Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1937 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1937
Page 2
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estions for <a$t Minute Shoppers Open Evenings This Week PAJAMAS All sizes, material and designs $1.19, $1.95, $2.45 $3.50 SHIRTS All sizes in white, solid colors, and designs $1.65 $1.95 MUFFLERS Wool, silk, and mixed in many designs 69c, $1.19 $1.95 $2.45 TIES Nor-East non-crush in beautiful patterns $1 BUY IT AT MISBACHS FUR We pay top prices for your Fur. Season is now open on all fur bearing animals, except Beaver and Otter. JOE GREENBERG Phone 118. KOSSUfrtt COUNTY ADVANCE). ALQONA, IOWA Lakota Operetta H4s "Stubborn Girl" HOW SHE WAS CURED SHOWN IN THE PLAY Lakota, Dec. 20 - The annual Christmas operetta by grade pupils was presented Thursday evening before a full house and was much enjoyed. The operetta was Suz- annas Christmas Auction, with Dorothy Woodworth taking the part of Suzanna, who was a stubborn Httle girl and had a bad habit of climbing on furniture. On this Christmas eve she climbed on a chair and broke a .lovely vase which was her mother's Christmas Present, and when asked if she was sorry she was too stubborn to confess, so all her toys were sold at auction to pay for the vase as a punishment. The toys were a fine new doll, Dutch dolls, games, a white rabbit, balloons, books, Teddy bears, clocks, windmills, mice, etc. which were sold to relatives and friends- but when the auctioneer finally Put up Suzanna's beloved doll Josephine, which had lost eyes one arm, one leg, etc., the little relented and promised to her ways and be a good if they would not sell Joseph- Children took the parts of tovs and presented the play in a fine way. The costumes added much to the effectiveness of the play. Music vas given by the school orchestra uid the girls' glee clubs. Mary Templeton was music director, and he grade teachers, Misses House- lolder, Awe, Shaw, and Chipman, deserve credit for the splendid presentation. Acorn Club Has Luncheon— Mesdames W. E. Ley, William Turley, Emma Smith, and Delia Smith entertained all members of the Acorn club at a Christmas' luncheon at Mrs. Ley's Thursday at 1:30 p. m. Following the meal a program was given: Christmas carols, by members; Christmas story, The Flame in the Fir-tree, Metta Robinson, read by Mrs R' L. Williams; choral reading A Christmas Poem, led by Mrs. A. C. Schissel. Instead of an exchange of gifts each member gave 25 cents to bo used to buy gifts for children. The next meeting will ie held in the evening on January 13, with Emma and Louise Thaves as hostesses. Aux" Fills Christmas Baskets- Twelve members of the Legion Auxiliary met last week Monday evening with Mrs. Fred Schroeder, ind among other business it was decided to fill Christmas baskets — ^ *•—" ' • • • Ottosen Sunday School to Give a Christinas Program ne. Ottosen, Dec. 20—The Ottosen Lutheran Sunday school will present its Christmas program, This Holy Night, Wednesday evening, December 22. The program follows: Processional, Come Hither Ye Faithful. Prayer Supt. Merle Holt Recitation, A Little Baby — Charlene Movick. Duet, Away in a Manger — Charlotte Jacobson, Vincent Satern. Introduction, St. Luke, 2:1-7— Thomas Olson. Recitation,' Christmas Sunshine — Charlotte Jacobson. Recitation, What Jesus Gave to Me—Dorothy Bratland. Hymn, Behold, a Branch Is Grow- ing—Sextette. Leader, St. Luke, 2:8-4..Mr. Olson Recitation, Why Did He Come?— Robert Knuteson, Jeanette Bratland, Marvin Movick, Arline Hanson, Ralph Jacobson, Marie Hanson. Hymn, While Shepherds Watched —Choir. Leader, St. Luke, 2:15-20 — Mr. Olson. Recitation, To All People — Darlene Movick. Hymn, Hark, the Herald Angels Sing!—Choir. Leader, St. Matthem, 21-6—Mr. Olson. Solo, As With Gladness Men of Old —Lola Watnem. Recitation, Christmas Day — Bernard Movick. Leader, St. Matthew, 2:7-12— Mr. Olson. Hymn, Silent Night, Holy Night— I Cannot Bring Rich Choir. Recitation, F^-ankencense—Vincent Sate-rn. Recitation, The Christmas Spirit- Junior Movick, Gene Movick, Lbwis Jacobson. Recitation, A Tiny Little Boy — Cjirol Olson. Offering for Orphans' Home S. S. Benediction Rev. S, 0. Sande Christmas Tree Group—Thomas Ols<in, leader; Vincent Satern, Charlotte Jacobson, Darlene Movick, Jeanette Hanson. Mary and Joseph—Marilyn Kinseth, Maurice Satern. Shepherds — Richard Vlrriil Enochson. Wise Men—Raymond Kinseth, Rasmus- 2O Years Ago THE BAPTISTS had raised $1,676 for Union college, Des Moines, going $376 over their quota of $1,300. ^ * * •» * PLANS FOR the holidays called for things for the needy that year, as high prices had made it hard for many large families to make ends meet. THE * * * * WHITTEMORE Champion had suggested A. L. Peterson for county treasurer, and county poll- tics, as a result, had be-on stirred somewhat. J. A. Freeh, Bancroft, was planning to run for court clerk. County Auditor Beardsley, Treasurer McChesney, Clerk Jenks, and Sheriff Samson were serving their second terms, and Mrs. Lald- ley the third term in the recorder's office. * * * * IS 'RIST had joined the army at Fort Snelling as a fores- sen, David Hanson, Myrle Movick. No k'rogram nt School— Tiie public schools closed Friday for a two weeks Christmas vaca- tiom The school didn't have its usual Christmas program in the lvlm , 11L ± , ulu ollellll , B lu) „. LUIV3 - assenibly room, due to the scarlet t er. He was attending the unlvers- fever epidemic, but each grade had - - a grab-bag and a small program. The pupils received treats from the teachers. Son for Delmar KJnseths— A 10-lb. boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Kinseth Friday. They have one other child, a girl. Other Ottosen IVews. Roy Kramer, who attends the State college, Ames, came home Saturday for the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kramer. Cllarlene Movick returned Saturday from a visit with her grandparents, Air. and Mrs. Herman Anderegg, West Bend. Parish Party at 'St. Ben 9 Suffers From Bad Weather St. Benedict, Dec. 20— A card I maiden name was Marie West. The Ma }«T» s were employed at the Rol- party last week Tuesday night was Ma * e ™ s were employt not well attended because of mist farm laSt Seas ° n ' and bad roads, but 60 turned out and bridge prizes were won by Matt Borrnann and Mrs. Agnes Rosonmeyer, while the 500 prizes went to Vernon Daley and Mrs. John Roskopf. This was Vernon's second winning at 500 in succession. This was the last parish party till after January. "Party" nt Fnsbemler Store- There was another "grand affair" at the Fasbender store Thursday night—a second roast pig festival, which^ attracted a large crowd. The' women were enter- 'nr riicti-ihuf T-> u -—jv,iu»u. iim wuuieu were enter"brut i December 24. talned at cards, and the men vis- .hnstmas cards were sent to the ited. Roast viz wmrtwinh*. ™ veterans' hospital at Des Moines and Knoxville. The Juniors had •harge of the program: vocal duet, Dorothy Ukena and Arliss Heet- Roast pig sandwiches were served at Intervals all evening. Johnsons Quarantined Again— Ludwig has again visited Leo Ludwig, here, were business visitors at Minneapolis a few days last week. Max Ferstl was "assistant manager" at the Ludwig farm during Leo's absence. Frank Grandjenett, Rolfe, and Cuts Self Wth Knife- Joe AVitte took Mrs. Witte to Algona for attention by a doctor after she had suffered a gash in the hand by a knife. Hrealcs Rib in Fall— Mrs. John Grandjenett recently feU n ice and suffered a broken She has suffered great pain. Other St. Benedict. and Jos. Grandjenett several thousand bushels corn ^Thursday on land they nb. . exchanged. | Methodist Aid Has Party— The Methodists held ' their came down with the disease. fierl ° USly S ' Ck She land" spent the day 'there' Ittst ' ' an- Almt Ui " s in Wisconsin- J ° hn Preushal W ° S ' ey Iast week i . , , • ~ <uiu jsuuure Jiiisenoartn learnon Pvenin™ 1 " 0 ^ ?'*" ^^ ™5 loat W6ek Sundav of the death of B\enmg was snent at visihnir nnri ii,.:_ i .,, . — .. evening was spent at visiting and playing games, and refreshments were served. The Rev. and Mrs. Carl Hammer were presented with a Christmas box containing canned fruit, fresh eggs, butter, groceries, candy, etc., which was a surprise to them. Find Kond to I). M. Icy- Mr, and Mrs. W. E. Ley, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mussman, and Donald Worley drove to Des Moines last week Tuesday morning and drove home two new Ford V-Ss the same evening. They reported the roads very icy and the driving hazardous. Kx-Lakota Lad Laid Lip- Word has been received that little Bobby Roelfsema cently suffered a broken arm here re- at his new home at Renwick. The Roelfsemas moved to Renwick from Lakota this fall. Little Girl Gives Party— Charlene Schroeder entertained little friends in honor of her sixth birthday on December i). Her teacher, Florence Householder, and Mrs. Frerking were also guests. Former Lukotun is Sick- Friends here received word of the serious illness of Samuel Larson, who now lives with a daughter at Elmore. He was at one time a resident of this vicinity. Daughter for Leo Johnsons— A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Leo Johnson at the Buffalo Center hospital a week ago Sunday. Mrs. Johnson was formerly Evelyn Koppen, of Lakota. Other Lukota News. A home project lesson was given last week Monday at Mrs. J. E. Telcamp's, and six women, with two new ones, were in attendance. J. E. Telcamp celebrated a birthday last week Tuesday, with the Ole Rippentrops and the Rev. and Mrs. Frerkings as guests. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Carlso:i, of Swea City, and their daughter Jane were last wee'k Sunday visitors at I. E. Wortnian's. Mr. and Mrs. Cort Rippentrop their aunt, Mrs. Andrew Kolb, of Beaver Dam, Wis. Frank Eisenbarth attended the funeral. Daughter for Tien Muterns— j •Mr. and Mrs. Ben Matern are ] parents of a daughter, born Tues-' day, December 14. Mrs. Matern's oiit preparatory to his call. * * * * HOLIDAY postofflce service was extra, with the office window open an hour In the morning and n half Lmi n hour in the afternoon on Chris Ul ° was day^ "" ' mako the routes In the •or Ity at the time, and was to have been graduated that spring. * » * * A COUNTY teachers institute liad attracted all but six or seven of the teachers of the county. Doctor Beets and Doctor Stout, of Cornell college, were speakers. » * « » THE KRAFT-MISBACH CO. had been changed to a partnership. A RINGSTED* MAN filled his | pipe and lit it preparatory to reading the war news. A .22 cartridge had been placed in the pipe by mistake with the tobacco and his war news was dramatically illustrated. * * * * THE KNIGHTS of Columbus had initiated 4S new candidates at a meeting here. S. E. McMahon was toastmaster, and Father Maynard spoke. * * * * '•NILLA JASPERSON had been married to Ralph Hofer art December 19. They were to live at Ventura. HARRY BUTTON had sold the Elk Pantatorium to Howard M. Vinson. Mr. Sutton expected a draft call any time and had sold YOU ARE INVITED to attend a Special Christmas Showing of Electrical Appliances and I. £. s. pi and Table Lamps ° Use the Free $1.00 Trade Coupon PRATT~ Electric Co. ELECTRICITY IS CHEAP IN ALGONA PIIOXE 170 ALGONA, IOWA 8 °° d fot CLIP THIS GOOD Mm Use this coupon, W hi c ' ?° $1.00 on purchase ' S appliance retailing '£' more. h ' or Good for 50c on anv i to- talling for $5.00 or irc P lailCe «' . Coupon of no vahio aftor n . Bring this coupon You will like Raesly's Special Cook Stove Coal Clean Burning — Sootless DUSTLESS Easy to Fire Try a Load Today! Careful delivery Raesly Lumber Co. Phone 284. CHRISTMAS TREE BULBS Each i Toys in our Toyland Dfr to choose from. SledJ Plenty of partment Skiis, Dolls, Skates, Wagons, BiJ cycles. We are open every eveninjl this week for your accommodation! Our prices are lower. Fenton-Grant Play Hard-Fought Games Fenton, Dec. 20 — The Fenton basketball teams met defeat by Grant Consolidated on the local floor last week Tuesday night in hard-fought games. The first team game ended in a tie, 19-19, and three minutes overtime was required to finish, the score ending 10-20. The junior high school teams of Grant and Fenton also, battled for their game, which ended 8-9 in favor of Grant. Fenton played Ringsted Thursday night at Ringsted, and the score for the first teams was 32-12 in favor of Ringsted. The Fenton second team also lost, 32-22. Rectal and Prostate Diseases Varicose Veins and Rupture The majority of these conditions can be treated su'ccess- method of treatment does not You are welcome to come in for examination charges, or write for further information. Xammatlon without Office located 3 'blocks south of Ford Garage in Hospital Building. the General DR. S. W. Meyer, D. O. ALGONA, IOWA JOE BLOOM LATEST MODEL DOLLS An tnqti» >l lint il It to-lhi-iU dolli, Ing ill 111 U. tit chmdq costainti material! TOY TRAINS Sec Our Complete Line of Mechanical and Electrical Trains. STREAMLINED HIAWATHA. FREIGHT TRAIN Prices Range 98cto DISNEY Characters With dronvi, chimes, belli, etc., for every child's tuU. lOc TO 79c AUTO-MAGIC PICTURE GUN ThU Includei picture run •nd ( nan - Inflinimiblt ilmi. 140 Tlewn in mil. $£.49 CompUto OMI'LETE CHRISTMAS • BB LIGHtt JOE BLOOM Coast-to-Coast Store Armstrong Girl is Singing Via Radio Armstrong, Dec. 20—Norma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Atwood, is now at Hollywood, singing on Crosby radio programs. She went to the Coast with two other girls from the State Teachers' college, where Norma had studied voice three years. She attended school here and was graduated in 1934. She sings soprano. Santa Visits Lu Verne. Lu Verne, Dec. 20—Santa Claus paid a visit here Saturday afternoon, and 400 sacks of Christmas treat was given to children. Telephone 35 New Call Daily Matinee 2 p. m. Theatre Playing Only Big Attractions Daily Matinees Our Holiday Topping Bookings Program from Dec. 22 to Jan. 4 Telephone 45 Mat Sat.-Sun 1-3:30 Greatest Bargain Theatre in the Country All Seats J21cj 2 Features Wed.-Thurs., Dec. 22-23 Pat O'Brien in "SUB LONE ROCK visited the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Rippentroo, last Thursday. The Ole Rippentrops, the Alvin Rippentrops, and the George En- were at Fairmont Wednes- lay. Lawrence Wolcott, of Mankato, pent several days last week visit- ng friends in this vicinity. Fentoii Pair Adopt Babe. Fenton, Dec. 13—Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mitchell, northwest of "'eiitou, have adopted a 19 mos. on from a Lutheran home finding ociety at Fort Dodge. He has been amed Robert Eugene. The Mitch- lls have no other children. Mr. and Mils. Alex Radig got home Friday from Pasadena, Calif., where they visited Mr. Radig's father, William Radigf who re- ce-ntly suffered a stroke. Mesdames J. M. Blanchard, W. G. Flaig, Fred Genrich, Ray Snyder, Frank Flaig, H. J. Rice, Alex Krueger, and Carl Rath, the latter of Swea City, took Mrs. Eugene Pearson by surprise in honor of her birthday last week Monday evening. J. M. Blanchard, Supt. V. V. Frye, D. W. Furnau, and Harlan Blanchard attended a football banquet at Algona Wednesday evening. Mrs. J. M. Blanchard visited Mrs. W. T. Fish, Whlttemore last week Tuesday evening. Many from here attended " " " " Dec. 24-25 (Xmas) Lionel Barrymore Bobt Young Billie Burke in "NAVY BLUE AND GOLD" Plus American Legion New York City Convention Sun.-Mon., Dec. 26-87 Claudette Colbert Chas. Boyer in the sweetest comedy TOVARICH" (Comrade) Tuesday, Dec* 28 Mat. 11 o'clock and every two hours Richard Dlx in "IT HAPPENED IN HOLLYWOOD" Extra Special Added Attraction "The Coronation" (in Technicolor) r, W ? 1 ,"' rhur s-. Dec, 29-30 Grace Moore Melvyn Douglas "I'LL TAKE "ROMANCE- Extra Special Latest "March of Time" FrLSat, Dec. 31-Jan. 1 «r ,^ (New Years) Walter WincheU Ben Bernl« "LOVE AND HS S M TOle Fn. 11:30 Midnight Show (New Years Eve) Wed. Thru Sat, Dec. 22-25 Xmas Attraction 2 Tops 2 Buck Jones in •HOLLYWOOD ROUND UP' (Second Feature) Hugh Herbert Eleanor Eddy Our Stage) w l a S d Con U>any CMmd Readers) Sun.-Moiu, —Jan. 2-3 Carole Lombard , lfred Mac Murray "TRUE CONFESSION* 11 . , T V esda O r . Jan. 4 U o clock mat. every 2 hrs Frank Morgan Florence Rice "BEG BORROW STEAL" Suii.-M 0 ,i., Dec, 26-87 G«ne Autry "BOOTS AND SADDLES" (Second Feature) uertrude Michael "SOPHIE LANG GOES WEST" lOc 21c Wed. Thru Sat* Dec. 29-Jan. 1 . (New Years Program) Zane Grey's, "BOLL ALONG COWBOY (Second Feature) Stu Erwin "MR, BOCGS Sat New Years DW On Our Stage Marvea and Co. Mind reader Questions answered »w» the stage . Dec. 28 (Extended Run) Claudette Colbert "TOVARICH" (Comrade) it C C Sun,-Mon., Jan- Jean Parker to (Second Feature) John Wayne In fO Tuesday) > (Extended Run) Carole

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