Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 29, 1937 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1937
Page 8
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-•••••• I CHRISTMAS *.-••». Verne, Dec 97 * taoa was °;JL 7 :r A ? "sual, and V ( »•••*. J.IUU U, * William 7 rruva mi* '('ifv town gu es t s . - y> as and - H. Traugers, _ Jai.fe.He'cne fng g WOS closed with group sing OolIf^dZVoufoT^^' a " ~« a^^^sss • First itann't " uatl pastor of the ficiating ina U Sii£°r^ lth> Of ' Vn/Mi IT OII *folt>-I In IT OPVO- iiioiiy, 3 ^-^i i, Plaved"h rin ' S bridal chorus was rOS ° ~\ err a «ondant, Anna Ru- FOSSES Frankl&r^!.^ 16 ^^ by „ p]ayod) Cftro] S="4"«.s o -!. u " ta » ^FI^-S 1 ^ "VXS a'tooSj.' jS/ffS^iSff-— a* rsswj ?i k S^,r'^«'>* Llvermore, Dec. 27—Funeral ser- lMn«i Serv , Ces , were held last week 2? O f X f ° nr nJ e j" e TL ° UlS ?' d<1U S h ter of Mr. and Mrs. L. B, Jonea, Aldan, The Rev. Mr. Hancock, of the I .MI verne-Livermpre Presbyterian "v-. w iic and Mra. Edw. Hovev «'ned at family dinner £ '°<ne Christmas T eve, ami L 1 vere Mr. and Mrs M P r? D r ' Red Wing, Minn7and M e an de rden Hovey SWP« piiL' an ? t daughter, Diane ' W<th a - at were Mr. lelr er. Mr. on'd ft Mr a . F.' J^OvSj- y. > . . . n- was made in Union ceme- ' west of town, with the followpallbearers: Clayton Jennings, - __1 Behounek, Leonard Brogan, uene Hanlfan, Dale Fat'b, Virgil Hansel. The deceased lived h< with her parents for ft number y eai- s before moving to Alden. FallfeiiJmlner Itnbo Baptised. or i, 1 '' i a 'J? ¥***' I * irold JCTalkenhaL. *"•! Jiuu tliol r btiTby dfiugli tor .Lin r baptised Sunday by the Rev. Fatl er Shelniandlne, rector of 3 Sfaifc^f lEplsc °P« 1 church. Th Falkenhalners, who now live a Anamoea were visiting Mrs. Folk enhalner's parents, Mr. and Mrs L>. H, Goeders. TomS ^Ssfs ^ M r* dames M. J. McCall, Minnie 6 Lon ' Mr. nnrt TLT._ T,..'....^? n ' U3t - „.« i.""" ' """» ^Hurray i Anrn nn^i r. — ci umiaren, at AltonfLeM, ^id o' J " ^'•l^J^M&Jg? Kento » Herbert French n? ?r' ang6 Clty : nntl Mrs B m u Snt Steinman : Mr. the John JackLrl * l ?™»°"*: ««ns Charles and Sn nC ° rWith ' Mr. Rust. ««mon, and «*j. UUUiV o«rg; the Fred al; and the E erly. i, at Roy'; at Wav- guest* VeTeM KpS?",?""^ ren, Helen; Harold child " and Mrs M T/ p..,,' ari(J J a ck, Mr. gjr children,' T^J^ 8 ? 11 .9^- and Miss Stroi is:E= ; ;\f.^ Messrs, and Mesdames J w Lit e, Andrew T?o/>ir nrif i ,-.,.„„ „. (iiiu Lreorge Ste- -••' "j uie liev. and Mr« P r> e? nC Th k ; Y her ° a " tea " ^ Siv-| W( , P f-;p~ ""ower given —o * "u,Li liS were tapers, and a rose feet for one of HIO lit tall •"• ^la. unver Bakken -s^^^sr the gifts. lecjpient of many Pnrni Girl c , Raines, St. Lonl s Infant Dies at Birth. An infant daughter of Mr. and ™' 1'ved o^ rdyk ' b ° rn Christmas -.-. D ervices were conducted at the home Monday, and burial took Place in a family lot at Auburn, tne Key. P. J. Braner officiating. ORDER YOUR RUBBER STAMPS from the Advance. Stamp pads dependable work, fa SfoeV ° SU PP"<*. Qulc ™- AND FOR SALE OR Trad" ad« m «» her the Advance Qf th Moines — x -~ times mo uircumtion by any other medium. The 3ra are circulated through- c ° uant y' n ot Just out of the Postoffice alone, and the go into homes nnf rm rural _es on what your tf •xnumyjL LCfllUKAK. F, J, Brunei-, 1'ftstor—New Year's Eve I 3erman service at 7:30; Now Year's day, English service, 10:30 ft. m. Next Sunday: German sor- 'Ice, 0 a. m.; Sunday school, lo; Sngllsh service, 10:30. The Y. P. S. meets Wednesday evening at 8 o clock. The- Concordla Aid meets next week Thursday at 2 p. m. triintl, Pastor—Next Sunday* Sim-1 day school, 10 a. m.; morning worship, li. Annual meeting of the congregation Wednesday, January 5, 7:30 p. m. I Hurt Hoy Wins Promotion. i Burt, Dec. 28—Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Paine received a telephone call Christmas eve from their son Mervyn at Omaha, In which ho told hem of a fine promotion he had eceivod,.having been made super- ntendent of the Postal, Telephone, nd Cable Co., in 15 central states. io will have headquarters at maha, ou h« out the Algona Carnival ^"1 The Chrischilles In the "good old day s " w i er. really advertised ^'s - wa« a personality instead t^ ^ party, we u , ec | , , "' a poiii T WEEN-SALE''-™ *"• *" " INJ between Chri.tm..™ nd ^ * ** late, the time honored ^ f8t Of! discontinued. This year"!!^ Ka< W Plans were made to rev v * V" H Paper, decided to come out neJ and New Year's ca zingo, there went « For the two remaining^?*' f lk year, we offer some ' * the AT V. F. Tf. HALL, ALGONA DAJfCIJTG UiYTtt IsSO Nolso.nmkers, Imts, confetti. Fnn for all. Ladles, 25c; gents, 40c, plus tax sold at =ofV n ?»-church, the Rev G eo Ong c ega v Onal Performing the ceremony anCe cookies, wa- fhaderwerlTer^e^ ? ^^^ Jon age glr]s assisted ^^ Erelyn Busch is Bride— bridegroom's attendant The b,i ff»^-^waHr|SS">!Ws:^s ^jj.X^^K 1 ^™'"^ 5 ^- 11 " Larson is a m33 graduate of the local high school. She had heen making her home at Algona most of the tin™ S j nce - Paralysis Patient Improved. - .,""• """c was attired in n wViit^ i\r •--«»-» ouciety. nink frrrno+j—^_ «— ouQuet of latter n rifiurrt,*-*.- _» «. nl ^ei, the +>,„!;'.-,"- ^eigier, the bnde, wore a gown rose lace, with an arm b Pink carnations. The altar (derated with polnleSS bride, and' usher's were w«-J"I and Duane Yeakel, of KanTwhT cousins of the bride ^ anawna . Following the ceremony dusty 3t of KUler a daughter of Mr'Ti^''**""' s 2s? •M?ssLr?£ K store, Mason Citv at home. y for Hoods IGA Store Phone 355 Specials Free DeHvery WEDNESDAy, THURSDAY & FRIDAY December 29-30-31 All children's silk and wool " ^ Wi »- Mellosuedea and Wn«i-L.,_. ° 17> L °t of "- —"' Credit for Keen Tribute. Over the tribute to the alte *een and his widow which and and , all colors, only 36-incli heavy o ana dark coIJ r -«... .iuuiu was elected n drat of the Comrades class when that group meTfoTa so^al evening at Max Patterson's week Monday evening. Roy is vine-president, secretary d C °" rS 5° T eddin ^ dln ner Wi!ma -ere n iiv >vuma Kapp, Uahlhauser, and Ardella Hoof town relatives - - .. v * | iiitvau. and Mrs. Donald Eck n,,/ •»«• uaraner are sis and Airs. Roupe is theri moth ~—"j. YVUBU the Lutheran Younir Peoples society met for a Christ- .-- — , Mason and Mrs. Eric and and en to preside during the net' year with Elead Wegner as "j^ President, Lucille Behnkendorf a-t and re H P 7' R ^ ert WU1 as trea3urer. fh K 111 nanlus as Measurer of the Birthday fund. Mrs. Peter Christonsen Bead— Funeral services for Mrs. Peter Chnstensen, 47, who died Wednesday of a heart attack, were held . tne Lutheran church Friday, the >'• vvittenburg -"• • •• at the Shllts home. women . ... ii lc unernoon social Jy, a nd there was an I M of „,«. Refreshments if! i . •'-'uuitt, SlStGT Of PvnVin "-•*« wuci c >VUS ufl JJl* 77* p» Ye'ikfi ^.° orn ' Mi*, dud Mrs. Jas. were in kp i R^frsshments lis are at t] Mrs. Maynflrd v*^nv i T» ' "ttQ i mas season "* "®y are ir a frnrln/ii^ _B ,. _ * ""'IJLb IS '^. ; «iian. St. Louis. Has Christmas Party- Lu Verne Mis. Helen Stripling's home was the scene of a p arty Sunda I™* noon, when friends met to honor a recent bride, Mrs. Haro d Reddel with a miscellaneous shower and to celebrate Mrs. H . D Rlstau's birthday. The latter was J town cake was served to 35. guests were Mr. Out of I Mrs • _ _ Salad Dressing Carol,. Peanut Butter Carol, 2 ties' S ° da ' ° inger Ale » 24 02. 3 bot ™ Red Kidney BeansVlGA No'ili::^ • —• 2 cans 19c Red Beans IG3AC ^ 2 5c , Mrs. Viola Mrs. Henry Pergande left her mother, , to | i. Minnie Lott- ried tf Sev e en I1 v :1!)1G sho ~ w ' 13 '"" r - tensens moverto^^Verae 01 !^ huslxmd, sons Morton and James one brother. 01« s Olson, Tho, nd a sister, Mrs. Daniel Click c'ai- lenclar, survive. ' — - —v J Dec- , ,.,_. . , Tf^JtJ j;^ fall) V ing from tin operation Agnes Karel, Armstrong, has been visiting at Clint McClellan's Forrest Raney and Esther BloMni' have returned to Reinbeck, aft«r the week-end with Forrest's mother, Mrs. Flora Raney. Kathryn NygaarJ, who had been usitmg relative^ at Ohlcasro for some time, has rpturned. ' Mrs. w. 0. Bergman, Arthur, and thJ I?" GT ? orge are visiting at the Rev. Harvey Nelson's. Mrs Nelson i s Mrs. Bergman's daugh-' Mrs. G. A. Hanna and he.- dau-h- Thomp^^. are gU6Sts "t Peter Vera. Dimler is spending the ^ it. vuctiiion at CrOrald Her- oeners, Mason City. Viva Rlstau two Mrs.' Harypv" 5 "^ 6 Jonnson and -•^t^BS^T^r-- Mrs. El-bert. LucUle fnd ° Lois Harr's lit- For The Count Moines. The p-ift „ ~"i "' theorphJ.^V" 1 -^. lf Florence Calhoun. Mrs. August Schulz Algona Monday SSTolV^n 0 "™'™"' man W. w f 8^,,^^^ 'F ni C. l ^ 0 ^^^%,r aadDr - 11 the City, and Will-_, n, are among the col- —oJ students at home. Darlene Godfrey, Fort Dodge is wending tae week flf ^ °^, ^s i#oafrey*e. Lawreaca, Hlof Sumner, is a, guest of bis brother A. H. i ivj j~ " v ^ lv ' IJi -*^^ &QQI"6SS, i ? ^£ s rXe v -it*i The girls are sisters and nunlls tics' 06 ^^ ^ ^S A farce style show was given with show window dummies as mo dels, and Andrew Foster, C R" R^r^J? 0 ^™ conducted an in- "^t 1 , 06 test - wj t h Walter Lorem acting as professor. The eve- wise jammed uu but HAV Q T^ aud oth er- ute for any of them Tt tn«i , ° ff a min - mas. ' bUt I had a wonderful Christ- ;=i:£~Fi;-5---'s more eronrlc: on^ T «., .1 juo is to get ^ to^uucs, dllU 1 §U6SS tha,t Will h ^Sf^aSsi cash I wriii h unioau at a price for I am, Jimmie Neville ^-^^^ , Oatmeal, IGA, larg Oatmeal, COFFEE BLUE 6 Brown Betty ee, in decorated DESSERT , —., 49c >oi batt, only 9^ Prices on our entire line of all At the ANNEX \ f\ff^ . ', some Bargain P cotton drc - - »«.«,„ J t IfVe^tolf tlmt f ou P'^bil ""s advertisempnt «s« ,,i ^ ou ft ' JOut tliem in =?=£««« (compote) Potatoes, Minnesota "Whfo^ ^^ Peck 19c Grape ^ »vjitGo 0 d~~j rr~" «*^ad Lettuce La ^ cFirm ic ^Sl^rj;:^; F ancy Meats i i i ^^^ You have now received your Social Security number. Thii number MUST appear on every form you send in-monthly, quarterly, and annually, HAVE A STAMP MADE! Like This Advance Publishing Co. Algona, Iowa SS No. 42 0108040 ^^.^_^_ Fancy Beef Roast " Beef Tongues, trimmed" **eef Hearts Bacon Squares Fresh Picnic Pork R oa8 V~"-" Walleyed Pike * , 10c Cheese ^ bpj| OClC AND BE SURE! Only $1.10 f or 3 l in e, $1.35 for 4 line. Order Today at The ADVANCE Headquarters tor Office Supplies. ~^~~SSjTmnM ADVANCE PUB. CO. Algona, Iowa. Please order a special Social Security Name of business Address II

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