Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 5, 1924 · Page 6
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 6

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1924
Page 6
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J sAivuuAi evening V v iimatmib fcrirjunt ; . " '": 7 akhil x. iv24 : ':. ' : ' 11 ' ' 1 " 1 11 " S 1 1 1 -MMMMMMBfcMMMM " ' ' --BBBHOTMMHMHMMnMMWHHM"- ' ' . ssBSSMBlBBBSlspsssBMSMBSSJMBMBBMSSiBBMBBBBSS I , , I I ,.. . . . . , , - g y., . . i f 7SA iTo:Gonduct Iripsy bmith Mee tiTi g s Cottage Prayer meetings w'll be lield In every part of Oakland for , the next two weeks. The entire burden of the prayers will he for the blessing of God upon tin Gipsy Pmlth evange'lstic campalen. April tl. to May 18. at the Tabernacle, .Twenty-sixth street near Broadway. 1 Like the disciples of the primitive church, followers of Christ In Oakland are claim ng the prayer promise. Beacon lights of prayer Will be burning in practically ever ae.ghbnrhoo.l. Already many prayer meetings have been held. On pastor writes that his peopleare 100 per cent In. prayer forthe great meetings. These prayer niPetlngs Will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at fLand continue for one half hour. ' Rev. Eugene Baltzer and ' Rev. Miller have been added to tha Central Comih'ittee on Cottrtge Prayer meetings. 1 Gipsy Smith writes that he Is depending more ijpon prayer for-successful meetings here than any ether, agency. A partial list of homes where these prayer meetings will be held follows: f . Tuesday, April 8, Clifford Anderson. 4165 M.mllaf W. J. Armstrong, 2342 Valdez; O. . W. Banzhaf 213 Hillside; Mrs. A. I Cohn. 882 Twenty-n nth: J, C. Cralk, 6C2 Mandana: MlsJovce Eddy. 1515 Wehster, Y. W. C, A?. ' Mrs. Amnnda Esll. 533 Merr A. Fo!ger. iu9 Fort v-seeortd.;-W. M. Love. 536 Thirty-fifth; Mrs.. O. Langfnrd, J009 lilchmo-nd Houle- vard; A. J. Martin, 63 Falrmount: George McCorkle. .182 Orange; C. W. Melvin, 671 Th rty-nlnth; Mrs. Addle Monre. H48 Jackson: Mrs. J. M. "O'Neill. 41 Euclid; F. M. Ellsley. 390 Javne; A. J. SowIps 41J0 Howe; John L. Spears. 117 1 Punnyside; Alex Anderson.. 740 East Seventeenth; Miss Lina Flarstrom. 1402 Adel'ne; Rev. G. N. Tegnell, 11.13 Enst Thirty-third. Tliurxclnv. April 10. Mr. Fanny Baxley, 720 Thirty-seventh; H. O. Breeden, 606 Vernon: E C. Catheart. 470 M.ndna; ir. m. Cj. narrow. 1314 Alice Mrs. Douglass. Mrs. Gipsy Smith ana His Co-Workers BIG . CHIEF "GIPSY" SMITH .hi his group of assistants, who will conduct the great revival in a mammoth tent on Twenty-sixth sireet, near Broadway.April 21 to May 1 8, inclusive. Reading from left to right, they are: "BILLY' McEWAN. choral director: MRS. ENSIGN R. YOUNG. airector oi young-people t wor V UIro I - Slvi J-H,ivlKo.- McL W AlY,r librarian f ENSIGN E.T YUUINL., pianist. : I 11-1 V i! H "Happiness Is Theme of Dr. Stephens REBUILT CHURCH WILL BE OPENED EASTER SUNDAY Alameda's , First Methodist church"bulldlng, rebuilt, after a fire which almost entirely destroyed the old' structure, will be opened ater Sunday, April 20, It was announced today. Rev. D. C. Colegrove, pastor of the church, will be master, of ceremonies. Bisliop Adna Wright Leonard wjll be speaker of the day. It Is expected that a'l Methodist pastors of San Francisco, Oakland and nearby clt.es will participate In the ded cation services. The church was destroyed, with a J60.000 loss last August. i If it! ri k : i J : l tS W 5 , 5 tit Hunger for God' Is Pastor's Theme Rev. Albert Ehrgott will preach on the theme "The Servant of the Ages" tomorrow morning at Thousand Onks Baptist church, Berke- I lev. His vpninar 4hema wl'l be Babcork, 660 i "Hunger for God." Sunday srhoo Thirty-first: Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. Ntwsom, 41Lake avenue;" H. B. Frailer. 4240 Gilbert; Mrs. V. H. Halbert. 80 Falrmount: F'red Ham-by, 433 Forty-first; Mrs. C. Gr Henry. S429 E'm; Mrs. J. W. L. Hunt. 529 Hobart; W. Jamieson, 515 Wesley; II. W. Meads. J 128 West; Mrs. M. D. Merrltt, 10.12 Annerly Road; A. V. Olney, 545 H Thirty-seventh; Mrs. E. V. Reesor, 150 Vernon; Mrs.. A. A. Rutland, . 44 Twenty-eighth; Mrs. Mary Valentine, 42t Twenty-sixih; Alfred Hermansbn, 6233 Wemworth .venue; A. Thulin, 836 Fifty-sjuh. 28 NEOPHYTES TO JOIN GREAT WHITE-LODGE - -, - , ,1 "The Sav or's Tomorrow will mark the Budd- past anij His mat anniversary and the Initiation Future" wil be the subject of the vi ujasis ul to canuiunics into ine meets at 10 a. m. B. Y. B. V. meets at 6:45 p. m. On Wednesday evening at 8 there I will' be' housewarming praise per- vice at. tile home of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Cooke at Tacoma and En- senada. ''KnoVkiniTuDoorr Rev. OUver's Subject "Knocking at the Door" will be the subject of Rev. T. E. Oliver at the Park Boulevard Presbyterian church tomorrow 'mbrnln; . His evening theme will be"Thj Be 'n-nlng of the End." Sunday schflol meets at 9:45 a. m. C. Ki at 6:45. Spencer To Speak On "Eternal Face" to the to the Goodbye Greeting Axinnn trimrfrrMi mnrninff hv WAV ;jrw.iv mwjJWSlUiuine . ureal t William C. Sponcer.- acting partor White Brotherhood at San Fran-I at Twenty-tlilrd Avenue Baptist Cisco In the Church of Universal church. His evening theme will Truth at. 1254 Market street at ill be "The Eternal Face." , OCIOCK. I In the evening there will be display of the Great White Lodge ceremonial atJK. P. Castle. Twelfth and Al.ce streets, Oakland at 7:30, followed by a concert of vocal and Instrumental music and a birthday banquet for Bishop Mazziniananda. W-ni!i!!t::!iK:K::::w;aiw Why Be Discouraged. A Kansas paper prints this: When Abraham Lincoln was a young man he ran for the legislature In Illinois, and was badly swamped; He next entered business, failed and spent seventeen years of his i life paying up the debts of a worth less partner. 1 J-Ie was in love with a beautiful young woman to whom he was engaged then she died. Later, he married a woman who was a constant burden to him. Entering politics again, he ran for Congress and was badly defeated. He then tried to get an appointment (o the United States land office, but failed. He became a candidate for the United States Senate and was badly defeated. In. 1856 he became a candidate for vice-presidency and was again defeated.. In 1858 he was defeated by Douglas. One failure after another bad (allures great setbacks. . In the face of all this he eventually ber came one of the country's greatest ' men, If not the greate. . , When you think of a series of. setbacks like, this, doesrrrrlt make t you feel small to become discour aged, just because you think you are having a hard tlmeln life? Chicago Tribune. -Curse of Protestantism. , The Bible In Itself is a treasure and a blessing. But the idea that It-Is a fixed, finished and Infallible thine hangs- like, a weight of lend about the heck of the churches -to-1" day. Blbllolatry, the worship of the written word, is the Curse of protestantism. -, Itphus never Intended" his church rSyljjiiis TUeru JJJw:!!!ii:ii:;::::inJUJ::Jus;W Mtittmsntttttua? li become a church of sci ibm, of ecclesiastical - lawyers - disputing over texts, arguing over virgin birth and apostolical succession and mode of baptism and what happens to the bread In the Lord's Supper, and a. thousand other things that have no real Rev. John Stephens, D. D.t wni preach 'both morning and evening tomorrow at the First Methodist Kpiscopal church, Broadway and Twenty-fourth street. At 11 a. m. the subject will be "How to be Happy, though Merciful " the fifth In the aeries on "Christ's Way of Happiness." At 7:30 p. m. the subject Is "The Kingdom of God and the American Nation," setting forth the nation as a church. Its citizenship and Christian Brotherhood, Its public assemblies, modes of Christian fellowship and ita dealing with material Interests as sacrament. The following -musical numbers will be rendered by the full vested j ihoir and soloists under the direc tion ot -tsessie tieatty Koiand, organist: Organ "Revery" T. 7: . . i . ... . . . . T. Tertius Noble- Anthem "Blessed are the Merciful" Hlles Tenor soo--"Thy R e b u k e" ( "Messiah" )...,...,.. Handel Organ "Hymne" ; . . .... Meyers-Helmund Anthem "The Day is Past and Over" Marks With solos by Ceclle XJalllson Leo and Herbert P. Mee. Contralto . solo "Sheep and Lambs" ...Sidney Homer The Men's club will hold its monthly dinner on Thursday evening. The address will be given by Owen C. Coy, who is connected with the Californ.a Historical society. C. A. Rleser will sing several numbers. On Friday evening the Monthly Church Social will be In charee of wimct- i rnn Alnwinrliim HlhlA .Tn.-,. nrh;t Ser iesof Truth Talks WilieiiyFe ." Rer. Wendell S. Dysinger. pastor, will conclude the series of . sermons on "Important Christian Truths ' at the First English Lutheran church. Sixteenth and Grove streets tomorrow morning. The theme 'will ' be "The Meaning of raun. In speaking of this sermon the pastor says: "The word 'faith has a large place In the story of tne Lutneran church. Centering around 'Justifleatlon through faith, the Reformation waged its battle. In explaining the meaning of faith," the pastor will answer the questions: What la the relation of faith to "reason? Is faith believing what you know Is not true? What is the importance of faith In God? i Is the Christian emphasis of faith something foreign to the thought of people? to the business foundations of life? to our personal re-lationfc with human beings? The evening service will be a musical service. Dr.- Dysinger will continue his studies of the trial of Jesus, discussing "The Witnesses." From the witnesses against Jesus In this trial, the pastor will branch out to -other men who have witnessed agMnst Christ; and will quote from their writings some truths which it Is important for Christians to know. The last of the Lenten prayer services will be held on Wednesday evening at the church. Dr. Dy singer will conclude his study of the Psalms In a talk on tha theme "The Royal Messiah." Cornerstone of St. Mark's Church To Be Laid at 3 HTHE corner, stone of St, Mark's A Evangelical ' church," Fifty-eighth snd "Wegrsph. will be laid tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. An appropriate program hs been orransed bv the pastor. Rev. E Baltser The principal - speaker will be Rev. J. F. W. Helmpkamp of San Rafsel, The new' church follows the Romanesque type of srrhltertnre throughout. The house of worship, several class rooms and a kitchen are under construction. Later a community houte is to be erected. The new structure is expected to be occupied in about 'wo months neiigiuii To be Theme If we are to save our souls from the subtle sin of provincial selfishness we must carry on the foreign missionary enterprise. Of tha 12,274 books publish In England last year, those of religious topics come next In number aftdr books of fiction. Baptist. tion witn tne unroiaing lire or the is a caaa q the church school for sou'- I vung married people. The pro- It anything would break the gram for the vening will cons st heart of the Master, It would be to of musical numbers falling Into the 1 play. Games and refreshment:- will see his followers bondage of the letter when ha follow. sought to lead them out into the large liberty of the spirit. If you and I who have caught this vision have one mission more than -another, it Is to stand firmly, boldly and uncompronilsingly for the emancipation of the religion which bears his name from all things. William Brown Thorp, Palo Alto. School Creed Of Ku Klux Klan Is Theme "The Creed Of the Ku Klux Klan In Relation to the Public Schools" will be the subject of-ttnr discourse at the FirBt Unlte.d(,..,..Bretbre.n, church, corner of Thlrtpfourth and" Adeline streets, night by Rev. Milton C. Lutz. At the morning service there will be a gospel sprmon. - The average cost per meal per pupil at the Tucson Indian Training School Is seven cents. How does this compare with your table? Presbyterian HIGH ST. Rev.' Thos. ftlcConnel!. Pastor Courtland Ave. and High St. 11:00 AM. Unveiling of the portrait of Dr; C. C. Harriot, .the founder' and- first, nnstnr. rif tht nn "n,DHnn r - tomorrow stallatlon- of new elder9. -i 7:30 P. M. v SERMON BY THE PASTOR. Fght wagons made a 200-mlle trio to bring rough lumber from the mill to . construct the Community house recently erected by the Board of National Missions at Trementlna. V M Presbyterian Brooklyn ('hnrch 1 2th. Avenue and East 16th Street Rev Rohert E. Coooer PASfoR 11:00 A. M.: . "An Old-Fashioned Home." Children's Sermon, "A Rusty Ford and a Speed Cop." , 7:30, "The Door." Fruit va!e Presbyterian , Palmetto St.,. near 'Boston .Are. -' ...Rev P M Walker pastor, Ing service, 11 a.m., Intermediate C. E . 4 p m ; Y.P.S.C B. 45 -p.m. Rvenlng service.-7 p m. I'rayer I Catholic ST. PATRICK'S t lClth St., bet Per- -alta Und ("amtihell " No 8or H cars Masses at 6 8. 9 and 11 a. m Chll- ' dren's muss at 9, -followed by Sunday school. Bene--diet Inn Friends. Miscellaneous. Swedish Mission Church . 1021 Fiillon St. Opposite the Auditorium) a; N. TEG NELL, pastor. , Biinlnv Pchniil, H:45 m Morning services, 11 a. m., Swedish Young Peoples' Meeting, - pO; vening service, 7:30, Swediwh. B"lh surmons by the pastor. The big choir will sing. -All layittd. Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints ' The Reorr-anized Chdrch of Jesus Christ of Latter Pay Saints 16th and Magnolia Streets 9:45, Sunday School Sacrarnen;u! sort tea, ll;tu a. m. and 7:45 p. m. . Young Petrles' Sbcletry. Friday, 7:45 p. m. ' Piedmont 6666W SOCIETY OF FRIENDS First Hay (Sunday! at 11 A M meeting for worship In The Friends' Meeting Mouse corner Vine and Walnut streets Berkeley Also, meeting for worship on Third Day (Tuesday) at 7 45 ST. FRANCIS DE SALES The Central Chii-ch Grove and Hobart-Masses: 6:8(1, 7,:30," 9, 10. 11 and 12:15 Evening Service 7:30 , Dr. F. X. Morrl-: son, Pastor Catholic Latter-Day Saints LATTER-DAY SAINTS Churcn of Jesus OhrlRt ot Ijitter-a.v Saints (Mormonsl cor Webster and Moss Ave Hunday school 10 30 a m Evening servtre f p. m. M 1. A. 8 p m Tuesday. Rrnneh Pres Tel Thorn !iS70. Lenten Service at St. Mary's Eighth and Jefferson Streets Sunday,-Wednesday and Friday evenings " at 8 o'clock special services and sermons Evangelical . St. Mark's Evan)?eircal Church 1125 West Street EUGF.NH, BAIfZEIt, Pastor Bunduy School. 10 A. M. Service, 11 A. M. Coi nerstoae laying. 58th and Telegraph avenue 3:00 P. M. All Welcome. Non-Sectarian CHURCH OF. GOD Corner 40th Ave. and I,, Mera St. Sunday School at J 45 A M. . Preaching II a m. and 7 30 p. m. Rev L. E Neal. pastor, Residence. 2012 Fortieth Avenue ' - - Oakland Truth Center. Oakland Unity Truth Center (The Church That Is Different) Services Sunday at Ebell Auditorium,-1440 Harrison Street SUNDAY, 11:00 A. M. LETITIA A. ANDREWS, '" - ' " Speaker. . 1 - Topic: "Man, and His Dominion" y - Special Music by the Arloji Trio i Joyce Halloway Barthelnon, piano; Josephine Holub, violin; Margaret Avery, 'cello. : This the first Sunday of the month our regular Prosperity and. - -'.!. iiBuccess Services will be held. Everyone Cordially Welcome1 Presbyterian. Swedish Baptist Church Tenth and Magnolia Streets . 9:45 a.m., Sunday School. . 11 :00 a. m., Communion Service. (Swedish). ' 8:J0 p. m., Toung Peoples' Meeting- 7:30 p. m., English Service. Topic, "The Heavenly Call." The pastor will preach both morning and evening. Of Speaker M. .. Tomorrow morning, Dr. Lynn T. White will preach at tha Congregational church on tha theme "Pur Religion Is What?" and will speak again at 7:30 In the evening on "The Problem of Moral Evil." Both services are held as usual In Temple EInai, Twenty-eighth and Webster streets. The Church school meets as usual at 8:45 a. m. in the First Unitarian church. Fourteenth and roavn st ro.t a Tha nmfirrAirt In the intermediate department includes a presentation of "Christian Worte In Transylvania" by the pupils of Mrs. Miller's class. A large number of the young people of the Congregational church will attend the Congregational Young People's Conference to be held In Berkeley April 11-12-13. Spencer Beckwith is In charge of the delegation. Baptist Allendale Baptist Church (Pennlman Ave., Near S5th Ave.) King David said: "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go Into the house of the Lord." You'll be glad, too! Rev. L. W. Hendrlckson, Pastor BETH EDEN BAPTIST CHURCH. Filbert St., bet 7th snd gth Sts. Services every Sunday at I s.m, end 8 p. m ; Sunday school. 1 p. m.: B. V. P. U., 7 p. m.; prayer . meeting every Wed. eve. it I p. m. Hev J P. Huhbsrd. osstor. Danish Norwegian Church tSth Avenue. Near East 14th Sunday School. 10 a m ; preaching 11 aim. and 8 p.m.; B. V.P.U 7 P m. Bapti FIRST CHURCH John Snape,D.D. Faswr First Presbyterian Church Oakland's Temple Beautiful 2fitb and Broadway Dr. Frank M. Silsley, Pastor, Will Preach It Christ were to come to this Lenten Season how would He view the Broadway Procession? Would Christ's coming urge the elimination of pleasures for Lent ancVa life of denial? Would Christ's coming be cheered by lodge and club and church? ' ... - - Why is Christ, the idealist and savior, cheered by the crowd on Sunday and crucified on Friday? Will Gipsy Smith change the drift of the Broadway Procession T ' 7:30 P. M. "The Broadway Procession at Calvary" . ' "The Wilderness" ' ' ' - "A Song of Praise" , ; : . . By the Temple Choir of 60 voices . Organ recital by Mr. W. B. Kennedy, assisted by Mr. Milo Ayre, tenor, who will sing "How Beautiful Upon the' Mountains." " 11:00 A. M. "Remember!" Divine. Science. v itTrj1 ' First 'Unitarian- Ghurch Fourteenth Street, three blocks west of the City Hall ReVi CkmiceReed says: Jesus was a modernist, a free thinker, and one of the greatest heretics of history. He insisted upon doing his own thinking, and sought to remove all the barriers between man and, God. , He rejected many of "the ideas that were considered orthodox in his age in regard to "God, the Bible, man and salvatjon. - 9:45 A. M., Church School ' 1 1 :00 a. m., "Jesus the Herelic" By Rev. Clarence Reed 8 :00 p. mM" "A Problem of Central .Europe" By Dr. Alice Luce First Church of Divine Science GoldPn West 'Hall. Pacific Pulldlng 10:00 A. M.1. Sunday School Run day! 1 1 0" A M. "Divine Guidance" '-, SpeaKer. REV. IDA B. ELLIOTT Tnpsdnv. Hi :t0 n m. 40S I'pntrnl Hank Rtilldlnir Healing Meeting. UNION HEALING MEETINGS On Sunday evening. April 6. at S:0ft o'clock, a .genernl HFAI.TNG MEETING will be held In Mldgef Halk Pacific Building, Oakland. Auspices Eastbay Truth-Center. Speakers, Miss Ida B. Elliott and Miss Ruby Fartiham. . ..The public Is cordially lnvtted. , ' T WELSH CHURCH 18th and Castro Sts. ' " .10:00 A. M. BIBLE SCHOOL . 11:00 A. M. WELSH "7:30 P.. M.ENGLISH Topic, "COPEC." Duet PRESTON SMITH, Tenor, R. D.. PARRY, Bass Wednesday, 8:00 P. M. Annual CongregationaJ Meeting Tuesday, 7:45 Lecture by Rev. Josiah Daniel, in Welsh MICROBES 'J'HE first mlcroj to be caught, convicted, sentenced and put to death was In 1868 by Pasteur. Bacteria have great productivenessone bacterium having been observed to raise a family of, 10.000 within a 14-hour period. Antiseptics and antitoxins help protect the human race from the microbes of the flesh. But morally? What antitoxins have ws to neutralise the poison of sin? Are Christians the antiseptics, or. the asceptlcs of society Tomorrow, night Dr. John Snaps will discuss "Are Christ'ans the Antiseptics of Society?" The Oakland Den of Lions will. attend lo a body ' In celebration of Dr. Snape's fourth anniversary, Arthur W. Moore speaking for the, Lions , on "John Snape and the Men of Oakland." Grace Adams East, cornetist, will add her talent to the especially arranged musical program. The-fact' that our large auditorium was packed last Sunday night will Indicate the wisdom of coming early to this service. -i Sunday Morning. " . Dr. Snape' t topic: "On Kingly Busineu Bent." 21 & TELEGRAPH AVE, one block firomXHCJi United-Brethren Christian and Missionary' Alliance', Christian and Missionary Alliance , First United Brethren Church Lord's Supper will be observed at 11:00 A. M. In the evening Pastor Moon will give the seventh-of hiis studies in the v Book of Revelation .. . . entitled ' T'' , "The Church at Thyatira" ' v Thirty-third Street, between Telegraph and Grove o , Tfcs- l" , imrnf IN A BIBLE . EVERY SCHOOL The public schools are the foundation for the teaching ofAmerican citizenship with its duties and responsbilites. Tomorrow nip-ht at; f :30 Mr. Lutz will discuss the creed of the Ku Klux Klan in relation to the public schools. , , Don't FaiMo Hear This ! Thirty-fourth and Adeline Sts. Milton C. Lutz, Pastor Volunteers of America N ' The Vol unteers of America will hold meeting Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday nights in their Mission Hall, 434 Tenth street beginning at eight o'clock. Everyone welcome. - Major and Mrs. Geo. Duquette They overflowed, our auditorium last Sunday night Again they came from all over the city. REV. D. M. DAWSON is giving (by request) a series " ' of three Sunday night sermons on the Second Coming of Christ A safe, sane and Illuminating series on an absorbing topic. YOU have a right to know God's program for the future. Don't grope, In the dark; Come tomorrow night at S to Melrose Baptist Church At the 11 o'clock service the Pastor speaks to Christians on 'power." Bible School at 8:45. , n Ride out to 47th. Avenue and the church is between East 14th Street and the Boulevard TENTH AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH 10th Ave. and E. 14th St. CEO. 'God may have other W, PHILLIPS. Minister words tor 9:45 a. m., Sunday School. - - othr 11 at m.,"Wonderful Skies and - worlds, a (Jceart Observatory; 6:45 p. m., but for' "Sacred recital- by Miss DorVIs this world Edgerton, contralto of Seattle, . h word Wash.; 7:45 p. m., "The Day'a ' Work." of Go1 . Is Christ." , -1 Golden Gate Baptist Church - 11:00 A. M. Transfiguration of Jesus (54th and Gasklll) 7 n p Ezra and the Return from Babylon -WILLARD FULLER, Pastor Goodwill l",,,,," --.-...-- iiTi-mm i.ilm. Church of Good Will XZ- Church School for all ages, 9:45 a.m; Piiblic Worship, 11 a.m. Community Evening. Wednesday; Basket Lunch, 6:15 p. m. .R. ILM00Nr Pastor -.--5aaB Piedmont 6209 PLAY STUDYWORSHIP ' in harg9-' - --;-.iT-..-x--' - Com tad rtf your oirWluneh:''Vhit'UieuS'Wa'Urirf6trM.i"

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