The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1897
Page 5
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THK OTPER PE8 MO1M»: A10OMA, IOWA, WEIM8PAY. BEOEMBgB 8. MB. JAMES PATTERSON'S RAILWAY TIME CARDS. A 4-piece Tea Set. Teapot, Sugar Bowl, Creamer, and Spoon Holder, in fine quadruple plate silver, handsomely en- 4L-4 f\ SSL f\ graved and guaranteed for 25 yrs, only CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE A ST. PAUL. T-OCAlj TRAINS WBSt. No. 1 departs at No. 3 departs at •• •• • • Freights that carry passengers— No.93 departsat lu No. 71 departs at No. 66 departs at •. • TRAINS EAST. No.2 departs at 1 x; No. 4 departs at.. D • Freights that carry passengers- No. 7 f departs at o.ontjm No. 94 departs at ^ •-± • ^r^ Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South— North- Freight 11:00 a m Pass 7-.05am Mixed ll:50am The old price on these goods has always been $25.00. We've got the goods at $13.50. You've the money. Let's trade. Dingley & Pugh, THE LOW-PRICED AND UP-TO-DATE JEWELERS. Mixed ... 7:54 pm mixm. ? : 92 ftm Freight 11:50 am Pass... *:«P™ 'Ixed ... 7:54pmMlxed 10: 5 H ,?i: Arrive at Des Moines at 12 -.15 p. in., 0:15 p m., and 1:20 a. m. p H VBgpBBi Agent- the groom is one of Plum Creek's prosperous young farmers. The young couple start housekeeping with the brigheat prospects, and the best wishes of all who know them. Algona gets a rare attraction in " Alabama" tomorrow evening. It was engaged at Mason City, but the opera house proprietor is at death's door and all dates cancelled. This accounts for the short notice here. Alabama 18 a beautiful play and Is put on by high grade talent. Monday and yesterday were big shooting days in Chicago, Grimm meeting Heikes and Gilbert having another tilt with Elliot. GuyTaylor did not go in. Grimm and Gilbert are the terrors to trigger pullers, but Grimtn fell down this time. Heikes won by 91 to 87. Gilbert beat Elliott ffl to 87. If you are looking for THE LOCAL FIELD. v; Alabama" tomorrow evening. School lyceuin Satin-day evening. The famous Algona minstrels next Tuesday evening. The woman suffragists are going to make a house-to-house canvass of Iowa. M. Richmond of Armstrong, whoso serious injuries were noted last week, is getting up rapidly. The court calendar for this term is the biggest over printed. Thoro are 305 cases on the docket. The present city council Is not likely to pass a curfew ordinance. That is the guess of one of the members. Marriage licenses have been issued to H J. Smith and Elizabeth Reutnun, E. H. Hunt and HoUic M. Soarles. Fancy Goods, Lamps, Toilet Sets, Water Sets, or Bric-a-brac, and do not see our line you will miss seeing the largest and most complete line in town. Langdon & Hudson. TELEPHONE NO. IS. We have another lot of those .California canned «*».$£ e Maple Syrup 8gc a gallon to-flat 300 a gallon. We deliver grain, and hay (in bales) to any part of the city. J. C. ANDERSON. South of court house. _ OPENING LYCEUM PROGRAM. ^ tion For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern Bv.-38t3 . A WESLEY CHANGE. T-red Bacon Will Go to SoutU Da- UoU-Soine Wesley Notes. WESLEY, Dec. 6.-Quite a number of the Wesley Odd Fellows drove over to Corwith Monday evening to help organize a new Odd Fellows'lodge E E Thomas is very sick with lung fever, but is reported better at this way in a public lyeeum for te school children, with a few other. ^ mixed w. Regular nieetings will be hew rt ^ and ev Instrumental duet ......... \ Chas. Recitation ........................... Hazel Dim 1 Recitation ....................... Russell Cowlea Recitation ....................... Oleve Lantry Recitation ............ De iD b; R Bacon has closed out his hard- store here. His son, Fred., who Supervisor Run/, has been importing a big mastiff over at Wesley. Is ho coming to the county seat with a body guard? Rev. Day wont to Britt Monday evening and addressed a women's missionary body on the problem of American womanhood. Patrick Kain continues to fail gradually. He now recognizes his friends with difficulty and takes no interest In passing events. The Register saya V. S. Ellis would like to put a free silver paper into Bancroft. KosButh ought to have a few more newspapers. Work has begun on the Blackford bridge. J. H. Klllmar, who has the contract, was a room mate of C. Is. Matson's at tho state university. Will F. Smith made 70 out of a possible 75 at 500 yards at rifle target practice at Webster City. That is the best record the Webster City boys have. Tho First National bank is to have gasoline lights from tho Durdall plant. Mr. Durdall had bolter put in a big tank and supply the business part of town. An even foot of snow came Friday night. The sleigh bells jingle. Good sleiehing seems to bo assured all winter. It is said that the winter of 1857 began this way. Frank Bamsey, who is well remembered In and about Cresco, is in the mining regions. W. P. -Tones has a letter from him. He says he 1ms some good claims. The firemen are getting ready for their big annual ball, Thursday evening, Dec. 30. It will be the event of the holiday season. Everybody can bo- gin to prepare for a good time. Little Helen Wier of Ledyard drank lye over a year ago. She has had nothing but milk since, and cannot take that at times. The Leader says that at present she is gaining rapidly. S S Sessions went up to defend Ed. Haines at Armstrong, charged with keeping a gambling house Ed. was bound over If indicted by the grand jury he will fight the prosecution. Miss Alice Mann goes toLong Beach, Gal., Wednesday, to spend a year. She will visit in many California points. She goes with Mrs. Bailey of Minneapolis, who is now at tho Mann home. Rev. F. E. Day will preach at the Methodist church at the usual hours. Morning theme, "The Big Church;" evening, "The Laurel of Christian Excellence." All will be welcomed. The Milwaukee Chicago train isagain going down by Dubuque instead of through Madison and Milwaukee. It gets to Chicago at 8:15 in the morning now. The change was made Sunday. The tax sale Monday was lively. Every piece was bid up, many of them to a thousandth. It was the warmest time had for years. The adjourned sale comes Monday next, at 10 o'clock. The new bridge and the new sewer are giving a lot of men employment when they need it. How would it be to have all public work done at times when other business is at a stand still? Tho' new law compels every man to shovel the snow off his stdo walk with in 10 hours. If he don't the street com' misstonerls authorized to proceed at once without further notice. Commissioner Carlon ought to organize a force of shovellers for the winter and cover the town at the appointed hour. A new Methodist church is already being seriously figured on for the .com- Ing spring. It Is possible that the present building will be bought by the Presbyterians and that a now location will be chosen. At least this is talked The Methodists will put up a $5,000 edifice, pipe organ, and everything to match. Dr. Lewis, who was to dedicate tno now church In Union, Sunday, failed on ncoount of snow to get hero, and Rev. Yettor spent three hours on the road from Algona to try and fill his place. He did not get out till 12 o'clock and the dedication was postponed until Sunday, Dec. 19. Tho snow was very badly drifted in tho country. Holiday Goods. I have just received the finest line of goods I have ever bought since being in business, viz: A large assortment of lamps, and so cheap that no one can afford to be without one. Fancy plates of all styles, toilet sets of the latest designs, water sets from 500 up to $2.50; when you look at them you will feel that you can't keep house without one; lamp globes of all colors, and if you are in style you must have one; and when you step into my store just imagine that you are in Burly & Tyrrell's store of Chicago, and when you look around and see the beautiful things you won't know the difference, and I can sell cheaper than you can send away and get them. I wish every person in Kossuth county would call and sec the lamp I am selling for $1.50. Grocery Line* I have a large line of fancy andy, and a No. I candy at loc , i pound. Nice assortments 6f ancy nuts, fresh roasted peanuts ;very day. Fresh Fruit. A nice ine of teas; try our 500 tea; our 35c tea is better than most stores sell at SDC. I have a fine line of coffees from 12^ to 400 a pound. [ have a few barrels of apples yet. Have you tried the flour made by the Algona Milling Co.? It is hard to beat. Buckwheat flour, maple sugar, 10 bars soap for 250, and everything else that is kept in a first-class grocery. Please call and be convinced that you can get more for your money than at any other store in Algona. Thanking you for past fa- •w __ .. »_«i>ftill*r Cowles' Block, No. 8. II ei. iliwiii^* 1 *^ j ^ — vors, I am, respectfully, James Patterson. The Wesley Reporter thinks that If the mulct petition wins in Humbo dt Kossuth " will naturally bo compelled to follow." Kossuth, dear Reporter, is not naturally compelled to follow anything or anybody. Koeuuth sets the pace? KosButh la sui generis, a class ill by itself. The chances always are that Kousuth will do as it blame ploas- os. ,,. Dr Gar-field was out Monday, looking better than for months. He has resigned from the board of ponBion examiners and with Dr. K« n r y n? 0 T,:ibon vacancies are to bo filled. Dr. 1 i on is the remaining member. We disliko to mention an Algonian for office, but if one can be chosen wo hope that Di. Tribon is retained on the board. Ho is a good member. Popular entertainers like Col. Copeland ought to have more respect for '•art for art's sake," and call their monologues something besides lectures. A lecture suggests a moral and people who will go a mile to dodge a lecture will go a mile to BOO a show. Conelancl in Algona was more amusing than most comedies, and the fun was clean. Behind it all was something to think about, and Bomething everybody who hoard him will think about in spite of himself. The opera houso should have been crowded. LADIES interested in pastry milking are invited to call at the store of Walker Bros, on Wednesday and Ihursday next and at the store of Lungclon & Hudson Friday and Saturday to witness the preparing of pies, cakes, and puddings by an expert, who will ansvyei questions in relation to, pastry making as taught in the principal cooking schools. I HAVE bought the Pete Christenson Jersey bull and after this date ho will bo at Brown's livery barn.-38t2 HAVE your carriages repainted now, while you cannot use them. Jna. Ori will do your work right at reasonable prices.-'38t3__ j PINE lot of Plymouth Rock roosters for sale. IF you want a nice rug you can got it A w E wish to make the month of December the banner month for this year, and in order to do so we have decided to offer an inducement which will be in the shape of a gift for lady or gentleman buying the most goods at our store until January 1st, 189S. The gift for the lady will be her CHOICE of. a Jacket, Cape, or Dress Pattern worth $10.00. The gift for the gentleman will be his CHOICE of a Suit or an Overcoat worth $10.00. We give the privilege of making purchases at different times during the month, and their names will be put in a book with amount of the purchase opposite, and on Jan. 1 we will foot up, and the lucky parties will be notified to call and get the gifts, giving them the privilege of making their own selections. Yours for business, JNO. GOEDERS. '& Co. JUST received, a new Hno of carpets, lace curtains, and shades aGalbraith's. CAMEO canned goods. Quo 1'rlco to All. Cleaning watches, $1; best main springs, $1. AU wopk B Wwrantea. BBi Old Gold and Silver. We buy your old gold and silver. Bring it in and "* "" -K™" 1 '" <™ «• -, HAVILAND CHINA Bacon and Milton Starr. Quartette Song Harold Hutcblns Recitation Harvey Ingham Ten minute speech Nettle Benjamin Recitation Male Quartette Song — W. A. VINCENT left a . horse blanket at J. G. Hajflon ^ southwest of Algona, Tuesday,« o Finder please return to WalKer o in Algona and get reward. __ carriage e CAMEO. MY residence for 30 Botat. Hutchinson has gone to Call fornia with his family. Ho is under contract to go to Klondike in the spring at* .W a day, and his wife will keep a boarding house. Mat. Biehhofl goes •with him. Prof. A. J. Lilly is one of 30 to get a $10 prize in that Century Magazine contest he was In. He answered 100 Questions. A sample one was, what do we mean by » limited," when we say a limited express train. Several bidders are going to compete on putting the new sewer across the divide. The contract will be let Friday It is estimated that the whole cost, including a BDUP up Thorington to the court house, will be $1,800. CARPET rags dyed with Putnam Fadeless Dyes do not fade, a^e ong and will not stain y° uid f°n them. vinegar or other fruit acids on & Ten cents per package u F, drug store. M. Z. Grove & Son tell the som Bob-sleds an* Cutters. A lot of No. 1 bob-tog and cuUeis very cheap prices. Don tDuy CAMEO. rest. ^ — FOR time loans on real estate apply ^oBSuthCounty State Bank. JAMES PATTERSON is paying 20o a dozen for eggs CAMEO. can be mgr Stern line on excursion ^etBwhgi g" a ° nd 31, at reduced rates Deo. % «£ Jan . 4| 1897, and Jan. 1, 189 Va Northwestern 1888, to point 8 OP » n eta* §00 ** Judge Gary, who is a frequent visitor it E. V. Swetting's in Algona, and who tried the anarchists in Chicago, is now presiding over the second Luet- Jert trial in that city. He is a famous judge, and a very genial man. The Holden company played Alabama at Cedar Rapids and Manager Geo. B. Peck of the opera house telegraphed Alex White yesterday aa follows- " Holden company gave splendid satisfaction here. You can recommend perioraauoe." Algona has a fine treat in prospect. Thursday, Deo. 2 the hands of Mr, Dg White apd Miss Mary B. Johnson, two o! Plum Creek's most esteemed voSngpeoplS were joined in the bonds SI matrimony ! . The bride is the daugh< teroiMrandMrb. Ole Johnson, one of Plum Creek's wovthieet families, and ii SJS KcUth'9 best teachers, watte •, ? -., Sign of the big watch. 31111 EIGHTEEN karat rings that are 18 karat, not 14 karat rings made up by some jobber and stan^ped^ka^^ REV. LANDIS AT EUMBOLDT. Ho Moves AI. Adams to Tours and MaUos a Splendid Speocli. Eev. Landis attended the bean supper at Humboldt and made one of his usually happy speeches. The Independent says: Rev.D.R. Landis' address was simply "out of sight. Alternately his audience indulged in laughter, smiles, and tears. His apt illustrations, humorous stories and facetious similes kept the.packedaudi- ence in a state of mind that tool no note of time or passing sense till he was through. He well bore out the rZmmerfd given by this paper as£ superior camp fire leader—a whole team, while those who attempt to follow him are but dogs under the wagon. FOB THE.... In order to comply with the growing demand for plain white and hand-painted China, we have purchased a larger stock than ever of these goods, and feel better prepared than ever before to furnish you with anything you may desire in this line. If you don't see what you want in stock, ask for it; we can get it for you on short notice. Hoping to have a chance to at least show you these goods, we remain, yours truly, WALKER BROS. A Bid MORTGAGE. Bocorder Randall Will Put a Docu- mou t of Importance ou tUe County Records. ... The Chicago & Northwestern will file in every county in which it does business a mortgage lor $165,000,000 given in New York for the purpose of refunding its debt. One Hundred Excursion TJofcete to Cedav via the Northwestern line, will be sold at reduced rates, Deo. 13-J4, limited to Deo 15i on Mcowrt of annual meeting, as O» Deo on M Princes of Iran. Apply to agents. OM» oago & Northwestern, By, " Haggard & Peek, [Supcessors to Jones & Smith.! Abstracts, Real Estate,^ssw Collections; IQWA, Is offered to any person "who can duplicate the J CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS, „,. SCHU & WATERHOUSE,

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