Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 13, 1927 · Page 70
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 70

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 13, 1927
Page 70
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4-M SUNDAY ADafelanO Crf&utte FEBRUARY 13, 1927 FIRE DOOR Franklin Villa Now Open This beautiful display home has many features of decoration rarely found in a home of moderate price. Joseph Franklin is the builder and announc es the opening to public inspection today. The location is in Ardmore, San Leandro. SOF Exhausting the air from lamp bulbs during the process of electric lamp manufacture is so meticulous a Job that even the oil used in the exhausting pumps is treated electrically under vaccum heat In order to remove all volatile matter. A group of squirrels recently placed one hundred telephones out of commission at Winchester, Va.. by gnawing holes in the lead aerial cables which resulted in rein dripping through and grounding the wires. SHEET STARTS SOON FRANKLIN VILLA in si mm OPEN TO PUBLIC CONSTRUCTION OF CASA CRANDE tAGER METAL in a Beautiful Home, of English - Vrrhitecture, Furnished by ;; Nelson Furniture Co. !, . The formal opening of Franklin ' .Villa, the newest of Eastbay model homes. Is announced today oy Bofph Franklin. Comments thoae who have been afforded jrrlew of the dwelling, indicate that this Is one of the most inter- hstinsr homes opened to the inspee t'.n nf lnral home lovers. A de- w kcrlption follows: ' The house is situated on a corner ot In Ardmore, San Leandro, in a letting of green trees with a beau- tlfnl fnnth View. II is l'L uit-- Kictlve English architecture with ferre studio window, steep gabled Wnf and unusual chimney. Frank In Villa is approached by a curving M brick walk leading to an en-""-L04 outlined by red brick facing '' Fh Interior is even more uttrac- fiv. In the living room one step? nto parquet mahogany floors of beautiful texture and wuikmaii- IhiD. a feature installed by the - fcronsen Hardwood Floor company. The cathedral type ceiling lent on walls of nine-coat stippled finish over a shellac coating, while tt the end is a nanasome mnuiti l which rests an illuminated bsinting. Orange-colored flame fights enhance the effect of the lecorations. The dining room is - Finished in the same attractive tippled work and has similar ma-fcogany floors. The breakfast room, large enough to accommo-at ten persons, has oil painted ialls with parquet designs which r also carried into the lighting ixtures and on the window shades, 'hi is the creation of Otto Riehl, 3C1 artist. In' tiie kitchen we ind several built-ins with the ef-Icient aluminum water heater supplied by the Hoyt Heater company. The kitchen finish is green enam-i tied-walls and woodwork and the fin It is also tiled in green. In the . fcathroom one finds a tiled floor r'ith marbled-enamel walls and and decorations consisting of a - (rises of pond lilies with Spanish falleons below. Bedrooms are leeorated with tapestried wallpa- , hers from the Marcus & Merrick itock, outlined with a bluish grey rim. Heating is by the well known war. Furnace System. Furniture 11 r. . ...,- " , " ..: ' ill ; j TESRA RADIATOR 1 MED S AT GRAND AVE. for the home has been supplied by . (he Nelson Furniture company, . trho have even surpassed their former efforts in furnishing ; Franklin displays." ' Franklin announces the price at 17950 and Invites public inspection , f the house. To reach the home, . Irlve out either Foothill boulevard r Bast-Fourteenth street and up Jutton avenue to about midway : etween the two thoroughfares, our blocks below Foothill or four (locks above East Fourteenth, : jr. dTDERGROUND TELEPHONE. The first underground telephone In the world was installed In Col-' liery No. 1 of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company at Lost Creek, Pa., in 1886. Since that time the telephone has become a very valuable factor in mining operations. The Electric Steam Jtadiator Corporation of San Francisco, in a recent statement, reports: Steam heating the home has been made as simple a matter as urning on an electric light. "Our steam heating appliance is known as the Tesra radiator, and provides steam heat by electricity. "This new system requires no boiler,,, furnace, piping or vent. Each Tesra radiator is a complete, separate steam heating plant, the steam being generated electrically within the radiator itself. Pressing a button starts the operation. Thereafter it Is entirely automatic, being controlled by a thermostat which maintains an even temperature. Thus, although heat is radiated all the time, electric current is being consumed only about half the time. "The Tesra radiator requires no attention other than refilling with a cup of water about once In six months. "On account of Its simplicity, the new system can be inexpensively installed In new and old houses and other buildings, and the monthly heating cost is remarkably low. since users of this radiator are entitled to the low combination rates of the power companies. Display Home Creates Interest This is the fourth home in the High Street Park tract of J. B. Peppin., builder, which has been furnished and thrown open to the public as a model of cheerfulness and comfort. The Villa Romancia, as the home has been named, is located on Culver street just off High. New Cooperative Apartments to Embody Latest Labor-Saving Features. The Fred T. Wood Company reports: "Oakland's newest apartment home. La Casa Grande, will soon be under actual, construction. A number of large contracts for preliminary operations have been let, while final plans are now being maae. scientific supervision and skilled workmen will insure speedy construction. "La Casa Grande will be another forward step In Oakland's progressive building program," states J. H. Sommerville of the Fred T. Wood Company. "This modern apartment home, on the cooperative Dlan. will actually be ' castle In the air." It will be planned and furnished In keeping with the dictates of mod ern home comfort and convenience. La Casa Grande will be a family residence of quiet dignity and elegance; It will fulfill the dreams and wishes of the modern woman In ideal home planning. Every convenience that she could possibly wish for will be hers. The kitchen will be designed to make women happy and to relieve them of un necessary detail and work. There will be a central laundry and refrigeration plant, an incinerator, a vacuum plant all directly connected with elevator service and service halls. From the main corridors will lead spacious entrance halls into each Individual aDartment home." completely furnished Kdvon 4 The thrill in "visiting" this new Model Home will be reward enough.' There' a restful change in the immaculate tunflooded inviting rooms. Then you can weigh re investment possibilities for a home of your own inl Erfudillo Estates, a 'garden paradise, in "Sunny-.San. Leandxo.. . Take K. tmm l,aadr or Harvard Car mr Asto -Ht East 14th Street t Ettudillo Arcane tara left JSatUlo Estates. . - Tract Office! , fetcdill rcwthlll Bcalcrara Phone am Leaadr 118S - "Mala Offlrct Free T. Wood Bollalns;, 1801 Fraaklla klieet, Onkhtna. Pfcoae Lakesld Ml . NEW ENAMEL HELPS TO KEEP TU GLEAN FURNISH ED A.J. SHRAGGETO I. y, OFFICES OF COMPANY I OPENED E- BY J. L PEPPIN The fourth furnished home tn the HlgU Street Park tract of J. B. Peppin, to be opened for pub-He display, has been named Villa Romancia and la located at 4145 Culver street. It Is announced that, In the six months in which this tract has been before the public, it has been completely closed out with the exception of eight houses. Past experience has shown that the furnished houses here, thanks to their attractiveness, sell themselves Immediately, it is stated. Villa Romancia is described ae a home of unique " and distinctive character even excelling in charm the previous show homes of Peppin desigrn. Entering the living room one Is greeted by a mass of color set off with red velvet hangings at the windows. Rich textured walls and an occasional tapestry combine with harmoniously chosen furnl- ure In giving a feeling of warmth which also permeates the atmosphere of the dining room. In the kitchen handpalnted designs on cupboards and coolers, with colored tile aa-ound the sink, and a glimpse of a dainty breakfast room with decorated breakfast set, . enhance the charm. The color scheme of the bedrooms la also in keeping, one in yellow and green, and the other in orchid. Expensive In appearance, this little hbuee la yet stated to be within the reach, of any family of moderate Income. A. S. Shraage, president of the Federal Outfitting company, one of California's largest chain stores, transacted business In this city during the week pertaining to the local store, previous to his departure for New York on his semiannual visit to the company's New Tork office. The Federal Outfitting company has recently incorporated for one million dollars, and has absorbed eight separate corporations under which'the company formerly operated. This new merger gives the company control of ten stores in northern California which specialize in the better qualities of apparel for men and women and feature a liberal policy of extended payment terms. It is stated the institution, which will now be known as the Federal Outfitting Company, Incor- "Th real test of any enameled plumbing fixture Is the ease of cleaning," C. R. Dean, of the Stand ard Sanitary Manufacturing Com pany. states. He added: "Laboratory studies have Just led to an enamel that withstands the action of food acids like lemon and tomato Juice, and remains smooth, bright, and glossy. Only recently has it been perfected. "No woman wants forever to be scouring plumbing fixtures. She has no choice, however, if food acids, the minerals in water, the ingredients of cleansers make rough places in the finish. These are sure to oollect so much dirt and grime that constant application of 'elbow grease' is necessary to keep the surface presentable. "But this never happens with the new enamel. It is harder and more durable than any ever before used on plumbing fixtures. It stays so smooth and glossy that it can be cleaned with a few strokes of a damp cloth. Kitchen sinks, with this new. process enamel, are the first ever made that withstand a sink's Bard est servlce the action of fruit and vegetable acids. Lavatories, laundry trays, baths finished in it keep their luster no matter how often they are subjected to the minerals in water on the ingredients of cleansers." A full display of plumbing fix tures in the new enamel is being installed for the inspection of East-bay women at the local Standard showroom, Dean said. WASHINGTON, D. C The De partment of Commerce announces that, according to data collected at the biennial census of manufac tures, 1925, the establishments en gaged primarily In the manufacture of brooms, whisk brooms, etc, reported such products valued at $21,099,694, together with miscellaneous jproducts valued at $614,-500, mailing a total of $21,714,194. This represents a decrease of 17.3 as compared with $26,261,834 for 1923, the last preceding census year. The establishments classified In this industry are engaged In the manufacture of brooms, whisk brooms, etc., made from broom corn or fiber and street and stable brooms made from heavier materials. Doors Play Important Part in Localizing Fire, Company States. The Yager Sheet Metal company draws attention to the fact that three underwriters' label fire doors, of the automatic closing type, as manufactured by this company, played an Important part in a re cent fire In a local automobile distributing pjant. In this fire, some thirty or more new automobiles were destroyed, but the fire was kept at bay by the fire doors which, by closing- automatically at the right time, prevented the fire from sweeping the entire plant. These, doors, the company pointed out, were directly In the path of the flames, in the hottest part of thebullding. While the doors, and the hardware that held them intact on the concrete walls, were buokled from the intense heat, they remained In place and serviceable, keeping the fire from the parts and service departments. The Yager Sheet Metal company installed these doors over 10 years ago and since then the company has manufactured and installed a large number in the Eastbay region, as well as in other parts of the state. These doors, it is stated, pass the regulations and rules of the under writers, and are inspected by them both in the factory and after Installation. They also bear a label with a number, and the record is kept for reference. It is also stated that reduction is given by fire insurance companies In the amount of the premium wherever tnese labeled fire doors are used. R.SheHdn Installs New Cabinet Shop Keeping pace with Oakland's phenomenal growth, Robert Sheridan has Installed one of the largest modernly equipped cabinet shops in the Eastbay district, having purchased the factory building at 356 Adeline street. Sheridan's property has a large frontage on AdelineKn'trruns clear through the hlock, providing a frontage On Chestnut street also. The building now on the property will comprise the first unit of Sheridan's factory. Within a short time he will build an addition to it. Directing a large force of skilled workers, he specializes in bank, sore and office fixtures and fronts, as well as in the remodeling of business buildings, houses and apartments. The property and equipment of the new Sheridan factory represents an lnvestmnt of $80,000. ik r lews Unobstructed Vistas of Hill and Bay 5 During 1926 two million new customers "got on the lines" of electric light and power companies. The whole number of buyers of electric service thus reached 20,-600,000. porated, has grown rapidly and many plans for expansion In the very near future are now being negotiated. Shragge stares that he looks forward to the coming year with a spirit of optimism and is making this trip to New York for the purpose of re-organizing the buying and execution staff there in order to function with the contemplated achievements and growth. All the principle style centers of the nation on the Atlantic side will be included In Shragge'a trip. ""LOANS FOB HOME OWNERS AND BUILDERS 0 v0 0 Al$o Seconds Complete and Reasonable Mrviea H. EU HOLLADAY, Ioaa Dept. H. L'Hummedieu Co- Inc. 1 SIS Fourteenth Street Lake. DTOO. Eve. Homb. 4M4 J. FIRST MORTGAGE BOND COMPANY 316 American Bank Bldg. SAN FRANCISCO 2-jind 3-year flat loans. 2- and 3-year installment loans. Construction loans, 2nd mortgages. Combination 1st and 2nd mortgages Joseph Franklin selected a Ward Furnace to insure cornfort in Franklin Villa for reasons in which you will be interested, i. ASK US WARD FURNACE CO. J4 10 Madison St. Oakland 3939 or 4320 A few homesites remain in Avenue Terrace. Several houses for sale. There are no sleep hills to climb in Avenue Terrace. Easily Reached: Drive out East 14th Street to 35th Avenue recently improved and widened then turn north to the property above Hopkins Street. E. B. FIELD CO. 301 13th Street Phone Oakland 1391 See Mr. Harlam on the property Phone Lakeside 3769 If you want the newest in wall papers either novelties or standard patterns you'll save many footsteps by visiting the only complete wall paper display on the Pacific Coast. SEE US FIRST MARCUS & MERRICK Oak. 4681 601 14th St., cor. Jefferson Our Mahogany Floors are as durable as they are beautiful. Inspect these floors in Franklin Villa, then let us give you a cost esti mate. ARONSEN HARDWOOD FLOOR COMPANY INC. 1911 E. 12th St. Merritt 4596 FRANKLIN VILLA IS EQUIPPED WITH A W.T w " V sT frll WATER HEATER To furnish an unlimited supply of HOT WATER At any hour of the day or.rV-. No tank or boiler of any kind. Plenty of funds available No delay 'Special Service to Builders Formal Opening- OF FRANKLIN VILLA UNQUESTIONABLY THE FINEST HOME EVER SHOWN IN THE EAST BAY FOR LESS THAN $10,000 But Priced to Sell for Only $7950 Completely Furnished by the Nelson Furniture Co. Athens Club Building, Oakland Location in ARDMORE just Dutton Avenue, Jour blocks below Foothill Boulevard, and four blocks above East 14th, about mid-way along DVTTON A VE. Franklin Villa open from 9 to 5 daily, Hostess. OFFICE AT 654 E. 14th St. The value offered in this home is supreme in the home-building history of Alameda county. Hand-decorated walls through the house. Nine-coat stippled finish in living room, drop-floor and cathedral ceiling. Same finish in dining room. Decorated breakfast room with oil-painted walle in ornate design. Replete kitchen in green enamel, green tiled sink. Tiled bath with marbled walla and hand-painted ships and pond lilies. Parquet mahogany floors. English architecture on a corner lot. Separate garage. Truly a beautiful home, even if the price were' double. otnea .y,w.,: t . m Phone Scat Leandro 670 "A SOLID INVESTMENT" San Leandro

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