Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 29, 1937 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1937
Page 3
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I I J KQgStJTtt BOUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA Weddin JJJ e MjL St - Joseph's Church ouble Christmas Comings and DER SISTERS COME BRIDES FARMYOUTHS , Dec. 28—A wedding of interest in the community c<$ Monday morning at 8 St. Josephls Catholic ^f —^ - W l»rW Goings in Portland Twp. Portland Twp., Dec. 25—Tho Peter Godfredsons were Christmas guests of the Clifford Ringsdorfs. The Mennet Trunkhills were at the parental Tony Jandls. Tho John Trunkhills were at the Fred I nv- renz homo, Burt. The G. 0. Me• A.L btt JUqoHl'i 0 vjtvi-iivtiv/ • - ••" ^-. v. i»i^I when the Phyllis Marie Farlands were guests of the par- r'und Elaine Agnes Studor, ental W. I. McFarlands, Bancroft. •. : U»»" . ,.t_l_—_ A J> tfut ..wtrl 1W»» n *\ rl Hf«~ ^1 II T . Disk 8 Sclirtol KntcrtnlnH— I'upils of D and J^Jtimv -w-6*"-* 3 •^«.««*'*, ~- ••• -*. i*iv>*'tii uiuutt, liiiOv,,uit. o elder daughters of Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Long and the '^tending. Ilf Studer, became the brides Ivan Longs were dinner guests of itlvely of George N. Kelch, of the J. N. Holdings, Hurl, and sup- th and Edward M. Downs, oJ per guests at John Long's Sr. Jv In a double slngHi-rlng • Mrs. Ruth Drayton, her family, lony performed by the Rev.-and the Donald Ringsdorfs were [wneener. guests of the William Ringsdorfs. ••"•••"""•«•••'«. ounui was present ! • o as her bridesmaid The Ted Ringsdorfs, the Wyolt to distribute Rifts, candy, and pop- i, and Mr. Kelch had Stotts, the Ross Aingsdorfs (the (:orn balls ' Tho teacher, Letha Kona, her family, u Pnry Frambach, Messrs. an 1 Mesdames Harold - Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Doro- Stew- -.- . . am Stewart were (it the parental 0. Aclccr- mil" Winche"" wa^"^^' ^"a Christmas party 1 (1S |. Thursday at'- ei '"° r "ii wix neighboring women at Wesley Twenty Years Ago rocoivcd from Nellie M. Stahl, nurse from Burt who had been in France for some time, caring for soldiers. She told of packages received for Thanksgiving dinners and said that Christmas gifts were already coming in for the boys "over there-." She had bought a Liberty bond, and she had seen a number of the first Americans to arrive in France. been Red. Cross auction had netted $G,000. Buffalo meat had brought as high as $9 a pound and was Belling at $2 the second day. A calf had brought $500. Two rag dolls, known as the Red Cross twins, were sold many times. WALTKD « * + * BARR had written about army life at Camp Pike, in pils oi Dial, No. 8 ivuuriainea JUK., wnere ne na tneir parents at a Christmas pro-1 lined for measles. __„ ._. -''am nmrsday afternoon at the I was given a Christmas present by Ark., where he had 'been Each quaran- soldier ,nd Mr. Keicn naa Btous, tne Koss Aingsdorfs (the ™" n mlns ' ' "o teacher, Letha i cousin, Julius latter family of Maplcton, Minn.), Maim, had silhouettes of the 13 pu- Haverly, cousin, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Peterson, Ot- pils ' nml lh e parents took part in laid for Elaine, tosen, and the Gerald Braces, Burt, <l Kucssing contest on identifying Jster 1st man his I Ethel i as bridesmaid -_ . ijulius Seller, brothor-ln-law, ifled Mr. Downs. Gerald Braces, Burt, were at Mrs. Tressie Ringsdorfs, 3d mr. .uuwua. Burt. Mrs. Tressio Ringsdorf is 'two couples took places at the mother of Ted and Mrs. Stolt. IHar, after walking down the! At George Larson's were Mr. laisle of the church to music and Mrs. Sterlin Johnson and Mr. later Gregory at the pipe- and Mrs. Rex Austin, Jewell, and E The brides each wore a the James Shiplers, here. Mrs. tiength white satin gown with ; Johnson and Mrs. Austin arc lyokes, and finger-tip length daughters of the Larsons. Iwere held in placo by halo Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Larson, of Each carried a bridal show- Waterloo, were with Mr. and Mrs. mquet of Johanna Hill roses ! Stanley Keith, parents of Mrs. Lor- White carnations tiod with ] sen, and on Sunday visited the white chiffon ribbons. Be th j George Larsons, parents of Mr. |'«t>uui.LT 1KIU J/Vl 1UUL " Wl*lli^ I1J. Lllti .ClllCglltJUJ U1UU1L papers: Mrs. Wayne Keith, Ray tains where he was living in a McWhorter, anrl Mrs. Martin Beck- tont which had only a flysheet for er. Bingo was nlavnd fnllnwlnp- a door In wint.ert.lmfi. Mrs. Wn.rl«- er. Bingo was played following the program. CCC Youths Ciiiests Here f silver cut-out slippers I Larson. Looma Keith, sistor of IVGT Cul>**UUuulll/l'*'i»3i i J^ivi t^i^ii i jjuumti, j.vv;iuii} n ID^VI \.IL Studer wore a gold-colored, | Mrs. Stanley Larsen, accompanied J-length gown, and both wore •tbs in the hair made of yel- [roses and earned bouquets of Jw and white fiowers. Miss L r 's bouquet was tied with a f ribbon; Miss Haverly's, with | colored ribbon. Each wore colored cut-out slippers. iJlowing Ihe ceremony 'he II party of eight retired to the 6 of the brides' maternal Jdmother, Mrs. Agatha Haver- there a wedding breakfast was fed. Fnoon a wedding dinner was fed at the Studer parental L with covers laid for 40 near lives and friends of bridos and fegrooms. The dining room and s were decorated in colors of , blue, and white, with two Hing cakes, each topped with a lature bridal couple. Wait- BB were Ruth Haverly, Mar- L West, Eva Studer, and Kath- fKelch. loth of the brides and Mr. fns were born and reared in 1 community and received their Jcation in the Wesley schools. iKelch attended the Corwith lols. the Waterloo couple home for a identifying tnom - Three parents had perfect was present the Red Cross. Rifles used in the Spanish-American war had been issued. * * * * ARCHIE BUSHNELL had written to Mrs. J. W. Wadsworth from a camp in the Allegheny moun- * * * * Marion Rlst, Scott Froser, Leon Stock, Kenneth Boevers, Helen Falkenhainer, and Helen Malone. *• * * » THE NEW FIRE truck was put to use a few hours after Its arrival. At the Joel Taylor home sparks set a blaze in the roof. Again, on Christmas eve, it was called to Frank Speicher's. There was little damage from fire at either place. * * * * NEARLY 200 needy families had r Aqmiro n n n , in * +T, NEARLY 200 needy families had Swearifv tanfc h?? « y i' A ** r celved donations from the Com?*!* tC - lty _J^ k .' had res 's. ncd to muni . , b on chrlstmas day . , accept a position as secretary to Gardner Cowles. He was succeeded at the bank by R. S.. Blossom, who had been cashier of the Farm' ers Fen ton .Savings bank. * * * * ALGONA'S new fire truck had been received from the Lu Verne Auto Co., Lu Verne, Minn. It cost In wintertime. Mrs. Wadsworth had sent him a box of "eats" for Christmas. $4250 and was of the latest type. It carried a quarter mile of hoso. A new city ordinance required clearance of the street for a fire. » * * * GRINNELL students from Algona were Melzar Falkenhainer, Earl Momyer, Wendell French, fc ^ * A. A. A. A. A A. -A. A. A. A. -A. A. A. -A. A. A. -A. A *. .*. -. 1 • ' , 9 BLANK NOTES 25— In Pad— 25c — Also — Chattel Mtg. Notes Advance Fab. Co. **A**«*****A«*****« < 4 4 ; 1 •+4 Pre-Inventor Sate High Fashion Crepe-Satin Wool Dresses for Sport- Street—Afternoon Think of it! For as little as $3 you can get a type of dress you need—a knit dress, a wool dress, a crepe dress. These were made to sell at much more. Come, early while selection is good. i^»^v luuiiiN miosiH Jicri.—• * * * * Howard and Clifford Carlson, of MRS. JAMES TAYLOR had sent the Bancroft CCC camp, spent the two packages to soldiers via the week-end at John Koestler's. Lyle',R°d Cross and had received letters Fitch, of a Waterloo CCC camp, i in return from Camp Custer, Mich., visitnfl tho Tloll T^UMirtc lini.rt /ivi^l rtnn frnrn nn nrnhfin hnv. visited the Doll Filches here, and the Edw. Filches, Soxton, over the weok-end. Two Among tlie Siclf— Mrs. D. W. Smith, who has neon few days' stay. Guests at Tony siok £or somo t im °. is somewhat worse. Mrs. E. 0. Mann was sick last week. . Jandl's were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schurg, Mary Jandl, and Matt Sax- renae, all of West Bend. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Peterson were -with their daughters, Mrs. Harold Nelson's and Mrs. Clarence Larson at Waterloo, Mrs. Peterson remaining for another week. Mr. and Mrs. George banning were at the latte-r's brother Guy Smith's Hutriboldt. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clayton had as dinner guests at De Pews, Emmetsburg, and the Ross Claytons, Graettiu- ger. The Henry Smiths wore with Mrs. Smith's mother, Mrs. Ruby Cogdill, Burt, for dinner and spent the afternoon at Ray Smith's Titonka. lone- Godfredson, north of Algona, spent the day with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Cod- fredson. Guests at E. 0. Mann's were Lois Mann, teacher near Fort Dodgo, the Mel Petersons, Fort Dodge, and the William Wognor?, Deuorah. The Clyde Bristows wove at Carl Seip's, near Irvington. Guests at Har- Dell I wedding dance was given by [couples at the Kleinpeter hall iday night for many friends in Ihome communities, and it was lely attended. [r. and Mrs. Kelch will live at I A. A. Studer estate farm, ihwest of town, which is being feted by the bride's parents, who [moving to Wesley. Mr. and j. Downs will live with the legroom's mother, Mrs. Kather[Downs, north of town. . miscellaneous bridal shower j given Thursday, and was' at- [ded by 150 women of the corn- pity, for the brides. Two long lies of gifts were unwrapped J displayed before the group, af- i which lunch was .served. , Lorenz Heard From— the J. F. Lorenzes have re- ived word from their son Joe, ) at present is stationed at San igo, Calif. Lately he returned a 25,000-mile cruise in a Fr al boat to which he 'was as- ped after a furlough at home Jt summer. The trip included a lit to Panama, whence , Christis gifts were'sent to his parents. Blowing two months at San Dili, the ship will go to Alaska. pile, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. jslin, who enlisted at the same |e as Joe did, is on the same T^' ispital Patient Comes Home— pe Mullin, who has returned iim Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge, lere he spent several days for pervations and treatment, is |king recovery at home, follow- J a month of pneumonia. His pther Orrie, of Garbraith, and f. and Mrs. Gordon Carpenter, of jnmetsburg, spent Sunday at the "llin home. i for Charles Crouches— /Fiends here have received cards pm Cuba City, Calif., announcing " birth of an 8-lb. boy to Mr. Mrs. Charles Crouch, formerly £ona. Mrs. Crouch, the former "al Sturdivant, is a daughter of 1 W. W. Sturdivants. who are ' living a t Hubbard. J. H. Zanke's were the Bob vey's, Union township. The Fitches and Victor Fitches were at John Koestler's; the R. S. Mc- Whorters, at the parental Ellis McWhorter's, Algona . D. M. Stewart, son Roscoe, the latter's family, and Edward Stow, art were guests of the Earl Sbip- lers Mrs. Shipler is a daughter of D M. The Frank and Arch Burgers were at Lo Roy Burger's, Burt. Mr and Mrs. W. J. Stewart were guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Primising, of West Bend. At the Sumner Parsons lome were Mrs. Edna Harr, Al- er child, a year old, Betty Ray. Post to Entertain "Aux"— The Legion post will be host to the Auxiliary Tuesday night, January 4. Other Portland. Elda Jandl, student at a Fort Dodge beauty academy, was at liome for n short Christmas vacation. Sunday afternoon she and her sister Lorena, with Virginia and Viola Trenary, were at Bancroft, skating. Chester and Harold Fitch, Sexton, spent Sunday at Dell Fitch's. Kathryn Elvidge, freshman at the Stale Teachers college, is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. lloss Elvidge. Floyd Slott accompanied his brother-in-law, Vernon Peterson, to Ottosen Christmas night for a several days stay, and Mrs. Peterson stayed hero at the Stott home. Mrs. Wyott Stott and Mrs. Thomas Trenary will be among hostesses at a Presbyterian Mite society meeting at Burt this week Wednesday. Christmas morning callers at Jos. Zanke's were Mr. and Mrs. Ward McWhorter, Arkansas. Avery Fitch and Kenneth and Bob Carlson spent Saturday evening at Edw. Fitch's, Sexton. Isabelle Mulligan, of Bancroft, came Sunday for a week with her sister, Mrs. Ted Ringsdorf. Eddie Stewart, senior at the State Teachers college, is spending the holidays at home. Thelma and Calvin Bristow spent Saturday evening at the Al bort Baas home. James Shipler has been sick with a throat infection. one from an orphan boy. * * * * A WAR TAX of ten per cent on the membership fees of all organ- inatioms was being protested by Secretary Van Aukcn, of the Algona Commercial club, an organization not for profit. Congressman Woods had telegraphed an opinion that the tax did not apply in such cases. * * * * AUGUST STROM had written from Denver that oil wells were being drilled on a claim in Wyoming which he owned. The Stroms had then been away from Algona four months and a -brother of August was with him. * * * + JOHN GOEDERS was planning to remodel his building, with full basement, a second story, and finished in trimmings with white cement. The entrance was to face two ways. * * * * DALE, second son of Mr. and died had ftfl.«r WoslftV Utlier wesiey . guegtg •Swan Nelson and his daughter I wltn Hanna were guests Sunday of the parents at Kanawha. The A. M. and L. L. Lease families, with Mrs. Susan Lease, all of Wesley, the Vernon and Wilbur Studers, and the J. W. Walkers, all of Corwith, and the Maurice Stu- ders, Whittemore, were Christmas Mrs. W. E. McDonald, had January 2 of diabetes. He been sick for some time. I * * * * DRUGGIST Tom Waud, of Swea I City, had declined a suggestion that he run for county auditor. He claimed to have one of the best drug stores in the county. * * * * THE DUBUQUE - Chamberlain railway postoffice division had been divided at Algona. The east section was known as the Dubuque-Algona run; the west section, as the Algona-Chamberlam run. * * * * A RED CROSS drive had reached a record of 80 per cent or 18,000 membership in the county. There were 4,000 in Algona; 1900 at Bancroft; 1700 at Titonka; 1040 Lu Verne; 1000 at Whittemore. anolis, and the Dr. Merle Braleys, M>s° Leon Smith, Fort Dodge, and her children were week-end guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Kleinpeter, and her brothers L. H. and Vincent. Mary Sherman returned to her beauty parlor work at Des Moines Monday, after the Christmas weekend here with her parents, Mr. and at Edw j stu der's, Cor- August Engstroms ... Ida Young, Mason City, spent the .Christmas week-end with her parents . . . The Tom Nelsons, of Clear Lake, spent Sunday at Alfred Nelson's ... , Guests Christmas day at the A. E. Giddings home were the sons Rosina Eisenbacher arrived Friday from Fort Atkinson, Wis., for a holiday vacation with the home folks. Linus Eisenbacher, theological student at St Paul, is also spending the holidays at his parental home. Anna Johnson, teacher at Boone, Mrs. Henry Sherman. Guests Christmas day at j\. 11^. vjiuuillb** liuiuu vron- nm U w..~ Anna juillisuii, ueU'Uut/i tit* ijwuim, Gordon and Milton and their fain- j is spending the holidays with her ilies . . . Clinton McEnelly, sec-] sisters> M rs . Silas Skow, Mrs. Herond man at the creamery, spent man Carlson, and Mrs. Fred Ben"- - t tele. Benjamin Josephson, Boone, spent the Christmas week-end here. The Samuel Alnes were Christmas guests at Gerhard Skartland's, near Pilot Grove, Minn. Sunday they drove to Story City, where they spent the day with Mrs. Al- the week-end with his wife at the Jones home, Fertile. Mr and Mrs. John Arndorfer entertained as guests Christmas day their children and the families, including the Lee Goetzes, Wesley, and the Walter Lichters, Algona, and Lorraine Arndorfer, also gona and children at home. Al- The i.—.u s Bells to King— Panns for the approaching mar- ^ge of Marie Arndorfer, St. Ben- "t, to Clarence, son of Mr. and r- August Seimer, Wesley, were polished for the first time at St. "eph's Catholic church Sunday ming. The wedding will take ce at St. Benedict. -i Studers to Town— |The Alf Studers will move next Pek to the acreage in the east jn of town, which they recently phased from C, W. Goslln. The plins have moved to Woden, here Mr. Goslin operates a K. & ' °H station. F P. lorenz Is Improving— ''os. Lorenz and Mr. and Mrs. nk Katchovll, Britt, were Sun- visitors at the J. F. Lorenz pme. Mr. Lorenz is now a'ble to • U ,P. following critical illness for " ' stWvm-ai weeks with artbri- glJI144. t «.**" w*--- — --Leonard Arndorfers were guests at the home of Mrs. Arndorfer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Loebig. Dr. and Mrs. H. R. Raney were Christmas guests of the latter s mother, Mrs. Ann Zittritsch Agona ... Dr. and Mrs. R. K. Richadson were with the latter's parents at Blooming Prairie Minn. Leila Wester, Ames, spent Chiist- mas and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Wester. Elizabeth Hauptmann- has been employed at the J. Decker home, Ma on City, since Thanksgiving week . . The children in the John Mullins family are confined to home with whooping cough . . . Miss Rust, employed at Carl Franzon's, spent Christmas with hei no's people, the L. Seversiekes. Druggist and Mrs. H. J. Braley were guests Christmas day of Mrs, TiHtT Rralev Britt, and other >veie C m.mi.«.~— —--•-guests were Marvel Braley, Minne- Edw. Hauptmann's, florwith. Urban Lick- Elliot Nstmas Baskets presented— m be Legion, ft« Auxiliary, Red Crpss coraWned efforts or to Christmas to fill four gift ees of staple foods, fruita, and Notables presented to ft "'er o| temlUw In Wesley. ant Girl Bight REGUbRR S 5.SO and Perfect Hrch Shoes reduced to Of Suede, \ Combination "V leathers...in A^ all wanted colors!... Rectal and Prostate Diseases Varicose Veins and Rupture The maiority of these conditions can be treated success- without cept for a few visits to my office. You are welcome to come in for examination charges, or write for further information. Office located 3 blocks eouth of Ford Garage in the General Hospital Building. DR. S. W. Meyer, D, O, IOWA * It's the BARGAIN EVENT of the YEAR! Lickteig's were Mr. and Mrs. ^J. B. Mouhe, son John, the John teigs. Ethel Haverly, and Waldschmidt. . The William Wards were Christmas guests of the Clarence Wards. The Charles Froehlichs were at the daughter Mrs. E. M. Huber s, A1 M°ax i ine Wolfe returned to her nursing duties at Carroll Monday, following a visit with her parents, Mr and Mrs. Edw. Wolfe. Mr and Mrs. George Hauptmann were' Christmas week-end guests of the latter's parents, Mr. ana Mrs. Anton Goetz. Margaret Flom, who teaches at Exira is spending her Christmas and New Year's vacation with the home folks here. Mr and Mrs. Joseph Hauptmann ' entertained Christmas day at $0 $/l Regular o to 4 NATIONALLY ADVERTISED Values that will "march right out" at this sales price. Choose from SUEDES and others!. All colors! All heel heights! All sizes but not in every style. ^e EARLY! Kresensky's SHOES HOSIERY DRESSES Forty better dresses, made to sell at $10.95 and more, fine materials, fine detail work. 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