Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 3, 1927 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1927
Page 8
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s THURSDAY ETENING ! Mtland Cri&utte FEBRUARY 3, 1927 MEXICO RAISES CLERICAL BAN DN FOREIGNER Ministers Are Permitted to Officiate for Aliens ! Under Laws. By HARRY NICHOIiliS. (Special Cbl to Tb Oakland TRIBUNE acd ths Chicago Daily Nawa.) MEXICO CITY, Feb. 3. The ban against American and other for- eign clergy) with the exception of those of Spanish nationality, officiating in Mexico has been lifted by an official promulgation oi me law on article 130, of the Mexican constitution. The result is that foreign colonies may now have a limited number of ministers of the gospel to perform religious offices and attend to the spiritual needs of their respective nationals. The new law overcomes the obstacles which, according to the of the new legislation must so advise the ministry of the interior, which will grant the necessary constitution as it previously stood, prevented the exercise of religious GET RID OF PILES THIS NEW WAY! 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His Wooden Leg LdTrnFC r a s h, f Man Gets $1960 CAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 3.-William Berkowitz, a tailor, was standing at Eddy and Mason streets on July 27, 1925, when an automobile driven by Emmet Saunders and owned by E. Saunders, J careened onto the sidewalk and sWuck him. He lost a .leg in the accident, but it was a wooden one, an artificial limb replacing one lost several years ago. A verdict in the court of Superior Judge Shortall, yesterday awarded him $1960 for his loss, when the defendant failed to appear fof the hearing. When they did appear, and attempted to have the case re-opened, Judge Shortall decided arrainst them. IF YOUR LAYS LIKE LEAD Ami you Spend the Night Fighting Hobgoblins i Try a little diapepsin.. 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Zemo, the pleaaant-to-use clean liquid for Itching, Blotchy Skin banlBhes Blackheads,,. Slngworms and Pimples. Use aiy time. Get Zemo (now . At druggists 60o and 11.00. FOB -SKIN IRRITATIONS cults by any except Mexican born, but it is not absolute in that it only allows the activities of foreign clergy for a period of six years. The law Bays that any' foreign minister desiring to take advantage permission for the term named provided th e applicant undertakes during that period to impart to Mexicans by birth the necessary professional instruction enabling them to become ministers of the cult. .When the six year period has expired under ho circumstances shall any person n(ft a Mexican by bttth be permitted to exercise the functions of a minister of any cult. The ministry of the interior alone is empowered to fix the number of foreign ministers to whom the foregoing permission may be given. .Bishop Creighton. of the Aneelican church, has already takeniad- vantage of the. new law. as has lso the dean of the British Cathedra in Mexico City. - mopyngnt. a7,v tn Chicago Dally Newi.) Headlights Poor But Wine Good; Man Held ATJouvenal, 2123 Seventeenth stKSMV-is at liberty tdday on $500 bail Xn a charge of violating the Wright act, all of which is due to the fact that Jouvenal's automobile has taulty headlights. ' Early last evening he was stopped in. Alameda by Patrolman W. J, Herman, who noted that one of Jouvenal's headlights wa- pot burning. Noting that Jouvenal acted queer when asked to remedy the defective light, the patrolman looked In the tonneau of the car andxund several bottles of wine, he reported. - Jouvenal was booked at the Alameda city jail on charges of violating the Wright act and released on ball. Improvement Club To Talk Road Work Improvement of roads In the Montclalr district and the procur-ing.of street signs for that section will be discussed at the meeting of the Montclalr Improvement club tomorrow night. The meeting will be. held In the Montclalr clubhouse, Thorn and Mountain boulevard, and will begin at 8 :15 o'clock. Al-berMJ. Burns will give a talk on behalf of the Community Chest. ' "'- There,-.will he a dance at the Montclair clubhouse Saturday evening. A. C. Stewart Is chairman of the arrangements committee. Merchants to Take Street Lighting Steps - Plans for an' unofficial canvass of San Pablo avenue property owners, regarding new street lights along the avenue, were made at a meeting of the Golden Gate Merr chants association, Tuesday night: A. S. Burrill, Boy Scout organizer, gave a talk on "Relations Between" Master and Servant." Alameda' Elks Start Clothes Drive ALAMEDA, -Feb 8. A bundle of. clothes will be the admission fee to an entertainment Monday night by the Alameda Elks: The show Is , being given , for the benefit ' of the clothes drive of the -Alameda Health Center. The program will be staged by Elsa Tolson Gilson. Mystery Skeleton Find Starts Probe Sheriff B. F. Becker Is tryfng to solve the mystery surrounding discovery of a man's skeleton on Alameda creek, near Sunol Water temple, today. According to word reclved here, the body was found by employees of the Spring Valley Water company. Pieces of clothing found indicated that the body was that of a man. Dry Raiders Must Pay for Wreckage SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 3. Five defendants, 'prohibition agents and-residents of; Weed,-were found responsible for the damage done to the Savoy'hotel of Weed during a raid two years ago, and will be obligated to pay the awners $'00 in- stead-of $4,000. the sum originally sought by the plaintiffs. 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