Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 29, 1925 · Page 35
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 35

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 29, 1925
Page 35
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SUNDAY QaklanO Cribunc NOVEMBER" 29, 1925 M-5 Melrose Gardens Homes Building for Homes Charming Co. The Homes Charming Co.. furniture dealers, are now located in their new display rooms at 4642 Telegraph avenue. A group of ten of these attractive homes are now on display in Melrose Gardens. B. H. Smith is the exclusive sales representative for these homes. Altogether, 80 of these homes are being built in the tract. The first unit includes 4, 5 apd 6-room homes. B. H. Smith' office art located at 4428 E. 14th street. OPEN 10 SUB-DIVISION IS NEW BUILDING ELRDSE GHDEI IHICKMANPRQDUCE jCO. MOVES INTO NEW FREDT.WDDD HOIS PUBLIC VIEWING NOW ON MARKET 7 ft- H. Smith is Selling Agent l or Attractive New Group of Residences A unit of 10 attractive homes of hi-'h D. II. Smith of 4428 Fast otirteenth street Is the exclusive selling representative, is open for put. ho inspection in Melrose Gardens Homos tract. This unit is the first of a group of 80 homes that will be constructed In this tract, it Is announced. The first unit contains four-room, five-room and six-room homes. These homes have all modern features such as breakfast nooks, fireplace, furnaces, wrought iron fixtures, automatic water heaters, laundry, hardwood floors, built-in buffet and bookcases, built-in desks, ant-proof coolers, etc. The tract Is located three blocks north of East Fourteenth street on Seventy-eighth and Seventy-ninth avenues, and is just one block from the Daniel Webster school. It i-oniniands exceptional local and Snn Francisco transportation service. DISTANCE L CULLS FOR 1924 ISE SM inche; There was in 1 024 an average of J. 35,000 lone; distance telephone calls per day in the Bell .system, an increase of 152.000 a day over 1 923. There was a growth in all sections of the country, but the M'eatest increase was shown in the south, with the eastern states coming next. Another feature of long distance traffic during 1324 was the fact that the average time from the receipt of a call by the lonp distance operator to its completion, or a definite report to the calling sub-F' l ihrr was 7 minutes, one minute less than the best previous far. Of all toll calls offered by R'l'iscribers, 89.3 per cent were completed as compared with 88 per cent, the previous high mark. In the summer months, toll traffic is at its peak and calls are more difficult to complete, due to the absence of subscribers on vacation, etc., but. nothithstanding, toll results made a better showing during the summer months of 1924 than ever before, both as to speed and the accuracy with which connections were made. July is the month when the volume of toll traffic is generally at Its greatest? but August runs it a close second. There Is a gradual decline in September, but not until about the middle of October is toll traffic back to normal. In addition to the Increase In LARGE BUSINESS E REPORTS J. I FREITAS M A great volume of business throughout the Eastbay is reported by J. A. Freitas, owner of the J. A. Freltas Plumbing and Gas Filing Company at 2811 East Tenth street. The firm has grown to such an extent that six trucks are now being used in the ha'ndling of some of the largest contracts In Oakland. Freitas, who employs from 10 to 15 plumbers in his shop, is a member of the Master Plumbers' Association of Oakland. Born in Oakland, Freitas has Just completed a year as supreme president of the Portuguese Union of the state of California. This organization has been in existence for a period of over 45 years and during the administration of Freitas all records were broken in the admission of new members. Freitas is also a member of the following organizations: Natives Sons of the Golden West. Moose, United Ancient Order of Druids, Portuguese Union of the State of California, known as U. P. E. C. I. D. E. S., Young Men's Institute, Eagles, Cabrilhe Club. Kl-wanis Club, American Federation of Musicians, Local 510. Southern Pacific company has been granted permission by the railroad commission to construct a spur track at grade across a portion of Twenty-sixth street and a portion of Campbell street in the city of Oakland. toll traffic, the number of local calls handled in the Bell system in 1924 was substantially in excess of any previous year, the average number of daily calls being C,872.-000 greater than in 1923. The average daily local and long distance connections in 1924 throughout the system amounted to 45,816,000, or 7.1 per cent in excess of 1923. J. A. Freitas Owner of J. A. Freitas Plumbing and Gas Fitting Co. TARRANT E CHAIN OPEN S CONTRA COSTA LAUNDRY CO. T OPENS NEW PLAN A NEW UNIT Freemnn's. a new chain of restaurants and confection shops, hits just opened Its first store at 133 7-39 Park street, Alameda. The second unit in the chain will be located in the new Grand-Lake Theater building, and is expected to be ready about January 1. II. l! Freemon is manager of the new company. The Alameda store is moifern In design and equipment. The interior is finished in a rich mahogany, and the arrangement of confectionery and pastry displays Is to be commended. A complete restaurant and catering service will also be maintained, according to Freemon. Hignlands View Property Unequaled Commanding Piedmont & the Bay "Piedmont's Lookout" might well be another name for Hampton Highlands because it affords a view of that whole city and even more of the wonderful panorama of San Francisco Bay. You will vision it on your first visit as the coming show place of the East Bay. Nature made it for that. And large lots with high building restrictions further assure it. Profit from an investment standpoint and pleasure from a residence standpoint await purchasers of Hampton Highlands homesites. The quality of the property as a result of the view, the proximity to Piedmont, convenience of downtown Oakland and paid-for improvements (oil macadam streets, sewers, curbs, sidewalks and electric, street light standards) is assurance of that. Convenient terms make it unnecessary to tie up much money , at once in a Hampton Highlands investment. The exclusively small size of the tract advises BUY NOW! C. P. MURDOCK, INCORPORATED OAKLAND f ' CALIFORNIA One route to Hampton Highlands Follow Hampton Road out of Piedmont or Mbntclair and turn eatt at th, top of the Kill. Yellow arrows mirk the turn. Branch Offictt Park Bouievam , at Brooklyn The new $600,000 plrmt of the Co'ntra Costa Laundry in Twenty-third avenue at East Seventh street will open tomorrow. The public is invit"d to inspect the new building and equipment, the management states. The plant is one of the most modern in the I'nitcd States, according to President1 Frank J. Huebsch, who says: "Many pieces of machinery were built especially for the rtlfint. and the arrangement and construction of the building is designed to give greater efficiency with less physical strain on employees. All possible safety devices have been Installed. All shafting is housed and all gears enclosed. "The building is a two-story hrick structure, faced with ornamental plaster. One of the new features of laundry construction is i he large window space, as prac-irally the entire Twenty-third avenue and East Seventh street walls are windows of factory-l ib. "The frontage on Twenty-third avenue is 200 feet and on Fast Seventh street L'f0 feet, giving a total of 50,000 square feet of floor space. In addition to this, there is a mezzanine floor on two sides of the main building. "Entrance to the building Is through a large arch doorway on Twenty-third avenue. The entrance opens into the main laundry on the ground floor. While the building is a two-story structure, the ceiling of the great work room whieh takes up practically the entire main building ' ises two stories above tho main loor. This arrangement gives remarkable working conditions in that the multitude of windows provides an abundance of light and ventilation. "On the south side of the main floor are located 22 cascade washers with electrical panels for their operation. Directly to the right of the washers are the extractors. "The plant is equipped with 13 extractors, 10 of the smaller and three . of the large huinatic type. Five great flat-work ironers. prim pressers and innumerable other pieces of equipment necessary for the operation of a thoroughly modern laundry have been installed. "On the north side of the building are located two conveyers and racks for receivin gthe finished laundry. Here the drivers secure their bundles to be taken out on each of the routes. "The building is constructed with a mezzanine floor o nthe Twenty-third avenue and the south sides of the building. Offices and an employees' rest roo moccupy the mezzanine floor on the Twenty-third avenue side. "The mezzanine floor extending along the entire south side of the main building houses the marking and breaking room. Here incoming laundry is received, soiled clothing coming directly to the second floor of the building, where it is marked and prepared for washing. The. clothing is then dropped through chutes to the mai nfloor, where It enters the washing machines. "A large power plant has been installed. A water softener with a capacity of 200,000 gallons has been Installed also. A 60,000-gal-lon tank has been erected and, wells have been drilled to provide a water supply. A machine and repair shop has been provided, where practically all repairs for the latin-dry are handled. "A building for loading delivery cars extends along the south side of the building. A cafeteria has been provided for employees. "Each machine in the plant Js 'Hijrlilands of Oakland,' Pan-""oramic Tract,.Is Offered To Public Aflor mo'nths of construction work, with steam shovels cutting .r0-foot roadways Into the heights facing on Tunnel road, the Fred T. Wood Company Inc. announced this week that the Highlands of Oakland, the new subdivision of this firm, was now ready fur the market. The company states: "The placing on sale of this upland property, 20 minutes from the heart of Oakland, marks the beginning of the subdividing of ft great tract in this scenic part of the city and it is expected that this is the starting point of a selling and building program which will result in the ultimate building up of all the hill section back of Oakland. "The Highlands of Oakland consist of large parcels, covered with oak, pine and eucalyptus trees. The view is magnificent, giving a sweeping panorama of San Francisco and the Golden Gate and a landscape which has been pronounced by travelers as one of the finest in the environs of any city. "The new homesites will be sold for as low as $225. with small payment down and monthly payments of 1 Vi per cent a month. These prices will include street improvements. Many of these sites are covered with trees and one of the chief points of interest is the trail over which years ago more than 1.500.000 trees were packed in on mules and planted on these upland slopes under the direction of the late Frank C. Havens. "Oakland is building up so rapidly," said Fred T. Wood, "that it is only a matter of time when the Oakland hills will become a great residential center, the finest In the West. These hills offer the logical homesites for Oakland residents. It has been my belief for years that with the growth of Oakland it was inevitable that the higher slopes would be subdivided and become the finest of all home sections. This movement Is now under way. We offer now to the buyers of the bay cities big parcels of land for as low as $225 These are the initial prices and, of course, are sure to advance as the growth of Oakland adva nces. "We invite the people of the bay cities to come out Sunday and see the Highlands of Oakland. Follow the Tunnel road. This new subdivision is only 20 minutes from the business section" At Oakland." tS'f! HOME The value of United States Imports of sugar, silk, wool, hides and linseed showed marked declines in 1 324, while increases were shown in the imports of coffee, tobacco, crude petroleum, tin and linen The exports of cotton and wheat increased $267,000,000 in value, other important increases being shown in the exports of automobiles and parts, fruits, copper, barley, tobacco and rye. The exports of Iron, cotton manufactures, lard, coal, meats, sugar, cigarettes and corn were smaller. Men and women from all parts of the United States are preparing to attend the Mid-winter Real Estate Institute. December 27. 1925, to January 8. 1926, at Evanston, Illinois, under the Joint auspices of Northwestern University, the Institute for Research In Land Economics and Public Utilities and the National Association of Real Estate Boards, according to reports coming in to National association headquarters. equipped with an individual motor, there being about 140 separate motors In the plant. There is a total of about 2000 feet of conveyors for handling finished laundry and packages. Packages are tied by machine. "Automatic devices have been Installed. ; On many of the machines the opening of a door causes the machine to stop and the closing of a door starts it in motion again. Thermostatic controls have been In stalled on the driers and when a given temperature is reached the heat is automatically shut off and the drier stops. These automatic controls make it Impossible to burn or in otherwise damage laundry. A system of pin marking eliminates all ink marking o'n laundry and at the same time assures that none of it will be lost. "The Contra Costa Laundry was established in 1851 and is the oldest industrial .plant in Alameda County. The National Laundry Owners' Association has recognized the claim that this is the 'first power steam laundry established In America." HBliBBp, O Another way to m Jf Ht) Hampton Highlands m V ' P I Turn north on EstatesDrive M X ) I near the end of Park Boule- M . I J I yard. You cannot tois the m r ti I ' I il 1 TI1)Iumii m - - 1 1-. ' ..' .1 See this Traveling Exhibit of Crane fixtures The mobile exhibit of Crane plumbing and heating materials can be seen IN OAKLAND Saturday. Deo. 6, on Southern Pctflo lot at 14th and Franklin. IN ALAMEDA Sunday, Deo, a, at Park and Encinal. IN BERKELEY Monday, Dec. 7, in Luman'a Berkeley Parking Station, on tlnivoraitr Ave., oppoail U. 0. Xhoater. The public is cordially invirerj to inspect these new Crane fixtures for bathroom and kitchen, and the Crane Automatic Water System which makes c'ty comfort and convenience easj and economical for the farm home. For one day only. Don't, miss this exhibit. CRANE PLUMBING AND HEATING MATERIALS CRANE? CO. : 636 S. MICHIGAN AVE.. CHICAGO Brchts in all, 'Principal Cititt . HOMES CHARMING UP1G NEW BUILDING The Homes Oharmlnc; Company, one of Oakland's newer furniture dealers, are 'now occupying their new huilding at 4210 Telegraph avenue. The prowth of this company, orrnnized hy B. L. Stuller ten monllis apo. has been so rapid that larger display rooms were virtually a necessity to care for any further expansion. The company also announces that Irvine If. Chinn is now connected with the firm in the capacity of sales manager. Past policies of the company will remain unchanged, but the scope of activities will he considerably enlarged, it is stated. The department of commerce announces that the lf24 death rate for California was 1452 per 100 - 000 population as compared with 1 434 In 1023. This Increase in 1H24 is largely accounted for hy increases in the death rates from diseases of the heart (from 234 to 246 per 100.000 population), cancer (from 123 to 131 per 100. ouo population), and typhoid fever (from 4 to 6.) Decreases in 1112 4 are shown In the dath rates from influenza (from 27 in 1D23 to 15 per 100,000 population), and whooping cough (from 9 to 4.) With the steady improvement of European conditions, the stabilization of exchange rates and other favorable factors, world trade in 1924 showed a marked advance, and indications are that the volume of international trade during the current year will exceed pre-war levels for the first time since the outbreak of hostilities, according to Dr. Julius Klein, director of the Bureau of Foreign mid Domestic Commerce, in a foreword to a pamphlet made public today by the Department of Commerce. L UMBER LOADED IN OAKLAND FOR SOUTH AFRICA Oakland Is gaining Increasing Importance as a world lumber port, points out John McCarthy of the Alameda County Title Insurance Company. He calls attention to the amount of lumber all over the globe, taking the Dalemoor that loaded last week for Australia and South Africa as a case In point. "The United States Is the largest lumber producer in the world," he states. "Its export trade Is between 7 and 10 per cent of Its annual production. This appears a small amount, but It exceeds In quantity the export output of any other lumber shipping country. A good part of the lumber exported is Douglas fir timber from the Pacific coast mills, a type of wood not obtainable In such quantity or condition in other parts of the world. "Observation of the shipping page records for Oakland show a large amount of this sort of lumber exported is Douglas fir timber from the Pacific coast mills, a type of wood not obtainable in such quantity or condition in other parts of the world. Observation of the shipping page records for Oakland show a large amount of this sort of lumber being brought in and a large part being shipped out. Last week the Dalemoor loaded a million feet of lumber at the Southern Pacific wharf in Oakland for Australia and South Africa. At the same time smaller vessels were bringing in lumber from Grays Harbor in Washington, Coos Bay in Oregon. Albion and other coast points ,ln the Pacific slope lumber ljelt. Iiicrraiing Volume of Business Required More Spur Track. Warehouse Space. The Tli' l.m-n Troduce Companv. distrji'sn.rs of the T-test Foods ('."Id Medal .M.iyonnaUe, Xucoa and 15"t Foods S'horter.rng. have again out-, grown the Oakland headquarters and have moved to a new building at .Sixteenth and poplar streets, where the much-needed spur track and warehouse space will be available. According to N. J. Ramuelsen. district sales manager, the business volume of this firm has doubled since the fust of the year. He states: "This progress is due greatly to the ever-increasing population of the Eastbay cities and to the buying public's appetite for quality food products. The firm's method of merchandising has also been a big factor. Advertising creating consumer's demand, then followed up by prominent displays in retail stores, has made the products handled by this firm most profitable for grocers to sell. "Oakland ,and her neighbors, Rerkcley, Richmond, Alameda and San Leandro, consume each month over 90.000 pounds of Nucoa and over 100.000 jars of Best Foods Gold Medal Mayonnaise. The sale of fancy salad dressings such as Best Foods Thousand Island Dress-in'-? and Best Foods Relish Spread, will increase the above figures by SO. 000. "The progress of the Hickman Produce Company well reflects the condition of the retail grocery business In this section, as business is good for everyone who has anything good to sell and who presents same in a clean, sanitary manner. - "The Hickman Produce Company receives a carload of Nucoa nd Best Foods Mayonnaise Gold Medal Mayonnaise every three days and supplie3 the 1560 grocers in thi district from a fleet of eight trucks once each week."- "Hardwood Floort Oh Goody, mm Give the family a practical Chrl itmu gift, one they win vujuy ivr A ever. Doll uo inc noine lur the holidays with hardwood floors. We are now maklnaj these Installations In old homes tor less than the cost of any good floor covering. ARONSEN HARDWOOD . FLOOR CO., Inc. Merritt 4586 1911 E. 12th St. We'll build this house on your lot or'$4SOO COMPLETE Here's an extraordinary offer! For this remarkably low price, we will not only build this house complete, but we will take care of all the financing. You don't have to advance a dollar, nor borrow at high interest rates. Small monthly payments of $45 will take care of your end of this liberal arrangement, including interest. You Get These Features Without Extra Cost Hardnood floors throughovl. Cement drive and rvalfys. Built-in cupboards, etc. Quality plumbing. Cas Furnace Tile bath and sink Fireplace 12xl8-fool Car age ' Automatic Water healer. Beautiful fixtures. Window shades. Other Plans to Choose From ( We have plans for many other homes which we are prepared to build and finance. You may alter any of these plans to suit your individual taste and wants. Or if you wish, bring in your own plans, and let us quole you a completed price under the same financing and building arrangement. Take advantage of this remarkable offer and llie expert service of our construction managers who have built over 3000 homes. a This ig a rare opportunity la have the home you have long wanted. Come talk it over with us . , . this week. We are open evenings. Lee Investment Co. . 316 Thirteenth St. Lakeside 813 Oakland, Calif omit ; 'til ' r ' - 'V t l . " ' 3:

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