Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1937 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1937
Page 13
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Twenty exchange board was to be q,*?? 1 " 1 "'"THUS from Nellie Stahl, war mu-sr. in France to d how grateful Urn soUlior.s woro receive gifts from home Red Cross supplies had Jsr-r^^-srjs I:; C K'™°..."»"."•.M«si.m „.,! lines to drop bombs. COMPLAlNlVcm local telephone service worn bavin* a gold effect [ton Society Has (TO THE JPPINES TO INDIA •c. 6 — The Woman's llonary society mot in foarlorfl on. Thursday, I.-Meeting called to or- lesident, Mrs. J. A. G. itlons were in charge ler Weisbrod; Lord's •Ison. Minutes of pre- ig wero read and ap- Mad. Mrs. Florence llected Standard Bear| with Mrs. J. G. Wftt- lant. The Prayer Cir- fcusscd, and a motion hd seconded not to r ^ --- .,<> uuim;j-au AKI i at the meetings. It was Thursday at the home nr'j.in; L to hold sevon meet-l M - Prink. Thr, annual clecfin'ii or _;hour program. The i of fleers was held with all officers •pointed Merle Meyers, Delected, ax follows: prcsiclnnt |r, and Lily Humphrey M > - s. Kslhor Johnson; vice prcsi- Itee to plan the Study dent, Mrs. Nettie Miller; secretary ihomes, material, etc. Mrs. Lydia firoinurt; treasurer' [—"Mecca," by Flor- Mrs. Haxcl I'rieho. Cuosts were <Anv. lesson, "My Rec- M ' - s. Arnold riantolinan and Mrs' KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVAWltt. stalled. nOYCLTNE*!* .... ,,110 pOlt. It Wflts tVm largest wolf seen here in ylars for the men, and MI-K inaoh, high for women! Stocbor received Alvin od hon- on- Iho Balinsoiis wore presented with a sot of dishes. ticf>clll <= u Fnlrvilln Aid Meets 'I'litirsilnv-- I'he Faii-viHe Lutheran Aid mot o i~Anv. lesson, "My Rec- M ' - s. Arnold Hantolnian and read by Mrs. Lily Walter Wegnner. 'he Christmas box was ^ . , — Philippines, and a »" r l»rise for Mrs. <;iaiis- rd was sent to Gert- . Mrs '. c »arles Glaus was f ru was sent 10 uen- . • "•""•-> >Y.IB surpns- India. Meeting clos- ea °" ' lcr »"'thday anniversary last . „.„ ,„_,. week; Saturday eveniiiK by a group of friends. Five hundred was 1be by Rev. Waterman. Mey- and entertainment, . Muller winning high, and Mrs. Karl Dean low. Lunch was brought by the guests. Mrs. Glaus was also presented with a gift. Teuton Hunter 'Iliif,'s Fox went to week to surpris- ' Mrs. Arthur A nuinbcr of Fonton sportsmen RingstiHl Tuesday of last t-alio part in a fox hunt . staged by residents of Kmmct county. Harry Widdel, of this place, was the. only person in the entire group to hag a fox. Oilior I'Vnfmi. . T{. Wolfos moved Thurs- HIP Kd Kchipj residence, Tho W day into Jrero Mrs. Merle Ilvino. Weisbrod, fee McFall. .„..- Tins Program— i Walther League met :ening, December 2, in |basement Leona Borje discussion, "You and Inal Life." At the meet- las seals from Wheat- [dislributed. It was de- Bd meetings on Wednes- Tter. Election of officers | resulting as. follows: Leona Borchard; vice- Edmund Krauso; secro: Bleckwenn; treasurer, per; reporter, Ruth Ka- irian, Ruth Dreyer; and re board, Alyina Dreyer, Iyer, and Edwin Uthof. ,dcs Fauerby's side lost nborsbip contest, they |h the Christmas party after Christmas. Ver- pnd Carroll Willrett are i of the sides in the drive. Vernon Ohm iRuhnke were hosts. |-Team Defeated— high school basketball severe trimming Tues_ of last week from the tohn's academy team at I This was the first de- jbcal squad had suffered from the scheduled op- lie final score was»Ban- fenton 10. The Bancroft times had things pretty |own way, leading at half icorc of 20-4 and had the height over a small- ton relatives and friends Friday. J team. The locals were j Susan Condors went home last llcapped to some extent i week Tuesday after sowing a week Is of three regulars—Ger- a t the W. J. Weisbrod home. |ebe, and Gramenz—who I Mrs. Henry AVesener, Algona, of the game via the foul spent Friday with her son Clarence, J another regular, Espe, and family, feible. Fenton's second pred the same fate as the am, losing by a score of score at the half was i Bancroft in the lead. ono Meeting 1 died after a long Illness. She had been Mrs, William Keeling and had married Mr. Reed only ten months before death. Services had been held at Burt for Mrs. Harvey Crouch, who died suddenly, leaving a now one had boon in- M b malc , l " cour «>°<we for WO six small children. * » * * A CORN SHOW was to be held here, and Governor Harding had been expected to speak, but he had been called to Camp Cody, N. M., to review Iowa troops and so had to cancel the Algona appointment. * * * * , G ;iS UN _ SON] -1 been grant. , JH.IU. IJUUIJ. ti Patent on a pipe-cleaner. * * * * FORTY in Kos- SUM n n os- suth and Humboldt had met here BuoBts of the Algona hlack- COUNTY AGErrln eight north- l,o o COUn , tleB wora ln 1>lttn8 £or war urn, „ n , ~ ures on the, farms. Iowa had been a«<ndfora25porcontincrea.,e1n POIK. Seed corn was scarce and to obtai » necessary. THE BODY OpYdwin Johnson farm hand near Burt, had been corn field, and nvM f ' t ™is evident that ho had been killed « Hen a team ran away. A wagon was on top of the body. vacated by Dr. and Mrs. B. K. Bahnson. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bnsch, who lived in the upstairs rooms at Shelby Wcisbrod's, will move into the house, vacated by the Wolfes. Mrs. Hilbert llantelman and son David returned homo Thursday from Minneapolis, where they snout several days visiting Mrs. Hantelmnn's parents. Mrs. F. IT. Bohn was an Emmets- bur;; visitor Thursday, and en route home she visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Goeders, near Cylinder. The Fairvlllc Walther League met Thursday evening and their regular monthly business meeting was held. There wero eight present. Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod and Mrs. Don Weisbrod and daughters were Emmetsburg shoppers Tuesday of last week. Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod and Mary Alice, of Whittomore visited Fen- jppils Do _ Ihool students having (in K 90 per cent or better in bts for the second six j school are as follows: ickwenn, Hadley Bailey, Itchell, Dorothy Droyor, jyer, Arlene Mitchell, Mary , Louise Dreyer, Mario Iris Zweifel, Edmund Helen Kern, Edith Wolfe, JerKeson.-Mary Jano Eig•le Meyer, Marjory Brown, pbrod, Ivadel Bolte, Genf, and Vernon Ohm. bch Jr. Funeral— |1 services for Earl Crouch conducted at the home and fethodist church Wednes- i the Rev. J. G. Waterman, charge, assisted by the I. Snyder, former Alta pas- lElmer Weisbrod, and Mrs. Veisbrod sang three solos, Pied at the piano by Mrs. Oshorn. Burial was made peal Methodist cemetery, natives and old friends pngton and Algona, as well "..and Fenton, attended. J for the Itahnsons— |well party honoring Dr. B.^ K. Bahnson -\vas held Tuesday evening at the a Stoeber home. Bridge was Bertainment, with Shelby ~ winning high score prize [BUSINESS MAN, DOC- awyer, merchant, should the new Advance plat . h township, with land I'P shown In detail. otf ONEY 'o Loan OTOMOBHLE LOANS LOW BATES MADE ON YOUB ESEIf'r CAB |U make you a liberal loan f, ^r—pay off your pres- f'ance, advance you addi- I cash and reduce your inta by extending them l w eive to eighteen months. I LOANS IP.DB AT ONCE tpGNEBS 111 to and c.o»* cash ioaB.,8eryice. Person or write iTERN CREDIT CO. ] State Sfc, A%o»a, SERICES had been * * * * HELEN FALKENHAINER, now , Mrs. H. W. Pletch, had a part in a play at Grinnell, where she was attending college. THANKSGIVING services had been held at the Presbyterian church, where a collection for the Armenians was taken. * * * * FOR OCTOBER BUTTERFAT the Swea City creamery had paid patrons 9c a pound. * * * * BANCROFT'S old water tank was being torn down, and a steel tank was to replace it. A member of the wrecking crew had fallen nearly 50 feet when part of the old tank gave way, ho was unhurt. but miraclously WAR STAMPS had been adopted by the government ap a means of raising money. Each stamp was to be worth $5 at maturity. They could be bought a little at a time with thrift stamps at 25c and it war Chemacol, the little helper, is popular with everyone. It insures clean coal deliveries and gives quicker kindling, steady burning fires. PEFRI JL J.4JL,4llLJLl Is decidedly different. Conveniently sized, it burns like big chunks and breaks into fine ash without poking. We recommend it unhesitatingly. Comes to you Chemacol Processed. Try a load of Botsford's Peerless today BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. 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