Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 13, 1927 · Page 52
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 52

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 13, 1927
Page 52
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r4-G SUNDAY afelanD tribune FEBRUARY 13, 1927 TOO MTJCH WORK DECRIED. Do not plan more than you can do. A (mall garden well taken care of will be worth more than a larger one not half taken care of. HOTBED REPAIRS ADVISED. Look over the sash for the hotbed and replace broken panes . before It Is time to start the bed again. HALLAWELL SEED CO. Store 258 Market St. 8an Francisco, Calif. (Phone Davenport 9587) Nursery Phone Sunset 7043 Om General Catalogue, which contain! lot of astral Information mm to planting, etc., well mm the merchandise we carry, will be mailed free on application. mi IS URGED Br EXPERT IN un ME ROSARIO FIORE NURSERY Landscape Gardening Lawns, Bulbs, Shrubs Inspection of Plant and Shrubs Saturday and Sunday W npeelallu tn Boxwood ? and Irish Yew. 3291 SCHOOL ST. Fruitvale S674W Fertilizer for Sale Preparation of Soil, Rolling Sowing and Fertilization Are-Important. By GERARD A. BECKERS. Manager Alpine Garden Supply Co, To rid the aoll of weeds, hoe iirfnf clear of weeds and roots Spade carefully. Commencing at one end with a trench the depth of the spade. In spading, see that soil la turned over bo that the aur face la placed at the bottom of the trench. This will tend to kill erowinsr weeds. Break surface clods, rake, grade and level soil carefully. ' It is advisable, providing there is sufficient time, to water prepared soil daily for about two or three weeks before planting. This gives the weed, seed a chance to germinate and 'grow and these weeds can be hoed out before planting grass seed, provided hoeing is done in dry weather. Killing this first crop of weeds will help the grass, as It will not have to struggle for existence. This Is especially helpful where blue grass Is to be planted. After hoeing out the weeds the soli should be raked SANBORN'S FLOWER SHOP "The Beat in Flowers" Now located in our new home, opposite the Oakland Tribune. 410 Thirteenth Street Phone Oakland S76 WHEN, WHERE AND HOW TO PLANT A HOME GARDEN Guide to Home Gardeners Prepared by the California Seed Co. of San Francisco Vtrlstj. Orop Matures (Id About) Dspth to Flint. "Garden . Oalturs" Tot Band Cultivation. i-ut Kows jpsrt. Leaf Plant Apart In Rows. Quantity 8d for 100 Fsst of Row. Tina f lowinf Saa Francisco s4 Osntrsl California. ARTK'HOKD ARTICHOKE I'LANTS (Ulobc). ARTICHOKE (Jerusalem) ASl'ARAUL'S (Seed ASPARAGUS (Plants) HE AN 8. Butb HEANS l'ola lie GTS IIUOOCOLI HHCSSELS SPROUTS ('AHllAtiE CARROT CAULIFLOWER CELERY CHERVIL CHICORY COLI.AHOS CORN SALAD CORN CUCITMUER , DANDELION E;il"LANT ENDIVE kale'. I, --.VI ...... '. '. '. '. '. '. '. '. . Second aprlDf . . , Next spriDS .. . . Late aummer . .. Tntrd spring .. . Next spring ., . . 45-So daja . 7j dura up . . . . , . (i.t daja up .. . 90 120 days up , . months 110-100 days .... Early . 110 days . 6 moDtha , Barly , 4 months ,' 109 'days' " 7.7.7.' 80100 days .... 130 days 6 months 160 days op .... 100 daya 8 months 45 day .. 1 Inch .. 4 Inches .... .. 1 Inch . 3 o inches . . . 13 inches .. . 18 Inchea .. . 2 lnchea . . 14 inch . j Inch Vi inch . 'A inch A Inch A Inch . Inch Inch . H Inch . tt Inch . 1 2 inches .. . 12 Inches .. . 4 hi Inch .. t Inch ',41 Inch ... 4 Incliei i Mi inch , Koni. kabi , LEEK ETTL'CE Ml.'SKMEI.ON ...... WATERMELON MUSTARD 1KIIA IMHN ARKI.ET ARSNII' EAS .............j.. EI'l'ER OTATO. Irish OTA TO. Sweet UMI'KIN RADISH IIIIUHARB : RHUBARB. Roots ... SALSIFY SPINACH SO 17 ASH (OlATIi i It NIP . 4 months . late summer . T days up . 1 20-Ml) dava 120-140 daya . Kurly . Wj months . Ul.'i-l.'.i) days Any Time . 4 months . 8 to 12 weeks -l-WMSO days ,. July to September ... '. 120-125 da. a 304.1 daya Second spring Next Spring- ft month 40 to 45 daya S. 6S and N. 150 daya. l.V) days nO-i." daya - '.4 Inch Vj Inch , . Inch . 12 Inclie . I 2 Inches .... li Inch .... 1 Inch '.41 Inch Inch M'i Inch .... . 2 I Incliea In 48 Inches 'A Incliea 12 Inclie V4 Inch V, Inch 3 4 inches , i I Inch 141 Inch , 13 Inches 4 K- Inch H Inch . I ft 8 (t. . 4 ft ft ,. a ft i2 ft. . 1 ft 8 i Inches ,. 4 ft 2024 Inches . 1824 inches 2 t Inches . 8 I It. hills 8 4 Inches ,. 1218 inches 2 ( Inches ,. 24 30 Inches..:.... 18 Inches , . 24 30 inches 16 24 Inches , . 24 SO inches 18 Inches , 12 18 Inches 2 Inches 24 30 Inches 18 2U Inches 24 Inches 0 Inches 1518 Inches 8 Inches 1820 Inches 2 I Inches 2 24 Inches 18 24 Inches . 1218 Inches 4 8 Inches . 3-lnch hills 24 30 Inches 4 6 ft 4 ft. hills 12 10 Inches 8 Inches 1430 Inches 2030 Inches 18 inches 810 Inches 24 30 Inches 14 Inches 1824 Inches, 1824 Ina. or brosd- cast in Dea. . H pita.). , 11 plants 8 lbs. 1 OS. BO About 1 lb 8 oi ! ot 14 os. (1 pkt.)... Mi oz. (2 pkts.).. os. (2 pkts... oz oi os. (2 pkts.).. 1 OS Vl ot.v(l plrt.l... 01. (1 pit.)... a os V, lb. 100 hills... V, oa. (2 pkta.).. os. (4 pkta.).. oi. (1 pkt.)... 1 oi 70 roots Vi oi. (1 pkt.)... ...18 Inches ... 12 14 inches.'... ... 1518 Inches .. . 4 to 6 ft, bill!.. ... 8 ft. bills 12 IS Inches. 4 6 inches 6 Inches 810 In. for heading 45 ft 6 ft. IS Inches 'i dos. U pkt.).. (3 pkts.). (3 pkta. I. "(1 "pit.')'.'.' 3 ft 24 Inches 4 Inches ... 4 Inches . ... 6 Inches ... 3 inches ,.. J4.,'-h ... 18 Inch Bills . .. 14 Inches ... 8 ft 1218 Inches....... 1 1V4 Inch 12 in. seed bed 4 Inches 4 ft 3 ft 12 1 Inches .". 3 4 Inches 1218 Inches 4 Inches 4 to 8 ft. hills.... 4 to 6 ft 56 ft 3 to ft 12 18 inches B to 8 Inches . 1214 Inches.. . 1218 Inches... 2024 Inches... HI 3(1 Inches... r- 18- In' lies- , 30 Inches 30 Inches 8 ft. hills. 14 Vi oi. 1 OS. . M oi. . 1 oz. . Vt oz . Vi oi. (1 pkt.) . V4 os. (2 pkts.).. . 1 11). ..- . Vi oi. (l pkt.).... . 5 lbs, .....sCb, . 75 slip ?:.... . V4 o. (2 pkts.)... '. ' oi.' .'.'.'.';."!.'.'." , 33 plunts . oi , . 1 ox , , 4 oi. (2 pkts.)... . Vi oc. (1 pkt.).... . V4 oi. (3 pkta.) .. September to Jaauary .. January to Marcs . . rebruarj to May .. February to April . December to April .. April to August ,. April 15 to August , AH year round ,. January to May Jan. to March July to Aug. . Jan. to April July to Oct. .. Alt year round June to Janary . January to June .. February to Msy . February to April . All year round Mar. and Apr. Sept. to Not . April 20 to July 15 . April 15 to June 1 .. May and June . February to April ,. July to October .. January to May . Jan. to April July to Oct. Jao. to May July to Oct. . . January to March . All year round . April 20 to June May to June . February to May . April 15 to June . November to March . All year round . March to June' . All year round . February to March Januarytq May . May to June ' . All year round . February to Mny . January to April . February to May ."All year round , May to June . February to May . August to April T. HARA CO. NURSERYMAN AND FLORIST Ornamental Trees, Shrubs Rose Bashes, Berries Bedding and Border Plants Telephone Alameda 584 1701-1703 Park Street Cor. BnerrsVisU Ave., Alameda Edenvale Nursery Annual Sale of Stock Beginning Sunday, Feb. 13, 1927 25 to 50 Off 20,000 Evergreen and Ornamental Shrubs ; This stock is clean and free from disease. All grown upon our own land. BUY DIRECT FROM the PRODUCERS Edenvale Nursery is located on Tennyson Road, between Hayward and Niles, 2 miles south of Hayward. WATCH FOR THE SIGN. 'SMALL TRACTORS FOB THE uAHllEN-FOH THE SMALLliB FARMS j The Power .-,. . l "Gravely" Mowers k ,. S Single Wheel -- - '--.?: :- i Drive tAV7f law, ? Tractor Jft 1 1 r - rlYn, row, M narrow vkMl ftrlTM, aa It Inches or ai Una or aloe. Jridf l Ineha. La. -nw.. TooU can be ria owar. worked ahead or behind tha drive I i - a. . .. rni-atumUiimMiataM wkeel. 2U DJL " B WALKING 8MALL TRACTORS IN FIVE SIZES AND STYLES 1?e'L.J1.1"tr.lb,1JS n INSECTILIZER which has proven H. V. CARTER COMPANY ' j r KM. nr a T.ar cti, i.m. - B nn a - 25?lSo3Ir. fl" Koalpment, Tractors, Hand. Horse and Power lawa Mowera, Bprlnklars, yartilusri, Garden lools, Boss, Bprayera, Suiters, etc NT IRQFP V I WEST , LANDSCAPE GARDENER We have for sale Rose Bushes. Fruit Trees, Bedding Plants and Cut Flowers. 1 '.This la a new Nursery this year and our stock Is new I and up-to-date. Wean please you ,with our prices. I : ; Give Us a Call 5599 Foothill Boulevard I f.' Plume Fruitvale 6124-Residence Phone. Humboldt 3807 I Visit MORSE'S" Shopping DiSria Seed Store The standard ' for good . seeds for farm and garden ' Send for Free Catalog ' C. C. MORS E 6 CO." Seedsmen and Seed Growert (At MARKET STREET - .RETAIL STOB - Near Kearny Streee nfl opposite Pafcce Hotel carefully so that -Ucan be rolled. ROLLING SIIL. Before sowing seed, see that soil is rolled carefully with a water-weight lawn roller If the 60il is not firmly packed, the grass will grow In spots and the mower will ruin the new lawn Rolling will lso prevent the soil from settling unevenly. 1 Rake the soil lightly and sow seed evenly. Do not attempt to sow when the wind is blowing. Use best quality of seed. Kentucky blue grass makes the most satisfactory lawn, though it should not be planted before March or after September. This seed should be sown 1 pound to each 150 square reet. Pacific rye grass is a good quick growing grass, and can be planted almost any month in the year. This grass requires 1 pound of seed to each 100 square feet. Golden Gate park mixture is the most used of all. It contains hardy grasses and the lawns grown from it -will stand a great deal of walking over without serious injury. The mixture is composed of blue grass 40 per cent, rye grass 40 per cent, red top and fescue 15 per cent, clover 5 per cent. The advantage of white clover is that it spreads rapidly, Is hardy and looks well when the other grasses are dormant. Golden Gate mixture should be sown 1 pound to each 100 square feet, clover 1 pound to each 200 square feet. FERTILIZATION. After sowing seed apply a top dressing of pulverized sheep manure, 100 pounds to each 300 square feet. AddIv the dressintr on top of the seed after sowing. The dressing will cover the seed. In watering, the dressing will enrich the soil as well as act as a mulch MTLCHI.VG. .In dry warm weather a mulch of rice hulls, sawdust or prepared humus should be applied to the newly planted lawn. GERMINATION. Blue grass seed germinates In from IS to 24 days, rye and clover in from eight to 14 days. WATERING. Never allow the new lawn to become dry. This is essential in order to keep the new grass from dying out. Water each evening and, in warm weather, twice daily is necessary. After the grass is about an inch high It will not be necessary to water so frequently. Be careful to use a fine spray in watering to avoid washing out the seed or the young grass. MAKES U SMS T EXPERT PLAN Preparation of the Soil Held Three-Quarters of Battle for Good Flowers. ROCK GARDENS ENHANCED BY SURROUNDINGS By A. M. WOODMAN, Landscape Engineer. Rock Gardens are becoming very popular in the bay district, especially when natural rock forms part of the ite. Rocks which contain streaks of colored ore are especially attractive, and are very much at home In the so-called nat-uralisitic garden. Rocks with good contour lines and flat rocks can be utilized for the making of pools. Rocks, depending upon their stratification, can also be used for the making or stone walls, steps, paths, courts. But the beauty of rock earden can be easily destroyed if inappro priate plants are planted. The usual run of garden fuowers are out of keeping with the true rock garden, except possibly columbines. delphinums, foxglove. There are a host of native neren- nlals and bulbous plants which are fine to use. Native shrubs like the toyon, California cherry.. Cascara shrub, live oak, bay laurel, man-zanita. madrone anf others belong naturally to the rock garden. So do many vines which climb naturally over rocks; these must not be too rampant in growth so as to obscure the coloring of the rocks. .Exposed rocks which are covered with mosses and lichens fit in well near pools and in woodland stretches. There are a host of rock and alpine plants, too. in cluding many kinds of dianthus or rock pinks, dwarf campanulas. saxifrages, sedums, thymes, creeping veronica, aubrietia, perennial candytuft, alyssum. arabis and taller kinds which make a splendid effect when planted against the rocks. LABOR spelled with capital let ters is three-quarters of the prep aration of the soil for garden or lawn planting. Scratching the surface with hoe or rake or turning over once to. a shallow depth with a spade does not define cultivation. This is the definition of soil preparation by A. B. McDermott, head gardener for the Montgomery Ward and Co.'s plant at East Fourteenth street and Twenty-ninth nvenue. Preparation should have started in the early winter when the first spading might have been .done. Spade deep and let it lay for ten days or two weeks to mellow in th" air and sun. Give It a sprinkling of surphur and a good coating of shell lime. Let the rain dissolve and mix with the soil. Sulphur is a necessary plant food and the lime sweetens and loosens the ground and assists drainage. It also gives other forms of plant life food to be more readily taken up into plant life. , Now spade again 19 a fair depth of fiiSe or six inches. Another week of exposure and with a hoe Veak up the lumps and smooth with a rake, removing ail hard pan lumps and rocks. For a lawn leave the ground on a gradual grade depending on the position of the house and street. USE FERTILIZERS. If you are planting garden vege tables or flowers you can now use some of the different kinds of fer tilizers. There are several'on the market but It is well to study care fully the kind needed for the va riety of plant that you are expecting to produce. For lawn we have greatest success in using peat. It covers the seed and also provides that which retains the moisture and prevents cracks In the soli. Irrigation for flowers, shrubs or vegetables in this bay region need not be heavy. We have so much dew and fog that such plants will get a large percentage of their water needs from these sources. Lawns, however, need more water In dry months than most folks give them. S-prinkling a lawn with a hose a few minutes every day does not answer. The ground should be thoroughly soaked at least two or three times a week. Many people worry ovStv the kind of soil they have and think to improve It by hauling In richer loam or sand. Such a plan la expensive and hardly satisfactory. A better plan ig to LABOR. WHAT TO PLANT. n the early spring there is always the question of what to plant so as to give the garden color for the summer and fall, arid also to have cut flowers for the house. To do this one should select flowers most suited for the location. There are flowers that will grow very well In shaded places, a number of these are: the Dwarf Lobelia, Nigellas, Ageratum and Forget-me-nots. For partial shade, Pansies. Dwarf Phlox, Sweet Alyssum and Centaurea of different varieties are a few that could be planted. The Petunias. Eschscholt-zia, Poppies, Verbenas and Chinese Pinks like the full sunlight. All the above-mentioned flowers grow from six inches to one foot high and are recommended for borders, while some of them are good for bedding and ground cover effects. Between the borders and the background of shrubs. Snapdrag ons. Stocks, Asters. Zinnias. Salvia. Clarkia, Margarets. Marigolds and uaiiardias are good for color and also for cut flowers, that one may enjoy the effects of their garden by having them in the house. Scattered here and there among tne shrubs. Delphinium, Larkspur, Campanula. Foxglove. Gladiolus and Japanese IJlium hiake the garden have the finishing touch by giving color with, the evergreen shrubs. Most of these flowers .can1 be had by planting the seed when danger of frost is over or they can be pur chased, in small plants from your nurseryman In their seasons By careful selection you can have some varieties In blossom at all times of the summer and fall. To get spring oplor. it is advisable to se lect hardy plants in the fall early eough that tney will-get established for the dormant period of winter. Ornamental grasses should not be overlooked. They add a note to the flower garden and to bouquets, that Is distinctive and can be secured by no other plants. They are easily grown. The amateur would do well to make up lists rrom the most detailed seed catalogue, as to color, time of bloom and culture of annual plants. Olive Growers Convene in Rome ROME. The eight International Congress on Olive Culture and Trades opened this morning in the International Institute of Agriculture in Rome The congress will discuss the fundamental problems connected with the production and trade of olive oil. A topic of particular interest to the congress will be the study of parasites nf tha niii,a ,,r,Ainii.. that of the olive fly, which thig-ywu' In ItalVOlen has Ififntort ntraf f,,U teen million plants. Other subjects of note will be the varieties of the olive and their classification, technical innovations in olive growing, and the international defense of the olive oil industry by olive growers against competition from substituing oils. NAGATA & SONS NURSERY Wholesale and Retail of Ornamental Treea, Ferns and Shrubbery, All Kinds of Annual Perennial Garden Plants, Fruit Trees, Bush Roses and Standard Roses, Orange and Lemon Trees. 18 Years in Oakland One of the Oldest Nurseries - 1507 55th Ave., E. Oakland, Cal. Phone Fruitvale 1688 H. HAYASHI & CO. 2311 73rd Avenue, Oakland WHOLESALE GROWERS of All Kinds Flowering Plants and Ferns Trees, Shrubbery and Plants Bedding Plants and Shrubbery at Reasonable Prices ORIENTAL, NURSERY . O. YOSHIDA, Prop. . Wholesale and Retail All Kinds of Fertilizer CLAREMONT, NEAR COLLEGE AVE., OAKLAND Telephone Piedmont 101$ Fruitvale Floral Company Rose Bushes, Cut Flowers and Seeds. Floral Designs a Specialty. 3531 East 14th St. Oakland, Cal. H. IYEKI Phone Frutvale 1584 Roses Vill Grow Anywhere in Garden Therft art few nlnrps In Ida tray- t den "where the rose wilf: not suc ceed. Our California soil is preeminently adapted for the health of the rose, and sunlight we have to our heart's content; only bear in mind, do not plant your roses In too shady a place, and if your soil la sandy, add. a quantity of Ion m and old manure to enrich It, as the rose delights In good heavy, rich SOfl. v - - Buy Direct From the Grower - Golden State Nursery ORNAMENTAL SHRUBS ROSES, FRUIT TREES BEDDING PLANTS 1469 55th Ave. . Phone Fruitvale 3989 Opposite General Electric Co. KGO Established 44 Years Largest Nursery in Oakland Domoto Bros., Inc. 7921 Krause Street ' Phone Elmhurst 20 Our forty-four years or experience in Oakland and Our large collection of Ornamental Trees Shrubs, Vines, Etc - FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD IS AT YOUR DISPOSAL EnT7 T,! R NURSERIES: From Oakland-B, ..to on E. 14th St.. tarn KraZ. nl x I right orau8eon-Bo,,ievar.l. turn right on 73rd. turn left oa Krause. By S. P. Melrose train Get off at Parker, walk two blocks louth (to the right). I I I If THE IOKI NURSERY i Beg to Announce The Opening of Their New Nursery at EAST 14th NEAR KNOX AVE. SAN LEANDRO, CALIFORNIA Wholesale and Retail 1 i Ornamental Shrubs, Plants and Trees iuiuaiBii, nuicr s-iuui. auu Aquariums ac & Introductory Prices. ain Nursery 1075 84th Avenue Phone Elmhurst 1879 Oakland, Calif. i . IPeottG Cutworms Earwigs Slugs Snails Sow Bags Grasshoppers This Spring Protect Your Qarden "Against the Ravages of These Pests, We Offer You a DIFFERENT Way Thafs Quaranteed. YOUR garden can bloom no better than the care you take to protect it against the ravages of such pests as Cutworms- Earwigs, Slugs, Sow Bugs, Grasshoppers and Snails. Use SNAROL, the new garden pest control manufactured by the Antrol Laboratories. It is guaranteed to control pests in the easiest, surest and safest way. And at a minimum of expense! Get a package today from your dealer. It is a meal ready for immediate use. Sprinkle it around the garden, about the flowers and under shrubs. Then note results soon after. You will be amazed at its effectiveness. No amount of water lessens its power to kill these abovepests. Note, too, when you use SNAROL that it is non-injurious to plant life. Thus you may me jit safely wherever needed a h feature that is most essential. " Leading stores handle SNAROL. If you cannot secure it from your dealer write us direct and we will see that you are supplied. ANTROL LABORATORIES, INC. 5i-'S Imperial Street Los Angeles, California ; NEW LOW PRICES 1 lb. package. 40c 31b. package, 75c 15 lb. bag $3.00 rU Msds by thm Makers of Antrol for Ants, and Flyrol for Flies FREE BOOKLET ON PEST CONTROL We have prepared an authors, tative 24-page booklet on all kinds of Pest Control which will be sent FREB to you on request. ANTROL LABORATORIES, Inc., Dept. 00 . .1 -' .t 651,53 Imperial Street, Los Angeles, Calif.

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