Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 29, 1937 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1937
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IIS WEATHER 27-jftn. 1, 1938, iftcl. — Oc- Ifll snows; week generally DECEMBER 29. 1937 Highway IE, SEXTON 1ST BEND & •NTON LISTED Limit CESFO S150 DAMAGES SOUG IT IN GAR Restricted to Miles an Hour ide Limits. u 'districts in Kossuth coun- bien designated by the ;lrray department as re[sp;ed zones (35 miles per ir authority granted by nt legislature. The zones | up for motorists passing j unincorporated towns, or pe larger towns in a popu- Istrct outside corporation :The four areas in Kossuth jH fcimiry road 169. Eleven jbutl of Algona. Unincor- I totyri of St. Joe. Length of 2,600 feet. One inter- sc|iool, church, and built Ion |idjacent to highway. •imary road 18. Seven miles Algona. Unincorporated Sexton. Length of restric- 10 fiet. Two intersections, section along highway.' 'imary road 44. Nine and miles north of Primary length of restriction 4-10 uilt up district along east lion limit of Fenton. majy road 44. Eight miles primary road 18. Length :tlon, one mile." Built'*•" lip jalong east corporation lim- ist Bend. I weie 29 such districts an- Moiday by the commis- Harvey Dies on e as Night NEW AUTOS IN COUNTY IN '37 STANDAT 995 More Than 1700 Auto Licenses for 1938 Already Sold. ACCIDENT SUIT Judge Will Be Here Friday to Sign Orders. A new damage suit was filed in district court last week by Nick Knew, against Arthur Todd as he -suit of. an accident April 14 I" cording to the petition the crasl Tw-enty-seven more new liave been sold in that auto- Kos- B the December 995. thousand n-egor street on No. 169. SE NATE REWRITES Briefs summarizing prin. cipal news in last Thursday's Upper DCS Jloinos. e18) cess, with 29 entries, eight ^ contest, 21 in a beef d Winners in the dairy contest , Kollasch, Calvin Vaudt, Richard Bormann,' Eugene Mueller, and Vernon Borman Beef winners were Eileen Rochlpan Edw. Elbert, "Bud" Fandel MarZ and Gerald Rochleau, Ruth K Martha, who, the t Davidson, who pre- sirlorl nt *i, -r> "•="". wnu pre- *'"ou. 01,11161 n±? »^ Decemb . er term of Wingert, and success of the event. JUDGE DAVIDSON, Emmets™^' 1 c. latnned to come to Algona again Saturday to hold court for it wouf' tU1 he WaS reminde(J that hero last week Tuesday' a Jew fn U rf S> T£ W ° new cases have filed: Ethel Gardner, services Catholic church Tuesday morning «'"> Mo™ arSimafir ^ey for Harvey Higley, who died at his 1 -™? l"' ecodcti in death by one son home Christmas night. The family i m ^ cy - 0 oo 1 10, 1901. I . Schumacher They resided on 'Mrs. William Kelly and Mrs Theo° f h ° r ° tU1 ! dore Albert, WhitteCe; a nd ™ are in the northeast i state. Others will be ! ii the near future. The mit inside the limited area |i!es an hour in all of the ifai designated, but it can |ced ia low as 20 miles en od speed above that. I warding car drivers of the pit jvill be erected within ' fc|w weeks, following fiway patrolmen will ar- i Wo exceed the limit. as are all for short road i thi longest being a lit- : a nflle. The longest in i county is at West Bend; •to a^ea includes a mile of est longest is 2600- feet at then 2100 at Sexton, and Fentpn. [Store Fronts '^Algonquin | Ex-Restaurant T.,„,,„„., f iu- i...«iv.w.i, ijjuc.i,, tvmuuiiiure; anu Mrs. January of this year, when they Harry Gruehn, Mason City There Vent-in-business in Mason City. are four grandchildren m i7n UrV f'i VlnB i Mr l tHigley ftre his ' Funeral services were held at 10 wife, five daughters, Mrs. Mike:o'clock Tuesday morning in St Mergen, Whitteinore, Mrs. Mike: Michael's church, with the Rev' Besch Jr., Fenton, Mrs. Harold ; Father Veil in charge, and buria McDonnell, Whlttemore, and Lil-|was made in the Catholic com. Han and Helen, at home; and five tery northwest of town. » issued to auto besides, several licenses owners, hundred , . ^d been issued bors Dfctesfor1938 have blue num- li ?,»? ?i, te back & r °und, which Plates ° PP ° Site ° f the 1937 A penalty for delinquency of five p er cent but not less than a dollar, is attached to the licenses issued after January 31. ncenses of new automo- ,n, C " e / r ^ etTs Z-^ s - MI L d ^d Simp- develops there will be „, court till the term which late in January no more opens of the dropping of the June short term this year it is ex- Mrs. count. Lottie E. C. Ward, PASTOR WHO BUILT METHODIST CHURCH DIES DECEMBER 23 Burial of the body of Dr. Frank E. Day, who died' wen here, and obtainable death has not, ° f the Ju™ 1 Junior Chamber of Commerce have been chosen: Woodrow Cook H B \A/ h it*-. HiT — l __ •_ -m .-. __ * * •*-*• . , son A. E. Jorgensen, Bancroft- G , T ,• , •\. Wittkopf, Mrs. Cora Virgin I, li is P res umed Shllte, John Frankl, D. H. Goed- 1 m w111 ^ kept SUB-DISTRICT E, L, PROGRAM GIVEN MM EX-AL60NWNS WRITE OF FLOODS ON GOAS ICtli Kb late f Pub iwh for the Behl- iery and lunch room Algonquin, and the Cafe were uncov- c inspection Monday the false wood down. This false Pthen, <ltS i hen lo keep heat in- ew fronts were bean & .son. »re modernistic, and "at of the addition . Behlmer's. Black a in the trimmings. '« '« re the first business in which glasa "led, the purppse be- Leagues of 8 Towns L Represented in a Rally Here. Seventy-five young people at- Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Collinson four children, all living in Call jfornia, have been experiencing ai exciting ordeal In a flood regioi there. The town of Oreville, where loyd and Twilla are located, was in danger ten days ago, when water creeped up on it for miles around. That tile city was on hill was all that, saved it. Mrs. Marvin Faith and Mrs. Leona Jordan, other daughters, living at Lodeth, which has Kpworth | boon in danger yet. are not tended a sub-district League rally at the Methodist i One night Lloyd, who is ;•„ Chev- church here Sunday afternoon and' 1 ' 0 ' 6 ' salesman, drove 20 miles in evening. Seven towns—Burt, West Bond, water over the running hoard of his car. He was en route home from San Francisco, but couldn't /",„„. TT ,,,, .— —- """"i jrom o;ui f iiinuisuu, UUL uuuiuii i bood Hope Whlttemore, Titonku, makc it al i the way to Oreville. Wesley and Lu Verne-were rep- ( Ray pnith, brother of Marvin resented, besides Algona. The pro-; and son of Mrs. 0. A. Hum here, ijram was in charge of the Hev. Harvey Nelson, Lu Verno, district president. The rally began at 3:30 p. m.,! 0 [' water j had a house bought and furnished (he plans to be married soon), and last week the house was in 15 feet light and f u » an e addi- sl as(he alley are owned """tate. Whether the Uf e quarters have editorial C ae "Collier's" ^vision. Mrs . T , the when devotions were led by the Rev. George McDowell, West Bend, and the Rev. A. H. Wood, Good Hope. Three study classes were held: Christian Missions, led by the Rev. Harold Nolson; Temperance, led by the Rev. Thoburn Speicher, Burt; and Evangelism,! Leona Krampe and Bruno Nor- ers, Algona; Mrs. Fred Schultz Lone Rock; John J. Besch, Lakota; Fred Burns, Titonka; Alfred Meyer, the Rev. Wm. Veit, Whitte- nore; Wm. H. Jentz, Fenton; J. J. Anderson, Swea City; Federal Land bank, Omaha Fords—H. W. Balgeman, West Bend; John Osland, Elmore; Wm A. Hanover, Whittemore; Emil Lovstad, Dale Dundas, Burf Oliver Ely, Wesley; Clarence Recker, St. Benedict; S. E. Straley, Fenton; R. F. Perry, Algona. The Algona creamery bought an pected that the January and March terms may be heavier than for some recent like terms. For several years a June term has been conducted to clear cases for the summer vacation, but now attorneys will have to have cases disposed of in the March term of wait till the succeeding September term. It is presumed that the March rm will be kept open during the summer so that matters demanding Melvin Mtaer, Dn W 8 ' W ' lliam ^^ J - R- Mur- Evan Fmnell, Victor Steil R J. Harrington. Five will serve two years, four one year. b < be]d A meeting to elect immediate hearing can be taken up before the court, though 'jury trials cannot be held. L(J VERNE MAN OFF FOR DENMARK VISIT Lu Verne, Dec. 27— Twenty-six years ago Chris C. Anderson, Vide- Tr,tnrr, t ~ i "i ------ ' """"".. »n Internatonal truck; Carl W.! and , ma j k - Denmark, left his birthplace to Iowa. He was then . . e was en Pnebe, Fenton, and Algona Motor 1 19 years old, and he had left aged Sales A gona, bought Pontiocs: 'Parents and five sister* Th£ Plymouth. - • —a— Pontiacs; ^ Sohiltz ' Bancro «, bought Five Algoniam on District Kiwanis Committee List Five members of the Algona Ki- vanis club' were named to district nu division committees by W C arnagin, Storm Lake publisher; ew district governor of the or- anization. Named to district corn- five sisters. This year he decided to visit his old home. His mother died some years ago, and his father is 84. The sisters are all married, to be a surprise. .His visit was Mr Anderson left for New York City December 9, expecting to be able to reach Denmark the week of Christmas. Writing his wife, the former Blanche Godfrey who *T,« fe- "V.V.1I. LU CItJCL the officers. John Haggard is retiring president; Frank Baldwin, vice; Finnell, treasurer; Steil secretary. ' THE IOTTS CREEK Lutheran school children's chorus has been heard over the Ames radio four times In the last two years. There are 41 pupils, ages seven to 14, in the chorus: The broadcasts are made from WOI, and the instructor is William Schmiel, who uses the old "aorta" method of teaching the reading of notes rather than the use of accompaniment. .TUAOTTA POTTEB, Algona, and Leonard Bass, West Bend, were married at the WhittenWe Lutheran parsonage Wednesday, December 22. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Potter, and she was accompanied by her sister Gail. Arnold Ketelson/ of West Bend, was best man. The newlyweds are on a month's wedding trip to Texas. HEKBY JAJfSSEJT, 35, Bancroft, was accidentally shot and killed while hunting near his home last week Wednesday morning. He rode away on a horse, with his gun, at 10:30 a. m., and the body was ound in the afternoon, when the lorse came home without him. A BUSY' NO NAME FOR IT AT THE P.O.LASTIVEEK Records BrokenWhen Letters and Cards Flood Mails. SEEKS G, 0, P. NOMINATION IN JUNEPRIMARll Former Senator Sees Need for Sound Government. yn republican nomination fo republicans ° f Rachel B. Becker campaign. Dickinson's Statement. Into the Algo packages postof- force flee last week till the office '"as at the point of exhaustion*. 593 letters and' total POSt' 51, Last year and 14,256 letters e S handled respesctlvely Sid Spear's truck was used for 'S3, ^f ?^ stmas Packages! Both Sid and Bernard Dahlhauser worked as "extras'- during the ( now than ever before." ,, /rial experiments have proved hat we still must depend onP earning and saving, rather than on borrowing and spending, to restore our economic morale. I am morl convinced than ever before ™at experience and common sense are fnT'f d ? ? Ublic ^rvice! H nom! mated and elected I will direct my course along such lines." Senator Dickinson was elected to *L Se ?r ate in 1930 ' and ser ™d one term. He was renominated in 1936 rom a field of five, and during the summer was considered a dark- horse possibility for the presiden- ±1 n r^°^;Wf e Possibility Trains, had difficulty Jn meetlnc ime s Th going E stayed here with her recently wid- ?^ llet enter6d his head through owed mother, Mrs. W. F. Godfrey ' r *"*'' 4 A fi£> iH • ""PVlrt linn-J. il TT_ _ Tk A ~m.Tf-r\~f -w • he said: 'The boat, the Hansa, of :he Hamburg-American line, was a ew hours late out of Cherbourg — —«-«• AVI. vwiai— — -wvv wui> UJ, vjnoi UUL4I IS ilttees are A. L. Long, on attend- • Prance. The sea was rough during nee, R. J Harrington, on laws the entire trip, which was unevent- nd regulations, P. J. Kohlhaas, on ""•"'"* and J. D. Lowe, on i a Two Teachers Here Take Wedding Vows at Christmas Time led by Dr. W. G. Muhleman, gona. A Hman Kruger, Appleton, Wis., were married Saturday, December IS, at and the Rev. Arthur Bottom, Wesley. Doctor Muhlemau gave a sermon' on Three-Storied FolkJ. A social hour, supervised by thO| yfadison, Wis. The bride hail hpen local league, was held, anil re-jj, ere jj ye ars, teaching English in freehments were served. I j,^^ school. The oridegmom is Evening devotions were led by t])e j, ea( j 0 £ t ne commerc'al de- the Rev. W. L. Patterson, Titonku. partraent in the Appleton schools. - •- - -"— •" 7 - M| . K ji ut i, stansbury and Cap- t-iin Lisle C. Washner, Shenan- dnnh. wo-e married Sunday, December 10, at the home of the bride's sister at Eagle Grove. Mrs. Stansbury had taught in the Algona schools two years. Her first husband was killed in an auto accident some years ago. The bride- u'blic affairs. D. E. Dewel wa amcd to the third division pub city committee. This Thursday' eeting of the local club will bt e last for Mr. Kohlhaas as presi ent, and the post will be taken er next week by Mr. Lo\ve. A st week's meeting impromptu talks were given by several mem bers of the club on the topic "What I would do if I were presi dent of the United States in the Japan crisis/' General sentiiaen favored tho action taken, that of i. stiff warning to Japan, but without threat of war. Dozen Four-H Boys at College 3 Day»|Jo«".Sooi; Twelve Kossuth 4-H boys left alter- e,., n ihi'oo.rfnv tri-nnni is a captain in the regular i^^ur—lnles. "iCwS ornTand is now jn c S e of the IrveSk'tuT eTc ^ Aj^ffl^tS^SS-^S lertamed atabanqurt Wednesday not been obtainable here. night. State club officers will be i . elected. Boys attending from Kos- Editor Wolte Again - " "™ a Hospital Patient mnu uuuc Lee 0. Wolfe, Titonka Topic • Clifford McGregor,' publisher who had for some weeks ' In^erson Swea City^ Wol ; ' Lm a patient at the veterans hos- Armstrong; Ortman, Burt; er, Bancroft, Clifford McGregor Photo Snapped as He Asks for Dance Gardner Quartan, Cedar Rapids, grandson of Judge and Mrs. W. B. Quarton here, appeared in a picture on the society page of Monday's Des Moines Register. He was attending a dance at Des Moines, and the photographer caught him as he was asking a young woman for a dance. Gardner, a Harvard university student, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sumner B. Quarton, Cedar Rapids, and a grandson on the maternal side of Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Cowles. suth are Edgar Rippentrop, Helberg, Glen and Merle Mi 01, all of Titonka; Robert Schu jer, Wesley; RolandBode, Robert {b(rfore he went to De s Joseph A. —:-•••,. 2 by justice | arm. (££ &SMt"week Wednesday cowred^--^^- arm T con(Jltlon is indicated. He is expected to recover in due time. Cancer Patient August Schmidt, who is ft victim of cancer, is reported low, terO»y, Bird Drops Cigaret in Awning; Fire Set The firemen were called to the Security State bank building Thursday afternoon, when one of the window awnings on the second story outside Doctor Wallace's window was found on fire. The blaze was put out without damage to the building. It is thought that a sparrow, must have carried a live cigaret stub to the awning. Check Artist is Nabbed, Frank J. Wagoner, Algona, was bound to the grand jury by Justice Danson under bond of Jl.OQQ last week Wednesday on a charge ol except for one Incident, when young man jumped overboarc The boat was delayed four hours trying to locate the body. The at tempt was unsuccessful because o high seas'. The food on board was excellent and Mr. Andersons hadn't misset a meal. He is a bridge contractor and has many men under his su pervision. He now has two large contracts near Green River, Wyo. where the Andersons had been living for six months. Mrs. Carrie Coleman is spending the holidays at Waterloo with her daughter Louise. Burned as Blazing Oil Stove Carried From the Basement 0. T. Solberg was severely burned Friday morning at 2 a. m. when an oil heater which had been lit in he basement to keep canned fruit rom freezing exploded and caused blaze. When wakened Mr, Sol- found the house was full of DANIEL J. LONG, 93, resident of Algona 62 years, for many years a well known local brickmaker and bricklayer, died at his daughter's home at Kanawha last week Monday. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1844. Funeral services were held last week Wednesday, and interment was made in Riverview cemetery. MRS. HENRY MITCHELL, Lakota, and two children were almost overcome by gas from a leaky iro'n a week ago Friday. They were found unconscious by Mr. Mitchell, who opened windows in time to save their lives. All were recovering last week, ALICE ANDEREGG, of Garfield iownship, claimed and was awarded the bounty on eight foxes one day last week, when she applie "or it at the county auditor's of 'ice. She.killed them near he home, and she must be a good sho A FORMER WESLEY couple Mr. and Mrs. Nattress, were di forced at Charles City a week age "•riday, and Mr. Natttress the same day was married to one Dorothy ' Page,'18, who was "hired girl' n the home. . THE CITY'S RECEIPTS increas d $43,000 last year over the yeai efore. The fiscal year ends last year time schedules last week Milwaukee morning train west was late five mornings; oun £* 2™$?! Wednesday, Thurs(They're on time Algona store clerks were also i ushed and dragged weary feet as Christmas eve rolled around The stores were open every evening last week. A newspaper reporter seeking news was just like "Grandma's little girl"-seen but not heard. The Swift Plan was another busy center, though business was not as brisk as it was at-Thanksgiving. Two carloads of chickens (^0,000 pounds to a car) were shipped to Washington, D. C., and Baltimore, and one car of turkeys, and a half a carload of ducks and geese, were shipped out of town — a total of 70,000 pounds handled in one week! Defeated in Landslide. In the fall election Senator Dick- T± St ? y the narrow margin m__ ° votes out of m ° r e than a ballots by fearful democrats was too much for his popularity to overcome. Pnv nm nft(iolpa ; ted that Senator Guy Gillette, elected for a two- year vacancy in 1936, will be re- nominated by the democrats aad, will be the Algonian's opponent. Senator Gillette's principal act during his term was opposition to the president's supreme court Plan, but he reneged by pairing with an avowed advocate of the Plan who would have been unable to vote because of .sickness. Health Recovered. Senator 'Dickinson is now fully recovered from a series of opera- a year ago, and he is ex- tions ELEVEN LICENSES TO MARRY ISSUED HERE He grabbed the burning heater and arried it outdoors into 'the snow, hen extinguished the flames, but meanwhile suffered first and sec- nd degree burns on his face and ands. The Solbergs were unable o call the firemen because they had only recently moved into the house, and, had been remodeling it, and had not yet had a telephone installed. JIHMIE NEVILLE, Aigona's wen known shoe man, fell at his store last week Tuesday and suffered torn ligaments in a knee. Hospital-Patient Home. H. L. Turner was brought home Depember 17 from the state university hospital, Iowa City, whare he had had his second operation in a year. He will have to go back later for a check-up. Mr. Turner is a painter here. and decorator obtaining property under false pretenses. Ke had, written ana cashed checks at Algona etoree and obtained | " - - funds to cover Store Kenjoyal Delayed. Some needed supplies for completion of thje new R. G. Richardson store across the street west from the courthouse have not £r- rtyed, ajwj rempval of the furoUure e,ta<# from the present quarters has th,erejore, Mr*. Granzow Will Recover from Fall Mrs. J. F. Granzow, 82, who fell from the last step on her porch last week Tuesday evening and suffered a broken right hip, as she and her husband were on tneir way' to a neighbor's, is doing as well as, can, be. expected under all the circumstance- The bone could not be set, as it would be too painful for a woman of her age, but she will be able to walk again when it heals. Mrs. Granzow la convalescing at home. Mlnnesotans Wed Here. Justice P. A. Danson read a wed.4Jag ceremony Monday after- JWPa for Hftrojd B, FoXdegl, Belle Plains, Minjft., $uj4 Lucille K*r- The yuletide season this year seems to have helped Dan Cupid in his work, for 11 licenses to wed were Issued at the office of District Court Clerk Katherine McEvoy. They were to John McCarthy and Agnes Schiltz, both of Bancroft; Leonard Hatten and Mabel Schneider, also both of Bancroft; Leonard J. Meixell and Jean Frye.'both of Garden City, Minn.; Arthur P. Gaines, St. Louis, Mo., Alice M. Zeigler, Algona; Arthur Eugene Carman, Algona, and Neva Gail Wetland, • Britt; Edward Downs and Elaine Studer, both of Wesley; George Kelch and Phyllis Studer, also both of Wesley; Leonard Baas, West Bend, Juanita Potter, Algona; Curtis F. Skaggs and VTarjorie Mlno, both of Ledyard; iVm. C. Johnson, Iconium, Mo., Valerian R. Stuflick, Lu Harold E. Foldesi, Belle Verne; Plaine, Minn., and Lucille Karsten, Glenoe, Minn. "#• Trinity Program is Given, A large audience attended a Ihristmas program. The Birth of ihrlst, given by the children of the Sunday school and of the parish chool of Trinity Lutheran church n Christmas eve. The choir gave wo selections, old Christmas car- ls were sung by the congregation. Frank Tietz, blind, read the scrip- ure lesson from a Braijle edition ie youngsters received Christmas ifts. The Rev. and Mrs., P. >J. iraner had charge of the program. Jail as Christmas Gift, Williard Matthew, ft transient r tw given a eenetence of 14 days n the county jaJJ test vtefc Tuesday pn ^ charge of vagrancy. He JeMe4 fuilty, after bavins bee* "* pected to push a vigorous campaign, both for the nomination and election. Noted as a critic of various New Deal measures while in the senate he maintained his stand during the 1936 election. His stand has been proven correct by supreme court decisions and by the experience of measures in actual operation. Senator Diickinson has been at his Algona home for several months, but has during that time filled many speaking dates over the state, and his popularity Is as strong as ever. He was first elected to congress 20 years ago, when he became representative of the Eighth congressional district. Hannah Cahill, 70, Sister of a Lone Rock Woman, Dead Hannah Cahill, 70, died Thurs- dav at her sister, Mrs. Agnes McBride's,' Lone Rock, following a short illness. Miss Cahill was a resident of Webster county more than 50 years, but had lived with. Mrs. McBride 18 years. Miss Cahill was the daughter of, e late Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ca-" hill, pioneer settlers. Three sisters -id five brothers survive: Mrs. M",rv Reedy, Pomona, Kans.; Mrs. Fannie Acton, Colorado Springs; Mrs. McBride; Dennis, of Lehigh; Tames, Vincent; John, of Charles City; Thomas, Vincent; and Frank, Fort Dodge. Two brothers, Pat- rink and Edward, are dead. Funeral services were conducted Monday at the Laufersweiler funeral parlors, Fort Podge, and the Cornus Christ! church. Burial was made in the Corpus Christ! cemetery, with the Rev. Father Davern, formerly of Algona, in charge. Four Generations at Gathering Here Four generations of the Goeder8 family were together on Christmas day at the D. H. Goedera home: Mr. and Mr*. John Goeders, par* ents of D. H.; Mrs. Anna Uhlendorf, Chicago, mother of Mrs. 0, H. Goeders; the D. H. Gpeders daughters. Mrs. Norman W hw husband, son Roy; and Harold Falkenhalner, Anamoaa, her husband, daughter ug We8«elfo,_ The Rey. QQQ. ,H.'W»«»el, Sort* SflSAMg*

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