The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1897 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 10, 1897
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10,1897. Ready OFFICIAL FIGURES FOB KOBSUTH. ection, Our stock oi .Ill I' ' ' I UV Tlitf TinAPTl side townships have the right and will D1 1 a.ih m/AIil/. d em and equal representation. Ledyard Leader: "It la no more If you are looking for Republicans Lose DeleRntes In Coining Conventions-General Ke- vlew of the .Landslide. The official vote of the various townships of Kossuth county Is given In the table, published in this issu, , 8 er and helped put up a ring or machine ticket." The Germania Standard supported the ticket, but says: "There was afeel- ing existing throughout the county that a few at Algona were trying to run the county politics.' China, Glassware, Chamber Sets, and Jardinieres. We have as complete a line, if not the most complete line of the above as can be found in Algona, and at a range of prices to suit you all. Clear Lake Mirror: u Algona was no cused of' hoggfng' it and tho republican candidates lor the legislature, for counted by the supervisors Shaw's ma-1 J^rfntondSt" wVre ^defeated!" jorlty and plurality is as follows: Ovor| ._ . . , „ — White 266, over all 207. J. M. Parley gets 736 majority, L. C. Smith 153, S. P. Chrislensen 623. Fnink Van Erde- wyk 299, Leander Barton 235, and Ed. Kunz 84, Dr. Morse 58. Surveyor Tel Her gets 2,137 votes, a few less than the head of the ticket. M. Z. Grove & Son. 102 E. State St. TELEPHONE 19. Have Just Received their new and big stock of ladies' capes and jackets direct from the manufacturers. Look them over and get our prices before making your purchase. Our Dress Goods Dept. is better stocked than ever before with all the latest novelties. We are showing some new and nobby patterns in carpets this fall. Our prices are the lowest. G. L. Galbraith & Co. Republicans Lose Instead of having 151 delegates in tho next county convention the republicans will be cut down to;124 as a result of the election. Wesley loses two delegates, also Whlttomore, LuVorno, Ledyard, and Greenwood. The following precincts lose one each: First ward, Burt, Buffalo, Cresco, German, Ger- mani'i, Grunt, Garfiold, Harrison, Hebron. Iryington, Lotts Crook, Portland, Plum Creek, Rlvordale, Seneca, Sherman, and Springfield. In the lust state convention the county had 16 delegates. In the coming convention It will have but 13 taking the same ratio. The total republican vote a year ago was 2,930. Ibis year it is but 2,189. Some Features of tho Vote. The prohibitionists got a total of 32 votes, scattered us follows: Union 14, Wesley 1, Ledyard 2, LuVorno 2, Irvington 1, Harrison 3, Greenwood 1, Fenton 1, Burt 1, Fourth ward 5, Seo- oiid ward 1. ,, The middle-of-the-road populists got 17, scattered as follows: Greenwood 4, Burt 1, Cresco 1, Harrison 3, Ramsay 2, Swea 1, Union 2, Wesley 1, Whitte- inoro 2. The gold democrats got 8. Algona didn't give a vote. Burt 1, Greenwood 3, Wesley 8, and Whittemore 1, is tho The socialists polled 3 votes, 2 in Eagle, 1 in Wesley. No "funny business" was done except on surveyor. For that office Boimr got 8 votes, M. P. Haggard 3, Geo. S. Foster 1, and Sam Witter 1. Sam got his vote in the Founth ward. Muyno looks on from ^ uu . & . Jhe personnel of the republican ticket was exceptionally good, but the people thought that two terms were sufficient and so voted for the democrat- county ticket. Down ut LuVerno tho News says: "For 40 years Algona has faithfully guarded tho treasurer's office, but they fall down this time through no fault of theirs. Verily Kossuth county Is now bigger than any towu in it." CAUGHT rOB rOBGEBY. ShorllT Siuusoii Urlnus II. JJloiupot Worn Now York City to Stiiud Trial In Kossutli. Some months ago H. Blompot was in his uncle Tjurk'a store »t German Valley. Another uncle is Cirksena. Cirksona had a note signed hy Dult- man. Tho two vent to Bancroft to sell the note, but becnuso it ran a year tho banks wanted a heavy discount. They told them that a six-months' note was more saleable. A little later the two came to the Farmers & Traders bank with a six-months' note and got $140. It turned out later that they sold tho year note to tho state bank. Tho six- monlhB 1 note was a forgery. Sheriff Samson trucked Cirksena to California and he pleaded guilty, stating, however, that Blompot did tho writing. He was sentenced to the penitentiary ' for two years by Judge Thomas at the recent term of court. Monday Sheriff Samson brought Blompot from Now York City, where he had secured a situation as booU keeper in a wholesale house. His wife had just como from Germany to meet him Blompot denied everything, saying that he made out a six-months note and told Cirksena to go to Dullman and get him to sign it. Cirksena came back with It signed. Blompot is a bright appearing young man, a lino penman, and had been promoted in the house he was'working for. He will bo tried at the coming term of court. Fancy Goods, . Lamps, Toilet Sets, Water Sets, or Bric-a-brac, and do not see our line you will miss seeing the largest and most complete line in town. Langdon & Hudson. A Bushel of Cobs AND FARM MACHINERY HARDWARE. How.KoBSUtli Hns Hooii Below are the official figures since 1890. They show that the democrats this year on state ticket have M more votes than Bryan got last year, while Shaw has 741 less than McKlnley got The falling off from last year 8 total Is 679 in the county, not quite what the repuplicans have lost this year. It is probably not fair to assume that all the stay-at-home vote has been republican, which shows a still further net democratic gain. It is a fact however, that the democratic vote was at the polls more largely than the repub- The republican plurality over the democrats since 1890 has been as follows: In 1890, it was 162; in 1891, 112; in 1892, 288;'inl893; 385; in 1894,905; In 1895 690; In 1896, 1,069; in 1897, 266. The plurality IB less this fall than since 1892. The figures are as follows: 1897 Rep. 2,189 W. H. JONES, HOBART, IOWA. 1895. 1894. 1893. 1892. 1891. 1890. .1,815 .1,930 ,.1,760 ,.1,800 ..1,533 ..1,285 Dem. 1,923 lll25 1,025 1,875 1,512 1,421 1,123 Pop. 17 is'i 185 141 58 85 1 Pro. 82 Ifl 32 21 33 28 In the Tentu District. Following is the vote in the counties of this district: „ Whlte DECEMBERJTERM JUBOES. The Panel Is Drawn for the Term ot Court Which Opens JJec. 0. Following is tho jury drawn for the December term of court. It will not be culled until Deo. 15, Wednesday of the second week. Judge Thomas will devote the first week to tho Russ-Lund cases, and longer if necessary. The iurv is: J. W. Sampson, JOB. Stewart, W H Lacy, C. D. Ward, M. Schenclt, Algona; Jas. Stiven, F. M. Gray, Lu- Verne; W. M. Baker, N. R. Robinson, Henry Kennedy, Hobart; Phil Winter, Germania; John Bell, Carl Ebert, Mike Liddy, Louis Baas, W. S. Oai lisle, Whittomore; Mat Arend, Bancroft; C. H. Mlnzer, A. H. Nafus, D. W Thompson, Burt; Matt Christen- Ben, Godfrey Carlson, W. H. Fox, Ben Swanson, Wesley; G. H. Tinker Elmore; Nels Kernel, Seneca; B. Goeders, St. Joe; Frank Pompe, Lotts Creek, John Dewitt, Armstrong; John Colin, Swea City. IOWA QBANGEJESOLUTIONB. T-avor Postal Savluus Hanks, J.ower TTelKlit and. I'nsBeiiKor Huton. LENOX, Iowa, Oct. 27.—The recent meeting of the Iowa State Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, held at Ames, was a day is what it takes to run my Coles Hot Blast Air Tight heater which I bought of you last week" is the way a late customer put it last Saturday when he came to our store. A stove that will heat a house and keep a steady heat all day with a bushel of cobs must be a fuel saver and an economical heater. Iry a bushel of cobs a day in any other soft coal heater and See what the Result Will Be. facts. Your money back after 30 days if you are not satisfied. only place you can get them is of G. M. DOXSEE>, HARDWARE. CASH GROCERY 3Do FARM AND HOME WHERE you can engage in diversified farming and not be depend<*„«• ^« anv one oarticular crop . . ,. > Boono iai Calhoun oaL Carroll Crawford — Emmet *** Greene n ?5r Hamilton 1 i^J* Hancock ™ Humboldt °™ Kossuth 268 Palo Alto Pooahontas • •;. Webster %£. Winnebago "°" Totals 6,583 Shaw's plurality : • • ItJUO W* *.*MWMfc»- --- tl 1 — ~ well attended and interesting throughout. Among other resolutions the following were adopted: •'That wo favor the establishment of postal savings banks and our secretary Is here- bv instructed to urge our senators and members of congress to favor such leglsla- tl °"Thatwe believe that the tendency of Cranberries, per quart........8c Arbuckle's, Lyons', or XXXX Coffee I2 2 C Pure New Orleans Molasses per gallon • • White Fish, extra fine per Ib.. -3° c Good table syrup (light color) per gallon 2 5 C Dried Herring per box .•••;•• *°c Santa Clause, Lenox and Ma- W pie City Soap, ^ bars for. .250 Good Tumblers at 3C WHERE •wa there i a fstee±m mllaria and perfectly healthy > and reliable rainfall ? WHERE stock raising covered d streams and lakes? The Oorouer'B Verdict. THE UPPER DBS MOINES freely confesses that it thinks the patient died of lack of votes. Geo. E. Boyle strikes *V°P™* V chord: "Again^esay God bless the primary sy 635 719 134 1 charged with the duty of presenting the 1 5051 matter to the attention of the railroad com- 1)505 1 Sonera and the Iowa.legislature. "That we condemn the fashion of using our song birds, or their feathers, for hat or other adornment, and we urge our members to use their influence to discourage such We sell and deliver hay and grain. J. C. ANDERSON. such an adjustment of our state revenue laws as will equalize the and aoW. OoUeo- tickets to OP food'lawB, both state and national an ,00 per acre, on ten food laws, Doin siaw auu unwuuo*, ^~~ —I leKlalatlve committee is instructed to work The Whittemore Champion offers no lfB0 » 4BUcb legislation as will prevent adulter- . • . Ti. —I«. «li* ttnirCl T IVl . , , *_ ff,f^Aa nvi<3 TY1 Al^ I f*l T1OH. • s~~~^~^* r^~~-~*^^- Kossuth County State Bank, SSM«WF»asaafeBB?«S from tlio oVu countries sold at lowest rates. ^ tp'wmH 8] Directors—Wm. H. Ingki"?, JoUn Gl Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Otr so e , « «. *« W. Wadsworth, BarnetDevlne. First National Bank of Algona. LEWIS B. SMITH, J. M. years If you do, the Northern Pacific Railway Go. a Eastern Land Agt. N, P, Ry H, PHIPPS, Lan4 Commissioner. to CQPU, & Co, - St. Paul, Minn. explanations. It simply says .. Farley got a good home endorsement Bailey over at Britt; "The Algona fellows bung on too long, it took stringent medicine, but they got lots of it." Armstrong Journal: " The lndepend« ent republicans in Kossuth county etrucU ring rule on the forehead with a flat iron." As the Algona Courier sees it; "The result plainly indicates that the people, irrespective of party ties, are opposed to life tenure in office." The Algona Republican is not on record, but doubtless thinks down deep thaUhe Algona spring election had something to do witp U. The Ban^of*Register eays: "Hon. S, Mayne's defeat fop renprnioatton and the wanner in w^iob it wp acpom* pUebeddidthebwelBejiB," ' Wesley Reporter; The Reporter ie proud to go on record, ft? the instigator todeWbe Al#>» .ttoket $W«tb is f0BUc egs at i on s in foods and medicines. "That it IB the opinion of this State Grange the time b»s come for *»*»"» tort practicability of rural mai delivery, view of ultimately making It gea- with a eral. _ Lincoln Pork, — --,. One of the beauty spots of described in a most beautifaUy J 11 " 0 - trated book of 96 pages now being OL J^ftU* 4r«WP* 1 n'**J «y***J'WMrf • ^T -•-; ' "L of the flpest hftU'tone pipturea of one of Creation's roost charming places of resort for citizens of the great repuWjo. Everyone who bw ever vlelted the park will appreciate the souvenir, For thVe who have not it will be a elatlon of what is to be eeeo in Chica go. It os» oply he procured by ei»Qlo8 fnff twenty-Ivef(25) oents lo ooio or pof $ff$m» to W. ft. iff emlpaBseDger agent, 410 014 building, OWoagMU. •MMIRniHnnflRfRRHRWIHMHWW''^ °^l^^S^^ rates to parties ynU^********. Speolafattentlon given to coUeottona. ,11 CASH CAPITAL, ttO.OOO, General Banking, mt «HW! ^ **r I Six per cent later est on, Time Deposits

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