Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1937 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1937
Page 4
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j -0z. lonrcs end for A. & P. 25c Ing 'CO, 1 lb. cnn __________ 20c lb. can ---------- 49 C EIJT/ ALL YAl«KTIKs"(ex cent Chicken Gumbo, Clam Chowder, and consomme) SOUPS, 2 HI-OB, cnns Dromedary Fancy ium, 7M-OZ. pk Popcorn Confection (JKACKEJl JACK, -t /i 10 C -i f\ ±UC -I f .J. O C 25c 28c •Fresh Roasted I'KAJTUTS, 11). A. & I'. GHAl'i; JUICE, 2 lit. Iiottlcs SHIiniP, wet pack, !>%•<>/. t-an Ann I'nge SALAD J)KESSL\G, ((*• jnr Campbell's TOMATO PUKEE, 4 ll-oz. enns FOLGEirs COFFEE"," Ilj. ciui 1'VRK LAUD— 2 Ibs. _. I Ibs. """"' Sultana Queen OLIVES, < ( t. jar 1'UA^UT JWLTTLE, . Fruit and Nut Filled -I r~ CANDY, lb. ___________ JLOC Yukon t'lub HKVKRAGKS. n f t 2-i-o/. bottles ________ Z& C I'lu.s Jtottfc Deposit Armour's Star n n SKINNKI) IIA.MS, lb. -ZOC Fresh j f^ OYSTKKS, (,t. ________ 4&C j i~ 4OC CARE IS URGED OF GAME BIRDS DURING WINTER Material Wanted for 'Cover' in Time of Deep Snow. llV^™: 1 ™ 1 of a heavy KOSStM CQtWTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA concern blanket of snow caused among K(JMUlh ^ —— welfare of what remains of a depleted pheasant stock not only in ?±! Ut ' but throughout northern E. V. officer to weaver, president of the county Conservation League, made atter a conference with Pierce, state conservation stationed here. The time to begin measures .„ save game birds, says Mr. Weaver, s before the situation becomes acute. The pheasants are in good shape right now, and the alarm is not immediate. However, if the period of heavy snow is prolonged the normal nnd natural supply" of food will remain covered up 'and unavailable to the birds, and aiti- Comings & Goings for Christmas By JTUESDAV „ j ,1. Mrs> Leo Mergen, here, and, the Jos. Daughns, Corwith, will 'De unristmas guests at Samuel Baylor's. The women are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Baylor . The Rev. and Mrs. P. E. Burgess will spend Christmas with Mrs. Burgess's parents, at Sac City. She is an only child. Mr. Burgess's parents are both dead. Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Cretzmeyer, daughter Jane, and son Charles, the latter home for Christmas from Harvard, will have family dinner at home. Representative and Mrs. P. J. Kohlhaas will entertain at family dinner, and out-of-town guest's will be the son Vernon, student at :he jstate university, and P. J.'s and sister Deanne, brother Henry of St. Joe. ficial feeding may sary. become neces- Northern orern n r* TISSUE, •( rolls .... Z& C f , roll ______ OC Pure Gold Jfavel OKAXGKS si/e 28S, ,lo isp Fresh CELERY. o t- 2 lar w stalks _____ ZO C Size <i() Head •* ^ . 2 heads . . -/ / C -* f 15 c Again, if wo have driving snows and sleetstorms the birds will not be able to survive, evon if well fed unless they have adequate Mechanical cover com pickers, Mr. Senator and Mrs. L. J. Dickinson vill be at home, and their (laugher, Ruth Hunter-Dickinson, who is taking a business course at Des Moines, will be here. Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Wallace will entertain at family dinner, and guests will be R. J. Grover, Des Moines, Mr. and Mrs. Rasmussen, Pomeroy, Messrs., and Mesdaines &. U. Fairbanks, and W. E. Grover, also Marie Grover, all of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Fairbanks, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Fairbanks Milwaukee, and Edith Reed, Algona. Waver noted, have cut down natural cover in many parts of county, for they completely stroy cornstalks. dividuals. import, and Mr. and Mrs. Julius ChrischiUes will entertain at dinner at home and guests will bo the F. W. Ding- leys and the T. H. Chrischilles family. Mrs. Helen Dickinson will spend tho holidays with Mr. and Mrs. R. use much E. Whitney, Fond-du-Lac Wis , . -\r i tri. . , . _. ' i i ««Jt the de- evergreen for Christmas trees and Mrs. Whitney is MrsToickinson's decoration, all of which is discard-1 daughter. uicKinson s od immediately after the holidays. I Dr. and Mrs. John N Kenefick for' St hn' 0 h V lm r ke eXCeI1 °' U '°™r "ons Mich ™' and Steven, win be foi the birds if properly handled, guests at a 5 p m dinner it the ™ i ., all ,, cjfort . fihnulr -l bb made to ! parental Thomas H utilize this valuable material The scattering of corn for' . Kenefick home at Eagle Grove. Other guests - COUNTY LEGION AND AUXILIARY GO TOJVESLEY Wesley, Dec. 20—One hundred men nnd women of the county members and friends of the Legion and the Auxiliary organizations, gathered at the hall here Thursday night for a December joint meeting. A happy surprise was the at- tndance of the eighth district committeewoman, Mrs. Leo Laird, of Rockwell City, her husband, and 3-year-old son J.erry. Because of foggy weather and icy roads, State Commander James I. Dolliver, Port Dodge, and W. Earl Hall, Mason City, were unable to keep engagements, but expect to appear at a later date. County Legion Commander J. L. Miller, Titonka, and County Auxiliary President!, Mi*;. Genevieve Graham, Hurt, presided jointly at tho meeting, which was opened in regular form. Local talent, Mary Adine Kunz, Jenu Bottom, and Verla Mae Johnson, singing Christmas songs as a trio, and Lois Marie Bleich and Mary Lou Haverly giving a tap-dance, provided en- tertinment. In an address Mrs. Laird told of the meaning of the Legion emblem, also of the five-point star, Her talk also elaborated on the genera! work of the Auxiliary in the district and state, emphasizing the fine principles of the organization. REWRITES Jtrlefs snmnmmlng principal IKMYS In Inst Thursday's Upper Des Molnos. Tho local Auxiliary served lunch, and dancing occupied several hours thereafter. The next county meeting will be at Burt January 20, speaker and program to be an- nouiycd later. MOKK THAN 350 Algoniaiis and visitors greeted the University of Iowa coaches and attended a banquet In the high school gym last week Wednesday night, J, D. Lowe, toastmastcr, introduced tho speakers, the local football players, visiting coaches, and other guests, Including members of the honor team present. Icy roads kept many from attending. Following a program in the auditorium, moving pictures In color and in slow motion of tho Iowa-Minnesota, this year's football game were shown. Coach Irl Tubbs and his assistants Pat Boland, Ernie Nevers, and Glenn Devine spoke, A JURY in .Justice Danson's court last week Wednesday found evidence sufficient In favor of a farmer for $58.68 in a suit brought by the Farmers Mutual Hall Insurance Oss'n vs. D. N. Oerbor, Irvington. Mr. Gerber thought he was signnig a receipt, which turned out to bo a note. The insurance company entered notico of appeal to district court. On the jury were B. E. Grinnell, W. C. Taylor, Jesse H. Riddle, Clifford Johnson, Ned C. Hagg, and M. A. Burtis. A. L. LOOK, Lu Verne, was chosen head of the Lu Verne Com- COUNTY DOGS EVEN ATTACK, KIUSTEERS Supervisors Pass on 1937 Damages Done by Dogs, Last week's Upper Des Molnos reported that the board of supervisors had made allowance of a total of about $2100 for sheep killed by dogs in tho last year. Tho exact amount, as added by the Advance, Is $2043.05. How much Is annually,allowed on claims depends on how much Is paid in the county for dog licenses. No other fund can be tapped. The owners of all licensed dogs pay tho damages occasioned by a few dogs. Tho board goes over the claims, allows what it thinks Is right, and ihe dog license fund is then apportioned according to the size of claims allowed. Every claimant jets the same percentage on the dollar. Rarely le there enough noney In the dog fund to pay al- owed claims In full. 'More claims are filed for the oss of sheep than for anything else, but chickens, geese, turkeys, logs, and calves also appear in the nearly list of dog victims, and this BOM, lirermore, and Qoidfioid each won ft game In tho opening week of tho Boone Valley basketball conference, Corwllh has won one and lost one; Lu Vorne has lost one; and Itenwlck has lost two. Sl 22, y rivo Merry Christmas Happ} and ear Cliristnn all is r; our fri ;s to Irons for 19;^ Joy your and We •atronago en- Algona Coffee Sh Fred Jacob, Proprietor. op Postmaster and Mrs. W. W. Sul- little daughter ... fe .. . ----- -•-'• Iced will be members of the immediate is effective, but it is not entirely !family. immediate efficient. Excellent feeders "nil i " easily be made from discarded! livan, with their" boxes, nail kegs, or even cream i Sheila, and Mr. Suiiiva'n's'nioTneV cans, and these can be sat above i Mrs. J. W. Sullivan, wil" spend the n ntrnrmV W ^, lmproviae1 feeding day with the younger Mrs. Sulli- patlorms There lnust be plenty; van's mother, Mrs/Daniel Kelly of this material available, and the : Emmetsburg ' nn 1 v nt'/^Vilrt,-.* ;-. .,-, i rt .^ i . ° i>> m locate it. | Attorney and Mrs. ... of Kossuth and ad- > son will entertain at dinner joining counties should !>* aware guests will be tnat the common red fox. now so cnts, Mr )lentiful. U a real both poultry. Mr. Weaver ; university library. I: U estimated that Dr. anil Mrs. Did enemy t o armers' pointed out. there is r.,.,-.,.- a:; foxes to each sec-'o^ o' Th ' ci. b head, and the leas the former's par- and Mrs. A. Hutchison, en and Dorothy Hutchison, Evanston, and 111., employed in the Northwestern Jfrs. Kniii Leaves Hospital- Mrs. Robert F. Kain, who had a major operation at the Kossuth hospital a fortnight before, was ible to leave Thursday for several days with her sister-in-law, Isabel Kain, before returning to her own home, northeast of Algona sometime this week. The three children, Sharon, Richard, and Robert, have made their home here Pw ''th the grandparents, Mr. anc 'Mrs. Edw. Hildmans, during the 'mother's hospitalization. College Students Come Home— and | Olaf Funnemark drove to North- nunity club at the annual election year even two steers are included, of officers at the town hall lost I.The steers belonged to Eppo John- week Monday evening. E. B. s °n a»d Johnson Bros., of Ramsey Thomas was elected vice president; Henry Meyer, secretary- township, and the board set the allowable value at ?55. Also a claim treasurer; Arthur Riley, Frank j was allowed in the sum of $10 for Gronbach, Gottlieb Hanselman, ex-j<i Pony which belong to Jos. Jen- ecutive committee. The program k ' n s. of Irvington township. included band selections, and oyster stew was served. an Classification of the losses for which claims were filed this year follows: that Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Meyer will two have as dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Hilbert Rasmussen and Opal Meyer Thp >-rt-i-/i -.f -,.-, • ., ."0.1.-11 niiu v/i«u .niuyer iiMn- h, n ™ PtrV if°"- appre ' Alpona> ° rplla Meyer ' Bonaparte, un v on rh '- ha * put a nnd Myrtle K«smussen, Minneapo- ea riU>n n 0 H n ,v" e ,^..? ! :. a _ d< ! 1 !" a ! is - , Mr - *as~en is new school your car Start this morning? If your car starts hard come in and let us correct your trouble. It may be youri starter, batteries, ignition,' carburetor, or many other! minor parts. '. We have all the latest equipment and only experienced help. We will do the job right. Wm. C. Dau Garage ue is making a band teacher here. field, Minn., Friday to bring his son and daughter, Edward and Mildred, also Leonard Alne, all students at St. Olaf's college, home for the holidays. Mildred and Leonard tire freshmen. Edward a sophomore. All three will go back early in January. Itrid-je Club fleets- Leona and Frances Seimer were fn^rrfo'u'S *<™^«~^~™B. Kon, Minneapolis, ST?lJ° ^ ^ ^° be done'. remains to; and her daughter Eleanor will Wednesday at their home south of town Mr •«•»•,,•„ i i have the former>s son, M. G. Nor- tior nf n Says lhc c °-°P^a- ton, Algona, and daughter Mrs ?e count- ^n 0 ^ and ,f° U1>S in ^' M " M ° rrOW ' Audubon - and theTr tiie count} will be greatly appre-j families, as dinner guests J-ated. The destruction of crops Druggist and Mrs K D James £s md R ^ 0 T r8 ""I' otller 'n»e«s-will spend the day with Atto™ m timers a™' f\r al ' tiCUlarIy 'v Dd , MrS - °' B ' ^^ °™ ha - Mrs. i.l v 1 o nr , ° com mer-j .Vasby is the James' daughter. <MI \alue of the pheasants. Farm- " ors are especially urged to advise i have the doctor's lie conservation officer, or any of- as dinner guest f ' Dr. and Mrs. Walter Fraser will ., . IKIILCI i idhei Will brother Duncan Christian Reform east: of town this coveys. When such given, I hen, as -the birds will be. cuvt!1 and feed. All of pheasant tain her son Eugene, Algona his notice has ; wife and daughter, and the daugh- need arises, i ter Josephine, of Des Moines supplied with : Guests of Judge and Mrs W B Farmers are also , Quarton will be their lie location of fox- I Mrs. L. 'and the JrOTICK OF KXPIRATIOX OF RKJIIT OF HKDK.MITIOX TO GEORGE R. FLACK, owner and in whose name the property described below is taxed and HATTIE PRICE, now in possession and occupancy of the following described property: You and each of you are hereby notified that on the first day of December, l!)30, the following Ue%scribed real estate situated in Kossuth county, Iowa, to-wit: The Northeast Quarter (NKV4) of Block Twenty-one (21) of the Original Plat of Wesley, Kossuth county, Iowa, was sold by the County Treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, for the then delinquent and unpaid taxes i lagainst said real estate for persons having material that can be used for bird cover or feeders are asked to report the fact to j-some member of the League, and j it will be gathered for use. GIRLS'TODIES TALKED AT FONDA MEETJ)F_eOACHES Fonda, Dec. 18-A girls' basket- Ball rules discussion meeting northwest Iowa school tendents, coaches, and officials is beng held Fonda. for superin- basketball today at The meeting is auspices of the Iowa Girls letlc Union. Supt. B. C. Holmes. Fonda, who is in charge of the meeting, announced that it would be confined to the afternoon and The first under Ath- would be held, session wll begn at l h ? . ]: :;?,. o :. (;lock and wl» ^ devoted 'to The discus- by Supt. G L Sanders, Plover, northwest Iowa's the state execu- year 1329. to W. C. Danson and a a discussion of rules certificate of possession was duly sion will be led issued to the said W. C. Danson by ' the County Treasurer of Kossutii county, Iowa, pursuant to said sale, the said certificate of fiule fceing No. 2177. fce^lul^Snedt t^tnd^i bas^lb^"'' "'"% T exhibili °» oS 2,J-hoSe^'tSeo 1 ?. n ° W th ° i tWCeU 1 V "'""'"i >-<"« You and each of you are now notified hereby that the right of redemption under said sale will ficials expire and a deed of said real es-' representative on live committee. At :>j o'clock, the sion will adjourn school gym, where rules discus- to the high children. Dr. and Mrs. M. G. Bourne Mr and Mrs. V. V. Naudain, and Mrs Bourne's brother, AVoodrow Sarchet, music teacher at Hansel, will spend the day with Mr. and Mrs ('. L. Makuid, Elmore, Mrs. Maland being a sister of Mrs. Naudain Mr. and Mrs. diet H. Williams, son Bob, and Valeria Pickett will spend the day with Mr. Williams' parents, Mr. and Hrs. G. R Williams, Mason City, and there will be other guests. Attorney and Mrs. E. C McMahon will entertain at family din" er - and thG guests will be Mrs. McMahon's parents, Mr. and Mrs Charles Duhigg, Emmetsburg, E' C.'s mother, Mrs. Nellie McMahon Algona, and the latter's other son, F. L. McMahon, of the Iowa State bank. -Mr. and Mrs. August Huenhold will have as guests the immediate family. Their daughter, Mrs. [ra Iverson, Clinton, and her family will come for New Year's. Dr. and Mrs. C. D. Schaap will entertain Wallace the and latter's James brothers, Reynolds, Swea City, Doris Reynolds, Newton, and the doctor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Schaap, Sheldon. Mr. and Mrs. James Allen will have as dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Van Allen, son Jimmie, Mrs. Nellie Van Allen, and Mr. and Mrs. tournament teams, We-.st Bend and Mr. and Mrs. P. J. rhrlstenaen, daughter Joyce, Grinnell freshman, It is planned to have several of- work this game to illus- tate will be issued by the Treasur- £{? £*^£«™?«^ er of Kossuth county, Iowa as pro- tation of rules Tided by law unless redemption from said tax sale is made as pro- Tided by law within uine,ty (DO) days from and after completed service of this notice upon you. Dated this 7th day of December 1937. 14-16 F. L. ADAMS. as MIMEOGRAPHING ADVANCE >Hgona y Iowa Immediately following the game coaches and officials will be given the opportunity of further discussion of any rules or questions not settled in the previous discussion period or any growing out of the game. Invitations are beng mailed to all schools who are members of the Girls' Athletic Union. However, it is to be understood that the meeting is open to all school superintendents, coaches, and basketball officials of the northwest those of interested all in district, including Kossuth who are girls basketball. The basketball game open to the public, with a small charge for admission. An invita- .ion s beng extended to couches to bring their basketball squads to will be his exhibition game, which should Donna Quinii and son John, freshman in a teacher's college at Flagstaff, Ariz., will Imve a family dinner at their home and will spend Sunday with Mr. Christensen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nels Christensen, Spencer. Others who will be at Spencer are Mr. and Mrs. Roy Christensen, of Graettinger, and Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Christensen, Estherville. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Uung wil i spend Christmas at Fairmont with the Mark Simmons family. Mr Simmons is an automobile salesman. Banker and Mrs. R. H. Miller, with their niece, Donnabelle Merron, will spend the day with Mrs. Miller's parents, Mr. and Mrs L G. Thompson, Estherville. Little Mary Thompson, another niece of Mrs. Miller, went home Sunday after last week here. Mr. and Mrs. R. White will spend the Christmas holidays with the Joel Her-bsts and other local relatives. Mrs. White Is the former evening. This club recently organized and is 'known as the L. 0. W. club. (lirlstinns Program Planned— A Christmas program and tree, with treats, will be held at the ' " church, north- week Thursday night. The Rev. Mr. Kuitzema is pastor. rr\vo <o Football Hairnet— ' Supt. E. D. Ravlin and Coach Wesley Baddeley were among oth- hr school heads who attended a big ifootball banquet in the Algona Hugh school gym Wednesday night. fiirl's Appendix is lieinorud— Irene Ricke, daughter of the Wm Rickes, was taken to the Kossuth hospital Wednesday night for an emergency operation for removal of her appendix. Three Leave for Coast- Robert Bolenous, John Pink, and Mrs. Ben Knox, Burt, left one day lust week for California, where they are spending four or five weeks with relatives. School to Give Program- Mabel Kent's school, southwest of town, closes this week Wednesday for two weeks. A Christmas pro- THE COUNTY rural letter car-, 0( Hers recently entertained the post- stoers - 2 masters at an annual Christmas Pony 1 party at the Fred Gonrich home, Cal£ 3 Lone Rock. Postmistress Ida Lai- Hogs 5 son, Swea City, gave a talk, nnd shee P 55 Barney" and Mrs. Casler, Algona Turk oys 2 Played on the violhi and piano. Goese Gifts were given and lunch served i chlc!c ens Forty attended. | TlfE HIGH SCHOOL basketball squad won from Gilmore City last week Tuesday evening, 48-22 and Total 74 This refers to the number of claims filed, not to the number of she would choose f gift or Uic local wrestling team also'won aninlals or domestic birds killed in 23-15. Lynk was high scorer in any claim ' For example a chicken the basketball game, making six alm fi p ures ns °nly one claim baskets, and Muckey was second i thoush ;t ma y covel> "">' number with four baskets nnri MH-™ f roe ' of^chickens from one up. throws. baskets and three ST. CECELIA academy Joys won from Whittemore, 33-16 nst week Tuesday night, but the ocal girls lost to Grant dated, 13-10. i lighest points 15. The list of claims will appear in board proceedings published in the official papers. This year's largest claim, as allowed, was $151, for sheep owned :or the .--„ St. Cecelia's Bancroft on the local floor. WEST BEXI) is having an epidemic of scarlet fever. Blanche . isher and Richard Harms are the latest victims, and others are one of the Eli Grimm children, two children at the A. C. Allen home and one of the Geore Sanders children. Consoli-i by Glenn A. Reece, near'Elmore" Alfred Jorgonson, of Plum Creeki was awarded the next highest allowance, $120, also for sheep. These were the only claims allowed for more than $100. The lowest allowance was $2.50 for geese which belonged to Raymond Anderson, near Armstrong. Wesley gram, with tree, day event. will be the clos- Ot-her Wesley News. Mary Ellen Bottom, Bernard Erdman, and Clare McCall came Fri- nf01 'nu e holida y s w 'th the home They W|1J go back « v after New Year's to continue studies at the State Teachers college Cedar Falls. F F Cruise, S. H. striley, and Richard Lawson drove to Ottum- mes had dressing gown. IJALIvR and Wally Rich-j Mabel Cecil Stage spent Friday to continue wrestling; night at Algona with"friends, leav- wmter at Arm- ; ing next day for her home at Grin- was manager 'nell, and Dorothy Shannanhan ac- Bauer won a fancy | compaied her as far as Williams- jburg, where she is spending a two weeks vacation. Luella Waldschmidt, June Hav- lems. COUNTY ATTORNEY L. A. Winkel, and Sheriff Casey Loss attend- , , ed a state meeting at Des Moines crly> and Dorothy Ward, students last week Tuesday and Wednesday the Britt h 'S h school and junior held to study enforcement proh- c ° n °e e . are spending vacations in 1 "~~ the parental homes here. Frank Kouba Jr. returned to his job at the Kouba food market Saturday, following a several days lav ^SL^S-USSS-S, s -isss vsira ;rr ,,I State college at Ames, is expected home December 22 for a two weeks vacation with the home folks. A WRIT OF replevin obtained recently by John Steil charged plaintiff. FRANK VAYETTE, veteran trapper m the Algona and Live'rmore neighborhoods, died at the Kossuth hospital last week Sunday. Biitterinakerg Reelcct. R. A. Bartlett, of the Whittemoro creamery, was reelected president and Irvin Seeman, Algona, was ru- elected treasurer, of the Sec 6 Buttermakers association at a recent meeting at West Bend WE HAVE IN STOCK MANILA folders of the sort used by professional and business men for tiling letters, bills, and othor papers.—Advance. tf EVERY BUSINESS MAN, DOC- tor, lawyer, merchant, should have one of the new Advance plai Each township, with lam) BLANK NOTES 25—in Pad—2ftc —Also— Chattel Mtg. Noto Ad-vanco Pul». Co. ******** Rollins is the stocking with'gift' appeal—whether she is "16"o( "60." Remember her with j Senerous three pairs of Rots "91^ sheers." And when you want to be especially nice to yourself, a few pairs of Rollins will do the trick. 'Choose from .Rollins "Cross-Country" colon 79c to $1.25 Kresensky's S / /// ****•******«•+, ANT ADS ownership shown in detail. 'A// 'i\l(.*<6(s FOR SALE—SIZE 4 Shoe-skates. —Norma Payne, phone G72J. GOOD SAFE FOR SALE, 5x3 feet. J. H. Sheridan, Bancroft. 9ul4 Works. S^-flWHS. '1'Mn —•'set.—Thorpe Wood & Iron FOR SALE—DRESSED Turkeys.— Phone 25F41, Mrs. Nick Elschen Algona. 12 pl4 WANTED—BLACK WALNUTS IN shell at once.—Call Mrs. J. Neeling, 816. Ilpl4 , be a very interesting one from the standpoint of players as well as coach, since both teams ,-,re begin- niug the season in manner. A special admission an mpressive price of only ]0c is being made to all play- accommodate visiting era, to teams. Buttermaker and Mrs. I. L. Seeman will entertain at dinner the former's sister, Mrs. D. J. (Jack) Zerbe, Wesley, and her hus"band, editor of the News-World, also Mr. Seeman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Seeman, and Mrs. Seeman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Byson all of Algona. FOR SALE—4-YEAR-OLD BUCK- skin saddle mare, gentle.—James Elmore, Algona. 12pl4-15 SEE ME FOR HAY BALING. — Robert Steven, 422 street, Algona. West State 12pH-15 For SALE —STACKED TIMOTHY hay. — Wilmer Wichtendahl, Whittemore, Route 2. 10pl3-15 FLOOR SANDING, FINISHING; best equipped.—Cowan Building Supply Co., phone 275. Ilp4-15 FOR SALE—THREE GOOD MILK cows, fresh in three months; black pair of mares and colt.—H. C. Snyder, Titonka. 19pl3-14 SAWS—CIRCULAR OR CROSS; cut, and hand saws, gummed, fil- OUR HOLSTEIN BULLS tor heavy service. office' AIg ° na Upper Des CHOICE ready SHORTHORN for service; BULLS registered s»riJ«: 17ul4 in,, rh - -- BARGAIN-ONE 1932 Chev. truck with grain box- also one 3936 Ford Tudor --" Western Credit Co. 22ul2tf Grocery Specials for Christinas MEAT » hoiiie inade _____________ 3 LljsJ5c CHB ' S TMAS COOKIES, _„ LI.. i9c and* No. 2 size cans ____________ 2 forSk for 25c 4lc N( £{, C «*_ ^BER SHOPS DO \OU NEED A WIDE-CAR- will be open Th, J" """'-•=> ma?hf ty P ewrlt <>r? I have a used'^ dose 7^lock c'h *? evening machine, in excellent condition I Bud>s Barber q h n u tmas Eve for sale at a sacrifice. _ f pMShop. Blll'a n f h u Pl Hotel B arber Dewel, Advance office. gl3 Yf Barber Shnn nf..?! 10 ?' Ha nk's FEW GOOD VIOLINS FOR SAT p at $10 up; different a cornet. Will trade for guitar, cello, piano-accordion -Barney Casler, across fron ban „ ' m brown, green, and gold, osT Ple^e return to Junf Shop, N ^^o?£wi^™ri Barber Shop, 35pl4 Whom It M—-.™ -TO agreement "the" rnT , by mutua l C ea z d en d& eSwS«S»L. 2F [-. Bender and be dissolved , lrm 0 the WU (Swedish Crnnlicm) — CHllISTMAS TRBB8 _20c to Kn dishes, Fancy Head Lettuce, Leaf Lettuce, Tomatoes, Bed and Green Peppers, Onions, Parsley, Cucumbers, Celery, ower, Carrots, Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Potatoes, Hubbard Squash, lurnips, Hutabagros, Parsnips, Baking Potatoes, Large Fancy Oranges, Apples, Wrapes, Bananas, Tangerines, Grape Fruit, Cocoanuts, Fancy Boxes pf Chocolates, assortment of Christinas 'Candies and 15 HEAD OF CATTLE BOUGHT FROM ERNEST GILBERT BEEF BY QUARTER ...... ___________ 13c and W E PRESSED TURKEYS, DUCKS, GEESE Ag ? FA Y FBESH 01 S Stew " Veal Rib Ste~>v " 'Baby Beef Steak, »i7 cut'IIIIIII _____ J f °, rk Roast, home butchered ________ Side Pork, home butchered _______ .-All sizes «f Wilson's Tenderized Haws for Sorensen Grocery Co. WE DELIVER ?HOJfES J38 *»* '

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