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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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14-A SUNDAY MtlanD Crifumc NOVEMBER 29, 1925 were delighted. They were the first planes tho natives had ever seen. DC TM HILL FRENCHMEN EAR REVUES mt to retard tho progress of legill-, mate drama in Argentine but has been the 4loiniiial ing' factor in do-! th(. "revue." I Evidence of the popularily of ihc revue or "revist.i" in indicated I by the facl. that of tho approximately sixty heat res In Buenos Aires, more than folly are devoted solely In the offerings which por- podes paid to Tahiti as the Merble-head.

Seattle and Memphis steamed into the picturesque, palm-fringed port, of Papeete has just been heard Tiere In Taris where tho Government keeps a jealous eye on the French colonial possessions strung across the seas. The visit of the fleet but one purpoe, in the opinion of the semiofficial French colonial publication "La Dcpcche Colonials, and that was to establish American supremacy In the Pacific to wrest away from France this gem of the Polynesian archipelago. The resident Govcraor-Gencral Is roundly scored for rJllowing the" American fleet to "show off" before the natives. As the fleet druw up beforo Papeete Admiral Coontz asked the Governor if he saw any objection to the airplanes of the fleet flying' over tho island. Here, the newspapers avers, the pourri of flippant comedy.

-chanting girls, scenic splendor and orchestral harmony. These elements are so cleverly and skilfully combined that th best of the revlstas here ar hardly; surpassed by the "Zelgfleld Follies," the "George White Scandals'' or other 'similar offerings eft Broadway. The Argentine reviews cannot btl compared to the musical comedies of the United States an there le no cojittn-nlty of action Joining tht entire structure together. For tha most part the revlstas consist oC georgeously gowned glrla whose arms and legs are generally bare and tableaux which are cascades of color. The lighting effects are unusual and add much to th beauty and the fantasy of the offerings which are always Interspersed with a comic playlet, at lively dialogue and some The cannons which roared out a salute to the Governor were the loudest the natives had ever heard.

Tho stars and stripes wero more showy and made much more of an appeal to the eyes of tho tribesmen than the atald trl-color. The American "gobs' were finer built and freer with their money than any sailors who had ever visited the island before. So America scored heavily in the eyes of the Tahitans and tho Governor is to blame. "Are wo destined to see Tahiti fall Into the hands'of the Yankees like a ripe plum," asks the "De-peche." "The compatriots of that dear Senator Borah, have long cast envious eyes on Tahiti and this visit was a political one." "7 YEARS IN CHOIR. WALSALL, Eng.

James Ball, aged 84. has completed 77 years of service In a local church ohoir. U.S. Vint of American Fleet Antipodes Stirs Jealous Doubts. to By RALPH HEIXZEV TJnitud Prei SUff CorMspondent.

PARIS, Nov. 2S. An echo of the salute which the Ameri can high seas fleet on visit to the Anti DOMINATION SOUTH System of Identification Cards to Cheek Illegal Cn-try to Be EstablMied. By N. REYNOLDS PACKARD Unltid Freei Staff Correstiilont.

BUENOS AIRES, Nov. L'l. The love of the Argentine people for feminine beauty has done much DRAMA IN BUENOS AIRES PITTSBURG MAN ACCUSES POLICE OF 'HOLDING OUT PITTS BURG. Nor. IS.

Charges that officers who seized the stakes when they raided a parnblinp game at 153 East Third street had taken J30.R0 from li i in. and attempted to re7 turn less than $6. were made by Lia da when he was found guilty of gambling and fined $10 by 1'oHce Judge Wade Moore yesterday. Officers claimed that between J4 and JB were taken from Da da, and that a total vt JUS. 71 were received from the six players at the table.

The dispute was settled by Judge Moore, who instructed Officer George Eastwood to pet the six men together and give them the money to distribute among themselves. George AVickman, at whose home the arrests were made, is on $100 bail, pending trial on a charge of possession of liquor. Dada said ha was at Wickman's home as a guest at a party in honor of Mrs. Wickman's Iray tho glories of the chorus girl. Five years ago.

the Argentine theatre was dedicated to tho presentation of drama, In us serious arid comic variations. The chorus-girl, or "bat-a -clan," she is known here, was unknown. Then a French company ventured to offer a program bordering upon the biirlesiiuc shows of. (lie United Stales. Tills was so well patronized by the people of nuenos Aires that other similar companies, many from Paris, others locally argatiized.

leased theatres with the result that from tlio first venture has evolved the (Argentine "rcvisla" with its pot Governor erred in giving his approval for the planrs flew over the palm trees and the Polynesians DONOR ROLL LIST BE OUTLINED FOR WViInrMl.i) Meeting 1 Fim of Snio Arranged In Srnt Depart-ni'it of inn. Past ami 1'res- in 1 the sub-i'ct vhlch will I'O outlined for tli members of the Oakland Korum Wednesday afternoon, rircfcjher at 1 'i o'clock by W'iii Christopher Wood, In the KoFe Konin nf tht. Hotel Oak-Und. Wood 1s distinctly a California product, nnvirrp been born in JJmlra end WILL C. WOOD.v having received uning from three California uni- ersit lc.

f-'tanord, ahfnrn a and University of southern California. He has been a a city a member of a roiintv of education. lias (Oine to head the state de-partnir-iit of public Instruction promotion for In addition to Ms training in California ir.s-t sum- oi l. in tin Michigan and lias in the Wood of fi'ine tin acatie-iial sys tems of ihf vsviotii? states'.

Tlis main i sit i i. r. lias cvii- tercd in California, and it is to the liiviory r.f otltn-ation in i i- state jha; lie will ibote rficrnooii. This r.ieetir fs the first of a series arranged I the education committee of the Oaklm.d Forum, of wincn irs. m.

hitworth i rhairiuan. -Others associated with I 1 i i her are Mrs. Mcn-ris W. Wilsev ajid Mrs. Albert Colton.

Dean W. W. KeniK of the- Shoed of Education in the University of California is to lt a January speaker. The i inte ndent. principals end leach.

in the Oakland public schools have been invited to be the puests of IV.rum on Wednesday. Forum members may obtain truest cards by r.tll;r.g at the headejuar-ters of the organization in tiie Hotel Mrs. Whitworth will preside, AVood. Sunnyvale Acquires School Playground SUNNYVALE. Nov.

The Hall property, west of the Sunnyvale grammar school grounds, has been purchased as a playground by the board of trustees of the local school district. The propertv is 25(1 by COO feet, and will be used exclusively for play purposes. A baseball diamond win out on the grounds next spring, and play equipment will bo added from time to time. It is planned to build a tennis court soon. The trustees are planning to 'buy additional property north of the school building, wliirh includes several buildings which can be converted for classroom use at low cost, relieving present classroom congestion.

Sidewalk Plans at Sunnyvale Opposed SUNNYVALE. Nov. 8. A mass meeting will be not Monday evening at oY'n'k in Pythian Castle iiall. by local residents, to protest against the sidewalk paving program ordered by the city-trustees' board.

ne proposal sidewalk program i rails for laying ef sidewalks in i parts of the city he re the rest- dential disii does not extend. The city trustees withdrew plans for its extensive street paving program last Monday idsrh: fallowing Strenuous protest, with some 40U citizens in attendance at the meeting. It is expected that a more moderate attitude will also be taken in the sidewalk program. Funeral Held for Sunnyvale Woman SUNNYVALE, Nor. Funeral services were held in Santa Clara yesterday afternoon f'jr the late, Emily H.

Choate, VI, who died here last Tuesday. Interment followed at Oak Hill cemetery, San Jose. Mrs. Choate was the mother of Clarence E. Choate of Redwood City and the late Mrs.

Irene A. Slilleson of Redwood City. CIJKIST.MAS KVEXT. MORGAN JHLL. Nov.

US. Rev. Howard McConneli, pastor of thfc I'nited 1 'i esbyterian hurch at San Jose, will be the principal speaker at the onntr Christmas dinner and sale of the women's auxiliary of the Morgan Hill United Presbyterian church, to be held Tuesday evening, December 8, at the Friendly Inn. OAKLAND FORUM I 1 1 filSBB ii lilMti mmmi sassi rail wi NAMES 171 PUPILS HATWARP. Nov.

JS. Quarterly honor roll of the Hayward stret school has been compiled, and i'ie following honor students are I.Med: Justice O'Connor, Dorothy Martin. Robert Brownscombe. Robert Vejby. Rosaline Silva, Tony Fernandez.

Morton Manson, Illen? Rodgers, John Chaney, Anita 5ehleir.z. Ruby ritkanen, Catherine MacDonell. Nora Pryzbos. Melvln Yierra, Simeon Ar.derscn. William Baker, emerge Knetzger.

James Mendes. Hazel Kerreira. Alice Frank. Viola Ware, Vernon On Anthony Nunes, Robert Pitts. Lawrence Pedrottl.

Lois Brockman, Cecil Linden. Lorraine Patricia Patterson. Marian Alameda. Alherta. Silver, Lillian Plowrigln.

l'red Capaul. George Bauslaugh, Donald Ramos, 1'hilip Benjamin. Kelene Vargas. VivLm Kreschauf. A ivian Wesover.

l-fermine Adamson, Ada Nicholsen, t- Eleanor Robinson, Emily Doane, Esther Pennycott, Grace I-ana, Pona'd Angus, Joe Sedra. Marie Matilda Cabsenha. Mary Cunha. Elvis Devlin, Eva Moldonado. Betty Tronsen, Harry Dunham.

Darlene Heckes, Edwin IK'ilingshead, Mary Jane Patterson. Killv Rose, Talco. Thomas Wilson. William Wilbur. Dorothv Petersen.

Norman De Mcllo, Cohin Doughty, Balfour hite. Josephine Bellett. La Vern Morris. Leonard Silveira, Ardath Hecr. Joseph Moldonado, Charles Kenney, Iris Schilling.

Betsy An-drada." Eva Frates, Fred Fontes. Burleigh Kammerer, Kenneth Pouza, Tatty Hickey, Ruth Wright. Robert Owen, Gladfred Freitas, Cleonc O'Connor, Ronald Mose-gard. Myrtle Goodiell, Clarence Baker, Joe Garcia, Leo Kestl. (leorge Pitts, Rudolph Ramos.

Norma Jorgensen. Laura Thomas, Elln Mapes, Ruth Haar, Ethel "erra, Gordon Hornall, Isabclle I'crreira. Eldon Ekeland. Jack Hanley, Gilbert Talbot. Howard So'-ensen.

Cecil Strutz, John Valin. Genevieve Silva. 11a Hefner, Violet Ramos. Josephine Correia. Albert Dc Costa, Junior Hodgson.

Hamilton Hodgson, Ruth Mcll-hany, Delanes, Jessie lie-Leod, Arthurette Forth, Mary Anr Jolinson, John Rubio, George Toshloka. Sally Fujli, Marie Abilee. Carmen Kasado, Lavina Edmond Bellet, Luana Benson. Dorothy Bruns, Tony Crevalll. Manuel Fernandez, Laure Hansen, Evelvn Heckes, James Rose.

Robert Rizzo, Walter Huber. Thomas McCune. Alvira Heitman, Janes Lewis. Ina Teat, Silver, Congetta Maita. Pn urch, William Jenson.

Smith. Zelda Santos. Leslie Arnold. Esther Flores. Elaine McCarthy.

Elizabeth Pickett, Bonnie Shorum, Esther Flores, June Boree, AnUa Baikie, Earl Snider. Ham Lund. Beatrice Pestano. Marion Tronsen. Irish, Viola Brown, Elma George, Ruth Park-i inson, Bernice Valsan, Mary Allen.

nomas uus'imm, Dutra, Edwin Plowrizht. Leland Ramos. August Silva, Tony Vierra. John Wilbur, Dorothy Birdsong, Minor Cordry, Wanda Gallamore. Blanche Knetzger, Carolina -uai-loin and Katherine Velho.

REFUGE, FOK SOTS. LONDON. Caldecote Hall, a famous mansion on the River Anker, has been converted by the Temperance Society Into a refuge for habitual drunkards. ASTHMA CURED BEFOREYOU PAY Mr. P.

J. Lane, a chemist located at Lane St. Mary's. 1ms discovered a simple hfttnt remedy for Mr. Lane has so much confidence in bis ability to cure that he will send a regular $1.25 bottle free, postpaid, to any sufferer who will write him.

His offer is that he is to be paid for it If It cures. If not, your report cancels the charge. If you suffer from Asthma write him today. Send no money Just your name and address will do. Advirt'sment.

Th FINEST LAUNDRY in Opem in Oakland MONDAY NOVEMBER 3 more the Contra Costa Laundry is making history. We are taking that will set the pace for laundries the country over. On Monday, November 30th, we are opening the most perfectly equipped laundry that has ever been built. For us, this signifies the reward of long years of conscientious service, for the Eastbay cities, this stands as a symbol of progress and prosperity, for the women of the community, this new plant foretells an even greater measure of service and freedom from the drudgery of the wash-board. Visit Our Plant Cltizens'of the Eastbay this newest contribution to the dustrial prosperity of our comma ity.

Housewives, take this op" portunlty to see how thoroughly we safeguard the laundry yon entrust to us. Visit this splendid plant some time soon. You will find much of vital interest to you. Starting in 1851, when Oakland was a straggling village on the edge of San Francisco Bay, this company has forged straight ahead, giving the best that was possible in service and in spirit to the city in which it has grown. Every new development and improvement in the laundry business was adopted tfiat Oakland might benefit.

Always this company has been quick to seize upon any mechanical or scientific practice which would result in better service and satisfaction to its customers. The Contra Costa Laundry is officially credited with the distinction of being the first laundry in America to operate a steam-powered plant. In keeping with this long established practice, the plant which we are now opening contains every new and up-to-date device and machine which will produce better work. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on equipment to speed up the handling of laundry, to increase sanitation, to safeguard employees, and to protect the laundry entrusted to us. From that humble start 74 years ago, to this great new plant, is a tremendous-stride.

Honest service has made it possible. With this increased capacity to serve, will go an increased determination to live up to the splendid traditions and ideals that have marked our past. a step This Is the link between our plant end your home. You will find the driver efficient and courteous. A phone call will bring Mm to yotur door.

His coming places at your service the most modern laundry in America. Congratulations TO THE Contra Costa Laundry- CONTRA COSTA LAUNDRY On the occupation of their beautiful new home and Best Wishei for their continued success. 23rd Avenue at East 7th St. OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA Fruitvale 6600 CAREFUL LAUNDRY" Oak 649 II All firlV Ko 1..

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