Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1938
Page 9
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, JANUARY 6, 1938. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA ters Life Jin Loans jflong time funds from IOWA COMPANY. |r prompt closing, no Icommlssion. |AIU> CAVESHJS ttetse Bldg. L lgonn, Iowa top prices for qr. Season is ben on all fur animals, except I and Otter. GREENBERG ne 118. WESLEYANS AT CELEBRATION FOR BROTHER Wesley, Jan. 5—Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Braley drove to Emmons, Minn., Saturday, New Year's day, to join 250 other relatives and friends in the celeljratlon of the, 26th wedding anniversary of her brother Carl Emmons and wife, an event which had been planned by the citizens of the town of Emmons. The gathering took place in the Lutheran church basement with a chicken dinner served at noon. A program was presented in the afternoon and a purse of money presented the couple in remembrance of the day. The town of Emmons was named after Mr Emmons Sr., father of Carl Emmons and Mrs. Braley, and since before the foundation of the town members of the Emmons family )oy in the family. Mabel Kent returned home Sunday from a week's visit with relatives and friends in various towns In Illinois. Mrs. Jack Sherman, of Williams, was a visitor In the home oC her daughter, Mrs. Raymond Ricke, last week. Mrs. Joseph Nickey spent part of last week at Iowa City visiting her husband, who Is In a hospital there. Leila Wester spent the New Year's week-end here with her parents, the Emil Westers. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Kouba, 'Corwith, were guests New Year's day at his brother Frank's. FARMS C. FI. KLAMT, Field Representative John Ward, northeast of Wesley, was busy cleaning his hog house a week ago Monday. He keeps his hogs well bedded, and his buildings in good shape. I^ast season the. Wards repainted their Swea-Eagle News have been continuous residence of | satisfactory. Swea and Eagle rural schools opened last Monday after a ten- day vacation. Lila Berg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Berg, underwent an appendix operation at the Coleman hospital, Estherville, last Wednesday. She is recovering that place. At present Carl is engaged in the store business there, having some time back served as postmaster of the town. Prayer Weelc Observed- Members and friends of the Congregational church observed prayer week last week by meeting at tow tecial (itisfying smoke : the particular ', smoker. Ithe flavor and , be your guide the G. & B. .Jial will be your prito cigar. The L !i| made by men f;know how. Mr. and Mrs. James Kuckynka and their daughter, Mrs. Noble Park and her daughter Francis, of Des Moines, visited New Year's eve at Martin Molindor'3. Gloria Lindie who under went on a visit to Independence, where they have realtives. These three boys are by a former marriage. The Olfions have a girl and boy, Martha and Chris Jr. * * # * At W. C. Heller's, northwest of were shelling Tom O'Donnell, they , Lone Rock, they corn last week. house, corn, crib, and small buildings. This coming season they plan to repaint the barn. # * * * Bcrnar<J J. Schrauth, northwest of Wesley, and his son, were do- his largo sheller. Mr. and Mrs. who had an had her appendix taken home and ,_>,u..u. j.....-.- — just «. year ago that we had called, an appendix operation at Loleman d bab b wag born to hospital, Estherville, December 21 who lives in the same neighborhood, was doing the shelling with his largo sheller. " ' " ing some*'repair work ' on their Heller's daughter, corn sholler when we called last operation and week Monday. He does the neigh- removed, was ._ ..... borhood shelling and believes in says she is feeling fine. She al- keeping his machinery in good "—- ' -' l — !1 running order. He keeps his machinery well housed, too. * * * * Urban Licktcig, two miles west of Wesley, was starting his evening chores when we came up a week ago Tuesday. He said he and his'wife had • been talking about our coming not over 15 minutes before wo arrived. It was Sexton was able to leave last Wednesday. 1:30 o'clock each afternoon for a|ghe was taken to Anna Larson's period of study and prayer. Mon-• i n g\vea City. Gloria's parents, day the group met at the Lester j Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lindie, are Larson home; Tuesday at the unc i e r quarantine for scarlet lev- Henry Swanson home; Wednesday or tVn nf their children have at the Guy Dimond home; Thursday at Olaf Funnemark's; and Friday at the Mrs. P. E. Skow er, t'wo of their children been ill with the disease. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Torine en- 1YJ.1 . <H,HVi iiii ui ««.j -- — - --- v tertained the following guests at i lores when we home. The Rev. 0. M. Johnson New Year's dinner: Mr. and Mrs. them at that time. Urban was rather excited that day. He took us in to show us that fine boy. Mother said he was boss at the house. They also have a pretty little girl. Carl Seip, who lives on the west edge of Irvington, was doing * * * * led the group. About 30 men and, gamuel Warburton, Mr. and Mrs. women gathered at the August j Harry Warburton, of Lakota; Mr. Engstrom home New Year's eve an a Mrs. Perry Torine and three for a wake party. A program of | children, of Bancroft; Mr. and J Mrs. Howard Nagel and children, of Ledyard; the Rev. and Mrs. H. E. Harvey and their two children, and Mr. and Mrs. Francis Torine and daughter Cheryle BETING NOTICE (fen Wanted for Very al Tarni Work. •j" 1 - [yestock experience in 'iiid Ju small towns or in Oils and adjoining nd who have cars — to foe present at a esting meeting to Cthis work. Meeting to Algona Hotel, Al- _»irds» r a, Saturday after- iff January 8, 1988, at two ;alks, songs, sermonettes and prayer was enjoyed, with refreshments late In the evening. Holiday Tarty is Held— MenVbers of the Young People's society gathered at the home of the leader, Mrs. Esther Skow, Thursday night, and enjoyed a holiday party commencing at 6:30 with an oyslor stew supper. I/ater in the evening the group played ?ames and 'presented Mrs. Skow with a gift in appreciation of her leadership of the group. Those present besides Mrs. Skovr and Harold were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pearson and Lois, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Larson and James Le Roy, Alma Funnemark, Anna and Ethel Flom; Alvin and Maynard Swanson, ' Leoard Alne, Carl Starciuist, welcome whether 'aipiiiterested in a new job B^^ery Interesting and iiWilelfllvestock information fliSf given you by a pruc- pjwefl-iiiforiiied man. charge will be meeting. You will that you will your life. Arrive bring your wile Edward, Mildred, Funnemark. and Howard of Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. William Pcttcr- son and four children, of near Bancroft, visited a week ago Monday at Walter Peterson's. Walter Peterson has suffered much pain in his left eye from rheumatism the past week. 'Mrs. Thomas Johnson visited last week with relatives in Chicago. Edith, Alice and Myrtle Molind er and Dorthy, Sylva and Jun< Anderson, of East Chain, spen a week ago Monday visiting Mrs Francis Sievold at Maple Hil' Mrs. Sievold, before her marriage last November, was Lucille An derson, formerly of here. Lotts Creek ways has a pleasant smile. » * * • At Frank Fompe's, !>/& miles east of the Lotts Creek store, Mr. and Mrs. Pompe were giving one of their horses some medicine when we called last week. This horse was sick. Frank remarked that he would hate to lose this horse, for he was a faithful worker. * * * * We called on Nick Gengler, the Lotts Creek storekeeper, but did not get much of a visit as these folks were busy. This store enjoys a good business. * * * * Ralph C. Thompson, north of Lone Rock, was doing his evening chores when we called there one day last week. These folks called. In the have a boy and a girl. The boy was having some fun with' his tricycle. He would ride into a snowbank and the wheel would spin which was great fun for a boy. * * * * Orville Runksmeier, north of Ledyard, was busy New Year's eve cleaning the feed lot where he "feeds his hogs. He is -feeding 30 potted Poland China hogs. Or ille took time out and took us in lie house, where his little boy howed us his Christmas gifts. He eceived a Popeye wagon and a railer for his tricycle. He was laving a great time. The Robert Hart family, Crystal Lake, and Mr. and Mrs. .Ferris Johnson and children of Gilmore City, were Sunday dinner guests at W. C. Taylor's. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hedrlck Algona, were New Year's day guests of Mrs. Hedrick's parents, the Otto Neumans. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Witham and baby, spent New Year's day with Mrs. Witham's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Pfeffer, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ncaring and children, spent Sunday at Britt with Mrs. Nearing's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Glaves. Rex Taylor spent the- weekend with George Sparks near Hobarton. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Sanders spent New Year's day at Lou Bo- lenlus's near Doan. Dr. and Mrs. Creno Shiley and daughter Joan, of Graet'tinger spent New Year's week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Sim Bern is Shiley is a sister of Mrs. Bemis. Lorraine Green spent last week with her grandmother, Mrs. Grace Green, near Lu Verne. Mrs. Grace Green, her daughter Mrs. Keith Shepard, and Mary Mertz, Lu Verne, were Sunday visitors with the former's son, W. J. Green. A number from here attended dance Kulschara - Heiptley wedding dance at Corwith last Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs Chester Fitch and children spent New Year's day at Hutchins with the John Weilands, who were celebrating their first wedding anniversary. checks COLDS and FEVER first day Liquid, Tablets Heartache, 30 Salve, Nose J)rops minutes Try "Jlub.My-Tism" — World's Best Liniment 666 OAL Ire Heat I Is Money Funnemarks Have Guests- Guests Christmas day at Olaf Funnemark's were Mrs. Esther Skow and Harold, Anna Johnson and Benjamin Josephson, Boone, the latter two house guests at the | Funnemark home over the holidays. Second day Christmas the Funnemark family and their guests were entertained at. the home of their relative, Mrs. John Bohannon, Algona. Students Jlnch to School- Sam Alne took his son Leonard { ,._,, , —, back to St. Olaf college at North- ,tegast and son Charles, Racine, field Minn. Monday, and was ac-jWis., visited relatives at Lotts companied by Edw. and Mildred Creek and Whittemore last week. Funnemrk, all students at that, They came to attend the golden college They were going by way I wedding of Mr. and Mrs. William Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ruhnke were visitors at Mrs. Alvina Power's New Year's day. Mrs. Powers is a sister of Mrs. Ruhnke. Mrs. Carl Rusch, grandson Norman, William Vehlow, the Ewald Rusch family, Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard Zumach and Verhita, Watertown, Wis., the Oliver Lenta family, Galva, 111., and Mrs. Fred Kor- otise Mrs. Seip was ironing, and he remarked this was the hard- st part of the housework. * * * * U. B. Frank), the cattle feeder, tock buyer, and storekeeper at rvington, has not been feeling his est the last few weeks, but he is ut looking after his business just he same. * * * * When we called on George Schunacher, of Irvington, last week Tuesday he informed us they had ust returned home, for they had :aken a few days vacation. Mr. Schumacher does trucking. * * * * At J. P. Stevens, northeast of [rvington, the children were having a good time at home during school vacation. There are four boys and one girl. They all go to school except the youngest boy. * * * * We called recently at Charles Egel's, northeast of Irvington. These folks have a son and daughter that live in Flint,..Mich. They like living there. Their son is e taxi driver and he writes aboul the strikes. He has always kept his job, although the strikers have thrown stones and clubs at him while he was driving. He reports a great many people without work there. * * * AVe called on the C. P. Cunning hams, northeast of Irvington, las week. These folks bought this 80 REDUCTION As my son is figuring on leaving the county and engaging in business elsewhere, I will offer at a Reduction Sale the following property at the farm on the Hanna estate two and one-half mile east of Galbraith, about 5 miles north and one mile we*st of Lu Verne, on taesly iber Co. No. Main lone 234 of Thompson, where they were»to be joined by Olga Koltvedt, another student. Otlier Wasley News. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Erickson and two children, Evelyn and Oscar, left Sunday morning for their home in Elmhurst, 111., following their holiday vacatoin hare with their aunt, Arabella McPherson. They were accompanied to Cedar Falls by Mary Ellen Bottom, Bernard, Erdmann, and Clare McCall, who returned to their school work at the teachers college following their visit with home folks. Clifford Carlson, who has been Rusch Sr., of Whittemore. Mrs. Martin Meyer, Mrs. Schmiel and daughter Ruth, were on the sick list a few days last week. Lotts Creek young people will meet Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Kuecker and Clortrudc were Sunday afternoon visitors at Hugo Faulstich's. A stillborn daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Wichtendahl. Mrs. Wichtendahl is in the General hospital at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Lieb entertained at a supper Sunday evening. Present were Mr. and Mrs William Meyer and Elvin, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Al- acre farm last year. They lik their neighborhood, for they for merly lived in the Sexton neighborhood. * * * * Chris Olson, a half mile east of he Lotts Creek store, was chopping wood and Mrs. Olson was ceding the chickens when we called last week. These folks are always busy. In 1936 they built a new silo, and last year they built a new corn crib. Mrs. Olsen informed us that her three' boys, Willis, Gail, and Garel Leek, were New Year's day and together with other members of the family visited .briefly with his two cousins, Margaret and Harold Carlson. Clifford's illness has been gland trouble. Mr. and Mrs. Silas Espe and daughter Olive, of Story City, stopped off briefly New Year's S. to FARMER ! fOOB FARM SALE! [ you have a farm sale pit bidders. One good , worth $50 to ?100 at you get bidders? .—g every possible know of your sale. |tise in the Advance fich all parts of the The cost of such an ement is trifling in risbn with the money |o your sale receipts. 20, 30, 40 miles k earn of your sale the Advance. If you j impress them, list fins In your advertise- |nd make the adver- big/enough to con- jiem your sale is an nity for them. One |y bring a bidder for , want bidders—go em by advertising. IOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE ENVELOPES \jlllHji U \_it*l l£3Uil, M*AW »*ww w»» — — 1T.4.1 •-!. J i upi" *i*.w^ «-"•( -.-.. — sick for two months or more, was bert Meyer and Roland, Mr. and able for the first time to be out Mrs. Leonard Meyer, Whittemore '"~ and Mr, and Mrs. Henry Lauck Lucille and Henry, West Bend. The Herman Gade family ant Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bierstedt and Mary and Carol Jane, of Fenton, were Sunday evening visitors at Hugo Faulstich's. Viola B&11, who is employed at the Lotts Creek store, spent New Year's day at West Bend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William day to visit ner sister, Mrs. Alne, en route to Blue Earth visit his brother-in-law, who f-ANI NOTES Pad—25c -Also-— ttel Mtg, Notes few days before was, critically nurt in a dynamite explosion. Harold Hanson has spent the past two'weeks at the home of his sister, Mrs. Carl Fritz, near Mankato, assisting with duties there during the illness of Mr. Fritz, who has been in a hospital in JVtankato suffering Irom pneumonia. Clarence Haverly, who was home for a visit with his parents, the Henry Haverlys, over the holidays, has returned to St. Oharles, 111., to continue his work. He recently completed a course in auc- tioneering, Amy Nelson spent several days ast week at Britt visiting her sis- er, Mrs. Lloyd Brockman. Bobbie Kirkpatrick also spent several days in Britt last week visiting lis aunt, Mrs. Ernest Sheets. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Giddings and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hanson and families were guests New Year's day at the home of the women's mother, Mrs. Mae Harris, at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fox, Walnut 111., spent several days visiting his mother, Mrs. Lizzie Fox, over the holidays and returned the latter part of the week to their home. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Benschoter, Lu Verne, and Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Benschoter and three children, Whittemore, were Sunday guests at the L. L. Lease home. Swan Nelson took his grandson, Donald Spitler, to his home at Belmond Sunday following a few days visit over the New Years week-end with his relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bentele and children, near Woden, were second day Christmas day guests at the home of her sister, Mrs. Esther Skow. Mr. an<l Mrs. Gordon Giddings are parents of § boy born Sunday night. ffcey b&ve <?ae other Bell. Cash Paid For Cream Open all day y Saturday and Saturday night. ALGONA GO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY nonnnnonno In appreciation of your loyalty and patronage in the pa,st we join in wishing one and all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Sizes in stock at Advance Office 10x13 9x12 8^x1 H 7£xlOi 7x10 6|x9£ 6x9 5x74 45-8x6 3-4 33-8x6 ADVANCE Sale to Commence at 1 O'clock Sharp. 5 HEAD OF HORSES 5 One brown mare 7 yrs. old, wt. 1300; one brown mare 9 yrs. old, wt. 1200; one black gelding 2 yrs. old, wt. 1200; one bay mare coming 3 yrs. old, wt. 1200; one sorrel mare coming 2 yrs. old, wt. 1000. The above are all good work horses and in good condition. 37 HEAD OF CATTLE [~37 Consisting of five good milch cows, six heavy springers; 14 yearlings, part heifers and part steers, in good condition; red bull 2 yrs. old, wt. abouj 1500; 11 coming yearlings, good ones; and two veal calves. • _ __ j % Fifty Leghorn hens one, year old and they are good ones. One hundred and seventy-five bushels o Soy Beans, combine good for seed. Two different kinds. Farm Machinery, Etc. One Rock Island 2-row cultivator, one Oliver 2-row cultivator, 1 P. plow. 0. gang TERMS—Cash, or make arrangements with your banker, moved until settled for. No property re- Charles Darby & Son, Prop COLWELL BROS., Aucts. IOWA STATE BANK, Algfna, Clerk End Guest ? THERE'S NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY! Price alone does not spell economy in the selection of gasoline and motor oil. Real economy is determined by results. That's why thousands of motorists insist upon WHITE ROSE GASOLINE Quick Starting—Powerful—Knockproof At Price of Regular Gasoline EN-AR-CO MOTOR OIL Paraffine Base—Wear Proof Play safe by using these quality products! €, L, KRAtlSE, German Valley Store PAUL ERNST, West Bend, Corner 169 1. A. JACOBSON, Grant School, Ledyard, la. 0. J, LOCKBEM SERVICE, Thompson, la. DEITERING GARAGE, Bancroft, la. JOHNSON SERVICE, Cylinder, la, RICHARD SERVICE, Ottosen, la. E. M. HUBER SERVICE, Across St. from Algona Hotel, Olav T. Solberg WHITE ROSE SERVICE; Not the kind who comes with a load of luggage, eats you out of house and home and has to be entertained. That kind is seldom a welcome guest. But you can be host and hostess to a most welcome guest every Week end of the year . . . one who brings you all the news, yet nothing malicious nor slanderous; who doesn't need to be fed but brings you ^ull meals of enjoyment; who doesn't need to be entertained yet brings you a large-measure of entertainment; who costs you less than 3 cents per week, ho Is It ? We give you one guess . . . and you've guessed correctly. It's— , The Kossuth County Advance $1,50 per year. Add $1 for Upper Des Moines. Subscribe Today

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