The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1897 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, December 1, 1897
Page 2
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WANTS LARGE APPROPRIATION Hl * «U»port A«k* It. DBS MOIRES, Not-. 26.— Fislt Commis- tioner Delavan has filed his with Governor Drake, explains the need of a appropriation for carrying on work of the department, and gives fibres showing how meagre is the sum appropriated *y Iowa, vrhen compared with the large BUMS expended by neighboring states. He asks lor an appropriation of 810.000, of which •5 000 is wanted for gathcrins fish at Sabnla and restocking the rivers and lakes of the state. 8500 for the improvement of tbe fish ponds at Sabula, SCOO for an assistant s salary, $10 000 for the protection, distribution JHS "««» niSS MOIKKS: AMONA, ILL OVER THE mm DECEMBER L M* HORRIBLE ACCIDENT, Atn t,tt*i*ny tot* tint tut a 8i«*"« WERE A FtGHT. rr Trsnrh 27.—A Serious if: 'not fatal accident occurred at Glidden. Edward Cuthbertson, oldest son ol P. CuthbertsoD, while feeding * c 01 " 0 crusher on his father's farm, in some way caught his arm in the ernsber and before the machine ccrald Irs stopped his arm had been ground through the powerful rollers to the shoulder and completely torn from the body. The large muscles of the shoulder, back and side were also torn or crushed off along with the arm. Tbe shoulder blade was so badly broken that only small pieces of it could be found. "After pulling him as Jar intc the machine as possible, tbe dividing bar caught Into just below the ear and cut a gash in his nock about three inches deep and lour inches long. The crusbinsr of the large arteries of MOKE THAN 6.OOO -*• DROWN. *«« *" t>r*tmy Island*. FRA.KC18CO. Jsov. 20.—The typhoon which swept over the Philippine islands on October 0 was the cause of one of the worst disasters that has been reported from ths southern ocean in many years, if not in the history of that section of the world. Thousands of lives were lost. including many Europeans, and the damage to property was something appalling. Telegraphic advices CHINA ASKS FOR HELP. Ht,«<l* WHAT CONGRESS WILL bo. Burrow* j7.—The rumor has •S^p. Uritish colonial office that th«r fc«* !*«• * collision be'.wfcn RrU:^ and TYMich forces at 25J1W. **«h * ***» te l "' arC beCD , the F-wn-n. Officials of pffi^., hwfrrr. regard the r-svv : ,jr.r>T-<vhsVr:e, as- they "iWhish"rt»>Hv in H inter- J n timbers. «•• roiri anv I have hart rtrw-, or."-;-!- "• «-«»« •*"with tV-r French. Tt is alFO forces have ic in confiict forces has captured VT the eolonisi report n? *». explain, O> prr ir , very ^J^V^UVrv f w- —— •— IT - ^ and reproduction of fish during ^' 1C i thelieck an a arm are probably all that coming two years, and SOOO for tne j ^^ ^.^ frcim Meeding to death protection of game and the W™°™ \ Before medical aid could be procured. accounts he was still alive, was necessary to aro- „,-,-_ | pntate almost all of one side of the and fines aggregating §0.458 have been ^^ ^ ^ ^ the broken boncs an a prOWsvi-* 1 -'" '-** fc.«**-~ * of deputies. Commissioner Delavan ^ ^ ^ reports that during the biennial period over 500 poachers have been arrested I While \ thc'occnraVr of tho reported conflict is doubted, the papers point out tin: imminent dansrer resulting from the pro-amity of the two forces in the contested territory. In fact, the conflict has- been anticipated for sometime. Both countries hare been hur- r-'n"- trow to the dispute.! territory. fhis B troub'lei.* of about thirty years- collected and turned over to the school ; ^^ muscle8 — * counties. He fact that the funds of the different counties. He <:alls attention to the tines collected by the department have aggregated 54.58 more than the entire wim paid by the state during the two years for 'the maintenance of the department^ . COLLINS FIRESWEPT. A JM*» of S50.000 Visited fpoo Her Merchant*. COM.ISB. Nov. 20.—Flames destroyed ¥50,000 worth of property and swept away half the business houses of Collins." The fire was first discovered at the implement store of John B. Jones and was then burning furiously. The entire sbed, sixty feet in length, was in flames. The lire swept north from here and consumed the entire lumber yard of Jones & Alison. Fish's meat market. Deters restaurant, Bothera s wagon shop, n vacant building belonging to John Thompson, Crosby's blacksmith shop, AppeJl's jewelry store and Angelo's furniture store were destroyed in turn. The contents of some of them were saved, but the loss falls heavily on most of those mentioned. East of where the fire originated corn cribs containing l.OOo bushels of corn, held for two years by Frank Day, total Joss. A BOLD nOBBERY. TO BE TRIED IN STATE COURT. Tile From Council Mt. Caruuel Merchant Held Up and Bobbed of S5OO in Cash. CABUOW., Nov. 20.—A cool robbery was committed at Mt. Carmel. A stranger entered the store of George Pappe and asked for a plug of tobacco, tendering in payment a 820 bill. When the clerk handed him the change he thrust a revolver in his face and demanded the contents of the till, which was handed to him, amounting to §500 cash, besides several checks for amounts. The stranger quietly took his dep^tu£e_and_no_ciue is left. JUDITH JORCENSON- S.I 25.OOO FJre Case IIlufT* Keinauded. DruuocE, Nov. L'g.— Judge Shiras. ol the federal court, sustained a motion to remand the case of Deere, Wells & Co. vs. the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad company and Section Foreman Peterson to the state court About a year ago Peterson started a fire along the right of way at Council Bluffs, and, getting beyond his control, the fire destroyed property to the amount of 8125,000. The petition charges that Ihe section foreman was engaged in the discharge of a duty for the company and was negligent. The judge says a corporation acts through its agents, and the negligence of its agent while acting for the corporation is the negligence of the corporation. The question whether the foreman was negligent will be decided by the court which tries the cat.c ou its merits. _ ____ _ . Boy Hunter Shot to Doath. CEDAK FALLS, Nov. :."J.— Roy Chap pie, while returning from hunting was shot through the abdomen by an accidental discharge of a shotgun which he was removing from the wagon. As a result of the wound ho died. He was 21 years of ajfe and resided near New Hartford. underslDon been iuf-iroc'ttvi rot «"•• i with the Urilish. The ISriti^i cerningtbe calamity have been very > - n B -, n . er i atl p.. it if farther stated, are meager. Tbe steamer Gaelic from the ; \ >K - m( . -einforer'i « orient brought letters and papers which contain accounts ol the ravages of the tidal wave an.l the winds. Several of the towns were swept ami blown away. Fully 400 Europeans were drowned, and it is estimated that 0,000 natives perished. l'l" lC hurricane struck the island at thf bay of Santa Paula, in the province of Samar. It devastated the entire southern portion of the island and cut off communication with the rest of the world for two days. On thr j 37th the hurricane rcnchcd Leyte and j st.ruch the capital of Tacloban with j •\YAMUNf.HiN. great fury. In loss than half sin hour j Secretary Vanderlip the to-.vnxv.aK a mass of ruins, and 400 j ; s ] JDOW n as a pay warrant, oi the natives were buried beneath the debris of the wrecked buildings. One hundred anil twenty-six corpses of Europeans were recovered from tho ruins. lleporls from the southern coast were received which claimed ACTUAL PAYMENT IS BEGUN. MilU»n IJoltam On Hie Cnlon I'a<-itir 1'crrbase. >"ov. -S.—-Assistant las i-igued what directing thTtreasimT of the United States to deposit in the treasury the sum of j S1S.194.01S. representing the proceeds of the sale of the Union Pacific sink- in"- fund bonds and the invested cash in'tl-at fund which have been trans- OuKt Promontory. TfARHiSGTOS, Nov. 24.—China onpealed to Russia to oust Germany from her territory. According to information which has reached "Washington this is the development of the occupation by a German force of a portion of the Shantung peninsula. I- i* hoped by the Chinese that the influence" exerted by Russia which prevented the rehabilitation of the Turkish navy, will be exercised upon Germany with equal success in the matter of her withdrawal from the territory of their government. ' BEHUS. Xov. SO.—Prince Henry is ' to take command of the second Gcr- I man squadron, consisting of the | Kaiserin Augusta, the Devtcbcland nnd the Gefion, which will probably start for Kiao-Chau bay about December 10 next. Admiral Von Diedcrich will still command the combined squadrons. It is thought that the government is determined to retain possession of Kiao-Chau bay as a guarantee against the recurrence of "' tacks upon German missionaries. Nor 27.—A dispatch to the it is Talk Times from Hong Kong says reported there from Canton that the viceroy of the province ofQuang Tong. with the Chinese admiral and general, is preparing defenses and river forts on'thc Canton river as the result o| "telegrams received from the north." URGES MORE SOLDIERS. that a score ot small trading- vessels { fcrrut j u> the treasury as part pay- and two Sydney traders were blown roellt O f t] )C settlement of the reorgan- ashore and the cre'.vs drowned. The sea at Samoa swept inland nearly a mile destroying property valued at several million dollars and causing wholesale deaths among the natives. MAY WANT AN ARMOR PLANT. in Hunt I!»ds ratalJy. -, Nov. 29.—Frank Riffle, aged 23, went hunting south of the city. By some means, while trying- to dis- Jodge a rabbit from a brush heap, his gun" slipped and both barrels were discharged in his side, causing almost instant death. Ti*ut ot !««-»•» Most I'opulur Writer. | DKK Moisw, Nov. 23. The Des Moiues Daily News follows up its reduction to 51 a year with the announcement that Mrs. Ella Hamilton DurJey (Judith Jorgenson) will continue her popultr "Around ^the JSvenipg T/amp" papers in the News dnrinff JS98. Mrs. Durley is unquestionably the most popular lady writer f .n the Iowa press. Tlie News has on the Iowa presi numerous other attractions on its jjrogram for the n«xt^ yea_iv__ CHILD BURNED TO DEATH. Mother r.eav«w Her Two Children Alone in Hi" House. Nov. 20.—Mrs. F. Xarstraiv left her 4-year-old daughter, Agnes, and a younger child at home alone for a few'minutes. When she returned she found the bouse full of smoke and and heard feeble cries. Hushing in, Bl»e rescued the baby, severely burned, and came back again to find the other child had been burned to death. The dead child's clothing caught while she was tryingjt.o2i£[itjijirejn_tlie stove. Detective* After Him. I)KB MOINKB, Nov. 27.-Oeorge F. fimUh lius not yet been found by his relatives. His sjeter, Mrs. Mary Cutler, hue Bturtcd detectives to looking for him, Tho young man disappeared on the 83d when lie wins' to have be«n inarrlod to Mis* Mary Sullivan. Miss- Hnlllvan B»,V» she knows why he went off and declares l^>^lL!!?- t ~ irn sa ' c ^ r ' Koune Youtli's Narrow Kscape. BOOSK, Nov. 27.—De Witt Framptoii, u young man near Boone, placed a cartridge shell full of lead in tne fire to melt and while watching it the shell exploded, filling his face with molten lead, nearly destroying his <-yes. Hoy Blew His Head Off. NKW LOMJON, Nov. 27.—Dan Tea gin; aged 17, who lives' two miles from Lowell, was iu the. act of putting away a shotgun when it exploded, the load striking him iu the jaw and blowing his head oft'. IOWA CONDENSED. N-asbusi, N. J., dispatch: The Nashu: stockholders of the Sioux City Stocl Yards Bank, of Sioux City, have beei notified by the receiver that the assessment'made to liquidate the debt o£ tho institution bus been reduced from 75 to .10 per ceni. Tho stockholders are directed to pay the assess ruc-nt ou or before December !>, or sui will be instituted agfiinst thorn t Vlans for a »3,OWO,OOO One Are I'repared for CoiiK r «' s(! ' WA8JUNGTOX, Nov. 20.—The special naval board appointed to examine into the cost of armor malting will present to congress details of a plant which it has designed. .It will cost more than S3.000,000, and will have a capacity of 0,000 tons of armor per annum, which is about the combined capacity of the two armor plates now supplying the navy. The processes of manufacture will include the very latest developments in the art of metallurgy. The plans are said to be perfect, in every detail, having been drawn under one of the leading experts of the country. The board has prepared the form of advertisement call in erecting this plant. will soon issue the advertisement, anil it is hoped that within three months at the latest congress will have before full information as to the cost of an •mor plant us well as offers from tf plants to hell out to the overnment. SEALING izatiou committee ol the Union Pacific road. This operation is bnt a book transaction in the treasury, aud I while it- does not of itself re| suit in formally tal;in<r up the amount j as a treasury receipt, it is an import- j :mt step winch leads to placing the j sum in the treasury cash, where it is beyond recall and cannot, be withdrawn, except iu consequence of an appropriation made by law. The full tra'nssicliou will not appear in the^ statement oi treasury receipts until the close of the presept_mouth. j Illinois Coal Strike Ended. CIIK.-AGO. Nov. 'J7.—Twelve thousand I miners have p-one back to work in i Coal City, Braidwood, Carbon Hill, ' Spring Valley, Lodi. Seatonville, La- Sal le. One thousand mpn remain out at Streator. A settlement there is expected within a week. Victory is with the miners. Their chief demand was for a "mine run' 1 price, that is. a the coal comes from rate per ton as ANADA WON'T STOP Woy J)rpwn«<l »t 8loM» Sioux JUl'HiS, Nov. 30.--Frunk, tho jtj.year-old son of B. Shorley, pro- prletov ot the billiard Jmll, was Jlrownud while sktvting. The body wa» recovered about an hour later by Vlje us<s of hooks- ....__ AitiQurruutfli to Mo Cmttodlan. PK8 MoiNKe, Nov. 20.-Govtirnor-ele.ct Shaw lins appointed. Colonel Joseph T). McUarranigh. oi Pas Molnes, custodian of the state capitol building succeeding the inuugural ol Mr. Jwwryi*^ an ° bhaw ou Flro ut JCIUton. AVK, Nov. 84.— The little city of Su the uoi-thonbt part of Ring' cold county, was visited by » «15,000 The tire btavted in the drug store of A. C. A»-w»ttage, about midnight, soo tt spread over the entire bus , povtioa. recover the amount. Stock aggrt gating whout $00,000 is held in Nashua. & Charles Lucas, of DCS Moiues, agei IS or 10 yearn, was shot an Instantly killed by Officer Donahue Luoas was ciiught in tho act of burj. larixing » saloon at Bast First an Locust streets and was arrested by th police officer. He attempted to escup from tho policeman and struck t) officer's gun » blow with the of knocking it out of his hand. Ti gun was discharged and the bull passed inl" Lucas's brain, killing hi instantly, At VinUm recently the jury in the case of Frank Novak, charged with the murder of Edward Murray, at Wai ford, returned the verdict oi guilty of murder in tho second degree, uud recommended that his punishment bo fixed at ten years of Imprisonment tit hard labor in the penitentiary. Frank Novak received the verdict without emotion and said: "I will have to stund it, but 1 am mnoermt, of the things charged ugainst me." At- toniey Miluer stated that the ease would be appealed to the supremo court, stating that tho record was full of errors, The uncovering of a human sic till in the lot owned by Tiitrick Grew, at Dubuquo has hoen followed by tho disintormont of a number of skeletons. How they cuaio there is a mystery. The premises hi muny p» to Abandon 1'claglo ScuIiiiK for j« Yoar, ««t 1'ropoBCK Alti:rn:itlve. OTTAWA, Ont,. Nov. 20.—A reply has eeu prepared by the Dominion gov- rnment and forwarded to Washington ri respect to the negotiations which re now going on between tho. two ountries. The government will not ay what the reply is until it reaches VtiShiugton, out it is understood that t is a refusal to stop pelagic sealing or a year, as the United States re- lucsted. The whole question depended on this, and therefore it would appear that the negotiations are to fail u their object. However, there is a report that the Canadian government las proposed an alternative proposition for the consideration of the United States, which should be laid before congress ivt. its next sitting and passed in time to deal with pelagic sealing and the questions under dispute next season. for bids for | t)je minc> llnscre ene(l. This has been Secretary Long | concedert in BOme places. Where the j rate remains fixed on the price p3r net j ton of screened coal a substantial j advance has been won. The increase ! in wages is 10 cents a ton over the scale made hist May. The strike had been on since lust July. The 30,000 miners of Illinois refused to ratify the terms of the agreement made at Columbus. Turkey J'ac-llU-s Austria. VIENNA, Nov. L'7.—Dispatches from Mcrsina, Asia Minor, announce that, :is a resultof the decision of the Turkish jrovernment to grant the demands of Austria, for redress in consequence of the ill treatment of llcrr General Mil»« IN'«-oini«end« Enlargement of the Army. A Washington dispatch says: Heuenii Nelson A. Hililes wants Uncle Sam to hurry up in petting ready for war and thereby avoid it. He asks congress for more than Sir.,000,000 for coast defense work next year, lie also wants two more regiments of artillery properly to man the harbor fortifications already constructed. He urges the addition of at least 10.000 men to the strength of the array aud he would give tho president power to ncrease the standing army to 70.000. He asks for five more regiments of nfantry at once, and would send men to Alaska to occupy three new forts. These are among the recommendations in the report of General Miles tc General Ttiissell A. Altrer. secretary ol war. The. secretary heartily favors the plan to add two regiments to the artillery service and thinks troops ought to be sent to Alaska, to maintain law and order. General Miles' recommendation of 815.000,000 for coast defenses is significant in tlie 1! g ht of tbc fact that the government has appropriated 520,000,000 for such fortifications during the last ten years. From an average of 52,000,000 a year to 815,000,000 is a big bound. ThlnltB Motley Se«8lon lit Washington dispatch: Senator few rows, of Michigan, .expresses tbo opinion that .tlmre will be a protra$t*it discussion of the currency question during the approaching session « congress and that in all probability congress will be in session fcntil August. "In addition to the rontin* business of congress, appropriations, etc.," he said, ''the Hawaiian question will be disposed of and consideration will be given to the currency question, J immigration and a few other things! As to the Cuban question tnesilnatio& is very peculiar. There appears to be n great deal of confusion with relation to the disposition of new policy hv Spain and I don't think congress ought to act until an opportunity has been had to determine what will ^ the result from Blanco's undertaking 1 . I think," he added, "that the most perplexing thing that confronts us is how to handle the currency question. Jt is obvious that this question is going to come up for discussion, and it is equally obvious that it will lead to a protracted debate. 1 am veryun- | certain what it will result in." It«volt- in Turkry. VIKXXA. Nov. !.'C.—A Belgrade dispatch announces that 5,000 Albanians, belonging to the district of Ipck and Diakova. are in open revolt against Turkev. A fight occurred between the Ottoman troops, dispatched to Vjskub from Salonica and Monastir, nnd Albanians. I'.oth sides lost heavilv. Large bodies of Bulgarian and Servian troops have been ordered to proceed to the disaffected district. PEACE OFFERS SIGNED. JJrasi.'ifoil •and the subsequent insults complained of hy the Austrian consul, the ling of Austria. WHS duly saluted Jit, Meisina by tho Turkish puns, with all the cere-n'onial demanded by tho government ot Austria. BREVITIES. . e by weru occupied by disreputable clmractere aiul there is ;v belief thtit the remains arc those of victims ol foul play. Others incline to the »»p- positipu' that it was at QUO time u private graveyard. There 5* much excitement over the matter uud the coroner is Iwsy iDWRtUratlair it. w»e PLEASE KEEP STILL. That l» Hi" Way MoKlnloy Will Speak H«|»'arclln(,' Cuba. WASKI.NOTON, Nov. SO.— -It is understood the president in his message will suggest to congress that it would be iniuivisablf. at present to take any action that would complicate, the Cuban situation. ] t, is said that he will Mig- gest, the passage of resolutions recognizing belligerency or independence would we inexpedient while measures of reform proposed by Spain, aud to be carried out by General Blanco, are being introduced. The release of the Competitor cr«w and other American prisoners will be referred to us gratifying and ns relieving the United Suites from the nt'cesbity of intervention for tli*i protection of American life and properly. _ __ )'i>wer» At«*r T»rk«y AK-**»- JloMK, Nov. :i«.— The report .is con- , firmed that the powers have decided ! to bloclywle Constantinople in case Turkey refuses to withdraw her troops from Crete uud to accept an European •rovcrnor oj^ tliw island. __ C A brawny blacksmith from Vulture, Arizona, ate an immense breakfast in 11 hotel at "Wioenlx. It consisted chiefly of thirty-five eggs, cooked in various ways, and cost him $3. Convicts in tho penitentiary at Boise, Idaho, are permitted to play baseball on' .Saturday tttternoons. They have organised two teams, aud their playing is eopsidered quite clover. It is stated that the will of the late Henry George leaves his entire estate, consisting of the home sit Fort Hamilton, worth about §8,000, •and the copyright of his books, to his widow. General Pando, according u> an of- cial announcement, left Havana recently to take charge of a campaign against the insurgents. Hut, it is suited ou the best authority that instead of going out to fight the rebels, he is commissioned by Marshal Klanco to enter into communication with the leaders with u view ot arranging for peace. The-. Turkish government, says a dispatch, announces the postpone, nient until spring of its naval reorganization plans. This undonbtededly is due to the representations of Russia to th» effect that the arrears in the Turkish Russian war indemnity uro still due and that if Turkey resists in the reconstruction of her navy Russia, will insist upon payment, of the iirruurs. The steamer Saratoga, from vana, having on board tho released members of the Competitor filibuster- expedition'arrived in New York few days ugo. Tho men' are Win. Three Cnlian l>e<-reex CIvcn Formul ID- dors«'iuent on IH-lmlf of Spain. MAIJIUII, Xov. :.'8.—Two of the three decrees relating to Cuba have bnen signed by the queen regent and published in the Official Gaceta. The first establishes colonial residents iu the two Antilles upon exactly the saice footing as on the peninsula. The second extends the electoral law of .Tune. 1&00, with certain mortifications necessitated by the circumstances, to tin- islands of Cuba and Porto llico. The third decree, dealing with the. question oi political and commercial autonomy, has been signed but not yet niiido public. Its provisions, however, have been ascertained. The government oi the colonies will be in the hands of rt parliament, consisting of two chain* hers, the supreme authority being exercised by the governor general, in the iiainft of the mother country, of which Ins is the representative. The senate will be formed of thirty-five members, eighteen elective and seventeen appointed for life by the governor general, in the name of tiie king. The chamber of representives will be composed of one deputy for 'every 35,000 inhabitants. LITERARY NOTES. Few people are able to buy as many books as they would like, yet it is possible without them to keep in touch with all the leaders of literature, as we'll as to follow the world's progress in every department of science and industry. The Youth's Companion already provides the means for more than half a. million households—at an expense to each of Sl.Tflayear. Hvcry issue of the Companion gives as mncli reading matter as a Itimo'book of 175 pages, and the Companion comesevery week. The quality of its contents is .shown by the announcement for 1898, which "promises contributions ne.-t year from the lit. Hon. W. T. Gladstone, RudysirdKiplinir, Speaker Reed, Capt.. A. T" Mahan, Mary E. Wilkins. AY. T). Howells, Lieutenant Peary, the jMarquis of Duft'erin, Senator Hoar, .lustin McCarthy and more than two hundred other eminent men and women. The Christmas La dies' Home Journal tells how the German emperor, with the empress and the royal family, spend Christmas Day with their children. The article is written by Mr. Nagel Von Urawe, an attache of the court, who was permitted to be present at the celebration last Christmas in order to write this article. The pictures were made ''on the spot," and approved by the emperor. In the Midland Monthly for December the "Life of Grant" .describes the th-.varied conspiracy to take Missouri, out of the Union. In January will begin the story of Grant's eampuifrnm | the west, bringing it down to where ^ Gen Porter's book boffins. Col. F. B. Grant iu n letter to the editor pronounces the Midland life of his father :.s "intenselv interesting^ and''valu- able," and the -'most accurate that has yet, appeared. The apparatus and methods used in the production of animated plioto- graphs. in the cinematograph, too- granh, etc.. will be fully described and ; pictured hy J. Miller .Uarr, in Appleton's Popular Science Monthly for December. •; John M nir will contribute to early, numbers of the Atlantic Monthly a series of articles which are likely to- become the classic descriptions, ot, llrst. the. great, government reservation; second, the Yellowstone parUi third, the Yosemite park, aud fourtn,.., the Sequoia, parks. j REPORT, i close -: IOWA PATENT OFFICE DBS MOISKR. Nov. -'7.—At the PARAGUAY DEFIES BOLIVIA. were rt-.uu* Its ring Ou tho Disputed Malilu NURI'O Country. BVJKNOS AVKKSS, Nov. IJ7. — The correspondent in Asuncion, Paraguay, advises that Colonel Horomoso has planted the Paraguayan flag in Uahia Negro territory, which is in dispute with Holivia. Two forts, iirmed by IJOO men and two batteries, have been erected to hold the territory. Advice: from the correspondent iu Montevideo, Uruguay, state that Senor Julio Her- J5a " rera has requested the police to guard him. fearing that his political enemies arc at work to murder him. inn u outho suow un4 the Vy mountain clirobers, e eo brittle that carefully handled. vr»rowr Captain Alfredo Livbordc, Win. IHldea, ; 'Ona Melton, Wm. Leavitt, ( and Burnett, an Englishmen. The five men were in fairly good health, dipt. Laborde suffers somewhat from paralysis, which he contracted during his long confinement in the Cabanas fortress. Washington dispatch: Commissioner Foreman, of the internal revenue bureau, received a telegram from Little Hock, Ark., stating that Hevenue Agent Clark had returned with his posse from a raid through Scott and Polk counties, Arkansas, with fourteen prisoners and it quantity of contraband goods. Six illicit stills were destroyed. Some weeks ago three agents of the department ol justice were fcmucl dead ia the Arkansas mountains uod. tho elroupastanceH R eew<i to inOJeute that t&ey were by ipoowshinevs, It.-llftf for guflVrinff HAVANA, Nov. ao.—Marshal lilunco has been authorized by.the government at Madrid to sign n credit for 8100,000 to be devoted to the immediate relief of the suffering peasants who have been gathered in tho vicinity of the towns held by the Spanish troops. The most powerful iniuiosciope over invented has just been perfected by Professor E. L. l-ates, of Washington. I). C. Us nwguifyiug power is 3,000,000 diameters, The steamship Wildcrspool on her wuy to New Youk, struck u northeast foot shark was washed on board by n huge wave. Tho crew had rave sport of business ou the 'Jth 11,10V applications for patents in United States patent omoe a waiting action. Some of tb.e iners were iii arrears nnderonei some between one and two inonins, some between three and four monjns, •. aud some between five and sis inoaio*. Inventors should therefore be patien with their attorneys when reports on the merits of their inventions are noi forwarded to them as early as expeci- A patent lias been allowed to 0, Watkins. of Kldora, assignor to tw Kldora Spring Mfg. Co., for aw?*™ end gate, detach-ably connected witn » wagon box, readily adjusted for use »• a shoveling board, „, A patent has been allowed to 1>. -w wards, of Webster City, for an CUB separator and caudler that can «• placed in a store and eggs packed «»»' oats, chaff, etc.. in bushels empi into the separator and retained tip" wive screen and the packing u ? al " . dropped into a receptacle and the BK* made" transparent hy means of a Jig«», tul lamp under the eggs :iinJ a over them as required to see ""' the eggs arc good or not. Valuable information about - ^ ing, valiiing«ind selling patents t ; free to any adcirnss. THOMAS G. and J. Solicitors of A man in Chesterlown. -»•"•> pair of golden fawn rabbits, wit that measure twi-nty-oue iuuues tip to tip. . A wealthy {rentlem(ui of Lonapn daily whirled around the the "metropolis in a i by,foiuvz0brus. . •. . A pear tree 2.")S yours old l - ••• Allo»j iu slaying the monster. A little electric railway connects the kitchtn and wine cellar of the residence of Dr. Siemens, tho famous Berlin electrician. By pressing a, uut- tou, articles in one apartment wre quickly conveyed to any ef ttte others. the yard of Charles II. Allo» t "Mass. This year it bovo twa of orange pears. To improve her complexion, ludy in Worcester, Uuglandv .the habit 0* eating «bo« caudles every week. They death.

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