The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1897 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 20, 1897
Page 8
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WPEK DBS MOINfiS: ALGONA, IOWA S WEDNESDAY. OOTOBEB 20, 189T ABOUT THE NEW BALLOT. OCTOBER 27th. our stock of Fall and Winter Suits and Overcoats and you can then appreciate the light we throw on the clothing question in this city. Every garment of our K. N. & F. Co. make shows art and genius, brains and skill. Our prices show liberality, enterprise. Our crowds show success. It's the "honesty inside as well as outside" that warrants our giving you a guarantee ticket with these famous goods... The manufacturers' agent of one of the largest and best cloak houses in Chicago will be at our store with a .complete line of the latest novelties in ladies,' misses' and children's jackets. Special invitation to the ladies. Please remember the date—WEDNESDAY, OCT. 2 7 th. JNO. GOEDERS. BIRDSELL Unapproachable Steel Skein LIGHTEST DRAFT, BEST PROPORTIONED, STRONGEST IRONED, and FINEST FINISHED WAGON ON EARTH. Made by BIRDSELL MFG. SOUTH BEND, IND. CO. G. M. JOHNSON, Agent, ALGONA, IOWA. BANCROFT'S OOURSING MEET. The Jack Rabbit Will Suffer Today, Tomorrow and Friday—Big Preparations Made. Geo. Holloway and O. T. Brighain were down from Bancroft Monday advertising the big coursing meet, which opens today. They say a fine string of dogs will be on hand and that the sport will be fast and furious. The meeting; at Ledyard was very interesting last year, and that will be eclipsed. It is the Blue Earth Valley Coursing club that has the meet in charge, with Wm. £»tephenson of Kansas City, judge, and Joseph Dodd of Far well, S. D., slipper. Bancroft has raised $150 for purses for the dogs making the best scores. Some WbiUeiuore Notes. THE UPPER DBS MOINES scribe ventured into the Whittemore corporate limits Friday. Wbittemore ie growing. Its school house is a beauty, the Catholic church has been pearly Doubled in si?e, J. M. Farley's new house is as large as any but one or two in Algoiia, N. Ij. Cotton has gone to bare his eyes treated, Mayor k, ppMoe4 it is said by a typhoid germ that is conveyed in the 001HWB8 of the Courier, Potter has returned to Hobart $0 &iHe charge of the pew elevator, and J 1 , Scbalble was arranging the de- Oil the way * rate will be one lowest regular firs class fare plus $2, the §2 in addition t the one fare rate to be collected b; agent selling the ticket. No extr' charge will be made when tickets ar executed for return passage. EYE, ear, nose, and throat. Dr Preston in consultation at Dr. Kene fick's, Wednesday, afternoon, Oct. 27. J. F. PRESTON. THE WOMEN'S BELIEF OOEPS. A Riff District Meeting at Algou Saturday— Many Delegates 1'res cut. Over 30 delegates were present in A gona Saturday for the district meetin of*the Women's Belief corps, The came from Mason City on the easi Recorder Randall's sister being thede: egate, and fromt Fort Dodge on th south. Mrs. McClelan of Denison president of the district society, spen the day in exemplifying the secre work. In the evening a social sessio was held, ice cream and bein served. Mrs. McClellan entertains the guests with reminiscences of he experiences on the battle field. Wbil in town Mrs. McClellan, who is a frien of Proft ; Spencer's, went to the publi school room and talked to the students Excursion Tickets {o via the Northwestern line, will be spl at reduced October 18-21 ineju sive, limited to Oct. 23, on account o F. grand lod e. Apply westera rai For Sftl«. , . »eel« io each, lor sal , > M. OME IMPOETAlTf OMAHGE8 MACE. oters Should Fnmlllnrlze Thetn- selvc with the Sew Plan—Full Text of the Ln\v. The new code makes nn importaht bange In the method of marking the fflcial ballot. Unless voters give spec- al attention to it there will be a lot of allots cast out this full. If the voter vishes to vote a straight party ticket ib should mark in the circle at the iead. If he intends to scratch a single ame, he must let the big circle sovere- y alone, and mark in the square oppo- ite the name of every man he intends o vote for. This seems plain enough, >ut thoso who do not intend to vote a traight ticket will find that it requires ome attention if they get their ballots ounted as they want them to be. A few of the provisions of the new aw are of general interest: HOURS FOR POLLS TO OPEN AND CLOSE. Sec. 1096. At all elections the polls liall be open at 8 o'clock in the forenoon, except in cities where registra- ion ia required, when the polls shall je opened at 7 o'clock in the forenoon, n- in each case as soon thereafter as racanciea in the places of judges or lerks of election have been filled. In all cases the polls shall be closed at C 'clock in the evening. MARKING THE BALLOT. Sec. 1119. Upon retiring to the vot- ng booth the voter shall prepare his >allot by placing a cross in tho square pposite the name of each candidate for vhom he desires to vote, or, if he de- Ladies' Fine Shoes, sires to vote for all the candidates unon ny ticket, he may do so by placing u cross in the circle at the bend of the ticket. Tho voter may also insert in vriting, in the proper place, the name of any person for whom he desires to vote, making a cross opposite thereto. The unnecessary marking of a cross in a square below a marked circle shall not affect the validity of his vote. HOW THE BALLOTS ARE COUNTED. Sec. 1120. Ballots marked as first provided in the preceding section Shall 3e counted for the candidates designated by the murks in the squares. When a circle is marked the ballot shall be ounted for all the names upon the ticket beneath said circle. The making of a cvoss in the square of another ticket than the one marked in the circle shall not affect the validity of the ballot ex- ept as to the office for which the person opposite whose name such cross was made, is a candidate, and as to that office the vote shall not be counted. When more than one circle is marked the ballot shall be rejected. When only one candidate for any office if to be elected, if the voter marks in squares opposite the names of more than one candidate therefor such vote shnll not be counted for such office, whether the circle is marked or not. When two or more officers of the same kind are to be elected, if more squai-es opposite the names of candidates for such office are marked than there are officers to be elected to such office, the ballot shall not bo counted for any such candidates. If for any reason it is impossible to determine the voter's choice for any office to be filled, his ballot shall not be counted for such office. Any ballot marked by the voter in any other manner, than as authorized in this chapter, and so that such mark may bo used for the purpose of identifying such ballot,-shall be rejected. EMPLOYES TO HAVE TIME TO VOTE. 1223. Any person entitled to vote at a general election shnll, on the day of such election, be entitled to absentbim- self from any services in which he is employed for a period of two hours, between the time of opening and closing the polls, which period may be designated by the employer, and such , voter shall not be liable to any penalty nor shnll any deduction be made, from his usual salary or wages on Account of such absence, but application for such absence shall be made prior to the day of election. Any employer who shall refuse to an employe'the privilege conferred by this section or shall subject such employe to a penalty or reduction of wages because of the exercise of such privilege, or shall in any manner attempt to influence or control such em- ploye as to how he shall vote, by offering any reward, or threatening discharge from employment, or otherwise intimidating or attempting to intimidate such employe from (exercising his right to vote, shall be- punished ,by a fine of not less than $5 nor more than 5100. SEMI-LOCAL NEWS NOTES. Boftrdman brothers sold 120,000 pounds of butter in one lump at Nevada last week. That was 2,000 tubs or six carloads, and came to $20,000, It was their June make. -*--*--*• Miss Effle Curtiss, sister of Algona's attorney, has been appointed to a position in the new congressional library in Washington. She has had experience in library work at the Agricultural college and in the Nevada city library. The Representative says there were 7,000 applicants for 44 places which makes her appointment a high compliment. -r -t- 4- Al. Adams in a fatherly mannergives the good 'people of Humboldt some good advice, It is good also in Algona: We want to notify the loving mothers of Humboldt that during the past week or ten days the young girl representatives of six or so of the best or leading families of Humboldt were tramping the streets at night with young fellows that a week before they had never seen and if they never see them again it will be a great mercy to them. This is all we have to say at present, further than to add that no mother or father or other grown person who has the guardianship pf children, has. any right to permit a young girl in years from twelve to seventeen ou|,a| night alone or in each other's company, or company thai tfis guardian dpee not know to be re* eponsjble to him or her, The Lord * STATE LIBRARIANS MEET, E P. McElroy Keprcsents Alsoimat ifes Molnes-He Says the Meeting \V»9 Very Successful. E P. McElroy was at Des Moines last week to represent Algona at the state meeting of librarians. He had a most enjoyable time. In speaking of the meeting for UPPER DES MOINES readers, he says: The eighth annual meeting of the Iowa T tbrarv association is pronounced by com- ceteut judges to have been the most successful in its history. The opening address hv President Johnston of Fort Dodge, the well known veteran in the library movement on "The future of the free libraries in Iowa" was very hopeful and inspiring mid save the key note to the meeting. Miss L. E. Stearns, librarian of the State Free Library commisssion of Wisconsin, cave what was beyond question the most practical as well as entertaining talk upon the topic " How to Organize Free Libraries and Make Them Centers of Education and Happiness." With extensive experience and great enthusiasm in the work Miss Stearns possesses in a remarkable degree the happy faculty of imparting her knowledge aud zeal to others, and the association expressed their high appreciation of her services in the session by a special resolution. "Do not bo discouraged," " Keep at it," "Keep everlastingly at it," were the words again and again repeated with which she emphasized her counsel to those who are seeking to establish libraries and promote a taste for good literature. " The Danger Line in Literature" was the subject treated by Johnson Brighatn, editor of the Midland Monthly. This paper by its marked originality, trenchant criticism and great literary excellence, made a deep impression and won much praise for its gifted author. Hon. Henvy Sabin upon the "Relation of the School to the Library" was at his best, and therefore most instructive and interesting. Judge Deemer of the supveme court delivered an admirable address, his subject being, " How to Stimulate Interest in the Library." In addition to the various addresses, the informal talks and discussions of library topics and questions of practical bearing were of great interest, and a very valuable feature of the convention. Ladies' Medium Fine Shoes, StAtfe OF IOWA EXEOVTIVE DEPARTMENT. BT THE GOVERNOR. A PROCLAMATION. Ladies' Heavy Evefy-day Shoes, Pursuant to law, I, Francis M. Prake, C nor of the state of Iowa, hereby proclaim make known that at the general elect held upon the Tuesday next after Misses' Shoes, Children's Shoes, Men's Fine Boots and Shoes, Men's Medium Boots and Shoes, «~* Monday of November proximo, the sam« w; ing the second day of November, A D ? sol" the following offices are to be ailed by the vnt« of the electors, to-wit: Y0t * By the vote of all the electors of the staf» The office of governor of the state of lowiH The office of lieutenant governor • ' The office of judge of the supreme court In place of L. G. Kinne; "«UT, in The office of superintendent of tmtiHp i« struction; - * c m- Men's Heavy Every-day Boots and Shoes, Boys' Boots and Shoes, All kinds of Footwear, at Broinell & Allref s, The Shoe Merchants, Algona, Iowa. Fine Repairing and custom work. The office of senator in the general assemble from each of the twenty-one districts. If tol lows f First district, which the county of Lee constitutes i Seventh district, -which the counties of Pa™ and Fremont constitute; age Ninth district, which the county of noo Moines constitutes; r or Dea Tenth district, which the counties of Hennr and Washington constitute; enry Twelfth district, which the counties of Pnw eshiek and Keoknk constitute ; Thirteenth district, which the conntv of Wi pello constitutes; J "*' Eighteenth district, which tho countlpi nt Cass and Shelby constitute; OI Twentieth district, which tho counties r>f Muscatine and Louisa constitute; Twenty-first district, which the Scott constitutes ; countv nf • ' PRESTON, Eye, EarXNose and Throat One Hundred Dollars Is offered to any person who can duplicate the a. City, Operations performed. Diseases treated. Spectacles fitted. be at Algona SHELLY & PETTI80NE, MARBLE Head Stones, Monumems, CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. SCHU & WATERHOUSE, {2T"See us before you contract. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med oines, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. f Bootes asa-d. Stationery. the Terms of Court ill the Hour- teeiith Judicial District of the State of Iowa for the Years 1898 and 1899. It is hereby ordered that the terms of the district court in the several counties of the Fourteenth judicial district of Iowa shall be begun and holden at the times hereinafter specified, viz: IflPlIsF - , " - tntntn- O B3 <"Oa a a > n® C owc-a £ « « J s 1C CJ H H- 1 1« CS o -j o u oi o- And it is further ordered that the judges of said district shall hold the several terms of court written below their respective names in the the following table, viz: LOT THOMAS. COUNTIES. 1808. Buena Vista Jan.. 17 Humboldt Feb. 7 Clay Feb. 21 Buena Vista Mar. 14 Pocahontas Apr. 4 Humboldt — Apr. 18 Clay May 9 Dickinson M ay S3 Emmet Aug. 23 Kossuth Sept. 5 Pocahontas Sept. 19 Palo Alto Oct. 3 Buena Vista Oct. 24 Poeabontas Kov. 7 Humboldt Nov. SI Clay Dec. 6 w. B. QDABTOU. Pocahontas.. Jan. 17 Emmet Jan. 31 Dickinson..»%..............Feb. 14 Kossuth Feb. 28 FalOAlto Men. 21 Emmet Apj. 11 Kossuth Avir. 25 Palp Alto Jcayie Buena Vista Aug. 23 Humboldt Sept. 12 Clay Sent. 8fl Dicfcnson ...Oct. 17 Emmet... Oct. 81 Kosffttlj. Nov. 14 DJckinson Deo. 5 : PaU> Alto,.,...... ... ......Dec. 12 UN WIKFWSSS WBJWSPF, We, tfce wn* - o* $ftW.court fcave hereunto 1899. Jan. 16 Feb. 6 Feb. 20 Mar, SO Apr. 3 Apr. 17 May 8 May 22 Aug. 22 Sept. 4 Sept. 18 Oct. S Oct. 23 . Nov. 6 Nov. 20 Dec. 5 Jan. 16 Jan. 30 Feb. 13 Feb. 27 Mch. 20 Apr. 10 Apr. 24 May is Aug. 22 Sept. 11 Sept. 25 Oct. 16 &thd.ayot w.; A. D. THOMAS PROFESSIONAL. •V^^^-^^^rf-^XN^^ - X>»>^^^rf^**^ 1 n^>^«w^ 1 «CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. 0 Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. ition agent. Boston block. Twenty-second district, -which the countv nf Clinton constitutes; «-uumy or Twenty-ninth district, which the countv nf Jasper constitutes; •* ' Thirtieth district, which the countv of Polk constitutes ; J * Thirty-fourth district, which the counties of Harrison, Monona and Crawford constitute- Thirty-fifth district, which the county of Dn. buque constitutes; Thirty-seventh district, which the counties Wright, Hamilton and Hardln constitute- Thirty-eighth district, which the counties of Black Hawk and Grundy constitute; Forty-second district, which the counties of Winneshiek and Howard constitute; Forty-fourth district, which the counties of Floyd and Chickasaw constitute; Forty fifth district, which the counties of Tania and Benton constitute; Forty-eighth district, which the counties of Carroll, Sac and Greene constitute; Fiftieth district, which the counties of Buena Vista, Pocahontas and Humboldt constitute. The office of representative in the general assembly from the several counties and representative districts, as follows: The districts composed respectively of the counties of Clinton, Des Moines, Dubuque Lee, Linn, Polk, Pottawattamle, and Woodbury, two representatives each ; Each of the districts composed respectlrelv of the counties of Adair, Adams, Allamakee, Appanoose, Audubon, Benton, Black Hawk, Boone, Bremer, Buchanan, Buena Vista, Butler, Calhoun, Carroll, Cass, Cedar, Cerro Gordo. Cherokee, Chickasaw, Clarke, Clayton, Crawford, Dallas, Davis, Decatur, Delaware, Fayette, Floyd, Franklin, Fremont, Greene, Grundy, Guthrie, Hamilton, Hardin, Harrison, Henry, Howard, Iowa, Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson Johnson, Jones, Keokuk, Kossuth, Louisa, Lucas, Madison, Mahaska, Marlon, Marshall, Mills, Mitchell, Monroe, Montgomery, Muscatine, Page, Plymouth, Po-weshiek, Ringgpld, Sac, Scott, Shelby, Sioux, Story, Tama, Taylor, Union, Van Buren, \Vapello, Warren, Washington, Wayne, Webster, and Winneshiek, one represeneative. Each of the following districts one representative, to-wit: Fifty-seventh district, being the counties of Mouona and Ida. Seventy-flfth district, being the counties of Wright and Hancock. Seventy-sixth district, being the counties of Humboldt and Pocahontas. Eightieth district, being the counties of O'Brien and Lyon. Eighty first district, being the counties of Osceola, Emmet, and Dickinson. Eighty-second district, being the counties of Clay and Palo Alto. Ninety-first district, being the counties of Worth and Winnebago. By vote of the electors of the Fourth judicial district, consisting of the counties of Cherokee, O'Brien, Osceola, Lyon, Sioux, Plymouth, Woodbury, Hanisou, and Monona, the office of judge of the district court, in place of Scott M. Ladd, resigned, the office being now temporarily filled by William Hutchinson. Whereof all electors will take due notice, and the sheriffs of the several counties will take official notice, and govern themselves ao- D AV NSON & BUTLER, LAW. \LOANS. LAND. Collecflli ons a specialty. Office over i SULLIVAN &VMcMAHON, LAW, Office in Hosie-Fersu^ E. V. ATTONEY AT Algona, Iowa. J. C. RAYMOND. ERNEST o.V RAYMOND RAYMOND & RAYMON£X?> ATTORNEYS AT L Algona, Iowa. FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT*LAW.^ Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the great seal of the state of Iowa, this first day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven, of that of national independence the one hundred and twenty second, and that of the state of Iowa the fifty-first. [SEAL] F. M. DRAKE. By the governor: G. L. DOBSON, Secretary of State. SHERIFF'S PROCLAMATION. To the electors of Kossuth county, Iowa: You are hereby notified that at the general election, to be held Nov. 2,1897, the following offices are to be filled by vote of all the electors of Kossuth county: The office of treasurer; The office of sheriff; The office of superintendent of schools; The office of surveyor; The office of coroner; The offices of two supervisors. Whereof all electors of the county will take due notice and govern themselves accordingly. C. C. SAMSON, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence in the Boston Block. (In the new block.) H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURffSON. Office at residence, McGregor street. Fred Thorn, AT HOBART, IOWA, Gives as many pounds of sugar i for a dollar as anybody, and sells fall kinds of GROCERIES ;ht prices. Wb want a part ur trade, and will do the e thing by our customers at Call and see if this is PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. M. J. KENEFICK, PHYSIC I A N AND SURGEON. Office and residence over Taylor's. H. D. SPENCER, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Sexton. Iowa. DR. MARGARET E. COLES, Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon, Office and residence in Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. E. S. GLASIER, D. P. S., SURGEON DSNTJ8T, Office over tae State Bank, Algon&, Iow». DENTIST. 4, I*. RIQT, D. D, 8. Ernes of railway track. THORN, KAl SIG( PAI] Postal carl proc ;r, Paper Hanger .SOMINER, AND CARRIAGE ITER. , orders will receive ipt attention. JAS.A.OBB. W ANTEI house c»nva Tto

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