The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 24, 1897 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, November 24, 1897
Page 2
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OPPEK DBS MOINES: ALGON*, rnWA WEDKESPA^NOVEMBEB24. 1897, THE NEWS IN IOWA Witt SAVE THE STATE $2O,dOO Ft* It A*y «* the Cotmtt Ffclrt the state each rear. MotxE*, Nov. 19-—Attorney General R*«1ey has just submitted an important opinion to the aoditor of state which will result in a saving to of something Hhe $20,000 The opinion is in regard support of the different cooniv agricultural fairs. The law ^ovides that each conntvshall receive S-200 per vear provided that a similar dr greater sum has been received by the society during the year ,n the form of annual dues from the member- In the past, the counties have been given the 5200 each year as the ] aw was misinterpreted. Auditor of State McCarthy thought that the law was not being interpreted properly and he wrote to the attorney general for an opinion on the matter. In NOVAK SPRINGS A SURPRISE. One ** reply Mr. Rcmley expresses the op.n.on that the counties are not entitled to tte S200 unless a similar sum has been received by then, as annual dues from Vistox. Kov. 17.— The defense in the Novak trial sprung » surprise. when Joseph Stusak. an old employe of Novak's, testified that on the night following the fire he and John Dn&U turned the valves in the gas pipes in the boiler room, which the witness for the state claimed they found welded together by the heat so they could not be turned. Mr. and Mrs. Zabortsky testified that the stock in the store was wdrth 8C.OOO to S7.00O. and that j they carried insurance on only 33.500: that the building was worth 84.000 and the insurance was $3.009. They also testified that just above the sleeping room were a number of caskets, indicating that in falling they might have struck Murray and fractured the skull. VHTTOS, Kov. 21.— The line of defense in the Novak murder trial has his i been fully developed. Tiis attorneys will contend that when Novak awoke ALL OVER THE WORLD A $25,000,0t>0 FIRE IN LONDON. DICTATORSHIP IN URUGUAY. *n Kffwrt to Kf*»b- ISO for this purpose each year by the state •rill be saved^ UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The Court's Bt-cUlon On the Iowa dlerV I,lcen»e Law. DEB MO«B», Nov. 19.-Judge Conf^A of the district court of 1 oik conntv, has -riven the new code its first Sack eye. It was administered in the case of the state against Isaac Sunberg He sustained a demurrer to an indictment against Sunberg, ^d holds that tbe new peddling license statute ... .A; 1 Under the statute, is unconstitutional carrying a pack are fee of 525 in cuch county; those driving one-horse con- "vanck a license of *0; those , u«nj twVhorse conveyances, S.->. « also orovided that old soldiers and sa>lors of the United States and persons unable to perform manual labor .shall be exempt from the tax. The c that the exemption makes Iegi8lation The court held it class HOLDS THREE TROPHIES. , Wonderful a challenger shooting week Tred Gilbert, of Spirit Shot. DK* MOISEB, Nov. IS.-Fred Gilbert, tbc -Phantom of Spirit Lake." holds three =f the four recognized trap shoot- ing trophies in the country. They are the Dupont championship trophy and the Kansas City Star cup for live birds, and the E. C. cup. emblematic of the championship of the United States at inanimate target*. Gilbert w.ll be called upon to defend the posscssmn of two of them against during the great trap to be held at Watson's Park, Chicago, in December. Both matches will be against the same expert, J. A. it. Elliott, of Kansas City. '1 hey are for the Dnpont trophy and the Kansas City Star cup. Each match will be at 100 live bird«._ . WOMAN'S TERRIBLE LEAP. Clarinda Woman I'eM or Jumped From a Train- VHJJBCA. Nov. 20.-Miss Caliicottc. a sister of J. W. Callicotte, of Clarmda, on her way from Denver, leaped from the closet window of the Villisca and St. Joseph passenger a few miles north of St. Joseph, and was picked np nearly dead in a partly undo state. JJo cause can be assigned '-- ""> attempt at suicide. by gases, that his mind was temporarily deranged, and that he wandered away before it resumed its normal condition, and when he was too far gone to turn back: that the fracture | in the head of Edward Murray, was caused by his falling from the sleeping room to the basement below and striking a sharp object Drs. Andrews and Carroll, of the Iowa State University, were on the stand as experts to sho\v that these things could be possible. VrSTOS, Nov. 20.—In the Novak murder trial it was expected that Frank Novak would go on the stand himself to testify -in his own behalf, but he did not The counsel held a consultation and decided not to place Novak on the stand, although it had been their intention so to do. They then announced that the defense would rest its case. The announcement came as a great surprise. FAfter the state had introduced four witnesses in rebuttal County Attorney Tobin began the opening argument to the jury. SKATTI.K. Wash.. Nov. 22.—Charles Wood, formerly of Vinton. Iowa, says he met Edward Murray, whom, itjs alleged, was murdered by Frank Novak, in this city a few niprhts since: that he knew Murray well while in Vinton and was acquainted with all of the particulars of the Wolford -affair. Murray excused himself for a moment and disappeared. Wood after a few days informed the police. Fir*. Nov. 20.—One of the most disastrous fires in London's history since tbe great holacaust in IGfiO broke out in a large block of buildings lying eastward of Aldersgate street and between that thoroughfare and Red Cross Street, just after 1 o'clock yesterday destroying property vained at j 515.000.000. Late estimates place it at j $25,000,000. There was considerable j delay in sending in the alarm and the > district which was filled with ware- j houses was soon the scene of great ex- j citement A hundred fire engines j were called to the scene. The u>e ' continued to rage all night, though its spread had been stayed. The district ravaged by the fire is bounded by Aldesgate street. Red Cross. Maiden Head Court and Bradford Avenue, and includes the intermediate streets, j and Edwin, and Jewin Crescent, and includes part of Australian Avenue. Paul's alley. Cripple Gate church yard. Wood Street Square, Monkwcll street. Nicholl fracture | Square and Fore street. It is officially reported that 150 warehouses have been gutted. Nearly all the British fire insurance companies are involved, and fire insurance shares were practically unsaleable on the stock exchange after the fire was well under way. is roomed. ilv ira«-a to «•« 1>C Shat the «*1*to»lnp. t the night of the fire he was overcome IJnnsell. tteli S4> r?"*s"-1l*^> s He h nary and" 1 martial J»T^- oroers Irroy* sirater?^ w*:rk> been mi into r-rt the ris» rtr . the «raSlH"nnp of troops are DOT on city. In tbens-.aB'ivn.Tf tas has pla«»3 a j-'ror-r the block in vrhu-li ssfs* of Julio Herrera. an<i prisoner. He WHS Cocas's principal opponent in the race for the presidency, and it is believed be is at the head of the movement which has for its purpose the overthrowing of Cuestas by force, and it is to prevent such a movement that Cnestas has taken Fiich radical steps. Cuestas was formerly president of the senate, when President P.orila was assassinated took the presidency ad interim. * p3*i3 all the {•ity atid the i have overlooking 1 4 > prevent ;at-T£-, a-nd ail over the »«!tlen* Cnes- rd flirmni a red the home Herrera is a AMBITION. Want* the mmocratlc PrMldentlnl Jfoml- nntion In I9OO. The Txniisville Courier-Journal in a recent issue says: J. 11. Sovereign, ' retiring general master workman of ' the Knights of Labor, resigned his position in order that he might push his . candidacy for president of the United j States in 1900. J?eing free now from j all the responsiblities of general mas- ; tor \v.irkmnn, and having none of the former difficulties to contend with. Sovereign has a clear field before him, and the delegates to the general assembly acknowledged last night tllat Sovereign is the avowed candidate for the presidency of the United States i when McKinle.y's term expires. The I convention making him "Bold worker" is the initial step of the Knights of Labor to launch Sovereign's boom. ' Whiie it is said that Sovereign and Hon. W. J. Hryan arc the warmest i friends, the supporters of Sovereign ; say he will make every effort for the ! prize which Bryan seclss to secure, i He soends all his spare time tliscmi- ; nating his views and in general agita- ' tion of all the principles which the ! Knights of Labor advance. MAGNITUDE. and i PLOT OF GREAT the TAYLOR PREDICTS A CRISIS. He I mints That Pabllr Men Cannot Ignore Sentiment for Cuba. ITHACA. N. Y., Nov. 21. Hannis Taylor. ex-United States minister to Spain, delivered an address before a large crowd at Cornell. Mr. Taylor said in part: "Events are moving fast and no man, not even the president, can stop them. No real statesman ever tried to avoid a crisis by turning his back upon it or by self-deception. If the president msikes the fatal mistake of attempting longer to muzzle congress by putting his imprimatur upon false hopes and empty illusions, before, the ink is dry upon his message, events will discredit all his predictions. Let congress but speak the final and emphatic word—recognition—and in ninety days the long and bloody tragedy will be over, the whole Christian world will rejoice and sa3' amen. Spain will be rescued from an impossible situation and there will be no war with the United States, and Cuba will be free." ASKS S2OO.OOO OF HAWAII. Japan Urmnnd« I-arse In.lrmnlty for Immigration Tronblw>. VicroniA. II. C.. Nov. 10.—The steamship Empress of China has arrived from the orient. The Japanese government has demanded the sura of S200.OOO in gold from Hawaii by way of indemnity in connection with the immigration affair. The sum includes ! the losses suffered by immigrants to whom admission WDS denied, ns well as by the companies which sent them, and the expense of sending a man-of- war to Honolulu. The Japanese papers consider the demand moderate Police JInlce New Discoveries in Attempt to Kill Monties. Itio JANEIRO, Nov. ID.— The police, through a confession made to them, have learned that the plot to kill President Morales is of far greater magnitude than at first thought. As a result of this confession many new arrests were made. The relations between Italy and Brazil are daily becoming more complicated. Tim legation insists upon the degradation of Spiritu Santo, who is accused ol connivance in thu recent Italian outrages. The government has so far evaded a reply to this demand. IOWA WILL BE ACCEPTED. CAPTURE CHINESE German Gnnboats I,*n«1 Troop, *t ' Chao. LONDON, Nov. 1ft—A dispatch Shanghai says four German landed 600 troops at the port of Chao. which was held by 3,r,OOChiB«T who. under threat of bombardment' surrendered without firing R ,w Thereupon the Germans hoisted fa German flagand thegunsof the battle, ships fired a salute. The action i, iM-lievecl to be the result of the reotm killing of two German missionaries. LOSIION, Nov. 20.—According to » special dispatch from Shanghai Admiral Von Diedrich. commander of the German cruiser Division, before landing marines at Kiao-Chao. noti6ed the British. French and Russian admirals of his intention, and it • said thnt tho Russian admiral M . pressed approval. The Chinese do not appear to be much distressed over the 1 matter, declaring that Russia, Germany and France arc preparing to attack Japan and will use Kiao-Chao bay as a naval base. LONDON, Nov. SI.—China has sent diplomatic protests to Great Britain Russia and France against the occupation by Germany of Kiao-Clim bat ami island. The affair is proving Um greatest sensation in diplomaticeircles since the famous declaration of tho alliance between Russia and France Already the Ilritish foreign office has taken up the matter, and Count Mur- avieff, at St Petersburg, is said to have made a remarkable display ol temper when the information reached him of the full scope of the Germnn invasion. Latest dispatches indicate that territory and trade, not a desire to avenge murdered missionaries, ar* the chief motives of the German government. BRIGHT IOWA WOMEN. Writing a Composite Hlory for a Dally for Child Scalded to Death. WATpin.00, Nov. so.—Walton the 1-year-old child Wade, of Norfolk, dentally scalded at Wade, of Mrs. John Neb., was acci- the home of his mother's "parents near Raymond. The child was"playing on the floor near a stove when in some way a kettle of boiling water was accidentally upset end the steaming contents fell on the boy's head. The skull was so young « D d tender that it offered no protection to the heat, and the brain of the little one was literally cooked. Death tnmio^famati^h^^ *°nowoa. Will Contest the Klectioii. DES MOISKB, Nov. sa-P. C. Hartshorn, who was one of the candidates for representative in the celebrated Hancock-Wright county squabble, has filed a notice of contest with the secretary of state notifying him that he will contest the election of John Christie, Jr., to the legislature. The potice means that Christie, who was declared elected by the board of •supervisors when the official canvass of the voto was made, will have to defend his rigjitj^a scat in the house. Judge Spurrier Kegigun. DEB MOISKS, Nov. 18.—Judge W. A. Spurrier has forwarded to Gov. Drake his resignation as judge of the district court of Polk county. He will enter the practice of law- The governor appointed C. A. Bishop to fill the vacancy. . Snow In Iowa. DuiiuouK, Nov. 16.--The first snow of the season fej\ last night audit was genera) throuj?h^J^o^hern * owa> Major Van llouten !« Aliasing. DVBUO,UK, Nov. IS.—Major Harry Van IJouten left his home on the 8th to go to the postotliee near by and has pot since been seen, though the police have made a thorough search. Major Van Houten is a veteran of the Thirteenth Illinois infantry and tho Second Arkansas cavalry, which latter ret" juieni he commanded in sovenil engagements. He 'has occupied govern* i)t positions at Salt Lalte, Denver Bock Island, and was for eight ire eouHectert with the Western Telegraph, Company's DES MOINES, Nov. 10. The DCS Moines Daily N»ws. which has made a great hit by reducing its price to 81 a year, has made arrangements with the twelve literary clubs of the city, whereby each club has chosen a representative to write one chapter of a composite story to appear in the Daily News after the holidays. The Women's club will write the first chapter and pass it on from club to club, the Review club writing the last chapter. The ladies of^ the state are much interested in thejinvel scheme. SHE GOT THE POLICY. Evidence Jntr«dnc«d In Hie Davenport Murder Trial. DAVENVOKT, Nov. 31.—In the trial of Mrs. Claus Behrens for the murder of her husband last July, evidence was introduced by the state to show that Behrens was deserted by his wife last December for one Heury Bendt, of Rock Island, 111.; that in July last, Mrs. Behrens returned to her husband upon his promise to transfer his insurance policy of S2.000 from his daughter to her; that he immediately did so, and died with paris green in his stomach in less than tenjlays. Hoover Guilty of Arson. _, WATEHI.OO. Nov. 32.—The jury iu the case of the state vs. Sylvester Hoover, brought to Waterloo from Buchanan county, on change of venue, returned a verdict of guilty against the prisoner. Hoover is about 10 years old. The crime charged is arson. The costs in the case amount in all to 81,303. IOWA CONDENSED. At Otturnwa recently F. G. Randall, a retired druggist and one of the city's oldest and most prominent citizens, was run down and killed by an electric car almost in front of his residence. He was deaf and was standing on the crossing and when tho car was within six feet of him he stopped in front of it and was ground to pieces. Ho was 7.1 years old. In an interview published a fisw BLANCO IS OUT OF MONEY. The Captain-General Can't Kven Huy I r ood for His Aruiy. HAVANA. Nov. 20.—The following is a copy of the official intendente rnil- itair to General Blanco': "Your Excellency: The chief oflicer in charge of provisions for this garrison notifies me that the amount of SI,300,000 is owed by the government to furnishers of provisions, consisting principally of flour and biscuits, itnd that there is no possibility of the furnishers continuing furnishing provisions unless three-tenths of the debt is paid, in order to enable them to purchase articles in the market and senf". a corresponding draft. The manufacturing of biscuits has been stopped for some cause, and as this is of the greatest importance, 1 apply to your respectable authority and ask you to j mullah induce Intnndento De Hacienda, | Mullah director of finances of tbe island, to j beaten the Greeks and please pay tho bill alrondy presented npprone.hes to India and London Fire. LONDOX. Nov. 22.—Insurance agents cay that their losses will be between 81,500.000 and S4.000.000. Much of the burned property was uninsured, being refused on account of location. The streets for' a quarter of a mile in length, involving 100 great warehouses, were destroyed, 300 important tirms and 100 minor ones were burned out and damaged, and tho loss is estimated at close upon S3S.OOO.OOO. BREVITIES. A Havana dispatch says Blanco has undertaken a bigger task than he can accomplish. His tirst decree urging protection for the cultivation of the fields leaves the country in the hands of the insurgents and furnishes them food. Weyler had them well starved. The insurgent army rh-opped from 100.000 to 40,000 men. Blanco is playing into the insurgents' hands by his policy of pacification, and his policy is Itnown as the Spanish suicide. However, the Spanish army is worse off, having dwindled to 30.000 from 110,000, on account of fevers, etc Simla dispatch: Official dispatches from the British camp iu Maiden Vnlley say the Kempster brigade was attacked by the enemy in force. The tribesmen were driven oft with the assistance of star shells, which illuminated the scene snllieiently to enable the tribesmen to bo seen. The British oflicers found in the residence of the letters from tho Haddah Mullah saying: "The Turks have seized the the British Final Trial of the Kigr liattleship Proves Satisfactory. NKW YOUK, Nov. I!).—The United States battleship Iowa arrived at the Brooklyn navy yard after concluding her final trial trip. The report of the inspection board will be sent by telegraph to Washington and it is said that the performance of the Iowa dnr- ing the trip was in every way satisfactory and that the board will recommend that the government finally accept the war vessel. Under natural draught the Iowa attained about 85 per cent of her maximum speed, which was about thirteen and one-half knots. DIVIDE NEW YORK. N«w Utillet Proof Armor. XEW YOUK, Nov. 20.—About a hundred military men witnessed the first exhibition in New York of Footers bullet proof armor, which the inventor hopes will work a revolution in the methods of modern warfare. The trial was a success. Mr. Foote expects shortly to exhibit the material at Washington, where he will request the naval authorities to prove, its nonmagnetic as well as its bullet resisting powers. Cleveland Returns Thankn. PUINCETOX, N. J., Nov. ID. Ex- President, Cleveland said to a representative of the Associated Press: '•The number and heartiness of the congratulation'; we htivc received on the birth of our son are so gratefully appreciate:! that I wish you would convey through the Associated Press our thanks to all the kind people wnc have thus given proof of their friendliness." HONK Crokcr Wilt Have it BUI Introdoced ThU Winter. New York dispatch: According to a , local paper it is Hichard Croker's ambition to extend Tammany's domain beyond the conBnes of greater New- York. The proposal to create anew state by divorcing 10 counties of the state of New York and incorporating them as the state of Manhattan is defined in a bill which is to he introduced at the coming session of the legislature by Assemblyman Patrick Train-'• or, of the Thirtieth district. Mr. Trainer, who is a member of Tammany hall, presented a similar bill in the assembly last, year, but it did not get beyond a committee. The plan is • to create a new democratic state and ;idd two sure democratic United States senators, to secure control of the legislature of what would be the greatest and richest state iu the union, to divide the electoral vote of the pivotal i;tatc, to send to the lower house of congress, a solid delegation from the State of Manhattan, and to get abso- hite legislative control over the second greatest city on earth. TAMMANY RAISES $4O,OOO, to him, avoiding by tioned conflict. this above men- days ago in tho Denison Review Governor-elect Shaw says that he will retain Major W. H. Fleming as private secretary and William Coalsou as messenger in the executive oflice. He also states that it is his intention to eon- suit with tho state library trustees and to appoint a man as state librarian. Old employes will have preference, other things being equal. The DCS Moines police recently found the dead body of August Olson, a tailor, iu the alley between the See- Imrgev am! Manhattan buildings. Ho hud probably fallen out of » rear third-story window of tho Sucburgcr building. Wlwn found his head was terribly crushed and the pavement was covered with l>)ood. Doctors uul not arrive 9» the scene until twenty minutes after the man fell, but said he had bujeu Jjilled instantly. The man, hart been intoxicated two or three dave and must have fallen, from tho while in 9 «m»aU\» Hcott Citfiil for Cont«mpt. LINCOLN, Neb.. Nov. 10.—District Judge Cunningham R. Scott, of Omaha, was this evening cited by the su- promo court to appear before the tribunal on December 7 and plead to tho charge of contempt. The contempt Mihargo is the alleged refusal of Judge Scott to enforce a mandate issued by the supreme court last January in an Oniiiha receivership case. (ieorglit >» Anti-Football. ATLANTA, G»., Nov. 20.—Representative Cole's foot ball bill, providing lor the prohibition of tho playing of match or exhibition games where admission is charged, passed the (senate. The bill hns already passed the lower branch of the legislature, and now awaits the approval of the governor. There is no doubt bvit that bo will sicru_it^ Uot u J»i|j Verdict, CHK.-AOO, Nov. 19.—Fred R. Keteham. conductor on the Northwestern railroad, who took part in tho Debs A. R. U. strike, was awarded a verdict for S2J,OOOiri his faiiit against that company for blacklisting him und preventing him from Kt'eurinj.r work on other roads. He sued lVrJ5'£5.<>(W. linns SubjugttUMl, Nov. 20.—A Madrid special says: All the important insurgent chiefs of the Philippine islands have surrendered, Captain Oenoral Rivera announces a complete pacification of that country. ^ Germany has §30,000,000 in gold coin jincUeil away in on a thousand iron chests in the fortress of Spandaon. Thin is intended for use as an emergency fund in case of war, Kvcry soldier in tho French army who can ph*y upon ft musical instrument will hereafter ho supplied with one at tho expense of the state, provided it is not a harp or a piano. In some parts of China the young women wear their hair in a long single plait, with which is intertwined a bright scarjet thread -"- •— -r-" A Miff ^ *"•* "" ^* denotes that; the young is uwriugobje. reinforcements are cut off. Now is the time to strike a blow for Islam." Secretary Lyman Gage, of the treasury, has requested the secretary of the interior to instruct Alaskan officials to gather 000 reindeer from the government herds for use in an expedition lor the relief of ice-bound whalers in the Arctic regions. The revenue, cutter Bear is expected to sail from Seattle in ten days, and twelve days later is expected to reach Norton's sound, where a large party will be engaged for the overland trip (iOO m'les to Point Barrow. The reindeer will bo driven by tho party and killed for food if necessary It is expected Point Barrow will be reached by the middle of February. Tho eight ice-bound whalers have a combined complement of 9G. r > men. Columbus, O., dispatch: Tho official vote of Ohio for governor at the late ollection is: Bushnell, republican. 429,810; Chapmnn. democrat, •101,715; Holliday, prohibition, 7.558; Coxcy, people's'party. 0,254; Dexter, national democrat, 1.001; Watkins, socialist labor, 4,242; Lewis, negro protective-, 470; liberty party, I!,107. Bushncll's plurality, 28,101. AIoKinloy's plurality over Bryan, 49,494. The senate has seventeen 'known republican members, ttightuen known duiyiocrats und i>no fusion republican elected on the democratic ticket in Cincinnati. Total, yo. The house has fifty-eight known republican members, forty-seven known democrats, and four fusion republicans, elected on tho democrat' ; ticket in Cincinnati. Total, 108. On joint ballot tho republicans have five majority. At Liberty. Mo., Win. Carr, was sentenced to hang December 17. Carr drowned his 3-year-old daughter in tho Missouri river. He received tho sentence with a smile of satisfaction. Washington dispatch: Tho United States minister to Ilayti from Port an Prince says thnt the Haytian government has concluded u tyan for 8-1,000,000 through Lazaril Brothers, New York, at 9 per cent, to be delivered 'immediately, the paper currency to bo destrpyed and the fractional silver and copper coin to be recoiaed in the mint* of the Unite 1 K'ates. IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT. DBS MOINKS. Nov. IS.—Patents havf been allowed by the commissioner at Washington, but not yet issued, as follows: To A. E. Stevens, J. Browa and L. Pettit, of Dallas Center, for a, trade mark for ''The Standard Stock Food Company" consisting of the words "Famous Stock Food" and a cross in a circle. To D. Fortnoy. of Otho. for a device adapted to be adjustably fastened, to tlie body of a person and extended down to support a broken log or to support.a broken Jeg or to straighten a deformed leg or foot. To S. Dewhirst, of Des Moines. for a furnace specially adapted for stoking and utili/ing slack or fine coal for burning brick in u kiln advantageously or building a plant to heal a collection of buildings economically ami without vhc annoyance und loss incident to the cscapo of soot and black smoke. To F. L. Johnson, of Albia, for a machine adapted to be placed over tho mouth of a well to servo as a means for holding and hoisting pipes as required in coupling and niioonplino* and in putting in anil taking out, well tubes. To J. E. iSwunson, of Boone, for a wind motor and power transmitter. Two rods connected with a wind wheel reciprocate simultaneously in reverse ways in such a manner thai the continuous rotary motion of tho wheel is transmitted by their upward strokes to vertically vibrating levers in a power accumulator on the ground and then converted intu rotary motion and transmitted to u mill or other extraneous machine as'required to utilize wind power advantageously. Valuable information about obtaining, valuing and selling patents sent free to any adciress. THOMAS G. und J. KAM-II OHWIG, Solicitors of Patents. S2O.OOO for Ciib.-i nn«l SttO.OOO for Jfeir York 1'oor. XKW Yor.K. Nov. 21.—The executi™ ;> committee of Tammany Hall met and arrautred for the annual organization ; next month. After the transaction ol ; this business. Richard Croker made a speech in which ho asked the committee to subscribe 820.000 for the starving people of Cuba, and a like sura fov the poor of New York city. The suggestion was promptly acted upon. The Cuban check was handed to Senor Tomas Estrada Pal ma and other members of the junta who had called to seek the aid of Tammany in behalf of their starving countrymen. RUSSIA SENDS A NOTE. Blind fishes, two inches long, similar t<i those fouud in tho Mammoth Cave, have been taken from a well belonging to Mrs. Jennie Itristeu, ut lUissell- ville, Ky. It is estimated that every squara mile of the sea contains r.'0,000,000 fishes. Great Britain has over 10,000 post- office savings banks, tho deposits in which amount to §500.000,000. A school for the training of young colored men in agricultural pursuits is about to be established i& Tuskeegqe, Ala. Asks Turkey to Pay Arrears in Wm Indemnity. CONSTANTIXOIT.K, Nov. 23.—The officials of tin- Russian embassy seut» second note to the Turkish imnisteiv;| pointiugout in other times of difficulty-;. Russia has abstained from urging pay-; I ment of war debts due her fronij Turkey, but now that Turkey decided upon fresh armaments not 1 warranted by the present situation, Russia demands the portion in arrears, The porte informed the Russian charge il'iiffairs that nothing has been decided J upon concerning the armaments. Employes -Urst 1'rty Uebln. WASHINGTON, Nov. 20.—Tho secretary of the treasury has issued a circular to employes "to the effect that clerks receiving a stated salary wli»; neglect to pay their debts contractedj for the necessary support of themselves • and their families without presenting.; satisfactory reasons therefor, will not; be retained in ofiice. Competitor Men Fr«u. HAVANA, NOV. I'.).—Tho CompetiU*' prisoners have ut lust been rclpusea from Cabaniis fortress, by or'der oj Captain General 'Blanco, acting accordance with orders from The men all sailed yesterday for New York on tho steainsW Yuinnri, which is dim there NovomW 1 , 21. A tiger in the mt-nagcric -of StUH* gar I was prodded in the eyo keeper, and lost the sight of tli»t' Now it has a glass eye. Rice wine has been in use in lov over two thousand yours, jrape wine, it is the oldest beverage known. Four hundred years ago only » metals were known. No;v there fifty-one, thirty of which lu»« discovered within tlie presentceuvv John M,' Penniinan has bee» J years a member of tlie Hostoft force, Jlis age 19 seventy-five.

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