; she stum- a cry of terror broke from Tfce peijjj, soldleri ill t<) ~ " •••:"•• •••>'« \_in^ ,,i .suwors and sneli ... i- rules n ml regulations nn IK- nil,- f',,,,,, ell may from time to time provide. ' t.,!™'., IllS ' m " be tho duty of any person or i,;,,., eouxtrmiting any prlvalu drain, H< »i.r. i-ess-pool, or waler-eloset pipe, or any IiV. l I,"' 1 "' """"^Uiiff with or emptying Into iiiMNm, ..V'M"™' l » '-' r "l || ". v «"»"> competent pi iM)i m persons to construct tlio same, and i .,...,i V 1 ; 1 ; 0 "* 11 '"""* 1 in iiccordanco with lie rn os which may bo lai.l down by Mm CiU ooi ncil. Any person wlioslmll construct any drain or sewer or cause the same to bo con- (•truuted or use tlio same In a dllToi-onl manner irom that laid down In UK; rules itml ivgu- lions which may bo iidoim-d by the City ,,,n n , n ,' iy )c «<«l"iM by 1.1,0 Ciu or It, violation of tho orders of tho mC ' H ' . o o ' H l ll .V,",' r s "|! l "' vls|tl " »' «»l'« sewer ot m m • sl ", ll ' lie f'""'.'' "f a misdemeanor and I ? , n ,'u etl '",! W?" mf , sl11111 hu ""I'Ject to all the penalties ol this ordinance. LICENSED PLUMBEltS. Seo. 10. No person. (Inn or corporation shal my, a tor or repair any house-drain, sower o, PliimbliKf work or make any connections whatever with any sower or drain bolonirluir to tho sower systom. or do any kind of work connected will, house-drains or hoiiK.vse\vers orpumblnifor ninklnif ropairs. udilltlons to or alterations oi any di-aln. sower or plnmbtnir connected or doslunatod to be connected with the said ttuwer .s.v.stKin, unless i-oiruliii-ly licensed by tlio City Council. CONNECTIONS. Sec. 17. Every pipe conncutlnir with th o sewer, from a point live feet outside of the foundation walls of the building, must bo .I,:. 1 ' , 01 llo » vv ciisHron or of milt-B-liiMd vltrlned earthenware: must lie liound In all its parts; must- be solidly laid on a true ifnido. and us nearly as possible in a straiKht, lino; all ohaiifresin Its direction must bo made with proper curved pipe; must bo jointed in the best manner and covered toadopth of at, least one foot with woll-rammed. linn earth, eniiro ly free from stones and rubbish. All drains connected with the said sower shall bo at least, four inches in Interior diameter. NouHi-tlieiin-iire .shull bo laid less than two feet six inches deep. Pipos laid at a less depth than the above shall be heavy castor wrought iron with well uiilkcd joints. No more than one building shall bo connected with tho public sower through one drain without n special permit signed by tho I'ity Engineer or other competent person unpointed by tlio Council. Notice must bo. left at tho ollice of the dity Engineer or person appointed twenty-four hours prior to tho beginning of any work upon a drain, and no material shall be used or work covered until approved bv the rlty Engineer or person appointed by the Council. Permits to make connections with tho public sewer will-be issued only when tho plumbing In the building to bo connected is in accordance with tho rules for plumbing hereinafter proscribed. No open gutter, cess-pool or privy vault shall bo connected with any sewer or drain. Collar and cistern overflows may bo connected with the sewer or drain only when they can bo trapped In such a manner that the water seal cannot bo destroyed. INJURY TO SEWKIiS. See. 18. No person, firm or corporation hall injure, break or remove any part of the sower s"stom. or throw or deposit, or cause to be deposited in any sower opening or receptacle connecting with the sewer system, any garbage, oll'ul. dead animals, vegetable parings, ushes, cinders, rags or any other matter or thing whatsoever, except faeces, urine, necessary water closet paper, liquid house or mill slops and roof water by special permit. WATER AND GAS PIPE. Sec. Ifl. Any person, firm or corporation desiring to lay pipe for water, gas. steam or uny purpose, In any street or alley upon which sewers are laid, shall givo at least twenty-four hours notioo to tlio City Engln- or person appointed by the Council before opening tho street, and the manner of doingtho work shall be subject to tho approval of tho City Engineer or person appointed by tho Council. OBSTRUCTIONS. Sec. 20. The City Enffirieor or competent jorson appointed by the Council shall have ihe power to stop and prevent tho discharge nto the sewer system any private sower or drain through which substances are discharged which aro liable to obstruct the low of sewage. Before any old private drain or sower shall )econnected with the sower system, the ]ity Engineer or person appointed shall de- ,ormiuo that it Is clean and corresponds In et-ery respect with these rntes and tions. PIPE LAYING. Sec 21. The cover of the "Y" branch on the sewe* ahull bo cafef ally roJnoved. BO tts not to Injure tho socket. The first length of pipes attached to the "Y" shall be laid So as to give a good fall into the sever. The pipe shall be iftid on ft f run grade of not less than onefourth of an .noh to the foot, unless by special permission, th Which case provision tnust be made for efficient flushing Every deflection from a straight Una of more tlian six inches In two feet must be made with curved pipe The ends of all private sewers not Immediately connected with the plumbing fixtures shall bo securely closed by water tight Imperishable material. • 'fellars shall bo drained, when possible, by means of suitable, properly laid earthenware tile pipes They shall not, connect directly with any drain carrying foul sewage, or with a sewer or cess-pool. If not possible to connect with the subsoil drains In the street, then tho connection shall bo made through a deep seal trap where tho street sewer enters the house. The Joints of the earthenware pipe shall be tnade with tho proper oakum or jute gasket, and cement of the first quality; tho Joints of the Iron pipe shall be of okum and lend If cast-Iron is used, or screwed joints with white loud If wrought Iron Is used. . TRENCHING. Sec. 22. The house sewer shall be dug so a« to meet the public sewer a't the position of the '-y branch, as located by tlio Olty Rnglnoer or person appointed. Tlio material thrown from the trench shall bo placed so as not, to obstruct and so us to cause tin Iciast Inconvenience to the public. Proper lights and barriers must bo maintained on tho hunks of tho trench to guard the public against accidents. No stone shull be used In bn k-IIIIIng until there has boon a depth of two foot of lino earth or gravel placed over the pipe. PLUMBING RULES Sec 23 All material usud must bo of good quality and free from defects; the work must. Vie executed In a thorough and workmanlike milliner. Pro-mil point three feet outside of tho foundation walls of a building no material may bo used within tho building and connecting with the sewor.for soll.wiisto or vent pipes other than wrought or cast-iron pipe* with securely loaded Joints, or loud pipes with soldered or wiped Joints. Oomont or putty joints, tin or shoot-Iron plpos.wliothor galvanized oruot 'Khnll not be used. No soil or waste pipe shall have a fall of less than one Inch In ten fool. PIPES. See, 24 All cast Iron plpos and fittings must bo sound, free iron, holes or cracks, and of the (snide known In the trade as standard, coated with tar 01- asplmltum. The drain, soli and waste pipes and traps must. If practicable. l>» exposed to view ,-u nil tiuic.s.fnr ready Inspection and for convenience of repairing. Wlieci It Is uocessary to placi) in recesses of vvalls, .toll and waste pipes should lie covered with wood work so fastened with screws as to Im readily removed. A mulii waste pipe Into which wash buHlus. bath tubs or kitohen,sinks discharge must be lit; least two Inches In dir.melcr, with one and onehalf Inch branches Kvw-y vertKtiil, so 1 and waste pipe must be extended at least two f«et above the lilghasl; part of the roof. It must be of uiullmini.slu'd size, without, return bend, with open or basket end. It must not OPPII near a window nor an air shaft which ventilates llvinu; rooms. Hod. waste and vent pi (,es In an extension must be extended above the roof of tho main biilliliiiK, when otherwise they would open within twenty feet of the windows of main house or the adjoining house. INSPECTION. Sec. 2f>. liefoi-e the fixtures are placed in connection with any house or building, and before the .soil pipe Is connected with Hie sewer, eveiy j»lnt shall be carefully examined for leaks. Work already m place will bo examined and all defective joints and pipos made tight. and every part of the work bo made to conform to thfse rules and regulations, In CHSPS whore plumbing work Has been completed m a building before these mips nnd regulations cainu In force, and in cise the plumbing Is not, In accordance w th these rules *nd regulations such alternations slmll be iniicln as to make the plumhlnir safe to thu person* residing In the house, and such as to be no source of Injury or stoppage to the sewer. TRAPS. SPC. 20. Traps must be protected from syph (inane. Every water closet urinal, sink, wash tray, badi tub, must bo effectually trapped Traps must be placed as near the fixtures as practicable. In no case shall water (ro-r- bath tub or other tixture bo connected with the water closet trap Sinks In all butcher shops, hotuls, restum- a ants, boarding bouses, and laundries shall be provided with a.suitablegrettsc trap. FINES AND 1'ENAI.TIKS. Sec. 27. It is made the duty of the City Engineer or person appointed by the council to enforce full compliance with the ordinance In relation to the sewer connections,the construction of house drains and plumbing work, und the exclusion of all improper sub-tuners from the drains and sowers, ana a fallureof duty in tills respect shall subject such unglneer or person appointed to all the penalties of this ordi- ance. Any person violating any of the provisions of these rules and regulations shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof be lined in any sum not exceeding ton dollars nor less than 5 dollars, or imprisonment, in the county jail for u period not exceeding thirty days or by both such fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court, 8EWEH KATES, Sec. 28. The following rates for tapping the :lty sewer are hereby adopted : Hanks . .550.00 Dwelling houses « ys.ou Hotels 50,00 Public buildings Special Schools Special Stores BO.OO Sec. 20 When the city sewer m to be tupped 'or buildings not specified in the foregoing tar- ff, the rate shall be fixed by the City Council. Mec 30. This ordinance shall take effect from and after legal publication thereof. Attest: J, T. OHIU8CHILLES, J. L. DONAHOO, Mayor. City Olerk. Passed, November 30th, 18U7. 1 saw no more of my ghostly companion, it is'needless to say, and I was so ashamed of myself that it was years before I could make up my raiiul to tell such a joke on myself." Kxplalned. Having been absent from school for a whole day, a small boy was called out from his class the next morning by the head master, who wished to know the cause. The boy replied that his brother went to have a tooth pulled out, and that he went to "holler" for him. "What!" said the schoolmaster, "you had to holler for him?" 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