Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1937 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
Page 9
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30, 1937. . [AGUE IRS IN [OTA MEET jg—The Epworth i'ined the Forest City, i r Woden, Prairie |rd, and Lake Mills 70 young people at- oek Monday evening. had charge of a so- er which a program bngregatlonal singing; "Teacher Morris, Led- Clara Chipman; pi- Reanor Moe, Elizabeth Idddress, the Rev. F. new Methodist pas„. subject Dependabll- ttl Methodist Aid serv- KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA lage, was loading corn when called .last week Monday and lie would haul it ( ho Is feeding ill biacic I'oland Chi-' nas. His hogs will fioon ))0 rea(ly | or market, ami Richard hopes thai „..„««,„, nappy the hog market will get up and stay south of Lone Rock old -— worlds of good > sec such abundant crops in lo- Wa " :,.. ey ca . mc llere £rom Nebras- was hard up. * * * * Arthur Zumach, happy farmer us that but he took time to renew hie paper. Howard carries one of the largest stocks of lumber and paints in the county. # * * * Wm. Boyken, of the Tltonka Savings bank, was reading the Advance when we called Wednesday. He said he had figured it was about the time for us to show up.. He always looks for our farm news first and he says he always finds something of interest that he did not already know about. and Grace Berg, bookkeeper for the Gamble Stores, Algona, were at home for Thanksgiving and the week-end. We were * * * * at Tony Meyering's, north of Titonka, Friday. He said Fonr-II Club Meets Friday— The Swea Spirit of Service 4-H club met with the leader, Mrs. Emll Larson, Friday. The year's check-up was made and plans for a Christmas party laid. Talks were given on next year's projects. Andersons in Modern Home— The Arthur E. Andersons have moved into their new home. The he will move to a place south of | house, seven rooms, two story, is Woden in the spring. Tony is a modern. . good farmer. He raised more than 6000 bushels of corn this year. The * * * * When we called nt Krnest model's, northwest of Algona, l ila l wook ' UICO " WC1 '° Tor him. Wn Other Swea-Eagle. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Peterson, corn will move onto it. The Grays have the Frank Isaacsons, Mrs. Harry already been making improvements L,inde, and the latter's daughters . --—~.. ( l,v/»vt U£> LlltlL «"MU ../uullvylo \JL \j\Jl u 1111O JTCtH, .1.11V no was waiting for William Lauck, ifarm was sold to Arnold Gray, who WhIUemorc, to come and shell on Peter N. Hansen, on the place. There were two houses on the farm, but Arnold has n "Pedant"— Itory contest between I and eighth school fceld in the school audi- ,veek Tuesday. In hu- o ry Grabau won first, E'er, second; in drama- Jlloetland was first, Ird, second; in orator| Werlnga was first, Iroeder second. Sixteen fpart. Judges were Mrs. Ira. Harry Warburton, ...ymond Smith. Clara jfteacher and coach. .' Supervisor Hanoi— and friends gathered at lira's last week Sunday done, fiso party, the occasion Brtliday. Attending: Mr. r 1 1 ,M nn . , „„„„„,, uu lutl im . ul , out JV1IIU1U 11BB fodder. 'Ilns is not. now much !"" Ull " r , Lonc R °ck, last week moved the smaller to the north side done in Kossul.li. In fact this was ' ' "°. S( f!- v '- , M '' S - "«nscn had baked of the larger one, and now he has tne only shredder we have seen in 1 B ' ' a ' - nies f° r a school car- - -'--'- *-'- ' ------ ml -< ---- "' — •-action this fall. The nuichine blows i, nival nt Scn eca. They get a great the fodder into the barn, while the ' V " ul ° r thc school events, for n'l TO nP nr\fti •, ..., _ i _ . •. . . _ I. IIP V llil V*n n lm» 1.. i1._ _ .. t_ t > ars of corn arc elevated into the wagon. Ernest has his silo full He believes in having plenty of fc«d, and his cows and other stock a single big house. This will make the Grays a fine home. * * * * Mrs. Mary Anderson, south of Lakota, and her daughter, now do the farm work on their place. It was they have a boy in the school. As we drove away and mused on those pics we mourned thc fact that we. -- .- -could not turn time backward in'Mrs. Andeson's son Claence who show that they arc not stinted Kr- " S f " RnlSi 1)G n bo V again, and at-i had o- right arm hurt in a corn nest also takes good care of his l ° n ^ tlle Seneca school. ' picker accident some time ago. The farm machinery. Ho was nsinir' A. TT __ „* * * * . |hand was healing well but is short for power on the shredder a 1 tractor. This has a singlp- der engine, and lie bought the, „,., fit 21 years ago. It works as well as ever. This is one place whore cowa arc tied liaincr t . w ' " I **<*** w *>«.£> u< vS enry F " Scn i-°e<Ier's, north- two fingers. MOL.UI west of Lone Rock, the men were 1 Tuesday, Morine and Gloria attended Thanks giving services and dinner at the giving service and a dinner at the Open Rible tabernacle at Algona Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Jenson and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Jenson spent last Thursday with the Jenson daughter, Mrs. Claude Faugust, and her baby at St. Joseph's hospital, Mankato. Mr. and Mrs John Blum, daughter Mary, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Closing Out Sale! As I am going to quit farming I will offer at a closing out sale at the place just west of the Wallburg Pilling Station, north of Algona on No. 18, the following property, on Wednesday, Dec. 8th SALE TO COMMENCE AT 1 O'CLOCK PROMPT Treat, and the Treat daughter Shirley Lee were Thanksgiving guests , Picking corn last weeV~Tuesday; *«i» Pruismann, two miles east ° CMrolatlv ? sMat M ' nn1eap ° HB - , out- fio wo d i d nol gct to , , t , «J o£ -ntonka, was finishing corn pick- Mr : . a d "fi ^^ m ^' and "-" Henry. Hc said he had to make 'ng Friday. He will move to Kam- dAau S ht £ Millcent and the Clarence more room for corn in his crib He •""-. near Webster City, in the I*™ 1 ™ himers all of Plover were is the most comfort,,.,.* , T " at llad two mc » Picking, and they were spring. The place where he lives is i Thanksgiving dinner guests at Wm. is tne most comfoi table way to care bringing in big loads. nw^nrt w M™ r>,.,,i. 0 m™r,' a fathor. Thompson's. for cows, though it is tiio only , • • - i ••• -Jii i j *i v .f yf barn wo have been in whore it is T, P. Brethorst, northwest Villiam Witke, Clear ha Witke, Mr. and Mrs. , Wesley, was feeding his hogs when ' our routes. T , „., . i'' vc arrived Thui-sday. He has 60 John llilpy is one of the oldtim- where ho lives and 40 more on the owned by Mrs. Pruismann's father, Reinder Johnson. We do not like of to see such good people moving off crs at Irvlnglon. and a Mr. farm .south of Soxton where his . Lincoln arc 'batching" in a house son Fred lives. L. P said Mrs (turn, the Paul Hertzkes, |at the nortli edge of the vilago. Mr. Brothorst had been feeling pretty fs. Gus Persig, the Ray- Hiley was filing a circular saw good lately. She has been bother- Ikes, all of Elmore; Mr. when we arrived. Ho likes to do cd a great deal by rheumatism in Ervin Schwietert, Hurt; jthnt kind of work. Ho told us that the last few years, iirvin, Arthur, and Clar-lhis daughter, Mrs. Thornton, ro- '* * * * and Henry Christian•• Lakota. |l<spivi»!? 0ft-Togcthcrs- |B family gatherings took it town on Thanksgiving cently in an auto accident, and one 0- R - Miller is the "miller" at of her hoys, were still in n hospital. Titonka in more senses than ono. One other boy is at Livormorc, '''' s been operating hi3 mill where, he is attending school. sinco H)3 °- H C has it now attrition * * * * mill, and another machine called We saw J. F. Quinn, Lone Uonk, Hie 'pneumatic'. Thc new mill has SWEA & EAGLE TEACHERS HAVE BASKETSOCIALS Swea,, Eagle Twps., Nov. 20—Al- Uhr, teacher in Eagle township, Nellie and Mary, daughters of An- Gurdett and students in the Mankato commercial college, came home Wednesday, remaining till Monday. RiehPaat 17 HEAD OF CATTLE Mrs. Dick Kain went to Iowa City Wednesday for Thanksgiving and the week-end with her sister and brother, Mary and Paul Black, students at the university. Mrs. George Johnson attended a meeting of the Doan Woman's club last week Tuesday and gave a report covering a district federated j ierstedts entertained 45 on the Lotts Creek road last, week a 2G-lnch grinder; the old ono had ', eld a VrTgrom and basketsoc al T* °°r B ?r . i f i ,d -friends. The _ Jerry (Monday^operating^a road main- a_24-lnch grinder. Mr. Miller also l^ her l ^o\ ^last week Monday £lub meeting at Carroll early m the a family gathering., taincr. lie is the fellow who keeps has a large feed mixer. Grain is evening, 'and Yhere was "a large pat• Warburtons entertained the roads up thai way in fine hauled to him from long distances , ronase. The baskets sold for a fel Warburtons. Doctor knd his wife entertained f's people. The Arthur a family gathering, as fers. C. R. Smith. Tonni is Winner — all is getting under head- shape. The. men that run the main- to be ground. The Pratt Electric ' total of $30. Alice Dahl, teacher tamer carry dinner, so at noon Co., of Algona, installed his new el- • j n g w ea township, No. 2, also gave they have a lit.llo time to vist. * :!: ,:> H: When we culled last week Mon- iectric machinery. * * * Cyril J. Miller, Titonka, is a diy on lion Schmidt, southwest of young who is managing the Hamil- T,ono Por., v -. HK> mnn wore .shelling ton branch hatchery and produce a program and basket social, last week Tuesday evening. Selections by a school rythum band were given. The proceeds totaled $16.50. corn. William Lauck. near Whittc--hou.se there. Ho is located just tniinnlfm?!v!n«r Slinnf- Held— •mm urnc rlnino- tlm ulmllinn 1 In li.i o '• ai ,111 h iiurl nnvnoc. fl,n „*,.«„!. *„„_,. • llI " lllvB b 1 ""b Oliuuu J«oiu The girls, with Miss 'mrc, was doing the shelling. He Ivis -south have so far won all , a large Kholler, mounted on a big 'vhore across the street from; a now Hamilton hatchery i Rnortsmen who enjoy shooting . V t) SU ItLl \VUll i 111 | *•* «»n j->*j • >mj • «»> i » iiiounii^j mi n, " ^n •••••• -^ i« n\.-\> IKLIIIIILUI.I ijtu-i^u^ij i _ T _ __, , _ , . played They de- i truck, and ho uses the power of the, building is being built. This build- '• Withered, at Joseph fcnckson s m i y __ i finished. The ', Swea township last week Sunday juv.1 i ., Pi. n*.i-i nni^ H^iim 4-».« »1 n Vin ll h/lOTl incroft and Rake last trunk motor for the shelling as well ing he boys won from Ban- j 17, but lost to Rake 20-13. f Mrs. Eva Gardner spent Thanksgiving at Delos Gardner's, Union township. Edmund Capesius, Ames, spent Thanksgiving with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Capesius. Helen Lemke, Cedar Falls, Ruth Black, Mallard, Roberta Skilling, Ashton, and Marguerite Skilling, Onawa, were also at home over the weekend. for moving the sheller. William roofers were putting on the finish- j afternoon. Two traps he had Imon shelling corn for'ing touches on the roof the day we.: set up ' an " sona6 30 21 days straight. v:ore there. This building is a ere- , * * * * dit to Titonka as well as to thej™ d ducks. We h-ul o v1«M last week TUOH- Hamiltons. When the Hamiltons shoot for took turkeys, geese, for Holiday— home from college for . .nksgiving holiday were dny with Frr.d Rowe. He and his build they build well. Cyril said he [terson Miriam Heetland, • wife are a now eounle who came to nad W orked for the Hamiltons two "_Hli, Mr. and Mrs. Tobe Lone Rock recently, and they op- years at the Hamilton Hatchery ibort Hamilton, Betty Ley, """to a Jack Snrat store. They at Bancroft, and he likes the work, nquist, Edwin Christ, and I've at. the rear of the store. They H j s parents live southwest of Ban- ikcop the place neat nn<! ju-e h"v- cr oft. — | ing a fine trade. Fred said liked * * * * ftivlck Dips November 21-- Lone Pnnk. Tr " hns the building J. L. Miller, Titonka, operates farm Kettwick dic-1 last whore Tom Sharp, now of Alp ono of tbe town's grain elevators, ay, following a brief il!- at. one time had a store. There are three Millers in business fir husband, a son, and a r ..**** ^ , , at Titonka. ' SUl'ViVG f P ->" T*/%,. • «««/ • 'c; « • *^ :H * s(! ' the Presbyterian minister at Lone- H. A. French, the lumberman [.Gutknecht entertained at P/^ir. " f e '"ft him Inst wee'' TUOR- at Titonka, was busy Wednesday, 'riday evening. day and found dass er Deutsch as he always is when we call. We sprechen kann, though he doos not did not get to talk much with him, Rerg Sisters Come Home— Geneva Berg, who teaches at Swaledale, Lucille Berg, student at Buena Vista college, Storm Lake, Many from this vicinity attended a Roethler-Arndorfer wedding had been j dance at the I. 0. 0. F. hall at Algona Thanksgiving evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Johnson spent Thanksgiving day with relatives at Alden. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hansen, Titonka, were at George Johnson's. Art Maasdam, son of Jack Maasdam is making a short visit Seven head of milch cows to freshen in January or February; 3 one-year-old heifers; one 2-year-old roan Shorthorn bull; 1 yearling heifer; 6 spring calves. 7 HEAD OF HORSES 7 One team of brown mares, ages 10 and 11, weight about 2800, in foal; team of sorrel mares, ages 4 and 10, weight about 2800, in foal; black gelding, age 11, weight 1650; well-matched team of yearlings. TEN HEAD OF FEEDING SHOATS—Ranging in weight from 120 to 140 pounds. Farm Machinery, Etc. McCormick binder; McCormick mower; John Deere gang plow; John Deere sulky plow; John Deere S' r ft. disc; 2 John Deere corn plows; International 2-row corn plow; International spreader; wagon with box; wagon with rack; bob sled with box; Hoosier endgate seeder; Hayss corn planter; 3-section drag; John Deere 3-horse power gas engine; hand corn sheller; tank heater; 4-barrel tank; liog troughs; McCormick-Deering cream separator; cream cans; hay fork and knife; 3 sets of harness; feed bunk; and other articles. , FORTY BUFF ROCK PULLETS TERMS—Cash, or see your banker. No property removed until settled for. George Hahle, Prop. LOU MATERN, Auctioneer. SECURITY STATE BANK, Clerk. WANT ADS BRING BIG RESULTS AT SMALL COST Doan Sander Seefelds had as living dinner guests, Mr. j. John Seefeld, Algona, and Mrs. John Ward, Woden. Larson entertained her I and her sister, Mrs. Marie ison, with the latter's fam- Roy Hansens, Cora Han- j -Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hansen j the Ben Knox home. Martinek, Britt, and the iMartineks were dinner and fguesets of the A. J. Mart- Thanksgiving day. Frank jWahpeton. N. D., formeily |and Titonka, called on the artineks. Alice Martinek, a nd art teacher at East Wat- ame home Wednesday for giving with her parents, Mr. A. J. Martinek. McNeil, teacher in No. 4, known as the Martinek ; and her pupils will give am and basket social this uesday evening. Lunch will 3d. [Angle, De Etta and Minnie land Harold Colwell, the lat- Igona, left by auto Wednes' California, taking a south- DeEtta and Minnie had fnployed at Fort Dodge for years, and Earl had been father, Amos Angle, on [Maude Brink was hostess to 'an Woman's club last week ', and roll call was answer- new books. Harvard Uni- f and Its Traditions was giv- (Ema Buffington. Pearl Asa reading, and the hostess lunch. F r ed Girres was hostess to |eekly 500 club Wednesday There were four tables This was the club's first •this fall. [Tom Young held open house birthday a week ago Satur- invited guests for the Sunday were the George • Ii'vington, and the An- "ansens. As 1 have decided to quit farming I will sell the following described property, located 4 miles east and 2 miles north of Burt, 5 miles west and 1 mile south of Titonka, 3 miles east and 5 miles south of Bancroft, known as the Watkins place, on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2 Sale to Begin at 12 O'clock Sharp Lunch wagon on ground HORSES Gray gelding, smooth, wt. 1500; roan mare 8 yrs. old, sound, wt- 1500; bay mare coming 8 years old, broke wt 1300; black mare 8 years old, wt. 1200, black'mare 3 yrs. old, broke, wt. 1300; black gelding coming 2 years old; suckling colt. CATTLE 8 cows to freshen in May, Holsteins; 2 heifers to freshen in May, Holsteins; 5 heifers, 18 mos. old; 2 calves. _ ~ 10 HEAD OF EWES Ono ivory and tan porcelain cook stove, nearly new, and other household goods CUMMINGS Practical Gifts - Toys - Dolls - Games - Books You'll Find Just What You Want at Low Cost at Cummings ^•egsrea^ftfrS^^ DOLLS The finest line of dolls at such f Toy_Wash Machines low prices. Soft body babies — full composition with wigs — Toy Tea Sets Toy Sweepers Toy Trucks Snow Shovels Movie Guns Hundreds of new toys to please the kiddies. Lotts Creek I I ana Mrs. Herman Hintz and r Marian, Mr. and Mrs. Fred , Verdell and Wayne, and ' Mittag, Fenton, were dinner guests at Fred Radig, attending college came home for the Hintz was a Thanksgiv- «t Marie FauUtlch's. Mrs. Lelsener retu'-n'>d t Austln - L°r^Mrs. Nick Gengler, Phy- _«fitty Ann were Thursday of'Mr?, Marsch. from 8-ft. disc; 4 -^^ e ;7 i " planter; 2 single-row tooth drag, MC ~" „„*„,.• NPW Idea 44-ft. elevator, liV rH^et W sSus ra and'siSj;c ek: truck wagon; u«ed three seasons, *" u * ,. doub i e box; triple high wagon; hayrack "at racKu box; triple box, IJ-ft..^^^^ set breech- S^^.^^i'-^ ^^»^^^^^^> era; hog waterer; .- sung i ^ otber articles too trip rope, snovejo. j.u*»o, "TEBMS-CaBh or make arrangements with your MRS. ANGELINE HAUPERT Mr«. Sftvings Bank, Slerk Stewart & Ftolg, guests at <#•< BOOKS Picture Books Color Books Cut Out Books Story Books All kinds—all new 5c TO 49c Fine Boxed Kerchiefs for / Men Women Children lOc TO 69c TAGS SEALS CARDS Beautiful CHRISTMAS CARDS 5 for 5c 3 for 5c iin^Bj^M^e^i^^^ TAGS SEALS LABELS 5c Package Lace Trimmed Panties Fine Rayon for Women Children 20c 25c ft %««a«Sn«S«!»«!»«S«S^^ MUFFLERS For men and women Silk or wool 49c Armands, Ponds Woodbury's GIFT SETS 25c TO $1.00 TREE LIGHT SETS 8-light sets complete 25c Outdoor Sets 79c NEW DRESSES For Gifts AH sizes, fast colors $1.00 $1.88 OVENWARE Casseroles, Pie Plates Mixing Bowls 3ic To$1.19 LEATHER GLOVES a Men's sizes $1.00? Ladies' Imported Cape $1.39 DRESSER SETS Comb Brush Mirror 25c $1.98 New Snap-On COVERALL APRON3 $1.00 jSi3JSis3i»ftia%^^ i. - .i ;.*'. * *H* «3"Bff T^3*P^ *?• * C i/ Ml HI IN IS

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