The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1897 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, October 27, 1897
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OCTOBER 27,i. ESTABLISHED 1865. See the.... New VIEW OF THE SITUATION, BEPUBLIOANS GETTING IN LINE. Time Has Served a Good 1'urpose la the Fight Waged Against the Uepubllcan Nominees. at,.. id China M. Z. Grove & Son's. other than mileage and hotel bills, and 102 E. State St. TELEPHONE 19. As the local campaign draws to a close there is more and more evidence of a reaction among republicans in favor of the straight ticket. The signs of a bolt that were very conspicuous ten days ago are disappearing and it is now conceded that the republican county ticket will go through with a good majority. A vigorous fight is being made on J. R. Jones by the free-allvorltos of all complexions. They are urging personal reasons, but tho real animus of the compaign Is the glory of boasting that Kossuth has elected one of the most radical free silver men in the state. This has become so apparent that many republicans are lining up on purelv political grounds. Republicans in various localities will continue to oppose Mr. Jones, for personal reasons which they deem sufficient, but tho republican rank and file is not going to be caught in tho free silver net. It has been spread too plainly in eight of tho bird. .. The campaign against tho republican ticket has gone to pieces because there was no real foundation for it. No Viiuoi uimi* »»ji»^*«-«'g|>rf ••---•-. i that after putting in about 10 weeks, he had decided that he had better give a little attention to his cases in court. The committee has very thoroughly overhauled the most prominent of the state institutions, with a view to finding out how they are being conducted. Its report will he very complete, and will be the basis of action In tho corning legislature. Those who know Mr. Healey will have no fears about what was discovered not being fully and fearlessly made public. Tired of Vctty Qnnirrels. Germania Standard: Farmers have called upon us and said that they are tired of hearing the local fights of Wesley, Whittomore, Lodyard and Algona hashed over in a county campaign. They tell us that a principal is nt stake in this campaign and they propose to vote that principal and not local prejudices. Those that have called on us assure us that tho straight COCK-AND-BULL METHODS, YARNS HAVING NO FOUNDATION. Voters Should Consider Weil tho Foolish Stories Afloat nnd tte- bukc Tlielr Originators. vlllUJU Uli un tioouiw v«u «••»-- — •-. republican ticket is good enough and they'll vote it. JaiVorno Is all HlKht. LuVerno News: J. U. Jones of Algona, candidate for ropresontalive, was in town today invostigating the polltl cal sltuntlon. As a faithful republican and a resident of Kosauth county foi tbe past twenty-seven yours, Mr. Jones is well known all over the county, lie is a good man for tho place and will bo sure to do his ptvrt to make tho figh decidedly Interesting for tho opposition in tho free silver carap. r,ocnl Campaign Notes. Hurt Monitor: THE UPPER DBS MOINES paid Samuel Mayno a high It is rumored that one of the last cock-and-bull stories to be aired in the county this week in an attempt to tampedo republicans is a charge that Auditor Calkins has purposely withheld sample ballots, and that republicans are trying to keep voters ignorant ot how to mark them. Wo have elsewhere quoted the law under which Auditor Calkins has acted, after got- Have Just Received their new and big stock of ladies' capes and jackets direct from the manufacturers. Look them over and get our prices before making your purchase. Our Dress Goods Dept is better stocked than ever betore with all the latest novelties. * We are showing some new and hobby patterns in carpets this fall. Our prices are the lowest. G. L. Galbraith & Co. ullolo WHO UU i «c*i »w»M«i^. — ~~ --- — complaint has been made against the candidates themselves. They are admitted to ho men of ability and qualifications. But the charge has been that Algona had "hogged" the offices. It has been shown conclusively that taking a period of 15 years Algona has_not had more than its share of nominations and it has been shown that Algona had next to nothing to do with nominating tho present ticket. Everybody knows that from Mr. Jones to Dr. Morse the ticket was nominated fairly by oelo- catos from all parts of the county. THE UPPER DES MOINES predicts a straight republican victory next lues- day. , An Estimate of Show. Burrol,the genius of the Washing ton Press, prints Shaw's picture anc says. Ho does not look like a knave nor a fool, does he? He is a Vermont er. He came to Iowa when of age, and began working on a farm as a hirec man, and no doubt, washed his face an hands in a tin basin out doors on bench and wiped on a hickory towe and combed his hair on the stoop. H wanted an education, that he might no always be a farm hand. The young fe lows nowadays all want to leave the farm, and gain a wider field. So he took his saved wages and went thro college, paying his own way, sawing wood, doing odd jobs ho turned up, and in vacation peddled fruit trees and IVIUlWJUo LUUU uivniwvi *'"-.7 — ^ compliment for his loyalty to tho republican ticket in the face of defeat. THE UPPER DES MOINES offered the Courier a new hat if Mr. Farley is elected, providing the Cour or would - * - kind if Mr. Jonos is elected. ^ is still open, and will bo un"il Tuesday next. The Emmetsburg Democrat pats tsolf because Bryan had groat crowds at Algona and Shaw a moderate recep- lon. The thousands who hoard Bryan were all disappointed. The hundreds who hoard Shaw wore delighted. Which counts at the polls ( Postmaster Hinchon grabbed the editorial pen long enough last week to write a column about his disappoint ment in the Shaw speech. The fact istbatBro. Hinchon did not hear the Shaw speech, was not in tho opera house at any time during its delivery, and did not meet Mr. Shaw. tirtg the county attorney's opinion, and have also shown tho hypocrisy of tho whole charge by showing that tho Courier had made no plans whatever to publish the ballot until this week. But every roudor of either THE UP- PEU DES MOINES or Republican or of any of tho county papers knows that no attempt has boon made to conceal tho method of marking under tho now law. Both THE UPPER DES MOINES and Republican have published tho new law in full, have called special attention to its provisions, and this week THE UPPEU DBS MOINES, at its own expense, furnishes its readers with sample ballots, a thing never before done in this county. More has been done this year than over before by republicans to insure every voter a full understanding of how to vote. The attack upon Auditor kins is part and parcol of a plan to win in this campaign by clap-trap. Webster City Freeman: The ropubli cans of Kossuth county are experienc ing some trouble with bolters this vear. As in this county, some of the dissatisfied ones are claiming they were " hurt" in the nominating convention, and are going before, the people with their grievances. The following from the Algona UPPER DES MOINES shows the situation to be much the same in Kossuth county as it is in Hamilton this year. Tho Germania Standard says of the •*• _ . t __ A* _i *.. mUrtan iiTnnm .AND FARM MACHINERY HARDWARE. didn't lie about them, either. Then he studied law, and settled in Denlson, and, as New England is full of money seeking investment, the capitalists there who knew him in his youth and banked on him, gave him a commission to loan for them at legal, or lower than legal rate, and first and last ho put out some $2,000,000 on mortgages, and it is said he never foreclosed one. Ho has made, since his majority, perhaps $20, 000 to $25,000, which is doing very well and no one in his section criticis- es his good and honorable business methods. His speeches show that he has a thorough comprehension of tne financial question. Allison, who is ad W. H. JONES, HOBART, IOWA. 1 HO Vjeriniuuu< v* wwj ~ -•republican county ticket: Those whom the Leader calls the "ring" were the unanimous choice of tho convention, the men we sent there supporting them Tho present candidates have always been friends to the Standard and why should we oppose thorn f Thev are men in tho true sense of the word None of them "tapped us on the shoulder." We were never after tho scalp of the present candidates. We believe that tho entire ticket now in tho field is worthy everybody's support at tho polls. Tho Wesley Reporter is hard put-to when it revives that silly yarn about W editor of THKUFPma DES MOINES Aljroim on Democratic Tlckota. Just for its own amusement THE UPPER DES MOINES has looked to see how many Algonians the democrats have supported for office in the past 16 years. It is an interesting record. In 1882, in people's party days, they voted for E. V. Swotting for recorder. In 1883 the list was J. J. Wilson for representative, S. S. Rist treasurer, Roy MoGetchle auditor, J. J. Wilkinson superintendent, Dr. Richmond coroner. , In 1884 Dr. McCoy ran for congress. In 1885 Ed. Williams was democratic candidatefor sheriff, B.G.Forbushfor day session to dispose of the left untouched. * But vary little was done that na^TO- been fully reported, H. A. SftttftcUSW of Swea City was granted a pefroiVTO <• , sell liquors. Henry Slmpklns was ?e- .. ctuired to file a $100 coat bond in that old suit ngatnst the Anchor insurance company. Cirksefaa was given.two years in the penitentiary, Ed. James 60 days in jail, and Moore, who was • one of the alleged Sweft City burglars, was dismissed. ^^^_^^^_ THE FOLtiY Of " SOBATOHtHa." H. A. Burrell in the -Washington Preaai Assume the two county tickets, republican and popocratlc, are of equal merit, Why should republicans scratch! No one claims any superiority for the latter ticket, and if one did so claim, facts would not make the claim Rood. Let's concede that "our friends, the enemy," have a reputable ticket all thro 1 from Stahl (for senator) to the foot of the list. Wo all like mid respect those on that ticket -Alberson, Crltz, Teeter, Griffith, Miss Klass, ot al. They tire nice, good people every one. Concede that. We want to talk to those republicans who may bo inclined to scratch, and wo put this question: " How will it help your party, the republican, to vote BO as to break its linos?" Just stop and think of that a mlnuto. Why do we have any parties at nil! Because under our form of government It is a necessity; you can't fix responsibility in legislation and administration in any other way, can you? Therefore, all state affairs, and (particularly in big cities) in municipal affairs, it is necessarily by political parties. It can't bo helped. It is the nature of things. Tho national government is run by a party; so Is tho state government, and so is tho county government, and iu the larger oltios tho municipal government is run by a party. This necessity of governing by party, to fix responsibility, runs all thro' our administration, from nation at large to county and oven city and township. Hence the parties have to keep up an organization of equal range from township and city to nation; and to keep a party strong in national affairs you've got to keep it intact in smaller spheres, that Is, in state, in county, city affairs. This is self-evident and needs no discussion. Yet there are republicans in this county who, just as soon as we win a national election, that they and wo all rejoice in, turn about the next year and vote to break our own lines, and if they succeed in picking off a man here and there, that Is, let in one ot tho other party in tho defeat of our own candidates, they show as much glee as they did the year before when they loyally helped lick tho common enemy. We submit that, in poll tics, this is no better sense than it would bo in war, if, after winning a federal victory, union soldiers should go over and help the confederates win, in turn, a complete or a partial victory. And it has this further mischief: It teaches men to scratch, and estimate lightly the value of has aoroug comp eor financial question. Allison, who is ad- ai)pl . 0 aohing Mr. Boyle in 1889 in the mittedly the highest authority in the in ' ereBt of Algona banks. It adds v:' i.... .— fv.atmmBt.inn. nraised his „,!,„,. O ni« vnvn when it says IHfc canuiuaio iur oiiunn, j--, -~-- - -• , , , coroner, P. M. Shlppey for superintend° In 1886 Sid Cotterell ran for clerk, and Judge Quarton was voted for for county attorney In spite of a public refusal to run. . In 1887 J. B. Hoflus ran for auditor, Roy McGetchio for sheriff, J. W. Hinchon for superintendent, Thoo. Chris- chilles for supervisor and John Wallace for senator. In 1888 H. I. Wtvsson ran for county attorney, H. Hoxie for recorder, C. Byson for supervisor. In 1889, the famous year, Thos. Lantry was nominated for treasurer, J. B. Hofius for auditor, BerthaGarey for su- onother silly 'yarn" when H says THE UPPER DBS MOINES and Republican bolted the republican ticket that year. country' otTthat"question, praised his speech for its lucidity^ grasp and forcible exposition, and The Nation, the. D0l[eu LUO 1C p U u>.«,««-. « ablest journal la the United States and | The edltol . of this .oapei^ never had £ is chary of compliments, gave that speech an immense push to the fore. Shaw is at once a practical and successful business man, plus a student, and he is full of ideas. ous or a, perintendent, C. D. Pettibone for sheriff and C. L. Lund for representative. In 1890 L. C. Smith ran for recorder, and W. L. Joslyn for county attorney. Thos. Lantry was up Ior :3Do FARM AND HOM WHERE you can engage in diversified farming and not be depend- WHERE AedfmTe Fs a f«e±rn; P aiaria and perfect* hea.thy > WHERE there U a sure and reliable ramfall f the "oil does not need to b= fer ,h d£ -red i no euiMjr uj u«»° p«i-."> 7- •• -- "moment's conversation with Mr. Boyle nor with any other candidate for county treasurer before or since about depositing the county money, and both ?, i i_ „ n .ifi/inn a 11 »ir)Ql'tOCl tllG 1*Q" „,„ ,'as all the older The Courier and Mr. BoyJe. I {^£1*0^08 of Wesley well know. Germania Standard: The charao-' r toristio of the fight made by Boyle and the Courier is that not one word has been brought against Mr. Jones. The whole battle is arrayed against Mr. Clarke. Just why Mr. Jones le blamed for Mr. Clarke's republicanism is hard to understand, unless it be that these Lost. An Alaska sable lady's fur collar be tween the Rutherford house and Taylor's store. in JOyi j-iiuo. J-IM...V.J — i- troasureragatn, BorthaCarey for superintendent, Thos. Henderson for supervisor, and Orville Mlnkler for survey OP in 1892 J. B. Hoflus ran for auditor, L C. Smith for recorder, and J. W. Sullivan for county attorney. In 1893 L. C. Smith was candidate for treasurer, C. L. Lund for represen- ta in V 1894 J. B. Hofius was candidate for county auditor, J.J.Ryan for con- DIED:— On Monday or any other day in the week with Putnam Fadeless Dyes goods will not fade either by sun- r washin. Sold by E. & P. light or washing. drug store For Sale. Hard coal heater. Pump with brass Inquire of LENETTE W. BUTLER. , field, garden on ten wglll SSI 3u£«1 £dF-£* your , WHE^^t^Cland at fronj feco «o $8.00 per years'time, at 6 per cent, interest. If you do, the Northern Pacific Railway Co. \)VJ v»wv*«* « •»-,— — -j — two gentlemen have been long friends in business and social relations. In keeoing close tab oin the virulent articles from Mr. Boyle, we find that every article of this kind begins with "we understand." No direct allegation is made in a single instance. The facts | cylinder, are several years ago, at stated .inter- ±isniss'ffnasr^teti «w«ai ^ ** .*« ^^ E^s^^^^s^^^^^st i&^w 1 ^ Boyle was aeieawuo^m^^ ^ Ann-1 "f'^ me a trial. Prices as low as the Sweat. Goods delivered to any part of 1895 S. P. Christensen was up for sheriff J. J- Wilkinson for superintendent, and Dr. Kenefiok for coroner. Last year the ticket had J. L. Bonar for county attorney, C. H. Blossom for recorder, and C. C Chubb for supervi- 8 ° It must be amusing to all these good estimable citizens to read in this cam' sunmuio uiiu*o"° »u .~--— paign about how the democratic party Ws thrown itself into the breach to keep Algonians from "hogging" the party discipline and fidelity. If a man is a union soldier lot him bo one at all timos, and not be a Johnny part of the time. If he is a republican let him bo one all the time; and thus keep both army and party strong for future encounters. This is the point we make—you can't keep either an army or a political party strong If, in off years, you voluntarily, by your talk and votos, break your own lines and help the enemy whip your party or army. In military affairs they made short work of that kind via court marshal. In politics wo have no such remedy. Loyalty to party is loft to the good sense and honor and good comradeship of people. Accordingly, it is not good politics to scratch, unless a nominee is of bad character or is notoriously unfit for the place. But, instead, it is very bad politics. Now, to make this concrete, apply It personally, thus: How can it help the republican party, if you, a republican, scratch Palmer for Stahl or Lackey? It's absurd. How could it help the past if you, a republican, scratch Huston for Alberson? It could not "help" at all, but it would harm the party. Why do that? Do you really think it would strengthen the party to scratch Smith for Teeter i Would it, or does not that kind of thing all the time demoralize the party? How could it help the party any to scratch Reynolds in * avor of Griffith? Absurd I Why should any republican scratch Miss Hughes for Miss Klass, with a view to strengthening the party? It's nonsense. Every time republican lines have been broken la this county is was scratching re- offices. LUND OASES GO OVEB. is regarded as a sorenead and _,-, ble politically by his most intimate associates in Wblttemore At the convention that nominated Mr. Jones, Mr. Boyle was turned down by his own people. He was turned down by them in their caucus that selected delegates. He has been turned down in the county, he has been turned down at home Is not he an object of pity rather than of censure? the clty.-31t2 W. H. LAOY. :Has lands in and HOMES. MINNESOTA that will make For particulars and maps write to both Eastern Land Agt. N. P, Ry, St. Paul, Minn, W H. PHJPPS, Land Commissioner. apply to Pingley, Cooke & Co., local sales soli£tor^ GA.LBRAITH is selling men's gloves at 25c a pair. FOB time loans on real estate apply at Kossutb County State Bank, MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money-Geo. C. Call. Algona, Tl»om«8 WWCome BUCK in December to Hear Tbem-Court Adjourned. The Lund cases, which were begun last week Tuesday, came to a sudden termination. Judge Thomas bad arranged to leave Thursday noon, and by Wednesday afternoon it became evident that the testimony,.could not all LflUl>Ul4 »** «»»»»* ^>MW»— -r^f ,,__.._ „ publicans who did it, and all concede they did mischief to the party. Why keep up such tactics 1 It Is not fair to your party associates. It is not just to your own party. You whack away at your party three years running, learning the habit of scratching yourself and teaching that vice toother*! and when presidential election comes round, you don't know whether you can depend on the party or not. Where's the sense in putting your party in auon condition that it is not a club, but a mere wisp of straw? And then, this sort of thing always pomes. Iowa. Old Gold and Stiver. We buy yourold gold^and^ilver. Bring it in and get 9 Iuve»MK»UuK Committee Chicago Chronicle one day last week had a cock-and-bull story about the investigation of state institu ticns in Iowa being stopped to help Shaw. It said that Congressman Pol liver had brought pressure to bear on Senator Healey, obalraw of the com- k at , <ing8 tb at art 18 mlttee. Senator Healey was in A'f°na *"* tt ^ (£ ^ k * rat rings made up by be read by that time. Besides in the Keller and two other oases an amendment was filed asking fora correction of the contract, which meant a continuance as to them. Finally it was ar- 1 ranged that Judge Thomas would exchange with Judge Quarton for his December term, which opens Deo. 6, and come to. Algona, these seven cases to come , beset for Hearing Tuesday, Pec. 7. , home, like chickens, to roost. Sometime, maybe, you or some personal friend* gets on the ticket, and then you thinlf It is very wrong to scratch, without causeY but °th- eva-uaveas good right to scratch you pv your friends as you had to scratch them or their fviends.and they ave sure to s?Pt you, knife you, and thus party lento grow up and tear the party. Is that good Bplitiesi Just as good as and no better than mutinies on ship board or insurrections in armlw. Think o| It and tote *%ir. A party 1ft ft Joint stock affair, aud a Sign of the big watch. IHJHTEEN karat rings 31U1

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