The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1897
Page 5
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THE tJMffl DBS MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 1. 180?. A287 Last week we offered an elegant 14k, 15yr Lady's gold filled watch for $7.85, fitted with an American movement and fully guaranteed, but having only disposed of SEVEN of them at these remarkably low figures, we feel that it Is not just what you want, (and your wants are what we are looking after these times), so we will offer you this week a 20yr solid gold filled Lady's watch fitted with an Elgin or Waltham movement and fully guaranteed, at the wonderfully low price of $11.70, com plete. These prices are about one-half what you paid for these goods a little over two years ago, and they cost more money at the factory today than they did at the above date. We again state that we are positively the lowest priced watch "house ever in Algona, and if you are in the market for this line of goods you cannot afford to buy elsewhere. We lead, others follow ; we say it and we mean it. Come in and see if we don't. RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. ^~^~ ------ ~~- ----- - -— - — -~-~ CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE A ST. PAUL MOAL TRAINS W*9T. No. 1 depart* at .............. • No.3 departs at ............... •"•• Freights that carry passengers- No. 83 departs at To.71 departs at No. 85 departs at ............ : TRAINS EAST. No.2 departs at No.4 departs at kr^^ No.94 departs at CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight 11:00 a m Pass 7:05 am Mixed 11:59 am Mixed 7:54pm 7:05 a m North- Mixed Freight : Mteed'.'..'.'" 10:28 6m i8 p in jt cii .> i «ui j* *" *M.*j»w» ,,.... — - -- _«i Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. m., B:IB p. m., and 1:20 a.m. F. H. VESPBR, Agent. -Dingley & Pugh, UP-TO-DATE JEWELERS. THE LOCAL FIELD. Col. Coneland tomorrow evening. Quail killing ended legally yesterday. Digging in the city well began Monday. 8 below Sun- The mercury reached day morning. Tickets are now on sale for Copeland, 35 and 60 cents. getting a big new THE LAW OF THE MATTER. AS TO "MATHEMATICAL BLOOKS." Are School Directors Liable for the pay for Theso Thing—An Iii; tercstlBK Question. press dispatches, telegraphic markets, proceedings of the Iowa legislature and congress and all the news of Iowa and the world for less than half the regular price of a daily paper. It is a family newspaper of the highest class, and employs a large staff of able writers, including Judith Jorgenson, Edwin A. Nye, Jessie Lee Wilcox and others. Send $1 to the News, Des Moines, Iowa, and get the News a whole year. Ed. Yemans Is barn on his lots. Charlie Winkle now has to use two oil wagons. One carries too little. The annual tax sale comes Monday. Col. Spencer will preside with strict impartiality. Cowles & Murtngh have put in one of the handsomest safes that has been brought to Algona. F. H. Vesper and his Burt partner The following letter will interest all school directors who have signed contracts for the "mathematical block" fake: To the Editor: I read an article which Mr Angus of Hurt wrote foi the Courier a week or two ago concerning the purchase of blocks by some of the district township directors from "a smooth talking individual " by obtaining the signatures of the majority or all of the directors of each district township on a paper which read as 10 StatI : of Iowa, 189T. We, the undersigned, members of the school board of district township o£ (Xyz,) in the county of Kossuth, do hereby contract for seven sets of Kennedy's mathematical blocks, provided a majority of said board sign this agreement, for whicli we agree to pay M. A. Blodgett or ageut the sum of twenty-five dollars a set. We hereby authorize the officers of said board to issue a warrant for same payable 13 months after date without ln Now Mr. Angus informs- ^directors of those townships where Mr. Blodgett obtained a warrant on the above contract that they themselves are personally liable. That would be so, provided they were directors for some private corporation, for then they would be agents for a private concern and would be liable to their principal, the "private corporation," where the public at large has no way of . knowing the Agent's authority. But here it is different These directors are public agents and the ?aw presumes the public to know how far -a public agent's authority .reaches. Therefore anv person contracting with a public taca the fact Jn" the second place the warrant was to be paid at a future date, which is forbidden by the statutes, and m *triptlv foren , ?hfthfrd Place as soon as he obtained the warrant illegal or otherwise, he had re- Reived payS so far as the directors .were concerned. Were it not so, Mr. Angus i e fusing to write a warrant, the directois 01 CAMEO. Poultry Wanted. On and after Nov. 29, I will be pro- pared to buy poultry at tho Northwestern creamery. 36t2 A. L. BELTON. Poland Chinas. A few fine Poland China boars for sale at right prices. 36t2 J. O. PAXSON. Poultry. The poultry business will be carried on the coming season at the creamery building at the Milwaukee depot. Bring in your poultry and get the best price in the market. 35t3 B. A. PALMER, Mgr. LAMBS' wool insoles—misses', ladies' and gents'—all sizes, at Galbraith's. MY residence for rent. 30 . MRS. DORMOY. M'OHESNEY-INGHAM WEDDING. Many Friends Congratulate the Happy Couple as They Sot Out for Their New Homo. Last Thursday afternoon at 5:30 o'clock Rev. Dr. Barrows of Iowa City, assisted by Rev. Sinclair, pronounced Miss Cornelia Ingham and Win. Judd McChesney man and wife. The scene was witnessed by a small company of relatives and friends, who united at its close in hearty congratulations. The Ingham home was elaborately decorated? chrisanthemums being the prevailing flower. The bride carried lillies ...r. Blodgett can man who buys"' intr nowor. j.u" i/n"« —• •--- ---of the valley and was attended by Mrs. Harvey Ingham, the groom being attended by his brother, Chas. McChesney of Council Bluffs, as best man. An hour was spent in viewing the many handsome presents .received and in a social visit, after which light re- Se wTesco^ tfe WoESt f ^^^S^^^^^L dSjhS?5r MrS'Mri" W? ^TE? An order whichtoe original holder cannot J^Riiie fl . n Algonfl . foi . ooUect cannot be collected by being trans ; J^'^ a Btude nt in the umver- ferred any number of tunes. A »°aooi BO j where she met Mr. waJ-ranUs not negotiable papeiv I^o 3 n ° W^^^. ^^'e groom, on the other want to be understood ^at duectois 01 Mconesney. | ,, es ident of Iowa will build a brick store in tho spring for their Burt drug store. Prof. Spencer expects to get hishigh school lycoum started a week from Saturday in the court house. Goo. Slmpkins came in last week from letting mail routes for Ambrose A. Call and has gone again. Ex-Postmaster McChesney of Burt will go to California soon to let mail routes for Cowles & Murtagh. Tho famous minstrel show comes a week from next Tuesday, Dec. 14. It is a date worth remembering. Prank Boetcher of Bancroft, who left the team out all night that Dr. Kenefick found and brought to Algonti, was fined $16. Rev. Buchanan is complimented highly by all who hoard his Thanks giving sermon, and the service was well attended. A stranger hired a team of Ferguson in Svvea City and failed to return. A search found it at Bancroft but the man had fled. Editor Furry, who visited Prof. Spenser of Algona, writes us up in the Alden Times. He says Algona is all right, or words to that effect. County Attorney Raymond will argue that celebrated dog-stouling casein the supremo court in January and try and prove that a dog can be stolen. Hobart had a rattling good turkey shoot last Wednesday. The turkeys were good, too, as THE UPPER DES MOINES editor is prepared to testify. The committee which arranged for the biff K. P. ball was Al Falkenhainer, J. L. Bonar, C. D. Smith, LeoPeugnot, and Chas. E. Cohenour. They are experts. David Arbuckle, an old resident of this Tmvt of the country, but who has lately been in Minnesota and Arkansas died near Hanna on Tuesday of last week. The Register s,ays that a petition for mail transfer at the crossing between Bancroft and Ledyard is being circulated. Such a transfer would bo a great convenience. L. A. Barslou, son of P. M. Barslou of Bancroft, and Miss Alice O'Dell have joined the matrimonial ranks. humor, keen satire, pathos, and beauty of thought rarely found in a single lecture. Mrs. Lizzie B. Read, whose Interesting letter from the Ozarks is published elsewhere, founded THE UPPER DES MOINES in 1865. The older editors of the state as well as her many friends in Algona will hear from her with pleasure. A petition is out in Burt asking that Drs. Beane and Peters of that place and Dr. Walters of Wesley be the new pension examining boai'd. Burt has treasurer and superintendent. Burt will be "ring" headquarters if it don't watch out. Rev. J. W. Gelger, who has a $50,000 libel suit pending against the Davenport Congregational association, has resigned from his pulpit at Marion and his Hock refused him a letter of recommendation. Rev. Gelger Is well known hereabouts. Rev. Benedict, the new Methodist pastor at Bancroft, is the young man who shot the bum at Larrabee last year named McWhlrter. MoWhtrter recovered and it is to bo hoped knows more. Rev. Benedict is a good preacher and is popular at Bancroft. Saturday evening the school teachers gave the Misses Molntyre and Miss Colton a surprise donation party in the Dr. Morse cottage they have rented. It was a pleasant affair and a lot of valuable and useful household articles were added to their housekeeping stock in trade. Geo. E. Clarke Is at Clinton for the trial of the suit Hay & Rico have brought to compel a citizen there to convey a mill according to his agreement. The suit was brought hero but was transferred to the Clinton court. Judge Hays is Mr. Clarke's opposing counsel. It is now likely that the -$10,000 suit JAMES PATTERSON'S Holiday Goods. I have just received the finest line of goods 1 have ever bought since being in business, viz: A large assortment of lamps, and so cheap that no one can afford to be without one. Fancy plates of all styles, toilet sets of, the latest designs, water sets from $oc up to $2.50; when you look at them you will feel that you can't keep house without one; lamp globes of all colors, and if you are in style you must have one; and when you step into my store just imagine that you are in Burly & Tyrrell's store of Chicago, and when you look around and see the beautiful things you won't know the difference, and I cat- sell cheaper than you can senc away and get them. I wish every person in Kossuth county woulc call and see the lamp I am selling Grocery Line. I have a lafge line of fancy candy, and a No. I candy at IOC i pound. Nice assortments of fancy nuts, fresh roasted peanuts every day. Fresh Fruit. A nice ine of teas; try our 500 tea; out- tea is better than most stores. line of pound., t have a few barrels of apples yet, Have you tried the flour made by the Algona Milling Co.? It is hard to beat. Buckwheat flour, maple sugar, 10 bars soap for 250, and everything else that is kept in a first-class grocery. .Please, call and be convinced that you can get more for your money than at any other store in Algo- Thanking you for past fa- for $1.50. sell at 50c. I have a fine coffees from 12\ to 4OC a na. Cowlos' Block, No. 8. vors, I am, respectfully, James Patterson. it is now imuij tiicm ui*w t^^v,""- ~ — of Chas. Bronson against tho Milwaukee railway for the Injury he received a vein- ago while taking stock to Chicago, will come on for trial at tho coming term of court. Bonar & Follows and Judge Carr will prosecute, Clarke & I Cohenour and Judge Cook defend. A ed;Mr. Blodgett obtained an r , R. A. McChesney UU.VO IUIMV.H u..~ f John W. Bebmer and Annie Hunt are licensed to wed. Frank Seaman of Garfield was ad- iudo-ed insane Monday. His heart was so seriously affected that it was not possible to take him to the asylum yesterday. He will be taken today. The new code provides that the street commissioners shall fix sidewalks that are out of repair and that notice to owners is not necessary. It is their business to take notice themselves. Services at the Methodist church next Sunday. Morning sermon by the pastor, followed by holy communion. Evening sermon by W. S. Lewis, D. D. of Morning Side college, Sioux City. bis totamen to make in the warrant and Ralph Chas. McCoy of I Bolton of Des Moines, MOMURRAY— **"" xw ** w *** *""~jr"*• i f •utfVnp'h. tio yeutuvua, i 'PhurscliiY fiitsrnoofl *•*•— —— TOS^^ rKtWs SSffitoMor°tconflicts with a™^^ their daughter Lelia and be tp f- ed again state law Decisions of the Bupreme oou»» J*M. MoMurray. The happy couple y Swetting s< wUlbeaTme out in the above statements. J M. ^^ to the AJ ^adyJ to ,. ney . home, directly east o the Ftee Math JAMES dozen for eggs. CAMEO. just re- A NEW invoice of jackets ceived at Galbraith's. FOB sale cheap, two cook stoves. H. Reed. __ . DOES ALGONA WANT A OURFEW? Tfce Sunday Afternoon Temperance , is a con- Meeting Discusses Mrs. Al. Rider, living east of Irvington, died of consumption last week, Rev. Day attending the funeral Saturday The remains were taken to West Liberty. She leaves a baby four weeks old. The suit of Grant Ramsey against Hoxie & Bronson for $700 on a Lund mortgage they sold to him is likely to 'at this term of court, E. says. He is Ramsey's attorney. Rev. Landis says Col. Copeland's "Seeing the Elephant" is one of the best things he ever heard. Rev. Sinclair has heard Copeland twice and be says he beats any man on the platform as an entertainer. Company F has chosen W. E. Ward first lieutenant to succeed A. E. Daugherty and Jas. Randall second lieutenant to succeed Mr. Ward. Mr. Ward is a good officer and Mr. Randall will moke a good one. Fifteen young men have clubbed together and bought a new dancing can- for the. court room floor. It is Tho Methodists in Union township dedicate their now church Sunday, Rev. W. S. Lewis of Morningsldo coming over for that purpose. The building is exactly four and a half miles north of Hobart and is 20x40 feet. This is Rev. Bond's second church up northwest. He is a church builder. M. Richmond, a pioneer of Armstrong and father of n former well- known -Algona teacher, was seriously iniured in a runaway last week. He was getting off a loud of hay and wh lo he was standing on tho tongue tho team started. Ho got a bad gash on the back of the head and bis skull was fractured over the loft eye. Tho clothing trade in Algona has been big this fall. Saturday was the second best clay Kraft has had in the clothing trade, and Durdall says this fall's trade is tho best of any year since ho came. Our clothing merchants draw from a wide territory. Wo doubt f there is a town in tho state of its size that carries as complete stocks. Barton & Crabtree, who are feeding 250 head of cattle south of tho fair grounds, are beginning to ship. Mi Crabtree took a lot in two weeks ago and then went to Mississippi and bought a lot of cows and took them to Chicago. He don't brag much on Mississippi cattle. He says 500 pounds makes a pretty heavy critter. .But he was able to buy at a price that netted him good money. A second lot of the Algona cattle was taken In Monday. The Ottumwas sang to an appreciative audience Friday evening and gave a delightful entertainment. Will 1«. Muse, the manager of tho company, is a popular Iowa newspaper man ana won honors on the Cedar Rapids Ga Kette and Ottumwa Courier. Ho says he shall return to newspaper work some day in Iowa, In the meantime ho is doing his share to make the world better and more cheerful by discoursing sweet music. The Ottumwas are all right and can sing. D A. Haggard's big stock sale up in Faribault county, Minn., was attended with many interesting circumstances. They have a law up there licensing a county auctioneer, compelling him to nut up $2,000 bond, etc., and tho local salesmen did not want Mr. Haggard to got a hearing. His friends, however, had a bond ready for him and he took out a license also, and the talk drew the biggest crowd ever at a sale. I he upshot of it all is that he has now a lot of sales in prospect, and a reputation that extends all over that section and he contemplates using that Minnesota license to good purpose. Court meets next week Tuesday. Judge Thomas has exchanged with Judge Quarton and will come over and hear the Lund-Russ cases. Eight of them are set for trial, and the grind will begin Tuesday morning. Hie testimony in all eight cases is the same excepting as to details. After all that is common has been introduced each case will be taken up and presented by itself. It is understood that Judge Thomas will decide them as they are presented. The real question in each is whether Lund was.Russ' agent to re ceive payments on the contracts. If he was the land owners will not have to put up. If he was not they will have to pay over again. wish to make the month of December the banner month for this year, and in order to do so we have decided to offer an inducement which will be in the shape of a gift for lady or gentleman buying the most goods at our store until January 1st, 1898. The gift for the lady will be her CHOICE of a Jacket, Cape, or Dress Pattern worth $10.00. The gift for the gentleman will be his CHOICE of a Suit or an Overcoat worth $10.00. We give the privilege of malting purchases at different times during the month, and their names will he put in a book with amount of the purchase opposite, and on Ian. 1 we will foot up, and the lucky parties *• . , i will be notified to call and get the gifts, giving them the privilege of making their own selections. Yours for business, JNO. GOEDERS. HAVILAND CHINA FOB THE.,., temperance observed in Algona at the Y. M. hall at 3 o'clock. Rev. Day ably on the te^rance I the well known MoMurray. young mechanic ?f skill. Many j gratulations go with them. PATRICK KAINJS VERY LOW. I one of the Pioneers Is Falling R«*P Idly M* No Hope of Recovery I Shriek Kain, whose illness has been | noted from time to time, has failed , vas^,OP ^ £-., ne *o7 d ~ on e~ wa s, and ,teadily during the week past and no ««*£&«•„ at the big K . p. ball last CAMEO canned goods. THE eastern " Gold Bugs" are hungry for more Iowa farm loans. Special rotes now. THQ8. F. COQKE. One Price to All. Cleaning watches, $1; best main] springs, $1. All work warranted. H B ' E. G. BOWYER. In order to comply with the growing demand for plain white and hand-painted China, we have purchased a larger stock than ever of these goods, and feel better prepared than ever before to furnish you with anything you may desire in this line. If you don't see what you want in stock, ask for it; we can get it for you on short notice. Hoping to have a chance to at least show you these goods, we remain, yours truly, WALKER BROS: M, P. HAGCJABD. G. V. PBEK We I Bw"W4»*J ***""» ,. __ hope is felt by his relatives for his re-1 ^f^yday evening covery. He himself calmly awaits the end and hopes it will moved. ~~~ Old Gold and Silver. buy your old gold and silver. He wirarwsjgssr „. not be far re- has a long Beige of it • and has consulted the uuu>»5" physicians an" , sanitarium treatment \%&&3$!£sSs*£ Ed Halnes was arrested up at Armstrong last Wednesday charged with a gambling house. Ed is well n Algona and over in Gari HTisVgenial fellow but has been on the wrong traofc for years. Col, Copeland lectures tomorrow Sign of the big watch. 31 til EIGHTEEN karat rings that are 18 karat, not 14 karat rings made up by | Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smlth.l s,, [Real Estate,-^, One Hundred ftpuld be r«^»^|K OFV No J manln«08euta^ounty hasl Col. Uopei*na «»ww» B ]W^V,| 4yB T received, the finest line of table $ff»'*»|f^^ CAMEO. . Grove & SO« tell the I listeners wore captivated, "and e«* i tranced by a flow of eloquence, wit, \ towel? JQWA, IB offered to any person, who can duplicate the CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS, SCHU & WATERHQUSE,

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