Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 29, 1925 · Page 54
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 54

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 29, 1925
Page 54
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'4-S SUNDAY DakfnrtD Crfbunc NOVEMBER 29, 1925 Delinquency in Minors to Be Institute Topic (Continued I rom Page 1-S.) liri, Iij Miriam Van Waters, referee. r the luvenilo court In Los Ahch?, jil he t li o speaker. Tin . e outstanding rpoakers. faiaiiiar with the present day ..u-.h ti .. . tiij, f through personal 'i i noe, iinvr been announc -.1 f. r (ho Thursday institute v.hirh MRS. FREDERICK G. ATHEARN. president of Alameda County Federation of Women's Club?, is sponsoring t lie Institute on i oulh and Cinic, to be held next 1 hursd.iy in the Oakland " Y" under the auspices of the juvenile court department, Alameda district. C. F. W. C. ' eman c oa Brid :i uh.: :: v i:i in r.'t,,i:i.ri in y the ii, r.i 1 su!' "Vi it), n..,l (.'! : in ..IN-M,ie,l 1 . , 1 li. .-: Miss ! t- ' t.i Bi : ,u I lOOI.V e:il: !l I' ... research iti i h-inc. will l.e : Xiii, o he!' -re :i ! Miss Me Me. I-Part the l'i:! I In the IT. " Mrs. Eliza lw :h v "man of He: third speaker o t I o k. P; i :i V'lat.ei-'en, :ie J:. c s.;e :iee ith, .ii sp-'ak or. ' . f the institute. e." bringing Set:-.; t '(-. .1 f. upp i :. e. I "..li.- f : : r, 11 i I" :. : :;!: n;e::ey.-At .i- : s - - r.. j'.'.j'e-1 ley.' l.e the i the formal pio- grain. .ch.p'h.is been assigned the topic, "The Fre-Sohool Ace." Be- j c ivi'ng her training in th.e reeog-' r..-el insti;uio:-. of the Atlantic ! mast where she ".-irried on exhaus- ' tivo field and research work, Mrs. Anderson has been associated with j the Berkeley police department sufficiently lone to thoroughly grasp The local situation and its perplxi-' ties. ;' An importa'nt group of men and 1 women Interested in public affairs! nd chJId welfare are sponsoring the Institute called by the federated j clubs. Among the patrons and patronesses are: .August Vollmer, ; chief of rollee, Berkeley; Judge George E. Samuel, juvenile court, Alameda county; Earl Warren, district attorney, Alameda county; Mrs. Frederick G. Athcarn. president, Alameda County Federation of Women's clubs: Mrs. Anna L. Sajior, Berkeley, assemblywoman: Mrs. E. C. Robinson, Mills club, Alameda county; Mrs. C. W, Johnson, president, W. C. T. U., Alameda county; Mrs. Frank Burck-halter, Oakland Board of Education; Mrs. H. Ward Campbell, president, Oakland Federation of Parents and Teachers; Mrs. M. T. Heavey, president, Berkeley Federation of Parents and Teachers: Mrs. Helen Swett Artieda. executive secretary. Public Welfare leagu-. Alameda county. Dr. Van Waters who will be the principal speaker at the January institute, is state chairman of the department of juvenile court in the California Federation of Women's clubs. She is being summoned to the Eastbay by the Birth Control league of Alameda county, before which she will speak on the evening of Tuesday, January 1". at Hotel Oakland. Dr. Van Waters is president of the California conference of social work this year. Clubwomen are being asked to read her story "Youth in Conflict" in preparation for her January address. ! Participation in the district in- ' siitutes will not be restricted to women affiliated with federated clubs. All other groups are invited lo attend the open forums. Men and women engaged or interested in social welfare are being- particu- ; larly asked by Mrs. Williamson to ; .loin the conference. j i 'fltt&r v-wrf io; wv,rf jr 1 r I Jewish Women Arrange Card Party Benefit Eastbay D.A.R.to Attend Luncheon A brilliant card party will assemble some 200 women in the Jewish Community Center, 73 Fourteenth street, tomorrow afternoon at the invitation of the Eastbay section. National Council of Jewish Women. The holiday function has been nr-ranced to permit members and their friends to contribute to n fund which has been created bv the Jewish women to aid yonnat pills through yieir business training. Mrs. Joseph Schwait:: is general chairman for the benefit. which numbers some -1 0 or Mhi "aMand. members, are: President. Mis. 11. t:. Hill; vice-presidents, Mrs. K. 1'. M.-ircum, Mrs. J. II. Lesser: recording secretary, Mrs, H. . Ausleii: cor-respotuling secretary, Mrs. M. (Iim-dm: treasurer, Mrs. F. A. Kilti-r-stein; assistant treasurer. Mis. l.ni Beer; auditor, Mrs. Herbert Samuels; directors, Mrs. J. I.. P. mho, Mrs. J. I. Pel Valle. Mrs. S. M. Friedman. Mrs. NT. 1'ass, Mrs. Al Jacobs. Mrs. Sol Kahn, Mrs. Joseph Kay, Mrs. Morris Schneider. Miss Fmma Schetline: departo-ent chairmen: civic, Mrs. J. II. Lesser; education. Mrs. Louis (Hickman; finance, Mrs. Joseph Schwartz; junior, Mrs. H. F. Marcum: Immigrant aid, Mrs. Charles Ticburg; legislation, Mrs. L. M. j.irohs: peace and arbitration, Mrs. r. N. Lazarus; membership, Mrs. Bert Altmayer; publication. Miss Eva Marymont; reception, Mrs. Harry Hoffman; publicity, Mrs. Maurice Glazer; program, Mrs. J. I. Pi 1 Valle: social service. Mrs. Al Jacobs; telephone, Mrs. Joseph Croter; visiting, Mrs. Charles Kushins. 0 O 0 Offering a bundle r.f used but good garments or bric-a-brac as their admission fee. several sc-es of women next Tuesday will invade the Park Boulevard residence of Mrs. Kobert T. Sutherland in support of the Junior Be 1 Civiss Sh.-p. McChesney Parcr.t-iVaelicr Association, demonstrating its i::;ere--t in the unique institution on Tw. Ifih street, maintained by Oakland Federation of Parents and T.-.h 'i- IiaiiLthters of the American Bevolut;..!! Affiliated with Eastbay groups will K to San Francisco Friday to participate ill the council meeting and reciprocity luncheon of the Northern California chapters. Mrs. 11. J. Mamihari, Berkeley, Male rcueiii. will preside over the entire session which will be held al the 1'ilaee Hotel. The Council meeting will be called to order at 1 1 o'i lock. Captai-i Jo I'm M. Fllieolt will review Topi. of World Interest" in h: address which will follow the 1 1: : o t p. in. luncheon. The committee making reset v ii ions for th" luncheon includes Mis. W. A. P'KUIheit, Mrs. II. F. Woodreng, San 1 'i a ncisce; Mrs. t n ra F.-tea, 0 0 0 Montclair Plans Bazaar And Party Pe the the men I Home Club Will Rock Ridge Hold Evening of Club to Hold Song Thursday R ers, the public health center and the public school depat tnu nt to finance health work among students, is sponsoring th" mu.-i.-a! anil tea. The Tuesday gifts v;!l be turned into the stock of the l;.-.; Cross Shop f..r sale at marked 'h down prices during the winter. ni Mrs. Sutherland who H oper.'n--' I'-1 her home f"r toe ii.t Th.nili- . ',f giving recepti. n has ai i- iM-ed tn.- . "'" program of Tousle v.iili v.iii.-h the . guests w.ll be ent'-riamed. Aiti-:ig the artists who will participate w.!i he: Mrs. Fran!; Van Duron, Mi-s Irma C.raham. Mrs. Arthur Ita.ir.-age. piano; Mr Fred Abbott, soprano: Mrs. O. A. Jones, contrail-.: b'ing the opportunity offered In Christmas shopper to benefit building fund,-Montclair Wo-'s Club has nnnounccd n b.riar. card parly and dance for I net Saturday. The clubwomen ! have taken over I'lymnulh Hall. -t'i"l Piedmont avenue, for the all j day festivities and are inviting all , their friends to join them. ! Mrs. Stanton W. Lore Is pres- ident of the women's organization j which is joining with the Montclair Improvement club in erecting a community center in Thornhill. j Bead. The building Is rapidly near-ing completion. More funds, how ever, are -needed to finance the project. Ail manner of hnnd-made novelties and home cooked dishes will lie found in the bazaar concessions, chairmen are: Miscellaneous, Mrs. li. S. Hayes; parcels post, Mrs. K. S. Floyd: food, Mrs. E. P. Jepsen: ondy, Mrs. David ITondrickson. Mrs. Mark Emerson is arranging the i niert.'iinment features. A irypsy fortune telltr in the person of Mrs. E. Kol.inson, will reveal past, present and future. Several score reservations have been made for the afternoon card party. The men will join the merrymaking of the later evening when a dance will be the feature. 0 0 0 Program to Feature Varied List of Songs Songs in French, Spanish, Latin and English rendered by the Metropolitan quartet composed of students will bo featured on the Wed-nesdaj' program o tho Parent-Teacher Association of Roosevelt high school. The language department comes In for Its share of attention nt tho regular meeting announced for 2:30 p. m.. In Boom 219 of the school. Mrs. A. E, Thurston, president, has planned that at each program, some department will be introduced to the members- Miss Porolhy Black' representing a university bureau, will be tho speaker of the hour. "Phases of College 'Life and tho Part Parents Flay" will be discussed by her. The third and concluding study In the adolescent child will bo directed by Mrs. E. li. I'riini, lierkoley, chairman of the home department. National Congress of Parents and Teachers. Mrs. Thurston has called a business meeting for Wednesday at 2 p. m. An executive board session litis been announced for 1:30 p. m. Mrs. J. Knotts will open her home, 22." Twenty-first avenue to the current events section, December Hi. The study will be made under Die leader.--hip of Mrs. Frank i. I ,a w. oiia i rma n. Scholar.-lilps will be stressed by this Parent-Teacher Association next semester. Efforts will be made to finance a small group of students through their high school courses, which otherwise must be abandoned because of economic ne- cessitv. 0 0 0 Will Give Operetta. "The Lost Necklace," a. Spanish operetta, will bo produced in the Adelphlan Club tomorrow night by the choral section of Alta Mini Club of San Leandro The music history section of the Alameda club is sponsoring the Thanksgiving week entertainment. The tuneful operetta Will he produced under the direction of Miss Clara Freuler of Berkeley. The Cap and Bells orchestra will assist. Club to'PfciyvCajds A'' holiday Wfn" party"" " l,c benefit of some of tholr pet projects will assemble Lakevicw Club women and their guests In the Monteelto nvenno clubhouse where they make their headqu ill .is tomorrow afternoon. Several scorn have made reservations lor tho tables. The service of a charmingly appointed tea will conclude the late November fi. notion. Mrs. Walter V. Heed in general 'chairman. Club Summoned Mis. Maddux Chosen 'a I i for I Amor e of I1 l-.er S, The ia will be represented on a n 'ouneil of tho Inst i-oific Uelati.ins by Mrs. Maddux of San Fian-a ppoint m'-nt has just tli ummage Salt Mrs. Wi.'liam C.llaml MacK.iy, read. ni:. Mrs. F. V. Vollmer . ha rce of tiv Junior ?hcp enterprise ftoni O. oration, will review th" th.s tn. usual project. Iteeeivir.g the pu--: Put net-land will be M : - rs. .Mi - .1. i n el: Re kla w ; nap, it: d F. .1- Additional news of women's clubs on page 6-S A T. ' v r. f Ff.' w ii . V er,.;o;. d 1 ;. th lb cli.h :;.. t . hers ar 1 iljf-ir gr.'-.-ts :' Th-.:: day ever.ir.r. preceding a ..r.i p .: '. arid (lat er. Ilo'.'.ist- r M-1 ::; baritone. ar.d JI- h n Wi:t.-e rrtez:-o t ran ., will 1- ti.--artists, 'i'h.y will be a.-ii.-:' 1 b; Tessa Pt-:.t. ac-unip.'ii.ift. iMrV tr.tl Mrs. A. E. Ciid'-ve". v. :: be h'.st and hosre.-.s. The annual Christina? dinner wl- j be given Thursday evtt.ir.g. Pe- rt berlT. The holiday fe.-mvi'i'-s wi: j culminate oh' .Saturday, Dicer.-, be 19, in the children's party. V.'o- . a. !: !;. in I IS Hudson Bay Fur Co.- )'ot her 241 . risked posit will hold any fur until Decern-. Chrislrras taanas checks will be in j SPi-XIAL VALUES OFFERED TO EARLY SHOPPERS Stonemartens $50.00 $80.00 2-Skin Scarfs. loxes all shades $25.00 $49.00 $95.00 American Broadtail Coats $195.00 $295.00 $395.00 Bay Seal Coats $67.00 $95.00 Hudson Seal Coats v$l 95.00 to $650.00 Genuine Seal Coats $600.00 to $1250.00 Summer Ermine Coats $375.00 $789.00.. . Hudwn Seal U Seal Dyed Muskrat. Scalene it Seal Dyed Coney. (i e t t ',1 a i VA f I t A :::..:...- sale i:i ' h-'- f I f th .S.x'. ii St reet M.iri'i't ' ' 1: h.ter. sr r f Bock K. t:e ihs Club ; ii week, i . L ' :3 ' h i it ma n. ! w.:h Mr-. P. :!. Ad.. t.i 'f ways an ! meat..?. Su'- h-.-ir-r.;:. n preparir.? f.r the l.er.-:-f:t to he c ::!) treasury are: Mrs. E. J. Merrltt, Mrs. L. S. 1 -te'nki.-s. s!W--; Mrs. M. E. Williamson. ' raVn's clothir.c; Mts. V. J. Curt.?. ! n.iiTii.f-ry; Mrs. I-'rar.k C'dboutn, Mrs. G. E. Bannock, Mrs. W. M. Cook, household furniture; Mrs-M. ". Ford, children's clothir.L-. i Mrs. P. M. Adam, women's cKih-. ;r.g; Mrs. W. Mullins, cashier. V luncheon followed by a . u :- wiil be hold Til' suay Club. The lunch' on tho December birth day group including: .iirs. L.. 'iiiiv chaiimnn, Mfc.-dames ;-orge E. Arehambr-au!t, Balph T. Barker, Frar.'ti. Butler, Frank Button, Sum u el J. Chase, F. W. Confer, Charles Erickson, T. W. Esp'-y. S. ('. Faklen, George T. Gamble, A. J. Griesehc, Howard S. Lane, L. C. Morgan, Ilarfilin Nash, W. G. Perry, A. S. Peterson, John Bank-ine, P. T. Scoggins, J. E. Smith, j". B. Vielee, John li. Wood. ,11. A. Pillsbury will discuss th'.' World Court arid League of Nations before the Wednesday meeting of the current events section. The l"g'-riiJ of TarnaLpais will .be. told before the California history section. The householdr'flrts and Spanish sections will meet on the .same day. - i n a : A'socia t ;( Mrs. Wa those wl Charles Ei man, Mrs. pre.-mo: or t.-ition: Mr.. Ii tie Arm--;:-, o will .; Mr-, W. 7. (.;: II. c MeC! E. I. M: Jo An Bob-ri-li. M li. F. l:u'Lid:;e. O 0 o Pnroptimis; Club v. on.. .-, r ill a.--sen.Me for their weekiy lr::. !: :: at Hotel Oakland t'.mori ow. The entert.iinn.ent has ).' . n arrai.:.-. .1 I'V a cr'.up of niemix'-rs "f which Mr?. Avis E. Spen'er is- eiia irma :i . Mrs. Isabel Jenkins. pr"Ml-iit. will preside at the preliminary business session. .-ii a i.noiin. e.I. Mrs. Maddux was .bi.L-ate i.i the Institute of l'a- i. - Eolations held in Honolulu e past summer. It was decided tli.it. s---ion that each nation rdcring the Pacific, which seated !ir s'-ntat ives should organize a tioiial council upon the return their own countries, ti'he United in s i.s ju-t computing its organ- ii. .ii. I e.-obUaite:-s. arc in New rk. Mrs. M id lux has also been tified r.f her appointment as a 'n.b. r of the American Associa-n f-f I'oliti.-al and Social Sciences Willi he.-. bpia rters 0 0 in Philadelphia. 0 "Use of Leisure w will 1 Moo.-sh' : meeting soo;a tj. oi .M;s 'Me in the a'-u'lt li v i Us ad ( f of l'i or.-h'-t l-'r- find Use of Leisure Time." ussed by .Miss Patricia before the Tuesday the pa ren"' te-cher as- m m. Mis:h School. is dean of girls v.: si hool. .The support in their pro--ri am n:i nt In alone the that Mis-short 0Oli girls' glee c her meet ins in the Utile of character the parents, lines of this Moorshead will develop-It is program speak. A r; will be given by the luh. The early Decem-is called at 2:30 p. m., theater of the school. ,., V 1 u iooeuii i " 5 : ness meeting w. I ' by liock Kidee j ' is in ehartre of t Matters of gravest importance will summon members of tho College Women's Club to a 2 o'clock business session in their Bancroft Way liibhoaso next -Wednesday. Tho special meeting preceding the regular 2::ln p. m. program Was hastily called by the board of directors last wo-k. Members of the College Women's Club r&pro have journeyed abroad WllJ, present tho afternoon's talks. TBjs5 who nre announced .'to . grci the travel chats nr-j: Mrs: ' It,;-II. Perkins who will tell of her recent experiences in Italy; Mrs. F. W. Mcl'arland who will describe a tour of England Mini Scotland; .Mrs. Bruce Zimmerman, who has spent much time in France; and Miss Marie Kinnell who has become familiar with the Scandinavian Countries. Music and tea will add charm to the early December meeting. 0 0 0 1 Will Open Home f , Mrs. C. E. Wilson will open her home which is accredited as n show place in Broadmoor next Thursday for a bridge luncheon Tho Mother's Club of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity will be honored on this occasion. oAre you a -voluntary cripple? T Have you decided in your own mind that you can't walk because your feet hurt? 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You Women who are shopping for C0475 walk a bit out of the way to this shop where you'll find the nicer kinds of Coats at prices that will surprise you most" agreeably. Managed by M. VAX who Is also doing Ladles' TAILORING (JnJerson CoJJhc. 1452 WEBSTER Gift Slipper Specials For Three Days Only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday WOMEN'S QUILTED SATIN D'ORSAYS In Blue and Black, trimmed with Oriental gold ti JC braid and rosette. Purple satin lined;,. soft I leather soles and padded heels. Special MEN'S BROWN LEATHER SLIPPERS With flexible soles and rubber heels. Ideal for t- QC men of all ages, and comfortable They keep their feet snug Special CHILDREN'S FUR-TRIMMED JULIETS In red, sapphire blue and rose felt, itith dainty fur trimming and leather heels. Special prices Sizes to 8 ... . 95c 84 "o ii '1 Charge Accounts Opened 1.15 Ses $1.30 1114 to 2 i. Wo Give t. A II. Grern fitaiiips 526 FOURTEENTH STREET, OAKLAND t:; Market St. and Mission at 22nd, Ban Francisco fc ( ) "Simplified iSltf;, ,,!,tti W : Christmas' Shopping" " f W S"4 jiff f pi I- NOT a myth, t ' ill. ti Uo matter how lpng,your : ik u Xmas list Is, or how difficulty ' umL i .i1 !u it Is to please each individual ( jfflfiSffllitftttt J on it, you need not worry or V ' m tWjmvk i U ' columns in the Classified Sec- ifflifl WpwA i ti6otth9 j mm ' V 1633 BROADWAY-

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