The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1897 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 10, 1897
Page 9
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JffiE tTPPBK DEB MOlNESi ALGONA, 10% A, ..WgPS»ffl)AY , 10. IEPT. SCRAPS. 'At Victoria docks, London, storerooms for 250,000 carcasses of beef are provided. The Oliver Goldsmith window, lately subscribed for in England, has been placed in position in the church of the parish in Which the poet was born. "Mamma, what is a farce?" "A farce? Why, it is the way your father went around and watered all my dried- up plants the morning after 1 got home."—Detroit Free Press. ,.—— Olifttncle. Sister—Why don't you marry her? Brother—I'd like to but unfortunately <he has an impediment in her speech. Sister—What is it? Brother—She can't sny yos. There la it Clnfls of 1'cnplo AV'lio are injured by the use of coffee. Recently there has been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called GRAIN-O mtide of pure grains, that takes the places of coffee. The most, delicate, stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over ;.f as much. Children may drink it with great benefit. 15 cts. and :.T> ets. per package. Try it. Ask for GKA1N-O. Cold ViHunls. Jones-Brown—Will you contribute to my Klondike grub stnko? Brown-Jones—Yes, I'll contribute the j ce .—'I'he Yellow Book. Fre«, Tuiportniit Infoi-iniiUnu To men (plain envelope). How. lifter toi years' fruitless doctoring, 1 v?ns fully restored to full vigor and robust uiauhood No 0. O. D. fraud. No money accepted No connection with medical concerns Kent absolutely free. Address Look Box 1288, Chicago, 111. Scud 2-ueut stump ill convenient. A Wttsburg company has secured the contract,for lighting London with electricity. The plant will cost £150,000. POINTED PARAGRAPHS, Trying to stand upon one's dignity often fesulU in a hard fall. The height of some men's ambition Is to pull some other man down. Some men are so miserly that they won't even pay another a compliment. The things people want to know most Is usually none of their business. United States Talent Office. TSAft OF BtSSlA, NICHOLAS It. A FIRM AND RESOLUTE RULER. III* nml, trhllJce llts Fnthef, Di-pc-hdi Upon His Own Judgment—A Vet? Jnst The government issued 510 patent* last week, 125 of which were Issuec to a single inventor, Milo G. Kellogg, of Chicago, all for improvements in multiple switch boards. Some of these apnlications have been in the patent office ovor ten years and the inventor has paid in government, fees $4,375. Above wo have shown two mechanical movements, the 1'trBt. of which represents a stop mccliHiilBm for bolts and the second, a simple shaft shifter. A cut is also shown of one of the earliest car couplers as well as a cut of a parallel jawed plyer, these illustrations being copyrighted. Inventors and others desiring free information as to the method of procuring patents may obtain the same in addressing Sues & Co., attorneys at law and patent experts, Beo Building, Omaha, Neb. N Russia the impulse of a single will has tremendous weight in the scale of human destiny. The tsar is the richest, most autocratic and most powerful of sovereigns. There are four councils of administration — the Holy Synod, the Senate, the Council of the Empire, and the Committee of Ministers; but legislative, executive and judicial power is centered in the emperor. Other sovereigns may reign without governing their realms, but his will is law for church and state. The present emperor ascended the throne three years ago, when he was In his twenty-seventh year. He has married a German princess during the interval, been crowned at Moscow with all the solemnity of the ancient ceremonials, and has made a series of state visits to various capitals and courts. He has found a successor for Prince Lobanov in tile person of Count fflour- avieff, his father's confidential adviser at the court of Denmark, and he has welcomed with splendid statcliness at Peterhof and St. Petersburg the German emperor and the French president. "Trilby F«t some extra insftrnnce on his house Tresterdny." "Why!" . . "He has been threatening to poison Ina neighbor's dog." ANTI-TOX1NB, Prevention nnd Cure of Ho* Clinlern. • Prepared from thft blood ot horses Immunized HBftlnst the bacilli of Hop Cho era. \\ e guarantee to euro tho 'disease, also to jm .'tinize herds ot swine »sninst ho* .^o""* 1 ?^, 6 }' 0 ": This preparation Is n, ^^"V.^A^^'^lfsin effective In hogs us DiptheritU AniuoMncisiu children. We invite the attention of brecdera otOnohow I'or further pavtlcuUiys address JNO. T. M1T.MKKN .t CO., BttCU-noloelc !)•• partlnfnt. St.. T.nnl« Mo HOG CHOLERA ITnt the thrash A ttiffercttt Thlftfc. Smith-Black—Pooh, my wife can TOIL " Black-Bra ith-Well. if yon think so come 011 nnd fight- ,.,,.. Smith-Blank—Stfiadv—hold on—I ditln t say iconld.—The Yellow Book. •Vbere Is more Catarrh in this soc.tlon of the c'om-trv than all othor diseases Silt toKother w,d until the lust few years was °mposert to be Incurable. I'or a creat mnnv vears doctors pronounced It a local dlseaV and prescribed local remedies, ana by ?onstnntly falllns to cure with local treatment, pronounced It Incurable. S'- has proven catarrh to be iv constltu- * 1 . * ,. _» i I. »..„(•«».*.. **r,rt it! t-fia f»n?V IS en (I the Advertisements. You will enjoy this publication much better if you will get into the habit of reading' the advertisements. They will afford a interesting study and will put you in the way of gottiiijj some excellent bargains. Our advertisers are reliable, they send what they advertise. A single sunflower stock at Burns, Kansas, carried the unprecedented number of 'Jijy blooms ut ouo time. No-To-«ac for Fifty Cents. Guaranteed tobacco hulril euro, makes weak moil slrony;, Wood pure. nOe. $1. AH Ch'utwists. When a mosquito bus gorged himself with human blood lie dies witbiu a few hours. TO COKE A COLD JN ONE DAY. Talto Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All Druggists refund tUe money if it fails to cure. 25c During the last twelve years Great Britain has added !2,COO,000 square miles to hei territory. Gifts from the hand are silver f.v gold; but the heart gives that which neither silver nor gold can buy.—Ueechor. Ono IVny. Ynu Isbe—1 luut 1111 awful trouble to got rid of the girl. Ton Broke—How did you do it! Vuu Ishe—Proposed to her.—The. Yollow Book. A novel proposition wns mmlo uot long ago to the Receivers of the Baltimore te Ohio Railroad. The B. & O has n branch running from what is known as Alexandria Junction, near AVnshiugton, to Shepherd's on the Potomac Hiver, where a car ferry is operated in connection with tho lines leading south from tlio Capitol. A professor of an eastern college desired to lease this short stretch of track for the purpose of educating young men iu practical railroad work. Ju his letter ho explained that be thought there was a wido Held for bright and energetic boys who could be thorougli- ly well grounded in the practical side of. railroading, provided they could bo educated on a regular lino ot! road. Ho believed that by the employment of veteran railroad meii us touchers that the boys could profitably spend :i or i! years working as trainmen,firemen,engineers, switchmen, station ageut.s, and in other capacities required in tlio railroad service. As this branch of tlio B. & O. is ot considerable value the Hoceivers were compelled to decline this ofter. Whatman lias done, woman can undo. The report* that Mayor Wood, of Sonttle, Wash., had been lynched in Klondike are now denied by returned U-avelcrs. UmtoofKrrt in (1«1<I. TIIK I'oMPVXtoN'S Souvenir (^It-mini- for 1WS. a scries of ehnrmlnir flumc-i'teees, faithfully entiled In colors nncl embossed In »0d, Is rei.-ORiilMMl cvory- whoro «•< n most nhium nn I'lcoe. 1 * <: °}"^.\[™' Kvrry new suhscrll-cr receives ll . wnll "";"'", l l „„« nl clmrcB. Moroiiver the l«M«w *», sent free to now H ihirrifiers cvoVy week from the I me . to««\m>rb>- llim Is received until January. M'S,»'"! tll <" 1 for " full yc-iiMo January. 18(W. llliistrali-d iirospcctiis of Ilio volume f< r nndsaii-vtlewplcsof tho tia|'er«cnt free. Addiesf, -1-HK VUl'TIl S CO.MI-AMOX, 207 Oilliinlnis Avo., lloslon, Muss In iireimritiK celery for the table it is ml vl'wl that only enoiiRh bo used lor tin nienl. us it spoils quk-klyjii^v; being wet If VOH want to opernto on tho (.Hiic-ago Honrd of 'I'rndo send for our froe book i-ou- tainiiiK full information how to t rndo. Ou Hi-count of tho short wheat crop m foreign i-onulries nnd the short corn crop In th s countrv, both corn aud wheat will sou much higher, nnd now is tho time to make n i.rolltiiblo investment. V\ e exueuto ordorsiu wheat iu l.(HK) Impels mid upwards, nnd corn nnd oats iu 5.000 bushels mul upwards. Write us to-day. ']••>• r,au B lH-ry & Co., 338. Hlalto HuiliHiiK, Chirngi>. Memliors ChU-ugo Board ot Trade. At tho close of tho war Virginia had nbout W) negroes iu tho asylums of tho stnto nnd now thoro ore more llinu l,UUi) 01 them. rSvcryhodv 8ny» Ho. discards Candy Cathartic-, tho most, wonderful medical discovery of tho »««. pleasant ana refresh inn to the taste, net Kontly and positively on tho Utdnoys, liver and bowels, i-loiinslnc,' the entire system, dispel colds, euro hi-iuliieho, 'fever, habitual constipation and biliousness. I'leuse buy and try » box of C. C. 0. to-day; it". 2B, M) rent. Sold and Riwrantood Iu cure by all Iruaclsts. . ••What's tho matter with tho dog, doctor;" "Appendicitis." "Uolug to operate;" ".No. He's too valuable. 1 ' om-P as proven . «innnl dinpRBC and therefore- requires con- suulouai n treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure manufactured by F. .T. Clien«y fc Co Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional cure on the market. H. IB taken InternallV In doses from 10 drops to n tenwoonfiil. H acts directly on the l.lnoS ami mucous surfaces of the system TUev offer one hundred dollars fot ' ft falls to cure. Send for clrcu- 'Toledo, O. bv Dnigprlsls. lac. Hall's family rills arc ihe^best. When a woman is most, sure of having won 11 man's love is thu time for her to study how to keep it. Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Your Life Away. To quit toTtneco enslly niu\ lot-over, bn inw?- noUe. full of life, nerve and vlffor take No-lo »iii- the womlcr-worUor, that miiUos weak mci Rlronct. All clruifKlRts. MV. or$l. Cure (?««•»»' toed." Jloolilot and sample free. Addiess sicrllni; Itemed^ Co^ ChU^tgo or New Voi-U. Tho Gorman emperor's imperial train cost »S!MI.Ol)l) and of tho twelve curs two nro nursery carriages. euro Dr. Kav's TAinn Hal'" '* «\ lll ™» teBd to la grippe' anil every kind ol t!»«^>-_ "Autumn and Summer fight it out, (< And, ItioUyou, this is Slimmer s rout. 'w".'N7'tir'Des Molncs. No. 46— 18 97« ""'mmM'il™'u.'untrplua9j mention this iiiiucr. MftS. MPEESON'S fetiffered with •womb otcr flfteeti years, t h ad fnflftittfflfttidti > efilargement and disptftcemenfc ol tnS womb. ' . The doctor wanted «ie to take treat- tncnts. but I had jtist Mrs. Pihltham's Domponnd, and tny hnsbuntl Sn!id I had better wait and see how much good that would do me. I wns so sick \vheli I began with her medicine, t could hardly be on my feet. I had the backache constantly, also headache, and wns sodhszy. I had heart troiible t it seemed as though my heart was in toy throat, at times choking? me. I could not. walk around and I ccmld not lie down, for then my heart would beat so fast I would icol as though I was smothering. I had to sit up in bed nights in order to breathe. I was so weak I could not do anything. I have now taken several bottles of Lydia E. Plnkhaui's Vegetable Compound, and used three packages of Sanative Wash, and can say I am perfectly cured. I do not think I I could have lived long if . Mr.s. Pink" ham's medicine had not helped me.— MKB. JoaEt-it PKTKRSON, 518 East St. ( Warren, Pa. FOR 30 DAYS YOU CAN TRY IT FOR 23 CENTS. Tlieir Marvelous CURE BY m0m RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, CATARRH, ASTHMA,LA GRIPPE 1 ' .... , ....**An Vif» An\ linnii 'w or Colds, for Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, Whooping Cough, and all Throat Troubles or Lung Diseases, you can't beat and you can't better Half size bottle, 50c &> A T HE most beautiful of tho fair sox uw i s liu- blo as tho ugliest spocuiien or hum nU.v to sucoumb to tlits nivwes of Uifliionzu 01 l.i Brippo. Yes, it Is the fatrost flowers Umt droop nnd die first. Wo souiul tlio ula.rui. SM K •ii isooinliiB. Already His i-liiuunig Us ^ by the thousands ucross old ocoun. As - pust, it will soon uross your tliroshho 11. \\ • forewarn you and toll you huw to best propii <• for it. nou'l wait until you htivo been nHuUiui but be prepured for tho enoiny when heiiiuu ^ you. Send stump for our 08-puae book, whli-.i gives full troiitmont, s.vinplouis, ulc. \\ a si - unteo Pr. Kay's l.un« Halm to be a oerti m, wife unit speedy euro for In srippe and MUI kind of couKli: Miss Nellie Pi'i.oyei'. l.»t> So. IDthSt., Omalui, Ni'b.: ... . . . "Huve used your Or. Kay's Umjr Halm foi a Bevoro caso ofla tn'ippe. My JuiiKs '• vur . t ; ,;,,'•,.sore, and in tjiking ilio Dr. Kay s hum; Ha .w i found 'it stopped any dostre to cough 11. ouu.. The soreness on my Unit's and iu my licuil ^oon disttppeurod. U is plwisaut to take and iloi..-, dot causo slckucKS at tho stonuii'h lllc « '"; '•» cough remedies, vul if cures qulrkor Uian any 1 have evor tried. „. , Ar v AlsoKev. J. if. Wohlfailh, pastor First M.I- (3hui'ch, Urbane. 111.-" I nm Blad to record tho fact that loss than oiw box of your O>'-»'ij 7 lung Balm cui-ud we of iwawful cowisli. it Is a J'emurkable remedy- It is sold by drugtdxts or seat by us b.v• man for 25 ctK. Don't take any substituu- for It has noonvml. Addrusa Dr. JJ. J. Ka.v Medii-al W.-Omaha, Nob, We also guarantee Ur, KWJ s Be.iiQvutoi- tu be Um bust remedy !;no%\n 101 dyroepslft, constipation and liver troubles. -> perfect renovator. Send Tor book. SH8EL ...nmel Slick.. If not for sale i- italocru NICHOLAS II OP RUSSIA. This is a brief record of bis few years of power, but it hardly suffices to reveal what manner of man the emperor really is. Those who have met and talked with him describe him as a man of singular earnestness and seriousness. He speaks slowly and weighs his words. He has a thoughtful face and a reflective air, and has little Of the impulsiveness of youth. When he desires to emphasize a point he draws near to the listener, and with strong gesture and deepening tones of voice reveals his own interest in what he is saying. He is a sovereign who is very much in earnest. Not only does lie take a serious and almost solemn view of his vast responsibilities, but he is also n man of high courage and genuine force of character. He is less of a recluse than his father, Alexander III., who never was able to forget that his accession to the throne followed n dastardly Nihilist crime. Ho drives, rides and walks fearlessly about his summer palace, and seems to have 'no morbid dread of revolutionary plots. He listens gravely to what his ministers and advisers have to say, but he has u will of his own, and acts upon liis judgment, not hastily, but llrraly and resolutely. Thn tsar followed the recent custom of House of Romanoff, and married a princess from one of the minor continental courts. The empress is Alexandra Alix, a daughter of the late Grand Duke of Hesse, and a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She is amiable and accomplished, but, lacks his mother's strength of character. Alexander III was strongly influenced by his wife and her Danish' relations. Nicholas II respects his grandparents, the King and Queen of Denmark, but he does not share the responsibilities of government with his own or with his wife's relations. He is a self-reliant, proud-spirited Romanoff who has inherited the aspirations of his ancestors and accepted the traditions of his race that a universal empire will ultimately be established.with St. Petersburg as the capital, and with Constantinople and Jerusalem as subject' cities. J-'rco KxcurBlon to Soullim-n Iilnlio nnd return to buyers o forty acres of ,irri- Kiited fnrm lands nt *25 nu aero. JJ. 1>Currier, 425 Lu Bnllo Ave., Chicago, .111. An Ursulino nun at Bolo(;iio, whoso Inin- droth birthday in to bo celebrated, ontoru I her convent eighty yoaru agu nml hns nov- or sot foot out of it sineo. _ To Corn Coimtlpiitlon Korovor. ' TiilcoCiusi'iirats dimly CiitlmiMU;. IDci or 2.'ic. ll'C. C. U. fall to euro. ilriiu-ulHls ri-fiiiiil moiiuy. A irriicofal anil honorable old ago is tlio childhood ot immortality.— Pindar. Smoke Hloilgo Cigarettes, 20 for 5 ets. Most lives which turn out n failure do it from tlio Hiniplo lack of moral courage,— Thoodoro U Cuylor. ris claim and cnn prove our statement that mowjmrwtajro boon 'rs°th»n"FiVE DROPS". ll ° m /±Sm?«hi±mtl^^ SAHU,mi!;il»yl'«.veP,Catow^^^^^^^ vous and NmiraiKle ««««l?»^»^\ 1 J. o JiL l 'i\™V"!,;?*'- i -r, DROPS" lias never froo from opiates and I spooltto known. No dls- mcl roHot iBvmuaUy Jolt tho bvlHtold in)ettiorsof«rate- now painless undhuppy. «««r " ' For Thirty Days. 3 Law Dottles, for $2.50. BWASHOH IIIIKUMATIO CURB CO., 107-lOOD.mrUoru St.. CiHIOAfaO. Remember this sign whereby it Conquers Pain. lua^nptryyvvvvvTfVVVVV^f SCRAPS. There are nine county seats in Utah that have no newspapers. Thirty cities and towns also have no papers. Benjamin Bissoll, who lives near Ualiiiton Spa, N. Y, Kays hn has voted tor cigliteen presidential candidates, not one of whom was elected. A church building in Chicago is Jointly occupied by a Baptist and a Hebrew congregation, the one having services on Saturday and the other on Sunday. A Vancouver Indian recently shot iin'J slightly wounded a "Ecoreher," thinking that ho was a devil. The Jud;ro hated to convict the Indian, but ho felt compelled to do so. A woman clerk is editor of the Offl- pial Postal Guide, with Its 80,000 olHces. A man clerk, whom she formerly as;sist- pd, received $l,(iOO. She no\v does h'.s work and lier own and gets $1,400. "I can tell everything that man writes," remarked the discerning citi- i>n. "Hov/V" "If it's poetry he begins sach sentence with '0,' it it's prose he begins, it with T.' "—Washington Star. Seedy Caller—Is Mr. Specie in? Office Boy—No, he ain't In, and he won't lie back for a month, but If yer want- ad anything of him I can refuse it ter yer jest as well as him, and save your rallin' again.—Boston Globe. Inquests on centenarians are uncommon, but one had to be held recently on ,a 101-year-old Sussex woman, whose life was cut short by her Btumblinc in crossing the room and »))otlhl ailtlrest] eltlicv J. K. II, 1-. A., ManuhcHlor, Iowa) W. A. KKI.I.OXI), A. 'I. I'. A., T.milHvlllc, Ky., or H. «. 11AT011, H. I'. A., i-liu'liiiiutl. O., for (i freo oopy of DKNTKA1. IIAII.UOA'8 CURES RHtUMATISM, NCUnALCIAj . LUMBAOO, SpnAino, QRUIBC6, 80HCNESS, AMD BURNO. CANDY CATI-IARTIC CURE CONSTIPATION ALL DRUGGISTS Pure, DeSJcious, Nutritious. CoKts Less than O/YU CENT a cup- sure tliut thu package bears our Trade-Marl;. Walter Baker & Co, Limited, (Established i78o.) Dorchester, Mass. 4. e«»«o»«»«»»«««»"»»""» ww — "-; ----- ; ..... Health's Complexion lliilhene" is imt a inwlicine. It J re's nuro init.lse|illcs, iiri'jMin-a in tuliH-t to te dissolved in ti.ic Uilh or was ; H atsists Nuturo i" ck-iius ug 1 1« •'«• Udl; ' bowl ' nt&i: 'v'p- ~ • an we will end you two Hm;sKiioi.o P PATENTS, CLAIMS. 3, WASHINGTON. D.C. 1. e. fouilon Burttu. inic ulaima.uuy alnce. -'. Inventions W»nved-' To lift »s Agenta for Ilio Moinco $10~0 verqoats **l,Clo SSS Iteliiibio AVoutlier I' Birds, including domestic poultry, nave long been accepted in popular belief as reliable weather prophets. A German professor explains this seemingly^ mysterious gift on simple scientific lines. Birds, he says, are the most warm-blooded of all animals, aud use up more air than other animals. Not only their lungs, but air-sacks In various parts of their bodies, are extended with air, wherefore a change' in atmospheric pressure is soon felt by them. Thompson's lye Wattr, c . A Humane Scheme. It is a pretty well known fact most of the deaths that occur, on thfl field, of battle result from blee'dlnjj to death before surgical aid. arrives, The French government nas under consideration a scheme for tattopjng the so'l- dlevs of t^e French anay with a cer- tain'mark pver each, artery, so that a, au would he able to staunch flow Of W"* od biBlseW, a,n,d tbm in, Try Qrain^Ol Try Qrain-O! Ask your Cirocor to-day to show you a package of OUAIN-O, tbo new food UriuU tbat takes tho place of coffee. The t-hildreu may drink It without injury as well as the adult. All -who try it, like it. GRAIN-O has that rich weal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the most delicate htomaoh reoeiveu it without tlUtrebs. }\ the price of i.-olTee. 15 cents aud 85 ceuts per package. Mold uy all grocers. Liu! iiumlicrof the •an Central North Shore Limited Train, It-jiving" 1 :.':SU noon nnd arriving New York l::iO p. in. next cluy ('M hours) and IJoston '1:00 p. in. C.'O.Sj' hours). 1C yon want comfort on your journey east Vakt'. tliis train. ' Uwcunsw of the convenient hour of luaviiij,', tho biifiiness man is enabled to l>o at his otiiius hero in the morning aud arrive at New York and Hositon ihiriixjj business hours tlio next day. To ladies traveling alone is this train particularly recommended. Leaving as it does at nrd-clay. coimec,* lions arc mude at junction points anil New York for the New Knglaiul Suites in ample time for one to reach her destination by daylight. City Offlee, ll'J Atlums BU' Chicago. WELL MACHINERY w, •HKSWHBM " —~ i •. •• Leave Omaha any Thurs* day afternoon at 4:35—in a clean, comfortable, not crowd" ed tourist sleeper—and', you reach San Francisco Sunday evening, Los Angeles Monday noon. No transfers—car goes right through, Uniformed Pullman porter and esperi- enced excursion conductor ref all bother,

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