The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 20, 1897
Page 7
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*V- -f«7 UPfEH DE8 MOtNIS: ALGOtfA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 20. ;,MB7. BATTERS OF INTEREST TO DEVOTEES OF THE BICYCLE. CAlifothto Seceder* Repotted to Be * Uoetty Time Trying to JIolH Together — Their Recognltlo.! 1)} the Canadian Wheelmen. -•NOTES of THE WHEEL i coiumbia " niess «»* ««*n^ ^ ilw organization on the Pacific coast. The official organ of the C. W. A. in Its issue of Sept. C comments editorially on the existing trouble as follows: "The four letters C. A. C. C. stand for the Coast Associated Cycling Clubs, pronounced by the L. A. W. a black-' list association. It was formed by the cyclists of California because they believed they could run their own affairs much better than the L. A. W. was doihg. Many erstwhile pronilneat L. A. W. men are connected with, the C. A. C. C., and its influence appears to be spreading to other states beyond the Rockies. Jusl what the association's The California Secede™. f-r -- --in HE movement? of ill the Assoclated Cy- I cling Clubs of Cali• fornia, who have j M assumed control of * Sunday racing en Pacific coast, Fft«oo» Iflt-entlotit. the are watched with great eagerness by the officers of the L. A. W. The early race meets held in that section were fairly successful and the outlook for a general secession of western riders from the league looked encouraging. Lately, however, advices of the progress of the Sunday Racing League indicate that general dissatisfaction is felt by the racing men, their confinement to purely local tournaments spreading discord in their ranks. A prominent wheelman in San Francisco describes the situation as follows: "The L. A. W. national circuit has been a success far beyond the anticipations of the riders in this state. Great numbers of new men are coming to the front, and yet California has by her own act, cut herself off from all part in this great circuit. The men who howled long and loudly for Sunday racing have it, and it has been in n measure a success, but whether it is worth the price paid is another story. The racing season in this state, if the meets hold on the Olympic circuit are entitled to such a title, so far have not been very prosperous. In this city there has not been one meet since the Velodrome fiasco, and yet we are told that when Sunday racing was the rule there would be Sunday meets with great crowds. Some of the best racing men are beginning to see the situation more clearly now, and they real- i/.e, just as was predicted when the Sunday racing movement began, that they have paid the penalty—suspension by the L. A. W.—for the violation of '.he league rules." •sucess of the C. A. C. C. little or great, strength is is hard to determine at this distance. * * However, be the the time has arrived when the Canadian Wheelmen's Association, must either recognize or ignore it. Somo time ago British Columbia requested that the blacklisted riders of the C. A. C. C. be allowed lo compete in races sanctioned by the C. W. A. This request was hot granted, the new association being told that when it demonstrated its control over cycling affairs in its jurisdiction, action would be taken. Now British Columbia wants '.he question settled one way or the other, The success of their race meets depends very largely upon the presence of these American coast riders, and while no threats have been made it is believed that it would not take much to cause British Columbia to throw off its allegiance to the C. W. A., and cast in its lot with the C. A. C. C." Above we show cuts of three famous Inventions taken from Sues' machine movements, copyrighted 18BT. Inverit- ors having applications filed through the disbarred firm o( John Wedderburn A, Co.. should address Sues & Co., attorneys at law and patent experts. Bee Building, Omaha, Nebraska, for free advice. I'ownr Transmitter. How to gain speed in a mechanical contrivance without the loss of power has been an unsolved problem to mechanics for a long time, but it seems that two Cincinnati inventors have to all intents and purposes accomplished this remarkable feat. The Invention is applied to bicycles only at present. The idea of Messrs. Bultz and Relter is very simple although to some it may appear difficult of explanation. The "power transmitter" is located at the hub of the rear wheel. The ordinary Poultry. "EcRB cost 817 In Alaska." "What makes them so high!'' "CHmnte." •'Climate!" '•ye<: the hens have to wear sealskin cloaki." NEW KOttTK TO I1KAI.TH. Little, fragrant, palatable tablets, in a dainty enameled metal box. just right for the vest pocket'orthelady'tt purse. On the tablets are stamped the letters. "C. C. O." CasearetK, Candy Cathartic. Eat one like candy and the little tablet at once purifies and regulates tho whole digestive canal. It destroys disenKo germs in tho mouth and thront, stoiw flouring of undigested food in the stomach, stirs up the liver, and tones and strengthens tho bowels, making them act healthily and naturally. They are well and wfdoly advertised In the press, but the best advertisement for Cascarets is the wonderfully niildyet positive action, which makes a Cascurot convert of everyone that trios them. AV'o recommend them to all our readers. Why Should He? Jabbers—I woke up last night nnd found a burglar in my room. CONNUB1AL1T1E3. is lees than ten years 15,000 ihftr- rlage licenses have been issued by the Kansas City recorder, and the number Bince 1881 wan 23,000. The bicycle wedding is becoming, popular. It is ft ceremony in which the participants are apt to be married in haste and divorced at leisure. The man In New York who sold his \ wife for a gold watch and chain valued it $160 must have had the idea that' wives are goods and chattels, to be disposed of like slaves in ante-bellum lays. But mark you, there is this Important distinction: The wife was suite willing to be sold because she thought she was getting the better of the bargain. The latest freak marriage place is the Bounty Democracy hall of Cook county, Illinois, where Arthur J. Flay and Hilda Scheffler were united In the bonds of matrimony on Sunday. It waa ti brilliant event, attended by about every member of the organization, and will go down In the annals of yic club as the greatest thing since young Mr. Harrison's triumph. FIGS Afct> THISTLES. Fog Is the gossip of sunshine, i ' Prejudice IS the sword of fool*. S.lnful pleasures have a sweetened sting. I,ove has a short life, unless given away. Covetousness is cussedness nicknamed. He that does nothing, makes but one mistake. <**.-* It only good weft could marry the world would be full of old maids.—' Rani's Horn. MH8. MM to Mm LAST MONTH Of the Tennessee Cedtcunlal and fhilai' trial Exposition. The month of October closes this great ost of nil Exposition!) ever held in the South. ftnd uoxt to the Columbia^, the best ever held hi this country. For the Cloning month, special attractions have been arranged, and the rates from all parts of tho country have boon made lower than over before known. The location (Nashville. Teiin.) is on the nmiu line of the Louisville & Nnshvlllo Railroad, directly on Its through cur route between tho North and South, and the trip in either direction via that city ciui bo niadu as cheaply, if not cheaper, than via nny other route. Ask * > .•..,,,,.,.1, Tiui i vour tic-wet agent for rates, or write to r.eware of Ointment* for Cntnrili i IMI ^ p A, mo ,. 0 (4 cnernl Pnswngcr AtfCi.t, Contain Mcroury " a* mercury will surely destroy tlm of siuoll.-and ootnplPtoly rtprriiiB She says:— 1 tate be«ii using Vegetable Compottnd fiM find that it- does all that it is recbifitttfetictea ttf Q6, 1 have beeh a sii*6rtet fotthe last ton* years with i*6nib trouble, iveak back and excretions. I was hardly able to do toy household duties, and while about my wotk was so nervous that... t was miserable. , I had also given up in despair, when 1 . was persuaded to try Lydia E. Pmk< ham's Vegetable Compound, and to-day, I am feeling like a new womBn.i- Mns. Etr.A MctUnvt, Necbe Koad Station, Cincinnati, O. WAGON Something entirely new derrtliBo - ihf e -ai B%em when enterlw It through thp mucous pnrfui'eH. Such aim HP Should.™ or bo used except o., ' Louisville. Kv.. for rates nnd infoi'uiatiou American pottery was recent! v shipped to Liverpool and Edinburgh froniKohomo, I nil., the first scut from the United Ktate* to the British Isles. Havers—Catch him? Jabbers—Certainly not. a collection of burglars. I'm not making A New Adjustment. • Chain adjustment at the rear fork iugs hag never been one of the features that cyclists in general admired in a bicycle, although a great deal of in-, genuity has been expended by cycle makers and specialty makers to make such chain adjustment devices convenient to operate. There has always remained the Irksome work for the cyclist of making the adjustment alike on both sides, and the adjustment by eccentric discs in the rear fork lugs, by which it has been sought to overcome the objection, have somehow not become popular, probably because eccentric devices in this part of the machine could not very well be made stout enough to work satisfactorily. It seems now that part makers have learned a trick from the tandem builders who effected front chain adjustment in the crank hanger by placing an interior shell containing the bearing members eccentrically in it. This has been found so satisfactory that on several tandems this mode of adjustment in both hangers has been employed and now by a gradual evolution there are signs appearing on the horizon that the same method will be rather co*nmonly adopted for single machines. Itoauty In IJIood liccji. Clean blood means a clean skin. No beauty without it, Cascnrets, Candy Cathartic, clean your blood and keep it clean, by stirring up the la/y liver aiid driving all impurities from the body. Begin to-day to banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads, and that sickly bilious complexion by taking CaKcarets.—beauty for ten cents. All druggists, satisfaction guaranteed, lOc, 2Dc, DOc. Wealth. '•It seems the courts find no flaw in Bilk's will. "Vou don't soy so. Why, I supposed Bilks to be richer'thnu that;" mi mercury, und is"taken Internally, act c dlr •ctlv upon tho blood and mucous Vurtiii-psof thi! nystem. In buyliiR Ha 1's r itarrh Cure be sure you Kcl the genuine It Is taken Internally and made in Toledo Ohio, by \'\ J. Cheney & Co. Ics- umdulals free. Sold by Druggists, price 7!ie l)Pf bottle. Hall's Family Pills arc tlip_best. Telephone competition in AVnlmfih reduced tho cost of tha service to Oli con Is per month. . Rdiicntn Vonr UowoU TVItti CusoaretB. randy, euro constipation t'orovor. 10C.S50. If C.C.C.full,drui5Kisis refund money. Shakespeare's house wasvlHHed last year by 1100,000 visitors, who paid admission for their privilege. ^ ^ _ TO CUIUS A"c6LuTN ONE DAY. Tako Laxntlvo Bromo Qulnlpo Tablets. All Druggists refund tho money If It tails to euro. Sao CleuiiHe tiio spots on your carpetH with ox gull or amniouin. To a pint of. water add half, a tablespoonful of tho gall. Mrs. WlnsUWR(Sooth Korclilldroiiti'1't.lilnn miHmiHthP'iluiTilnflnm UmtKm.utlivys iialii.vuftM wliuluullv. l!5 tttits n. butt.u. "Take the sunshine where you lltul It— In tho valley on the hill; If you can't n'liiR hallelujah, You can thank Uod nnd be ntiUl" A better Rcnlo fcirli'HS immry tlinn IIIIK cvi-r been offered. Joiii'siif Ilinglminlnn llliiKhniuton, N. Y. SCALES NEW DISCOVERY ! *><» ,,ulc!!i-«llnfiimlum'<!S«<"-Ht csUinnnliilH nnd 1O \V. N. U. DCS Moincs. No. 43— 1897. \Vlicu iiimverlnu mlvurllnoinunts iilcnsj mention. tills piipor. Tho Iteal Champion. The fact that the Amateur Athletic union holds a one-mile national bicycle championship each secison has suggested the point that the L. A. W. should discountenance this event. The national one-mile L. A. W. championship was won by C, M. Ertz of the Riverside wheelmen of this city at the Philadelphia meet. Naturallly this rider received the championship title. Following the league meet the A. A. U, hpl4s, its annual championships, and lamong the events is a one-mile bicycle face, which was won by I. A. Powell, of POWER TRANSMITTER, chain passes over at the rear wheel on what answers the same purpose as the ordinary small sprocket wheel. The sprockets of this wheel are loose and are really a part of a large sprocket wheel. The latter consists of parallel disk wheels attached to the hub of tlia wheel. Resting upon the small sprocket wheel are extended levers which fit into specially constructed grooves at some distance from the center of the hub. As the chain pulls at one point of the inner sprocket the extended lever engages one of the grooves and transmits the power to that point. The cut will explain this more clearrly. If this is readily understood it will be seen that the same force that is applied tc the small sprocket is transmitted to a greater radius, aud hence with the same exertion additional speed is attained. Unlike the present method, the pulling section of the chain on the rear sprocket does not cover one quarter of the circumference thereof, but only the point near the top, thereby making the resistance considerably less and ul- lowing the difference in power required to be transmitted to where it do the rmst good. There Is a Clnim of 1'eoplB Who are injured by the use of coffee. Recently there lias been placed in _all the grocery stores ii new preparation called GRA1N-O made of pure grains, that takes the places of coffee. The most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over_ M as much. Children may clriiik it with great benefit. 15 cts. and 25 cts. per package. Try it. Ask for (JllAIN-0. Corrector!. New Yorker—Have you spent much time investigating microbes, Miss Back Bay? Boston girl—Yes; indeed; I dote on tho dear little Michaelrobes. t in-'* CouRh t» tho nliW and best. It will bri'nk «|i » cold qulckoi than Anything: clue. lUBolwaYHrellAble. Irj it. Hat manufacturers in Kansas pay !1 cents for skins of jack rnbbitts, iwiug the fur 111 milking their wares. _____ No-To-Hae lor Witty OentB. Guaranteed tobacco habit euro, maices men strong, blood pure. 60c, W. A A storekeeper in Bath, Mo., keeps his grain In hemlock chests, because ratu uov- gnaw hemlock. Pisa's Cure for Consumption has been a family medicine with us since 181!!).—J, K. Madison, 1.401) 42d Ave., Chicago, Ills. Tho largest known flower issaid to bo the Rafllosia, of Sumatra. It has a diameter of nine foot Last year was unusually fatal to United States pensioners. 81,900 oil them died. Doing good is the only certainly happy action of a man's life.—'Sidney. ]?cad tho Advertisements. You will enjoy this publication much better if yon will get into the habit of reading 1 the advertisements. They will afford a most interesting study and will put you in the way of gettinp some excellent burtriiins. "— advertisers are reliable, they what they advertise. Duplicity. How in the world did you have the face to toll Miss Oklmuydo that her complexion reminded you of a peach; WaRR!os—You have seen a pray, spotted, wriukled-iip pencil, linvn't you. OPEN LETTER To MOTHERS. WE ARE ASSERTING IN THE COURTS OUR RIGHT TO THE EXCLUSIVE USE OP THE WORD " CASTORIA," AND "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," AS OUR TRADE MARK. I, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Byamiis, Massachusetts,was the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the same that has borne and does now£\njf '£&"?•''?""' ° 11 cver V bear the fao-simile signature of (*&a&%7&&£M wrapper. This is tiic original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which has been ibsed in the homes of the mothers of America for over thirty years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is the Icind yon have always_Jwi*>ght Sp •/£&'/#-*-#*" on ^ LG a n d~ha s~~ the a igrioture o f' (^o&xT-e&c&tt wrapper.,-No one has authority from me to use my name except Tke Centaur Company of ivhich Chas. R. Fletche President. March 8, 1897: Do Not Be Deceived. Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute which some druggist may offer you (because he makes a few more pennies on it), the ingredients of which cvctl he does not know. "The Kind You Have Always Bought" BEARS THE FAC-SIMILE SIGNATURE OF is Insist on Having The Kind That Never Failed You? THE CCNTAUH COMPANY, TT MURRAY BTRCCT. NEW YORK CITV. If you want to operate on the Chicago Board of Trade tend for our free book containing full information how to trade. On account of the short wheat crop in foreign countries and the bbort, corn crop in this country, both corn and wheat -will sell much higher, anil now is the time to make a profitable investment. We execute orders in wheat in 1,01)0 bushels aud upwards, and corn aud oats iu 5.000 bushels and upwards. Write us to-day. " * Laughery Chicago. Trade. & Co., a28 Rialto Hiiildin«, Members Chicago Board of A. BRTZ. C. The point Is now as to which rider is reajly the chtunpion at one mi|e.[ Both eu h&ye won championships i at the distance, but un^er, the auspices jjf afferent organizations controlling |njat$ur sport.— New York Suii. wheelmen in Canada are greatly over the liability of the Oan- Wheelmen's Association, recog- the Associated Cycling Clubs of Itlvlerre'B The London Cyclist, in commenting on ttifc performance of Constant Ri- vierre, the French loug-diptapce rider, who is now in this country, in the recent twenty-four-hour race held in Paris, says: Rivierre should commit to memory the English exclamation, "Save me from my friends!" In the recent twenty-four-hour race he retired at the seventeenth hour, hoping to recruit his strength by a temporary rest. Somo well meaning, but misguided, friends gave him a potion, a sort of mysterious endurance-ciim-speed elixir, which, by all accounts, nearly settled him. He was seized with violent abdominal pains, and for days afterward felt the effect of this drastic remedy. So sore does he feel about, mentally and'.physically, tha^t no one dare mention the speed mixture in his presence. From such like philtres may all good speedmen be defended! Rivierre goes to the United States to try his luck in various handicaps, of six, twelve and twenty-four hours' duration. Our American cousins seem still able to tolerate long endurance fixtures, as witness the recent six days' grind at Boston. Time was when such events evoked more than passing interest iu England; we remember something of the kind'long before the advent of pneumatics, in 1879, at the Agricultural hall, when solid-tired ordinaries competed. may „ , and our American cousins are welcome to keep their six days' grind as long as they please on their side of the her* pond,. The-recent work of Tom Coopev, th,f Detroit vaoev, of the national circuit, Xot Now. Forrester—You live iu n quiet part of town, do you i»ot( Lancaster—Not now. I*'orrester--Move£l * Lancaster—No. (Jot twins. Moles are excellent swimmers, their paws aw paddles. Thousands have boon ElSO lwiBSTAK.EL0 cured promptly of NEURALGIA CANDY CATHARTIC CURE CONSTIPATION iiilDfi HOG CHOLERA Voi- the ANTI-TOXINE, aud Cure of Hog 1'revontiou Cholera. Prnpsired from the blood ot horses immunized BBaUiBl ine bacilli «f HUB t.'holera. We guiir- unlee lo mire Uio disease, nlso 10 lui .uiilze herds 01 swine ikuuliist bou choleru Infection. This preparation Is n scientific one uua In us effeoiivolp hogsusBiuluerllfi! AiultoxitiHlsin children. We tnvlle the ntloulioii of breeders offlnelioirH For further purlluulnrH address ,lNo. T. M1I.UKKN & CO., HacterlolOfc'lc U«- partiuent, St. Louts. Mo Guns AMMUNITION, POWDER, SHOT, HUNTING'- SHELLS LOADEDTO ORDBR. HAND LOADED SHOKULESS POWDER SHELLS, $2 per 100 An .Ulrurtlon. "I should so like to go to tho north pole." -Why, Tommy;" ••80 that 1 could have us many ices to ant us 1 want." , iSvorvboUy Snyt So. Cascarets Candy Cathartic, Hie most wonderful medical discovery of the age, pleasant and refreshing to tho taste, auk gently and positively on kidneys, liver and bowels, cleansing the entire system, dispel cold*, own heailaolie, fever, habitual constipation and biliousness. Please buy and try 11 box of O. C. O. to-day; J o, '.T.. f.O cents. Sold and guaranteed to cure by all rtnigjristo. The prices of food are rising In ftpalu, owing to the steady depreciation of silver and the paper currency. ^^ Ff*KK, IMI'ORTAVl' J.NKHIMATJON To men (plaiti envelope.) How, after ten years' fruitless doctoring, I was fully restored to full vigor anil robust manhood. No C. O. J). fraud. No money accepted. - SPORTING GOODS, - - „ . c CAMERAS Nineteen styles of Cameras; Plates, Films So- jutlons, Developing and Pi inting Rape- 1, etc. SEND FOR CATALOGUE. ND RETAIL Leave Omaha any Thursday afternoon at 4:35—in a clean, comfortable, not crowded tourist sleeper—and you reach San Francisco Sunday evening, I-os Angeles Monday noon. No transfers—car goes right through. Uniformed Pullman porter and experienced excursion conductor relieve you of all bother. EVERYTHING provided, 'i'ickets f40. •lip (big enough for two) *3. Write for -lying lull information. J. brands, Uenernl 1'asseuger Agent, Omaha, Neb. W T* /^ITT A CJ 17 JOBBER AND RETAILER, . I*. (JHAb.h, 618-620 LOCUST ST., DES MOINBS, IOWA. But the British public will not beyoud a 24 hour }uri.s,4iqti9n. over jn. that territory. It 4s evi- No collection with Bent absolutely frae. medical concerns. _______________ .. _____ Addvew, ],ookfiox B88, Chicago, 111. Send U-iseut stmuu if convenient. ______ __ , One hundred and twenty firemen are required to feed tue I'uruttces of » Atlantic, steamer. Keep in flood form $r » during the winter. Riding will d° €' it, and a Columbia bicycle will do it best Vr of all. You ran depend on a LA GRIPPE IS COMING Wo sou ml tho ulurin Alreaiay U is claiming ils victims hy tun thousumls across old oceuiii As Iu tlio pusl tl will soon uroHsyourUirpsholo \Ve torewurn .you Hint toll you how to best urnimre for it. Uou't wait uulit yon have HOUH aiiaoked. mil lie prtipuro.! tor lUe wti«ii hu aiittcUs you, Solid simii|) for our«8-pun<> shows that he i? Rot riding in his usual Columbia Bicycle to give you plenty of winter exercise and just as good service as it will in summer. STANDARD QF TH£ WORLD ,, ....... I,,, i, i u i i ii ...... ' n ................ * means that Columbias are the patterns for all others. Dr. liuy's l^uimU'tini IK «uuranieea to be Miifesi liiiil must coriuin cyra uuown lor Iu tci Ippe iiuil overv U'lurt of cough. Miss Nellie 1'unnyor. l»:ifl ao. lUUiSt.,l)uinhu. Null., wrilissi "iluvc, used yocr Dr. KUN'H Unit' Halm fur u rtovi'i'.i oils? of liib'i'ippe. "v luiiLM wt-ro very Kofii. iiiitl la ink UK vtiu Uc Kuy's I'^uiiK ll'ilui I foiinJ it stoi>i:ocl iiuv Uesim lo cough at once The sorfliiess ou my IIIIIKS uiu\ In iny hcticl t-oou Ulsuiuiear. it. Ills ple'iv uni lo tukc auUdoiis not cause slnkness nt Uu< Htoiniuli like miiuycouuli remedies, yet UUUITS (iiilclior Itiiiii iliiv J. luvvo ever H'leA .. ,, (Uev.)J. AV. \Vohlfart-h. pastor I'iret M. t. ChU'-oh, Uriitmo, I!l . wrliea: "I aw tfl>u '« rncuri'l Ilio fuel thai less lluiu one box ul ,vi) if Or. Ivivy's I.unn Hului cured me oJ un a»fal cough. It Is a rciuiirkalJlo remedy. " It is soUl by aniKt'lsts. or sent by us liy uiiUV for S5 ois- Dou'i tiiku uuy suusttlul« for tt lwt< r..icauttl Address Dr. 15. J. Kay MeUical Co., Onuilui, Neb. AVo guurautee Dr. Kav's Renovator la be the 1 t>t\ rumojy known for dysirpskv. cuust'.u.vitpiv und U\ er troubles. A portuut yuuox u wr. for bpuU. A gout* for DiS Hartford Bicycles, POPE MFC- CO, Hsrtfortl CQ,lU,«I*i«lS Build to-day «nd strong u,na W|tk $ nd men declare tbat Coope is all out 9* eo»4iU9»,, and, needs gey* eral \vaejfs ol r

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