The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1897 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, November 17, 1897
Page 2
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Tttl! WPEK DBS MO1NB8; ALGONA IOWA, WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 1?, W9f. THE SEWS IH IOWA OIL INSPECTORSHIP- A • rma SUFFRAGE HEADQUARTERS. DE«= Mourns. J?ov. 11.—In a few days the Equal Snl&ajpe AssocSalaoa open headquarters in the Egsi :T«oi*^*ov. i3.-Anotber im- | ****. J^T ^^f J 6 i ".,. eit "T ".defect in the new code i >as ofMr^ Oallanan. tat «** ^H prob- u^irx* "* -slature ] * W - r baT * the »*» ista Bee °* abolish the *^$*^ £ StTS^ l^TiiSSont the spector, or tbo^ht ,t did. fe.™ejhe HaT - ^^ present fifteen ^^^.l*?™ California*, W bo h a s been » the «lwit present cities with the fall title _,._, _ v ,_ -TM|) TM of inspector, making their report to the eieeative conncil. They are to be Appointed by the governor for two j rears, commencing .inly 1 latare. botvever. did not provide vrbo should do the inspecting- between October 3, 3 S3T. vrhen the old system was to have bees abolished, and July 1, 15S5. trhen the governor Js to appoint the new inspectors. Tbe law requires the inspection, and Attorney General Uetnley has riven an opinion that inasmuch as inspection is required and the new inspectors are not to be appointed until .Tuly ]. old system continues nntsl that lirne. Lntber A. Brewer, of Cenar P.apids. is the present state oil in'-pec-tor. rrho raised this question arid convinced the attorney general and Governor Drake that he should bold over. His term of office expires in March. 3-S'S. but he- will uonWiess be left to limsh the time unless the legislature takes some action this winter. TOOK LINCOLN'S DAUGHTER. Mount FleaMnt Youth Jndutwl H«-r to Klop« With Him. CHICAGO. Nov. li'.—Miss Jessie Lincoln, daughter of Robert T. Lincoln. and Warren Beckvrith. a young- business man of Mount Pleasant, lovra. were married at Milwaukee. A year ago young Beck with and Miss Lincoln became sweethearts while the young woman was, visiting at Mount Pleasant, the former home of her mother. daughter of James Harian. Captain •5th. father of the groom, is a friend of the Lincoln family, but the young man. it 5s said, was objected to strongly. The affair, it •was llicrazhl, was then broken -up. Mrs. J'.eeiiivJih returned from M53- •wank-ett lo her home on the Lake Shore drive and upon being questioned admitted btr national tvork for several years. Miss Hay trill have -charge of the county ortraioizatjRn work and Mrs. W. S. Beloen. of Sk-us City. Trill lake up the petition work. T5ie national organizers have decided that lotva shall be won for equal Koffra£-e this winter and Trill have the best talent In the field. Tbe legislature will be snowed under by petitions and no stone will be left onlarned by the advocates of this principle. WATCH WOUNDS the i Good Work of BURGLARS. fim»n in a Marathon Store- No v. 3."..—Fonr thieves atte::jpt*d 1o burglarize the Ross Drug Company's store. They effected an entrance through the front floor. A man sleeps 5n the store, and being aroused by the noise and dSseoverinr the thieves, he leveled a gun and spoke. Tlie thieves rnshed for the door and the watchman Sred two charges of shot iolo the crowd. Several shots were fired in return. A"_ hour afterward a mjn was found on the street seriously wounded in the left side and arm. The escaping thieves stole three horses. IOWA'S VOTE. Correct**! Krtaru* From All Counties i Oo All Tirkrt*. I DE= MOIXEE. Xov. 13.—The Register I publishes a tableshoiving- the corrected i returns on the heads of the six tickets j in the last election, which gives the I total vote as follows: Shaw. 234.7245; i White. 394.C3C: Leland, 7.115: Lloyd, j 4.--'«i: Clic-g-itt. ::.i»93: Kremer. .153: ! Shciv's plurality, 30,090: maiority, : :*.'.»3Ci. Accordinjr to these returns: the Twenty-seventh genera! assembly I will be tna-de up as follows: Senate. • rj^republicansand 33 democrats: house. i C3 republicans ac<5 37democrats. STOHES ROBBED AND BURNED. Jrromr Suffers Jrom Burglar* send Arson— Kfotul; I-"ir«-- j •CENTi:i:vij_i,E. Nov. 33.—FJre destroy- j ed SlI'-OOO worth of property at Je- ' route. The stores and almost the en- i tire eonl*nts foeJonjrJng to D. >L l!ra- zeale. eiolhaers; Donald Forsythe. ; <draggisr. Joan Shelton. general mer- ; chandise dealer, ivere bnrned. Little , 3nForanwr. was carried. A kit of burg- j IOWA CONDENSED. A great school—Highland Park Col- l-ejr-r, Des Mosnes. Iowa. Send to EursrJars entered the store of the Iowa. Far company, of Des Moines. recently and carried away with them merchandise !U> the approximate value of 53.000. Many valuable sealskins ami other fnrs were taken. At Sioux City recently thj? Missouri river steamer Castalia. iast returned Jar's tools was found In ihe street. | irom Charles Mix county. South and these signs indicated the Braz-eale , i> a | JO ui. ; with a cargo of grain and store bad bi-en robbed and then fired. ILDOEVK, Nov. 13.—The barr-e.i factory of Fred HsJpert &. Son was de- strored by incendiary fire. Loss. £7.000. WILSON GIVEN A DEGREE. fmlerrvd lir tlie Stat«- A^ricoltaml Co!I»^e Board. DES MOIXKS, Nor. 33.—"Tama Jim" "Wilson, secretary of agrscalture. ha.s j>fc*n honored '.rath the dc-grec of master of ag-rienlture by the board of trustees of the Ames Agricultural College. The board :net for the pur- pose<*f irra'Jcauog-tbe fifty-five seniors anu at. this ineeiing- conferred 1 lie degree. Few persons have tver been iaocored by the college ivitn the <ie- g-re« of master, and it is rejrarded as a h'jrh marl: of the esteem in which Mr. Wilson is held by the college in which isc served *o many years as a professor. live stock, collided with sunken piling off tiie river front and went down in deep water. The crew escaped in the boat?. The owners are local business men. They estimate tb-e loss on boat and cargo at S32,00<A. Mrs. Ciara Crane, of Webster City. it is announced, has filed suit in the dis.trk-1 court of Hamilton county against Jacob M. Funk, of the same place, for 5!0,OOfJ for alleged malic-lout assanlt. Claiming the assault tool: place October 1 in her rooms in \Vebsler City. Mr. Fonk is the wealthiest man in Hamilton county, his estate being estimated at half a PRSNTED IN RED INK. Des "Moine* Paper"* Sixteenth Anniversary. DEsMoiXEB, Nov. 0.—The Des Moines DaUy News celebrated its sixteenth birthday by printing- its edition in brilliant red ink, with beautiful illustrations. The Daily News is making wonderful strides in circulation and business since it reduced its price to $1 a year, the lowest price of any daily paper in the \vorid. It is also greatly improved as a newspaper, giving the lull Associated Press dispatches and markets. . THIEVES HOLD UP A MARSHAL. Crtttou live and IJr. Eli Grimes, state bacteriologist, says diphtheria is prevalent in the state just now. He says the epidemic is now reac'hinff a stag-c where it becomes serious. O.skaloosa and Ulorkton are both afflicted wilh it and in many parts of tbe state there are a large number of cases. Des Moine.s also has a number of cases and uew cases are being- reported to the board of health each day. Judgments ag-jrrefrating- $40,000 ag-ainst the stockholders in the defunct Iowa Savings Bank, of Sioux City, have been entered on the court records. The money is to be paid in to the receiver in thirty days and a dividend will be paid the depositors. This is about the first giimmerof hope the depositors of the bank have had for recovery of their money since the failure in IS'JO. Carl Yates. of Oskaioosa, the man who shot his wife on the street near the postoftice on August 4, and who Cosily ! last week pleaded guilty, lias been sentenced to four years at hard laboi at the Fort Madison penitentiary. Mrs. Yates is still living- though on< An Kxc-itlug Time of It. CBESXQS, Nov. I-'.— Jones's dry goods frtore was entered by robbers and 8COO worth of sillts were stolen. Bivens <fc \ bullet is imbeued in her kidneys ao<! IJelfenstine's grocery was broken into may prove fatal at any time. -She j w Ti. . „ ^r.f^^.1 ,i.,^ir,,, pleaded for leniency for her husoand and Officer Johnson entered during | ^ & ^ . g jn bai f neaUh the progress of the burglary. 'iiiej WhenWinialn AU enberg e r. of Def thieves helrl lum up and esc-ape.l A , io ke Joose willi »>old foot-pad slugged Ed. Vandewalicer I , . ^ uu and relieved him of 8178. and faned ° iQ an effort lo drown ,, im . Nora it On Trial. VIM ox, Nov. 13.— Frank Novak is on trial »o the district court, for the murder of Edward Murray. A jury has been secured and testimony is now being taken. ' '4'he case is exciting much interest, at I.utlier. BOONK, Nov. 0.— Henry Albright, Jiving near Luther, was shot and per- iiapB fatally ipjured, it is charged, by W. C. Patterson, a neighbor. Tlie foall jnst missed the jugular vein. Patterson gave himself up to the and was lodged in the couuty «. «!. fbelpt KtrickCJi A^alo, ^TI-AST4C, Kov. 9.— JB. O. Phelps, j»rej5|dent of the Commercial IJauk, and a fejgli 4egree M9§on, has hud anpther ;e pf self in six inches of water, he did not know what he was doing. He was insane. So the commissioners of insanity determined after an examination of two hours* duration. The man was taken, itot to the penitentiary, as had been expected, but to the state asylum at Ml, Pleasant. Marshal Williains, of Cedar Falls, had a desperate encounter with a tough character by the name of Milt Stiller, and had it not been for the assistance rendered him by Officer Khoebuok might have lost his life at the hands of tlte ruflisn. While in a fit of intoxication. Stiller threatened tu kill tlio entire family, and was proceeding to carry his threat into execution when, the marshal was called. Stiller was placed in the city bastile and remained quiet until the officer turned to leave the cell, when the thug sprang UDOH him and attempted to overpower him, striking the marshal repeatedly in, the b^ck. «f the head, ALL OVER WILL GO NEVER HANG. i th* f«r lh* Sixty Senator* AT* Kwp Hi* Annexation ] no t t-RurpD? TtT,i53 »»f RatraU. NEIT TOKK, Jfov. 3S.—The Jlerald's Washing-ton special says: Ratification of tbe Ha-rrBiian annexation treaty by the United States senate is sssnred. Tbe administration has made st poll of that body, and President McKinley is satisfied that more than two-thirds of the members trill rote for ratification, j The matter -ru-n-nn*. ^Then the treaty was submitted to the { } Br uppa *-j-, P Tvna senate June If. last, fifty-seven sen- j ators could be depended tit»on to vote | 3n favor of the instrument. Eleven I senators were given as donbf fnl and ' twenty-one as opposed to ratification. ', The administration has aseertained ! J.b»t I>R-;T*JJ T'1" 151RT TTallraTiR, 'or TrYiTf-lj b? be hnnr-ffl IT the isttfr TISTJ INS 3 besrinBinir oi Mar.'-li X..RV, 14 —In view of wnrt will w r-msfl Monday ,ren*-ir!f-T-P<l prob- i-b-r NATIONAL. CROP STATISTICS •rirrui-'T i! •fi? 10 the views of 4-be men vrha -were then In doubt and McKinley 5s now depending on sixty-one senators to vote for the treaty, with pros.pee.ts of the addition of several votes to this nnmber. order probable cios*-, •nntil 1he jDJokll? 01 the (iase has lwn ^BVS al jfnf- NEW LAW IN PERU. the to "before or the at ail fr-r hear- a the PS of ifh Ihf TTiT.3- ol life- .la-n-nary. After tiff-idr-d another mnfl intervene j Ijpfore the rerriillitur froTnthesnprenje ! court can reach 1h<' Trial -co-art and | Dttrrant be re-f-?-n1eacpil for tbe • second time. >5ennl!ine.. Purrant. has i been rc-icovea from th? von-deianed j eell and relumed to his old ei-11. Na I "i. in nnirderers" rrnv. nl Snn I'a««>c » Kill I>cpalir.in5: Son- ! Cttthollr Man-MRf*. j LIMA. 1'eni. Nov. 3;:.—The bill j rrhich 3rp-a35zes non-Catholic marringf-s i •Jn Pern and which makes legal all i civil ceremonies performed by mayors : of towns in presence of two witnesses was sanctioned by congress jnst be fore adjournment. There was great, ex- i citement when the measure vras taken | tip for final action. The clericals tried j to sustain a motion to postpone con- j Eideration. but on vot« tbe motion was j lost. The president put a motion to i close the debate and this was done ] am5d much applanse. During a scene i of great excitement and while pro- j tests were being made the measure i PROUD ENGLAND BENDS. Lofinrr PreslijrP ** » I*ad«T in HIP In- dnttrlal World. IjONi>f>N. Nor. iTi.—A serie" of arti- eles whu-h are attracting luuch at- tenlion hcadetl. •'Murc-jiinsr 15aek- •ivard?." have l>etn appearing- in the Daiiv Mail. The writer has shown that Great Britain is failing behind in the great industrial race, fand demonstrated how the Vnited States. Fiance and Germany can show increased exports to the nmount of £.'.'.000.000 in twelve years, extending from 15S3 to ISM. It is further proved that the exports in the United King-dom in the same period was sanctioned. Tbe passage of the j 3iaTt ' decreased i*H.OCKM>or> {j-45,000,- jneasnre is a great triumph for liberal j r -' 00 )- Coinmentinir on this.showing ideas and for the g-overcment. I the Daily .Mai! expresses the opinion _ „ I that the main reasons for this falling SOVEREIGN RELIEVED. j off is that British traders want husi- • • ness instinct, and Mime srenuine No Ixmger at Ue»d of the Knights of j patriotism, as evidcncfil by ship owners carrying- foreigners," goods :;t iowor rates tli:in the British. Avcrap* Tirtd of Corn i* 23. Per Acr* — Other Crops. "WAKHIXOTOK. Nov. 3.. — The November report of the statistician of the department of agriculture gives 23.7 bushels as the average yield per acre of corn according- to the preliminary 7 - et«rns of the department's correspondents. The corresponding preliminary estimate la^t year was 27.3 bushels, and that of j«!»:> was 20. 1- bnshels. The averasre yield in the principal corn states 5s as follows: New York. "2. ".: Pennsylvania. 30: Ohio, 3:.'.. r <: Indiana. :".'*: Illinois. :",\.:>: lorra. -j3: Missouri. -Ti: Kansas. 51'. Nebraska. '.'P. The average per cent nf qiiality is f f\. -•;. ns compared with ?<. i in 3?T"5. ami !•.' r, in ]ssr,. The preliminary estimate of the average yield of buckwheat is '.'0.7 bushels per acre, as compared with 1?. 7 bushels last year and .(». 1 bushels in 1S!O. The average yield per Hereof tobacco is 040 pounds, asrainst '-7:' pounds per acre last year. The estimated avera^f. yield per acre of Irish potatoes is 04.0 buslieis. as compared with ?>''•. 8 bushels last year. The average per cent of quality is >!.;;. airainst ?'.'.-' in November last year. The average yield of hay is 1.4:.' ions : per acre, against an average of j.ij I tons for the last fifteen years. In ; point of quality, the averaire is '.i?.+ I per cent, as compared wit!) '.r;*. ;i per cent last year. MERCY TO THfc REBELS ** of Harann Captain-General Blanco, of has issued the foiiowino-ediet, described as '^expresshiff the iroons sentiment's of the qtaeen and the Srm determination of national government": "f parflon h full nil those who have been prose- cnted for the crime of rebellion Re>»els prosecuted for common independent of rebellion, such spoliation, immorality and tbe will be pardoned as rebel*, but judged for other offenses committed by them, Those suffering sentences imix>sed prior to the date of this edict will have their scntem-a commuted to 4 certain extent, and perhaps in some cases in fuii. Persons pardoned should appear before the civil and military authorities at their respective places of residence, which they will desijrnale and which will be communicated to me. .Should they desijrnate places of re-sidenee outside the principal towns, they will be advised of the neeessitt of residing within the military zone of cultivation. The military authorities viTtl be carofnl not to invade the jurisdiction of the civil s ut In-! ties Tiirrefore. those pardoned cannot change their residence witlioutnhtain- injr the permission of both civil ami military authorities.'' MANV DYING OF HUNGER. He ^pain's Most Starvation Labor Order. LonsviLi.E, Ivy., Nov. 13.—James R. Sovereign. who lias been general master workman of the Knijrhts of Labor for several years, was relieved of his ofiiee by the general assembly. Under ordinary conditions. Mr. Sovereign's term of office would nor expire until next meeting. This, however, it :s said, makes no difference \v3th the order, whose general officers during- a meeting arc always in tiie hands of the assembly and can Tie chosen and deposed at the will of the majority. Henry A. Hicks, of New York, District --"i3. New York city, was to filj Mr. Sovereign's place, nnd 1. D. Chamberlain, of Pueblo. Colo., wa.s selected as general worthv foreman. " South Carolina Liquor I-ntr. i ATLANTA. Ga.. Nov. 1C..—Judge Pari dee and Newman of the United Stales ] Court handed <3c\vn a decision in the ,| famous dispensary case. The judges ] ties packed in boxes and shipped in \ carload lots. were, under the law of i Sontli Carolina, ciearly admissible. ] and should be iiandle-i by any iai'- i road. _____ j HAVANA. Nov. ir>.—Tiie insurgents j dynamited a train between Nenvt.;:s ! and the city of Puerto Vriucipe. An PARDON FOR COMPETITOR MEN. ensrine and several cars -vrecked. BREVITIES. i Fortunate Ending of a Sensational Cuban Affair. •HAVANA. Nov. ]•}.—Dispatches from Madrid confirm the reports that the prisoners captured on the Competitor. in April. 189/5. will be included in the j ? r £^ ve . ™ as "''^ amnesty decree socn to be issued. HAVANA. Nor. 34.—The Spanish cavalry came upon the insurgents under General Alejandro liodriques. in the province of Havana and in the engagement lulled twenty insurgents, capturing a quantity of arms, together with the accoutrements of General llodriguez. a quantity of baggage au<l "elters. It is stated that osvintj to the fact that t.he Carlists are known to be importing arms into Spain, Premier Sajiasta and Minister of War Correa are considering the adoption of re- DURRAKT REPRIEVED. Supreme Court of California Grants IHm n New Lease of I.i(v. SA< HKMMNTO. Nov. 1C'.—In the of *l'h«-o<lore Durrant. who had been senfeneed to 3ian<f to-day for the murder of Uianc-he T>amont, the supreme court 2 ran ted a stay of execution on the ground that no official information of the action of the United States supreme court had yet- been received •jn*i that the supreme court had acted .jo hastilv. The dispatches state that a terrible famine is ravaging the province of i Archangel, a government of European | Russia, in tbe extreme north. Many i have already died of .starvation. Tiie ! people wander about reduced almost j to skeletons, their heaiis swollen to ] the size of baskets. Tea is the only i means of subsistence. ! Washington advices say the president ; has appointed \V. i.iodlrey Hunter i minister to (itialemala and Honduras. j Hunter was :me of the leading repuli- \ lieans of Kentucky, ami a member of j congress in the last house-. He was a case ; candidate for the United States senate, but after a long struggle was defeated by a few republicans refusing to support him. Philadelphia dispatch: There are twenty-seven steam-ships in port or under charter to load grain for European ports. Most of tin- grain will be shipped during the next few weeks. They will carry an aggregate of three million bushels of corn and wheat. So far this year shipments of corn have aggregated nearly twenty-two bushels, against less than Itifhard J oUoine Cleveland. 1'jsj.M IVTIIX, N. J.. Nov. 31.— The Princeton collegians were badly disappointed when it became known that j million Crorer Cleveland's son is to be Richard ] seven million last year. Folsome Cleveland. They had given j It is announced that Former Judge the young man the name of (irover j Vincent, who conducted the defense Cleveland. .Jr.. on the dny of his birth • in the iirst trial of Adolph L. I.uet- and hoped it would stick to him. The j pert, has withdrawn from <lie case. { Private business affairs was given as j the cause of his withdrawal. Attorn- ( ey Phalen. who was associated with ! Judge Vincent during the famous trial and who announced the latter's 11:11 at- decided upon is given in honor of -Mri. Cleveland's father. withdrawal, will conduct the defense at the second hearing which, however, not be called within six weeks. The Spanish cabinet is said to have Kinnt for the C'arlUU. ;A. Spain, Nov. 14. Tiie police hare seized 300 rifles intended for the Car lists. were found on board the ship St, Phillips, which took j shelter in Uarceiona under stress of j weather. Tlie vessel came from Ant- ' , * .1 • • , , V , l approved measures for the- giving to and it wa.s intended to unload i , • . »-, . * «, • , , , ?, , 4l , A , ,_ . '] tiie inhabilaiits of the islands of Cuba anil Porto Uiea the .same constitutional rights at, are enjoyed by Spaniards, for the bestowal of the right of suffrage upon all who have attained the age of 25 years and for the .same census basis in municipal, provincial and par- I'roves to He Sonar* Most i Effet-tiTe tA A Havana dispatch says: Weyler lias font 1 , but his purpose to "exterminate the breed" of Cuban patriots is being fulfilled. Starvation is killing i; con- centrados" by tens of thousands. Hunger is doing what Spain's 200.000 soldiers cannot accomplish. Women and children are weak, the old are dying like sheep, the rural population has been "concentrated"' in the towns and has filled the graveyards, ami its <ieail no-.v jie unbnried. Frightful are the sufferings of those who survive and cry out for mercy to the civilized world. Physicians of Havana are now foroiddcn to give starvation c'inan- ieion"! as a cause of death. A correspondent in San Domingo writes Sn the Diario <Je La Marinako: "The multitude of sick fall, dying upon the garbage in the streets here, and there they "lie until, after having served as ignominious spectacles for some hours, they an.'collected and hauled away in o.v carts used for carrying garbage to the dumping grounds. If bodies are admitted to the cemetery, they reach there only in this unseemly manner. The church cemeteries are fnl!, so most of these dead bodies arc thrown into the fields to bt- eaten by birds and dogs." BUSHNEL.L OR HANNA, WHICH? Governor Said to B<- Inclined to l!mi for I'nitetl States Senate. Columbus dispatch: T. E. ITiir- wood. publisher of th<.- Spnnjrfield Gazette, the organ of Gov«?rn->r Jinsh- nell, confirms the report tha' the governor will be a candidate to succeed Senator Hanna. It now transpires that the contemplated action ol J'ui-hnell was taken after Secretary Dick had interviewed every republican member-elect of the jjeneral a&scmblv by telegraph, asking them to p!e<i<j-<.-. themselves, anew to Senator Hauna. and found that thirty men !ia<l ri'fu«.e<: to say thai they would support Hanna. : A c-onforenct' of a n\<!iiber of liomo- eratie Jeades-s was held at the <i»vat : Si.utln-rn Hot-el. The meeting a ! select one. bin it is Hiiderstood ihev i pledged the vote of the dfiaiieraiic j members ot the house ami senate, or ! at least such as could be controlled, ic ! Governor Bnshnoll for tne senate. j South Dakota Klondike. i IlKADwoon, S. D.. Nov. ]:.'.—At a | depth of 1.10 feet in the new workings | of the Hawkeye mice, situated at i Plum Gulch, two miles from Dead- j wood, a body of free milling gold was i -struck which showed an assay value of j SI.000 in gold per ton. The ore body I is a continuation of that struck six I weeks ago, which caused intense j excitement in the west and caused a j stampede to the district in which the mine is situated. AROUSES BRAZILIAN SENATE. Virtual Chartrf That the Opposition I'iot- teil tile President's Death. IJfKXos A VISES. Nov. 12.—Senator Vinra. one of the government's snn- porters in the Brazilian senate, declared, in an open session of that bodr, that the opposition had predicted the death of President Moraes before November ft. This statement, taken in connection with the alleged plot which led to the recent attempt to kill the president, caused a sensation. Senator Uarcelos. of the opposition, protested vigorously against this charge. In the chamber of deputies. Seabia. in an attack on the opposition, declared that the party was made up of anarchists. This aroused a hot discussion in that body. The many charges made have caused t3ie opposition to publish a manifesto denying nny responsibility for the attempt on President Moraes'.s life. This manifesto, which sets forth that the attempt grew out of discontent in the army, was not well received. Comparative quiet rcigus in llio Janeiro, though troops are still quartered all over the city, and an armed patrol surrounds the citv. TO GIVE THANKS. Gov. Drake's Proclamation is Jhlarked by It* Kreviry. DE> MOIXKS, Xov. 30. — GoverDor Drake has issued his Thanksgiving proclamation, calling upon the people of Iowa to give worshipful thanks November ','.'». It is as follows: Following an ancient custom of our country. I. Francis M. Drake, governor of tiie state of Iowa, do hereby recommend that Thursday. November •,'5, iSHT. the day named therefor by the president of tiie United States, be set apart by (he people of this favored commonwealth and observed as a day of thanksgiving nn<5 praise to the Giver of :ili srood for tin- blessings and houn- ti«.-s of another fruitful vcar. At that time in our accustomed places of worship and in the. family fircle. lot us raise grateful voices of PI-US-.- to the AH Father for life and home nnd brightening- material prospects. for the frracious' iriftsthe rol'ing 1 seasons hnvo Vironp-ht us. tind for pres- t-rvjition froin faininp, pestilence and elemental havoc. Let us also empha- sixe our <rratitu<li* by generous and snbsianiiai remembrance of the needy, il;c .snffc-i-iiisr and ihr« afflicted araon<r n>. Thus, and in aH oilier riehteous ivays. may ours be the happiness of ••tin- people whose God is the Lord." ONLY SS7O.OOO WAS STOLEN. Nebraska's K*»l her on the coast of Valencia. Kuuia and Turkey Cemented. Co.vsTASTiHOi'i.K, Nov. H. — The sul- iau has conferred upon Count Mura- vieff. the Russian minister for foreign affairs, the grand cordon of the Qsnianli order, for his services j n j liainentary elect ons. The chambers ••consolidalipjr the friendship existing ! i~t«,«.n >i,» ».,-„ ,>n,,n. r i« '• - of the islands will be between the two countries. i it advisable. permitted deeo: AH the street cars in Des Moinef pass the postoftice, and many of them nave letter-boxes attached. A letter or other mail matter can be mailed at auv point and the car is stopped to *" «""»««• «cu,y ^ouore uu, receive it. r r upder sentence of death for the J-ewis Weaver, of >ft. Pleasant, Pa., has just buried his second wife, which makes the tivcnty-tir&t funeral iu liis family. lie lias had twenty-seven children and buried nineteen of them. He is seventy years old. In some parts of China the punishment for murder is sleeplessness. Tlie culprit is l<ep)> awuke until he dies. Under this treatment $ person The supreme court has affirmed the decision of the circuit court of California refusing writ of habeas corpus to William Henry Theodore Durrani. murder of Hlanch Lamont, in .San FYun- cisco, April, 1S93. Tlie case attracted much attention throughout the country. The decision permits the law to take its course, &o Durrant will be hanged. The decision paves the way fpr the execution of five other murderers who have been sentenced to death and whose e^ecwHon wgs deferred pending the decision of tbi Salikbur.r Will Ui«- v Honors. LOXIHJX, Nov. 11.—The Financial Post professes to know that the Marquis of Salisbury, premier and secretary of foreign affairs, is about to resign the foreign secretaryship in far- or of the Marquis of Lqpdsdoirae, retaining, however, the premiership. Hum 3.OOO Sheep HU <i 3O.OOO fault-. Four Woitrii, Tex.. Nov. 13.—Three thousand sheep and -.fOjOOO cattle were burned to death in Crosby county by fife which is sweeping over Panhandle country ranges. The damage to ranches is enorniotis. Fall crops are being badiy damaged. John Hynaan, of Ixxigooicc, Ind., is prond of his calling, winch is that of a cooper. He has had carved for his monument a marble barrel, with a keg on it, and the barrel bears these words: "A Cooper by Trade." An immense horse-inackereJ, eight Jong and weighing 500 pounds, was recently caught in a trap at Gardiner's Island, off the eastern end of Long Island. N. V.. by Captain Frank TutbiiL Iteforv being subdued, it leaped into a rowboat, which it smashed into three " Shoes made of porpoise leather are wa j, cr< , Tr««sury Was a Klondike. Lixcoi.x. Neb.. Nov. ]•-'.— Otto Hel- hi«r. the expert who hns l>een engaged for several mouths in examining t' ie books and accounts of ex-State Treasurer Hartley, submitted his report to the legislative investigating committee. showing- Hartley's shortage to be The amount of the defalcation had been variously estioiated at from S700,(>00 to $1,000.000. Hartley is now in Douglas oouuty jail nnder a twenty-year sentence to the penitentiary. An appeal has been taken to the supreme court and arsrnment on a motion for a new trial will soon be made. Safe Crackers Gel S14.OOO. SILVER CIJKKK. N. Y., Nov. 12.— Three men blew open the safe in Heine's bank, securing $10,000 in money and 54,000 in jewelry. They afterwards tried to crack a safe in a noig'l'* boring null, but were frightened away. The watchman was bad!? beaten. Many Greeks Were Killed. YIEX.VA, Nov. 13.—A Constantinople dispatch says a number of Greek bands which crossed the Tbessaliao frontier, were repulsed by the Turks, who killed many ot I he invaders ant 1 captured a large number of prisoner?In Puerto Limou. Costa Rica. tbe whisky is so bad thai the yellow fever will not attack anybody who drinUsU. One of the hvuuis in th« hyim of a church in Toronto has arranged to fit the tune of the "Put Me Off at Buffalo. ' Twenty-seven onions, the combin weight of which was sixty-fiv were raised this season by J- lass, of Albany. Oregon. The trees in the streets of Paris *** looked after bv a, public onivia! pointed just 'for that purpose. therefore the Parisau $treeU look

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