Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1937 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 14, 1937
Page 8
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^^^^^"^"''•'^••^^^^•^^•^•••{••mi^^^^^^^^^H Pension and relief system under which all )t, country will be per cent eight ten per cent! S M T W T F S 1234 ^ « 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 U 15 16 17 18 19202122232425 ! 26 27 28 29 30 31 ^^"''F 11 «& Hi-riuers or at publish f" 1 a discretion S n h Without 1 ^ *1 8 , C ;» U » U « tional. co^i^ri added taxes wer ° f °"<* 0- sE^wwrs ed on the the states money would be col- and none re- The COLYUM T.tiWa IfrnJ. ti- nt. _ *» A _ \,yELL, AFTER. ALL, that wasn't the fin'a"[ - ° f the wrltes that the the odor Jt hlmself! And he ls " str °ng" for that kind ooted by the federal of hrt A, "i oread. Also the reason he clipped Colyum blurb which brought R0 ™1« was th Dy Questions and Answers on Com LoanPiaT Only Producers Who Cooperated Jn the 108? Soil Conservation Plan A . -'^Iftrjhjn The following Questions and ans- A.—-The rate is BO centa on a November 1 1930 were on the corn loan program are bushel of corn at 2.6 cubic feet, made- from becpuii 1H win (., published for tho information and with a moisture- content of not April l t logg - 1 - Hi.'l?, •„ QMiuttutso t»L tllUOU \YIIU J advantage of the loan: Question—How soon will the wuesuon—now soon will the government loan on corn be available? Answer—December 1, ' Q.—Can a crib be sealed prior to 'cflmhAr i nnt j a i onn D0 ta^eu "a ndvnnc e a Write a Book! Well, for goodness' sake th« ™ Globe-Gazette has J CnW ' r T" C ' ty Jay Franklin, at the wl fm ^ alias >•« flaying him a ive? " PIJ "' g D ° St «*'"> and to permitted to distribute it. And what does the monev employe can show that money back and for? news s-s:,,^==:-r— or the other. "" """ l ° S6C °" one W™11 Anyway, thus cleansed "Jay" wnq nfort h,. *i,_ T,_ . ' duy w as syndi- o. and, as handsome Put over in a Well, If regu- it he sSs^SMs What a schems.' " """""•">• v.rL'teLT^sr.;:, i hi -j;;r T ae : ir,;r: 0 T n ;i' t ] £^f ^™ SfprfA^f^H But you do pay it. You pav it ln« f .,= «'l other taxes purposely hidden from "f" you pay it without knowing it in higher prices Surr ge ood y r have to buy in - - - • This country has gone tax-crazy The st<it P , :: a Ta°" ier tax - ievying units ^ ™ou^s suit. Taxes now eat up some 20 per cent of he national income. As a rule tax expendi- S,T T r ° ductive '- they create no new wealth to raise the standard of living Thl greatest dangers our country faces ' todav •re the unbridled growth of tLaUon fofun- Productive purposes, the enormous increase in unproductive bureaucracy, and the ™i^ centralization of Washington's power at ne expense of local government. " — •*">** Ml UUglJ was that he wanted to help cause!" White con^ifelT CrC6k ° ySt6r Party MrS> bake a loaf, but the * * ^ *'*"* M ™ "rise." trlnrl „..!.„ umeiB in AOSSUtl for no TV h 6d ' Wh ' Ch PerhapS nccounts „!,?" 10a . Ves by home «ooks. But "Try, try this loaves A, No. Only warehouse ccrtlfl- noble cates issued subsequent to December 1 will be accepted as collateral I for a government loan. Q.—Who is eligible for tho loan? A.—Only those producers who took part In the 1937 AAA soil con- fifirVflMnn nrntri*o*vi -How will participation be do- 1nf1 9 bo eligible for seal- er one)— Recently still brings success n i» A.—Corn to bo eligible for seal- letter from a P O ,I n' i tness this Ing and a government loan must be ^ ier irom a Red Oak woman (anoth- Produced on a farm operated by a producer who has received or Is in the Des 1'iuuuueu uii 11 iarm operated by a producer who has received or Is eligible to receive a grant payment for nartlnlnntlnn lii tlm in-!7 „•.« ungiuiB to receive a grai Register for participation in tho , —° «'v.«u and that gram, It eVoltedmy Inte™? ^XS bM ? "I «—What price per bushel -6 the recipe you TOTC <S? PT ^ ly , after bo ndva "ced on corn? make another effort to make tho h tho , usht rd A.—Fifty cents. A number of years ago I tn!,i .* u Q-—Must the corn be dry? Proved a failuref^r thfsimnl d n' b % U Moisture Maximum. do not * simple re*isnr» ihnt TI it that a success. n • ' ji.—-inn ruie is ou cents on a bushel of corn at 2.6 cubic feet, with a moisture- content of not more than 14.5 per cent. For each per cent of moisture above this, an additional 2 per cent of volume will be required to equal a bushel of corn. Q.—How much could be borrowe on a crib measuring 2,500 cubl fee-t and containing 20.5 per cen moisture? A.—The loan would be for $440 he loan value of this crib wouli bo $500 If it contained only 14.5 per rnnf innlafuro Can an rest? fi seal corn that he has In, i"'" (I " ( '« - my younger davs wl,™ u S tent of not mol 'e I It requires efen fit I had H™* to rcceive a loan M,... u .«t- i had then I n „„„ ..._ w , thth , 8 much "•—*>• luuai. imvu a moisture content of not more than 20.5 per cent t.0 t*O P f» i VO n 1 r» o -n sending . and '. week or cnen, partly on r it requires the liberty of v^cuto j A.—Theoretically it will but actually the amount that can be borrowed will bo reduced by requiring more than 2.5 cubic feet measurement per bushel of corn. Q.—How does this work? «• — Vwvw •*• **• VjWl cent moisture, Test for Moisture. Q.—How will the moisture content bo determined? A.—-A sample will be taken from each crib for which application Is mado for scaling. The sample will IB forwarded lo the Iowa agricultural conservation committee, administrative unit for the AAA, In DCS Moines. Tho sample will bo tested and the county office notified of the moisture content, will Q.—Through which county office will this be handled? A.—The county agricultural con- "'"~ l '"" u fe r i servation committee office of tho!;;' to - t AAA is to handle tho corn sealing Oor ' )orft '.l°n. program this year. Q.—Must tho producer who ob- .alns a loan agree to comply with the 3938 AAA program? A.—No, not to obtain tho loan but he may have to be a participant in the 1938 program to obtain a renewal of the loan. Loan Kuns Ten Months. Q.—How long does tho loan run? A.—For 10 months from date it [is made but in no event later than loan. and --- — 1937 AAA therefore is ollgibii Q.—Can an oliiriiii,, seal iris own corn ^d iC^ r corn for fnn,ii«~ _.. u l "en >„„ "- the loan A.—Yes. Q.—Docs tl guarantee the Junn nn™ centa a bushel on corn' ° r 50 A.—It amounts to a nrinn antco because tho CommVuN fillftN t Corporation agree-, ' (> ' (:ro(U Ivery of corn in f u ,l n ° I)l d °ho loan. Payment of h Q.-Who provide, tho moncy for Money Comes fro,,, W( , A.—The sum of 75 ,,,1111 ars has been ™" ,./ - ni !! llotl ( '"1 • vance funds and lor by DIP ''rodlt ad- paper and sell on limit? producer obtain His corn or is A.— Thoro Is no limit. A. — An estimate for >cipe I used for two lo 6 more than 5o m vea e r<f a ,!f~ r T 1Slllg bread a11 of tlle I she had no deflX recine^L^^V 1 ' 8 ' but so long that she kn P \v \\, ' 6he had made f t Qne b iat sne knew the proper way without 1^16 recipe sent bv this irtnriiir 1 v/omn,n • mio Jviuuiy i THE MOVIES By T. H. C. TUIItUTK— It was my rare privilege to be Timely Topics tho r n • i-i-"i«inu uug up and about Wh 1SIIO r ™ din S the news ™**^£V™^*? n3 '* Ho »» JUJQ ne A\no writes a book tO .1 ttfint Tin t. " ~ "•*"«v^t j . u|jtju to attack. Dont you remembor h 'iHt'en^btk^ " thBt ^ ^^ ™ no u. G. , s tt fan- sample of the contents- Ten million votes nwiit o the American farmer^ i " ian Who tells '-'^ the backbone - - - 6 ' S U ' e Mlt of «™ lU -'--' of taxes ada^o^^^'S'fo alreadrimpo'sed^'Thus £ O £"K tO toes the people only knew how ih '' h ' dden tax ' If mulcted by hidden taxes' * a ™ daily .•oa G d7 e a r s n °f r hf S^e'^S g £**»»«' does he get that auth it V "^ide. Where z^r^^^ y ^ss^^ and Rovernors^hYMv 1 'L^I" Presidents water and flour to cream. Place the warm "^ 611 PUt * ^ coSencv^f Moines Thursday evening in en !"?'"» e very ooerhoii? tribute to the abil- great majority of any banquet, was a credit to the chef who prepared it, and if I had known the way to tho kitchen I believe I would have gone down to express my appreciation. Air. Blank's success, and his 2fi(h anniversary celebration, shoL.d "e a lesson to pvorv »,„„ !„ .. . r on, so I Jf I " l ° every b °y in the hat honesty, industry, many pictures. My opinion of Louise (Gypsy Rose Lee, to you) i,changed, and her appearance' one of the- feminine leads O f' f, aba , convinces me definitely ti« lt she should have stuck to her st • - P'ng. I'm afraid her • "lore the card, «' K « si!h ng e ,,, t i admit. etfot <! ii water, little of Ji'"°^?J'™™™ a S«'°ito; ~&AFS£-^F«i. enough to knead, after whiT ", thlck , was a slnw ™ tribute to a man 1,^ noath Ihe gaudy I sZr > k, DeUtofUnd s?, rk show I trappings and colored lights thero F^sKsJHs €'i«--».= L" te T,°'. admlra "«»>. This onnn to go lo • •i.~ ut uuuuration. This WESTBROOK P ECI , Elj ;, n „,„ „„ ,„„ I SS S^SSL "Z ™." ,„'*,? ready know ,-= „ „,._.,._. . . JOU aon l self a niche in the movie Hall of already know, is a «vnrti/.n*«i \vriip= % . sjndicated columnist who Mites about anything he phases and spec al ues in whatfivnr 1= >,,•„ „ fapecial- exam- ALI B.UJA GOi;S TO TOWA r ~ What Profession, College Boy? the ---.- ...,, UJO ueen or vcrs . tj ,,,.<,< ~~ ,r"'^6 c --> aim uni- '-I'fting, eyeball roll-, women to nnm 8 6 y ° Ung mon «">•! . .?!!! s . Eddi ° to the pooT/ nf t0WC ^™ e , and divo '"to the '»«" varfety S ys Eddln ' "I 1 ' W0fflon ^ come Sultan,^ ^^\ ° ^!lof_hlg^ -*" »iu.o ucuil XI with the hokum not c or later we shall dlscove-. church discovered, as Enelam) fi an soviet Russia discovered-th?i t h' SCOVered - as ssAs&gsSS&g A "Ding" cartoon the other day pictured janitors and the A brigl Rotated je or "", "J me ono Of or profession to pick. shore was calling for must j .., L u advance goodness' sake 'itnini «T ^ the ido, of every ^^ fa ^^f"'" -.'itin, treasonable ultra-He,T" ^^ many our own pet wife'To'ttawaii'. I0r and his in,. i"*-<-uiu is being rniuglH wuTaccidem ' ' T° h ' ord f 8 "™-° pma Then when he takes i-> two, he KOOS into aed. set is orthwest Kossuth county 6 "" aCt ' Ve A week's "is to her" , other . If fslznb "> ;','"• Thai Ifi «c would call «"* the QUO^H r sS^K^=s»SSaa?=? - seised and who themselves are to be torn ?** home anrl Hn,i,. n ,, ._ , L loln tr °m — -- ""*Jvy«IlU (Ji £ husband of Mrs cer. Or, to put it otherwise, the Duke nf winH D entist 41,000 12,500 course poor- ce of a ver drapes. Giant* "Does the «"•?" Replies re l"">llcan fl . in u -ine New Deni *«imer. Yet. forfnnntoHr r\« m nore for n Kv lUnforfunn* i t-unuitJiy or WrSfd^V^ 0 ' 8 """" •' 'nSe'd 8 Ifj 0 ?"? w ^™ uS eplles R n e an y POW- the pi mental aberration scorn leans." ' <Just ask the nnrf !°" er ; h 'gher-paid professions the Hoover with the one eraat i public economy doesn't "b^any Opinions of Editors perusal of which you may, if you wish take a day off to recuperate. -MSKSS 1 :; U wf as T Uy t0 6ValUate M '' "^n in s ™ri-ro-™«nT ed " al ° nS °" U ' e Aw, Just Another Bellyache About the Taxes! Contrary Opinion on Black Tm, r-2»'TSS.7S'r!" " *-" »'- i.'ur,T t 'er;SH£»!f-'» : -° 2j.... «-.»;s,nsLt s .;°,sr.t But Wtat a Tain Hone. Perhaps You've Felt Like .Such a Poem as This. [Mason City Globe-Gazette] I 'w£ l \v ted H he ?' rve hunted there, I ve wandered up and down— No vacant spot left anywhere In all the dad-blamed town! Like storm-tossed mariner I yearn To moor my weary barque. And yet no matter where I turn i find no place to park. This case of eggs here in the Ford Is wanted at the store; A I i° take su PP»es aboard Oh\ H n ? red P ° unds or mor e: On had I a refueling plane io drop eggs from the sky' Do heavenly angels search in vain For parking space on high? a seaman sailed, th6 water>s face ' ^^"^•ss^sr- :r£*', r ^= w "s^ oj some of our state highways" the most run for our • •--,-, readily con- financial o and w,.,, collect nearly twice as mu ^ - a modern Ararat, I d yield my vital spark w? VC V 1UCky break ™ that When Noah parked his ark """•:,:•.."""•"" -'-«.... of screamea, Tlnf .. i it all and a sincere Kossuth! and from this °1 dlstrl cting to , ln the tow-making need to be «>- soe bodies then it7n np0quallty « represel tered. " u ap P e ai's that the present '•""slit mo y e t» There nre somejj 1 (la >'- U takes ota second for a trainil "i<l intersection, | f'vc lives were rt )ll( 's are SG.40J L - me an you L chance. A secoaii] I'ortant fiomettatj / important to ' •safely. •Mil "' wns cold l«j|4 town clock whicli]«|l °" c day. ThatBul bolow zero that i i"wn clock shouldj rod flannels. «m't permanentlj'lj they've tried often i clock should be gita. ride to the dumpoil| that works put in. « in | I.iii(IIicr(!li Is u., ilch wiih the press. He'iil tbe nt'wsinen to set sonA •Is o Newspapermen hareil ing out on topinsutlj borwli won his mndost and unasi , crixising the helgll Newspapermen, It 111 much disillusioned i one], and don't his photo, etc. N.... make it necessary buy the papers wl' him. A series of 1 colonel perhaps tte.-i lifo, but it wasn't to J natle the breaks. * * * t it's tun liml the could not have been courthouse lawn to day season as a Bortill at the feast" example.!] be, however. No gooJ been fdven why it wad The supervisors, sic" patrolmen, safety Ciw and oven relatives olj 1 youths wanted it the ample, horrible, buti effectiveness. The' mamieil that It be only a minor interest« would be poor advertW Silly! It would be gooM of the dangers of ace'™ this man should be pi™ tore.sted In preventing * • ««.'L Japanese general fu| latcd for capturing K«fl dallies reported. InfttJ man would not fight^l] WHS worthy of his r"" no honor in bombln,-, women and children. Ill] the survivors ruthless (r bo no sympathy for the* the tables are turned, * > •' Soon lie (line for * 1 Christinas eve shopper!^ loping forth wild-eyed. I list in one moist banal?. glances here and there»J of buying, they are. " physical wrecks when, over. Only one tbfag' for such shopping-" easy because there cholco. * * *» An Omalm camps to I ring on the sideffaftWi| caught therein must !»- ing kissed. Sounds m"" press-agent stunt. There gals, so Oscar Osw«!M would have to be olut«l the ring to give the rest M * * * * 1 week's funniest story- Register commenthf Moines Blank's "abdication" reffirrf Mr f>nm-on *.. .." vt - 4 ""> referring ni to ' e rwl l resistance the senate •«! population five is n Ja ^son ' Efflme t- week .*t Spencer > fUtUre> ° Ut thftt the by ° ne S'iSrirf£. «««x^s^^»«'*2.r* -^- .,.„ four" Osceola, a,nd rJal district, the populate are rep- I,ocal matron " u """;.y one should tuck a n«W the chin, because Its W'l But it will soon.be »« put dimmers on some neckties. , BetBooseveitnoVj-oij* mean imp of fate lea». the special session of«« was certainly asking f(in and got it. landon's rtrtenjf"* fuse the nomlnati(» makes It even n"" 1 that he wasn't electej ^districting % l 5^Wte.»S®Srt3S i ucoja, honest .. M I facts, and sense cou io» I the manageroent or w- j affaire.

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