The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 24, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1897
Page 7
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> UPPEK UBS MOMS: ALOONA. IOWA. WEBNE8PAV NOVEMBER 24. 1881 JOKES ON THE TAB^LE. Speaking of the disappearance of game Fogg remarks that even partridges are among the things that whirr. Girl—Mother, there was a mouse in the milk pail. Mother—Well, dldu't you take It out? Girl—No, I threw the cat In. Brown—I thought you were a vegetarian, but I hear you eat mutton. Robinson—I am a bigoted vegetarian. I only eat the moat of such animals as live on vegetable food. l»ntttng tt Wcntty. Barnes—Did you cnll Hunter a lazy donkey? potter—Oh! not so directly ns that. I toVd him it wnsuoarly time lie was Retting into harness. ttailrtm.' Ilconom.v. The Baltimore and Ohio South Western Railway has* been experimenting with electric motors on turn-tables, burning locomotives nt divisional points and terminals is a service of tnuch annoyance and no little expense to railroad companies. It generally tr.kes four men to turn a locomotive, and while they are doing so their regular work is abandoned. Experiments were made with an electric motor on the 60-foot turntable at Chllllcothe with such success ' that the Park Street turn-table in Cincinnati was similarly equipped. The result has boon rather astonishing in the matter of expense. The current was purchased from the power plant, and It cost on an average of less than one-half a cent for each time the table was turned. When this same table was operated by hand it cost 12 cents for each engine. The yearly saving is about $709. Whom the heart ot man shuts out. Sometimes the heart of 'God takes in, And fences them all found about With Hiloncu mid the world's loud dm. Try Uraln-O. Ask your grocer to-day to show you a package of OUA1N-O, the new food drink tluit tiikcs the place of coffee. The children may drink it without in -jury as well as the ndnlt. All who try it like it. GUAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. H the price of coffee. 15 cents and 23 cents per package. Sold by all grpcers. Tastes like coffee. Ijooks'like coffee. A German scientist is of the opinion time women will havo beards in the remote future. ______ ___ No-To-»ao for FIM.v Cents. Guaranteed tobacco Habit cure, makes weal: ; blood pure- -lsts. A Good Mrs. Benhnm—The paper tells ot n man who cxchango.l his wife for a sewing ma- chinn. Benhani—Tim poor fellow probably wanted soineibing that ronld sew. PARSON HtGGlNS MAD A HIS tonY, &UT WAS MODEST. Hurt Some Mntlvp, of CotirsP. Mrs. Bellows—I lieliovo you married mo for my monor. < Bellows —X-hem! Well, I certainly didn't go to tho altar for my health. A Illg Kegnlnr Arm;. The mightiest host of this sort is tho army of invalids whore bowels, Itvcrs nnd stomachs have been regulated by Hostetter's Stomnoh Bitters. A regular habit of body is brought about through lining the Bitters, not. violriitly ngitntins nnd griping the intestines, lint by reinforcing their energy and i-nnsing u flow of bile, into itfi proper clinniieta'. Malaria. In grippe, dysjiepsin, nnd a tomlem-y to inactivity ot the kidneyx nro c<m<|«ereil by the Bitters. Iln Pong-tit i» nwpMftta HrttUo thft Slons. niwt Saved the from Extermination — 1»»» Severely Wounded. -TV? rr* Xoarly a half n million KiiRlisli people get, inn fried onelt year, nnd tho nvcrago nnnual ninnber 01' application? for divorce is only SiTi. Kim- lnvi-nUons. KINO. «o«o, Amongst the noMccJiblc invcntlontiis- sued last, week to inventors of tin United Stales, in one for a pnucmntic bicycle tire, in which the; tiro is <"ist in sections. which can bo removed when ime of them Is injured, an automatic fire alarm; an abdominal douche- bath; a ballot bos; a metallic fabric for fences; a snow locomotive, adapted to glide on sled runners, and a simple motion converter for windmills. Four copyrighted cuts of mechanical move ments aro further shown relating to a 'balance for clocks and watches, a balancing counterpoise, a simple feed mechanism for rotary saws, and a con verting motion. Inverters for rotary verting motion. Inventors and others desiring free Information in relation to patents may obtain tho same in ad dressing Sues & Co., registered paten lawyers, Bee Building, Omaha, Nc braska. .. . ..... The Georgia house has voted to permit thy running of ireight trains on Sumluy. Coir'n 470UK11 _Ja:»l»m aiut liont. It will brniik up it eol.l jiiitclrei lK'. U i» ulwuys n-llublo. 1r S It. ANY times I have wondered it "W11-] lard P. Higglns.i who was once a Moth odlst circuit rider, and preached iu a little schoolhouse near Lincoln Valley, Neb., is yet living a nd -well. Our meeting took plECJ at. tho residence of Harrison Hall, c-n the Plntto river l:ito one evening in October. I was then a boy, but It was not difficult lo tell at a glance that Mr. HIS-, gins wns a man with something of a history. There wore several long, deep scars on his faro, and but the thumb and part of tho little finger remained on his left hand. HP was accompanied by his wife, then a young woman. U was soon evident that Mr. Hig- 1ns was not disposed to talk about Imself. Tho women of tho Hall onsehold undertook to learn somc- hlng of the manner In which he re- clved so many injuries, and he told horn that he preferred not to discuss hat. matter, further than to state tihat IB had been wounded in a battle fought ictween tho Pawnee and the Sioux Indians some years before, and not far from tho locality where we then were. I happened to be able to render Mi* om«e, HI» Ar»p»** and ft Sliort with nim. ,,u«« Joseph Ladne, the Klondike king and founder of Dawsoh City, re turned to his Chicago office In the Chamber of Commerce building last week from the East, he found an Immense accumulation of mall awaiting him. From all parts of tho country camo thousands of inquiries of every sort and nature, the crank who Is go- Ing to walk to Alaska would like to know If the walking Is good; the man •with tho all-but-nnished airship wants but a few millions to complete It; a Hid ninff Called. RepoTter-Thnt fellow who tinted W* name kept ontot the paper called in to dat. OB, he was mad. Editor—What about. " Reporter -It seems we fecpUt oat. Mow'* 'fhwt offer One Hundred Dollars rrwnjrt 'thc C under«lBno<1, have hno*m V. , Me. 81. All Lots of marriages lunge ou » swinging gate. _J ___ Two bottles oi Piso's Cure for Consumption cured mo of « bodlimg; trouble. -Mis. J Nichols, Princeton, Inu., Mar. %. 1Mb. Honesty Statistics Rhow that tlioro nr« 70,803 divorced persons in tlie United htntos. of whom '«,5-:Juro menund_»5,!il8ftro women. Star Tobacco is tho leading brand of tho world, because it is the best. Tho Assyrians IIIK.-UIHO a nation founding of Nlnovnh, LV.M5 U. O. at tho An Inventor iu Madrid hiw sncccetled in mnklng a Huperlor quality of sonp out of grasshopper?. tinllilny Kxcnrnlon*. On December 7 and 31 tho Big Four Route nud CliosnpenHe and Ohio Wj". win 1 sell excursion tjckets from points north wast, bothohow»y and round trip, nt, g'J^ly redtlrcd rntes to points in Virginia. «o«» Boiith Cnroliua unit other southern ..._.Ju Hound trip tickoto will, l.o.good twontv-ono ilnys rPtununp. Write toi JmrtlcnhiM nn.l pnmphlot < oKcriptivo of cUinitto nn.t Virginia furm lauds. IJ. I*. Triiitt. North west em I'nssoiigor Agent. *.M Clatk St., Cbk'nRo. Au Knst drtjonvillo, 1'n.. Indy is Foil Ins; I ImkiUB puwclor as n moiuiH of raising tunrts to purc-lmso a bieyclo. Clpnn uonuty Is Kl««'l I't'^t'- blood moans n clcnn skin- novel- found n substitute. CANDY CATHARTIC CURE CONSTIPATION KLONDYKE! . t. „ TTl fin t\\J\T Kvevy MKRIIY, A. (». P. A I05UA)ND, A. G. I 1 . A., H»»4«4,.rBl«el.lM.» »*»•'•«*»'? 25c, Tho Kan Will keep « Doctor out 01 the house htUf a year .•v.«;fiiTl^^*^,iimli.^Tn^uin'o>.f»o • lam Inn hours. s»fe for lafmit*. li^vnttf pi! ciniiHMit peoplti wHli it. - tejvown. V'or vi.uv \i>at not'.kct. 0 I IvflLCt'U. f |99* A. t wwwrl"*-, Mo., (18 Bcvei |y St.. ll«»tm>. A DESPERATE CHASE. Mr. lligglns a favor the next day, ana from that time on, pieco-meal, I picl-:- cd up considerable of hi* history. Tho bnttlo which so nearly cost him | his lite was fought some thirty years ' ap-o across the river, and several miles above Grand Island. The Pawnee Indians wcro returning from their annual full hunt, and accompanied by their squaws and pa.pooscs they were c-unned between two sand hills. About daylight a largo herd of buffaloes wcro observed coming toward the camp and iu spite of tho advice of the old Indians and Mr. Higglns all the young braves mounted their ponies and start- wl in pursuit. As scon as they were well HcattorcKl, a largo body of Sioux, who hart driven the buffaloes ahead of them dashed down on tho camp, while another body looked after the Haw- u<«e« who were chasing the buffalo. Meantime, fearing just what happened Mr. Higglun and tho old Indians had "the camp on the move in the direction o£ the Pawnee reservation somo twenty-five or thirty miles to the north whilo they prepared to detend tho rear The battle, however, was a long rout for the Pawnees. The Sioux w,.ro Poorly armed, which fact helped ,„ prevent them from exterminating Iho Pawnees. Mr Higgins was well armed, and tuc Sioux soon learned to respect his deadly rifle. He kept well In the rear, a hazardous thing to do. A party of Indians attracted, his attention by making repea-ted dftphas. while a dar u« ,-Hlof Viuwled up on lum through the rru^H, and was just in the act of bringing- his tomahawk down on the white nuin'B hcvad, when the latter saw him.; Tic threw up bis left baud to break tho blow, and bis lingers cut oft •is tho blade descended. With his ; ,-U'ht baud be grabbed tha tomahawk.; and then followed a desperate strug- "h< for Us possession. The Indian rtrc»'" lisa long knife oud slashed Mr. I-HggluB aerosn the face three times and eleven times across tho breast, but still the brave white man held on to the tomahawk. Finally ho wrench-, d It away from tto lufiian and knock-; 3 his bmlns out with it. He then; limbed on bis pony and rode away. 1 . It was a-long and desperate .ride to ho reservation, and many of the law- icftt never reached it alive. Badly wounded as ho was, Mr. Hl«gins made tho trip, and fought all along tho bloody U Tliero was probably a romaface con neoted with his marriage, though never learned the facts. It seems that she had come west to do a little mis sionary work among tho Indians, was never Informed as to how many sho converted, but she succeeded tn converting one white man and malting a preacher out of •him. well-meaning spinster would like several thousand dollars, that she may protect the Chicago youth from the evil iniluences of cigarettes, and so on without end, while tho man who wants to be taken to Alaska is so numerous that ho requires the services ot two extra mail carriers. Unlike most millionaires and busy men of affairs, "Joe" Ladue, with the hearty good fellowship which characterizes the Western pioneer, insists that each letter so received shall have a reply, and in moat instances tho worthy "begging" ones get fat enclosures, too. "I'm a very busy man these days, he said to the newspaper man. "Since coming back from the Klondike I have, been compelled to cross tho continent four times) on business in connection with my company, and now I have to go again. I shall, however, be most of the winter in Chicago, as I propose to take with me on my return to Dawson City everything needed In the way of modern mining machinery, HO that commencing next spring, notwithstanding the inexhaustible resources of our mines, not an iota of gold will be lost through lack of proper facilities for mining U. I shall return to Dawaon about March 15." "No," he continued," the wealth OL the Klondike has In uo way been exaggerated." In personal appearance the Klondike dug is a rugged, well-proportioned man of medium height, with hair and mus- ache of almost raven black, lie has a mild conservative method of speech, but when interested, bin honest, gray eyea snap of the tire and determination which marks tho successful pioneer. He is temperate in his statements and every word ho utters concerning the new Eldorado be has given to the world carries with it a conviction o£ truth. Cpnn oo mo boil ilywitlioutit.C 1 .sonrc ; ts.CandyCat m tic' cleant. your blood ami kcn*itcloa . .- Jtlrrlng up the lazy liver and driving nil in - purities Irom tho body. 1 Jogin t»>:' n > *•" lmul«h pimples, boils. WoUihi.«,W«:Uhc»d-. MKlthixtMcUlyblHo.isco.npUixonl.y tnl bv OnccnrotB,- beauty for ton eentK. All di iirf lBte. natisfncUou cfimrantcod. IDc.S.n-. ML. There mny bo niich n thing HH n man couvinml iiKiiInst bis will, Wit tliero never was a woman convinced nny way ii«nll. limit tho AdvortlKcinoiiU. You will enjoy ibis publication much better if yon will i?et into the habit of rending: tho advertisements. They will afford a most interesting stiidV nnd will put yon in t,ho way of cetdnjr souio excellent bni-jyulns. Our advertisers arc reliable, they send what they advertise. la the taestiiiftpottftht period in man's e*M«nee. Owing to BS methods oi litiag, not one wom&tt to » thousand approaches this perfectly natural change without experietielftg a trabi ot very annoying afcd SOW times painful symptoms. Those dreadful hot flashes, sending the bldbd surging to the heart until It seems ready to burst, a,nd the *»'** feeling that, follows, sometimes Chills, as il the heart were going to stop for good) ave synip^ totns of a dangerous nervous trouble. Those hot flashes are just so many calls from nature for help. Tho — • nerves are crying out for assistance. The cry should be heeded in time. Lydift B. Pinkhnm's Vegetable Compound was prepared to meet the needs of woman's system at tills trying period of her life. The Vegetable Compound is an invigorating streugtliencr of the female organism. It builds up the weakened nervous system and enables a woman to pass that grand change triumphantly. , It docs not necm necessary for ns to prove the honesty of our statements, but it is a pleasure to publish such crateful words as tho following s "I have been tislng Lydia 13. Tankham's Vegetable Compound for some time during tho change of life and it has beeu a saviour of life tuito mo. I cau cheerfully recommend your'medi- cine to all women, and I know it will •rive permanent relief. I would-bo glad to relate my experience to any sufferer."—Mns. DKI.LA WATSON, B84 West 6th St., Cincinnati, Ohio. Theroisa family which tho birthday rather, mother, two Cull upon in Albion, Mlcli., In auuivorsnricH of. tho daughters and a son _ Don't Tobacco Spit »n«! Smoke YourUfb Awny» To quit totiucco easily and forever, »)o mac- netlc. J-Uof life, nerve onilviHor, talto No-To- Bun. tho wondor-worUur. that niakcu weal,- men strong. All dni|?.Kist8,r.O< 1 or«l. Curo guaranteed. Booklet and sumjilo free. Acl.lrcss BtcrllDE Itomedy Co. , Cliirairo or Now \ orfc |There is a ! Class of People mini by hi in I iv tho tho When n girl can't judgo » Momuuuy I'o kc"|w Klu " J lul creases in his twisor.-i. _ ___ To inti-oduec our inajra/.ino. it will he sent freo throe months to in I who send six cents to pay for registering _ M'ter a whTlo tho woninti will Rot up » iiiiveniout to Uavo ti curfow rang for tho men. _____ . ____ ..... --- Sp<-rotnry of St'iito Siu-rimm nml Mrs. sSuu will colelffivto their jjoUlou wedding next yoar._ ___ TO CVKI5 A COl.n IN ONI! DAY. TaU« Haxntlve Drouio Q«1'''"J> .'^\ b '"' H - A " DruifBistsrefund 1,bo money K It tolls 10 wolfflw <>» l v 11 Who uro injured by Vbo of coffee, lie cently there has been placed in all the grocery stoves a new preparation called GHAIN-O, made of pure grains, that takes the plnco of coffee. The. most delicate stomach £ receives it withoutdistrcss, and but few can tell it from coffee. It docs not cost over l-.( as much. Children may drink it with greatbouoflt. 15 cents and 25 cents par package. Try it. Ask for ORA1N-0. [Try Grain=O2 An lm\M>vln»t Author—-I love you wltli my nud vim never lovu uny oilier. 1)0 " )im!f A™ you Htill dictating; Mr. Gladstone Lord Salisbury ' Bmoko Hlod{J< Tho best piiyoleinns ur» I'Jr. CJoorl HuhitH, Dr. C'lioornil...)* 2u_ pounds. 20 for T. c-ta. iv. Rust. Dr. mid Dr. Kduvuto Your »ow«l« \Vitli <J;iKnii-<-f.s. ^W^A^XJ^. CUTLER'S CATAIUUI ' H?HMITIl"& ll CO^-J'ro,.s.. lluffulo, N. "Ulind un belief is mivo to «rr, And suan his work in vain; tiod ir his own interpreter, And ho will make it plain. lENSlONS. PATENTS, CLAWS. _'or«ver. To Ciir« Ci»n»til»»Moii 7a'.;-.i CawnvctB Caucty '^thiirtlo. |0o If U C. C. fui! to cure, iiiiisslsts i«funu or ~ you, did s,lio?" catnloguoa, mid nuug "Well. mo on "So «ho ,10— oimyily tho lino'" __________ (Jomprowwd ah- IB to bo the inotivo power of it wooJen mill at Aluiouto, Ont, ^OOOOCXXJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Thoy stop work, cost money, B'v e P Bln< Sprains and Bruises — FOR 30 DAYS YOU CAN TRY_IT Their Marvelous CURE BY CENTS. OPIUM "MORPHlNt ana WHISKY HABiTS. HONK CUItK. Hook VIIBB. 1)11. 4. «. IIOKKJIAX. l,mh«ll»lllci|!.,fHICAtiU, IU-. BRtMS 3O DAYS YOU «-<«w i"« •• • —•- — m „ •. — RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, wffl. MACHINERY CATARRH, ASTHMA, LA GRIPPE - ™~ ' .., ..,.i\ ,,«u-i<,.fiil Kiioc.itU', id DROPS" ••i usually tel ra Vtm. (ill prnlbi) 'rom --- i sufferers from my jl * 11 Mm • ,MV«>»"--. •-- , . \. f I wrllo 10 lot you knew ».»ftl ? wir U«H«.. ,«• w ; \vjlt Hay I° DROPS". £i&t*i °»fr 'V "* *"''. our " never CUBK CO.. IOT-1W , CIIU-\*«>. S5J While Claude MUler, a£2d 19, son ot George Miller of Efellefontaino, Pa,, was hunting in the Wagner woods and, was running after some game, his undo Ellsworth Miller, fell down and WB gyn was discharged, the Ipa^ entering Claude's breast ovev his heart, killing, him instantly. His death created -' •great sensation, as the Mljler Walter Baker & Co.'s Breakfast COCOA Puret Delicious, NwtrUious, Costs Less titan QNE CENT « <?«P, Be sure that the package bears our Walter Baker & Co. Um Leave Omaha any Thursday afternoon at 4:35-—in a c.lcan, comfortable, not croAvrl- ' ed tourist sleeper—ana you 'reach San Francisco Sunday ! evening, Los Angeles Mo;x- I day noon. No transfers—ear goes right through. Uniformed Pullman porter and experienced excursion conductor relieve you of all bother. -— •"•-•• Tickets WO. ioUlei''giving luU J. Fraucis, Uouovul I'oswugw Agowt, ^ . Nob.

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