The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1897 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1897
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1897. VOL, XXXII-KO, 35* Ready For Inspection, Our stock of- China, Glassware, Chamber Sets, and Jardinieres. WHAT AN ELECTION COSTS,! THE PEIOE IB 29 CENTS A VOTE, | The Sum Total lor Kossuth County is $1,824.35-Work of tho Supervisors' MeetliiK. An election costs money. As close an estimate as can he made on the one just held In Kossuth Is $1,224.25. The total vote polled was 4,172, making a net cost to the taxpayers of a trifle over 29 cents a vote. Calling our pop-1 at south- We have as complete a line, if not the most complete line of the above as can be found in Algona, and at a range of prices to suit you all. beginning 1-95, 27 laid. Recorder Randall reports $570.60 fees from July 1, to Sept. 30. German township allowed $60 for road work. , Taxes on lot 22, block 17, Algona, abated, homestead of soldiers widow. Taxes on lots 5 and 6, block 75, Algona, owner unable to pay. Street between blocks 4 and 5, Sexton, vacated. . Treasurer instructed to redeem from tax sale of 1894. west 69 acres of ni nwl 24-97,27. , ,, . W. E. Sammor granted license to peddle with two horses. C. B. Allbrlght given $20 damage to cattle which fell through the bridge west of Blnckford's. . i Martin Bunderson and wife allowed ulation 20,000, it has cost almost exact- ^ ftm ™ t £"fii ApP n *• Mso MrB> M n ly 6 cents a head to find out what the PJ£ lnst , re y, also Mrs. Thos. Hanley until male population of right age really Jun . 1. and Mrs. -Johni Wolfe>JJ till thinks April 1. Mrs. Mury Goodknecht $8 The principal item of the expense is ^'^^^drow^salary as follows: Holthe fees of the judges and clerks of ]onbeck $17.20, Smith $16.10, W. J. election. Each precinct has three Burton $10, Woisbrod $18, Barton judges and two clerks, who get 25 cents $17.50. If you are looking for Fancy Goods, Lamps, M. Z. Grove & Son. 102 E. State St. TBI/BPHONB 19. SEE- -© Galbraith's Line of Table Linen And Remember Their Ribbon Sale. an hour. The county has 34 precincts, and the total this year in this item was $717.25. Then there wore tho ballots, $117, publishing the ballot, $00, distributing tho ballots, $00, room rent for polling booths, $68, poll books and envelopes, $100, and returning the poll books $102. , . At 25 cents an hour it took some 01 the township judges a long time to make the count. Here is tho list of fees charged in the various townships. Wesley had to put In 22 hours, which beginning at 8 o'clock in the morning took them till 6 o'clock the next morn- Ing. Sexton made tho greatest speed, trotting done in 13 hours, which lot let them go at 9 o'clock in tho evening. Algona got done in 14 hours, being out at 10 o'clock. The list is as follows for each of the five judges and clerks In the various precincts: Wesley *{j;{|g Sherman 4 r, 0 Seneca a'or, Lotts Creek 2'~>r. Harrison ;;;•; ^QQ Lincoln 4^00 Ledyard 4*00 Portland 4 ' 00 Plum Creek |' 00 Ramsay 4 ' 0 Q Butt. '..'."'.I!'.'.'. 4.00 Buffalo 400 Oresco.. ' 4 .nn Garflela ... Irvlngton.. LuVerno... Riverdale . SprlngUold 3-75 Eagle a',75 Fenton 3 75 Greenwood 2'iJ! WMttemore V> gX Germania 3 ' BO Grant 350 Hebron •> V 0 Prairie n'r.n Union • 3 ' 5 o Swea •>' m- Firstward.... Second ward. Third ward... Fourth ward. Toilet Sets, Water Sets, or Bric-a-brac, ALGONA 1 8 NEW 8EWEES. prof. Lilly Surveys » New Course Entirely nnd Work Una UoRun. The outcome of tho now survey for tho north side city sower is a complete change of course. Instead of running down tho ravine by tho Chubb home It will now turn west just north of D. A. Haeeard's place, cut through tho old nark In the gravel drive-way on the Hamilton lots, cross Thorington in front of E. V. Swotting's, run west to tho next street west of Thorington, and then go down that directly north to the river. Tho route is much more expensive, as the cut aorora the park and Thorington street will be between 20 and 30 feet deep. But tho council says that enough taps are assured to cover the extra cost, all Thorington agreeing to use the sewer, J M. Cowan has been chosen to over- see'the work, which Is already[begun. The estimated cost Is $1,500. Nothing Is planned as yet for a sewer on the south side ot town. i NOW TOE OHMBANTHEMUM. Tomorrow mid Friday Will Witness AlKOim-s Product for 181)7. Tomorrow evening the annual chrls- antheraum show opens at the court house. Tableaux and music will be given to help pass away time. Friday evening the harp orchestra will charm to the entertainment,, town is full of handsome Prizes are offered as follows: and do not see our line you will miss seeing the largest and most complete line in town. Langdon & Hudson. TELEPHONE NO. IB. A Mild Roast Is desirable on some occasions add The flowers. Best col Ribbons from 16 to 80 worth from 25 to 5 oc yd., at 250. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. G. L. Galbraith & Co. FARM MMHIHHff HARDWARE. irri&DB ttl a unwiwv* «« .~ --- •• - , lection of six plants, jardiniere; handsomest plant, $1; largest blossom, $1. Admission will bo 15 and 10 cents, and everybody Is expected to come and see the flowei-s and each other and contribute a mite towards a city fountain. js very VA\-J*»«^-^ —-- --.•• . • , j but when the turkey is the subject and Thanksgiving is the occasion you ieei better satisfied if the roasting is done brown. You cannot hope to have it this way without a GOOD ROASTER. ^^^^ • "Economic Roaster Our AND- W. H. JONES, HOBART, IOWA. 3DO a. FARM AND HOME WHERE you can engage in diversified farming and not be dependent on any one P« tlcu }" <; r ° palaria and perfectly healthy ? WHERE the climate is ^e from matoij ano per y WHERE there is a sure and reliable ramiau WILL NUMBER THE BRIDGES. The county board, which adjourned Wednesday, decided to number the county bridges as provided by the new law, and to that end will use a stencil plate and paint the numbers on the bridge timbers. A sample tin plate with the number painted on was submitted, but the board did not adopt it. The work of numbering is divided up as follows, or rather of superintending the numbering: Smith has Union, Plum Creek, Cre&co andlrvington. Barton has Whittemore, Garfleld, Biverdale, Sherman, LuVerne and Prairie. „ „ Weisbrod has Eagle, Swea, Seneca, Fenton, Lotts Creek, and Burt. _ Burton has Grant, Hebron, Springfield, Ledyard, Hebron and Lincoln. Hollenbeck has Greenwood, Ramsay, German, Buffalo, Portland, and Wesley. THE INSANE HOSPITAL. The county sent $641.20 to the Independence asylum as its quarterly contribution. It costs the county $14 a month for each patient. RUNNING THE POOR FARM. Lou Millen appeared before the board and asked that a set of regulations be drawn up for the control of patients on the poor farm. The board told him he bad^ull authority, and to make his own regulations. TO FIX THE JAIL WALLS. John G. Smith was appointed to have the walls under the court house repaired where the last prisoners dug out. The board discussed as a matter of safety to the court house not allowing any more prisone But nothing was done. GRADING NEXT YEAR, all desired requirements. It is self-basting, roasting the THE MEW BAILWAY TICKET. How a Man Can Uldo Anywhere for Two ContB a Mllo. The new Inter-changeable ticket good on any railway consists merely of a certificate which is issued to the trav- eller who applies for it. He shows this to the ticket agent and buys a ticket to anv point at regular rates, a record be- jmTmade. When ho has traveled 2 000 miles within a year ho sends In Ms certificate and all holms paid in excess of two cents a mile is refunded This may be an easy way of getting at it, but it looks awful bungling. s the Roaster : when not in use as a roaster you have two to become an owner— 75c, 8$c, $1.00. DON'T WANT POOL TABLES. Women at Buffalo Center Talto a Hand In tuo Billiard Hall Bow. At the late election the men in Buffalo Center voted to license pool and billiard tables. Now the women are out in a remonstrance. They say " we remonstrate against having this C. M. DOXSEB, HARDWARE. CASH GROCERY. imvme .,»= Institution forced upon us bv those who consider only the question of revenue. We would much prefer walking in the mud than upon elegant pavements reeking with the blood of our vouthj' Poultry. The poultry business will be carried on the coming season at the creamery building at the Milwaukee depot. Bring in your poultry and get the beat price in the market. p 3518 R. A. PALMER. Mgr. iV ^EMBERthat the only dye that bore prisoners put under it., wilUolor yourcamentswithout fllUng is Putnam Fadeless Dyes. "- Another lot of those crackers to sell at Try the new laundry soap (corn oil) seven bars for 2$c. Cocoanut oil (toilet) soap, three bars for 2$c. Prunes, new crop, $c per pound. Best evaporated raspberries. i8c per pound. Prepared mince meat, 8c a package. We sell and deliver hay and grain. J. C. ANDERSON. South of court house. Kossuth County State Bank, Remember .. , that"blue vitrol, copperas, and other w W. Haight was awarded the south mordants rot your goods and double 16 townships of the county for 1898 at the Uabl iity of spotting. Putnam the same price as during the past year, poetess Dyes. Sold by E. & F. drug The contract is about 7 cents a yard on Btore< an average. The north half of the county is not let yet. Haight wanted WHERE your... . . . WHERE stock raising is reo oy you will at f f om IS- «o years' time, at 6 per cent, interest t 5,oo per acre, on ten the contract but some others want to ] bid on it. BRIDGE AND GRADE COMMITTEES, John G. Smith is appointed a com- Ribbons. Hibbons Friday and Saturday we will place on sale those wld_e ribbons at25o ayard again. Suxitb, J. W. Wadswortb, Burnet uevlne. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. jonnu. ouuvu IB i*pH u '" 1 '"" « A Through Cons to First National Bank of Algona, CAPITAL $50,QOO north of Wm. Dodds.^^^ u.ltC^nnHv Conducted excursions to If you do, the Northern Pacific Railway Co, .„„.. lands in IJTARMS and HOMES MINNESOTA that will make - - and maps write to both 9R ' formation, inquire of agents Chicago Clerk Crose reports $145.40 fees from | & North western.-^ Sept. 1 to Oct. 1 and $73.65 from Oct. 1 ^ OB i MNEY Q { Hamlltoo's t0 Gr°ade and bridge «eke4 by James | brick laid in cement will last al Carroll laifl over ttH April.- . A. D. Olarite, President, 0 aOh TboB. H. Geo. t- Fred. W- Myron ESohenok, Tfepp. F, Ooplte. CASH CAPITAL, |50,OQO. General Banking, Eastern Land Agt N, P, Ry, St, Paul, Minn, W, H. PHJPPS, Land'Commissioner. & Co., local sales solicitors, ea Boad wtod by W. G. Kwf*. on 10* | 100, ?7 running south a ml&JMa^ Or to H**. |owa. . A1 as jwiior |ro» J?ov, J, tQ April . 0. Six pw cent Interest on Time Deposits »«''«WW&*« 1 *«Wi.r !>4 :'a'... -:^f ! \;:

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