The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 3, 1897 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 3, 1897
Page 2
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THE UPPKB 1>15S MOIMJ8; ALGOSA IOWA NOVEMBER 3, 199?.. HIE NEWS \l FATAt. STREET CAB COt-l-lSJOH Bud AreUJt-Bt i* B« IOWA BANK ISROSSEO. 1 motor i street- Wttrt- 3for. 1.—Ttrs electric cars collided on South Main ««jO9e t" * »wn%B>t ! j-jf^^ badlr demolishing both cars *t B4*i*^ f * *%* ' 2f}^ s**rKva*lT iojoring- jfofayrroun jtUlteftCBfe. Oct. ».—A terrific «• | g^^ 'j^^^ u^ ^eCme aod plosion of djrnaajite In the State Bank J FrM j, i^rrrr. Dnnsoott had botfc of. Bt*fr«to>t* at an earlr mornMJf j fe ^ j^^.^ ^4 OBe •&*& to lie ara- trtttir *nattP«d the great safe, deraoi- \ "^ a ^ be |s - m a criacal cwiaJ- '«bedtfcehearj-i»iai« Jrlass windot^ | ^ Fortaaat ^ T there ^er« no balding; aed alarmed { ^ Knfm aboard . Vne injured beice resident of the iia«r j emp , <jyes Tbe ^^ of tbe accident * In cracking ! Tra? ^ e r * f «*» ! of tbe brakes to work DEATH AT A CFIOSSJNC. >TO J the destruction safe the bursters tis*d ten times as j much drnatnit* •» WSJ * 0eeessarr. j The robbers secured $«.<*» »> *«£ \ iti« and a small son of moaey ~h>eh : had not been pla*ed in the tune *oe* , safe. The three roec who did Hie ; wOT k stole a hand-car from the Illinois j Central toolhouse in Webster Citr and came to JJlairsVurg U> rob Tbe bank dw/r was battered »leoge hammer*, and then a bole Barter of an inch in diameter and - • <3eep vras orilied in was packed with The -whole the ban it. in "" n41 on fourteen inches the big safe dynamite and exploded torn, was alarmed by the explain. Citizens were .roused and the robbers KOOD found they tnast fiee. Inej lumped from a back window and as tb^vV^.1 th« comer of the back tn c> saw a man npidlr approaching He v. as one of their Barper «*r»rk bjr » Tr»!n «i AIMa and Inrtwjtlj- Killed. L -S.—Ernest Harper, seventeen rears of age, a son of W. Ilarper, was instantly I he crossing of the C. B. his way home. The'horse he was driving -ivas struck and killed and the bngey smashed. He bad been attending the musical contest at tbe M. E. Church in Albia and had started ' ir)?n jj__ SIOUX CITY'S GOOD EXAMPLE. him for ntimber. an officer ro shots at him. one taiunt' j conn ,.jj an( i the tax payers, whereby tbe city tax levy is to be reduced U?n in them, bat they and fired - ,-ffect in his breast and tbe other his abdomen. The wounded man was, cantored and is not expected to live. Jfe gives his name as Edward Oillcoin. The other two robbers made escap". Gi'.koiD. the wounded says he never met his companions in the robbery nntil a few days Webster City. Then they 10 Mill*. Siovx Cnr. Nor. 1.—The case of tlie .State Hank bnjldinsr Company against the city has been dismissed in the District Court, and at present the city's financial -muddle 5% at an end. It was the result of an agreement between the ILLOIERTHEWLD HENSY GEORGE IS DEAD Tor* RAILROAD HORROR, IOWA CONDENSED. Ihe5r j man, A great school—Highland Park College, Des Moines. Iowa. Send to President Rearickfor free catalogue. At Anamosa recently a 34-year-old Mcwovr4 , __ . son of Frank Fisha. while out hunting. theiTnad the robbery planned and . accidentally shot himself through the wo'nld take him in as a partner. He \ r ;j, nt hand. The charge of shot en- did not even know their names. | jcred the palm, tearing- its way g-h. completely shattering- every lx*t In * rtprni. X. T. X. T-. Oct. 26. in >B£.tatil'& warning- ttrentr son Is •were hurled into eternity early thss ; in a railroad horror which is almost -without parallel. Train No. *P ! of the New York Central and Hodswn Eirer Railroad, kBorrn as the Buffalo earpress. iras throtrn dotrn z.n tmbsnfc- • roent a short distance below Garrison's i Station, and planned into the river. , When the train was abont three mile* from Garrison the rails seemed to scd- , denlv sink beneath the weight of the engine, With a deafening crash an 3 the hiss of escaping steam, the ens-ine plunged down the embankment, drag- ; givg with it all but three of the sleeping cars. It wa.s Just Minrise and few of the passengers had left their berths. Many of tbera were still asleep. Seventeen bodies hare been taken out of the wreck. Eight have been identified. Three bodies are known to V>e still in the wreck. Fifteen persons were .seriously injured. Of the unidentified tig-ht are China- men. The disaster was due to the breaking of the j-t* ivall which for forty years -»r more lias teen a bulwark between the -raters of the r'iver and the railroad tracks. A narrow iine of crumbled earth marks the place where there were ties and rails. The state railroad commissioners «ire investigating tbe cause of the accident. TAYLOR'S OPINION. TO KIV.LCWJTEKE2- B nvxf>. that te «rrwi*d »d thrown a mi.FprH.ri.sinB. As a re*nlt 01 the twnricg PrWKJer-t «.,tnt?r- rH Blot s train tar of Aportery. YORK. Oct. 3d —Henrr George. ire candidate of the silver forces for r of Greater 5ew York, and the of the single tax theory. ; died of apoplexy at the Union Square hotel yesterday morning. fcnr days \ from the time he was to receive the ] smifragu of his followers at the polls. ! G*ore* had been makine a killing '< fijrht Xo such fight as the present ; one has been waged in ?sew York City PAMtNE SITUATION IN S,» Sal^d^ to *^^ I for Tears and o^e had been in the as 51 •scree-feed on a < senatf- Bolts , . *!,.» Ihrowiuir vl>e The president ft!?iDeer o! train fireman injured so badly that IAO-S bad to "be amputated. Reports from Saa Salvador <2eBy that the wreck was the resa'.t of a plot to kih the president. rf „ .T,. r«51« * 1 beat of the battle. He had been mak- t»1"^T£"£Sr. lta«.l«Re nnml^r of speeches each ' j day. and on the night before his death | be had made fonr addresses. For sev- i eral days it had been noticed that he j was breaking down, but no one antici- • pated the collapse which resulted in i his death. He awakened at 3:30 a. m. ! with terrible pains in his head. He ' soon became uneon=*ions, and at 5 Political both j-«ir« For Explorer Andre*. SA- Norway. Oct. i*.— Dispatches from Yardoe. the most northern part of Europe, say that the people are folly convinced of the truth that 1he whalinz ship sighted Andree^s balloon, lloaticr. on September r.'X, near Vrinee Charles promontory. Spitzber^en. The :jews has caused consiocrable deprfssion amon? Andree's friends. Urakmo. an expiorer. tO Charles promontory Captain Srerdrup. roander of the Frarn. \ the storv. Arctic sail for Prince to investigate. Nan^en's eortt- uoes not creuit o'clock he passed away. circles tvere thrown into consternation by the announcement of his death, as it had been generally estimated that he would poll frotn 100,000 to ir.0.000 votes. A meeting of the campaign committee was at once held and the <5e;iu man's son. young Henry George, was nominated to take his father's place. SNOW IN COLORADO. The Condition is T*ry fted hi tli* Ctmatrf. Dublin dispatch: From who were present at the the independents at Dublin., the famine situation T is particularly bad in the west Cork districts, south of from Slacroon to the borders of inchiding- two congested Meetings are being held, the priests presiding, to urge the tnent to start relief works before ft. people reach tbe point of actual egg.., ing. The district of Bantrr. when! tbe greatest suffering oeearred hi igi, and 1S79. is as bad as the Cork d' trict The potatoes are practical), exhausted already. In Mid-Cork &M along the southern coast there is not more than a quarter of the The other crops are very bad. laborers are worse off than the farmers, because now that the crops are harvested they have no expectation of work until the spring. The ment officials insist npon themselves fully informed the conditions prevailing, and will able, apparently, to cope wit'u distress: but. they say. theyarerriabie to announce at this time what<!..sVn<t or lu.v many people will be affected FILIBUSTERS. govern- ago in told him FAILURE AT DES MOINES. Clothing ! to tljr Wall. ) •.',! -Iwael Bros.. ' of ' drv sroods norel- oot > DKS MOJNJ^- f f'-' ' manufacturers ar.'i ,nen'« clothing and dry goous t'K-s an-3 retaij dry -o>cg dealers, went to th" wail The liabilities are estimated at from S* V->oo to,'XX> : while the aswsts. according to creditors, will g:i'j,0-'/U. The evidentteK of if..s cover the »/ig retail fetore V,Vfct V.'ainot street a:: i th? and wholesale honse located on'th* upper Coons of the building at 70? and 710 Tv.;st L-«ust, street as well as SOJEIB few scattered assets. The trouble was precipitated by the Clinton Woolen Manufacturing Company, of Sew Vorij. Its representatives da- manded that the claim of his company for*2,l-i'. | ''' : i be paid. The lioald not be raised ao-i t at 03" Writ* 1 * On the j Strike \Vill I o«t SS--..OOO.OOO. I>.isi>oy. Nov. ].—The Pall Mall Gazette commenting on the threatened fetrike of the cotton operatives throughout the north of England, that the lockout will affect 200.- amount C"ra*hfcd by Slut*-. BOOSE. Oct. rj.—Ole Sacdwich, a Norwegian, aged 22. "'as Killed in Mice No. -. of the Bo<>n<s Coal and Mining Cosnpany, A piece of coal from the roof of the mine fell on his bead whiie he was at work, crushing j a H and kiliiu? him instantly. -Sand- | whip. wk-k caiae to Boone from Leiiigh, about a month ago. Hfe has a brother in South Oicaha and two sisters at Nevada, Jowa, but no other relatives afe far ab is known. Job* KotHfrtf Killfi Ity a. Train. Kt&KVK, Get. 20.—Train number '" of the St. Jx»uis, railway stnick and killed *rt* Jt Oallaod. Roberts Uehcal churcli. witsan oid man and a bachelor hermit. ]]« wa* walking on tlie track near the «iat»*n atd his body was thrown twenty feet. The train was going fifty miles an hour, as no stop is made at OaUand. Hank Uol)ber» Caught. XKVADA, Oct 'iO.—Sheriff Bunks, of this city, captured two men supposed lo have committed the bank robbery **^ ' . . . .*!.. 'PI,a *vian Ha/1 carpal bone, which necessitated its aronutation just above the wrist. Des Moines dispatch: James Pierce, the manager of the Homestead, and Henrv Wallace, manager of the Farmer and Dairyman, have signed an agreement to drop their multifarious law suits against each other and to settle their business accounts on a mutually satisfactory basis specified in *he agreement. Bv the agreement Mr. Pierce purchases Mr. Wallace's interest in tiie Homestead. At Des Moines Frank W. McKee, musical director of the Clara Schumann Ladies" orchestra, is in mourning over the loss of a pocketbook containicgSOSr. in cash, an order for SliOO. and other valuable papers. Mr. McKee's loss is the result of five i minutes' inadvertence of mind, while I in the toilet rooms of the Kirk wood hotel. Ue chanced to lay down his ; poeketbook, forgot it momentarily. i walked out. and when he returned it j was gone. He offers a reward of 5300. i with no cjneslions asked, for the return ; of the poeketbook. I Henry Oast, capitalist and banker • of Xora Springs, was dreadfully Hayed few nights since with a horse- lyawyer Miles and Mr. Hast were riding in a hugtry, when four masked caught Oast, pulled him-out of the buggy and unmercifully heat him. Miles was badly cut in the leg while attempting to defend Gust. The charge is that Cast ill-treats his wife ^ and children. Neighbors had been .,. j called into the house to quell a disturb- The town is greatly excited over the affair. .Sentiment is generally against the alleged wife beater. The Damascus Steel company has filed a petition in a suit in the dis- PREACHER BROWN WINS. BREVITIES. Oriental advices that a heavy rainstorm spread all over Japan, causing terrible havoc to lit" and property. Our official report from Aiychi Prefecture alone says forty-two villages. containing 30.000 persons, are si-ill submerged, and in four districts W.OOO are dependent on the government for food. Many lives and much property were lost elsewhere. The damage to I the rice crop is enormous. I The four thousand dollar pack| age sent by registered mail to the i State Savings Bank of Bu'tt'e, Moni tana, by the National Bank of the I Republic, has been given up for lost. j The Union Marine Insurance Comi pany of New York, with which the i package was insured, has notified the j bank bv telegraph that it will pay the i loss. The company has no recourse. ! the government accepting uo respon- I si bili 13-. Reports recently received from Snake ?ever* Snow Storm Sirrpt the Country from Otnalm West. Dr.NVKR. Oct. .7.—A severe snow %torm. with a high wind from the north, began night before last and continued witii increased fury all day yesterday. Trolley cars were unable to run this morning. The wires are «ener:illy down west and south and trains an.' much delayed. Many tele- telephone and electric light are broken down and shade The mayor has ordered the electric liirht plant closed down on account of danger from the. wires. All railroad lines except five are. blockaded. The liamage in Denver will reach SlOO.OOf). WOLCOTT SAILS FOR HOME. Make* The Ki-MitiUler to Spain Cuban Que*t _._ New York dispatch: Hannis Taylor. ; or / 0 pei . sons and adds that if the strike j graph, for the last four years American min- ] ]asts f or a month it will entail a loss j poles r ister to Spain, ani who has just re- I of £ - 7 0(>0 . ow r , ml means the ruin of j trees badly damazed. turned from Madrid, is about to j ,j )e co tt on industry, address an elaborate communication to the people of the United States on the Cuban question. He has reached the conviction that Spain's statesmanship is impotent to solve this problem, and he feels it to be his duty to lay before his countrymen his testimony j upon the whole subject matter in the , hope that it may aid them in taking j wise anrl just action. In his coin- j munication. which will be published | in the November number of the North j American Keview, he reviews the | matter from every standpoint, basing his statements upon the observations which lie made in the course of his negotiations with the Spanish government. In summing up the situation he .suggests a plan whereby the United Stales may speedily bring the Cuban war to an end. HI* VU-torr, Iiuwvvvr, I* Onlj- Partial Ciil(;i«o. Oct. 31.—Kev. Charles O. Brown. D. D., still stands suspended from the ministry. Bay confersnce j ,.j veri Colorado, say that Game Warden was declared by the mtitunl council of | ^yilcox, in attcMnpting 1 the Congregational Church to be justified in its actions in'suspending him. At the same rinn-. the finding of the council vindicates him of the original serious charges, and urges that the conference and the minister strive to adjust thftir differences. The vital point of the finding ivad.s as Wilcox, in attempting to arrest some Indians near l.iiy Park for violating tbe Colorado frame laws, was tired upon by Utes. The otHeers returned the fire, killinjr tivc Utes. Wilcox with severu) posses of deputy sheriffs anrl ranchmen, is after tlie Indians and further conflict is in- follow»: j evitable. Excituiiient is intense, and Mjsterious Hut Cheerless Vibit to Franre. LOXIID.V. Nov. 1.—The chairman of the United States monetary commission. Senator Edward O. Wolcott. of Colorado, arrived in London from Paris. The senator's visit to tlie French capital is classed as being mysterious, as he had written to United States Ambassador Porter, saying that he would not return to Paris, but would proceed direct to America. The French government, it is understood, is not inclined to take any furtner steps in the matter. Senator Wolcolt sailed for home on the Camoaniii. Spanish Minister l)i<plea«;nl nt ([ Course of Oar (larernmvnt. Washington dispatch: Serious international complications may result from the failure of the United Slates marshals on board the revenue cutter Chandler to stop the allejred filibustering schooner Silver Heels when she left Xew York harbor recently. This case on its face looks very tnneli as i( the United States officials had taken every means to avoid stopping the schooner while pretending to be vert diliercnt in their efforts to capture her. Minuter De Lome, acting under I instructions from his government, l called the attention of the state department to th« case and has politely asked for an explanation. The administration did not wait for this, however, but after hearing- of the escape of the schooner, tiie treasury department wrote to the collector of customs at New York asking for a report on the matter. The report shows that an effort was made to stop the vessel, but it failed became a telephone was not in workiujr onlor. SERIOUS STRIKES ABROAD/D '•We find that, while Bay conference I p. lr vies are or{rani/.in'«r to go to the rein its action fell into some irregular- i jj e f o f tlie paint- warden, fearing a itins of procedure we are still lorl. i jr cn eral uprising of Indians, npon the whole, to y.istify said action of Bay conference iu suspending Kev. Co. at Hlairsbnrg recently. 'Ihe men had, hired out to a farmer six miles north of Nevada. Sheriff Banks had a good description of the men and _is confident the prisoners are the right parties. Nura Spring l'o»tofflce Kobbed. AKMSTCONO, Oct. 30.—The postofficc at Nora Springs was robbed arid tlie robbers secured 870 in cash and stamps, letters and periodicals to the amount of 875. The stamps taken were'in registered letter envelopes. Entrance was gained through the windows and both the front doors, | one ueing broken. DKS MOIXKB, Oct. no.—K, L. Poll: & r/v have jnst i>sued another new of the i-ity of Des Moines. tvw JB thu names of S7,180 per- f»,.ns, from which It U deducted that the population of the city is 07,050, a gain over lust year of _M90. Hut-Klur* »t Went Sltle. VfKM KIUK, Oct. 30.—Burglars entered the residence of Charles Jones, a wealthy stock man, securing $25 in cash, a gold watch, clothing and other iroodB amounting to over one hundred SolJftk. The work was done by local talenl. ,. litiUot C'outrovorny. DKS MOJHES, Oct. 37.—The eertiorarj proceedings brought by Chairman Weeks, pf tl>e middle-of-the-road populists, tp review the action of the district court in the case involving the pee of two n » me "people's party," was (Jlsinissod by the supremo court. The supreme c^urt holds that as a motion ' fa set as|de ihe order and judgment of MJO dMrtet court in tUe case js stjl ending in tliat court, aua that until i motiQO is disposed of there is no i fqv }avpU:|pg tlie writ, the was prematurely pyooght gA trict court of Polk county against the DCS Moines National bank for judgment for possessjoi) of the "formula for making the steel'. S. R. Dawson, inventor of the process, agreed, when the company was organized, to furnish the formula, but it was not turned over until he suffered a disability. It was deposited ( at the bank. Dawson was sent to the penitentiary 0. O. Brown, D. D., on tin- ground of charges seriously affecting his ministerial standing".'' TROUBLES IN WEST AFRICA. Trance Dnrlinen to Jtocogntze Treaties S«mle by lirltUli Niger Company. PAUIS, Oct. 20.—It is understood that the fundamental basis of difficulty between France and Great Britain in west-Africa is that Erance declines to recognize the treaties concluded with native rulers by officers of the British Niger company, until the text of such treaties has been officially communicated to France by the British government. Thus, the French government JJU » OV/14 »T **O OW 111/ *•»*»'••« |* »•"•»••••"•"•-,T t _ for ten years for the murder of Walter claims that many of the treaties made Scott and the company sues the bank w ith African potentates iu behalf of now to get the formula on the ground that the disability has been suffered by Dawson. At Covington, a few nights since, while a number of young men were gathered in the store of James II. Usher, the latter picked up a pouch filled with silver and told W. I. liow- and, the night operator of the Milwaukee road at the place, that lie could knock him down with it quicker than the latter could shoot him with u revolver. Rowland had just been showing a revolver he carried, from which he had taken the cartridges but had reloaded just a second before. On the impulse, of the moment Howland lowered th« revolver :i»d pulled the trigger. Tim bullet passed through the heart arid Usher died in thirty minutes. The coroner's jury found that Usher came to his death through the carelessness of both, hut Coroner Turner arrested him, ami he was held to await the action of the grand jury in the sum of $1,000 on the charge of manslaughter. Frank II. Peavcy, the Minneapolis grain king, a few nights since had a narro\v escape from wliat might ha,ve been a serious accident- Jfe was on his way to Sioux City on the train from Minneapolis, aud when near the little town of lUnton some jBiscj-ennt threw a large stone through the car window. Air. Peavey was leaning forward talking to a friend, in the goat in front, and the stone just missed his head. However, it struck Judge George W, AYakefleld, of the district cpurt, Sntiipttug 91 pa'mful wound on his cheek. The trftift was not stopped, aniUQlWttO France take prscedence over the treaties negotiated in behalf of the British Niirer_<.'oinpany. _ Senator Wolcott Still ut Work. LOXDOK, Oct. -J!).— Senator \Volcott of Colorado, chairman of the United States monetary commission, has prone to Paris in the hope of prevailing upon the French government to agree to fresh bimetallic proposals. His believed here, however, that the government of Franca will not do anj'thing r urther in tlie matter. vVil.KK.SKAl'.l«K, Pa., Oct. '.'9. -- The »-rand ju,ry returned indictments against Sheriff Martin auct his deputies for shooting 1 the miners at Lattimer during the recent troubles there. There were nineteen indictments for murder, one for each man killed, and, thirty-six for the wounding of the other miners. _________ Thirty-four acres of mountain land n Berkeley County, W. Vs., this year yielded a crop of apples that brovight the owner, Jphu Miller, $30,000, The same gentleman also realised $4,000 from the peaches he raised during the tamo time. , ' An enterprising saloon keeper of Pawson, Alaska, has a, huge bell swung over 'his door. This for the eouyeuieuce of prodigal patrons who tjre anxious to treat the whole town. Several strokes of the Veil summon the thirsty inhabitants to the taverp. Governor Pincree, of Michigan, will begin a mandamus suit to compel tlie .Michigan Central and the Lake Shore roads to sell mileage tickets, •rood for the purchaser and family for two years, for 8-0, according to the terms of the law recently declared valid by the state supreme court. To get a case against the two roads, Governor Pingree made a demand for mileage tickets in person, and was refused by the Michigan Central for less than 830, and by the Lake. Shore absolutely. He declares he will light the case through ail the courts as fast as they can be reached. The roads named are operating under special charters, which it is claimed exempt them from state enactments regulating the sale of tickets. Point Arena, Cal., dispatch: Thirteen seamen, comprising almost the entire crew of the steam schooner Casper, were drowned by the wreck of the vessel, Two men from shore went out in a small boat and picked up Captain Antindsen and Seaman Chris Larsen, who had been floating about on an impromptu raft over fourteen hours.' To his rescuers, the captain said that the Casper struck on a reef and seven minutes later capsized. When she tipped over, all the members of the crew were washed overboard. The steamer carried fifteen wen, and the captain has no doubt that the other thirteen have all been drowned. Anfindsen and Larsen had almost succumbed f' - om cold, exposure and exhaustion, and were with difficulty saved by their rescuers. The sea had been so high all day that it had been impossible to launch u boat from shore, and the two men who went out and accomplished the rescue risked their lives in the breakers. At Indianapolis a few days ago Dan McLeod won the championship of the world at heavy weight catch-as-catch can, wrestling from "Fanner" Burns. Tom Jenkins, of Cleveland, and Evan Lewis, of Wisconsin, challenged We Leod at tbe match. The match was for 81,000 a side and 70 per cent of the receipts. At Chamberlain, B. P., recently Old Fort Randall military reservation has been opened to settlement, Many o those in line were squatters on claims for several years and h^ve extensive improvements. The reservation con tains over 100,000 acres, part in Soutl Pakota pod part in JSVb CLEVELAND HAS A SON. Horn On tlie 38th anil is Getting Along Xicely. PniNCKTOx. N. J.. Oct. ?9.—A son was horn to the household of Grover Cleveland, former president of the United States, at noon yesterday. It is said the newcomer resembles his parents in point of good health, hut neither Mr. Cleveland nor the three family physicians will say anythiuir in regard to the newcomer other than he is getting along nicely and is a fine bov. A great many telegrams of congratulation have been received. The lew baby's sisters are Iliith. Esther ind Marion, whose ages arc 7, .") and years. _^ HIGHLY IMPORTANT IF TRUE- French Said to Have Kerognlzed the Independence of th« KoiMltn. PARIS, Oct. 30.—The Eulaire publishes a remarkable article to the effect that three missions are now on their way to Khartoum by forced marches, is the result of an understanding- with the mahdi, reached in J89fi, by which France recognizes the &ondnn as an independent state under the suzerainty of the sultan of Turkey, in return for certain concessions. Krforma for Unba. MADRID, Oct. 30.—The following reforms for Cuba, it is understood, have been formally passed upon and approved by the Spanish cabinet: '•The Cuban chamber of deputies is to consist of between forty and fifty members, a deputy for each 40,001) inhabitants. The governor general is to choose from this chamber five members to form an executive committee consisting of a president and ministers of the interior, finance, justice and public works. The governor general of Cuba is to have the right to veto legislation." l'UIlUIBIl'8 \VUI. CHICAGO. Oct. m—The will of the late (jeorge M. Pullman cuts off each of his two sons with $3,000 a year. His wife is to get §50.000 a year for the first year and thereafter the income from 81,250,000. The hulk of the. estate goes to his two daughters, Mrs. Frank O. Lowdeu and Mrs. Frank Carolen. The value of the estate is shown to be. S7.000.000. There was a dispute about the result of a horse race in Oo.shen, Ind., and it was decided by a kodak picture, which unerringly revealed the position of the horses at the finish. In the Klonclykegold fields, whiskey sells for 87 a pint, and the most of, it is so well watered that it requires about two pints to produce even a little exhilaration in a moderate drinker. In birds the power of vision is greater than iu any other form of ivnimal life. The kestrel is so keen-sighted that it can see a mouse on the o.u-th when the bird itself is .so distant as to be undtecernable to the naked eye. KnglUh Cotton Operative* Object to Re-' duction—Jfo Bakers in Madrid. MANCIIESTKR, Oct. :;o.—All the meet-1 ings of the cotton operatives throughout the north of England instructed their delegates to inform the operators that they would not consent to the proposed reduction in their wages. The situation is most critical. Abont 100,000operatives are affected. MADRID. Oct. ^0.—The strike of the . bakers has become genera), and it is difficult to procure bread in the city. Soldiers are beintr used as bakers. ANOTHER LOAN NEEDED. Spanish Minister of I' S'aya Fund 1 Will Mo Exhausted by Next June, BKHI.IX, Oct. 30.—The Frankfort | Jieitnng publishes a dispatch from Madrid which quotes the Spanish rain-, ister of finance. Scnor Pnigcerver, as | saying that u fresh large loan is necessary, as the funds of Spain will be I exhausted iu .Tune, 5SOS. The Cuban war. the finanee minister is said to have added, put:, the country to a | monthly p.vnense of 45.000.000 pesatas, and the civil and military departments I of Spain are behind in their payments, ] Situpln Inventions An: I'atentable. IOWA PATH XT Oi-rruK. DKS MOISKI, I Oct. 2'.).—In view of tiie numerous patents granted for what- appears to some as trivial changes in well known arts, the following- is of general.] interest: ••Whenever in art. machine, raanu-1 facture or composition of matter a change, hqwever apparently minute is] ina'd'e, which is not obvious and results; in marked advantage, a patentabls j invention has been produced."—« Commissioner Simonds. ••Simplicity in change of construction does not negative patentability when the. change pvodnwd a new and henefieial result neve. 1 before attained."—Judge Coxe. "If the invention is not frivolous or ] prejudicial to the public and has imy degree of usefulness, no matter how slight the practical utility, then within the meaning of the law it is useful and may he patented."—Commissioner | Uutterworth. . , i Our experience during a practice ^i j over a quarter of a century in pvc Mt ' cuting claims for patents confirms of the foregoing. While u limited degree of inveut on and utility is not a liar to a pa 1 . 6 " 1 '. 1 ",, j Hue between mechanical skill patentable invention must he drawn by the joint action of attorneys, officials in the United States patent office and the federal courts. Knowledge of the arts und the law ana W" practice in the United States patent otnce ami the decisions of the courw » then an essential requisite in advising inventors and securing: their rights. Valuable information concerns securing, valuing and selling P»te» H sent free. THOMAS G. and -T. RALPH ' Parisian barbers are legally ed to wash their hands after attenW a customer before waiting on _ They must also use only combs. Mrs. Catherine Watts, of town, Pa 1 :,"'is 107-years old, and W thread a needle without glasses. In every Norway village \vliere 9 hotel exists, a prominent rcsioeot i subsidized bv the government aw J quired to'provide uc'commodatUm at least four travelers. In » u ™ the charges are. moderate, »R» cqinrnodations —«"-«*

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