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Buffalo, New York
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The Buffalo Jewish Review August 11 1939 IN THE CATHOLIC PRESS By TYGEL Established in Buffalo September 1 1917 By ather William Kernan Jews and Zion Vol 31 Aug 11 1939 No 47 no HEBREW CALENDAR Organization and Zionist 5699 1939 have people Back ii an In (Continued on Page 5) 4 the the payment of back taxes interest also has been clarify this best by pur whole people But of this there question: Are we a is no sign positively none I say effective as Jews the word dominate South America the United States to 'con Century old policy But that there would be very An Impartial Medium Jor Jhe Disseminqjionjf Jewish News and Views Is set up There Is our dry lack of that Is the defeat of Great and rance by the forces "Axis and the of the Atlantic Ocean by effec epoch the us! our Are con Mos caused me great pleasure by your and by the reprint of my letter Buffalo Jewish Review This proved once more your kindness and the be It thing within Its offer taxpayers a merciful way out the county" Increased Immigration Antici pated is the text of the address delivered by ather Kernan last month at a public meet ing arranged in Cleveland under tlo auspioes the Cleveland a i I of the American Jewish Congress A LETTER ROM A REUGEE we sur our de 900 Refugees Marooned on Danube' Island: not altered their word for the new of true and in the days when Theodor ence one lota Perhaps a small emerged upon the Jewish number of us have somewhat in It can no longer satisfy when the diabolic forces compiled by County and impotent tribe Zion is again the answer to the question of survival or extinction Not Zionism alone with all its programs but Zjon the land which will enable us to continue our Zionist Congress 1 I existence physically and spiritually Begin Examining Aliens for i in the rench Army Pastor of Trinity Church in Bayonne us creased our monetary contributions of for Eretz Israel and other Jewish on causes How pitiful these extra to few dollars look in relation tocolossal problems confronting Is this the way to save that It would be better America to take a leaf book and re our of PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY THE Buffalo Jewish Review 35 Pearl Street Buffalo ather Coughlin Olorifier of ascism The Buffalo Jewish Review invites correspondence on subjects of interest to the Jewish people but disclaims responsibility for an indorsement of the views expressed by the writers Entered as Second Class Matter at the Poetoffice at Buffalo under the Act of March 3 1879 Sold by Subscrition Only $250 the Year sense of the' word to the tremendous responsibility Just a month ago in discussing editorially the good belng done by signing affidavits for admission of refugees to the United States we reprinted a letter from Austrian refugee now living In one of the temporary camps In England This refugee has written his American sponsor another let ter which we think will be of interest to our readers Lord Kitchener Camp July 30th 1939 anti Semitism is a touch stone amalgamated In a mass of anger and hysteria It is the desperate ascist drive against the government of men by objective and reasonable law whose ultimate source and foundation is God a drive to make labor unfree and to impose expTditatio'n by Torce and terror to wipe out the conscious ness of real spiritual and political and economic problems by concen trated emotional fury against a Even this complex and hateful attack on man from the Right is of course only a ment of the World which against the City of God the dead materialism of rot secularism with its aspiration and uncritical seeking of bodily pleasure and there are positive denials of the Left But the fragment that embodies anti Semitism is dynamic now It is active and destructive as radium and opposition to It should be laughable matter The above quotation could that of an outstanding rabbi could be which is sometimes found in a weekly But when it appears as part of an editorial of The Commonweal the famous Catholic weekly reaching a large section of the thinking public it is nothing short bf significant The quotation we might add is offered in an edi torial criticising the Broklyn Tablet which sees anti Semitism as scarcely existing questions the desirability of Catholics fighting it and implying that there are different kinds of anti Semitism some of which the Catholic Church approves To this latter implication The Commonweal answers have never seen a list of the types The Popes and have not heard of its Of course anything can exist in the mind of the editor of the Tablet If we are not mistaken this pub lication is an ardent admirer of Coughlin and his tactics so what can one expect? Of equal significance is the attitude of the Pittsburgh Catholic towards the Curran defense of Coughlin While feeling that the episode involving Elliot Roosevelt calls for a pitying the editor is concerned about ather defense which "associated the Papal Encyclicals the Catholic movement for social justice and the ideals of Chris tianity with spiteful personalities partisan politics bitter innuendoes unproven assumptions and un sound argument to an extent that was most The com ment concludes accuracy and fairness are all attributes o' truth and it is a serious disservice to the Catholic cause to attempt to advance it along avenues which diverge from the Amer ican Jewish Outlook Pittsburgh Pa (Continued from Page 1) would under present circumstances s'lrve tho interests Coincident with admitting aliens to the army the authorities are giving serious consideration to the question of permitting increased immigration as a measure to add to the population and thus remedy a shortage of industrial and agri cultural labor With many rench villages half abandoned and indus try facing an apparent labor short age which is bound to grow more acute it is becoming increasingly difficult for coal iron and steel industrialists as well as farmers to get rench workers The rela tive scarcity of men under 30 makes it possible for members of this age group to be more particu lar in their choice of work Even the 3000000 aliens now in rance could hardly fill the gaps created by the increased demands of indus try and agriculture London (JT A) Tho Daily Telegraph reports that 900 Jewish refugees from Hungary and Slo vakia were marooned on St Mathew Island near the Bulgarian Danube port of Rutschuk therel are serious threats to survival It is my conviction that who wish to see our people vlve as Jews and to Continue contributions to the cultural velopment of mankind must fun damentally alter our hitherto ac cepted ideas regarding the Jewish destiny ordf we refuse to think of new forms practical realistic forms for self preservation as a people tho reaurgen barbarism the 20th century 'will engulfs and annihilate Before we succeed in forging out of ths hitherto UUHUCpiB Uli weapon for our existence in the simple meaning of and as Jews in the broader na Govemment in the the German Reich ment Because in the eyes nationalist Jews Zionists as well as non Zionists the national con cept meant in essence that even in the Diaspora we are leading a form of life which justifies us in calling ourselves children of the Jewish nation To Zionists inescapable conclusion was need to revive and nurture Hebrew culture and all that the Galuth has created toward the perpetua tion of our national existence Nationalist Jews who were non Zionist believed in the cultivation and furtherance of the Yiddish language and literature and the encouragement and stimulation of all those folk manifestations which were evolved in the Diaspora even to the translation of the Bible into Yiddish I am not at tempting a thorough definition of the two groups but am merely giving a brief resume as a pre lude to answering the question I have broached And I ask again: is this suffi Tlfft fortisT today? I it sufficient for the realization of our national destiny? Will we succeed with the material we have so far accumu lated in surviving the brutal pro cesses of destruction and attrition to which we are being subjected in this tragic hour? I do npt wish to be a prophet of doom but I am afraid the conclusion cannot be avoided that with our present folk concepts and precisely with refer ence to those who do believe in the ultimate destiny of our people therel are serious threats to our The Zionist Congress 1 existence physically ana spiritually opens in Geneva on August 16th as humans and aS Jews for it' is will be momentous I repeat decisions perhaps more momen pnies seek to wipe 'face tous than those that have ever of the earth completely and with confronted a Zionist Congress in I out reservation the past Jews everywhere will I It is both amazing and dis hope gnl nray that this Congress! hearteningJto the kind of wilL find Uies wisdom and the approach or shall I say lack of statesmanship to rise to the his approach most Jews have toward torical occasion At the same time I the question of our survival or I think it is incumbent upon all tunately fens of thousands of our of us who are deeply concerned I people have been instrumental in with the fate of Eretz Israel to I nucleus of our renas try to crystalize in our own minds I cent nationhood in what we proud some of the basic problems rela hy call Eretz Israel Yes Zion is tive 'to the Jewish Homeland in I the Jewish land but as yet it is the light of the new trends and I not ours developments that history has set! By right all of us should have in motion risen up like a mighty army to Let pose a simple question: strain every ounce of energy in do we Jews really want Eretz helping the pioneers of Eretz Israel Israel? If this sounds elementary toward the speedy fulfilment of let me assure you it On the their heroic task a task they are contrary it is in essence the performing at great risk and sacri most difficult question of all flee and self denial in behalf of Perhaps I can asking another nation in the generally accepted positively none for in proportion broad national (not in the strictly technical juri that rests upon us in the face of dical meaning for that presumes! ever increasing menace against the existence of a country and a our very existence the little we government)? This too will ap are doing for the redemption of pear simple at first glance Of Eretz Israel is as nothing course we are! all who believe in The Zionism and in the destiny of the all the other nationalist Jewish Jewish people will answer But if groups this answer could satisfy us for methods of fighting for our exist merly Herzl scene today a barbarous hatred organized an international scale threaten destroy us Time was when we who are Jewish nationalists believed that People from extermination? by accepting for ourselves the con i not the things we are doing but a cepf of nationhood without inter few weak palliatives? fering with loyalty to our adopted! Let us hope and pray that out lands we set up a milestone along of the deliberations of the Zionist the road of our historical destiny Congress in Geneva will come forth And the Zionists building a Jewish the new historic land which in tlma is tn realize I times the word our national concept in the inter 1 tive salvation in this darkest national juridical sense certainly our martyred were convinced that we were ner forming a function whose ultimate Easy Plan to Pay Off goal would be the basis of our I County Taxes whole folk life as a people with our own land and our own govern Buffalo taxpayers whose real 01 estate is encumbered by Erie County tax liens have unprece dented opportunity to escape heavy interest and penalty charges ac cording to the easy payment plans recently instituted by the Board of Supervisors for a limited period Installment at half rate authorized Records Treasurer Ulrich reveal that last January Erie County held back tax liens against Buffalo real estate of an aggregate facevalue of $930000 These liens have ac cumulated through the years since 1860 but the great bulk of unpaid county taxes has accrued during the depression decade About ninety percent of the county liens against Buffalo real estate are dated later than 1931 Temporary concessions offered by the county for liquidation of tax liens in summary are: irst if the 1939 tax is paid liens hell by the county for for mer years may be redeemed at face value without any interest or penalties provided spot cash pay ment is made Second if 1939 tax is paid de linquent owners unable to make lump sum payment may arrange with the county treasurer to settle in regular installments within three years at six percent interest in stead of the legal rate of twelve percent Commenting on the concessions the Buffalo Municipal Research Bureau says: the plan which should not be repeated frequently or ex tended beyond the time limit de linquent taxpayers desirous of liquidating liens can do so with very substantial County Attorney Paul Batt emphasizes that the concessions will not be held open indefinitely "Easy terms to fit almost any financial situation' may be arranged at the offices ot the treasurer or county attorney at 'Erie County says) Mr of Supervisors has done every legal power to constructive and of the with (Concluded from last week) Concerning this matter of ather Nazi tendencies there is another point which I wish to raise Despite the fact that every man woman and child in America today realizes the extent to which Germany Italy and Japan are like a group of gangsters jeopard izing the peace of the world ather Coughlin continues to speak of these governments as though their indecent conquests were sim ply justifiable attempts by "Have not to correct the wrongs of some old treaty Now there is no intelligent man who would for a moment maintain that the treaty of Versailles did not contain elements of injustice But the recognition of this is a far cry from condoning the use of sheer brutalized force as it has been used in Manchuria Ethiopia in Austria in Czechoslovakia and only recently in Albania It may be that ather Coughlin is one of those who desires the conquest of Europe by German armies Britain of the control the battleships and submarines of Greater Germany We in this Country however do not believe so And consequently when we hear anyone praise the subversive intrigues and brutal open warfares of Germany and Italy we recoil in abhorrence The Monroe Doctrine has been frequently condemned and ather Coughlin could perhaps maintain that it would be better for Ger many to than for tlnue its I believe few Americans to side with him or we Americans believe with all our strength that the Western Hemisphere must never become the prey of European aggressors America must be kept free of all tyranny ather Coughlin may perhaps maintain for us out of make image eventually becoming perhaps a satellite of Germany itself in world affairs I do not believe however that many Amerlcans wlll follow him toward such an objec tive or we or at least 99 of us still cherish the Ideals of life liberty and the pursuit of happi ness and we are likely to call those who believe the contrary traitors It Is for this reason that Amer icans are almost unanimous in their demand at the present time for effective armaments as an Insur ance of security that we are likely to suspect the motives of anyone like ather Coughlin who for whatever pur poses of his own tries to discredit as the very de fense program for which right thinking Americans are now clam oring To sow discord In our ranks as ather Coughlin is doing when we are faced with a grave crisis is to play politics with our noblest ideals To becloud the issue of simple defense as ather Coughlin Is doing at such a time is to rurt the risk of being thought to be In the pay of the enemy himself or many will ask why stir up such discord if not to hamstring Amer endeavors to protect herself against the greatest menace with which it has ever been faced? Why sow seeds of suspicion between the Democratic Nations of the World if not to enable the ascist powers to prevent the alignment against them of a United lyorld opinion ather Coughlin speakseloquently against Bolshevism But are we to take it that the only brand of noisncvism with which he is cerned is the Bolshevism of rr it tibnal sense we will have been Let 1 alk It Uver decimated and reduced to a tiny Rosh Chodesh also observed previous day NOTE Holidays begin in the eve ning preceding the dates designated Dear Mr You letter in the to me deep sympathy you feel with our distress I never dreamed of appearing in print in an American newspaper ao soon So it means to me a lucky omen for my future life in the United States and a further encouragement I was greatly pleased too to read the story surround ing the printing of my letter and to learn that my letter had some persuad ing qualities And first of all it gave me a beeutiful impression of the Jewish life and the Jewish interests in America Had I not known where the Review comes from I should almost have con sidered it as a European paper To such an extent it dealt with problems of European Jewry and the refugees It was a strong comfort to me to see this growing and lively unity of the Jews of all the world And at the same time the paper pictured to me your life aa a life of a community with entirely equal rights with all the other people It Is almost unbelievable to us after our experiences and makes me very eager to rebuild a new life in such country I am especially grateful to you for withholding my name my mother is still living in Germany and though there is nothing against Germany in my letter the publishing of my name might perhaps have had bad consequences for her I have alas not received any news from the Consulate till now but the new quota year has begun this month and I hope to receive a summons soon As the Kitchener Camp Review has aroused your interest 1 am sending1 you thcnfasue of 'Auguittwhichwin be Jub lisl ed in the next days With many thanks for nil you have me and are doing for me and with heartiest greetings for you and your son Yours very sincerely i General Offices 35 PEARL STREET WASHINGTON 2192 Rosh Chodesh Elul Aug 16 5700 1939 Rosh Hashanah Sept 14 Yom Kippur Sept 23 irst Day of Succoth Sept 28 Shemini Atzereth Oct 5 Simchath Torah Oct 6 Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Oct 14 Rosh Chodesh Kislev Nov 13 irst Day of Chanukah Dec 7 ast of Tebeth Dec 22 MS.

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