Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1937 · Page 14
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 14, 1937
Page 14
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The Legion post expects to treat the Auxiliary to a lunch at that time. County Lcgion.«Anx» Meet- Plans have been completed for a December meeting of the county Legion-Auxiliary unit in the Legion rooms here Thursday night, December 16. James Dolliver, of *ort Dodge, state Legion commander, and W. Earl Hall, past state commander, are expected. Both are good entertainers and are expected to add much to an already well planned evening's fun and entertainment. Local talent u, J 36 on the Program, after which lunch will be served and there will be dancing. C. D. A. Hostess to 60— One hundred fifteen women, some GO members of the lodge, and almost an equal number of guests Twenty Years Ago POSTMASTER I. M, Finnell hai received the first baby war bond which drew 4 per cent interest and he bought the first one him self as practice on how to issue them. He had also received the first war revenue stamps, which were required on bonds, stock deeds, drafts, checks, steamship passage tickets, and all legal documents. The stamps varied in amount from a few cents to $5 on a $60 passage ticket. EXPERTS __. „ 0 were coming for talks before 'the Community club and farmers. J M. Paul, Minneapolis, 0. K. Bliss and 0. E. KHngaman, of the university extension department, and a Mr. Ivey were to speak. The program was to be part of a corn show. on credit-granting . - -* ««***u.v,i \J L gutJSCO spent Guest evening together at the C. D. of A. hall Wednesday nignt. Games were played, with prizes going to Mrs. Vincent Kleinpeter, Mrs C. W. Goslin, and Mrs. Carl Froehlich. The women provided a covered-dish lunch which was served late in the evening. Ihe lodge is planning to take In a 95 Each43c 2B Each47c 6.25 EachS3c to 6.95 Each57c 7.00 And Up Each65c STRAP TYPE PULL-OUT CHAIN Can be fastened on quickly and easily Positive lock on strap. Carry a set in your car for emergency use. They will save many a towing bill. 4-°° to 4.76 Each We "•MtoS.50 Each 29. Each Si NOTICE OF AS SESSMENT FOR SURFACING SECONDARY ROAD Notice is hereby given to all persons whose names Ti b £. B 2 e £ -L^t th&re 1 as ^en filed in the office n e oce otheCo* Auditor of KoBsuth County, Iowa, a report of the Board of Apportionment, showing the special assessment proposed to be levied " ill trict No. 407, which .chodnte^^-d^^-^^^ollSS: Sub-Division Sec. Twp. Rng. Acres Name of the Owner NWV\ S ::_1S - % 40 Jolin Vaushn SEVi NEVt - -29 SWVI NEVt —29 NEVt SEVt —29 —29 —29 New SE'4 SEVt SW% SEVt —29 NE'4 NW% —28 NWVI NW/i __2S SEVt NWVt — 2S SWVi NWVt --28 NEVt SWVt —28 NW'/i SWVt --2S SE% SWVi —.28 SWVt SWVi -28 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 " 7 97 97 27 07 07 27 40 John Vaughn 36.24 John Vaughn 40 John Vaughn ~ 40 Chas. W. Miller 36.10 Chas. W. Miller 40 Chas. W. Miller 40 Chas. W. Miller 38.43 Katie Huff Life Est. I" 37.04 Katie Huff Life Est. 40 Kate Huff Life Est. 39.16 Katie Huff Life Est _I " 40 Katie Huff Life Est. . I~ 40 Katie Huff Life Est. . I 40 Katie Huff Life Est. 40 Katie Huff Life Est. Assm't ? 14.11 10.43 10.47 10.03 ?!24 -™ *•*«-• J.iUl.4. JJli.13 I^aL. ±il J_J_ 12-13 Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 30th day of November, 1937. E. S. KINSEY, County Auditor. 3TOT1CK OF ASSESSMENT FOB SURFACING SECONDARY ROAD J/ln I Kil/X ill). 41o Notice is hereby given to all persons whose names appear in the withm schedule that t there has been filed in the office of the County Auciuoi ol Kossuth Umnty, Iowa, a report of the Board of Annortinn men,, showing the special assessment proposed to be levied on all par s and pureola of real estate included within Secondary Road District No. .11., wh.cn schedule of proposed assessment is as follows- Sub-Division NEV.i N\V NWVi NW'.i --2!) SEVt NWVi -- 29 SW'/i NW'.i 29 Sec. Twp. Hug. Acres 95 95 NWH SWU _ 29 95 SB V4 SWV, ___:>!) 95 SWVt SWVi -—29 95 NEVi NEVi ---30 95 NWVI NE'4 .__:;o 95 SEVi NIOVi DO 95 NEVi SKVt ,'iO H5 NWVi SEVi —30 95 SH'4 SKVi 30 95 SW'.i SMH _ ISO iln NWVi NIO'4 — .'U 95 NKV t NK'i ___:il !I5 SK'i NEVi. —31 .05 SW'.i KE'i ___,°>1 95 N'!•:>', SI-:Vi ___31. 95 NW'.i SKVi -.--31 95 SE'4 SK'/i 31 95 SWVi SIC VL ---31 <)5 NEV, NW'-i ---32 95 NW'.i XW'i ...32 95 SKVi NWVi ---32 95 SWVi NWVi --32 95 NE'4 SWVi. -—32 95 NWVi SWVi --32 95 SEVi SWVi —-32 95 SWVi SWVi --32 95 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 Xiime of the Owner Lewis Wildin Lewis Wildin "'_' Lewis Wildin Lewis Wildin Lewis Wildin "_" Lewis Wildin ~~ Lewis Wildin Lewis Wildin II.._I E. J. Gilmore 10. J. Gilmore E. J. Gilmore E. J. Gilmore Grcthen M. Henry __!_". G!•<••.(hon M. Henry I Orel lion M. Henry L _I Greihon M. Ilonry I_ Leavitt & Johnson I Greihon M. Henry „ __I W. L. .Martin _ W. L. Martin __ _ '_" W. L. Martin W. L. Martin R. H. Miller It. H. Miller """ George W. Brown George W. Brown I George W. Brown George W. Brown George W. Brown —I.I" George W. Brown I_I George W. Brown George W. Brown new class shortly after the Year. Bridge Club is" Entertained— Mrs. L. L. Pfeffer entertained her bridge club Thursday. Mrs. R C. Bauer won high, Mrs. Leo Blelch was low and Mrs. Tom McMahon won a door prize. Guests were Mrs. Louis Goetz and Mrs. victor Loebig. A week before the group met at -Mrs. George Al'd- rich's for bridge, members taking with them the makings for a covered dish lunch. Mrs. Goetz won high, and Mrs. Arlo Dawson second. Former Wesleyans Visit Here— Arvid Hultgren and his wife, and their 4-year-old daughter Mary Ann spent several days here recently, visiting old friends in and about Wesley. Mr. Hulgren's rather once owned the farms tenanted by the Wallace Donovans and the E. J. Titus family, but sold them. The Hultgrens, upon 'leaving here, went to California, whore they expect to spend the winter. Methodist Aid to Meet— The four circles of the Methodist Aid will meet this week Wednesday. The Mrs. John 0. Mullin circle served a chicken dinner in the church basement last week Tuesday for ministers and their wives of this Algona sub-district who met at the Rev. Arthur Bottom's. Daughter for Wesley Couple- Mr, and Mrs. Edw. Cink are parents of a girl, ( born Thursday night at the Kossuth hospital. Mrs. Cink is the former Gladys Haverly, and this is the first child. Other Wesley News. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Glawe and Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Glawe spent several days last week at Chicago, where they attended the livestock show and looked after business matters. J. P. Studer, manager, and Andrew Gollner, director of the K. & H. Oil Co., spent a day at Omaha last week on a business mission. Members of the Study club are expected to meet next Thur3day at Mrs. Erwin Olson's for a Christmas party. Farm Show Given at Livermore, and Attendance Large Livermore, Dec. 12—More than 300 persons, mostly farmers, attended a recent movie and free lunch provided by Prank Hoffman, local dealer, and John Deere representatives. The attendance was considered satisfactory in view of the fact that the day was extremely cold, with a high wind. Mrs. Frank Hoffman, assisted by the wives of five brothers — Herman, Max, Lawrence, Frank, and Elmer u . u ,, Gronbach—and Mary Moore, Des 6.25 i Moines, prepared and served 8.46 I lun ch. Mr. Hoffman was assisted * * * * HAROLD QUARTON, consul in Holland, had written that there was a shortage of coal and he had lad to spend part of the time in >ed to, keep warm. American of- ticials were planning to pool coal ind live together. Coffee, tea, sugar, and eggs were not to be lad, and even butter in that dairy ountry was scarce. * * * * THERE WERE 135 exhibits In a orn-potato . show, and though here was a shortage of seed-corn lie display was considered good. The potatoes were large and of ood quality, * * * * JUDGE QUARTON, E. V. Swet- ng, and T. P. Harrington had een named as attorneys for the raft board. JOS. TROUTMAN,* farmer north of Hobarton, had been found dead of heart failure in a cornfield. ELMER C. ZEIGLER had written from Camp Dodge to tell how a camp bakery in which he worked was operated. The bakery could turn out 20,000 2-lb. loaves, of bread in a day. * * * * L. A. GOOD, formerly with the Spencer Herald, had come to be foreman for the Advance's job department, and Vinton Byrd, of Springfield, Minn., had come to be pressman. R, C. Mallory was "ad" solicitor. THE FOOTBALL TEAM had lost the last game of the season to Ma- son City, 7-0, and Mason City was claiming the state title. * * * * goo 16 41 in 03 ' 1448 10*43 14'n Assm't $ - 5.32 8.46 6.01 8.69 6.01 THERE WERE TWO full pages and a half of farm sale advertisements, besides nearly a page of farm directory advertisements. Farmers then realized the value of advertising. War prices were making the sales popular. , MANY ALGONTANS had enlisted in the army that'week not waiting for the draft. Included were Alfred Kresonsky, Ralph Moon, Ellis Runchey, "Katz" Roaewnll, Matt Beslenlehner, Verle Vincent, J. H. Hunter, Anton Didrlksen, Chris. Kain, Earl Petereqn, William Nu-' gent, T, T. Herbst, and Arthur Trauger. * * * * FRED WEHLER had donated a $75 cut glass bowl for a Red Cross auction. * * * * CITY SUPERINTENDENT JOi Kelly had been hit in the chce nnd jaw when a pry slipped. Th flesh was cut to the bone, . an anti-tetanus serum was Injected. * * * * A. L. PETERSON had bought good share of stock in the Algon Mfg. Co. and was to take charge o the management. * * * * H. S. DEBATERS were having final tryouts. Taking part wer Roland Paine, Eugene Murtagl Francis Quinn, Lulu Norton, Helen VtcMahon, D. E. Dewel, Vesta Weaver, Isabel .Hutchison, Mabe 3edell, Fred Skinner, Wo.He Walker, and Kenneth Stock. The question concerned governmen ownership of the railroads. * * * * MR. AND MRS. Martin Didrik ;en had observed their silver wed- ling anniversary. Friends gave hem a set of silverware. CARL J. LENANDER, Bancroft vho kept a herd of buffaloes on a North End farm, had donated one f them to the Red Cross, and the meat was to be sold. Lars Soren en was to do the butchering. GOVERNOR* HARDING was to resent a flag to the county which nade the best record In a Red Cross drive. A section of the Advance was a Red Cross special, and a picture of Mrs. Harding and a daughter making the flag was used. Swea-Eagle News The Eagle Aid held its annual Christmas party at Mrs. Tankard Carlson's Friday evening, and a Christmas program was given. Mr. and Mrs. Olson, with their son Dennis, were guests over last week Tuesday night of Mrs. Olson's sister, Mrs. Mary Vimmer- man, Charles City. Mr. and Mrs. Bretz Gray Colorado Springs, Colo., Mr. and Mrs. Be ™ ad . Denver, and Mrs. Ruth Hickey, Florence, Colo., who had visited relatives at Arnolds Park, stopped here to visit their cousin, Mrs. James Kuchynka, last week Tuesday. From here they went to Ames to visit other relatives. William Tobin made several trips last week to see his father Armstrong Firsts Defeat Burt in Basketball Game Armstrong, Dec. 13—The Armstrong boys basketball team trounced Burt, 41-13, here last week Tuesday evening. Armstrong had the lead, 24-6, at the half. High scorer for Armstrong was Ted Weiby, 20 points. The local boys second team was defeated by Hurt's seconds, 15-14. This game was more of a thriller than the first teams' game. This was the tory. brought home last week Tuesday, from the Coleman hospital, Estherville, and continues to recover from head injuries suffered in the recent auto crash in which his car' loaded with groceries, skidded on gravel and was upset. Home from livestock Show- er Mr. Tobln recently had ftn operation there. William's parents had just ret'lfed ffotri a farm near Gnat Chain, Minn;', nnd had planned to spend the Winter Iti Florida. At lost reports the patient was recovering, but the trip had been postponed. ! Jacob Peterson and his son Har*' old visited the son Clifford at Minneapolis lust week. Harry Llndle and his son Roger have contracted to sell Allls Chalmers tractors and farm Implements at Swea City. Roger, after finishing a business course at Chllllcothe, Mo., has for a year been employed by James Vaux, farm implement dealer at S'wea City.. • • ( ««•• •••«•••«. 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Established 1878. . Prevalent in Town- Armstrong children and others are victims of an epidemic of mumps. Patients are Dorothy and Bobby, children of Mr. and Mrs. William Harris; Elfredo Peterson •««.» xrmiter. at Paul was ^^ss&j^ss^^\^s^^yi^ a±V "„?: r.. ?"•"* i !««.;.. ' He^rSr^' „„, ejuu noniG lust week Sunday from ten days at Chicago and with Iowa City relatives. In Chicago they attended the national livestock exposition. Other Armstrong; News. Irene Irmiter, '•J£V COME TO GAMBLE'S FOR REAL BARGAINS IN CHRISTMAS TOYS! An enormous, _ • _ finest assortment from the greatest toy and gift i. —- °* ered f° r yo\tt selection at prices that SAVE YOU MONBJll Christmas shopping at Gambles where you can be sure thatftes p'vore n»« y more Si* 11 * ver be(ore "> *« wa y ° f Christinas joy and hip every person on your Christmas list. 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Fogerty, Moline, 111., were here. .lack Johnsons (Jrnmlparoiits— Mr. and Mrs. Jack Johnson re- foived announcement Wednesday of the arrival of their first grandson, born to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson, Convith. Other Livermore News. i Mrs. Viola Matthews came by i auto from Sioux City Wednesday i to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Wilson, and went back Friday. I " ~ " " — — — — — .— O. iO You and each of you whose names appear in the within schedule are hereby notified that said report will come on for hearing before the Board of Supervisors at their office in Algona, Iowa on the 4th dav of January, 1938, at two o'clock p. m. At said hearing any of the above apportionments may be increased or may be adopted without further notice. Unless you file written objections to said report on or before noon of said day the same will be presumed to have been conclusively All assessments may be paid in full without interest if paid within twenty days from date the assessment is confirmed. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 30th day of November, 1937. E. S. KINSEY, 1 *" 13 County Auditor. Burt High School to Name a Queen Portland Twp., Dec. 13—Three Portland girls have been chosen as candidates for carnival queen in a Burt high school contest scheduled for this week Friday. Choice will be by ballot, and the girl receiving most votes will be crowned queen Friday night. The Junior high candidate is Margaret, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ringsdorf; the sophomore candidate, Viola, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trenary; the Junior candidate, Virginia, daughter of ex-Senator and Mrs., Geo. W. Patterson. "SELF MIXING" * "The Life Of The Party" Beady to serve at a moment's notice. 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