The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1897
Page 7
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OFPEH DE8 MOtNES: AIXMNA. m*A, WEDNESDAY- KOYEMBEB17. --- - •-•--—— t iiiiintinni-it iiinfiiiii . , , _ — •—- ****«*• "W NEGLECT IS StJlCOE, CORflENt NEWS AND GOSSIP Of THE OAMD> pp Among Itage Hall Men—A prtlr of UHJy fowl's Shoes UUvmetl lor the 1.6'R of the Pennant to linltlmorc ..-Temple Want* tin Investigation. GOSSIP 1 sprin & * ei T hacl a11 possible coftfl- M •*-*•' dence that we should get up to the top. Wt played very strong ball against several teams that beat Baltimore. Boston and Baltimore arc very evenly niaiched, and our advantage lay In defeating them two games on thelv own grounds. That was tho crucial point in t.hfeir career, and they could not stand the strain. Among the reasons for our improved form over 189G Is the fact, that Collins was enabled to play tho season out; a change at first that CURES RHEUMATISM. ETC* A Roceot DUrovftty *>«»* F YOU were hind the bat be- the seso ou; a cange a rs added great strength; the fine work be- last game at Baltimore and heard Robbie's theory of the loss of the game to Mercer you would have agreed with me that ball players are the most super- stltious lot on earth, and this doesn't bar the soubrettes with the 10-20-30-cent vaudeville shows, who cheat on the complexion of the hair, and who believe that spilling salt on the table knocks them out of a salary," observed Tim Hurst. "In that game Robinson was away off in throwing to the bases. He made errors that cost three runs. I heard him holding a conversation with himself as early as the fourth inning. •Well I'm a stiff; I'm a Jonah; I knew those shoes would turn the trick!' said Robbie. Visions ot John McCullough, Hilly Scanlan, and Bartley Campbell entered into my head, and I began to pace Robbie in the same class. 'What do you mean by shoes turning the trick, Robbie?' said I. 'Tim,' he said. •Billy Earlc came to town last week, and he was broke. He touched me for $5, and 1 asked him what he could give me for security. He produced a pair of baseball shoes, and they fitted me like an old slipper. I gave Billy the $5 and took the shoes. This is the first day I have worn them, and I have been catching a bum game. Now what's the cause of it? Nothing but the shoes, iilarle has Jonahed me. I always said he was a Jonah ever since I heard he put guys to sleep with that hypnotism racket he springs.' After the game I heard Robbie telling his woes to the Baltimore players, and they all agreed with him that Billy Barle's shoes had put them out of the v ace with the Boston push." Matthowa FailliiR. Robert Matthews, the famous old- time pitcher and base ball player, who the bat, and excellent team work. Capt. Duffy handled his men with great skill and judgment, Nichols never pitched so well in his life, arm thr? work of l^ong has been marvelous." The most prevailing afflictions that for a century have hoen engaging thfi most scientific skill of the medical world are rheumatism, neuralg a. catarrh, asthma. In grippe and their _Mn dred ailments. The country is full of si-fforers from these complaints. Although the most learned experts of the medical profession have labored for n century to produce a curative, until nuUe vocently no positive results were onVctcd To the awanson Rheumatic Cure Co.. 167-C.n Dearborn street, Chi ..»..„,.. AUendHlirr. While the figures of attendance at base ball grounds as sent over tho country are rarely correct, they arc near enough to the truth to form interesting conclusions. The general belief is that the round numbers fur-i niSiied .from Western grounds arc ex-, aggerated. Eastern figures arc more, nearly correct, and those from Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia ami Brooklyn arc said to be exactly so. This season 2,8S5,(!81 persons passed through tho twelve league turnstiles. The Eastern attendance bout tl«} Western attendance Eastern clubs also more than 200,000. before more- team. second ss. judge the picture by the frame round it. Don't try to kill two birds with one stone. Use a shotgun. Don't send for a doctor If you prefer o die a natural death. Don't kick a atraivgo dog juet to find out whether he is good-natured or not. Don't waste your time disputing figures. They seldom lie, except In gas meters. _ Kew Invention*. by over 400.000, drew bettor by Baltimore played people than any other Boston and New York stand ^^.... and third respectively. Now York city turned out the largest number of spectators, with Cincinnati and Boston second and third. Baltimore's home attendance is sixth on the list, but in drawing powers the Orioles dis-; tance all rivals. From tho following table cranks may pick out any combination desired: Kast. At Home. Abroad. Tola'i. Baltimore 273.(HC Boston 334,800 NOW York nno,3io Brooklyn 220,831 Philadelphia 28S.S1G Washington 351.028 ical In days ,,, n re* havo '."-en marketed with th momise to take effect in thirty days r more I'lve Drops toRlna to cure nt oner ' immediate relict is felt. In order to moro effectively advertise Us merits he ronuutuy will for the next iwrtv dav* send out. 100.000 of their \ mplo hotllfis nt IhlB Positive cmc for T. «ntH n bottle by mail pre- n d ,avg.- holtlp. »«» d° a «>. * l ^ f T hi tv Java 3 botlUv, $2.50.) Those B«r- >. ug should take immediate ndvant- uge of HUB Koncrous offer and write them to-day. •juiumU>JL few gu \i+»j *«*™- —^ •- stant pain in the region of the womb bloatinjf heat and tenderness of the ftbdotneto, which make the weight of yotir clothes fttt almost intolerable burden to yoti. It is »ot natural to suffer BO in merely emptying the bladder. Does not that special form of sm- , fering tell you that there is inflammation somewhere? 'Shall I tell you what it is? — ' It is inflammation of the womb! If it goes on, polypus, or tumor, or cancer will set iB. Commence the use of Lydia E. Whkham's Vegetable Compound. Thousands of womett_m tins «mdilionhave .Yi; the UP-TO-L3ATELETS. is 312,690 OI7.39J .. .173,7'D •104,TOl , 178,17", A souxl ia\v without execution like an unperformed promise. Woman will sootier or later confess her sins, hut never her faults. Actions undoubtedly louder (bun words. The hornet, never speaks. ' Fortune is like a mirror—it don't alter men; it only shows men just as they are. Laughter is the magic lens through which we ever sec the brightest, and best side of life._ _____ A Jirir/.i'n Fellow. SUe-Tluxt compositor IK a very saucy ai'in. Ho- Total, East "West. Cincinnati .... Chicago Cleveland PtUsb.ure Louisville — St. Louis , At Home. 827,t«0 115,250 1,553,388 3.212.24 1 ) Abroad. Total. 1M8,3«0 " -Yes, u sort of bold fnrcd type. 280.32-1 15(1,804 210,209 180,030 5I3.K6 iibaisi-i 335,47!) 138,400 Votal. W«Bt ...llSaWTO M3WM3 S.5«». 31:l SHIOO Kownnl, »1OO. Tho i-pailora of this paper will be ,)k,!is«a to loani that llierc la ut oil* dreaded illseaso that HRlcinje.has Jvi:c-ti ume 10 euro In ul I Us »<U«PS and tin t a t-a- E^HSH'^S Amongst the curious patents which weT "sued the past week was ono or n clo.ver toy In tho. shape of a lop, adapted to show picture ^rda undei movement; a simple pipe wrench, pateXT to an Iowa inventor; a street "«r fender which makes It im- poBBlh.'J for a pedestrian to fall under Iho same; a simple hand fire extinguisher! a rubber tired wheel having spokes, a compound for cie- utroving insects, and a training ap- nrntus. We herewith show copyrighted Illustrations of three famous inventions which are now.public prop- ertv inventors of im Inquisitive turn of mind, may find pleasure in solving these three problems, inventors desiring free Information as to procuring patents may obtain the name In addressing Sues & Co.. attorneys at law and registered patent agents. Bee Building, Omaha, Neb. WhonoverTwmmiri K ets an idea that she Is look UK imlo she always insinuates to hor husband that she is worrying about his health. HOC CHOLKRA ANTI-TOXINE. Curo of HOR best advice She has given the helping hand to tiff iustllkeyourself,many of whomlivedmile.saway from clan. Itci marvelous Vegetable Compound has cured A many thousands of women. It can be found at auj, respectable drug store. Mil." CHAUI.KH DUNMOUK, 103 Fremont St., Winter mil, Somcrvillc, Mass., says: "1 was in pain day and nkrht; my doctor did not seem to help me. I could not seer/to find nny relief until T. took Lydia M. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I had inflammation of , the womb, a bearing-down pain, and the win tea very badly The pain was so intense that I could not sleep at nhtl tO took Lydia E. Mnkham's Vegetable Compound for eight , ... _- . nS am no v a right. Before that I took morphine pills for my pain; that 1^ m stake for the relief was only momentary and tho effect vile. I Wll \o thanl-fu to be relieved of my sufferings for the pains I had were some- tWng Sblc I am, indeed, very grateful for tho good Mrs. Pinkham's remedies have dene me." months, ROBERT MATTHEWS, for some time has been under treatment for brain trouble at the Spring Grove Hospital for the Insane, was last Tuesday taken home by his mother to her residence, 513 Bloom street, Baltimore. Matthews is entirely harmless and for some time has been failing very rapidly, until ho has become so feeble that he can hardly move about. His malady i? incurable and as the physicians hold out no hopes ot his lingering very long in his present condition, his mother desired that he should spend the remainder ot his lite, at home. Matthews' last outing was in the latter part of August, when at the - invitation of the Cincinnati chu he attended one of the games at Union park between the Orioles and the Reds. Alison's Dinner. Mrs. Anson gave a dinner to the meiihers of tho Chicago ball club in Chicago the other night. Those present, besides the hostess and her husband, were; Thornton, Griffith, Kittridge und Pfcffer. Lange, Cailahuu, Conner, Ryan, McCormick and Donohue were unable to attend. Captain Anson talked freely about his plans for the club next season, and among other things announced positively that he would not sever his con-, nection with the organization. He said when he retired he would do so voluntarily but that he would never be foixed out. He is aware of the shortcomings of the club, as developed hy this season's play, and he proposes to remedy them as far as possible. As a first step in that direction he says he will enforce discipline next year, and every player will have to toe the mark with no back talk. If the captain car- rieo out his determination in this mater it will no doubt have u salutary ei- foci as the lack of respect for his authority this year has been little short df scandalous. • Another innovation will bo m the matter of trades. Captain Anson says he expects to trade freely; m fact, whenever he thinks he can get a beer nlaver by an exchange he will one In addition to the new A already announced us secured for" next year'he will give Chance a California catcher, an opportunity 10 show what he can do in a National 1 says ho is convinced that Cal- lahnn will wake one of the best sec- ondbasemen that ever played ball. °n3 he will keep him constantly in that position instead of sending him in to pitch occasionally, as he has done this year. Vnr Iho I loll Illld ClHlUTH. Vrcwved from the. blood of horses muni/od ngi.iust tho bacilli ot Hoc; ern Wo guarantee to euro Iho Hi nlKii to immunize herds <>l swino ngamst loir cholera Infection. This preparation s M KfiontiHc! ono mid is as effective in hogs ..ntl-taxine is i n chiIdrcn Ve invito tho attention . of liroedcvs ot hoirs Kor furthor imrtioulnrs ad- ress .INO. T. M1LUKBN& CO., Daetprio- ogic Uopurlinoiit. St. Louis^Mo. KclimU,.- Your How«N WUH C:i»cnrot«. Sold nv Kamllv T'tr 75c. nrt- Mm In tho TnmillntU <:«ii(«ry. ] Ttie Hoy -And was silver ouco a procioiiH '"H!S Father-Yos; at ono time silver was more valuable ihnn conl. ICnKllHli ISteoV KnllH. In tearing up a siding on the Htraits- vllle division of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, the other day, the section men discovered that several of the rails had been made in 18«3. Subsequent, investigation revealed the fact that these rails were part of a lot that , were bought In Rngland during the war I at a cost of $125 per ton in gold. Iho rails were still in very fair condition and for light, motive power would last ten years longer. Tho Hnssians niroly over lants without eating u snui.'k drink. _ i-'KSootMMRH.vrnp, i-oiiKllpiitlnii 1«'«' V1 '';refund i»«»«y- -Boh says tlmt 1 K row more bcnuUlul ,,vo- y Iimo he sm-s mo," smd Mar.>. ^ . don't you ask him to call oltener; • t.aid Anno. . IteliKleer li» Alasiiii. Dr Sheldon Jackson, for 20 years traveler in Alaska, suys the government's experiment of importing rey deer from Siberia is a success, and tha the, problem of winter traveling in the interior is practically solved. Hire hundred miles per clay can bo mad over the snow with relays at reason able intervals and best of all, the rein deer will rustle for his own food. The best map of the Yukon-Klondil mining country has been printed in folder form by the Northern Pacific railway. Send a 2-cent postage stamp to Chds. S. Fee, G. P. A.. St. Paul, Minn The folder is full ot up-to-date •information regarding rates und routes to Alaska. 1 A good woman is tho salt of tho earth ir.ul 'it flirt, the l )OI) P°^_ i Thorn IK a Cluss of 1'ooplft Who iiro injured by the use of cofl'et;. Recently there has been placed in nil •ho nroce-i-y stores a new prepnration .•tilled OKA1N-0 made of pure }?r:nns, ihut takes tbc places of collee. 1 he most deliente stomach receives U, without distress, and but few can tell it from cortee. It, does not cost over h IK iiiiivli. Children may driiik it will, orc-ftt benefit, 15 cts. nnd *]***. yet pitckiige. Try U. Ask ior (. LAJN-O. The mou "tittit look tho haughtiest and most dollHiit when some women got on the t-ar are tho siune ones thut ilnrou t tho trout porch ut homo. CJivmly (.'ittliMTlk'. i;"" k;,a;f. JfC.c.i:. ruii.L ^ Tlievo is nothTi\g" tlmt excels corninosil for fattening to\vls. gmoko SloOgfTcipriiroUoH. 'JO for :. ctn. The Kmlideu is tho best brood of geese to koop. , each fliildreii wero sent to earth toshauio poo ie into ucUuKao!oii t^o_ouo anoUiur. >'o-To-llu<! for ntninintc-pil tobacco li-alilt inch Htrutitf, l)l'ioil pure. iwc. Lots of marrlaptos hms gate. It is a reneiaeff because it makes new again. Old hair is made new} the gray changed to the color of youth. WELL MACHINERY . W15_ ItlLIO :M __ r otc. _ boon toutoil and ranVi'd. ~" _ . L:THOMPSON GO., —- — • -- *— \Vorka sOn a swinging WE ^jfr • •••»• • w — — -To IV1OTHERS. IG !»•"«««*» JS " Cuvpnt, CloUv and Clothes j fU-unVi 1 " ri-moVL-M all spots and stains wH i»t injuw. -^ i» -absolutely sale und «uro. Soiul live 2-comt Btaim* and « will mull you a box ot it * . SAMUEL PITCHER, of &yanws, Massachusetts, tor of that has lorne and docs bear the f^^^U Juts ^of^ LOOK CAREFULLY & tho wr*m>*r wra , p - years JFREEIFREE! FREE! AiniiiilneimcKaiikoDlamoiidRlnicorPlnBlven free w t ea'rh oriior lor the buantHuI pictuvc, ROCK OF ACES 01 Street, New York City. '(III Hundred. oIBpeolaJWM ut lew t , , t3l South Ji'lTflMi. H. t'llK'ACII SCAM! «>.. U,lo.«», lit. March 8, 1897: -• . Do Not Be Deceived. n nt endaneer the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute h- hMmedSstniay offer you (because he makes a few more pennies oVu), the ingredients of which even ho does not know. ^ "The Kind You Have Always Bought DEARS THE FAC-SIMILK o.QNATURE OF f C.VI'AliUU and kGetyourPonsion- DOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. O'PARREl.L, Pension Agent, • 1425 Now York Avenue, WASHINOTQN. VC1 The Temple scries iu the National league may he contested no more. W. C. Temple of Pltt&hurg, who presented the magnificent silver trophy to the league, is dissatisfied with this years contest. He declares that he will attend the league meeting and request that the cup be returned to its owner. "1 will also asli," Mr. Temple says, "that the league investigate the charges that the Baltimore and Boston players this year agreed to an ' equal'division of the receipts in face of the league's explicit conditions about GO per cent to the winner and 40 per cent to the loser. 'If these rumors are proven true I will ask that the offenders be blacklisted. The cup was offered to benefit the garni? .generally, ana to develop a fast series. This years has not been such." A» 8e>ee Bee* It. Manager Selee of Boston gives the following reasons why the Beaneaters won the pennant: "We struggled very bawl to earn the pennant, hut at trie same time have endeavored to be consistent and sportsmanlike both in the treatment of-umpires and opposing 'Payers. We naturally feel very happy at our grand success. While batting has beeu the predominant feature •leading to ouv victory, still the har- mgulous action of the players has been n item* factor in our success. So far as 'batting is concerned, the so-caueu short field left fence at Boston cut »o figure for the reason that the Bos- tons have devoted their efforts exclusively to right field batting. As 9. rnj&er of fact, visiting players m,&ny wove hits over our left fence, than, aid the Bostons. s "Although ve \von b«t a single l,oolc Out for Flttslmrg. William H. Watkins, late manager of the champion Indianapolis teanv Ask vonr crooer for Tone Jiros.' Avuliiiiu Hleudod Coffee, u, delightful drink. In il-pouiid cans onlv. i Bnv rooms m Norway cannot nut. fortunes to their owners, for by law no person may spend more than six ueiits ut ouo visit lo a public house. TO CUK"K"A~COI'» IN ox is DAV. Take Iitixutivc Uromo Quinlno Tablets. All •* „.„.« »»r.,nrl t hn VTIQUOV If it fflllS tO CU1*G, w&O Insist on Having The Kind That Never Failed You. The Record Co,, Sioux City, lu MANAGER WATKINS. has been secured by Pittsburg. . Wat- has been secu . U?ns has managed more championship teams that any other American maw- JTr He has remarkably good judgment and fills the various positions with the right kind of men at any cost This method pays," hejays. Mrs James Brown Potter »nd Kyrle not fared well with their tomance of "PvancWon" in Lpn- - and 6 ome of the critics find that ' Potter h«s not U*p»ved, wWjJ M Bellew'y acting is saW to have Jos much of Us delicacy. Mrs. Pot° ev Chocked London, just as she did New York, with a low^necUed gown to be kept ou her by some Mrs Beosely, of Philadelphia, rejoices in nu income of 95,000 a > ear, derived from an mveiitiou of her own, a machine that hoops barrels. _____ C^c'. i:oui;ii Uuinam fi flic olilect. anU best. It will bri-alc up n. eolil (pilcko: iLttii aiiytJiluit elsi'. Jt IsolwtkVHfeUaul'- Iff it. Very few meu over BOO the collection taken up in clmrch without thiukuiK of a c'6ru-poppei\ l-'ree E«cur»luii to SomU«rii Idaho uud return to huyars o forty acres of.irri- K atod farm lauds at *3ft wu aero. l>, II. Currier, 4:i5 La_Biilio_Ave. 1 _UUcago, ill. A woman may. wot be able to concentrate her mind but she cau generally «»<- » )ttby to go to sleep. Star Tobaugo is the leading braud of the world, because it is the beet. ; 'Do you tliimtThat stimulant-i would hurt me, doctor; 1 ' "Not if you leave them uloue," ...... Forever. CANDY CATHARTIC CURE CONSTIPATION The becretaiy ot the Uujted Statei> Brew ev'b AwwciutiQU wtfb thu C »P 1 *?. 1 ''V, 64 ; 1 . 6 iu the Inewei-y busmesfc i»i the United States ib $166,TO8,«03. QUARANTEEO TO CURE Every Kind of CougH or La Grippe*. |Dr. Kay's Lung Balm * 4 ' 11 Leave Omaha any Thursday afternoon at 4:35---in^ a clean, comfortable, not crpwd-'v ed tourist sleeper—and you reach San Francisco Sunday evening, Los Angeles Monday noon.» No transfers—cat goes right through. Uniformed Pullman porter and experienced excursion conductor relieve you of all bother. ^^^»WH^»J I IBA W »ewl auurohs *oi "PriKiyj^r-.,?, Jj (.() \Vesteru Offlue, OuiaUB, «»»>• XAddrebb JJR. B- J- K-AYMBDluAl* ou., » o»v«« v , &>»»»»»»»»**»»»»»»*»*** Lumbago . 14. ...I4.U OT JAftORS OIL. which

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