Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 29, 1937 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1937
Page 6
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KOSSUttH GOtTNUr Afr*Aac& AlflOtfA, IOWA IRY LAWYERS . Quarton H. W M11U, QUAHTON & MLLHB Law Offices. Phones: Office 427, residence 814 Algona, Iowa. hristmas Programs Given at Burt WHY THE CHIMES RANG STAGED BY 0. E, SOCIETIES some 3. L. BONAR Attorney-at-Law Office Iowa State Bank Bldg. 0»lce phone 460-W. Algona, low* WLLTVAN, McMAHON & LIK* Aft I. W. Sullivan S. B. McMahoe L. E. Llnnan Attorneys-at-Liaw Office In new County Mutual Bid* raone: Office, 261. Algona, Iowa Burt Dec. 22-Burt had OU1UD unusually fine 'Christmas programs this year. The community fjted, and the Garmans spent the day with Mr. Carman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. .Richard Oarman near Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schrader, of Milwaukee, Wis., visited over the week-end with the M. L. Vlnaas and C. H. Schrader families On Sunday the Schraders and Vinaas- es went to Des Molnes to visit the erton Isenbergers. Mrs. Schrader, Mrs. Vinaas, and Mrs. Isenberger are sisters. sale, the seild certificate of aale being No. 2177. That said certificate of sale hns been duly assigned to the undersigned F. L-. Adams who Is now the owner and holder thereof. You and each of you are now notified hereby that the right of redemption under said sale will expire and a deed of said real es- tate will be Issued by the Treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa as provided by law unless redemption from said tax sale Is made as provided by law within ninety (90) days from and after completed service or this notice upon you. Dated this 7th day of December 1037. 14-16 F. L. ADAMS. THURSDAY Elmbro Cement And TII« Co, Supplies .....i..,..,..,..... Dr. No 25 Jnmes Kelso, Lnbor .......... Dr. No 31 Henry Christiansen, Lnbor .. I'nul Trnflnmnr, Lnbor if C 8. Johfigon, Pro* ' ' Of oe, ° -Too mm Trnflnranr, Lmnor ..... . Albert Boama Jr., Lnbor .... 10 BO J)r No 40 Phillip Founrgo, Labor Dr. No 48 0 F Ornlmm, Lnbor .. Dr. No 08 fint' » « V* *J JJll-IILy t JlUIlt *•**•<*•* Krcd SclirnMt, Allownnco Plat L R Stclnmnn, Labor IS Dr No. 70 i T » S ?- H S^S IHS^^gS? fine carols at the school- HARRINGTON & LOWE Attorneys-at-Law R. J. Harrington Phone 287 Office Ove; J. D. Low R. J. H. 44<> °ostofflce B. J. TAN NESS, G. W. STILLMAfl Lawyers Office In new Helse Block. Phone 213 the O. D. Shumway _ „ SHUSnVAT & KELLY Attorneys-at-Law Office In Quinby Block Phone 58 L. A. WTNKET, County Attorney. Attorney-at-Law Office in Quinby Building Phone 180 HIHAM H. WHITE Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa Stale Bank Phone 206 Algona, low P. A. DAJfSON Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa State Bank Phones: Office, 460-J; Res. 316 __„ Mil VAJG OUUUU1" house on the Sunday evening preceding Christmas. On Thursday evening the Methodist and Presbyterian Sunday schools had their Christmas trees and programs while on Christmas eve a beautl A, ,, Un J? n servlce was held at the Methodist church. This was a can die-light service. A surpllced choir furnished music and there were several solos and other specia numbers and the Rev. J, M. Doms gave a fine Christmas sermon After this service the Epworth Leaguers and Christian Endeavor?£" W ? nt Cflro1 sln S'ng, after which they had an oyster stew Methodist church. On Christmas and Sunday even•IBB nmpit *. gS H 16 Junlor «nd Senior Chris- T™ T Endeavor societies presented Algona, Town a dramatization of "Why the Chimes Rang," which was excel- E. D. Kellj lent. The scenery a nd stage setting for the play was unusually beautiful. Algona, Iow» Christmas it Georpre Koestler's— A Christmas family gathering at he George Koestler home included Mrs Bertha Prickett, Los Angeles, Calif., the E. A. Hansens, Bricelyn Minn Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Koestler Jr., the James Christiansens, Mrs Bertha Koestler, Ivor Nordln, and Clifford Kranz, Tltonka. On Sunday the William Heerdts, Hector Minn., came and visited until Tu»s- day and most of the group were Sunday dinner guests at the James Christiansen home. Raemond Koestler and her sister, Mrs Prickett, spent last week Monday and Tuesday at the Heerdt home at Hector, Minn. „ . Don Cronans, Toledo, visited over the week-end at the G. W. Blelch home. They and the Blelchs were Christmas dinner guests at the home of Mr Cronan's parents in Algona. County Agent Brown had dinner Monday at the Blelch home. The Rev. and Mrs. A. H. Wood were Christmas dinner guests at R. F. Hawcotts. The Arie Dlttmers were at the Etna Mitchell home, and the James Knolls were at Mr Knoll's mother's In Algona. C L Dittmer was at the Angus home. Mrs. Anna Toeibben visited from Saturday to Monday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Olof Olson, at Elmore, Minn. Mrs. Olson brought her home Monday and vls- Board Proceedings Board of Supervisors met pursuant to ndjc present. wlth he following on and Family:' Family; ~ Lowmnn A 1 !,'! be nl ' pr °™H .Motjon i, Morrl. and 2nd by Fraaer ! ' b " tl Motion by Bnurn ana 2nd by Frnser ,. '"nt a refund of S3.H4 be mnclc on Lot X 4 uiocK 2 Lcdynrd, Inc. rcnsxm Rccep- «„,„„ nu ""•> "" r ;"•»•••"• lent of Old ARC Pensloii paid tnxea on S? 01 } City Incorp.; nnd Lots B nnil 0 snme. Ayes: All. < » «u j t 0( , k 4 Dourtes Adillt on to Swea . feet of Lot 0, Lots all In Block 8 Original Plat -.... . Motion by Coserovc and 2nd bv 5v ; y Jl l£' ' o Frnser that Joe Tnpper be allowed to , Co s - . Cnl1 s , pay the 2nd hnlf of assessment In Iown; Ayes: An Drain No. 00 hi 1038. As Motion b 5v ; y Jl l£' ' ot c nlock 1" Western Lot Addition to Bancroft, A. HUTCHISON DONALD C. HUTCHISON THEODORE C. HUTCHISON Atto ruey o-at-Law Security State Bank Bldg. Phone 261 Algona, Iowa Phone 326 MAURICE C. McMAHON Attorney-at-Law Office in Heise Bldg. Algona, IOWD DOCTORS JOHN N. KENEFICK Physician and Surgeon Office over Rexall Drug Store Office phone 300 Res. phone 326 C. H. CRETZJIEYEB, M. D. Surgeon and Physician Office John Galbraith Block Phones 444-310 Al60na Iowa STELYIN G. BOURNE Physician and Surgeon Office in Postoffice Block Phones: Office, 197; residence, 19i DENTISTS DR. H. M. OLSON Dentist Located over Christensen Store Phones: Business, 166; Res., 78S Algona, Iowa GEO. D. WALRATII, D. D. S. General Dentistry Office in Postoffice Block. Phone 20 Algona, Iowa KARL R. HOFFMAN Dentist Office in New Heiso Bldg. Phones: Office 44, res. lie. DR. C. D. SCIIAAP Dentist Algona, Iowa Phones: Bus. 133, res. 174. LOANS AND INSURANCE MURTAGJI & SON Farm Loans Quinby Bldg. Insurance and Bonds Real Estate Tarty to Chip-man Wedding— Mr. and Mrs. Willis Chipman, of Milwaukee, Wis., came Friday and visited until Wednesday with Willis s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C B Chipman. On Saturday they accompanied the C. B. Chipmans to Ames, where they all attended the vedding of Myron Chipman to Haxme Ruth Lewis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lewis, of Ames, llie newlyweds are expected here or a day or two before leaving for heir home at Syracuse, N. Y., vhere Myron is employed by the New York Dairymen's Co-operative League. Family in Get-Together— A group of about 40 relatives gathered at the Mrs. Mary Steward home Christmas day. The group included Lloyd Steward, of Iowa Palls, the Everett Stewards, Mitchell, the Lawrence Schumachers, of Myrtle, Minn., Mrs. Anton Panukuk and three sons, Wesley, the Jack Hennigs, Algoa, the W. H. Stewards, Harold Stewards, Ralph Mr. and Mrs. Grover Fairbanks arrived last Wednesday for an over-Christmas visit with Grover's Jarents, Mr. and Mrs. G. U Fairbanks Grovor is employed by the Wabash Railroad Co. at Milwaukee. Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Sewick and '. O. Stow were Sunday dinner guests at the J. T. Graham home n Algona. Mr. and Mrs J p Stow were dinner guests at' the Charles Phelps home. The W. R. and Ralph Carneys spent Christmas at the Robert Carney home in Algona. The Ralph Carneys went to Bode Sunday to spend the day with Mrs. Carney's father, Paul Lee. Howard Chipman, Mason City is spending from last week Tuesday until the end of this week with his father, E. O. Chipman. Vera Chipman was also at home for the week-end. rain No. 00 hi 1038. Ayes; All. <° byrascr " nd 2nd by Motion by Binim nnd 2nd by Cos? r r vo V mt , tllc of «clnl Bond of Harry i.r«, t-i..,V»i "ins/, i . *"" "' m >" 5 "'«!. nit; uiLiiMiii iionu oi unrry "s tlint the 103G tnxes be suspended on Schroeder Assessor In Lodyard Incorp u?n, ."«/?. Block 2 HI BU Lnwn Add- for $500.00 be approved. Ayes: All. to. 78 4 80 1 20 0 30 Cut Mod. Mod Dlok llande. Labor I)r No. 80 Pnul Trassmnr, Labor Albert Iloainn Jr., Lnbor .... 0 .10 "• a ' l ,S*'".' n > A ^"v, Henry Christiansen, Lnbor ... 720 fl s Norton and Son, Fuel ... George Looft, Lnbor 18 HO M . rs ; . Wln Myers, Cnro 1). n Mnyer, Lnbor 1440 Christian Homo Orplmnnge, Thompson Ynrds Inc, Supplies "" " Uoek iRlnnd Lumber Co., Supplied 2 Elmon> Cement nnil Tile Co., Supplies 28 Dr. No 01 K J Palmer. Lnbor "28 M K, K *' «'«|ilffi«. 00 °|v:''e^^:Ss :; . Henry Christiansen, Dr. No ......... " .—UI.IIIB, No C2, Labor .............. ..1200 W L Martin, Rent John Welch, Lnbor .......... 27157 Mrs. Denrch, Kent Albert Bosnia Jr., Lnbor Thompson Ynrda Inc, Supplies Klmorc Cement nnd Tile Co., Supplies Dr No. 83 Chns B Chubb, Engineer .... Tim Chubb. Lnbor Homer Nolle, Lnbor 10 00 A M Colllnson, Kent 1 03 Dlst. No 3 Dr Jansn, Metl o nn 340 Cut Kato Groc, Prov. . Mrs Ann Klttrltsch, Core .. '" 01 05 Honackcrs Store, Prov IB 75 KaHbenders, Prov .."" 300 T P Donrr, Hcnt " 7-« — i ft --~ r «,.»_. .......... ., «« j. * ^jv\,i 1 1 «tviii> *•••»«»••• in Carl Oarrett, Labor .......... 0000 Loo. ,T Hanlg, Rent .... ...... in Northwestern Oil 'Co., Sup- Dlst No 4 ......... ' 10 , t .P". es Western ^, 1 : Tekram 31 2 ? Kossuth Hospital, Hosp Cnro 1 21 Dr C n Cretam •*£ ?.«.? f." 58508 MrMnllcn Oroc, Prov inn """"""" Lnbor 825 Art Murray, Fuel . .. o2 Sr O. P McDonald, Fuel .. .'.' 5.1 a TAXING DISTRICT NAME Algona Inc, Lyle E Reynolds Algonn Inc, Cnrl Dahlhnuser Alpona Inc, Kntle O Stevenson Huffnlo Twp, Ray Osterrclcher .' Fen ton Twp, Mrs John Selpbnrth Ponton Inc, Arnold Hnlnzingor German Twp. Henry Melndcrs Gorman Twp, Henry Pranzen Jr ......... LiAerne Twp, Frank Clnpsnddle ........ Lu Verne Twp, W T McGulre ........ Lotts Creek Twp, Albert Wlttkopf ...... Lakotn Inc, Chris Assmenson ......... Sar ,TLnu. Union Twp, Henry Kuech ....'.'.','.'.'.'.'.' ..... Whlttcmore Inc. Henry Folder . . Wesle > ' . Wesley T\\>p, W S Cosgrove Wesley Twp, Olio 1C Florn AMT 1030 $1200 l»iO 1100 1327 1002 0-10 038 2T.OO 2000 2COO 000 25 2uOO 1750 003 1800 412 D10 1037 1327. 1002 Rock Islnnd Lumber Co, Supplied )r. No no Henry Chrlstliinsen. Lnbor .. ao uu T 11 ai,ni-,,inn~' n««iT Pnul Trnssmnr, Labor Ifi 00 niat ATn n ' fc Albert Bosmn Jr., Lnbor .... 3150 wnrbHHnU Pr™ Thompson Ynrds Inc, Supplies 4 vi .V n . r J >u I tnns V _ pr( " r . Cnro 201 H o Hrlll, Rent in 00 ?' ," Scll ™'' c r, Reii't" '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. no 3(1 0° .T II Sheridan. Hent .... n™ i 0< fi 01 030 220; Thompson Dr No 130 —• — —" > * M. P Thill Lnbor 1 on Tlmvos Sisters, Prov. . •Tames K "iso Tnor''.'.'!!!!!!!! 4 00 farmer. Elevator, Fuel Dr. No 132 Henry.Kline, Rent Farmers Coop Society, Supplies Dr. No 1X.T 510 Burt. , and Myron Meinzers, of Phone 105 Your Mttiiey's IVortli in Youth Graduated at Alne.'^— Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Schroeder went to Ames last Wednesday to attend the graduation of their son John, who graduated in chemical engineering. John came home with them for a visit. The R. A. Bartletts, Whittemore, were also Christmas day guests at the Schroeder home. Xine to Fort Dodge Dance— The following young people attended a Christmas dance at Fort Dodge—Hugh McDonald, Charles Hanna, Ronald Elvidge, and their cousin, Malcolm Nelson, Ed Stewart, Kathryn Elvidge, Mary Ann Smith, Carmella Fraser, and Viola Smith. Roy Ollom to Iowa nty— Roy Ollom, who had an operation ,a month or two ago and has been in poor health for some time, was taken to Iowa City Saturday Paul Kriethe Jr. returned to Iowa f.ity with the ambulance. Mrs Ollom accompanied Roy to the hospital. K. A. Welch's afother 95— Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Blelch went o New Richland, Minn., Sunday to Mrs. C. H. Blossom and Jennie Thompson left Thursday with the Lester Clements for Ames to spend a week or two with them. Mrs. Clement is Mrs. Blossom's daugh- Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ward and son Ivan, and Elva Pool, Greenfield, visited from Friday to Sunday at the R. E. Moyer home. Mrs. Ward is Mrs. Moyer's sister The M. M. Chipmans spent Christmas with Mrs. Chipman's sister, Mrs. R. E. GaTjriel, at Armstrong. Mrs. Chipman and Joan remained for a few days visit. The Presbyterian Mite society meets Wednesday of this week at the church with Mrs. Wyot Stott, Mrs. Louise Thompson, and Mrs Tom Trenary as hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bahling and son Virgil spent Christmas with the George Bahlings at Ames. Betty Walker, Des Moines, also spent the day there. Claims Hereinafter I COUNTY FUND Harvey A. Graham, Bty. 80 CO 11(5 00 IT ,; Vx—"•f.'*-*"""fa» AUUIUI ... J.1O J. F. Qulnn, Patrol «7 50 1 00 ' Mo , rvln , Mnrl °w, Patrol S7 00 •*- w j .1 (itn rr«i!„,. TI_ ». i ••••••• u^ ti\j Chns. Clnppsndle. Bty B. O. Davis, Bty ....... Raymond Berguin Bty Verl Patterson, Bty .... ..' Rosella Volght, Salary Mary K. Sands. Snlnry Rvelyn Dole, Salary Betty Sheridan, Salnry M. J. Duffy, Adv Bty Edwin Luedtke, Bty --.. ii in til 11, -UmuUl «•*•*< 00 j/i'iJ?' ,? ns £F' r jtrol 30 00 05 00 Hnlph Margla. Patrol "jon, Patrol .... rrymnn, Pntrol •n, Patrol Hnnselmnn, 91 00 r T. Shatto, Salary _ Dole. Snlnry Northwestern Bell Tele. Co Tele. Serv Henry Mamnch, Bty. ..'.'.'."" Wayne Hag-en, Bty '. J. H Fraser, Comm and Session .,, W. B McDonald, Comm and Se's- " Pntrol 187 20 12 OC 00 slon ............. W S CoBgrove, Comm nnd Session 225 Bin rloo % cri KT- nn *•*• ^^ riecrdt Labor ^ °° Albert Bosnia Jr, Labor M OB70 ^ 0CPr r h rni5nm Ilb T 0r i " : » 00 1 00 w TT l?lni ™' f n .V or 85 05 1 na iy- " Klcklefs, Lnbor •>« ti 1 °° Dick Bnade, Lnbor .....I.;" 8015 is 7r Labor ...'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 3 oc 01 00 0 55 .T F Weir. Lnbor Dr. No 135 Thompson Ynrds Inc, Supplies Dr. No 157 Dick Unnde, Labor Dr. No 100 H O Stlnstrom. Labor , K. L Jvrantz, Lnbor Hock Island Lumber Co, Supplies Sub 1 of CO Ed Wlllnrd, Lnbor .. Hub 13 of 00 E O Stlnstrom, Labor II K No 2 Mrs. Ben Rushton, Rent".'.'.'' ., ng County Fnrm S Morrison, Lnbor 000 •$• Morrison, Lubor " •John Hemilng. Lnbor mm ijlotsford Lumber Co, Supplies 32 7t 7 OC 5 41 II) 3f 20 0: 30 00 10 00 •12 40 22 20 CO 00 4 00 fjeorge Iloltzbauer, SuppYlca''.' 400 C-rnhams Store, Supplies ., Duro Test Corp, Supplies ..! 207 Iv - D JnniOH, Supplies ~; 0 SO if) r.a 11 7' 0 35 o nn u ••""""'""'• That the County Aud- 900 Itor Is Authorized to. Issue Wnrrniits ""S^S^w^iva^s Chns K Chubb, Engineer 4.1 73 wrlucn .Tim Chubb. Labor .'..','.' 543 „ On Motion Board adjourned until Nortifo " Lumbor Co " R "P' 1 lca 227 •'" O'clock A. M December 10, 1037 Supplies Northwestern Oil Co., Supplies' '» Unkkcn, Lnbor ........ Mhl Continent Petroleum Clrp. IT K. No 8 M C Thill, Lnbor ., .Tames Kplso, Labor P. A K No 1 Thompson Yards Inc. Supplies Kossuth County Maintenance fund, Transfer E S Klnsey 3S 27 , B«mrd of Supervl^^e^psunnt 1 as to adjournnment with the followlmr 2 &* m - cll l'' orK Present: McDonald, Frnser nnd Bnuin. Absent: Morris » Board proceeded to audit r i m , S i,, Cor Domestic Anl- Fow s klllod Jurlnu tlie yenr 4 RO 8 °° 0 " r0thCrS ' Stcer KIIIc<1 , v ' T No 3-11 0580 00 All S. Kit to niljourii nombt'i-M ii on ,? bo with Absent: ] the cffl.'tHi 0 '" 1 " 11 " 11 ^ 1 ^ ons, nnd WHKKKAS there bclne m ons to the survey rep "fo(° hubb estimate of cost o ml the consideration W _ • or .......... isi an »/\ m Ivolso. Labor ..... 8 4 ° Mlk Labor Labor ^ua.-riu 11 . l7T *tO TT «-<*'»*i.>i,i wmj jjuuor «....» [w 00 Botsford Lumber Co., Su'ppiies 108° ij?°, t ' yT , cllrIstlun son, Labor .. 1000 George Holtzbauer. Supplies 2 81 w • • Kruc C«r. Labor o nn Western Chemical Co., Sup- p',; Kossuth Hospital. ' iios'n'' ' Care 2300 Lu Verne News, Printing .. HEAL KSTATK, REAL ESTATF °i » R ' c1hlfln <3, Minn., Sunday to LOANS, AND LVSUKANCE p. P nr !' P™?* mother celebmte •JOJOL 1M. HKHBST her 95th birthday. She lives with iff* _ ... -«"--->.j«. ho> 1 Hniirrlil-A.. »«"._ ^. S 4,r 1 ^ cker - Witness Fees ... 2 30 R. W Dlmler, Const Fees " 05 Ernest G. Thlel, Const Fees 10 7r> P A Dnnson, ,T P Fees 4 50 Casey Loss, Sheriff Fees .... 14 35 SS an T. 1 X e _ ur ,°A' 1 ,-,.. wlt n£?s Fees 1 00 Mrs. John Mulllns, Witness Foes| Mrs. Godfrey Strieker',"witness Fees Jack! Strieker, ' 'witness'' Fees Frank Bauer, Wl'tness Fee: 1 90 1 !K> 1 00 3 50 3 fifl 4 00 3 no 1 05 A B. Lappe, Wced'comm" .'.'.'. 1370 Alfred .Terijenson, Weed Comm 25 50 Kossuth Co. Farm Bureau Ap- prop ' son 70 Browns Studio, Pictures '.'.'.'.'.' 8 in Kemlnirton Unml Inc.. Supplies 2 00 Mrs Clotilda Hutchlsin, O. A P 24 32 121 01 Office overall. State Hk. 1'hoiie 93 », Iowa See D. I>. I'AXSON For Town Dwelling, Household Goods, and Automobile Insurance., „ Do not neglect your policy for of- ! -on-i i - •• "- "^ J.» y \*f> tv mi her daughter. Mrs. Oscar \nder- son, but usually spends her summers with her children in Burt. Itcit/fs in Ifolidnj Reunion— A family gatherinR at Mrs. Augusta Beitx.'s included t ATS it™ ten los.s lapses. occurs when insurance VKTBRINARUXS I.. W. FOX •J. ». >VIVKKI. Veterinarians West Slate Street, Algona Phones: Office, 475-W; Res., 475-R included the Bancroft, Al Olenn Hikes, --•-.... jum;o, uranaaa, Minn., JOG Beitzes, Lake Crystal Minn., and the Bert Goddens, Fred Uen/es and Earl Meiers, Burt. Outsiders Here for Funeral— Mr. and Mrs. Henry Anderson and Mrs Edw. Dahhiuist, of Lake Wilson, Minn., attended the funeral ?n.^' A " n '° H l^ colt 1'^t week : Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Peterson, of Webster City, visited over the week-end at the Dactor Bahnson home. Mrs. Bahnson is their daughter. Mrs. Ne'ls Godfredson spent Monday at the J. 0. Isenberger and Cecil Godfredson homes. Her granddaughter Janet, went home with her. The Arthur Fandels spent Christmas with Mrs. Efcndel's parents at Emmetsburg and Sunday with Mr. Fandel's parents at Whittemore. Christmas day guests at the J. N. Holding home included the Ivan Long, W. W. Boettcher, Curtis, Clifford, and Merwyn Holding fam- ' ilies. The G. H. McMullens spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. McMullen's mother and his sister, Mrs. C. H. Peterson, at Paton. Maxine Schenck, who is working in Chicago, visited from Friday to Tuesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Schenck. The H. L. Sauermans, Sigourney, arrived Friday for a week's visit with Mrs. Sauermann's parents Mr. and Mrs. Al Staehle. Mrs. James Wadsworth and the Harris Wadsworths, Lone Rock, were Christmas dinner guests at the E. E. Paine home. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Vogel left Friday evening for Bonilla, S. D., to spend Christmas with Mrs. Vogel's mother. Mrs. Will Larsen and children, Britt, are spending a few days at the W. R. Chafee and C. L. Holding homes. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dick and daughter, Snnborn, were week-end guests at the L, E. Roetman home I Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Meinzer ?. In 'i (l1 ms »!-'Jni<~err"services" spent Christmas with Mr. Meinzer s sisters at Fort Dodge. (Win. Sliiriey L Sunniies" Hurt Couple to Coast. Burt, Dec. 28—Mr. and M. a . ^. C. Smith leave this week Wednes- 4 50 " ns i oo i no 3 50 , .... 4 50 A. J Doleschnl. Witness Fees 2 30 , Lewis Bosma, Bty. Milton Uhr. Bty .'. Selberg Paul, Bty Delia Welter, J. P Fees' ...... Casey Loss, Sheriff Fees .... Geo. Schlck Labor A i f , r .?, ( l Wlttkopt Lnb'o'r Mown Labor ' 00 . 00 40 00 87 50 ., aor . . 87 50 wm ?/asnmar, Labor .... to 05 lll Labor ••-. 42 nn 42 00 Chns. J Hoffman, Labor';.'.';.'; -5i no Victor Thnves, Labor .. 3 nn TTnri>v Wl«i*i~ r..t.__ *•' uu , Harry winkle, Labor Harry O. N .................. Enienrenpy Relief Admlniatrn-' tion, Certifying: Officer .... Kllnto Loose Loaf Co., Supplies ............... .. ... .Ten kins Ferp;enuinn' Co.,"sii'ii" piles ............... sn R1 \'. A WlnkPl. Office Kxp" .'.'.'.' 44 SO Ailviince PubllshiiiB Co., Printing .................... Bancroft Resistor. Printing .. "85 Oit Parawax Co., Supplies ...... s 84 Clnrpuro Fraser, Supplies H. L. Turner. Labor ... S S4 !) 00 2« 70 -- ....... rner, Labor ........ Chns. Morris, Comm. and Scossion .................. log JQ F. Win Baiim, Comm arid Session .......... -ino n«> •Toe Uamus. Bty. ...... Job Poster Fiirnrture Co, Snppl'les 503 47 ^ntloual Rc'employment Serv Office Rxp .... 7. 4*r Clork of District Court, Office Munson. Labor .' ic "rtrtTi/iM T—l »••••••• J.O C - • - — — •»««*» § jj u LM H Cooper, Labor K. I Fisher, Labor 30 00 IS 75 10 80 er, aor .... Q Labor ........ V. .V.V. « C. H Stein berRcr, "Labor Chas Harris, Labor Wm. Hedrick, Lnbor'.'.'.' Kossuth Motor Co., Sup'pVi" DiitPh a,,™,. Servlce : gfPP!! ' nd Tile L«inbcr"co.',"su'p'- Arthur Pein-Vo'nV'Suppiles'V.V I'IC C1 "- >vro 'et Co, Sup" 45 (X) 24 30 30 00 33 00 211 *™ 22 98 18 30 ijnbor Hod rick, Hogs Killed « T . - ......... .Tames Kelso, Lnbor c. Thin, 3 ° 00 M U. Thill, Lnbor go5 '^' r ""Minna, Sheep Killed 80 ii !SlinnlIOH -_ r. T^ /-*_.__ .. • wu *-*-i J *viiiuu . 4U in 20 00 2T i 00 00 40 00 POOH FDND Dist. No 1 Jnnse, Mod •ntheran 21 80 i 30 0 00 10 00 w.reaH^t^'iTDJMT r'jiih-s ^Ti^i? HH work could be done with, 'ivIiiK to the District, ' Therefore now be ft rei ie Board of Supervisors ol „ punty Iowa that tlio report S Chubb be approved W. W McDonald, M S Klnsey, JOINT DltAI.VAdi; ni!iT«l JIANCOCK-KOMHI.-ril JT. XO Hoard of Supervisors ol R County and Hancock County i *°,1? °", I' ur «""nt to call o( li with thu following mcmycrs n Kossuth County; McDonald,' CosBrove, and Praser. B County: Eckels, Grelraan an IIIR. Absent, liiiiiin Kossutb ( Boards oi'Kaiilzed by electl t'lniiriiiiiu and Klnsey ill rotary. f The ininiitos of the last Jolntl '•- - II. K. KoHII r^KuS'-'"-- ?s a Mp-^ »-•• ^c_eycard y co.sun^ • ^^^^J^S^ » gg read. " "; M Patterson, Sheep Killed 10 00 ' i, Mo , tlon , •••> William Porter, Sheen Klllnrt in nn I M <"'rl« that the Mrs Ida Ukcnn. Chickens K\\* - 1 - 0 " 11 Boanl " lcel (T7 00 \v TI ••*•••••••»•• 4 00 i 00 50 W H noldi'n s ', Ihee^ Killed " 1§ oS i "" ifotlon ^ Kckel9 «d 2nd « ^0 llnymond Anderson, Geese Kill pove that the Joint Board! 500 cd "-ui.eseis.Hl- to cull of Auditor's, there I " S9 lYm. K Broesder "s'lm^'V.-ni.Vi c 0 ^ rurtUor business at this time Hospital, Hospi'cdre Hospital. Hosn Caro taurant, Pror. ....... "' 2 ' minutes ol tb" x tln ff »" ""'« No. 2-;tG Ije approved us read, IIC es BlustromV,' 'Supplies' ".''. ....... 1 ?« S Norton Machine Shop, sip.'" plies . . ' '' Coop. plies Clapps Sorvioe, Labor"! ".'.'I.'; georce Vionzbn1ie?. 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Supplies '.'.'.'" o3T ' S 10 1 78 1 °? 7 4f in o: 20 83 28-J 8 8 OS 34 2n 0 nf 10 7!i 41 01 31 20 20 Cl 1 28 1 02 3 00 40 27 no oo 17 74 23 fio R5 22 37 7fi 9 18 17 79 70 20 774 37 517 29 -T .. ...... ««•«»,, i»\/T \nlUrons Groc, Prov ' rnst, Prov. Brocs(1 °r Sheep KiJlMl , rov. ' r eep KiJll U W Geelan, Prov. ...'.'I;;;;; g, 1 }? Clar , cneo Bunkofske, Sheep Kill- 800 All. Ben . j.u uu ivlnsoy, Secretary. there Wfl time. P. Orolman, Chalraani| C 1 ra rl . but KX shopper and quick to "snap up" a bargain > • vou sav P i BAR GAIN OFFERS without her years of ex- and a full year of ou m ° nCy ''' y ° U get a swe11 sel e«i°n of magazines readers ... no ^on^r^^^'' That>s what we cal1 a "break" for you no wonder grandma says-_''YOU'VE GOT SOMETHING' -1 FULL YEAR...AND IN THIS LIST AND RETURN WITH COUPON) 1 yr. DHorae Friend 1 yr. •I yr- DHome Arts Needlecrafc 1 yr. '/„!• ^Household Magazine 1 yr. f £' DLcghorn World ___! yr. * f f * n\r i >_ VT •.• •« « OFFER , WCK AHY 3 MAGAZINES -..- - luosclay. Mrs. Will Larson and nlake the trip in 32 hours, flaiifrhtor Janice. Britt. ni«,, .,,„ ~ —• II fOl T NTY .HI T TI'\L \N('i: ASSOCIATION »!!!.imo.0im worth of insurance ID forvn A home company. Safe, se -ure D. D. Paxsou. Secretar> SHOE REPAIRIING lended. r anlcc, Britt, also at- Mrs. Shiplcr lias Oporatioii— Mrs. Klla Shiplcr was taken to an Algona hospital Saturday nisht where she submitted to an operation for ruptured nnnonHiv LEGAL PiOTICES i. .M. iilniiPlmril, Supplies ... I ^'""'jPKOii^Yiirils Inc., Supplies * ' ' ™ ' " Supplies , _ ,,, ,. SunnllcH _,, , lu , T. \\. HiniDson. Rlitht-of-Way 2700 ^iiciir mid McVny. Oriidlntr ... «(« fiO 'Thompson Ynrds Inc.. Supolies 104 35 .le piles •"t-i'i-n Supplies \ . ' m V "W Telc ' Co 170 01 52 38 IUINGE SIIOK SHOP Slnies Shined und Iff paired. j ow iOSSPTH rOnifT Weekly Newspaper Pounded t '9<>1 Entered as Second - Olae Matter December 31, 1908, at tb p "«foffice at Algona. Iowa, Unde 'he Act of March 2. 1879* Geo. Patterson went to Chicago with a load of sheep and one of cattle last Saturday. Other Burt News. ™ e J- G- McDonalds and Mrs. December' Maude Hanna and ••— ™-- - ^temDer, wei-e Christmas the R. F. Elvidge i .. n , --- --.wjy* "i'v-i fcj i • ». j . i ui ic.v. unuur ......... 43 (Ml described below Is taxed, and I, r , w Post ' Preieht .. ........ ffla 28 H ' l a HATTIE PRICE. "now"in po's-1 {'j 11 V PoTt^Frl^ Serv ' session and occupancy of the f ol- Oon P kyors. Labor lowing described property: I n '!. 1 !"l n . y Express Agency, Ex- on first day of •liwpotprn Bell Tele Co Tele. Serv. J? III Labor .......... 30 ......... o B&o Lnb °T r * •"""" ^ ' bor ....... i 10 HOUSEHOLD FARM, l JOUIUUOL 1 American p aB feed er' s c£ UB ade & Ledgcr.. . Home -- - — 2 yr>' u ' ome Life- lyr. nGe«lew U o rnal w- ~-~2 X«. ^Pathfinder (Wkly.)_.26 issues DGMd1 sTorie 8 " Mosazine -» yr. DRhodelsland Red Journal-1 yr. DHome Circle ' ~ l yr - ^^y mouttt Rock Montlily_l yr. QCapper's FarmTr } yr- ^Successful Farming 1 yr. ' "• DWoman s World 1 yr. Vr.V" 8 ," 0 ^- '-'ibor on 1 Wlllnrd. Labor JB ,. Oro CcniPnt 1 nnrl IMln f« *** 17 as R ",'He 8Is !". nd . Lui b""Oo.V Sip- rue r »"ir^ri Hr'~isa tK'^S^EE II ^^S^ JSJ^s-s ™:°»™^: t °^, SSr«?':^ «bsk'»-,;: ; -,, _ O afternoon and stayed over Sunday ,XTT,,/ Nor theast Quarter (NE%) of Block Twenty-one (21) of the Original Plat of r.H Bu.cVTabo 1 ;^?!.:":::;; "8$ ft?, g5^ *?*& !^r^,^(r r U 0 r )or ..:::: Sffi S&S-^ tt J"." 1 ,?".^:. Lon «- .Labor (12 40 | Obaa K 88 2S H. Monte'ompry. Patrol "" Patrol .. i. Issued to the said W. C. Danson by w?^ 0 ® A Ba SJ ll i. Lab ,S r • « fi ° I nrT" No 24' - the County Treasurer or Kossuth -l!Tv^VntrS 1 '' 01 "" 22 « SSS'"?"* ^ rober c '- 8 W;> county, Iowa, pursuant to said I' »a§ i MI«IA» WV..H «-*.-. »»• 5 7 1 0 7 0 18 (1. 3 00 160 n oo 800 8 10 1080 1 U mu.ru. yearns, Wyandotte, Mich vear iqas tn w n rC. ^ "iiei, nnnprfti>M Pat ch^i da ^t a h ftehr , *SS? r r> ?^^SJ^S^^\^.^^^£^ : vuiwimas witn nis niatoi- •***„ i ^ ^- ^ ., — _ _ - '^inrence Baum Labor wtihui. 4. HHnhpr p n , OScreen Book DTrue Confess ALL 4 ONLY -1 FULL YEAR AND 4 MAGAZINES -Select 2 , GROUP B-Se/ect 2 nAmerican Fruit Grower ... 1 yr. D American Poultry Journal.. 1 yr. U Breeder's Gazette 1 yr. U Blade & Ledger 1 yr. U Country Home 1 yr. D Capper's Farmer _ 1 yr. uFarm Journal 1 yr. HOME OFFER THIS NEWSPAPER- McCall', M ALL ONLY OGood Stories 1 yr. DHome Arts Needlecrafc 1 yr. OHome Friend 1 yr. DHousehold Magazine 1 yr. DLeghorn World .... 1 yr. UMother's Home Life _ -I yr. nPathfmder (Wkly.) 26 issues u Successful Farming 1 yr. "Poultry Tribune- 1 -yr- lyr. P'eaw clipliit of maftuliiea vfter checking one Fill out coupon carefully. Gentlemen; 1 enclose J — . I am checking bel»* f" offerdsslred with « year's subscription to your paper. DBIG VALUE OFFER QTHE QUALITY OFFI* DTHE HOME OFFER p-JTHB STORY OFFER

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