The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1897 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1897
Page 6
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THE UPPER DBS MOINB8: ALGONA, tow A. WEDNESDAY. (XttOMM.», A Suit and Overcoat Sale. • Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, October 28th, 29th, and ^oth. S°ES r^a±^^^ guaranteed first class, in neat designs, equal to any clothier's $7.00 Bull, bALJlj .rruLV^-nj «p • • . inspect them. They are genuine borgains and sell at sight: »**«»,» c« 0 t a <w P rl ulsters .. . ~~ ^^° F( ^^ o ^^^^^^-^ n '^^ M^^±s ts most careful buyer will find no fault with the accompanying Men's $ 7.50 to $9.00 suits at $5.75 Men's 12.00 suits at..._ 9-75 Boys' 5.00 all-wool suits at 3.50 Children's 2.00 all-wool suits at 1.75 SNAPS IN FURNISHINGS, ETOHi $1.25; $1.00 hats at 7Sc; $1.00 underwear at 65c. We teve bought especially We will have a great many other bargains in suits and overcoats not here mentioned, and in connection with this sale will offer a few Men's $10.00 all-wool overcoats, . A splendid value in boys' overcoats, A splendid value in children's overcoats OOWLES' BLOCK, ALGONA, IA. KRAFT CL RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL LOCAL THAIS*WEST. . 1 departs at. No.04 departs CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North— ... Mixed ^^^ 7:05 am lUM-vAil , HtBO Hill SJJxed 7=54 pm Mixed iu:ao Arrive at Des Moines at 12:1B p. m., 0. m., and l :SO a. m. ^ VESpEWi Age nt. Be sure and vote. The W. C. T. U. will meet at Miss Cramer's Wednesday. A new home is going up north of the Third Ward school house. The chrysanthemum show is set for Nov. 18-19, Thursday and Friday. The Wigwam windmills, will bring water even such a fall as this. Prof. Spencer is arranging to have a high school public lyeeura this winter. Chubb Bros, are building a house, baVn, etc., on the Morgan quarter in Cresco. Algona's old-time furniture dealer Stout, is running a grain elevator at Ledyard. The hifh school lecture by Wm. Hawley Smith Nov. 20 will be an event in Algona. Kraft's big clothing sale com 09 "" 8 week. Ho is making some extraordinary prices. putting a few "coles" in it, when the printer should have said "cobs." Our observation is that a combination of coals and cobs in a Coles heater Is what does the business. Voters who want to vote a mixed ticket must remember not to put a cross in the big circle at the head of ballot. Mark the square opposite the names you want to vote for. Marriage licenses have been issued to Calvin Ross and Bertha Noeldner, Saul Scott and Grace Cory, F. W. Covell and Bertha M. Bacon, C. J. Berggren and Nannie Forsgreen. A special meeting of tho Rebekas is called for Friday evening at 7 o clock. A degree staff is being started and this meeting is for drill. An urgent request is extended to bo present. Grant Fairbank has his big barn done up near Burt, and Saturday night it was dedicated with a big dance. As many as six sets were on the floor at a time. It was an enjoyable time for Portland. Mrs. L. A. Hunt and family have moved to the house on Thonngton street south of Geo. E. Clarke's. Owen McEnroe and family are moving into the Hunt home, which they bought a year ago. First Church of Christ, Scientist, Sunday services at Odd Fellows parlors, 10:45 a. m. Subject next Sunday: "Paul's Assurance of Divine Promotion in Peril." Testimonial meeting I ( n- day at 2:30 p. m. The public school teachers and a few others have a club that meets every Friday evening to review the leading events of the week in the world. They take a weekly publication especially devoted to such news. PEB80NAL MOVEMENTS. 'Miss Amy Wallace is home from Chicago. Mrs. Gardner Cowlos went to DCS Moines last week for a visit. Mrs. Taylor of Charles City visited nt D. S Ford's over Sunday. . Thos. F. Ingham was over from Sponcor Monday on a business trip. H. J. Henderson of Willlamsburg visited hero over Sunday with Jo. Misbach. . | i Chas Spencer is out from Wisconsin I visiting his brother, tho colonel, this week. John Adams is over from Sponcor visiting his brother Henry, Sheets' right hand \_I\J \^l- V t. uw.~ • Friday afternoon. Dnrdall's store was l 1 ^ 16 ^ ^ y J'!, 8 . new plant Monday evening, i he gabO line lights are the thing. Henry Carpenter sails for Europe Nov 121 withBarnum's circus. Ho is now'at Bridgeport, Conn. After this week we shall have an end of politics. We hope it will be a final end to personal politics in K.OS 8Uth ' Iowa dairy convention to be held Doxsee's. He is fitting ^Section comes next Tuesday Let every American citizen get to the polls Remember that they close at b o'clock. , . Today is cloak day at Goeder's store. Hehas y a splendid "line of samples and sells, any thing wanted. Call minis eV p" M jOurtiss' father took a lot of fine cattle to his Swea City ^rm Iwt week. He brought them from thecentuxl pait of the state. . . T T Cordingly is up again from ins .J- J -^° ll ii" B / B troubled with a form r.!/-ilrVlAfifl i'J.G lOulUUUlVj*-*. i'*"- ofSpsyandDr.KeneficktookawaylO quarts of water. , farmer living near Algona can the court room this week. Rev Otis preached Sunday at the Congrepational church, opening a. ee - ies of special meetings. Every afternoon and evening will have services. A thriving Minnesota city is about to secure Frank Nicoulin's services as advance agent for aland boom in the neighboring territory. A better choice could not be made. Mr. Nicou in is an expert salesman and will attend to the business with characteristic energy. , Win Hawley Smith, author of the "Evolution ot Dodd » will lecture on "What to Read and How to Read It, at the Call opera house on Saturday evening Nov. 20. The lecture is under ?he auspices of the high school which hopes to realize from the proceeds a good start towards a piano fund. The board of trustees of the Methodist Episcopal church met last week and elected the following officers: President, P. L. Single; secretary, Gardner Cowles;- treasurer, Archie Hutchison. D. B. Avey, W. G. Danson and Henry Mason were elected ushers and E. J. Gllmore and Archie Hutchison collectors. Rev Bennett Mitchell occupied the Methodist pulpit last Sunday morn ing and greatly interested the large cof gregftion present. Dr. Mltohel 1 is one of the strong men of . this conference and his long service in the ministry has been fruitful to his church over the entire west half of Iowa where he has served 16 years as presiding elder. Heisadeep thinker and helpful in practical influences that emphasize his manly qualities. Maro, the sleigh t-of.-band <™n °/ prestidigitator, will be in Algona Nov. TO He gives an exhibition of Hindoo magic and also reproduces some of the molt famous tricks of the East India iugglers, the Mango tree growing, balket trick, etc. Maro has been on the stage for years, and is one of the most skillful deelevers there is. It has teen along time since A gona has seen an exhibition of this kind and the opera house should be crowded. "Mrs. Edith ClarkoWiUimns is homo from the north for a visit at the A. D. Clarke Tuditor Calkins spent Sunday in Blue Earth, bringing Mrs. Calkins homo Monday. She has been away two weeks. Wm Green and wife from near Mount Carroll, 111., were visiting his cousin, J. G. Green of Algona, a few days last week. Howard Eoblnson and ?™nycamej» (Yom Chicago Monday morning. They will soo" begin housoke B ping in tho house west of S. 0. Spear's lionio. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Branson and Mr. and Mrs Will Branson went to Lwormoro Sat urday to attend tho funeral of Glen Bum- son's little six months old baby. Mrs. Frank Blcknoll came up from Humboldt ono day last week for a visit witb Miss Cornelia Ingham. Mr. Bicknoll w ns away reporting McCleary's speeches. Mi- and MrH D. H. Hutchins aro plan- nlX toteavo Aigona about Nov. 1 to visit nt Sioux City and to spend tho winter in California. They may uo absent a year. Martin and Anthony Branson started for Pasadena, Cal., yesterday .tata^-^. 1 household effects, horse, etc. They wi l live there a year or two and then comeback again. than Algona has yet had will o; Kev. S. H. Taf t was to have spoken In acquaintances. H E Rist spent last week in South Du koto He says they have good crops this vear' have gone largely into stock raising, ami are enthusiastic over the future outlook He thinks Dakota is all right. Prank Nicoulin took in a foot ball game in »eapolis last week between Iowa colleco and the state university. Claud Niooulin is now one of the two best men 011 U 10 Ziv^ity team, and a power in a rush. Geo. B. Clarke wont to W a ? uin S to n Monday evening to argue a case in the United c;Ktes supreme court. It involves tho val- fd\ty of an Iowa statute and arises out of a sViYnment from Sheldon across tho state Une Mr. Clarke expects to be at homo nextMonday. Rev Bennett Mitchell visited his son in ' for those who have not it will bo a revelation of what is to bo seen in Cnica- eo It can only ho procured by enclosing twonty-flvo (26) cents in coin or postage stamps to Geo H. HeafTorc, general passenger agent, 410 Old Colony building, Chicago, III. AN OLD SETTLES GONE. Henry Kbort Dies nt Ills Homo West ofTown-mirlotl nt WlilUemoro. Henry Ebort, who came to Kossuth 31 years ago in April, died at his farm homo half way to Whittomoro last Saturday. His remains were buried in tho cemetery at Whittomoro. Ho was aCt 74 years of age. He had boon sick for a long time with dropsy and was gradually falling. Mr. Bbert was an honest, energetic and successful man. His loss will be sincerely mourned by all tho early comers on tho west side. SKETCH OF Mil. KUEHT'S 1.1F13. WHITTEMOUE, Oct. 8S.-Honry Ebort died at his home Friday, Oct. 33, at 8 o clock p m. His age was 74 years, 10 months and throe davs The disease was dropsy, with wblchho bas been troubled for several years. He has been sick for nearly a year and tirodotft U£e ot suffering, ho was ready and willing to die. He was bom at Marburg, Germany, Dec. l,), is*-. M.U lived there with his parents untI the aum- mer of 1855 when ho cumo to the United States on a sail boat, which was 73 days In pi-ossine tVio Atlantic. He has crossed the oceuii flve ttaos In Ins Mo. When ho first HIT vea in New York ho wont on down in New Jersey where he was employed on a farm untU the spring of 1850 when ho came to Joliet, 111. After stopping there a while lie wont'to Dwight, 111., to visit with some old acquaintances. The most of liis *™B\o life was spent in traveling. He traveled ihrough nearly every state from New York to New Orleans and was in tho south, tho fall of Buchanan's election. Ho remained there until tho next spring when ho came ^MSwTeS^e«..f§ul. ^y»'aK^^ko 8 |t« and took tho homestead which he now owns Two years later ho wont back to TlwiP'ht 111 whore ho and Miss SpoUmun wora marrVod the 1ltli o£ Mavcn 18BS. They then rame to their western homo, vvMrli co sisted of a sod house and barn. Ho is worked through many hardships whio out hero. He leaves » wife and three children to mourn tho loss Theie are two daughters and one son. Ihe o I est a daughter, is Mrs. E. B. Bailey ol lUK ton S D the next is tho son Carl and the you'ngest 'the daughter Hattio Thp two \^^MW?^J»*£ l^SA^^{ H Hamerson of Whittomoro conducted the services. J We are Long on Apples Just Now and can furnish them by the barrel, by the bushel, by the peck, or the handful!, as desired. Better lay in your supply for winter right now while you can get your choice of the best. No trouble about the price. That will be right. No. 8 E. State St. James Patterson, .Of". A SPLENDID ART EXHIBIT. caOs to'mhid that Rev. Mitchell's ne, Toe T Mitchell Chappoll is business manager of the National magaxino of Boston, arising young literary man. _ We Buy watches, sell watches, and trade watches Come in and see us. Wo may be the people you The annual meeting of the aM Rev. Day are both on the program and will attend. Geo. E. Clarke informs us that tne county need not get in a hurry aooui the Dr. Laoy case and that the doctors Bide will show up in the supreme couit at the proper time. Everybody who passes Galbralth's store these days is moved to remark on Leo PuegneWskill aa a window decorator Men in Chicago get Wg salaries for no better taste. Rev. F. E. Day will preach at the fe«»f.a» iB&nln£ "Twentieth Century Chris- Sign of the big watch. 3U11 CARPETS and oil cloths at bottom prices at Galbraith's. MY residence for 30 THE eastern »' Gold Bugs" are bun- frrv fni* QlOrG IOW£l ftxrni lOtinBt opfiOlftl t THOS F. COOKE* arma Sale. Two improved farms 4* miles west of acres in each, for sale NOW HooKB lor the Library. Through the generosity and public spirit of a donor who desires to remain unknown the following valuable works have been added to tho library, and will be placed upon the reference shelves in the reading room. They will be of especial service to the students to history in the public schools. The following works by John Pisko Discovery of America, Beginnings of New England, and the American Revo\ ntjiot) The following by Francis Purkman; Pioneers of France in the New World, Jesuits in America, LaSalle and tho Discovery of tho Great West, Old Regime in Canada, Prontenae, Half Con- fury of Conflict, Montcalm and Wolfo, C Z£st y e^F^y 0 of the People of ati^f^a'Tr&j^ Birdseye view of the Civil War; and Sordy and Twitchell's Pathfinder in American history, conclude the list. Mr. MoElroy says that if any otbei nerson or'persons desire to emu ate the and add to the resources of the library, he will gladly give them . points as to books needed and keep their secret. Ono t'i'Ico to All. Cleaning watches, *1; best main s, $1. All work warranted. Tho Court lloora Tomorrow and Friday will Ho Full of Fine Vlc- turoH. It is no oxageration to state that a wholly unparalleled display of line pictures will bo open to the public at tho court room tomorrow and Friday. Nothing like this exhibition has ever been attempted in northern Iowa before It will well repay a visit from neighboring towns. Among tho col- Ktions now hung are 130 palntlneri., autotypes, and sketches m black and wbltolroi tho Chicago Art school, a fine collection sent by A. M. Conns sister from New York, and a display loaned by the Minneapolis Art schoo . The express on the Chicago exhibit alone was $30. Will Purvis, now of Chicago, is represented by a number of large paintings in oil, and Prdf. Cumming of Des Moines will occupy 18 toot of space with his work, and Mrs. Shore is an expected Contibutor. Mies Joala Pettibone will have a very full display of water colors, and a collection o Sol work. Miss Ella Duvant will also be represented, while a collective exhibition of local talent work will be WcMloy Will Still Ho KoHsutU's Ban nor Township-Doatli of Henry Stutler. WESLEY, Oct. 2!>.-Goo. C. Call was calling on the people of Wesley Man- dnv in tho interest of Mr. Farley, the democratic candidate for romresen .to- tivo. We can't go back on Mr. Jones since lieAvas nominated by Wesley del° B Wo B ave called on this week to note tho sudden death of Henry Studer, a on of Nathan Studer which occurred Saturday at about 1 o'clock p. m. from blood poisoning. About a week or ton days ago ho was troubled with a boil on the side of his nock, which he had opened up. In a short time his neck •commenced to swell on the opposite side and in spite of llU m .^ lc ?M ,,„„„,? kept getting worse, with tho result that tho funeral took place today at 10 o'clock at tho Catholic church and tho remains were interred in the cemetery us" oast of town. As near as wo luivo been able to learn Henry Studor was Kt 21 years old and was tho second son of Nathan Studer. He was consid- ero d a model young man by (ill who knew him and his sudden demise will bo a terrible shock to bis father and mother, who are about prostrated over it The funeral was largely attended by friends and neighbors of the tie"'Tug. Dinger of Ledyard was a Wos ley caller Monday, shalcing hands with his many friends and old neighbors. Mr. Jaoobson of Britt has the oou- tract to move tho old store building f °T J S Galla'cher has moyed his machinery shed from Main street to his residence lots on Ash street where he intends to fit it up to manufacture his ho"- cholera cure. , . Next Tuesday is option day. Lot every republican bear in mind that the polls close at 6 o'clock p. m. Come Don't Forget that we always have on hand all kinds of grain and ground feed, bran, shorts, and oil meal at reasonable prices ; also i of all kinds and grades. Goods delivered to any part of the city. The court room will be hung with lamps under which strips will bo hung to produce the light effects of large gl FuTl i y° 1,000 kodaks will be exhibited mounted on frames especially arranged f °TlJiBTs to be the most elaborate art exhibit everundertaken here and will be open to the public afternoon and evening. HOUSE to WUley.-S9tf rent. Inquire of J. B. J.lncolu 1 J »«'K, One of the beauty spots of Chicago is doaoribed\ P na most Uwtlfallv illustrated book of 96 pages now being du£ tributed by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Railway company. It IB full of the flneed hall-tone pictures of one of Oreatiou's most chawing places of re- iJorUwolHMnsoftbe great repubUc Kveryone who has ever vjrttefl the wiU appvecl^o tMo aouyenir, THE excellent crops this year have given an impetus to farming that bag not been experienced for some time. Central Minnesota has felt the effects as much or more than any other sec- Sob of "he northwest, and hundredsi of fevtnaro have token advantage of the opportunity to secure some of tbe Ipw* priced but splendid lands being offered for sale by the Northern Facile ftft Iway comply- See^adverUeernen* Itt another column. _ and overshoes^ and, jne Algona, the candidate on the republican ticket for representative was in our town one day last week ioofdng after his political fences Mr. Smith of Burt, who is running for county treasurer on the democratic ticket, was here the same day. The new Congregational church will bo dedicated next Sunday, Oct.,81. Eev. Douglass of Grlnnoll will have charge of the ceremonies. Let everybody B turn out and enjoy the occasion. There will be no services in the Methodist church next Sunday. H. L C. & N. W. Elevator. Fred Thorn, AT HOBART, IOWA, Gives as many pounds of sugar for a dollar as anybody, and sells all kinds of GROCERIES at right prices, . We want a part of your trade, and will do tht square thing by our customers at all times. Call and see if this is not so. North of railway track. FRED THOBN, COURSING MEET. Chas, J, Doxsee, Over 50 »os»

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