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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 6, 1938
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THE WEATHER 'Jab. 3-8—Generally fair except precipitation In north portion about Friday; temperature mostly near normal or below In north portion. Volume 37 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 6, 1938 10 Pages 80 Columns Number 16 IGHWAY SAFETY DRIVE PLANNED IWE BECOMES (PRESIDENT OF KIWANIS TODAY Committees Nam- id to Act for Club During 1938. D. Lowe becomes ' president Jthe Kiwanis club in installation aonles this noon at the reg- |r luncheon at the Algona hotel, succeeds P. J. Kohlhaas, presi- iit during 1937. A. L. Long be- aes vice president, succeeding Lowe, and R. J. .Harrington |s recently re-elected secretary , the directors. complete list of committees ._ned by Mr. Lowe to act for the iib during the year was named f.follows: Utendance-?W. A. Barry, C. H. iiylor, Fred Behlmer. Agriculture— Harold Hutchins, C. Bjustrom, Frank Kohlhaas. |iBusiness Standards—J. L. Bo- |r, A. E. Kresensky, T. H. Holm- Classification—JC. H. Cretzmey- C. H. Taylor, P. J. Kohlhaas. iFinance—R. M. Wallace, Joe 'eenburg, R. J. Harington. Program— Wm. F. Steele, Anne Johnson, H. M. Smith, J. H. . Hoppe, Joe Bloom. don. ^Publicity and Bulletin — T. -H. krischilles, D. E. Dewel, C. C. Jiierk. IReception—M. G. Norton, Chas. Mman, H. E. Rist. , [Underprivileged children—M. G. Jmrne, H. M. Olson, Paul Berger. ipublic Affairs—A. H. Borchardt, ' L. Maxwell, C. H. Williams. liwanis Education—D. D. Pax- i, H. W. Miller, P. H. Kohlhaas. SBoys & Girls Work — Antone phnson, Lawrence Findley, C. Shierk. , ^Vocational Guidance — O. B. ilngi-Casey-Loss. ' ,. ilxiwa & Regulations—D. C. Hut- iison, J. L. Bonar, D. E. Dewel. Interclub Relations—H. W. Milr A. J. Huenhold, T. H. Holmes, ouse—•W. G. McCullough, G. L. Slier, B. F. Sorensen. iGood Will and Grievances—Dr. "rl Hoffman, Paul Berger, Clar- jce Morrall. Membership—C. R. LaBarre, E. '. Lnsby, A. L.,Long. Music—J. R. Murtagh, W. D. [ndrews, C. D. Schaap. New Pastor —Rev. F. C. Volzke. The Rev. and Mrs. C. J. Volzke, of Corning, arrived in Algona yesterday to accept a call to the Algona Baptist church and he will conduct the regular services at the church next > Sunday morning and evening. The Rev. Mr. Volzke has been at Corning several years, increasing the membership there from 70 to more than 300 members and he comes here highly recommended. He will fll the vacancy left by the Rev. Robert C. Schwyhart, who left here three .months ago to accept a position as chap- plain In the navy. A* letter from him to Algona friends last week stated that he was scheduled to leave the west coast aboard the training ship tl. S. S. Wyoming for the isalnd of Porto Rico Tuesday of this week. Mrs. Schwyhart is spending the FARM MEETING HELD TUESDAY BYHAGGPOST Legionnaires Hear Talks by Three Farmers. Memories of farming in England were told by Clark Scuffham at the January meeting of Hagg post of the Legion Tuesday night. Mr. Scuffham came to this country a number of years ago from England, and spoke on conservation, as needed in this country and as practiced in the old country, where the land has been consistently farmed for many many Work of Kossuth Safety Council Told by Secretary years. H. J. Bode spoke on the breed- Ing of livestock, and the benefits to farmers. More stock is needed on every farm, particularly as an aid to soil conservation. Dr. J. 0. F. Price, veterinarian, spoke on diseases of livestock, particularly the hoof and mouth disease, and preventions. Few farmers, he said, realize the tremendous losses iiburred through animal disease. John Kain spoke on .plant life, with relation to the feeding of a balanced ration to beef and milk By 0. S. Keiley. The Kossuth County Safety Council, a unit of the Iowa State Safety Council, was organized in Algona November 6, 1936, and reached a membership in the county in 1937 of 300 members. Officers elected at that time and who served in 1937 were R. H. Miller, president, Antone Johnson, vice president, Mrs. H. L. Gilmore, vice president, Dr. H. E. Woodward, Whittemore, vice president, Oliver S. Reiley, secretary, and J, D. Lowe, treasurer. These officers and some others of the Council held a number of meetings over the county last winter and spring, and on a number of occasions showed' safety films. Also during this time Secretary Reiley, accompanied by State Patrolmen Al Sterzing ant Joe West, held meetings and showed the safety films In every high school of the county, and in some rural schools, also a few schools out of the county. At the first of the year the Kos suth Council sponsored a contes to stimulate interest in the safet 1 council, and also to publicize th Dodge, and one driven by -Xiabs, Lone Rock. These \VUU1I\S1*| «»•*- — - » matter of safety by asking th members to answer 13 questions all of which had to do with th rst fatality in the county 937. The contest ran for for south of Elmore, were killed at six nonths and 11 days, and on July 1, 1937, tho first fatality occur- ed two miles west of Durt, re- ulting from the crash of a car riven by Philip Ryerson, of Fort Emil were in the he first two fatalities :ounty. August 2, Juan Madira was kill- d when his car was ditched on a country road near Lakota. These ,hree fatalities within a period of ,wo weeks, were the only serious accidents till two months later, when on November 2, H. V. Mc- Laughlln, of Des- Moines, .and his driver, Lowell Kruse, were killed on a country highway one mile east of St. Joe. The next day, November 3, Fred Simpson, farmer near Bancroft, was killed when his car upset on a country road corner near Seneca. It was pointed out at that time and it is significant to note that these six fatalities occuring in two groups of three each, happened, on country Northwestern railroad crossing one mile north of Burt, when struck by the passenger train. This catastrope, the worst ever reported in Kossuth county, occurred at 6:25 p. m. on a paved highway on an open crossing, that is, where the view of the railroad tracks was not obscured. This was on Thursday evening, December 16. Early the following Sunday morning, Herman Balvance, of Bancroft, was struck by a car a mile north of Bancroft on 169, a paved route, as he was walking towards town after his car had stalled on the same highway. The" first six months of 1937 were free from any fatalities and very few accidents in all were reported while the last six months witnessed the killing of 12 people, an average of two each month. This was one above the 1936 mark, which was 11. highways. About five or six weeks later, early in December, five young men of Kossuth county, living just by Robert Williams, of Algona, who was mailed a check for $5, from the Safety Council. The schools of the county are cooperating by teaching safety methods in regular cla.ss work, and the county council will hold a number of other meetings in the other towns of the county during the winter months to renew memberships in the council for 1938. Membership dues for the year are 50 cents, and everyone interested in this matter should join immediately at the Chamber of Commerce office in Algona. Both service clubs in Algona, the Rotary and Kiwanis, joined 100 per cent in 1937, and a great many members of the Legion are members also. The Legion is cooperating this year with a number of placards and safety stickers for cars, which are being distributed this week. The Iowa State Safety 285 NEW STOP SIGNS ERECTED ON HIGHWAYS Traf f ie o n County Trunk Roads is Protected. Following last year's disoa- The Kossuth County Council Council is also issuing free car plans to have a meeting this month to elect officers and map out a program for the coming year. It Is possible that the council will sponsor another contest, possihly along the lines of the 1936 contest, which was won window stickers emphasizing the 1938 campaign to "Save 100 Lives" in conjunction with the Iowa Centennial of 1938. These free car stickers may he obtained at the county treasurer's office or from the Chamber of Commerce office trous month of December as far as highwa^ fatalities are concerned, the cotinty chapter of the state Safety Council is planning an increased dj-ive to bring home to every driver the death problem on. highways. Coopera duce the dents the ment this lation of drivers tc ing in the drive to renumber of fatal accl- county highway depart- week completed instal- stop signs requiring bring their cars to a the count meant the full stop before entering any ot These stop requirements are to bo winter with her parents at Cory- cattle, and the proper use of man- >anay Sinking to Be Shown at Call For once a news reel takes preference over the usual "feature" picture when the "Sinking of the Panay" is shown at the Call the- iter Friday night and Saturday. During the past three months the Baptist pulpit has been filled by eight visiting pastors, and on other occasions the young peoples' class has conducted the services. Last Sunday John Jordan, Algona, gave the sermon. GAR SALES IN '37 TOTAL 1007; NINE ABE SOLD IN 1938 Sale of twelve more new automobiles last week brought the total sales of new automobiles in 1937 to 1007 for the year. During 1936 new automobiles in the county totaled 1039. The total for December was 98. Those buying the new automobiles last week were: Charles Hoffman Burt; Mrs. Earnest Ros- seinsen, Fenton, Thomas Cogley, Bancroft, Robert M. Loss, Mc- Guiro Brothers, Algona, Milfred Hilbert, Wesley, all Chewolets. Fords: S. C. Shipler, Reiner Harringa, Lakota; Bessie M. Hartman', Lone Rock, and Harold Herzog, Ledyard, Thoreson Bros., Swea City bought a Dodge, and Merlin Little, Algona, a Buick. Already this year nine new au- Grand Jury for 1938 Is Drawn ure. Through proper feeding and distribution of manure, little fertility of the soil is wasted. Routine business of the Legion preceded the talks, and the Rev. F. E. Burgess and O. S. Reiley were named on a committee to select an annual award for an oustandlng high school student in some regular school subject. The next meeting of the post will be held February 1, and the meetings are open to those interested whether Legion members or not. Tuesday's program was under direction of County Agent A. L. Brown. •' • - _ STAFF FOR SENIOR ANNUAL IS NAMED •Algona high school seniors will publish an annual again this year and the editorial staff was appointed by the faculty and announced yesterday. The annual will have no advertising and is being financed by the senior class. The books will be ready for distribution at the close of the school year in May. Richard Norton will be editor with Maxine Larson, assisting, and the other staff members follow: these afe the pictures taken by a BWS reel cameraman on , the may as the boat was bombed id machine-gunned by Japanese lyers and 'soldiers. The pictures ide a sensation when they were hown, and were deemed so im- irtant that a U. S. soldier guard .as given the originals on the rip via the China Clipper to this iuntry and were shown first at he White House to President ..loosevelt and members of the cabinet as they were considering diplomatic negotiations with Japan lover the incident. f;.: " ™" ' ' ^^""^ [Harrington Heads Junior Chamber R. J, Harrington was elected t president of the Junior Chamber sol Commerce at the annual meet- ling of the organization last night, |"H. B. White was chosen vice pres- lident, James Murtagh, secretary, land Woodrow Cook, treasurer I The Junior Chamber was organ- lized a year ago, and John Hag| gard was the first president. It Is composed of young men In business with an age_Umit ot 35 years Two Break Bones. E. C. McMahon suffered a broken right arm in a fall while L skating Tuesday, and Mrs. Forres j Twogood, visiting her parents, th« [M. P. Hftggards, suffered a cracked bone in one leg in a fall on ice tomobiles have been sold: Chevolets: Ralph Ewing, Swea City, harles Morris, Lone Rock, Paul Zerfass, Algona, and J. G. Wat- rman, Fenton. New Ford own- rs are: Wilfred C. Runge, Algoa E. F. Logemann, Swea City, nd N. S. Nemmers, Bancroft. M. • Christiansen, Algona bought a hrysler, and the Algona Motor ales a Pontaic. Topic Subscription Price Raised The Titonka; Topic last •week announced a raise in subscription rate from $1 to f 1.5Q for county subscribers and from $1.50 to $2 for out- of-the - county subscribers. The boo?t becomes effective January 15. In announcing the change in price the Tppio «Ud: "Pue to the advance in tfce price of print piper and the higher prices we have to pay for mater'• "'is accessary for «» to " rlption price, price to one conn was PETIT JURORS FOR JANUARY TERM CHOSEN Divorce Granted and Pardon Filed Last Week. New grand jurors to serve during all court terms of 1938 were chosen last week by the clerk of Court, recorder, and auditor, and are: Albrt Johnson Lakota Anton Goetz Wesley Lars Loge Elmore R. S. Lee Algona John Mousel Ledyard H. L. McEnroe Algona G. W. Patterson Burt Chas. Plathe Bode Edward Rike Titonka J. W. Schiltz Bancroft The Champion Early Riser in Kossuth Gets Up at 1 A, M, Irvington, Jan. 5—H. T. Sabin set a new high for early rising one morning recently. He got. out of bed, turned on the radio, started the fire, and put the tea-kettle on. As a surprise for the wife he business manager, Margaret 455 Foxes Killed in Kossuth in 1937 Official records ill the county uditor's office revealed that 455 oxes were killed in Kossuth ounty during 1937. ,A bounty of l each was paid on that number. During November and December, 936, bounty was paid on 137 oxes, which makes a total of 592 oxes since the bounty was placed on the animal November 1, 1936. No fox hides have been brought In so far this year, but it Is thought that many more foxes have been tilled but the hunters have not gone to the trouble of bringing in the hides for the bounty. Game Warden E. V. Pierce estimated several weeks ago that from 50 to 75 foxes had been shot recently. More fox hunts are being, planned iy the various • Kossuth county Conservation League units if the present mild weather ^continues. Picture 5 Error is Made Last Week Through a misunderstanding the picture of Mr. and Mrs. William Rusch Sr., of Whittemore, was printed in last week's Advance as being Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Higley Two stories were handed in at 'the same time by the correspondent, one being a report of the Rusch golden wedding, and the other a report of the death of Mr. Higley The cut came by mail later, and identification v n *£ e cony was erroneous, causing the mix-up. The error is deeply regretted. _ House is Sold. Auditor E. S. Kinsey has purchased the Anna Snick house on SS* State street, and will move InMarch 1. The place is now occupied toy the Shellmeyers. to Florid*. Eggesdal; class editors, Enid Fuller, Robert Muckey; music, Richard Keen; athletics, Harold Banwart and Ruth Will; activities, Jack Long, Louise Smith. Snapshots, Curtis Ward, Goyle Shackelford; features, Ted Chris- chilles, Meredith Richardson; art, LeRoy Mathison; typists, Lavon Sankey, Imogene Hill, Maxine Caldwell, Arlene Olson, Jane McWhorter; "juniors, Bud Anderson, Dorothea Bjustrom, Jerome -Neilson, and Mary Lee Nugent. Mr. Phillips is faculty advisor. New Cafe to Open in Heise Building The former State's Cafe quarters, which has been vacant for several months, was leased Tuesday to Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Wilson, of Alta, who till a few months ago operated a cafe at Perry. It is expected that the new cafe wi'U not be ready to open till January 20 as extensive improvements are planned in the arrangements of the interior. A new front on the building was finished during the holidays and extends next door across the front of the Algonquin confectionery. The Wilsons are experienced restaurant operators and were well liked at Perry. The lease was made by the Heise estate. The Wilsons moved to Algona yesterday. A. K. Uhr Swea City John Voss ,— Lu Verne Petit jurors, to try cases at the term of court which opens January 24 were drawn at the same time and are: Petit Jury List. Rosalie Borman Bode Mayme Butts Whittemore A. C. Bierstedt Burt Arnold Bobo — Algona Fred Blumer Lu Verne Thos. Graham West Bend Mildred Callies Titonka Harold Ditsworth Swea City W. W. Ditsworth Bancroft Chas. Ditsworth Swea City John Dolan Swea City August Fisher West Bend Hulda Fritzemeir Lu Verne DeRae Godfrey — Lu Verne Herman Harms West Bend John W. Helmers Algona Nmer Kubly Lu Verne Jlmer Olsen Algona John Recker Bancroft Chas.' Schemmel Swea City D. F. Schweitert Burt Bertha Smith Bur fony Stoffel Algona H. C. Tjarks Titonka J. E. Vaughn Swea Cltj Mrs. Russell Waterbury Bancr9f Franik Wolf Bancrof Herman Wise , Sexton Clifford Waltman Bur Louis Wehrspann Whittemor The exepected run of new cas es has not yet developed thougl COUNTY MUTUAL TO HOLD ANNUAL MEET AT LEGION HALL The annual meeting of the ounty Mutual Insurance associa- on will be held next Tuesday orning at 10 o'clock at the Leion hall. The meeting is usually eld at the courthouse, but this ear a meeting of county nssess- rs with a representative of the ;ate board of assessment and re- iew is scheduled for the same our and hence the place had to e changed. The association has completed nother exceptionally good year, nd the annual report mailed to olicy-holders recently showed a ecord of all losses and the an- ual financial statement. The as- ociatlon has more than $18,000,00 insurance in force. Three directors are to be elect- d, the terms of Hugh Raney and Borman expire, and the place Mr, aad Mrs. Raymond Norton ft pr Florid* Fritoy. Tfcey wU wlU Heiken Replaces Baum on Board W. E. McDonald waa reelected chairman of the board of super- visprs at the organization meeting Monday. P. J. Heiken, Swea City, was sworn in to replace . Will Baum, Ledyard. Mr. Heiken was elected in 1936 for the three-year term beginning this January. Routine matters were disposed of Monday and Tuesday, and the board meetings again today to make an annual inspection of the county farm, to set rates of pay for the year, and to fix salaries of deputies at the courthouse. Whittemore Men Bag Another Fo* Whittemore, Jan. 5—About 30 sportsmen of this unit of the Whittemore Conservation League went fox hunting New Yea.r'8 day, and shot a fox. Because of some misunderstanding o»e got avay b,etar« it •jw 8wro This gives WhijtteiJior? to"* IP ftj thjy? a large number may be filed be fore the final day for starting cas es a week from tomorrow Pardon is Granted. Fred Stubbe, convicted of break ing and enterting in 1935, an paroled a year ago following serv ing part of his term in Fort Mad: so, was granted a pardon just be fore Christms by Governor Kras chel. A divorce hearing was hel last week-end by Judge F, C Davidson, of Emmetsburg, wh granted a divorce to Ellzabet Ashing from Ira Ashing. The de cree has not yet been filed. A. new criminal case was filed for action by the next grand jury. Justice 'Ivsr H. Nordin, of Burt, committed Orville Crouch to jail in default of bond on a charge of stealing chickens. ;The charge was filed by J. P. Helder- scbeidt,' who alleged the chickens were, stolen Christmas eve. Home t» Fire, According to a letter recently received by friends the Kufus even made the coffee, then smoked a pipe. The jolt came when he asked Mrs. Sabin if she wasn't go- Ing to get breakfast. She had looked at the clock, and replied: "At 10 minutes after one?" Harry went back to sleep. trunk highways. Thia putting up of 285 signs. as rigidly as those on federal highways, with, possibly jail sentences who fail to observe enforced . state and :ines or for those ;hem. Cfjr Test is Planned. Something new that was to have been useii in Kossuth county last Burt Girl to 'Visit England Burt, Jan. 5 — Margaret Rash, who works in Chicago, spent last Wednesday and Thursday here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Rash. Florence Rash, who also works in Chicago, left Sunday after a week's visit here. Florence will leave with her employers about February 1 for a seven months visit in England. They will sail on the Queen Mary. ASSESSORS TO TAKE HOMESTEAD LISTINGS ield by the Late Edw. Droessler is o be filled. Following the annual meeting the board of directors vill hold an organization meeting. Mercury Close to the Freezing Mark Temperatures the past ten days lave been hovering just around ,he freezing mark in the day- !ime, with three days of thawing early last week, but the mercury lias repialned below freezing so 'ar this year. Sunday morning ;he mercury fell to one degree below zero. December December December December December January January January January The record follows: 27 28 29 30 31 1 _. 2 . 3 _. 4 - 44 35 38 32 39 22 17 26 32 22 10 22 17 21 8 -1 13 15 Edge's University Asks $60,000 Fund A letter from Dr. J. H. Edge reports that Dakota Wesleyan university, at Mitchell, S. D., of which he is new president, has undertaken to raise $60,000 for a pe^ma- nent student loan fund. Of this amount it is expected that the city of Michell will contribute $15,000. Another $15,000 will be raised among citizens of South Dakota, and $30,000 will be sought outside the state. elford family lost howe by fire recently at KJnaey, Mont. A daughter is aleo reported serious. war, $500for25c! A young man came into tjxe Advance office Friday to comment on the fine results he had received from a want ad published in the Advance 16 months ago. He got a steady job on ft farm, and up to Friday bad made $500 on tike ?5c wa^t ad. He quit Friday tg go to Assessors are to take all 1938 homestead exemption applications, Auditor E. S. Kinsey has been advising applicants, who have been under the impression that these must be filed with the auditor. However, if the assessor for some reason does not do so then the application can be filled out at the auditor's office, but this must be done before June 1, of each year Those who have purchased property since June 1, 1937, can file for a homestead application for 1937 taxes, which are payable this year, and this application must be made at the auditor's office before June 1. The applicant must qual- fly by actual occupation of the property, with at least 10 per cent of the purchase price paid. In contract purchases the contract or other evidence of ownerslp must >e on file in the recorder's office. 254 Weddings, 22 Divorces in 1937 Two licenses to wed were issued ast week-end by Mrs. Katherine McEvoy, court clerk, which now brings the total for 1937 to 254, as compared to a total of 233 for 1938. The number of divorces al so increased for 1937 there were 22 granted as against 15 for 1936. The two licenses were issued to Clyde Sanders and Bernice Kelly, both of Swea City; and Clarence Siemer, Wesley, and Marie Arndorfer, St. Benedict. The first lincense of 1938 was made out for Agatha Thllges and Alvina Kramer, both of St. Joseph. Algonian's Son is Near Gas Victim W. D. Palmer, Sheldon, oldes son of E. J. Palmer, here, was BASKET BALL & WRESTLING ON CARD FRIDAY Cagers Play Clear Lake; Eaglets to Wrestle. The Algona high school basketball squad will play Clear Lake n the third conference game of he season on the local floor tomorrow evening. The locals have won one conference game and ost one. Clear Lake has won at east one conference game. Coach Lawrence Findley stated yesterday that all members of the earn are back in shape following the holidays and he expects to use the same squad to begin that ;ame. New baskets were being jut up yesterday for the game. Following the basketball game, which begins at 7:30 o'clock a wrestling meet will be held with an Eagle Grove squad, with at least ten matches on the schedule. The wrestling team won from Gilmore City but lost to Paton before the holidays. Eagle Grove team members are all seniors and experienced, and a good meet is expected. They recently lost to the strong Clarion team only year, but early wi:iter weather, is safety test, in -which brakes, lorn, and other equipment on every pected tiat this test brought to Kossuth county this which was halted by the a car lights. car is tested. It is ex- will be just what their car can* emergency. year. The test is not compulsory, but is valuable to those who wish, to know do in at In thin week's Advance a page advertisement sponsored by a group oi map tha 12 fatal Algona firms features a ; shows where each of the ties occurred in Kossuth, county in 1937 on a regular county highway map. This mop also shows tjie main county roads, on which travel is now protected by stop signs. On this map it will be noted that only one ot the deaths last year happened on a rural rqad, and that one was in. township when Juan Ma- Hebron 24-18. Coach Rldenour of- the wrestling squad held tryouts for the meet yesterday after school hours to determine those to compete and a partial list follows: 85 Ib. Orville Bakken; 95 Ib. Jerome Neilson; 105 Ib. Lyle Burbank, or Herbert Deal; 115 Ib Robert Deal or Henry Geilenfeld; 125 Ib. Eugene Col well; 135 Ib. Henry Dearsch or Tuffy Anderson; 145 D. Jack Long; 155 Ib. Raymond tevens; 165 Ib. Harold Banwart, nd heavyweight Robert Conk- .n. dira dlejl when his car ran off tha road and crashed. Contest Contemplated. A caiipagin to advertise the purpose of the Safety Council, and which ^t is planned to continue this year, was the "guessing" contest of i year ago in which members of the council and others were given 13 questions to answer about haw, when, where, and the cause o: the first fatal crash in the cointy. Last year's contest ran till July 11 before a fatality was reiorted. A canvass is also under way to determine, if possible, if there is a reaso:i why 1937's accidents occurred in groups. Three were killed ii two weeks in July-August. Two were killed November 2, and Another killed on the next day. On Wednesday, December 16, five were killed, and four days later the rest of .2th victim was killed. The the year was clear. and p Annual Meet Planned. The cnnual meeting of the Safety Courcil is to be held later this month and officers will be elected ans completed for this Three are Booked on Traffic Charge John C. Buzicky Britt, was find $10 and costs of $2 Monday by iustice Delia Welter on the iharge of driving a car pulling , trailer at more than 35 miles in hour on the highway. The ac- Jon was brought by Patrolman kelson King. Charges of driving a ties, ^ar without lights on a trailer are pending in the Welter court against Milton Bjustrom, Whittemore, and Lloyd Pratt, Algona Pratt was arrested near Swea !ity and was also reported as speeding with the trailer. Remodeled Church to Be Dedicated Congregationalists will rededi-' cate their remodeled church in a special program Sunday at 11 a. m. and 4 p. m., with talks by Dr. P. Alderstein Johnson, superintendent of the Christian Conference of Iowa in the morning, and the Rev. Alexander S. Carlson, year's drive to make residents of Kossuth county safety conscious. Dues in the council are only 50 cents, imd last year there were more than 300 members. This year he canpaign slogan adopted by he state council is "Save 100 l,ives" of the total of nearly 600 dlled pn Iowa highways. There were only six fatal accidents in .he cointy last year. Revenue Collector's Office is Opened Chaijes F. Fritz, Fort Dodge, :ame Monday to open an internal revenue collector office in the basenidnt of the new post office for Kcssuth and Palo Alto count- Blanks and assistance will be fiiinished on income tax, so* cial security, or other federal taxes. Business will now be hand-led lure instead of at the Des Mbinei; office. Ex*Algonian's Ashes Strewn on Mountainside overcome by monoxide New Year's night in his garage He and his wife had returne from ft party, and because of the intense cold Mr. Palmer left the | car running in the garage while his wife went into the house. He stayed in toe car (the garage doors were abut) a»d vtoen, fee reached the house be fainted remained Uflconscloui for He vaj. .re.coyerlftg-i pastor at Mason City, in the afternoon. Local pastors will participate in the afternoon service. • ' SplUes Ftpily o ft Trip, 'Mr. and Mrs. Leo Spilles and their daughter Arlene left Monday morning for two months In California. They went vfe Mexico and The ashes of Mrs. Nadine H. H. Forrester, of Sioux Ci y, formerly of Algona, w< re scattered Wednesday ov8r the slopes of mountain, overlooking ci y of Boulder, Colp.» as fillment of the dying Dr. B. H, Forrester, ' ,stor of tb$ Ajg$ni kt church, and nqif

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