Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 29, 1925 · Page 4
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 4

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 29, 1925
Page 4
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SUNDAY NOVEMBER 29, 1925 SI. MIT'S DRIVE MUG FUND Birdseye Drawing of New College Buildings This is the group of buildings proposed to be built with the funds obtained in the St. Mary's college drive which starts on Thursday. The new institution will be constructed on Foothill boulevard, replacing (he present structure at Hawthorne and Broadway. OPENS THURSDAY Campaign for $1,500,000 to Be Pushed Simultaneously in EaFthay Counties. The E.isthny nmp.iirn for SI. Marv's collrpp u'll . pen rott Tlmrs-aay." . It will be weJ simultaneously In all cltlen nf Ati-rd.i and Contra Cota eonntios win. the f.Mcrt of raising ll.r.nn.df.p required to build new and prenlrr Sr. M:,rv's college More thnn 400 loader' r,n.1 workers will ssmlle for a fir.al )n-Irtructlon dinner nirn ir-. cr AVclnes-ay night in t.-i klsirnl . fit wlv.cli the last arranpements for tl-.e Mr drive Will be perfected. Men and women of every religious faith will be associated with , each other In the rrwnpnign, working on the theorv thnt a new educational Institution of the macnl-tude of the T"niyeritv of Fr. Mnrv will be a credit to the bay cities and to California. DRIVE TO 3r STATE WIDE. The dirve will he state wide 'and Will open In San Francisco In December with a committee of com-. nranlty leaders, which will include Jleyor James Rolph. Workers will take thf field Thursday monlnp In Oakland. Berkeley, Alameda. Richmond. Hayward, San Leandro and other Baetbay communities, pledged to take the Eastbay cities, over the top ta the shortest possible time. Daily hracheons of workers will be held ' at which reports will be- made of lb progress. The plan contemplates erection tf thirteen lara-' bulldlnss on 'a jcretcn or rolllnp ground Sao acres ia extent fronting on the Foothill Heeajlerard and s'tuated near the -Oakland -San Leandro line. The plan for the buildings, as drawn for Architect John J. Donovan, call -tor administration buildings, dor-jfnltorles. Brothers' builditigrs and ther structures, and eventually for big athletic stadium and a Roman theater. tThe buildine-to be erected with the present drive money will cost fl.EOt.000. Eventually the old property ,t Hawthorne' street and Broadway win be sold and additions will be made to the college, ringing the Investment to $3,000,-060. MEAIfS HUGE tVDTJSTRY. leaders point out the location of tt . college in Oakl jd means the expenditure of a large sum of Money, most of it for labor and faaterials in the Eastbay cities. It means also that st. rarv' xrin aave at least 1000 students, who, it Isj estimated, will be worth at least f 100 each a year to the community. ' It is therefore argued the ew university of St. Marr is in re-aMy a new $1,090,000 industry de-sjbing to locate In Oakland and abould receive the support of the Meple. ; The old college on Broadway has OSe fluty in its present location tpr nearly 40 years and is admittedly Inadequate to serve the needs tC the students housed there, with-mt consider-in gthe additional ones Wbe would like to study there. Hundreds of students are turned away each year Keau e they can-Set b accommodated, according to report, by the Christian Brothers. In Brothers operate the college an devote their lives to teaching without pay. : i i KfinniiTrn nnnni IVIUUN tU lUUu . SHOWW AT STOR E STREET ROPING PASSED UP TO TEST IN COURT Mrs. Harriet Stoner To Be Buried Monday BESKELET. Nov, 28. Funeral To promote Interest In- the project of building a museum to house the t:,000r000. collection of H. A. Sfiow. explorer, displays of arctic and tropic specimens have been placed in the windows of Schles"-inper's store. The large central window on Broadway has ben transformed to a scene from the froien north. with a foundation ol glistening rock-salt "snow" and a background of painted icebergs. Notable in the display is the musk ox group, . containing specimens obtained by Commander Peary years ago In a polar expedition. The musk ox has been found only in one region of the world, and lives upon moss It digs from beneath the. snow in the very far north. . Fur seals and leopard seals, walrus and polar bears are ' also mounted on display. The bears are particularly impressive, the group of' several including an immense male specimen and some furry cubs. Numerous arctic birds add variety to the polar scene. African animals in. striking contrast to the northern beasts are arranged in the San Pablo avenue window. A lion group of a preying male, a female, and her tiny cubs, an African antelope, sobe sebras and an ostrich group make up the collection, together with the gay-plumaged birds of the dark continent. The work of one scenic artist for six weeks and that of four others for three weeks was required to prepare the scenic backgrounds for the two displays, according to D. P. Smith, display manager of Schlesinger's. SAX FRANCISCO, Nov. 28. Whether or not the police have authority to rope off the street in omer to protect children go ing to and from school and play ing In front of the school will be tested in court. Today Superior Judge James TrouU granted a temporary injunction to J. F, Halloran, "72 Ashbury street, re straining Chief of Police. .Daniel O'Krien from roping off Ashbury street between Waller and Fred erick streets daily from 12 noon to 1 p. m. for the benefit of the children of St. Agnes school, a parochial institution. Halloran maintains that it prevents entrance and egress to his property. SHI) NETO HOLD F ORMAL OANC E Germany Leads in Making &uto Trucks ices for Mrs. Harriet who' died yesterday. . win ba Monday at local funeral nar- Iool Mrs. Eton er was a native of Maine, but had lived in Berkeley 1 years. She made her home with fm "on, H. J. Stoner, 1816 Grant taeet. i . PRO Odd Fellows Will Attend Niles Meet AN LEANDRO, Nov. 18. A oatecmuoa of San Leandro Odd Heliowa will attend a meeting of tfce NUes Odd Fellows to be held jj Miles on Monday evening, when Qlid Master Rittenhause of Santa Crue makes his official visit to that lodge. District Deputy Grand Matter Edwin Duck will head the lacal delegation. Ky System Paving Nears Completion AN LEANDRO, Nov. 28. Rapid progress is being made by the Key System In paving the tracks between Durant avenue and In San Leandro creek on East Tevteenta street, and this work WtU ba completed shortly. The Wring of the street on both sides Ml been completed and is now being used by traffic. -e By EGGAR ANSEL MOWRER. By AdU U Th. Oakland TRIBI7: Cliiearo Daily Kewi. BERLIN, Nov. 28. Though foreign touring, cars may become familiar sights on German roads motor trucks, delivery wagons apd lorries will continue to be mostly German made. For some reason. German com panies can produce cheaper trucks than passenger cars, and tne number of motor busses used by the state for passenger and post purposes gives an enormous stimulus to this branch of the motor in dustry. This year's motor show shows greater standardization of trucks and delivery wagons, and distinctly lower prices than last year. San Leandro Chief Issues Warning AN LEANDRO, Nov. 18 "Keep A light burning when not at bae." Is the warning that Police Chief 3. F. Peralta issued yesterday to residents of this city with the approach of the holidays when the number of robberies usually taereaaea. If residents are leaving over the holidays, papers and other refuse should be disposed of so as to Wold fires. Police should be notified Of family's absence," said rarajta. San Leandro Police Warns Canvassers BAN LEANDRO. Nov. 2.--Can-fer must have lirens a if they to work in San Teandio. This tne announcement made yes- by Police Chief J. l pfcr. following comi'iuint of George 1264 East Fourteenth ttreet. jrfca claims that a man represent-tJ himself bs a reptemative of ') rtit house back eant sold a unit - took a deposit of (4. CO. After ftlgatloa. be received notice I there was no mich firm. faxes WW Delinquent, Warns -T-12BANDRO, Nov. 18. Next Tthe first installment of -eg- will be delinquent, ac- J. F. Peralta, tax col- collections are coming n4 "residents are asked f taxae before next Bat-Iter cent will be .advent, taxes. Coprriskt, 1M. Tk Chicafo Dallr Swi.) 5. F. Pastor Will Speak at Meeting ALAMEDA. Nov: 28. Dr. D- O. Colgrove, pastor of Hamilton Methodist church, San Francisco, and former pastor of First M. E. church here, will be the principal speaker at a meeting of Woodstock lodge, F. & A. M., Monday evening, November 30. Dr. Colgrove 'Is well known on this side of the bay, as he was prominent in civic affairs during his- connection with the Alameda church. All Master Masons are Invited to attend the meeting. FAMILIES VISIT OAKLAND. GUERNEVILLE, Nov. 28. Deputy Sheriff Jack Starrett and wife and Mrs. O'Rouke and daughter spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Oakland with relatives at a family reunion at the McMenomy home. The first entertainment of Aahnies Temple of the Mystic Shrine for the winter will be I formal dance a It he Hotel Oak land tomorrow evening. This will be open to Nobles and their vives and wom en frriends, and admission will be upon presentation of Shrine ard. There will be music and re freshments and dancing until midnight. The event is idven under the c. a. mulles. auspices of the entertainment committee of Aanmes Temple, of which C. A Muller is the chairman and will open a series cf events for the nobility of the local Shrine. The floor manager will be Dan Rygel and the reception committee will consist of Earl Warren; Oli ver Ellsworth, Jessie J. Dunn, Ford Samuel, Henry Steinbach, Jack Block. Harry G. Williams, L. Y. Hagen, Arthur Anderson, Ben Glover, John F. Whitman, L. W, Andrews, John Allen Park, Dr. F, O'Day, Syd Force. v frKvTSltTV-' r ai Called Dumbbell, Wife Seeks Divorce Gertrude Marymont always lost by comparison with other women when her husband did the com paring, she charges in a divorce suit filed yesterday against Jack Marymont, Twenty-third avenue business man. The wife, who re sides at 220 Eighty-sixth avenue. charges cruelty. She alleges that Marymont paid too much attention to other women. He told her that compared to others she was a "dumbbell," she charges. The couple have one child whose custody the wife seeks. They mar ried In 1918 and separated March 14 last. 1000-Gallon Well Is Brought In On Ranch WARM SPRINGS, Nov. 28. A well flowing 1000 gallons of water per minute was brought in on the old Warren ranch near here a few days ago, according to E. P. An-tron, manager. The ranch is now the property of the Municipal Properties Company of San Francisco, and will be Irrigated from the well. GIFT SPECIALS ON STAMPED ART GOODS A most unusual opportunity to complete your gift list. Our assortment of Art Goods is unusually large and at very attractive prices. The following list is only an example of our wonderful bargains: 4 f SS Jk arias Boudoir Lsmps, complete ....... Linen . . - Towols Linen Towels ... 'O.VRaa: Rompers . .KW.ao.:. Scarfs-Aprons Ch'iidre'n's" Aprons Ladles' House Dresses $4.90 $1.15 $1.95 55 500 35 98 DISCONTINUED MODELS i OFB Bath Towels Pot Holder Set Feeding Bib Embroidered Towels Cotton Tea Towels, QQ Shaving Towels 8 for Linen Tea Towels ... Linen ,$1.50 .. 350 200 $1.00 $1.00 750 Nelson's Art Shop 419 Fifteenth Street Between Franklia and Broadway Formerly Located at 14M Broadway rllBigSiim 13 TIT' 'TS.-'!T 5a3isYKraWM SSES SGIOTS INITIATE SO CANDIDATES MARTSVILLE, Nov. 2 8. A thousand Sciots were in the line of march, and a class of B0 candidates were Initiated here tonight at a large ceremonial held In Foresters' hall, commencing at 8 o'clock. The procession through the streets was an impressive sight, many Pyramids being represented by uniformed patrols and bands. The Stockton band was one of the chief features of the parade. The ceremony of initiation was under the direction of John H. Fee, chief of the Marysville Pyramid. NEW 1 E L WILL BE DEDICATED DEC. 3 Parent?. Edueators to Tiike Part in Program at flurrk-halter Building. Dedication of the new Charles Burckhalter school In Seventy-second avenue near Mountain boulevard is announced for December 3. School authorities, Parent-Teacher association leaders, faculty, students and residents in the vicinity will take part In the formal program and reception which follow. Dr. Fred M. Hunter, superintendent of th,e Oakland public schools, will give the principal address. Mrs. iratiK i,. uurcunalter, a i member of the board of education and a daughter-in-law of the pioneer educator after whom the new school is named, will give a short talk. Others who will speak are.: George Hatch, president of the Board of Education: Miss Jessie ("alder. principal of the school; Mrs. Frank P. Holinan, president of the Burckhnlter Parent-Teacher association. A program of music will bo given by the students. The Burckhalter school contains four classrooms at present. It is the first unit in a permanent building program which will be developed In the new district as rapidly as funds permit. Two portables will be erected to offer assembly hjtlls, according to announcement. It is proposed to level and equip playgrounds in connection with the new structure. Students In the Burckhalter school are drawn from the newly settled districts of Millsniont. Melrose Highlands and Columbian Park. Roseville Chamber Directors Elected ROSEVILLE, Nov. 28. The following directors have been elected for a term of two years by the Roseville Chamber of Commerce: W. S. Perry, Dr. R. H. Eveleth. F. D. Balrd, H. A. Richardson, J. H. Herring and J. B. Gibson. The new directors will,, assume their duty this week. The retiring directors are I. I.eroy Burns, T. II. Kelsey, G. C. Brooks, C. A. Mc-Itao, G. S. Crjder and George G ii ptll. BOYS LEAVE HOME. SARATOGA, Nov. 28. Tony Ferris, 16 and Theodora Botlzlch, 18, are being sought today by police officers of this oounty, both bovs having left thelte'hoineB here Inst Wednesday for, an unknown destination. Xmas Gifts for the home, see Classified pages, Class 60. For Christmas' Give the SIMMONS Beautyrest Mattress WRAPPED in an attractive sealed dustproof Christmas package, the Beautyrest it untouched by human hands from factory to you. SIMMONS Beautyrest Mattress 1 Mire thin 6sj ttili 3 Eight ventiUtm in 5 SJti eenitructiJ iwt jitlditg iiifport tida kttf inieritr frtsh semi tt tcf od hotter 2.ThiclUjrstf(tf 4 Fahit ftthts tut 6 Durable tiver. Rtl firm luxurieus cuthln ifett tt ihm if rings ligts keep he J neat Gives Matchless Comfort andValue M.I 50 mm m mm You can afford to throw away your old mattress to enjoy deep,sound sleep on this new beautyrest super-ntattress. More than 625 small, sensitive springs conform to your body and give buoyant support. 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