The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1897 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1897
Page 9
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UPPEK DBS MOMS8: A1.GONA. IOWA. , JOINTED PARAGRAPHS. ^otits on ft tombstone might ' Lily termed epi-taffy. ^VaSSe is M> eye salve that re- dores the sight of hlind lovers. s conversing tf»il ft man who always ,&s -with yott is about as monoton- ts !as talking to an echo. The girl ^ho tries to Imitate a man Idiotic, but the imitation is often Very flattering just the same. Seine men are never satisfied to.*> main at the bottom of the ladder; they always try to get farther down. A man gets very little credit for what he does in the world, but he gets lots of blame for what he doesn't. 1 g om e of us have more tips and downs In ^jjjg -world than others, hut when we jtot to the cemetery we will all be on I, dead '\avel. Uncoln Pnrk, Chicago. One of the beauty spots of Chicago is described in a Inost beautifully illustrated book ot 06 pages, now being distributed try the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Company. It is full of the finest half-tone pictures of one of Creation's most charming places of reaort for citizens of the Great Republic. Everyone who has ever visited the park will appreciate the FOtivenir, and for those who have not it will be o revelation of what is to be seen in Chicago. It can only be procured by enclosing twenty-five (25) cents in coin or postage stamps, to Geo. H. Henfford, g%u- ernl passenger agent, 410 Old Colony Building, Chicago, III. Reflected glory—Visitor—"And wlvfr«ro you, my little man; 1 ' Ciithbert (with cnn- KCJOUS pride)—"I'm the baby's brother." II you waut to operate on the Chicago Board of Trade send for our free book containing full information how to trade. On account oE the short wheat crop in foreign countries nud the short corn crop in this country, both corn anil wheat will sell much higher, and now is the time to make a profitable investment. We execute orders in wheat in 1,OU!) bushels and upwards, and corn and oats in 5.000 bushels and upwards. Write us to-day. K. J Laughery & Co., 1228 Rialto Building, Chicago. Members Chicago Board of Trade. Everybody says, "Go' up higher," to the mail who is "getting there." iiuc~i< Conch re '-he oldest ami best. It will break up a cold qulcUc tlittn any thine else. It In always reliable. Try It. The sting of vice will live after ploasur is dead. LATE SERMONS. truth Alone.—Only truth can fceep deceptions from weaving cobwebs around the conscience.—Rev. S. A. Mutchmore, Presbyterian, Philadelphia, Pa. Individuality.—The whole process ot nature is to individualize, picking out this man, this class, this body, and cultivating it.—Rev. B. 0. Aylesworth, Christian, Denver^ Colo. True Wealth.—Christ was humbles and poor, yet He was the living incarnation of all true wealth and chastity anl holiness.—Rsv. Dr. Bader, CongreijationaHst, San Francisco, Cal. Immortality.—In every man's life there are indications of an indeterminate future, for if there is no immortal life, the moral part of man is stripped of all significance.—Rev. J. H. Merchant, Methodist, Akron, O. National Hope.—The liope of our nation is in our womanhoad, because wom.-:n train our children. Again, the opo of our nation is with the young mnnhood, that follows -.his maternal raining.—Rev. Dr. Hancher, Method- st, Kansas City, Mo. A Remedy for Ills.—The gospel of the hurch is the remedy for I lie ills of mankind. When we hear of people in distress let us do our liest to minister o their sufferings and help-them in he struggle of life.—Rev. John Stcph 3, San Francisco. Cal. Wnk« tip. Yes, wakenptp the danger which thren ens you if yoiirkidueys and bladder are in active or weak. Don't you kuow that if yo fail to impel them to action, Brhrht's di case or dialieto* awaits you? Use Ho tetter's Bitters without delay. It has » most beneficial oiYoet on tho kidneys when sluggish, and upon tho btnyels, liver, stoni nch nn'.l nervous system. Call a little mnu great, and other littl. people will throw up their hats. Vrec Excursion to Southern Idaho nnd return to buyers of forty acres of ,irr. ! Killed farm Innds at $25 an acre. 1). K. Carrier, 4!>B La Sslle Avo., Chicago, 111 The fashion is increasing in finger rings with cobochou stones in close setting. In 1504 a pair of shoes made in Euglana cost teupeuco. HE BAW THE FAMINE, G. WOOD DAVIS AND HIS CROP PREDICTIONS. Long Ago no Predicted That There Would IN) Dollar Wheat In 1897 — The I>cct6a*s In Acreage—UU theories Confirmed. United Statos Patents. The hair is like a plant. What makes ths plant fade and wither? Usually lack of necessary nourishment. The reason why Ayer's Hair Vigor restores gray or faded hair to its normal color stops hair from falling, and makes it grow, is because it supplies the nourishment the hair needs. WOOD Davis, who a few years ago, attracted much attention as a statistician o f bread stuffs, is again prominent by rea son of the higl prices o f wheat which fulfill to degree his predlc tions. He is a Kan sas pioneer and a former railroad man Ho was in the traffic department of th Michigan Central and the Kansas Pa cine (now the Kansas branch of tn Union Pacific). He built the first hous south of the Arkansas river In Kan sas. He was a friend of Gen. Fremon and accompanied him on several tour For two decades his health has com polled a farm life, and ho has amply succeeded on his home claim near Wichita, Kan. His leisure has been devoted to study of crop conditions and his articles have appeared in leading, reviews of this country and England. In the October Forum he sums up the present outlook for an "Impending Deficiency of Breadstuff s" thus: "When ,we reflect that, although the worlds ! output of wheat in 1897 is several hundred million bushels less than requirements, acre yields have been but little below an average; that an average .yield from the acres now employed would be 275,000,000 bushels less than present needs; that the greatest crop ever grown would not equal present requirements; that requirements for wheat and rye progressively increase year after year, by more than 40,000,000 bushels; and not an acre haa been added to the aggregate of the world's bread-bearing area since 1884; that not in a single year since 1880 have additions to the acreage equaled the year's •increased needs; that but for an 'over- average' production of wheat and rye aggregating more than 2,300,000,000 bushels since 1881, and extraordinary exports from Russia of more than 1,300,000,000 bushels—because of declining unit consumption in Russia—the supplies of the importing nations would havo aggregated some 3,600,000,000 bushels less in the last sixteen years; that the world can expect no better than average acre yields, no matter what its necessities; that not even when the great valleys of North America were being developed did annual additions of bread-bearing acres exceed two-thirds present increase of annual requirements; and that an acreage deficit exists equal to the supply of »s many 'bread-eaters' as have been added to the world's population in the last twelve years, we can begin to understand the present situation. We can also realize the nature of the task before the world in an effort to eliminate an enormous area deficit-which means that simply to meet each year's increasing requirements, it must annually add one-half more acres than ever before-and what is likely to be the situation respecting supply and demand if the world should, as IB by no means improbable, again harvest in succession three such crops as those of ]879 1880 and 1881—crops which gave acre yields materially below that which now results in a deficit of one-fifth, or Last weed there were Ustted exactly 100 patents to citi/.cns of the United mates. Amongst .them was one for ;ii airship, patented to a Minnesota inventor, an autoharp, a cash > <e £ 19ter | while a New York inventor received ii patent for a, coffin. Amongst the novel inventions are found a quilting uttachmcnt for sewing machines, ti simple attachment for bicycle tnes ,nnlf\ng them pnncttivc proof, ft bar re shaped wind mill, a machine for male ing elbows for stove, pipes, a bicyH, frame that can be instantly changet from a diamond to a ladies drop f ram and a device to prevent the slipping o belts. Amongst the famous expire patents we have selected three wine arc shown above and which ma now be used, comprising a double act Ing pump, a mop head and a vice These patents are. taken from hues copyrighted machine movements. Inventors having applications fllecl through Wedclerburn, »*°"™ a ™ Ar ™ 0 Sues & Co., Attorneys at Law, fcee building, Omaha, Nebraska, for frcu Information-^ __ Unlonkcd Tor. Talker—You shouldn't feel so sore at Jones. Ho did just right, in holdinp you and preventing a disgraceful light, wnai if he hod let you gof i,.,™ u> Bluffer (caressiu? a black eye)— uarn lit that's what tho food did. Knee W»B In tho Swift Alone. ^.Kgina-I understand tho Spanish forces have had a run of success. Wiggins—Yov, I read about it. Ihev nnd to run pretty fast, however. Ilcnd tho Advertisements. You will enjoy this publication much better if you will get into the habit of reading the advertisements. Thev will afford a most interesting /study and will put you in the way of getting some excellent bargains. Our advertisers are reliable, they send what they advertise. The bird feeding boxes placed in a park at Bvauston. Ind., attracted an astonish- iug number of birds. FBE15, IMPOIITAM.' 1NVOKMATIOX To men (plain envelope.) How, after tun roars' fruitless doctoring, 1 was fully re stored to full vigor and robust manhood No C O: 1). fraud. No money accepted Ho connection with medical concerns Bent absolutely free. Address, Lock Box 288, Chicago, 111. Send :i-eeut stump if convenient. _ The man who travels tho same road every dny soon cousos to admire the scenery. Dropsy treated free by Dr. H. H. Green's Rons, of Atlanta, Ga. The greatest dropsy specialists in tho world Read the r advertisement in another column ot this papoi. We may stand ou the highest hill if we are only willing to take stepgjmough. TO CUKE A COLD IN ONE PAY. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Al\ Druggists refund tho money II it falls to euro. 25o If you tttliTtocTmuTe about voice culture, take care to keep away from his heels, We will foTfoTtll.OOO if any of our published testimonials are proven to be not genuine. Tint^Piso Co., Warren, 1 a. Whenevei 7 ~im~ttss brays ho probably thinks he lius oiili?htened the worm. A slmllow~muu cuu always see tho fuyo of n fool by looking into a deop well. To cet the good out of the yours we must lo:irn how to live each hour well. Denning "Pfcnltlve." "What are these 'punitive' expeditions that Great Britain is always sanding ont In heathen countries I" "Why. they go out and burn the villftfcefi where only the women and old men ftro at iome.'' _ 81 .OOO OHfert A«ny. Think of it! One thousand dollars Q gold coin offered free by the Sterling lemedy Company, to the friends and ndorsers of Cascarets Candy Cathnr ic. The Sterling is honest niul re inble, its offer is liberal and nttrac- ,ive ami Cascarets arc the best medi cine preparation ever discovered. )on't miss your share of the gold, for •oil can easily get it by reading and answering tho big ad in this issue. Pi-ona Miss Sacto6*j O., to AilliJff Wofii6fl. To all -wometi who ate ilt-.-^tf affords me great pleasure to tell you ot the benefit I have derived iwm ««** ing Lydla E. Pinkham's V— Compound. 1 can hardly find express my gratitude for ,t given to suffering tvomen iH -r--.v cellcnt remedy. Before taking tne Compound I was thin* -:$ "The blind worm feeds on heroes slain Yet not a whit tho nobler grows, So, tuinds unflt devour in vftin The past wherein all wisdom shows." Tonrs In the ttocky Mountain*. The "Scenic Line of the World." th* Denver & Kio Grande Railroad off tourists in Colorado, Utah and Ne\\ ico the choicest resort,*, and to the trans continental traveler the grandest sceuery. Two separate and distinct routes through the Rocky Mountains, all through tic!tete available via either. The direct line to Cripple Creek, the greatest Gold Camp ou earth. Double daily train service with through Pullman sleepers ojid tourists cars between Denver to San Francisco. The best lino to Utah, Inaho. Montana, Oregon and Washington via tho "Ogdeu Writo a. K. Hooper, G. P. & T. A., Denver, Colorado, foi- illustrated descriptive pamphlets. . A Russian thistle nine feet in cirjumfer- ence was recently fonud growiiig by the wayside in the Bnuta Fo Valley, He\7 Mexico. HOG CHOLERA ITor tho Prevention iu«l Chnlcrm ANTI-TOXINE. Hog C«ve nervous, was troubled with Icucor- rhcea, and my menstrual periods were very ir.reg- iilar. I tried three physicians and gradually grew worse, About a year ago I was aclyased by a friend to try Mrs. Pinkhara's Sanative Wash and Vegetable Compound, which t did. Alter using three bottles of the Vegetable Compound and one pack' ige of Sanative Wnsh, I am now enjoy* ing better health than I ever did, and attribute the same to your wonderful remedies. I cannot find Words to express what a Uodsend they have beea J °\Vhcncvcr I begin tofcelnervoxisand 11 I know I have a never-failing phy iicton at hand. It would afford me Dleasuro to know that my words had illreoted sonic suffering sister to health mcl strength, through those most ox- jellent remedies.—MIBB MAY SACiiNBB, K. Rich St., Columbus, 0. •t.VI partment.'St. Louis. Mo "Out ot the shadows of night The world roils into light." Mrs. Wndlow'sSoothlnK Hyrup For clillrii™ toothi.,K.»«lton» tho " n»tlon,allfty» pain. cure* wiiia«o_ The devil caunot'bo" less mercitul to men than they havo been to each other. Ignorance of the law excuses no one for practicing it ilflpn 1 v-'ivi'. •>••• .'•.** .... :\. • ;m -w §r |There is a * tCIass of People | *• A *• Who are injured by the use * of coffee. Recently there * has been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called GRA1N-O, made of pure grains, that takes the place of coffee. The most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over U as much. Children may drink it with grcatbenefit. 35 cents and 25 cents per pack-age. Try it. Ask for (5RAIN-O. Leave Omaha any Thursday afternoon at 4:35—in a clean, comfortable, riot crowd- el tourist sleeper—and you each San Francisco Sunday evening, Los Angeles Monday noon. No transfers—car i/ht through. Uniformed Pullman porter and experienced excursion conductor relieve you of all bother. WVKRYTH1NC1 provided. Tickets S40. Be^-th big enougt/for two) «3. Write for folder giving full information. J Francis, General Passenger Agent, Omaha, Neb. |Try Qrain DEMPSTER MFS GO., S^SKr«S^6ffi \ iiniiiK* *»*»»? •• i»«ni iritMitirHt \, PATENTS, i 1— 2— 4— &8- 10- 2O- 2560- 100- 1st PRIZE ••••••;:•/,;;• 2nd PRIZES *g^ 0 ,°» 3rd PKJZES 25.00 4th PRIZES ao.oo 5tU PRIZES 13.50 ?ffi ?glS:::::: « b ?Bil::::::: 485 10th PRIZES 1JH> Mot a Lottery, but a Contest | of Science, Skill and Art. |; : $100 in Gold £ each 1OO in Gold <! e ™ 100 in Gold v, «< 1OO in Gold «'. <i 1OO in Gold |i tt 1OO in Gold «: «< ::: 100 m GOUI «, « 1OO in Gold | « '"....... 1OO in Gold « ,* 1OO in Gold mTio^iitin^o^^i' 00 " 0 to G° 1(l great merits ol CAS- L'KU.. f ,,, U u UO .v.wO people to become tisora uuu' "VTSifiiio goxes'a'your, It. will pay us to give »>»«•> H.OOO- I the Inf orm&Uon. In -|.tatBtv««. The Record Co,, Sioux City, !>»« THE RECORDS SHOW CURES OF BY THE USE OF OT BY THE U « JACOBS OIL CF CHRONIC CRIPPLES AND OF BED-RIDDEN CASES. THERE'S NO DENYING, IT CURES. NIOHPHINt and WHISKY HABITS. I J10MK ('UIIK Hook KHKE. Ull. J. «. 1IOFMUX, l.ihi.ll»BHH..CUIMliO.IU»_ VV." N." urDeTMoiTiesT"N6. 44— ' luoutlou this pawer. GKT THIO AUTICl/Kl WHAT YOU ARE TO DOJ S From" Job n%. lo'ltSr. h.T.'been o»ltt»} an- the. ::_"____. .. PROMPTLY: AWARDS WILL rflHUk rnlll"r 111 • (inly twice, »u propuru juui *i»* t it P lies ^»^y e .eu°«"^^^^ fl S**RST*M** H.-Fermentatlonqf un. UllostcU food, ii.ita.illy" topped by CABCABETS. 2. HE * D * D * E..A dull, throbhlns pain, caused by baa.tomucb. cured by OABCARETS. 3. B * Li * US * E * S -A condition caused. b.r torpid Uv«r, cured by C'AbCAitKis- 4 I**V L*V*R Torrid condition of an ln>- *Vo l rtant orgw. »'*"»vSa^Sickly by CAWAMMS. * S..AO eriipttou otjho nkiii. ve- possibly quired? C. WOOD DAVIS, one-fourth, the bread re- The Best Saddle Coat. SLICKER a Q # L* S..A patntul Irritation caused by constipation, cured only by CASCABIIS. j trt F * ST * LA An ulcer caused by bowel Irree- ( ularuSJ, iflVwi 0 chance ao lilal 6> CA.WMM. < , t 'uf fovd D <f 8 * *T * ON.H"proper»wlinllatlOB j [ ^d, i"lloved by "" ASCAKKT »ftei- meal.. | [ 12. OY <l P * P * * A..Chronic Inactivity of the , | >*• -^---. c fi requiring^patient use ot OASCAHBTB. L * 0 A nrlplni; pain, attacking chlU W, V"" if . ».V*.TnwL*l l>v / % iftdiUUTH. . * A..Bleeple««nes» due to disease T. ^V^fBSff5SS.lI^«a55i'tti%«, b ^ . either injpia or In torwof ».cJ>eo*. M yo» mft( i^wy^^SSS^Sw-JKaM »9if^^BS&&^^s^^f^ 9 l»*now at tU?/»S9?» Mf WBB. indlanS Mlnerkl Spring?, laA. To Jllumluato tho City Hall. The Chicago City Hall is to be illuminated by a new splendor. Ihe Sib woman, janitors anfl elevator men are to wear uniforms o£ much beauty The scrubwomen will wear ue gowns, white aprons, and "dainty cans " a costume which cannot fail to make them look better and to- taprew and gratify all visitors to the City Si1. The janitors will clou blue blouses and black caps, a raiment scarcely suitable to their employment. They should have blue swallowtai -oats with brass buttons, blue velvet wall clothes, white silk stockings, and buckled shoes, and their sublime heads should be roofed with cocked hats. A blouse is too civilian and plebian for a ?an7or ot the Chicago'City Hall. The elevator men are to h»ve a "blue coat, trimmed with gold braid and brass buttons, and a white cap." A most effective costume. The mere sight of it win be encouraging to the elevator and will at the same time humble tlw pa* KBneer Still, the elevator men in blufl Jugnt 'to be provided with trumpet*. Then they could pall the: various floor? with dignity and sonority—New ypifc Sun. ^__^ ^ Some people are bW ^vera *lmp}y town* they Wt a«oj4 tp pay tb» Keeps both rider and saddle perfectly dry In the hardest storms. I Substitutes will disappoint. Ask for 1807 Fish Brand Pommel Slicker— I It Is entirely new. If not for sale Iv. i vour town, write for catalogue to > A J. TOWER, Boston, Mass Soini'tlilnt, uutli'i'ly new Walter Baker & Co.'s Breakfast COCOA 1 Pure, Delicious, Nutritious. Costs I,css than ONE CENT a dip- Uu sure that the package bears our Trade-Mark. Walter Baker & Co. Limited, (Established 1780.) DorchCStCf, MflSS, A bettor Scale lOVlPHK WOIU'.V tUHl ImH t'vi'i 1 IUHMI offi'rt... JoneB^>fHingluuiitoiij To act as Agonts (or the DES MOINES LAUHORY, peg JIolnoB, 111. ifftflHotedwJUi- su;osj'ee, W8P| of the open air, P«f^®» mjw

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