The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1897 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1897
Page 10
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*"' * THIS tJPWSM m* MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA. WEDyBSDAY^OTOBER 27, .1897. THE WIGWAM This week is giving special attention to GEARED WIND MILLS. The Baker Mfg. Co., the manufacturers of the popular MONITOR wind mills, will have their representative here to assist in making estimates on Geared Mill Outfits. Car loads oi Monitor Grand Mills are being erected in Kossuth county this fall. They are almost indispensable to any farmer who is feeding stock. If you do not already have arrangements for grinding your feed, be sure and see us and let us figure with you. Wilfrid P. Jones. THE WIGWf\M, ALGONA AND BURT. Footwear Bargains.. We have a few pair of Ladies' fine shoes worth $3.50, $4 and $4.50 to close oyt at only $3. Just step in and see them. It Costs You Nothing To look and we will be glad to see you. We also have a fine THE STATE OF IO\VA, EXECUTIVE BY THE GOVERNOR. A PROCLAMATION. Pursuant to law, I, Francis M nor of the state of Iowa, hereby make known that at the general held upon the Tuesday next after Monday of November proximo the a iHSSJSMteP!? 1 !^**. A. D: The office of superintendent of public). i"»uuc in. assortment of the nobbiest footwear newest and J, H. GALL'S GEEAT BUOOESS. Wins our stock of Fall and Winter Suits and Overcoats and you can then appreciate the light we throw on the clothing question in this city. Every garment of our K. N. & F. Co. make shows art and genfqs, brains and skill. Our prices show liberality, enterprise. Our crowds show success. It's the "honesty inside as well as outside" that warrants our giving you a guarantee ticket with these famous goods... UNO. GOEDERS IJandles the K., N. & F. clothing exclusively in Algona, and none better is made. Get a fine suit of Goeders and you will be happy the balance of your life—perhaps longer. REMOVAL D. B. Avey has this week removed his harness shop and stock to the Bronson building on State street, Ills Celebrated California Case In the United Slates Supreme Court. It always pleases THE UPPER DBS MoiNES to chronicle the success of old Algonians. From the Washington, D. C. Post of Oct. 19, it clips the following report which will be read with interest: The celebrated land grant case of the United States against the Southern Pacific railroad company and several hundred other parties was finally decided by the United States supreme court yesterday, Justice Harlan giving the opinion. The case directly involved nearly a million acres of land and indirectly determines the title to upward of 3,000,000 acres. The lands, situated in the southern part of California, wore those granted by Congress in 1866 to aid in the construction of the Atlantic and Pacific railroad, which located its line of railroad from the Missouri river westward by Albuquerque, to the Pacific ocean at Ventura. This railroad not having been constructed the grant was forfeited by an act of Congress in 1886. The Southern Pacific railroad company and the other defendants claimed this land under a grant made by Congress in 1871, which overlapped the Atlantic and Pacific grant, and they further claimed that, as the Atlantic and Pacific grant was forfeited, the grant of 1871 attached to these lands. Nearly 100,000 acres of these lands were pat en ted to the Southern Pacific railroad and the balance of the lands, while no patented, have been held and claimec by that company for nearly a quarter ot a century. The government instituted this liti gallon to recover these lands about ten years ago, and for that purpose Mr. Jo seph H. Call was appointed a specia attorney for the United States, and he has had charge of the litigation from its commencement down to its final conclusion yesterday. The Southern Pacific company and the other defendants have been represented by emlnentcoun- sel, including Mr. Joseph H. Choate, James C. Cartel', and Charles H. Tweed of New York City, also by Judge E. L. Payson, J. Hubley Ashten of Washington; William F. Herrin, William Singer, jr., and Joseph G. Redding of San Francisco. This suit was brought in the United States Circuit Court for the Southern District of California, and a decision having been rendered there in favor of the government, an appeal was taken to the United States Circuit Court of Appeals, which court affirmed the judgment of the circuit court, and from that decision the case was carried by appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States, which court affirms the judgment of the courts below and establishes the rights of the United States to these lands. The judgment of the court is not only against the claim of the Southern .Pacific railroad to these admission to this choice -comradeship has been taken in. In practical proceedings and happy, helpfulassociation this newspaper organization has long been regarded as the best ever formed in the state, and the fourteenth meeting at Webster City gave promise of an indefinite career of usefulness. BLAIBSBUEG BANK KOBBEET. For Fall and Winter.. All kinds of Footwear at the lowest possible prices. Full value for yoor money at The office of struction; The office of railroad commissioner i« «. place of Charles L. Davidson. m tl16 By the vote of the electors of the several le° tslattve districts named— al 16 8 The office of senator In the g from each of the twenty-one lows: First district, which the county of Lee con Seventh district, which the counties of Pae. and Fremont constitute; "Be Ninth district, which the county of T>=. Moines constitutes; ' ' ues Tenth district, which the counties of fTAn*» and Washington constitute; "* Twelfth district, which the counties of Pn» eshiek and Keokuk constitute; Thirteenth district, which the county of W» pello constitutes; ' ™ a Eighteenth district, which the counties of Cass and Shelby constitute; OI Twentieth district, which the counties nf Muscatlne and Louisa constitute: ' Twenty-first district, which the countv nt Scott constitutes; • OI Twenty-second district, which the countv nt Clinton constitutes; * OI Cash Shoe Store, Algona, Iowa. Fine Kepalring and custom work. Twenty-ninth district, which the county nf nnnn*. nrvn of If 11 + aa « • ul the county of Polk Jasper constitutes; Thii where he will hereafter be iound with the largest and most complete stock of harness, saddles, whips, robes, and general harness goods ever seen in Algona, Come and see an elegant stock. D. B. f\VEY. M. P. HAGGABD. G. If. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successor? to Jones & Smlth-l Abstracts, • IOWA* I J SVO lands, but is also against the Central Trust company of New York City and other trustees for mortgage bond holders, it having been contended thatinaS' much as a mortgage was made by the Southern Pacific of these lands to secure their bonds, that such bond holders were bona fide purchasers. The supreme court declares itself against this, and establishes the title of the gov ernment against the railroad and against the bond holders. The supreme court holds further that the prior suits brought by the United States against the Southern Pacific railroad company, reported in 146 Painter, Paper Hanger KALSOMINER, SIGN AND CARRIAGE PAINTER, Postal card orders will attention. U. S., which adjudged the title to be in the United States for certain lands in the forfeited Atlantic and Pacific grant, was a complete adjudication of the ques tions sought to be again opened and re viewed by the Southern Pacific rail road company in this case. And the court further held that the record in the former cases was admissi ble in evidence without being special pleaded by the United States, and tha it was hot only persuasive evidence o what was decided in the former case butthfttitwas conclusive of the ques tions there adjudged, which question are the same as those now sought to be raised by the Southern Pacific railroad company. The result of the decision is a com plete victory for the government an( for Mr. Call. The court remanded tQ the lowe court for decision the case of about 20( persons who had purchased part of th lands from the railroad company. Ttoe Upper Pes Molnee Editors. Spirit LaUe Beacon; The Uppe Des Moines Editorial association ha far outgrown its title. It was brough ipto existepce by a few Uve newspape spirits in tbe Upper Des Mpines co«n try, but plftolog 09 limit upon, its terrt tej-y e,y#ry editor whs fefts feftaokeij fo WEBSTER CITY, Oct. 25.—The State bank of Blairsburg was robbed Sunday morning at 3 o'clock by three masked men. One of the robbers is lying at lotel McNee in that town with two mllet wounds in his body, one in his ihest and one in the abdomen. The wo other men escaped. Posses are in )ursuit and agents have been notified ivitbin a radius of fifty miles but noth- ng has been heard of them. For two days the robbers were in this lity, and Saturday night they took a land car, which was standing by the section house, and made the trip to Blairsburg, which is nine miles east of here. The men gained entrance to the bank through the front door of the building, battering it in with sledge hammers, which they had taken from this city. While two were at work in the bank the third was stationed outside. A hole was drilled through the top of the outside safe, and to make their work sure they inserted dynamite enough to blow open a dozen safes. The great iron doors were hurled twenty feet, the safe was wrecked and the entire building was damaged. The plate glass windows were shattered. The noise of the explosion brought half the people of Blairsburg from their beds. The clock on the bank wall was wrenched to one side and it stopped at 3:02 Sunday morning, showing the exact time when the explosion took place. James Goners, an employe at the lairsburg creamery, was the first citi- en to arrive. When he saw the havoc bat had been wrought he uttered a yell nd retreated to the hotel across the treet. It was his cry that frightened he burglars. They had returned to he building through which they had ,ccess from a back window, and had irepared another charge of dynamite or the time locks on the interior of the ig safe. This they did not explode. ?hey hastily left the bank through the ear window, and as they were passing he northwest corner of the building he third man, who gives his name as Edward Gillicon, rushed around the northeast corner. Twice the fleeing burglars shot at him, each shot taking effect. A volley was fired by the bandits at the crowd which had rapidly gathered, but owing .0 the darkness their other shots did no harm. The two men escaped, taking with them cash and valuable papers amounting to about $9,000. No one in the crowd was armed and immediate pursuit was not made. Gillicon was carried to the hotel, where physicians probed his wounds. 3e is a young man about 26 years of age, fair complexion, and his hands five no evidence of toil. He was fairly well dressed. Efforts were made to have him tell the names of his associates, but he declared he did not know (hem. Theories are advanced as to why the robbers shot Gillican. One is that they mistook him for a citizen and the other is that as it was impossible for him to escape they thought to kill him to prevent any testimony he might offer against them. Gillicon says he never met the men until two days ago in Webster City, when they were drinking together and they gradually approached the subject of robbing the Blairsburg bank. He fell in with them and showed a willingness to assist. They explained that they had looked over the field and every detail of the One Hundred Dollars Is offered to any person who can duplicate the CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. SCHU & WATERHOUSE, _ _irtieth district, which constitutes; Thirty-fourth district, which the counties of Harrison, Monona and Crawford constitute 1 Thirty-fifth district, which the county of On- buque constitutes; Thirty-seventh district, which the counties Wright, Hamilton and Hardin constitute- Thirty-eighth district, which the counties of Black Hawk and Grundy constitute; Forty-second district, which the counties of Winneshiek and Howard constitute; Forty-fourth district, which the counties of Floyd and Chickasaw constitute; Forty llfth district, which the counties of Taina and Benton constitute; Forty-eighth district, which the counties of Carroll, Sac and Greene constitute; Fiftieth district, which the counties of Buena Visia, Pocahontas and Humboldt constitute. The office of representative In the general assembly {rom the several counties and representative districts, as follows: The districts composed respectively of the counties of Clinton, Des Moines, Dubuque Lee, Linn, Polk, Pottawattamie, Woodbury and Scott, two representatives each; Each of the districts composed respectively of the counties of Adalr, Adams, Allamakee, Appanoose, Audubon, Benton, Black Hawk, Boone, Bremer, Buchanan, Buena Vista, Butler, Calhoun, Carroll, Cass, Cedar, Cerro Gordo, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Clarke, Clayton, Crawford, Dallas, Davis, Decatur, Delaware, Fayette, Floyd, Franklin, Fremont, Greene, DE. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of cines, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. Bootes etna. Ste.tlo33.ery. oy th PROFESSIONAL. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, •ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block. • DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office over GaVbraith'B. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hoxie-Ferguson bl jolt. E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. J. C. RAYMOND. ERNEST C. RAYMOND RAYMOND & RAYMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. Grundy, Guthrie, Hamilton, Hardin, Harrison, Henry, Howard, Iowa, Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson Johnson, Jones, Keokuk, Kossuth, Louisa, Lucas, Madison, Mahaska, Marlon, Marshall, Mills, Mitchell " "-tine, page, V Sac, • Shelby, sioux, atory, Tama, Tay lor, Union, Van Buren, Wape llo \varren, Washington, Wnyne, Webster, an a winne- shiek, one represeneative. Each of the following districts one representative, to-wlt: Fifty-seventh district, being the counties of Mouona and Ida. Seventy-fifth district, being the counties ol Wright and Hancock. Seventy-sixth district, being the counties ol Humboldt and Pocahontas. Eightieth district, being the counties oi O'Brien and Lyon. Eighty first district, being the counties ol Osceola, Emmet, and Dickinson. Eighty-second district, being the counties of Clay and Palo Alto. Ninety-first district, being the counties of Worth and Winnebago. By vote of the electors ol the Fourth judicial district, consisting of the counties of Cherokee, O'Brien, Osceola, Lyon, Sioux, Plymouth, Woodbury; Harrison, and Monona, the office of Judge of the district court, In place of Scott M. Laid, reslgued, the office being now temporarily filled by William Hutchlnson. Whereof all electors will take due notice, and the sheriffs of the several counties will take official notice, and govern themselves accordingly. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the great seal of the state of Iowa, this first day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven, of that of national Independence the one hundred and twenty second, and that of the state of Iowa the fifty-first. [SEAL] F. M. DRAKE. By the governor: G. L. DOBSON, Secretary of State. SHERIFF'S .PROCLAMATION. To the electors of Kossuth county, Iowa: You are hereby notified that at the general election, to be held Nov. 2, 1897, the following offices are to be filled by vote of all the electors of Kossuth county: The office of treasurer; The office of sheriff; The office of superintendent of schools; The office of surveyor; The office of coroner; The offices of two supervisors. Whereof all electors of the county will take due notice and govern themselves accordingly. C. 0. SAMSON, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence In the Boston Block. (In the new block.) NEW WAY. WOMEN ~» i_ U.l.,1 H. c. .MCCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office at residence, McGregor street. building and it would be an easy job. To frighten Gillicon into a full confession threats were made of lynching but they proved of no avail. He stoutly maintained he did not even know the robbers' names. Sheriff Sinclair drove to Blairsburg before daylight. When he searched Gillicon's clothing he found a number of skeleton keys and other tools used by robbers. He had a number of gold watches, chain, etc., in his outside coat pockets. The state bank at Blairsburg had a capital stock of $60,000. W. P. Powers of Blaireburg is president, J. C. McHee is cashier and L. L. Bates of Webster City vice president. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa, M. J. KENBFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office and residence over Taylor's. H. D. SPENCER, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Sexton. Iowa, Have » Well A,wyw»y, Armstrong Journal: The well recently sunk to a depth of 666 feet at Algona proves to be inefficient and can be exhausted in 80 minutes. Preparations are being made to go to a- eutftcent depth for ft good water supply even though it be necesaary to make a hole tbro,ugk the earth. it •' ...f.Mi.^il. DR. MARGARET E. COLES, Homeopathic Pliyslctan and Surgeon. Office and residence in Boston Block, ALOONA, IOWA. E. S. GLASIER, D, D. S,, BURffflON DENTIST, Office over the State Bank. Algona, Iowa. PENTIST. A. 1. JWW, D, D, 8, Local anaesthetic toi deadening pain (u gums when e*traoUn|; te«t». to think "female diseases " c<wl d only be * reated after " l °- c a I examinations" by physicians. Dread of such treatment kept thousands of modest women silent about their suffering. Thein_ troductlon of Wine of C&rdul has now demonstrated that nine-tenths of all the cases of menstrual disorders do not require a physician's attention at all. The simple, pure taken Jn the privacy of a woman's own home insures quick relief and •peedy cure. Women need not hesitate now. Wine of Cardut requires no humiliating examinations for its adoption. It cures any disease that comes under th« head of "female troubles"— disordered menses, falling "of the womb, "whites," change Pf life. It makes women beautiful by making them well. It keeps them young by keeping them healthy. $1.09 at the drug store, For advice In ?»8«» wQUlrlnp fPW'' directions, Wdress. tfvto the ! '1»<W Advlwrsr Ths Ch»ttanopj» Medlelno no Co,, W. I. APDJSQH, M.D., C»ry, tflf «. MI use wine «f myprMUwwd preparation fer »«« in T EGAL BJJANJCS •M Buy them at the Upper Pea H8& get the pio^t approve

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