Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1937 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1937
Page 7
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7, 1937. EN, GTONIAN, DVENTURE .Dec. 6— Many in the are enjoying a joke at 'of Alva Spurgeon, for- on boy, who is now tlier Robert and family Ferry, Idaho. that one day recently was called here, took went out to hunt deer, ing many weary miles nB a trace of his became disgusted and t there were probably m Idaho. 'He laid hi,", t a tree, sat clown ther tree several feet. proceeded to forget he | ime a slight noise dts- Ick's reverie, and he •straight into the eyes of r, standing partly con-, hl)m)1 ,,, ()[ nderbrush, a few paces i _ gun also was several , Sore Urines on and by the time Jack t and reached the gun id escaped. fnot yet ceased to mourn Id has made many prom- ning his vigilance the goes hunting. tped deer had huge ant- ck presumed him to be years old. ei't Spurgeons are well ith their life in the write many interesting f their activities there. is been employed for s by the forestry depart- spends week-ends at ley enjoy wonderful fish- croft, find Audrey Fry. The furnished wolHiiU Imkcl.s Clnl) Ihe members of the. Friendly club entertained their familloa at the homo of Mrs. Arnlo B Wednesday. About < 0 woro ont. A bftnnuct was served at noon and Lara Sorewtcn, of n, c Sorcn- sen grocery, Al K c,na. wimpllmenloil the Uulics by fnnii.shin K n for the meal. The al'Lorn spent sit games. P. It. S«-li!c.1i<.lMiTTn Verne- Mr. nnd Mr«. JM). schlrhtl, who have boon living «cnw H from ihc ban key store, moved (heir cotlii-o to LH Verne la«t Tuesday. Mr' Sehlchtl, who has worked for L A Johnson for .several months will bo employed (luring n,,. w imo ,. by Arthur Ullcy <H. a l,u Verne elevator. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA I he coffee oon was proud of their „ The girls are Ulc: brother. Heiko live, mfthe old Brims homestead. Ilia K G0 year ago, so IM born there, has lived tho place. Ilia ies. four liOCIll SclKMll is IllS]l(.(.|(.,| ._ _Miss liarlter, a stale in.specloy, visited the IrviiiKlon school Tluirs- (liiy. She returned recfiilly from a visit to China am! .Inpan ami made her stay at. the school interesting by relating many of ilu> si. run no things of the orient, as well as the i ' also was Heiko. As the years Dad bought more and more and at death he left 680 ac- ihere are four boys and girls in tho family, and all aio living and prospering. * * * * Harvey Graham, west o? Titonka was doing fence repairing MI the barnyard last week Tuesday. Tho men had finished stacking corn fodder, and this Is the largest stack we have seen in a longtime. It was placed where it serves as a windbreak for the cows. It looks like a freight train going around a bend! Harvey has a dandy herd of shorthorn cows, and they show good care. He must be a good tenant, for he has lived on this farm 17 years. * * * * George Eden, southwest of Titonka, had just come home with a fine Hereford bull when we arrived last week Tuesday. He purchased it near Forest City. George has a fine herd of milk cows, and he Is milking 15 at present. * * * *. Bruno Sleeker, north of Titonka, was sharpening his circular saw Wednesday and preparing to saw wood for his son Henry, who lives at the east edge of Titonka. Here Js a farm where the yard is kept in fine shape and the ma- ihinery ;s i<< pui v.iiim .-uolter. # * * * John. Tjarks, who had been Jiving with his uncle, Herman Tjarks, north of Titonkn, figured that a new house at Titonka will be ready for occupancy December 15. John has been kept busy a.i truck- ing lately, and he plans to continue at this work..* * * * Lucille Cosgrove is a new beauty shop operator at Titonka, and she Is having a good patronage. She Is supervisor . Win. Cosgrove's daughter. She was busy whsn we called. * * * * Mrs. Lee O. Wolfe is editor of the Titonka Topic these days, for Mr. Wolfe is in a veterans' hospital at Des Moines. • Ha is improving rapidly and will soon be back at the old stand, * * * * Roscoe .Mawdsley, ten miles northeast of Algona, had a crew of men repainting all of the outside buildings with aluminum paint when I stopped there one day last week. Roscoe and his hired man were laying cement floor on tho south side of the hog toiise. coe's barn, which is two batnfl m one, Is perhaps the largest to w found In Kossuth county. •• * . * * # + '. : W. E. Qulnn, who lives at the edge of Bancroft, Is the principal stockbuyer there. He was Dot at home Wednesday, but we had a short visit with'Mrs. Quinn. The Quinn home has been modernized. Mr. Quinn is kept on the go now. illlllillllllllllllllllilllllllllllHIIIIIIHIIIIIIIJH CTION Closing Out Sale As I am. quitting farming I will sell at my farm, located 3 miles west and % south of LuVerne, 4 miles east and one mile south of St. Joe, 5 miles south of Galbraith, 1 mile east on paving to river bridge, 2 miles east and 1 north of Livermore, on . ' .! i )ecember 9th Duck Dinner Hosts— [ Mrs. Dan Harris, near k, entertained at a- duck 3t week Sunday. Guests Carrie Poole, Muscatine, Stoddard, Bode, botb sis- lr. Harris. The Frank Elliot Skillings, and |lings, Algona, were pres- |John Harris and wife, of Minn. Another son, Ev- his wife lives with his The Dan Harris family : lived on what is known |d Wcllendorf farm south- Igona. In 1911 they moved ont and last spring moved Jock. Fry Birthday Honored— jiihlrcn of Russell Fry, Al- aored him with a surprise st week Sunday in cele- i>f his 73rd birthday. Those were the Elliot, Fred, nk Skillings, Willard Greg- Charles Harveys, Everett I of Algona. The 0. L. Mil- ngton, Ernest Fry, Ban- A. McLean has been suffering from blood-poisoning in his left .arm. Tho l.nmhH.' started when u sore on hi« hand became infected. OUior Tninii'ton. Mrs. Percy Phil]) rc.liirnp.d home Thursday after spending several days \vil.li Mr. and Mrs. Karl Crouch, Seneca, who losl their small son with pnonnionia last week Sunday. Phyllis Unbison, who makes lier homo wilh Mr. and Mrs. Philp, .spent I IIP days of Mrs. Philp'.s absence with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Homo Uobison. Orville Roupe, Montana, spent Thanksgiving with his sister, Alice Miller, then wont on to Detroit to got a new car. He intended u, return by way of Minneapolis and bring Mrs. Miller to Algona for a few days with relatives. Mr. Ilnupo lived near Whitlomore 20 years, ago. " | The Missionary society will moot I this week Friday afternoon with j Mrs. 0. L. Miller. Mrs. E. H. I Thomas will have charge. Iran,! Syria. Mesopotamia, and the Inter-' Mountain area will bo studied. There will be a special Christmas program. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller returned last week Monday from Minneapolis, where they had been since Thanksgiving with the Loris Crawfords. They also visited Alice Miller, who is much improved from a recent illness. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Wilkin.s were host and hostess recently to Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Wellendort and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bartholomew, Algona. Mrs. Woodrow Johnson, who recently underwent a major operation at the KossuUi hospital, i.s recovering. On account of ill-health, I will sell at public auction on the Harry Halm H farm 2 miles west and one mile south of Lone Rock, 3 miles east and 1 mile H south of Fenton, the following described property, on SAM: COMMENCES AT 12:so LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS S I 7 Head of Horses—Grade Percherons | == One bay mare 8 yrs. old, wt. 1600 Ibs., bred to V. J. Gross' Percheron; iron S == gray mare 5 yrs. old, wt. 1600 Ibs., bred to Gross' Percheron; bay mare coming 3 ES == year old, wt. 1400 Ibs.; -black mare coming 3 yrs. old, wt. 1400 Ibs.; black geld- E= II ing S yrs. old, wt. 1700 Ibs.; 2 mare colts coming 1 year old. == Head of Cattle 36 I P. M. KI.AMr. Vlt'll! R-M>r-««'"!;!t'v« Ten Hereford and Shorthorn cows; 1 Holstein cow; 7 Hereford steers, coming 2 years; 6 Hereford heifers, coming 2 years; 3 Shorthorns, coming 2 years; 7 Hereford calves, coming 1 year; 2 suckling calves. FARM MACHINERY Manure spreader; corn planter; corn binder; corn picker; 2 discs; Clipper fan mill; 2 2-row cultivators; 2 seeders; potato sprayer; sulky plow; gang plow; 2 wagons and boxes; iron wheel wagon and rack; disc cultivator; walking plow; 5-section steel drag; 4-section flexible drag; silage cutter; hay rake; mower; 3 sets of harness and collars. TEEMS—Cash, or arrange with your banker. == fr'LAIG & STEWART, Auctioneers. N. L. COTTON, Clerk. ES il!ed a wec.lc ago Saturday liam Goeders and his son who live on the first farm Sexton on the south side 'oad. The two men "batch Mrs. Goeders died some go. Dennis has been mak- pecialty of Japanese white i, and he sells a lot of H. ear he raised 7000 pound, has sacked it. He remark- it was some job to pick ich. He dries the corn and md polishes it before it is for sale, anil he said he jave this yea: s crop ready ember 13. Williams father, ays there in summer, has ) tho old folk's homo tit le for the winter. A card Im said he was .feeling fine Ho had a sick spell some go. * * * * d Oesterreicher, south of a, was grinding feed for his &rd of black angus cattle ve saw him last week Man-1 le Is always busy when we i Ve forgot to ask how many j ie had this season, but we j that the herd shows that | iws how to feed. * * » a were at Mrs. Alice Buffing- outh of Titonka, last week y and found her and her ter-in-law busy at washing, of Mrs. Buffington was bank > around the house to keep Id out. » * * * Js Hudson, who lives on one > Hay McWhorter farms and for Ray, was hauling manure r eek Monday. Oran Hudson, a ~r of James, also works there. boys are good workers. The father Is the barber at Irv- 1. * * * * the E. J. BOSS farm, north of Titonika, Hie men were hauling i oar corn to neighbor's last week ; Tuesday. They raised a fine crop | this year. E. J. talked some about ! weather conditions. Ho says the j dredge through his farm h-vs been j dry since August, though as a I rule there is water in this, ditch the year around. Ho thinks that we need rain or noavy snows. Gordon Nelson, f ! ve miles northeast of Titonka, was nu:;y banking up his water tank last. w<vk Tuesday. He was wearing a big smile, which was explained when wo learned that there was a now gi''l in the house. Tho baby was born November 2-1. She lias boon named I.ora Ann. Mrs,. Nelson is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Blakely, and tho.se grandparents are .justly proud of their first grandchild. * * * * Marinus fhristonsen, who lives just across tho road from Gordon Neh-on. northeast of Titonka, was hap'>y v/hen wo called on him last week. Tuesday, for, r.s is the case with the Nelsons, there was a new daughter at his house, and she was born November 23, only a. day before the Nelson baby. She. has been named Elaine Elvine. Mrs. Christensen was formerly Sophia Baade and is Mrs. Fred Daade s daughter. Mrs. Baade was the e taking care of the mother and the new granddaughter. The baby crop.Vke the corn crop, seems' to be good this yeai . Heiko Druns, 4% miles northeast of Titonka, proundly informed us last week Tuesday that there was a now boy at his house, born September 20, named Leroy Keunetli. M and Mrs. Bruns already had three girls, so this boy was doub- v welcomed. The girls are Mnr- vella 9; Troyce, 7; and Amanda, lllillllllllllllillillllllllllllW ^SJt^SW^iisssssssa^i^^^^^M^^^ Closing-Out As I am going to quit farming I will sell at a closing out sale at the farm miles south and one-half mile west of Algeria, the following property on For Rent Sew, modern, complete set of farm buildings, with 5 wen of good farm ground besides building lots, on ravel road, close to school and pavement, few miles fom Algona. Will rent for one year from next larch 1st to good responsible party only. MCDONALD Real Estate Co SALE STARTS AT 1 O'CLOCK SHARP 16 HEAD OF CATTLE 16 Consisting of eight milch cows, 2 to freshen soon, others by spring; 1 yearling Shorthorn bull; 1 2-year-old heifer; 6 calves, 4 are steers and 2 are heifers. These are reds and roans. 2 HEAD OF HORSES : Team of black mares, 12 years old, weight 2800. IIFAI) OF FEEDING SHOATS WEIGHT ABOUT 100 LBS., AND ONE PO- 1U.A1' ui T BOAR Farm Machinery, Etc. McCormick P-12 tractor with cultivator, good as new; 2-bottom tractor nlow 14-ii McCormick mower, B-ft.; Deering binder, 8-ft; endgate seeder; 10- n disc single-row cultivator; 2 wagons; wagon box; hay rack; corn planter t- -,r Tnn rortqof'wire- bobsled; small feed grinder; DeLaval cream separator; W / t?J ton lot wild hay,- some corn fodder; 4-section drag; 60 chickens; set of 'l b ° flrrts some household goods; iron kettle, 15-gallon; harness; hog Roughs; Jamesway broker stove; awheel trailer; 10 bushels of seed corn, and other articles. TERMS—Cash, or make arrangements with your banker. No property re- move'd until settled for. G.C. COLWELL BROS., Auctioaeers SECURITY STATE BANK, Clerk. Sale Starts at 12 Sharp Lunch Served on the Grounds 134 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 134 10 HEAD OF HORSES AND 1 MULE Oii G roan mare, wt. 1750, 11 years old, in foal, service paid; one sorrel roan mare, wt. 1500,11 years old, in foal, service paid; one bay mare, 10 years old, wt 1400; one black mare, wt. 1200, smooth mouth; one black mare, wt. 1300, smooth mouth; one bay mare, coming 3 years, weight 1500; one roan mare, coming 2 years, wt. 1250; one sorrel gelding, coming 2 years, wt 1250; 2 roan suckling colts; one bay mule, coming 2 years. , 76 HEAD OF CATTLE 30 head of white face feeding steers, on feed 90 days, weight about 800 pounds; 20 head Shorthorn feeding steers, on feed 60 days, weight about 800 pounds; 23 head white face cows, bred for April calving; one Angus bull, 18 months, gentle; one high grade Guernsey heifer calf, 6 months old; one roan Shorthorn heifer calf, 6 months old. 47 HEAD OF FEEDING SHOATS Weight about 135 pounds; long time vaccinated Farm Machinery, Harness, Etc. One red 10-20 Farm-All tractor, equipped with high gear and super ground grip Firestone rubber tires, new last June; one International 2-row mounted corn picker, in A-l condition; one 2- row corn plow, equipment 21, for use on Farm-All tractor, new last June; one 14 inch International disc; one John Deere corn planter with trucks and 150 rods of wire, new this year; one McCormick 8-foot grain binder, in good condition; one John Deere hay loader nearly new,; : one International side delivery rake; one dump rake; one 16 inch, In?ernational tractor plow, new this year; one International endgate seeder, one John Deere endgate seeder; one 14-foot seeder with grass seed attachment; one John Deere spring tooth harrow; one 4 section harrow with collapsible hitch; one John Deere manure spreader; one 36 foot steel grain elevator, with lifting jack and speed jack; 4 wagsns with boxes; 2 wagons with hay racks; one anti- tip bob sled; one 14-inch gang plow; one 16-inch sulky plow; one walking plow; one 10 foot field pulverizer; 2 single row corn plows; one 2-row surface plow; two 6-foot McCormick mowers; one Farm-All tractor guide; one circular saw with 3 blades to mount on Farm-All tractor; one ensilage and feed cutter; one Clipper fanning mill, larger size; one light weight gas wagon; one 110 gallon gas barrel; one wheel scraper; one hand corn shelier; one seed corn grader, large capacity; one tile ditch closing machine; 2 alfalfa hay forks; one pair hay slings; 4 reed bunks; one 600 chick starting battery; one 2 pen portable hog house; one set breeching harness; one set back pad harness; 2 sets leather fly nets; 6 horse collars;one tool grinder with electric motor; one 50 gal Ion oil barrel with pump; one lawn swing; onesteel running gear from threshing machine; one 150 gallon steel tank; one Thompson 36-ft silo,capacity 150 tons. A large assortment of farm tools and numerous other artciles. 1% ton International pick up, equipped to Haul 1% tons, with triple box, as good as new. ONE THRESHING OUTFIT Consisting of one 30-60 Aultman Taylor tractor and 42-64 Aultman Taylor machine. -This outfit may be inspected at the Herman Gronbach. farm, one mile west of my place any time before date of sale. This outfit is in first class condition. TERMS—Cash or make arrangements with clerk. No property to be removed until settled lor. rttlieb Hanselmait Colwell Bros., Auctioneers Humb oldt Trust & Savings Bank, Lu Verne Office, Clerk As I have rented my land I will sell at public auction on my farm 3 miles north and l 1 /^ miles west of Algona the following- described property, on Thurs. Dec. Sale Commencing at 12:30 Lunch on Grounds 1O Head of Horses 1O One team well matched black geldings coming 3 years old, wt, 2750; 1 brown gelding, coming 6 years old, wt. 1600; 1 grey gelding coming 5 years old, wt. 1750; ;L bay mare smooth mouth, weight 1350; 1 roan gelding 9 years old, wt. 1500; 1 bay mare 8 years old, wt. 1300; 1 bay gelding, 9 years old, wt. 1200; 1 grey gelding, wt. about 1500; 1 sucklking colt. 1O Head of Cattle id Seven head Holstein milch cows. Some fresh. Others to be fresh soon. Three heifer calves 10 months old. 2O Head of Duroc Jersey Gilts Machinery 1 Black Hawk spreader, 8 ft. Deering binder, 9 ft. John Deere disc, 2 row, John Deere cultivator, 1 row John Deere cultivator, 13 inch Jolin Deere gang plow, International corn planter with 80 rods wire, steel truck wagon, hay rake, hay rack, 5ft, mower, endgate seeder, fanning mill, drag cart, wagon and box, Farmalltractor, 1 tractor cultivator, platform scale, 'two 30 gallon iron, kettles, lard press, John Deere cream separator, cream cans, 50 Ib. anvil, set of breeching harness, set of light harness, fly nets, collars, feed bunk, feed grinder, 200 feet hay rope and other articles. TERMS— Cash, or make arrangements with the clerk for time. No property to be removed until settled for. . George Kohl Lou , Auct. Iowa State Bank,

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