The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1897
Page 5
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THE ttFPEK DES MQIKflS: ALGQNA, IOWA, November Slaughter Sale. Friday, Nov. 19, to Saturday, Nov. 27 inclusive. During the 8 days of this sale every effort will be put forth to make this the best one we have yet had. Our stock must be reduced, and we propose to give you prices that will do it One of the winning features of this sale will be a fine line of Suits and til EC OO Overcoats at *r * This line will contain all of our best sellers up to f 8.50. You will not realize what values we are giving you until you see them. Cowles' Block, Algoiia, Iowa. Suits and Overcoats at.. $9.75 Those desiring to purchase a fine suit or overcoat will find what they want in this line. At $7,90 we will offer values never duplicated by any clothing concern in this part of the state. Dr^SS SllOeS at $1.19. ment^^Ube^ulTof bargains during this *~^ = sale. You who have not yet bought your winter supplies on account of mild weather will do well see us during this sale. KRAFT CLOTHING CO. RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No.l departs at No. 3 departs at Freights that carry passengers— No. 03 departs at No. 71 departs at No. 65 departs at TRAINS EAST. No.2 departs at No. 4 departs at ^ Everybody will go out to see the flowers and visit with each other. ? :30pm No. 94 departs at CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South— North— d. Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. m., 0:15 p. m " and 1:20 a. m. F- H . VESPER , Agent . THE LOCAL FIELD. . The Mum show tomorrow. The Ottumwas next week. Algona is to have a dancing school. The home minstrels come about Dec. 13. Goeders will be clothing headquarters till Jan. 1. The mercury got down to 10 above Monday night. A little girl came to Chas. Hofius' in Union, Monday. The big K. P. dance comes next week Wednesday evening. Frank Parish is now tinner and plumber at Doxsee's. Wadsworth Bros, are going to put sheep on their Hobart farm. Geo Boevers'home in Union has a new boy since last Wednesday. It will pay everybody to go over and meet with the teachers Saturday. David Grier, our old-time court reporter, is going to California to live. Company F is soon to elect a new lieutenant in place of A. E. Daugherty. Robinson sells a range for $18. What is the use of buying one of peddlers for $69.? t t . Regular preaching services at the Baptfst church Sunday morning and evening. J O. Hatch is appointed postmaster at Swea City in place of Jos. Pachman, removed. Market prices remain good. Wheat is worth 70@78 cents, flax 90, oats 15@16, barley 15@18. Martin Jensen bought a 14-foot geared windmill of the Wigwam yesterday for his big Seneca farm. Doxsee makes a timely Thanksgiving suggestion. A good turkey roaster is the seasonable piece of hardware. Sheriff Christensen says he will sell his Algona house to the right man. II he does not he will run it as usual. Earl Stephens had a big deer dressed atWinkel's market, and several Al- gonians have been tasting venison. Work began on the new 'ewer Monday. It is expected to push it rapidly. J to. Cowan is the man for the job. John G. Smith has lately bought two full-blood Jerseys of Mr. Pitz of Manson, brother of E. O. Pitz of Germania. Ho is going to breed some fancy cattle. I. Frye has sold his farm south of town to A. D. Clarke. He has also sold out down in Missouri and is now in Kansas on a half section ho has bought. ,T. L. Edmonds says the present chainless bicycle will not be a success in his opinion. He has a plan for one that is going to bo the coming wheel. Saturday's State Register noted that Sullivan '& McMahon of Algona had been admitted to practice in the pension bureau of thu interior department at Washington. The equal suffrage club will hold a meeting at the court house hall on Thursday, Nov. 20 at 2:30 o'clock. Mrs. Laura M. Johns will preside. Program next week. The city cannot get four inch pipe for Its water'main extension to M. B. Dai- ton's and work has suspended. It is hoped that pipe can be had before the ground freezes up. Galbraithhas table linen that will make a Thanksgiving table shine. Galbraith is also making a sale of ribbons for all sorts of decorating. Now is the time to "slick up." Marriage licenses have been issued to Peter Elman and Maggie Ukena, Oren Platt and Emily Cleary, John W. Smith and Susie Stauffacher, Prank A. Gibbs and Lucy M. Spear. The ladies of the Algona Grange will serve dinner at the Grange hall in Al- serve dinner U.D ouo vjnuu^u -- --- cona every two weeks during the winter & T :_„ ,,, ™Mio rximmnnnine'Satur- that as the contract was rondo under the old code he can collect the full amount. The claim is over $1,100. A new notice hns been served on about 30 Algona old-time policy holders of accident insurance in a defunct Now York mutual company that they will bo sued for $0 apiece unless they respond promptly in that amount, i hoy talk of joining and making a test cnsc. Dr. Sheetz continues to gain in strength, and is recovering slowly from his paralytic stroke. Ho is at the store every day, and moves about with increasing case. Ho is much thinner in flesh, however. The doctor's many friends expect to see him as well as ever in the spring. Patrons of Stacy Bros.' milk wagon wondered Monday why their usual lacteal supply was not forthcoming. They did not know that Frank's usually docile team wont to delivering on its own account down by C. M. Doxseo s, and made short work of it by spilling the cans all out in one spot. W. P. Jones is arranging to have an expert stenographer and bookkeeper in the Wigwam next year, and will give his whole time to outside business. The Wigwam grows steadily and is the oldest and best known machinery depot in this part of the state. Wm. Hawley Smith travelled with Bill Nye several seasons and was his equal us an entertainer. He will tell the people Saturday evening \yhatlo read, and his advice will be valuable. Ho will also show them how to road, and his illustrations will be as interesting and entertaining as anything ever given in Algona. Mrs. Laura M. Johns will lecture COULD BE DONE FOR LESS. KOSSUTH'S INSANE AT $4 A WEEK. These Arc tlio ITIuurcB for Our l*n- tloiitB nt independence — Tlio CIIBO of Wiu. Carter. APPLES. APPLES The public school bulletin for the week ending Nov. 12 shows an enrol. ment of 622, and only 12 cases of taidi ness. , We all will give thanks next week .SffaYWS.«"bMbiSJIy constituted. The jubilee singers at the Congregational 'church lait Thursday evening had a small audience, but gave aveiy fine entertainment. Wm Hawley Smith Saturday even- to? » What'to read and how to read it?" Will commence promptly at 8 o'clock at the Call. The Misses Molntyre and two other lady teachers have secured the little cottage Dr. Morse is building, and wiu £TOnui every uwu woun.o ^ v<* *"t? -— and spring months, commencing Saturday, Nov. 27. Price 15 cents. The 50 fine art works offered by the Ladies' Home Journal for the decoration of public halls have been seen reel for the reading room. The 'pictures they are copies of cost $50,000. Rev. Sinclair will speak next Sabbath morning upon the theme "Joseph Attacked By the Archers." In the evening there will bo a service addressed by Rev. Hughes of Des Moines. E S Johnson is still having trouble with his eyes. Two surgical operations have failed to help him with one, and the other, which he injured while splitting kindling, is growing weaker. Kraft is going to celebrate Thanksgiving from Friday till the end of next week with pretty near everything in the way of clothing reduced to $5. A five dollar bill at Kraft's will make any home happy. Frank Fuller is down from Forest City to arrange for bringing his wife Ida Fuller, to Algona next month with a vaudeville company. His wife s dancing was the finest spectacle ever given in Algona. Prof Spencer goes to the public school building at 7:15 o'clock in the morning and does not leave until 5:45 in the evening. He is a worker, and his work is already evident to the casual observer of the Algona schools. At the meeting of the W. L. A. S. Friday afternoon Mrs. Flora Cowles will give a paper on "The Austrian Netherlands, and States General of Holland,'' and Mrs. W. K. Ferguson one on "The Art of Public Improvement." . n T ibrarian McElroy has given out 291 books from the public library during the first two weeks in November. Dur- S| the same time 377 have spent some Hmflin the reading room. Last Friday evening there wore 51 people in the reading room. •RYnest Raymond was at Ledyard to nrosecute A. H. Wiltse for stealing an Overcoat? The jury disagreed and a new trial is set for tomorrow Wiltse fs the man who was on F. H. Vesper's farm where the house burned down shortly after he moved out. -r,.., 1? T?. Dn.v will Breach at the Jtv6V. J.VH D* J_JILUIC.V Alii wv*"«w • • --under the auspices of the equal suffrage .. _ i i_ _. i, ,,11 .->»i 'Pit 11 i»c_ club, at the coust house hall on Thursday Nov. 29, at 8:15. Mrs. Johns is president of the Kansas equal suffrage association and is one of the brightest speakers and most earnest workers in the field. A large audience should greet her. Admission free. Maro, the magician, gave one of the best entertainments over in the opera house last Wednesday evening. He is clover with his hands, is a musician of talent, and withal is good looking and interesting. The audience was not large, which is very strange, as this was the first prestidigitator of any note to come to Algona, and the lirst of any kind in several years. Dr. Kenefiek found a team standing tied to Geo. Boever's fence up in Union last Wednesday morning. It had been out all night and ho brought it to town and notified the marshal and county attorney. The team belonged to Chas. Curran of Bancroft, who claims that he left it with Boetscher to drive home. Curran was let go, and Boetschor can t be found. Martin Jordan has a curious Lund suit up in Emmet county. He traded land in Irvington to Lund for an eighty in Emmet with apparently a clear title The eighty shows up with a $500 mortgage and a $700 mortgage. The $700 represents the following transfers: A bogus sale to one Erickson, a bogus mortgage back to Mr Lund's sister-in-law, a bogus transfer from her to one Noel, who now holds it, It is costing Kossuth county about $3,000 to maintain its insane. The bills allowed by the county board for the past year are as follows: January, 1807, mooting— Hospital at Indopouaonco $ r>74,00 Local expense ij£ j>[> To Grundy county ' ' uu April, 1H07, meotiiiK— ...,., ,.„ Hospital lit Intlopoiulonco.,, V?rno Local expenses n.> u~ June, 1807, meeting— Local expenses tv 01 September, 1807, meeting— Hospital at Independence 012 04 Local expenses 0.1 J ( November, 1807, mooting— Hosultnl at Independence O'll •-<•> Local expenses "•' "" Total $11,0108:) The latest report from the hospital at Independence shows that we have 17 patients which are costing §14 a month there. The average will probably not be far from 17 the year round, and the average total expense is-$180 a year apiece, $15 a month, or nearly $4 a week—a good price for the best accommodations. The county by keeping its own insane could materially cut down this bill, and provide fully as good accommodations for the hopelessly insane. All that such a hospital as that at Independence should be open to should be those who can by proper treatment recover. The Kossuth patients reported at Independence in the last report are: Samuel R. Shaw, C. W. Sifort, Geo. A. Gardner, Abbio Bailey, Edward Tobin, Sofa SohulU, Frances Kelloy, Aug. Biging, Emil Erickscn, Martha Turner, Anna Young, Win. Carter, Emil Mousol, Luella Wheeler, Jim. G. Smith, Joa. A. Louck and Johanna Hayon. Mrs. Turner is now dead, and Miss Anna Young has returned to her homo and is now in the Corro Gordo county hospital. WM. CARTER BECOMES VIOLENT. Wm. Carter, whose return from the insane asylum was noted last week, and whose friends appealed from the decision of the local commissioners that he be returned to Independence, became violent Friday, and Saturday was taken back to the asylum by the sheriff. Pending the appeal he was put in the keeping of S, P. Christensen, and roomed and ate at the Algona house. He was very quiet and remained in his room most of the time. Thursday morning, however, while Mr. Christenson was up town, ho made pretense ol going to his room and slipped out and started for his home in Irvington. Mr. Christenson was not an hour behind him and ran his team, but Mr. Carter had arrived and was making trouble. As soon as he saw Christenson he bo- came savage and struck him on the head with a club, swearing he would kill him. In the tussle that followed he bit Christenson's hand viciously. He was overcome, however, and We are Long on Apples Just Now and can furnish them by the barrel, by the bushel, by the peck, or the handfull, as desired. Better lay in your supply for winter right now while you can get your choice of the best. No trouble about the price. That will be right. No. 8 E. State St. James Patterson. That Turkey Must Be Carved.... I have the carvers to carve him with, the patent roasters to roast him in, and A Six-hole Range with a. reservoir to do it with that r 10 ono INOOI, w»*u """"""*""'••-'•« "-- ~ •-- • release of the mortgage by the brought back to town is one o _«,, — KO J^fct *•**•--- run "bachelor's hall." bis son, G; T. The senator did all nis gunning prior to Nov. 2. Geo. W. Hanna IB moving into his oewhome in LuVerne this week. He fog one p( the big Tand elegant ijenpes of northern Iowa Geo. Bauman, an German, set a prairie fire field. He was prosecuted by ty attorney ana fipea *!«• Studley's calendar shows .that the sun poae at 6:50 o'clock tbia ° wJU eet.»t 4:40 tOBlfbt. It n jBoathto tbe shortest day The umBhow tomorrow aiBLoi-iu-law. Noel sues to foreclose and Mr. Jordan is claiming that Noel's claim is worthless. Noel actually paid the money. Sullivan & McMahon represent Jordan and Clarke & Cohenour are for Noel. __ A CHIMNEY of Hamilton's pressed brick laid in comentwlUlast a lifetime. FOUR or five boarders can now be accommodated at Mrs. E. C. Tuttle's, next to Bradley & Nicoulin's wagon fac- tory.-25t2 A NEW invoice of jackets just received at Galbraith's. A GOOD business for sale. A fine home in Algona to exchange for a good farm in Kossuth county, Iowa. Jin- nu Theme, "Increase." In the evening the congregation will join in the service at the Congregational church addressed by R. W. Hughes D. D of the American Bible society. T L Marston sued Louie Eller for S75 in'Squire Taylor's court and Eiler Sutin a counter claim. Before the ffie came for trial they got drunk UUli II U U(*w*». ww «*»* " *•'* _ Mr Carter is one of the pioneers and his misfortune is regretted by everybody. It is unlikely that he will again emerge from the asylum. MISS ANNA YOUNG AT CLEAR LAKE. Cerro Gordo county has an asylum of its own, ably and economically conducted. Miss Young, whose return to her Plum Creek home was noted last week, has been taken to Clear LaUe and is being kept there. The Clear Lake Reporter says: "Miss Young of Algona, who has been for some time in the hospital at Independence, came here the last of the week to enter the hospital of this county. For the pros ont there is plenty of room in our hos pital, and the fees we get in this way materially aid in paying the expense of the hospital. It speaks well for the management that people from other counties should be sent here. Only costs and heaters at equally low prices. How good a Round Oak or Elmhurst stove feels with a good fire m it during one of these cold snaps, and it 's such a good heat, No gas, no smoke, no dust. Call and be convinced. W. Robinson. Pioneer Hardware. INSURAML • ' Also Land, Loan and Collection Buslness.- Offlce over Algona State Banlt. Fanners' of Ceclav Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Five, Minneapolis, Rockford of Roclcford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. A CHIMNEY of Hamilton's pressed brick laid in cement will last a lifetime. LAMBS' wool insoles—misses', ladies' and gents'—all sizes, at Galbraith's. MY residence for rent. 30 MRS. DORMOY. A CHIMNEY of Hamilton's pressed brick laid in cement will last a lifetime. You can towels for i " w» * caee of arbitration. Grove & Son's. A curious question has arisen out of • failure in Bancroft. Haokl | the *Sd 'The Furstenbe-rg"buiTdTng I for a term of three years still to run. Under the old law in case of failure the Ser could collect for the full term. The new code limits him to six months from the date of failure. F. M, Gurtlss | MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa A LAROB assortment of, fancy plates get a nice pair of 5o at Galbraith's. all linen EIGHTEEN karat rings that are 18 karat, not 14 karat rings made up by some jobber and stamped 18 karat. 6 DINGLEY & PUGH. FOB sale, residence property, well located. Inquire of F. H. Vesper.-aOt* WflBuiuJii^Jii-Llll 1 i e«-i« i US i Mjrt>j - - 1 *!, 11 HOUSE to rent. Inquire of J. B, FOB time loaae OB m\ estate This trade-mark stands for all that is honest and worthy in LUMBER, Lath, Shingles and Material, «£ <£ <£ JOHN PAUL Umber is of a superior grade for the money- Good sturdy stuff that you can depend upon. No culls thrown in wten you pay yow good money for tetter Promptly Fur- Market Jote nui taite V ,fW

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