The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 3, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 3, 1897
Page 7
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ffiE XJPFEK ..- ...... , MOINES: -- -THIS AND THAT, „ mania is now aceeptefi In France as a ground for divorce. Second crops of grapes have been r&lse'i! at B€lview, Fla., this season. Few people in India eat more than j twice a day, and thousands only once. The greatest cape in the v.orld is Cape Horn, a precipitous mountain over 3,000 feet high. ! There are In India 200.000 widows age between ten and fourteen years, and 80,000 less than nine years old. The relative size of the earth as compared with the sun is, approximately, that of a grain of sand to an orange. As far as calculations can decide, the temperature of comets is believed to be 2,000 times fiercer than that of red-hot iron. 'A recent Invention is a cradle that rocks by means of a clockwork mechanism, and, at the same time, plays baby tunes. She—Isn't Colonel Oldbore the worst fellow for firing off old saws and sayings? He—A regular maxim-gun, eh? —Brooklyn Life. A Kansas City young man of American parentage, whose Christian name was Moses, has had it changed to Moke, which may or may not be an improvement. <livc us H«ft, This is the prayer of the nervous who do not sleep well. Let them use Hosteller's Stomach Bitters and their prayer will be speedily answered. Insomnia is the product o£ Indigestion and nervousness, two associate ailments, soon remedied by tho Bitters, which also vanquishes mnlnrin, constipation, liver complaint, rheumatism aud kidney complaints. J'lcnly of Them. "You say you love my daughter?" "1 love her. sir, with every fiber that 1 possess." •'Every fiber." "Ves, sir. I'm in the rope and cal'le business, sir. __^ JU'iil ArlHtoetatle 1'oucli. I "George met u duko while ho was j abroad." : •'A real duke." "He must have been. George loaned him «7." LARGEST SAUSJSVER KNOWN. Danftoroufi Weather ComhiR. Kvcry Huuin Mtule Safe. !i5 Cts Will Keep a' Doctor Out of tlio llouso Most of the Your. Most remarkable testimonials from prominent !«<>.]e at uures of rliemuull-mi. i-vor pcilillshoil. ' ?6cts. |irevo»t»r,S.-ic!ul,l» alter «x|inKtirc. Carried In your vi-H im.-kel, always i-i-mly. I-'"'''" pxpoKUrollldrafls. wet. orsiiildon ulmngca. dissolve a little hurmluss jn-llot ou the tonime and you are fate rrom n. cold, pneumonia or rheumatism, linn urn «•!!! nettle It. Don't let a <Huiu<;rous M m"" Ret I 1 «{ yon when yon «m be protpetcil ""e^'ly- "*,'"11 h larltv In the ISasl Is unbounded. Positive proof, wllli •Hel. naokuge of lilBh-classsclentlll^ nrlnln. harmless Mmm'eter, and that It did not lose a «as,. of )>»«nm>m,U, i,l 20 years o( the larjfext meuiiMl in-aellco In -No* Kntcland. •at et«. ernes 8 v.-e.ll-settleil colds. !!l> ut». mires 'JO haiil. pnlnful eolilieonirhi. 85 ets. breaks up M threatened pneumonia'. S5 ets. treats « eases of pneninoiiin siieeeaslnlly. 25 etti. breaks 52 threatened t'uveiv. •.>i> CIS. lirriiks 10 iittiifks of iifiitu rliiMiiimllsm. •'ft cts. will irontiirlioimmtlB fever snecussinlly. •'fi ots. u'.vusnitK'li cointiirt to liicnrnblo <"««!«• One of tho most uoled pliyHc'iins In tho Unllcrt StHtes MseA Ihls In his in-ueMce 20 yiMirs uml «uvolt ' 0 ,tS,K U «^ 0 w«h ^.'"Sw K 'I*' -off 'he ••onntcrlollors, this will only hu h"U1 by mull. Wrup a qimrliT in n imiicr. soul it hoforc the post- inaster imd wo will 1'c resiionslbUi lor its satuty. ArtdtoU, Kuinlly SufeBimrcl, 10.W North Bromlwuy In writing, the Moslems use the palm of bandana writing desk, and their writing is beautifully done. Dr Kay's Renovator is guaranteed to cure dyspepsia, constipation and to renovate the system. ^ Mrs. Beasely, oi: rhiladeluhia, rejoices in im income of *. r >.0('rtl a jeor, derived from an invention of her owu, a machine tuat hoops liurrels^_ Star Tobacco in the lending brand of the world, because it is the best. Wishes are wings to lift us or weights to retard. A wish mny be our blessing or our •loom.—Shakespeare. ^^ The Assyrians became « nation at the founding o£ Ninovab, li,'^ U. C. There are four millionaires in England to one in France. OEMS OF THOUGH1*. Wfe is too short for mean atixlctlcs. —Kingsley. The paths of glory lead but to the grave.—Gray. Wl is ambiUon? 'Tis a glorious cheat.—Willis. For, live how we can, die we must. —Shakespeare. Life's a short summer; man a flower. —"Dr-. Johnson. l T nm!ngled joys here to no man befall.—Southwell. THE TIME TO INVEST. Mio Shrcrtfl Jfti-rstor Antlrlpn«f» Public—(iolil Ticked ilV by li'oni 1 FURIOUS Inventions, Herewith P.IV shown four fiimous \n- rontions. taken from Sues' Mticbinct Movcint'iits. copyriffblcil IS'.iT. which netted their ciwiicr.s fortuiies. Tbc lirst is the will Icnoun crown gear and pinion; the second is yu exceedingly clever nicclianiciil inovcmciit: the third shows u. break lever piuvl :iud fimrtli :t fentli- criug' wind wheel. Full details us to the best method of securin.y patents and protect patent properly, may lie liad free in addressing Sues .v Co.. attorneys at law nnd patent experts. Hec I'liilding. Cir.aha. Neb. Ten years ii/i'i tlicru wcro nnly .Sli mile" of electric railway in the United States. Now there are I-I.(KID. Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Your Life Away. Toijult tol)airi'c> cuslly nail forever, lie iniiif- netlc. full <>r lite, acrvn nn.l vljtor. titki: Xo-To- Huc. ilic woniler-worlii-r, that, iniiUes weak niea KtronK- All druirtiisls, r«0o. or * I. Cure jftiimin- Useil. Uoolslut. uml samiile free. Address Hcinedy i.'o., (.-hii'iiKU or New \ar\:. The Russians rarely ever drink stimulants without eating a suack with each drink. ________ FITS Pcrnmneiill.vCuiTd.rionis or nervousness after arM day's use of Dr. Kline's (inint -Nervo llostorer. iSond fni-KHKK $5i.»l> Irlnl lioltlo rtlld tveatiKe. 1)11. 11.11. Ki.I.M:,l.Ul..irjl Arch St., I'hiliidelphm, l>a. During jiibihTe week 1,000,000 bonnets wcro sold ui Ijontloti. 1'iso's Cure for Consiimptibii is the only caugli medicine used in my liouse.—U. U. Albright, Millliuhurg.J/'^nec. II, '95. Jlen-rs. Rhodes. Hammond. Vhillips and Forror. of Jolmimesburg fame, are said U be jointly worth »1(V.).000,000. JTren K.MUii-slon to Southern Iiliiho nnd return to buyers o forty acres of Irrigated farm lands at W5 an acre. IX K. Cairier, 4'.* La Snllo Am_,__Chicago, 111. A warm feed for breakfast, goes a long way in inducing hens to lay now. No-To-lJ:ic for Fifty Cents. Guiiviintecd tobueno lialilt cure, miiltes^vcnk men stvoiit-r, l)li>ou puit 1 . o L. - ' Young chic-kens cannot stand much rich food. Mrs. Wlnhlow'sSootliliiB Syrup Vov rtillrtven leetliinn .softona the KnniH.redni'eB Iimain umtlon.allays iiuln.eure.s wiml eoUe.J5 cents n bottle. GalvcstouTNow York and Key West aro Maud cities. It '.lie oldest and bwst. It will break mi ft cold a'lletel than onytlilnir else. Jit is ulwuys reliable Try it. Au elevated site is always best for a poultry house. A "It vour grocer for Tone Bros.' Arabian 131eude,l Coil'ee. a delightful drink. In H-uound cans oulv. Tlie egg of the Mexican bumming bird is about the sine of a head of. a pin. Smoke Sledge Cigarette^j20 for 5 cts. Frov.»u iniL7is~iiu"~ttnicle ot coustantlv increusiug sale in the warm counu'ies ol Europe. LETTER To MOTHERS. WE ABE. ASSERTING IN THE COURTS OUR RIGHT TO THE r, thr? iir^i. rir-h discoveries nt gold en tho Klondike was heralded torth to an astonished world three, months ago, the topic at. once becnrae one of absorbing interest. Nothing else was thought of or talked of for •weeks. Tho papers teemed with it. People were over-powered- by the magnitude of the riches actually found and by those known to he in store for the future. High tension produces n resultant quietude. With the close of navigation the papers dropped the sub- jcct for a time and people partially put it from their minds in order to attend to present am! pressing matters. The most casual observer is roi'tain that the new year will witness a worldwide revival of this Int.eiest compared v-ith which thfi "late enthusiasm was but a simok. In fact, such revival has now appeared in the. recent accounts ot finds on the gulches, where nuggets are picked up by the basket till. The investors in all lines, who reap the biggest profits are those who anticipate the public. Kvory one will want Yukon mining stock in the spring. Those who buy now will get the best and reap the, largest profits. No company olffrs better chances Mian the. .loseph l.aclue Gold Mining and DevdopiTienl Company of Yukon, HIM Chamber of Commerce Building, Chicago. Tho president.. Air. Ladue, has boon fifteen years in those, regions. He k-.Hiv.'y ihe country thoroughly. The (Minpany lias as directors the Hon. Chaunccy M. Depew, Hon. Thomas L. James, cs-l-'oslmastcr General ami rrecidont ot Hie Lincoln National Hank of Now York. Hon. C. .11. Macintosh, Governor of the Canadian Northwest Territories. Hon. Smith M- Weed, H. Walter Webb and others of the highest, standing. owns a placer claim 1.000 feet long, yielding $'12 per r.whic foot; a, quart* •laim UOO feot. wide. asR»yine ?HOO in free mllllnB sold to the ton; a timber claim Jiftoen in.iles long on both sides of the Yukon, with a ^:r.v niMl Rarning $1.330 per day, and i.'ignty oi the best lota In the City of Dawson, which, according to the Chicago Record of October l!7lh. aro selling at ?10,000 each, .'foaquln Miller estimates that thousands of. miners will find work for years on four creeks near Daw.Hon City, while thousands more will lind employment on the adjacent stream, which will ruaku Dawson City a great, business and mining center. The Lriulue Company has a charter from tho Canadian authorities permitting it to engage in every .possible line of business in that country. This charter exempts the company from paying the royalty of. 10 and 20 pel- cent, "which is imposed upon other companies ami miners .by the Canadian Government. Owing to a change in the law no other company can now obtain such a charter. While this company owns in 1'ce simple the above valuable assets, many others are endeavoring 1.0 sell stock on the strength of. what they hope to acquire next year. Mr Ladue will be at HOC Chamber of Commerce Building, all this winter attending to the affairs of the company and superintending the construction of. the extensive placer and quart/, min, ing machinery which he will taUe with him to Dawson City a.bout March 15th. The subscription lists to-the stock aro now open at the Chicago offices of tho company. Rend today for prospectus. A fcooft Opportunity. The Joseph Ladne Gold Mining and Development. Company of New York hnve established offices at 1106 Chamber ot Commerce Building, Chicago. This company owns the valuable mineral and other properties formerly owned and developed by Mr. .Joseph Ladue of Dawson. To those desiring an Interest in these well known and wonderfully rich gold placer properties located in the heart of the gold bottom mining dis^ trict of the Klondike, can have sent them, by addressing this company at HOB Chamber of Commerce Building, Chicago, a prospectus giving full particulars In reference to these properties. This company having acquired extensive holdings of productive Klondyke property capable of earning large dividends on Us stock, offers to investors advantages not possessed by any other existing company. The company desires to add that it I also contemplates the undertaking pf \l transportation and other Industrial enterprises under its Canadian charter which promise to be enormously proflt- The gentlemen connected with this company are In every way reliable, and will do all they agree to. Ahead. First office-seeker—Why are yon so attentive to small boys; Second ditto—One of: them may be president some day. TUMOR HOb CHOLERA Vat tlio ANTl-TOXlNE* nntt t.'nro of Hoc unizad by Lydia Vegetable B. JWukhattf 9 . pftrtmrnt. St. T.onls, Mo Se; that the poultry lionse is well lated. _ ..... _ __ venti- t>e»fn«-»« Cnniiot ««' perfect hearing and ( j^V^ « nd „,,. '•Music, when soft voices die, Vibrates in the iiH-mory : Odors, when sweet violets sicken, Live within tho sense they quicken. Two Million!! a Yimr. When people buy. try, and buy 1K tt ' n ; " UHVIUH Vl'oy're satUHod. The people of tie I i.itod States are now buying Unscarets 'an v Cathartic ot the rate of two in on will bo, throe million before Now Year's. It moans merit {.rovo, that Cascarcts are tho mo«t 'l^K 1 '""! bowel regulator tor every body tho >eiu roun.l. All druggists lOc, S!3c, «0e n box, cure gnnrnntued. ___ , Toledo O. y 7>|iis an. tl.p beat, is the liost breed oC tfoeso The Kinlitlcn to keep. ____________ If you wniit to onernte on the Hoard of Trndo send for our free book i'»n , n I \F f ul infornuition how to trade. On a- " uift ot the short wheat cr<.,, ,u ore ign couuU'los and the short con < '"!> t! » ^ .•oiinlrv both corn ami whtmt ^. in son Z-1, l\kbor. aud now is the Him , to uuike n urutltulilo invest inont. v\o o.Mtiuo Srde V rl 11, \vhea. in I.IHKI btislie s and irn- wards, mul corn ami oats m fi. 1 0 bushels lhter*Ic* With Mr». ». A. I have reason to think that not be here trow if it had not been lot 1 Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Coto" pound. It cured me of & fibroid tttino* in my womb. ' Doctors could do rtothing forme, fttio they could not cure me at the hospital. 1 will tell you about it: I had been in my usual health, nut had worked quite hard. When my monthly period came oil, 1 flowed *«jf badly* The doctor gave me medioine» but it did me no good He said the flow must be stopped if possible, and he must find the cause of my trouble. Upon examination, he found there was a Pibt-oid Tumor in my womb, and gave me treatment without any benefit whatever; About that time .a, lady called on me, and recommended Jjydia 12. Wnkham's Vegetable Compound, said she owed her life to it. I said I would try it, and did. Soon after the How became more natural and regular. 1 still continued taking the Compound for some time. Then the doctor made an examination again, and found everything all right. The tumor had passed away and that dull ache was gone.—Mns. B. A. LOMBABD, Box 71, Wcstdale, Mass. _ ThonuiK V. lYiulel. a quiet, unobtrusive iniiu now visiting Boston, is the sole mir- vivliiij member of tho body Riiiml Abraimn Lincoln. I?re«, Imiiort.nnt Information To men (plain envelope). How, after years' fruitless cloctoriiifr. I wns fully stored to full vigor nnd robust iniiiil No C. O. U. frond. No money accepted. No connection with medical concerns. Sent absolutely free. Address LoeU Hox •J88. Chicago, 111. Wend !i-c«mt stamp it convenient. for lighting i»ir- of ten ro- Meuibers Chicago .„„...„„ „ Hoard of Trade. "Wlmt are mock marriages, Uncle Jul- iusr 1 "Nine out listen." Jlvrryhoilv SHJ-H So. CnsrnrplH CiimK CiiUuirtlo, tlio most, woitilcr- ruUnZuldlHCoi-ory of .he uKe.pleusun turnl rcSln*«Ki«..iyl K-nUly urn nos hoy '' • nii.vri.KV & <>i OUR KLONDIKE SHOES it ro n. ullt oilwo lino, awl every Bcriilonmn should N0 ° l \°™, "?,' lorn imyliipt. 'i'hof »ro tho Deal ''no wo luivo uvur mlurcu. Mat vonr. iloiilcr tor U«om, attn Vim will not l"i' 1) « 1s , t .'" 'voll as Hio lttt«»» stylo shoo In tho tuar- kat. Do sure I o uBk for It. ;MolnoB, In. Kerosene wan first used TO CUIIK A C0r.l> IN ON15 DAT. Tol;o LnxiUtvo Hrorao Quinine TsiDlotd. All Druggists rotund tlio montiy it it falls to uure. ioo "Nay, one by one the (lowers give in: "Tis Autumn's hour ami ho must. win. EduoBto Your l^aTwtlTc.vM-.. rots- t'.inilv C'ulluirllf. euro r.oiislip'Atio'.i f'.>"> vl ; r ; lOc.Sc. if O.C ci full, druBulsts refumi money. PlVa'se'lmy'tiiiu try » >>" x " f c! - °; \ ! ' Ul 'jr,. 5t) cent. Sold mid Kuuranicea to i- Thore. is nothing that excels comment for fattening fowls. To Cure Constlputlou Forovor. TnUe('iiscnrets Handy CiiUwrtle. IDo or '.'.>. II C. C. C lull Ui_cuiv, ilruaulstV refund money. Bar rooms in Norway cannot net fortunes to their owners, for by law no IIIMVJOII may spend more tu'un*ix cents at or.o visit to a public house. i It^rtftOUVHH"* »- il ni»,«>« Hliilc'it. l.lHtH free. Write '" The Record Co,, : Hloux City, !»• IMEDIGATED -------Hits no nnnal for tlio euro Oi Oatarrli anil Lnnp uu.- • •— ranll, »1.UO. . _ , v ,. «fc CO., l'ro;>n., Buflnlo,N.\. iGetyour Pension [DOUBLE OUICK Write CAPT. O'FARRELL, Pension Agent. 1425 New York Avenue, WASHINGTON, O.C. W. N. U. DCS Molnc^. No. iirtviM'tlsoinonU this IHIDCI-. 1897. uicutlon Is there not room for a Hock of geoso ou your farm '. Study tho tiitnation. It in illegal to practice hypnotism in Belgium. Pullets muted with two-year-old roosters aro best for breeding. | Laying hens should have meat or milk. THE GREAT REMEDY CUKES PROW1PTLY. DR SAMUEL PITCHER, of Byannis, Massachusetts, S ™ originator of " PITC HE FVS C ASTORIA/ "-JU« "I**™* "»& does now ^^fgU^- wral)m r years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wraper and see ** *« The Centaur Company of Chas. March 8, j.<jvi . _^ . . Do Not Be Deceived. ™t endaneer the life of .your child by accepting a cheap substitute which some^dTuggist i»J offer you (because he makes a few more pennies on it), the ingredients of which even he does not know. ^ "The Kind You Have Always Bought BEARS THE FAG-SIMILE o.GNATURE OF Insist on Having The Kind That Never Failed You, WVP^C,T,. CANDY CATHARTIC CURE CONSTIPATION FROM THE FOUR WINDS. The common pond frog's natural lifetime is twelve to fifteen years. .Florida, of all the states, has tho most water within its boundaries—4,140 square miles. The common house sparrow fiios at he rate of ninety-two miles per houi The average expense of an ocean steamship from New York to Llver- jool and return is $75,000. On the state railways in Germany v .he carriages are painted according to the colors of the tickets of their respective classes. First class carriages ire painted yellow, second class green ind third class white. Of the children born alive one-fourth iJie before eleven months, one-third be- tore the twenty-third month, half be tore their eighth year, two-thirds of mankind die before the thirty-ninth year, three-fourths before their fifty first year and of about 12,000 only one survives a whole century. A ClwiHio fur W»Be-Ka.nieri. The Chicago Great Western Hallway tias introduced a plan by which all who feel BO disposed may Invest in the 5 1-3 per cent dividend stock of the corpora- 'ion. Usually this stock, which is rated the best investment in the country, can be purchased through the New York and London Stock Exchange only. Ihe aew plan makes it purchasable •hrough the following banks: First National, Minneapolis; Merchants' Na- •ional National German-American ami Union Bank of St. Paul. For the benefit of wage earners the stock, which now ranges from $73 to $75 a 'share, may be bought ou monthly payments of $10 each. Under the company's rules, the local registered owner of five or more shares for six months prior thereto Is entitled to free transportation to Chicago and return at the time of the annual meeting in the first half of September in each year. Rudyard' Kipling, the famous story-writer, is only one of many celebrated contributors engaged to write for the next volume of To show the varied strength and charm of The Companion's original features for 1898, we give the following partial list of Distinguished Contributors. Rudyard Kipling's thrilling new story, "The BurnlnR of the 'Sarah s,'" will appear exclusively In Tlie Companion during >8q8 Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone Hon. Thomas B. Reed Hon. Justin McCarthy Hon. George F. Hoar Lieut. Peary Max O'Rell prank R. Stockton W. D. Howells Mn:e. Lillian Nordica Mrs. Burton Harrison Octave Tlianet Mary E. Wlkins Margaret E. Sangster Harriet P. Spoflord Ainl-1'nlly Two Hundred Others. ff Sanas,'" will appear exclusively in I lie Companion ouim K .oyo. Cmld Embossed Calendar Free to New Subscribers. $1.00. l>y r he YouMCowlo, ^co,,M ''° thc ^>"^^^ t ^^ tiiciiunt *& «n«i«o«.».«« - — --- "J ' "~ . , - —.ui ittf rrrnun IHCltircS, &•& £*Ct? Jllipori.ttlll, \JllClt - , f. , n t ^n,*t, a 1 Wttt* •"••li'rttlttl'f-irttl ft* OniimitllK K* Ul 't J /-"*- tl " v *" "^* *^ It consists ot three folding parts, tnclt a true F D F F | §X i^. 1 ^ ...TO... U.IH .UP »"•» ««"" " •* •» Mm* .«l,«»rlptl,m re« V .v«a UU f »tff^«».IH*4»ll^ -1 ...»..- -- -- jj WCTlfTfWmWWrWWWViVMrfTWW* Vegetable Sicilian HAIR RENEWER . Prevents tkfe . ing out, and makes a new growth come in. Yo« save what you have and get more, No gray hair. 1C your hens Jay'Koft shelled eggs, need more lime. they Try (Jraiii-O. Ask your grocer to-day to show you a package or (JRA1N-O, the new food drinU that takes, the place of coffee. The children ma.V drinU it without jniury as well os the adult. All who U-y hfliU»? it. UKAIS-0 has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but U is made from pure grains, uutl the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. '4 the prieo of coffee. 15 cents and iJ."> cents pev package. Sola by »H grocers. Tastes like coffee. UUe coffee. WELL MACHINERY ~"; Illustrated wtajoaue Bhwslng WEIJU iOTww^ywSP^ SBST F»J:». fl»v« l»w» t«ste«J W»d ABOUT TE^A! *opy ol» w«v pyl>U •»"''"• Ad If you are going to bicycle, bicycle now—don t put off healthful pleasure—'tis a long time to sprmg --months of the best of riding days—Columbia riders wheel .on certainty. 1897 Columbian $ 75 E£t

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