Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1937 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1937
Page 12
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Kosstrrii COUNTY ADVANCE. AL^ONA, IOWA News Held from Saturday's Shopper NEW LOW PRICES! now low the Lots of the wholesale houses are stocked. They have the bear by the and are trying to let go. I helped them to let eo of nhm,f KOOO.OO worth of the best ba? g ai°ns liver I anticipated this condition last spring and have been preparing for it all suSmer Some merchants would not run this fci'id of an ad. They are afraid to ell the public when prices go down, but are very li ck on he trigger when prices go up devil. 1UG IS ' tel1 Ule truth and shame the We now have ladies' corrective slip£ or' 1 !- at n $ n 2 ' 48 that other merchants H26 for 90 days ago. Men's work shoes are back to their old level. Underwear of all kinds has been reduced. Men's suits and overcoats dropped with a thud. We are closing out suits at $15.00. iney are standard suits, worth from $18 00 up to $30.00. Your choice, any suit $15.00. Our regular $10.00 overcoats down to •p ( . ( O. «o rn The $14 ' 00 overc °ats, out they go at <p . ' . O \J , The Wool-Craft $22.00 coats, real tailoring. our price $16.50. Men's and boys' wool blazers, slide fastener, marked down to $1.62. sweaters PICTURE SERVICE Some weeksxago a salesman came a one for an electric-lighted news- picture service. The Sunday newspaper rotogravure sections and the ?™n n f, and Look ™>g««lnes, «s w-eii. as the amazing growth of pi c - uro service in other magazines and n newspapers in late years havp iir»v,« iin -i ----•-•—" iimuuo ui wpularlzed pictures. This new q P r ?•*, f he is aw(ly Mrs ' Wolfe 'ice is for anyone who wants it n ting th ° T ° pic ' M(lny AlEona he price. The promoters furnis Editor Wolfe Recovering Mention In Thursday's Titonka Topic said Mrs. Lee 0. Wolfe, Titonka, and her step-daughter, Mrs. L. D. Prewltt, Forest City, the former Lela Wolfe, had boon at Dos Moines to call on Editor Lee 0 Wolfe, who has for some weeks been a patient at a veterans' hospital there.. They found him improving and greatly cheered by letters from numerous friends at rns n ornamental metal display bo vitl or without an accompanyln lock At the bottom there is spac or a few lines of advertising whic an be changed as often as desir d., and colored lights flash on an it. The pictures above the adver sing are of large size and cove New pictures fo ™ , eVice are recoive The Kruse-Blossom insur co agency purchased the clocl <* bought one The Advance urrent events *i the the clock The whole story, iri a nut-shell ic; jvhnt we bought early will have to be sold - ' L C (_/ ft L . Goods bought at the new low prices •Mil bring some profit, The factory cleanups that I just bought can be sold at half what the same goods cost 60 days ago. We have a house full of bargains for you. It is a mighty good time to buy what you need. * ''' Jimmie Neville THE SHOE It luv , ^ luulv . me Advanrv Pictures appear in a north window CORN SSiis HELP COLLEGE AT SIOUX CITY adopted money, raise decided to ask , ce o ask fanners to give whatever number of bushels of corn they could af- , make the c-invass some members of the faculty and students were released, and they conducted , drive throughout e roughou northwest Iowa, including Kossuth It has been reported that 200 bushels was contributed by Hurt farm- cm D,st. Supt. Muhleman was unable early m the week to give figures for communities in this county. but said 1 that in the whole territory covered some $7,000 worth of corn was contributed, though « hcthcr in this he means Kossuth alone or all northwest Iowa w nn T ° pic ' women and women in A1 B° na territory .._...»,„ „„„ 1Y umcii m territory neighboring Algona know Mrs. Wolfe, for she Is active in federated woman's club Activities. Okoboji Depot To Be Scrapped Kossuth summer resortors at the Okobojis will learn with interest that the long-maintained depot at Okoboji, on the north side of the trait.between the lakes, is to be ro- noved, on petition of the Milwau- <ee to the state commerce -- wm,.^ ^uiuiumcu C0111- nission. The railroad must, however, erect and maintain a waiting room in its place. In granting the petij.ion the commission took into iccount the fact that Okoboji is nly .9 of a mile from Arnolds Park "'' 3.2 miles from Spirit Lake. tVesley Pastor -oser in Blaze The Rev. Arthur Bottom, Wesley lethodist pastor who in build omewhat resembles Mayor La- uardia, of New York City, mourns image to his garage and car in a re which occurred Tuesday. The ews-World says no insurance was arricd and that the blaze seemed have arisen from a short in the (* Tlrl-i I «1» 1. _ Jt i t-i-iv imx mutes before. in use ., - —• -•"'•."lYc.-M, iuwa was not learned. A report from Sioux - >ty s -'"d that results of the can- 'Classy' Cards" for Christmas Have you seen the Christmas cards displayed in an Advance window? Those are not ordinary cards, to be thrown away after a glance, but real works of art which recipients keep. If you want t Lu Verne Woman Loses Brother Mrs. Vornon Toohey, Lu Verne, Thclan ' , -mj a. uuiiiu, riUCK- City farmer, last week Thursday, when he was killed in an auto accident, the Lu Verne News reports. Adding to the tragedy was the fact that at the time he was on us way home from a Lake City h°<? «'•"-' -Y here he !lad Cfll] ed on old Writing Song for High School Jos. Jenkins and Barbara onr,ri * —-,-. .n. j uu want to ""°- "uun.uiH ana Barbara Scott send ou t cards of class and dignity Mason City high school students .» f-Hl SnOUlfl nVfiminn -fliir, J: t n T*A nnlloVv .-it.il *:,~~;_ .. .. ' of carriers, at the Upper ^ssued last Saturday, jvass exceeded expectations. Humboldt Lodge is 70 Years Old The Algona Masonic lodge recently celebrated its 70th anniversary, and now it is announced that the Humboldt lodge is 70 ; old Its charter was granted ...b/, but it was organized under dispensation the year before. John Vaughn __ •10 Chas. W. Miller 3C.10 Chas. W. Miller 40 t^has. W. Miller 40 Chas. W. Miller Katie Huff Life Katie Huff Life Kate Huff Life Katie Huff Life Katie Huff Life Katie Huff Life Katie Huff Life SK',, SW' NE'..',' \\V NWli NW'i "S i .£ 12.70 10.43 S.OO 10.41 10.03 14.17 10.03 14.48 10.43 14.n NWH SEV.1 S\\'i, SW',i S\V'j Katie Huff Life E st .' in the within schedule hearlns before Supervisors at IOWa ' on the 4th day of January, 10; ! at two oclock been conclusively ...... County Auditor. spent Thanksgivin Lewis Lewis Lewis SEVi SW14 NW'4 ,, hat the Algona hotel ...... „.,,..., , . ~— j , —•' "'&" nunuoi students, Ynnr nn ™>ne this display. | ar ° collaborating jn authorship of ioui name can be printed on them| a S011 S for the school Youne IPTI if you wish. kins supplies the wording MJSS Scott, the music. The young man is the son of Mrs. R. C. Lage Irvington. Shopper Missed? Notify Gorman Complaint of non-delivery of the » Appendectomy is Success mer Cathryn Deim, and'her husband is a farmer near Irvington. Meat Cutter Moves to City E. Anderson, Keosauqua, came Tuesday to be new meat clerk at the Sorensen grocery. He had been employed a few months at a locker plant at Emmetsburg. Mr. Anderson and his wife have an apartment at Geo. H. Johnson's Hovey's here JOHN PAUSBINDER. Decorah, ' nksgiving and last week Mrs. Minnie Blinkman's. •M. O. RICHARDS family, Wednesday, November 24, Moines. Des . G. D. SHUMWAY was a Sutherland business caller last week Friday afternoon. A - D - Sutherland is his ° f ?° county - SW'..i SEVi SW, SW% iNE'4 NWV4 NK'4 SKM NtO'4 SW',4 NK'4 NE ] 4 SEV, . NWM SE'4 SE'/i SEV, ew,.i SRI/, NW'4 NE:/! NE'4 NK>4 SEVi NE'4 SW'4 NE'4 NE'4 SKlt NAVV, SE',i SW',4 SK'i NEVi NW'4 NW'/i NW',j swy, Nw'4 NE>4 SW'4 . NW'4 SWV.1 SK\'i SW'-i SW'4 SW'4 are .-30 ..30 —31 ..31 —31 -.31 __31 —31 -.31 -31 .-32 .-32 ,-,'J2 .-32 -32 -32 .32 _32 05 05 95 95 95 05 05 05 05 95 05 95 95 05 05 05 05 95 05 29 20 2!) 20 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 20 29 29 29 29 05 29 95 29 •10 •lo •40 40 40 •10 •10 40 40 40 .40 40 -10 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 \uine of tlio Owner Lewis Wildin Wildin Wildin ___ Wildin Lewis Wildin Lewis Wildin Wildin Wildin K. J. Gilmore L\ J. Gilmore K. J. Gilmore !••. J. Gilmore Grethen M. Henry" Grethen M. Henry Grethen M. Henry Grcthen M. Henry Leavitt & Johnson Grethen M. Henry W. L. Martin _. W. L. Martin W. L. Martin AV. L. Martin R. H. Miller R. H. Miller George W. Brown George W. Brown George W. Brown George W. Brown George W. Brown George W. Brown George W. Brown George W. Brown Two tables were Miedke reports LIJUL LI1U A if Oil n hOTf'l will t-«/Mi *,«« ---- '«to^*»c a»iui Lctgn, have its annual f'hrlstmas irrtT , RS " BYRON AR NOLD enter- the lobby '-"""rnds tree m tamed the Child Study club at her --- r and Luella Liefner, Austin, Minn ' was also there. Marie is in the employ of Mrs. Eugene Murtagh MRS. BYRON ARNOLD enter- MRS - Oeo - D - ™ their daughter Jean spent Sun- Ander, Mason City. WALLACE REYNOLDS, farmer G.Ol 8.« 8.09 C.01 8.GO G.Ol near ! Dr. and Mrs. "c'. IX 0 , 1IclilJ . a brother of Mrs. Schaap MR. AND MRS. C. R. spent last week-end at home Tuesday afternoon. Ki-oup listened to an Ames Th radi ra program, after which an open dis cussion was held. Light refresh . ments were served ,,iii * BECKER took his cous , V'! 1 "' M !' S ' Alfred Boyle - to her Web isister City home Monday. She had spent a week here with the Beck attended the funeral o j OR AND MRS. I, W . Fox enter- i tamed Patrolman and Mrs A i Sterling. Spencer, ut Thanksgiving - dinner. Mr. Sterling was formerly j. stationed here ™ says that w°«» , 50 Wlnttemore people attend- 6.2o cd the rece-nt county Conservation r ^ :v Tgue niee t'ng here in which Jay 0.01 ..V. Darling spoke. rVn 'w fB f SI , K ARN ' Chlcfl so spent last 6.01, eek-eud with her sister Virginia, 6mpl0yed at Sorenaen'B . —C3- -*^t.^fcjit; iia in 8.46,of Sears & Roebuck. of 12-13 Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 30th day of November, 1937. E. S. KINSEY, , County Auditor. , r are cousins, and Hanson is a Stacy fruit sales- , KEU - Y . n(j w a traveling for a tea company, formerly employed at the A & P store here, was a Thanksgiving " Hurt" the JeSSG DUBanS> S ° Ut ^ VIRGIL COOPER, Brown-Camp hardware representative in this territory, attended the funeral of LULU HAWCOTT was among Burt folks who had occasion to visit Algona Wednesday. She is a sister of W. E. Hawcott. of Hawcott & Ogg, who conduct the Wonder Store in the John Galbraith estate builo*1ng. Miss Hawcott is joint correspondent at Burt for the Algona papers. THANKSGIVING guests at the L. Glsch home jn Union township were Mrs. Mary Prankl, Algona daughter Mary; Mr. and Mrs. U. B Frank], Irvington, Camilla and Gerald; Mrs. Eva Deim, son John, Mary Bieser, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kramer, daughter Magdaline, and son Urban, all of Algona. »*»»»»»»»»»««««««»«»»»»+ BLANK NOTES 25—In Pad—25c —Also— Chattel tftg. Notes AdTance Fab. Co. *•<»»•»»+»«»•»»»»•••»»»« A News AD advertisement in the ^ "" ^ ^^ " ™* farmer in the county and several the sale, as *° - it to, of .s rea<lcrs ~ jt re »«"ed every Wdden, i i I2 ff . 8everal times tll «t amount of money in return "" Jm » ort «t ^ a reader than t is to fa. " f ° advertl8e ln " " Bffl< liave made a savlnr^ttrdSS h"" .emo.f d ° Ilai> ?' tw ° °" an «dverti S e.nent, think they cause it cost them bidders. A B0 od actlvJ WddeJ "P***™ ***** ^^ C0uld h " YC J »» (Ie ' '*' >v»y to get bidders and that is to ask em 0 C01 " "'"' ^ ** W ° rtl1 * 100 ' Therc is <"* «»° Any farmer would give $10 to get a $100 dlr/" " W " y whlch THEY think ** Important. they must make the prospective bidder S k H ' ? SUlC ' J ' Ct " ian »' of thei » f »» to see that 1IIK l »e sale is good. An additional $10 spent on advertlslne ivi through bids made the day of the sale. advertiser. If the sale is not important cient way, then the bidder w n, f eel "J It is important to advertise in friends and neghbors. 3i luly ^lf ^ the county. Bidders are no longer our sale advertisement before ALL protpe Uve i m " 5 ° "^ *° a fflri » sale - You D » wt »»* paper, or both county papers-one bidder mav" ' 1> ° ttat by •*"«>*** ** a county tlSelnent I1!tt> retu ™ se >«r»l times the small cost of the .drer- Mr. Farmer — think this over _ Al ff ood business to do so.' They don^lulvS'tela ^^ ^^ because ^ have found it cause the ne>vspaper brings results by tellin?m " ley "** the l>^r_they advertise be- J lline » ros P*c«ire buyers of their wares. A large advertisement is read often i !l d tl a ^f iS % Th6y know jt * i^Sanu'o M^ P f° Ple are Curious to know what this man Dortant to them too. ' orta »t to the advertiser, and therefore it must be im- i You are reading this advertisement b lel^T ^ ]> ;[f eU ° Ugh f ° r *>« to read^mfor/n^ en ° Ue ' h to attract J' our Attention, because lesson from this when you come to have Zr t ^ "* beCtt " Se y °« are tatorwtoe. Take a Jour run,, sale advertisement inserted in the paper. Advance Publishing Co teaching 3400 Subscriber*

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