Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1937 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1937
Page 3
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21, 1&37. EPTIONIS :L DAT THE [RIDE'S HOME ^•"^ "— ^^—____^""o^xjn. <JVJUIY meCouple in Church Weddi KOS3UTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA. IOWA [erne Dec. 20 — The Lu- ihurch was the setting for 'ding Wednesday, when daughter of Mr. and Mrs. i farmers- northeast o£ e, was married to Harold, Mr and Mrs. Gustav Red- Rev. L. Wittenburg offi- and Teacher. Erwln Koch [the wedding march and Perfect Day. liishers were' Robert Will ordon Lenz. Gwendolyn, aughter of. Mr. and Mrs. fReddol, Mallard, was ring- land the daughters of Mr. Walter Lenz, Jean Marie verly, were flower girls, fide was attended by Elsie fas maid of honor and by son and Donna Will, Al- bridesmaids. Roland Lenz |t man. bride was dressed in a blue jjress with gray accessories, and her attendants car- ower b'ouquets. A wedding was served at the church nests, and a reception was [the Lenz home in the even- «r. and Mrs. Reddell Fairmont to make have their [in Christmas Parties— nas parties were in vogue eck, some given by clubs, I by individuals. The Tues- ftib had a party at the coun- ne of Mrs. Arthur Ben, and in spite of slippery |12 members and a guest, slie Huff, Sexton, attended. |was a Christmas tree, also appropriate to the season, under direction of Mrs. Al- &enrlch. The J. J. club met tiay with Mrs. Arthur Riley, members gave Christmas in response to roll call, af- |hich Mrs. .John Ramus and i Albrt Schneider conducted Plans were laid by both se clubs for Christmas bas- I The Good Will club was en- ned by Mrs. Robert Hard- knd Mrs. H. D. Ristau at the punity hall, and a Christmas program, and a gift ke featured the meeting. ex- Ssc for Sirs. Dohnort— Edw. ; Dehnert was honored • birthday last week Monday ng, when friends went to her and surprised her. Bridge he entenrtainment, with two in play. Mrs. P. C. Lichty |high; Mrs. ^A. D. Zweifel, Some of Lottie Mason's helped her celebrate a day Wednesday evening, and was the entertainment. Give Holiday Cantata- first six grades of the local bis presented a Christmas |ta at the gymnasium Friday noon before an appreciative nee. It was entitled What •Christmas Fire Told, and it Igiven under direction of Kleta y, Laurine Olson, Vera Madland Harriet Beattie. A junior chorus sang a 'group of fetmas carols. B Student Comes Home— ,rl Hanselman, student at 5, was one of the first colleg- to arrive for the holidays. is the end of the first quarter mes, and the students were al- ii to go home as soon as their ilnations were finished, gh the term officially does not i till December 23. Earl is on freshman basketball squad. B (Jirl Dies of Burns— lyllis Jean, 4-year-old girl died as the result of burns flames from a stove puffed and set fire to her dress last F Sunday at Mason City, was a ghter of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. |E, former residents of Lu Mr. Craig was a cousin of |lato W. F. Godfrey. Class Has a Party- He Methodist Sunday school taught by John Brink had octal evening at the church rsday, some 50 attending. The (rtainment was in charge of Lueiis, Opal Eggleston, and ier Hunt. Christmas gifts were langed, for the Harold Woitos— son to be called Robert Sev- was born Sunday, December to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Woito, x Falls, according to word red by the baby's grandmother, • William Woito. v The Harold 1105 now have two sons. ill Baby Has Bronchitis— We, eight months daughter of ana Mrs. Paul Phillips, was & to Fort Dodge by her pars one day last week for treat- it for congestion of the bron- tubes. fe at Hows Sold— '• H. Phillips, former Lu Verne toaster who had had an IGA at Dews a year, has sold it. fold has not yet announced 118 for the future. Other Lu Verne. Annette Henderson, journalism Hodgepodge ng THE MOVIES By T. H. C. LOST HWU/ON— In every- pose, tbere Twenty Years Ago MANY BUSINESS MEN were do- Clear Lake, where she was well turkeys, potatoes, and other farm human heart, I sup- is the hope that some ;al chooses uses the right "to. that foundatii -such, ami eyebrow paint polish it is rifiht pni-fumc, ,1 , , -n'l/vj biui L nuiiLH d-iv either in this l ifc or the nqxt will bo found that Unknown Land willed by several names—Utopia, Heaven, etc.-that mythical kingdom where all is kindness and contentment, where there is truly peace and supreme happiness. Di- was right, ho flald, "This story has holds a mirror up to o airchance at a man if the follow hasn't given up while waiting. * * * * There are rumors that slot chines of various operating in counties „„,,, ixus . suth, the most common typo being •the cigarct dice machine. These were supposed to be banned by'a tlmtr titnl.i 1 « . J Lost Hoi'iKon, adaptad (and faithfully) from the book of Jnmes Hilton, is a romantic, mystical adventuresome tale of a lost or un*,,_„„ , . ...... " '-"-m "i «i lust ui types are again known country called Shangri- in* nna , T,.... ncw state law. licved none are gona. So far it operating be- Al- .Sonio weeks n*go the local post- 'True" actually received a letter addressed merely to "The most beautiful girl in Algona," and after puzzling for some time the force sent the letter back to the sender. Since the P. O. moved from the Suite street location the force has not boon up to the minute on the didings of the sillier set on the Main Stem. * * * * Heard in 10 minutes in a store- 'Oh, I usually get out of it"— "Which Boy Friend?"—"I can usually talk faster than that"— "Can't afford to fight now with Christmas coming." * * * If! story supposed to have happened at Estherville. A man walked into a clothing store, and asked to see some heavy boots. He chose the heaviest and most durable. He then asked for those heavier insoles that preserve warmth, and also made a selection of heavy wool socks. He topped it off by buying a pair of heavy type overshoes. He asked if he might put them on and wear them out, and the clerk said yes. He paid for them with a WPA chock, and said ho was working on the WPA lake drainage project at Spirit Lake. After putting on the entire group of purchases he stood up, rocked back and forth on his feet testing them, and then said, "Now I'll be. warm enough to stand around like the rest of the guys." * * * * Driving a car in snow has not been taught to enough people. Too many start the motor racing and spin the back wheels in a frenzy to get under way. As they slip along the ice or snow and hit a strip of bare paving the car jumps like a scared jack-rabbit, jerking the heads of all occupants. Some have the mistaken notion that the faster the back wheels go the quicker they'll get started. The truth is that the slower the back wheels go in starting the faster the car moves out. The wheel does not slip. Too much power spins the wheel, and it makes no progress. When the car comes to a stop in a snow bank, the proper method of driving is to case the car in reverse slowly, and rock it ahead and back till a little trough is formed for the wheels, and as the trough is lengthened by the continual ahead and back motion more and more inertia is accumulated, and soon the car moves out, if power and motor speed Is hold down. Spinning UlP hack wheel is a waste of time and only digs the car deeper into the snow. A driver with buck wheels in chains started from the Advance office Saturday in a jump that took the car nearly off the ground. * * * * Only throe (liiys till Christmas. Something should now be done •ihout those gifts. * * * * Choosing a musical instrument is now easy for a school child. Tests are taken for aptitude and suitability of the instrument to the child. Too many In the old days chose to play the fiddle when they should be barking into a cornet or trombone. There wore some puffing away at a sax who should have been beating a drum, etc. The tendency is also away from an effort to make every piano beginner a Paderewski, and Beethoven and Bach, etc., etc., are foisted only on those who enjoy such music. Few children have the temperament or capacity to enjoy classics. It's now permissible to play jazz No longei do orchestras perspire through the murder of a classic and individually beam proudly when the group fnishes together. This lets more enjoy music. Some children of the past who were forced by teaching 1 - then to play meaningless ' - feeling of frustration. It's belter to have many appreciate a little music than a few appreciate great music. The latter follows the foi- nier anyway. ^ ^ # ^ The Japanese are falling:all over ta. fto them) music developed a ' THE WORLD'S GOOD NEWS will come to your home every day through THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR An International Daily Newspaper « records tot you the world's clean, """^^""d^"^' fcnSre °h<m SOCB not exploit crime or sensation; neither docs u «s u tbe out dea s correctively with them. Fep tur js f° nrnDU " iwnllsr, including the Weekly Magazine Section. _ The Christian Science Publishing Society One. Norwey Btreet. Boston. Massachusetts » p"? jPf' wy «»owiptton to TOe Christum Science Monu ' hkldon 80mewhere everyone is happy and lives to npe old age, where children play contentedly, and humans laugh and .sing all day long. Into this Utopia drop live eigners, taken there through for- intrigue, when they are supposed to bo flown to Shanghai.' Coloman, a philosophical John " Roland writer, Thomas - *" " "•' »J ( mo ui ULiicr, i IlOinclS Mitchell, a stock-manipulator, Edward Everett Horton, a fossil hunter, and Isabel Jewel, a prostitute, suddenly find themselves in this country of brotherly love. One by one they fall under the incident. Somebody in command is to have to commit honorable suicide to wipe out the stain. Loud-mouths in American politics are shouting at each other, but on the whole the incident passed with surprisingly little public sentiment. It is believed that the real sentiment will be felt commercially by Japan, for there is a well- developed buying strike against Japanese goods given new and real impetus by the incident. It is believed that this commercial aspect of the situation is much more serious for Japan than any possibility of armed action. * * * * Not much question in the mind of anyone, not even a democrat, of the futility of calling the recent special session of congress. * * * * Now the G. 0. T. has Glenn Prank, former college president, as head of a committee of 150 to decide what's the matter with the country and what to do about it. This business of turning to the colleges for help is worrying. The last epidemic of professorism in government under the New Deal nearly got us, and another dose of the same would just about finish the job. * * * * Ten-year-old boy in Los Angeles asks $30,000 from a grocery because an employe kicked him out of the store. Sometimes it would be worth a lot to give some youngsters a kick where it would do them some good, particularly the scamps who have to mess up things in general. * * * * And to all both of you lovely lovely people who read this column regularly, and to those lovely neople who read it occasionally, and to those 'who don't read it at all, a Christmas where you're not too much embarrassed by the magnificence of your receipts as compared with your expenditures, and vice versa, and may your children 'ct you play with the toys so you will be happy too. —D. E. D. luro of this strange land, except the brother, who remains cold to the mellow philosopsy of the High Lama (Sam Jaffe). Roland falls n love with Jane Wyatt, but the love of Margo, the only person in bnangri-La dissatisfied with existence in this land of honey, only spurs the younger brother on in attempts to escape. After the High Lama dies, Margo and John Howard bribe the porters (guides), and finally induce Coleman to accompany them, as they begin a long trek back to civilization through trackless enow fields. When the guides are killed by an avalanche nnd Margo reverts to her real age and dies, the younger brother commits suicide, and Roland battles his way back alone. This is a hazy outline of a pcture which it takes two hours to screen. There are serious defects in the production, notwithstanding 1 the fine acting and the beautiful photography. In the first place, Lost Horizon is much too long. I saw it first as a road show in Chicago, but there It was divided Into acts, which allowed pause to walk into the foyer and smoke. As a continuous performance it becomes tiresome. In the second place, it is too noisy. The beginning, the scenes of bandit uprising in Baskul, are a continual pandemonium, an incessant tumult of explosions, gun-fire, mo- .tor exhausts. The suspense, also, is too sustained. The journey of the kid- naped five, under the menacing revolver of the pilot, is too long,'and the final escape of the luckless trio, after a long show, is likewise too prolonged for an almost wrecked audience. There is much, much too much, detail, there are too many minute situations. The whole effect is one of over-eating. Taken piece-meal, it is a marvelous production; taken at a sitting it is satiety to the point of exhaustion. The set used in Lost Horizon is probably the most lavish and artistic ever constructed for any picture. Many shots are gems of photographic art. There is just too much beauty, too much of everything. And isn't that the trouble with our movies? In an attempt to produce super-features, effects, situations, atmosphere are so massed as to bewilder the human brain. With an almost unlimited scope, the producers and directors of our movies are forever tempted to "shoot the works" in super-coloB- sal productions which, taken in products, Including a colt and a dairvmen ton of hay. The auction was to be "n the old held in the Tripp sale barn, which 1 ' ° lfl was being cleaned to let women at:end. The Congregational women were to serve supper in the new husband taught school when here. * * * * W. H. ad died. He was horn Harrison House, well in pioneer days, which where the Masonic hall now is. His dairy was located a couple Algona Mfg. Co. building. * * * * THE ADVANCE* and other Al-, t . ona newspapers were to miss tne publication the following week, to ~lve the editors a chance to catch up on work. It was the first time n years that this had been done here. The subscription price, despite the war, had not been raised. COUNTY ATTORNEY Sumner Quarton had gone to Des Moines to > get a requisition for a former Al-i ?onian who had uttered bad checks i here some years before. The fel-! low had been in jail in Minnesota,! xnd he was arrested by Deputy '. Sheriff Roy E. Moulds when he' was released there. MRS. MARGARET E. Colby, woman doctor who practiced in Algona in 1875. had died at 84 in California, and burial was made at or, 92, still livee. * * * * CAMPAIGN for members of Cross was in full swing, and efforts were 'being pushed to let the county, win a flag made by the governor's wife. Kosauth hat won a flag in the Civil war and wanted to repeat the honor. PLANS FOR CHRISTMAS pro grams had been made by the churches, and the usual trees and gifts were announced. To conserve co,al mid-week services were to be held in private homes. * * + * ' CORN HAD SOLD for $1.05 at a farm sale, and many other items were high in proportion. ORDER YOUR RUBBER STAMPS from the Advance. Stamp pads, service, dependable work, fair Lit Verne Girls But the Boyg 1 Lu Verne, Dee. 20 — Verne basketball teains won lost In games oil the local flo Friday night. The local girls ou played the Ledyard girls, 28-13 with Cono'way and Ramus starring. 1 The boys' game against Goldfield was exciting, with the score 14-12 at the half in favor of Goldfield. In the third quarter the locals camo up, tying at 18 all, but at the close of the game the count was 31-27 for Ooldfield. inks, and prices. other supplies. Quick 28tt small doses, are satisfactory, but in single settings dull the sensibilities and exhaust the normal brain. As road shows, with the convenient pauses and intermissions, such plays get by but at popular prices—well, that's another story. SERVICE MAX WANTED HANDLE FAKM ROUTE Handle poultry demonstrations and service work for largest feed company of its kind in country. No experience necessary but knowledge of farming desirable. Permanent position. Chance to make $75 monthly at start. More later. Car necessary. Men now employed wno would like job offering steady promotion and real future given special consideration. Address Local Manager, Box 6300, care of this paper. Name Address DELICIOUS CHRISTMAS CANDIES Butter creams, peanut brittle, chocolate drops, hare candies. They're all /fresh and priced to sell fast! Toys of all Kinds Beautifully wrapped gifts foi those who have not time to wrap them. Manicure and Toilet Sets Dishes and Vases of All Kinds We Give Green Stamps BEN FRANKLIN &<s®&^#&W<i&&^^ Give Him Nights of Restful Sleep (You spend half of your life in bed) with Faultless No-Belt Pajamas by Wilson Brothers The. only pajama with the no-belt elastic waist. No draw-string or rope around your waist. Short or tall, thick set or slim—the no-belt waist conform naturally to your middle, holds pajamas in place without^ waistline pressure. And for those "six-foot fours," our special Longfellow model gives the right length of sleeve and trousers. Smart new patterns in lustrous broadcloth $1,95 — $2,50 Rich pure silk—$5.00 (He will think they cost much more) Sold Exclusively by PV^iUMlr lillllP ^^^P^^^ ^^^P^^^» ^^^Bf^^^ M^^H^^^ ^^ijljfr If It's New, It's a* Steete't Prices for TV ednesday to Friday Inclusive YOUK FRIEND AT 3 Big Days Dec. 22 to Dec. 24 Greetings A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to our many friends. May our very pleasant business relations continue for many years to come. Apple Pickles Whole Apricots Ihese Crab Apple Pickles are more deliciously spiced than the average home made pickle. A real Christmas Treat The No. 2 can for lOc. Superb Whole Un-peeled Apricots count 10 to the No. 2^ can. Only 17c per can for this sale. You remove the pits to serve as salad. Christmas Candies Children are looking forward to lots of Candy on the tree and in the Christmas stocking. Council Oak is well stocked with a big assortment of wholesome candies at popular prices. A l )ound ------- 9c MABSHMALLOWS, pound _______ 13c ASST'D JELLY BEANS, Ib -------- 9c CANDY BARS, 8 for _____ lOc SUPERB WHIPPED CREAM CHOCOLATES, Ib. 19c. ^ SUPERB BRAND SUPERB BRAND Pie Pumpkin Vacuum Pack Corn Superb Pumpkin is a dry pack pumpkin. A Genuine Pie Pumpkin that makes the finest flavored pies. For our Christinas Sale we price the large No. 2}£ can of Superb Pumpkin at 9c. Tender, Golden Kernels cooked in vacuum without water. r J?he 12-oz. can for only 12c. This special holiday price suggests you serve the finest corn packed at the Christmas dinner. Christmas Trees Dates The wrong size tree or none at all spoils the Christmas party. Shop early and pick out your nice bushy swamp spruce while our stock is complete. "DROMEDARY" SUPERB BRAND Sweet Spuds Dry packed, Genuine Jersey in the large No. 2^ can at a special price of lie. Serve candied, in casserole with marshmalloAvs or browned in the same pan with the turkey. Tango Cookies This dainty marshmallow cake is an appropriate holiday number. Vanilla flavor and dark cocoanut butter icing. Sale Price is 2 Ibs. for 27c. These fancy "Pasteurized" Dates give a delightful touch to Holiday Salads. Best to stuff with nut meats. Botli pitted and un-pitted at a special price of lOc per Peanuts Large Jumbo Peanuts, fresh roasted for this sale. At our special price of lOc per Ib. they make a low cost filler for Christmas stockings. Drink Council Oak Coffee! A most satisfying drink with a big dinner. A skillful blend of the choicest Central and South American Coffees. Roasted daily in our own plant and ground fresh to your order. Our everyday price is 27c per Ib. or 3 Ibs. for 79c. Save the bags to exchange for useful premiums. Cove Oysters First Prize Pepper The }£-lb. can at a special price of 19c. Fine for soup and many prefer cove oysters to the fresh in the poultry dressing. Dill Pickles To serve with rich cold weather foods no other pickle answers like a crisp, brittle Gedney Dill. For this sale a special price of 16c on the quart jar. Palmolive Buy 4 bars of Palmolive Soap and get a free complexion cloth. The 4 cakes and 1 complexion cloth at a combination price of 22c. You need this high grade pepper for seasoning the Turkey stuffing; also for seasoning home made pork sausage. The }&lb. spout can for 9c. Brown Sugar Add a little Mapo to brown sugar for delicious pancake syrup. For this sale a special price of 2 Ibs. for lie. The correct sugar for caramel frosting. Powdered Sugar You will need powdered sugar for frosting the holiday cakes and cookies. Buy a supply at our special price of 2 Ibs. for 18c. Green Goods Specials Add to the Christinas Cheer with a plentiful supply of Health-Giving fresh fruits and vegetables. Large navel oranges for salads and the toe of the Christmas stocking, highly colored apples, cranberries for sauce, pie or jelly and nice crisp celery with the roast turkey. Large Navel Oranges, dozen Fancy Delicious Apples, each . Fancy Large Carnberries, 2 pounds . California Celery, large stalk 1C 27c IOC HOLIDAY- MARKET SPECIALS During this big 3-day sale the Council Oak Markets feature beef in a big way. Anything from a quarter of beef down to a pound of hamburger; all selling at popular prices, 6 Shoulder Beef Roast Beef Rib Roast For our Holiday Sale we have Beef A nice Bib Boast cut from mature beef Shoulder Boasts at the low price of during our 8-day sale at the special and 16c per pound. price of 17c per pound. *• Hind Quarter Beef 14c BOILING BEEF Per Found 11** I I C Fresh GROUND BEEF Pound FRESH OYSTEKS At*-. »lvlf SIRLOIN and ROUND pound PORK LOIN ROAST °Br&tSi 19c

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