Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1937 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1937
Page 4
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EX-CORWITH MAN KILLED IN ACCIDENT Paul Mandler Victim as Auto Skids and Hits Culvert. Corwith, Dec. G—News comes of the death of a former Corwith resident Paul Mandler. Mr. Mandler •was 49 years old and was an automobile- salesman for the Green- Wells company at Bloomington, 111. He died at 3:30 p. m. on Sunday, November 21, following injuries received in an automobile accident which occurred the preceding Friday, 13 miles east o£ Bloomington. Another passenger in the car is in the hospital recovering from injuries received in the accident. The accident happened when the car in which they were riding skidded into a ditch and crashed against a culvert. It was reported that Mr. Mandler, driving east, swerved to avod a collision with another cur which had slowed down in front of him. Paul was the sou of Mr. and Mrs. Christ Mandler, and was born in Bloomington, 111., January 29, 1888. He married Nellie Chancy on January G. 1SU2, who preceded him in death two years ago. The family lived for 11 years on the old Mandler farm about two miles east of Corwith, now occupied by the Ernest Bonnstettcr family. Mr. Mandler is survived by three children, one sister and three brothers. Funeral services were held on Wednesday, November 24, at Bloomington and burial was made in the Park Hill cemetery. Postmaster J. Joseph Bonnstetter and son Raymond, from Corwith, attended the funeral. Hodgepodge Webster—A stew of various Ingredients} a inlxtnre. The Junior sign Sunday said: "Big City Girl and the Man Who Cried Wolf." Something that could a short Wolf in story. She's be thought Into About say: The Clothing. * * * * One of the younger Algona matrons was once a boon companion ------- - ....... — -*• -» — .— — of Joy Hodges, now stage and from oltl stockings or what-not, or mrnti it o fiA 4-n «n1m V.t1J.i. n x~. I A «J. by the present younger generation who are anxious to face life In the raw, be .it earnest or otherwise. The oldtime dolls were furnished with underwear that didn't come off. + * * * Tho "Insldes" of the old-time dolls were composed entirely of sawdust, and there were no soft rubber dolls to take almost any abuse. A child had to be careful, or the head of the doll would be broken. Then too there were doll- heads displayed, without bodies, which could b?, matla up by mother screen newcomer who has sky- evea use ^ to rehabilitate last rocketed into the rotogravure sec- y ear>s do11 and make It just as tinna i-nnon-fl^r mu»« T 1 gOOd flS HGW. * * * * It seems there was always snow about Christmas time then, and the sleighbells* jingle-jingle always recently. Then Joy was known by her real name and lived in Des Moines. And once upon a time there was a girl who visited at Burt, daughter of the daughter of a Burt couple, who is now a top notcher in the screen world. * * * * is an almost itchy sensation in the hand when a person is heralded the approach mas. There was bobs," In which of Christ- fun "catching the youngsters walking in the toy departments of local stores. The desire to see how it works is nearly uncontrollable sometimes, but grown-up dignity forbids and there is more pressing business at hand. But it would be fun to start and stop the electric trains by remote control, to wind up this doo-dad and that dingle-binny and the hootnanny and sec them go through their mechanical tricks. * * * * Time not so long ago there was no such a. thing as an. electric train, and the boys of those days were goggle-eyed at mechanical trains that sped rapidly round and round a circular track. Then there were the cast iron trains which wore not hampered by having tracks, but which did raise hob with the floors and caused no end i Beater compensation of me of parental discomfort and no lit- i which can conjure up the old of parental discomfort find no little back-breaking work to eliminate the tell-tale scratches left by wheels which would not turn. would race beside a bob and hop on the runner for a block or so till a bob going in the other direction was met, and the return trip made. * * * * Childhood Is perhaps not the happiest period of life but it is the most carefree, or should be. There is nothing that causes a wild desire to fight against things-as- they-are as much as a child at this time of the year without even the simpler joys of chidlhood. It is such an appeal that loosens the purse-strings of hard-bitten city- bred businessmen when .the Community Chest needs be filled. * * # * There Is a definite pleasure to be derived from just sitting with memories, letting thoughts fly backward to pleasure hours of triumph. While age gives way to youth in activity, still there is the greater compensation of memory, hours of happiness, purchasable through a trifling sum In comparison. This is a good Christmas. Nearly everyone, on the farm or m town, has sufficient to observe the customs properly. Perhaps corn Is not high enough in price compared to a year ago, but there is twice as much corn aud hence the same amount of money. * * * * It is fun working in a newspaper office at this time of year, even with the ads that come In late, forcing night work, and the increased rush of business that leaves a feeling of helplessness. Tho ads are filled witb. things of interest, descriptions that bring back memories, or raise hopes that maybe, if worked just right, this or that much-desired article will be reserved by a kind Santa for a particular one of his deserving. —D. E. D. S. S. Workers Will Convene at Early An all- Methodist Sunday school workers will be held at Early this week Wednesday, and attending from here will bo the Rev. F. Karl Burgess, Mrs. McDouKal, superintendent of beginners, Mrs. Theodore Hutchison, superintendent of the primary department; and Mrs. Douglas, superintendent of juniors. Two representatives from the general publication board, one from Chicago, the other from Cincinnati, will speak on teaching material and methods. * * * * Tops tfnt tlie biff play in the old days, and a top with mouth-organ- style reeds which hummed a chord as it whirled was the last word. Then there was the big stock of toys laid in by 'the late George Paine when he had his drug store on the south side of the streot j where a grocery store is now lo- i catod. Those toys were ihe eyeful of I for all of the kids in town, including some who wore long pants and a mustache. But the dnzzlers of those days would not get a look today. * * * * There were no airplanes, no busses, no trailers and trucks. . There were simpler things like skates, both ice and roller, sleds, skiis. and rack on rack of dolls of various shapes and designs, all with idealized faces and golden or and weave a net of contentment. Because memory is kind, and does not bring the defeats and the heartbreaks of childhood and youth, always a more or less tragic period of near frustration. * * * * This custom of Christmas is amply justified on grounds other than through religion. The exchange of gifts, the thoughts in an otherwise thoughtless world, of relatives and friends, engendered by the selection of the "present," and the resultant feeling of friendliness of both participants is right and good. It's not always the gift that matters. There is perhaps no greater tonic for an ailing ego than to give a friend an unexpected gift, and catch the glow that can be won in no other way. The remembrance need not b© big or expensive or particularly useful. There's no one immune to a pleasure at being remembered. And the recipient need not feel bad be- »»iLn luctin/juu iucuh aim gomon or ..~~« ..^i, i^^ 4 u«.u uc- brown hair. There was none of cause lie forgot, for the act re- the frank "wetting dolls" fancied WHITTEMORE LOCALS Edward Mosbach, three milos north of Whittemn- • ;-. nR to retire and movn '•• Yv iiuiumore. He has rented '•'• ./..ai to Harvey Elbert. Mrs. Arthur Hcidenwith and Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Hulbort attended a rece-nt post-nuptial shower in honor of Mrs. Maynard Knock, formerly Lucille Nelson, at the home of Mrs. Knock's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Nelson, north east of Lone Rock. The \Vhitlemorn chapter of the county Conservation League hold two fox hunts last week. A week ago Sunday a large crowd turned out, and one fox was shot. Then last week Tuesday there was another hunt, and two foxes i .shot west of Whittemore. Ella Burke entertained the Tuesday bridge club last week Tuesday, at one o'clock luncheon at the Iowa hotel. At after dinner bridge Mrs. Prank Rochford won high and the •cut. Three tables were in play. Mrs. Opal Henry is again up aid around, after having been con- tfined to her bed three months, the result of an auto accident. She drove her oar to town one day early last week. Mrs. Herman Braatz has retu.-n- ed to her home at Milwaukee, after a month with Mr. and Mrs. Louis Braat/. and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Warrnbier, Lu Verne, were here on a bu.sine.ss (mission AVednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Potratz, with their son Edward, have returned from Marion, S. D., where Mrs. Potratz took medical treatment. Boys' and girls' basketball games _ against Otfosen scheduled for Friday evening were postponed because of scarlet fever cases in the Ottosen community. HKGINNKRS WILL NEED A Type-! writer to use at home to learn to type. L. C. Smith-Corona and Remington typewriters at the Advance. gt t turned ample pleasure to the giver. * * * * So, stacked on racks and counters in Algona, are thousands of Small Loans Up to $300 ON AO'rOMOmi,KS UVU STOCK Hor.xKHou) ruiixiTuitE. RT<;. Prompt, courteous, confidential service. NORTH IOWA FINANCE CO '••fr to Upper Dus Moines office "hone 185 Aluronn, low* TREE SETS 29c 39c 69c 89c Complete tree sets with bulbs, cords, and plugs. Lamps cdme in brilliant colors. We also carry a wide assortment of tree bulbs. MANICURE SETS A huge assortment. lOc to $4.98 Big assortment of COMB and BRUSH SETS 25c to $2.00 BOXED PERFUMES AND TOILET SETS He to 69c each 150XED HANDKERCHIEFS 25c, 39c, 59c TOYS OF ALL KINDS 1VE GIVE GREEN STAMPS . V. Butler, Owner. Manufacturers Sale Of Gorgeous Fur C [Exceptionally So] Till-; ORIGINAL A NICKLESS f /"\»_1 C? _ ^P Only 5c The cigar that Is recommended for excessive smokers bet'ituse the nicotine, as far as pos sible, has been re moved, making il not only mild, but a satisfying smoke Moderate smokers who enjoy a mild cigar are also eu thusiastlcally in fa vor of the Nickless. Try a box and no tlce tie difference. Your dealer caii get it for you. One Day Only Wed. Dec. 8 On this one day only the MONTREAL FUR TRADING CO. win l>e in our store —with— —"^^w During this Great Pre-Holiday Sale daily. Every garmen Price reductions are even more than those offered at our January Sale ' usual event for so ear OUR EXTREMELY LOW PRICES MUST MEAN CASH— NO APPROVALS NO EXCAN y in the season. Come inand see for yourself! $14.88 $19.88 These well tailored coats from H. and H. Hudson Seal Fur Fabric in both the swagger, Princess and semi-fitted models Sizes 14 to 44. PRE-HOLIDAY SALE PRICE SPORT COATS ~ 38 smartly styled coats from the makers of '' Kragshire ", "Ki-Ki'' ,Hirschmaur'' and \' Glemnoor'' garments. k Values to $23.75 are included. PRE-HOLIDAY SALE PRICE .... Dress and Sport Coats Our largest group of Coats represents many distinctive garments. Youthful smart styles in both the Princess and Swagger models. All. the good colors to select from . Values worth up to $32.50 PRE-HOLIDAY SALE PRICE Coats All fine garments in both sport and dress models—with flattering, fluffy fur collars- Coats in Black—Grey—Brown and Green Values marked to sell for $35 - 39.75 OC OO PRE-HOLIDAY SALE PRICE £O.OO Coats Such high class coats and only 37.88. They are created from beautiful fabrics and trimmed with Squirrel—Fox—Persian—Wolf & Kit. Fox. Values to $49.50 C07 OO PRE-HOLIDAY SALE PRICE «PJl.OO OUR BEST COATS A marvelous group of better Coats, Fine -b abrics, fine furs, fine styles, in fact our fin"- - coats are all included. Marked to sell at ).DO "at PRE-HOLIDAY SALE PRICE $46.88 drastic offer - Over one HOLIDAY SALE Barmel ^ ta ' sizcs 13 to «• ni M imu lit| liUMI[._BBq, TOCK WOOL FABRIC DRESSES HALF PRICE resses A tremendous group—nearly two hundred styles i^i colors Black, Brown, Green. Red, Wine, Blue and Kust. Sizes 14 to 46, values to $11.75. PRE-HOLIDAY SALE PRICE "Lampl" and "Marinette" Knit Dresses All late styles in attractive knitted effects in all the good colors. Values to $18.50, size 14 to 42. PRE-HOLIDAY OJ1O QQ SALE PRICE «Pl£.OO Silk Dresses Many of our better dresses represent this group, including garments from "LcYhic", "Ellen Kaye" and "Debutante", Values to $16.95. PRE-HOLIDAY SALE PRICE Shop Here With Ease \ flL Thru The Store 150 Fur Coats AT MONEY-SAVING-PRICES Buy a guaranteed quality stylish fur coat at this sale and save enough to buy all of your Christinas presents. Convenient payment plan if desired. If you have an old fur coat trade it in on a new one- One year FREE storage with each purchase. Remember the date, Wednesday, December 8th. Christensen Bros, Co. ALGONA'S STYLE CENTER Coats New stylish coats with large fluffy fur collars or of the tailored type. Sizes for women or Misses or Juniors SALE PRICE $8.98 i — ^^ WM—mHHW mm«mr Qur Bargain Basement Dresses Silk i dresses that orig- inalfy sold for as much as qio.OO. Good styles made from excellent materials. While they last i SALE PRICE $1.98 BALBBIGGAN Pajamas Ladies and children's sizes in snappy styles in attractive colors in the popular balbriggan pajamas. SALE PRICE 69c Lades fleeced union suits] m both ankle and knee, lengths with short sleeyes or sleeveless W' Si' 8 *»* the fcm" to byy them at this SALE PRICE 79c for gifts in Dresses Good looking silk and wool drosses in new fall and winter colors in values that originally sold for as much as $15. SALE PRICK 2.95 ~ i . i r. Blankets Large fluffy comforW- able blankets in the- popular Indian patterns suitable for bed, couch or car SALE PRICE $1.79 ° W Dresses This is our banner assortment as there arc about 75 silk and wool dresses that sold for as much as $19.75. SALE PRICE $3.95 Coats Exec:: .'lit quality '* trlm---!k lined amna; terliued r.tyhsh and Misses' coats in colors Brown or Green. lad winUr Black, $12.98 Blankets » Double bed size fluffy quality blanket sheets in block plaid patterns in several colors to choose from. SALE PRICE 69c Bed Spreads . Large size and long enough for bolster. Seersucker stripe w" spreads in several i colors to choose from. SALE PUK® $1.19 Basement IW *r«ttf.

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