The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 20, 1897
Page 5
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UPPER ALQONA; IOWA, 20, 1M* A Suit and Overcoat Sale. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, October 28th, agth, and 3Oth. S OME of the finest values that we were able to pick up this fall were placed on back order and just arrived this week During our o ments which attracted buyers for miles around, but we have reserved for ^is sale soffie^ura never yet equaled by us or any ome guaranteed first class, in neat designs, equal to any clothier's $7.00 SUIT, SALE PRICE $4,95. Uc-n t take our wora 101 inspect them. They are genuine borgains and sell at sight: OUR LINE OF OVERCOATS is the strongest we have ever shown, and the most careful buyer will find no fault with the accompanying prices > Men's $ 7.50 to $9.00 suits at., $5.75 Men's 12.00 suits at. 9.75 Boys' 5.00 all-wool suits at 3.50 Children's 2.00 all-wool suits at 1.75 We will have a great many other bargains in suits and overcoats not here mentioned, and in connection with this sale will offer a few Men's fine tailored ulsters, , ... Men's fine Kersey overcoats, . . . Men's $10.60 all-wool overcoats, . . A splendid value in boys' overcoats, . A splendid value in children's overcoats, SNAPS $1.25 ; $i.c FURNISHINGS, We hBve bought especially for this sale ten cases all-wool fleece underwear at $oc ; Soc overalls at 3$c J winter caps at 150 ; leather-faced «»«J*at coats at 6oc 5 $2.00 shoes at $1.65 ; a good dress shoe at $ ; 4oc shirts at 2$c t> $2.oo hats at s of good, solid dress shoes, and will sell them during the three days at $1.19 per pair. OOWLES' BLOCK, ALG-ONA, IA. KRAFT CLOTHING CO. RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at No. 3 departs at Freights that carry passengers- No. 9a departs at. No. 71 departs at - ;s No. 05 departs at ; ».30pm TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at No. 4 departs at.... • : Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at .No. 94 departs at CHICAGO * NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight ..11:00 a m j, J.^i«tHV « • • I • —— • - Pass _7 : 9& am Mixed North- Mixed 7:05 a m Freight 11 :50 am AU1AOU ...»••*•——•—Mixed 7:54pm , I ;uiJ a iJi. *•• ioita"-" — — -".11:59 am Pass., 2:41 pm Mixed 10:28pm 0:15 p. VllXfiQ i t • • • I *u"x M m *»*.*«•'-'** ..... Arrive at Dea Molhes at 12:15 p. m., m " and 1:20a ' m - F .H.VBSpEn. Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. A cold, disagreeable rain has broken the long dry spell. Galbraith is making a specialty of cloaks and fine dress goods. Pearl Pugh has put out a neat advertising case. It is ornamental. Henry Walston is finishing his new home. He has built one of the best in town. Capt. Geo. Foster has been at Renwick for a week doing some civil engineering. G M. Johnson is making a specialty of the Birdsell wagon, which he advertises this week. The next attraction at the opera house is Maro, the slight-of-hand man. He comes Nov. 10. Rev. Day was in school at Iowa City with Mayor Chrischilles. They are old-time acquaintances. W J Crammond now has the har- ness'shop opposite the Tennant house. He bought it last week. Both railway time tables at Algona are changed. Several passengers have missed trains by not noticing. Dr. Morse is building a neat. little cottage on his lots for vent He •will put in heat and his new gasoline lights. Kraft's clothing store will be. headquarters for suits and overcoats next week , This is good overcoat weather. Manager White has booked the Ot- tumwas, the finest male quartette on the stage. They will come next month. The Stersbach-Cady orchestra will start out Nov. 1. They are having Sre oali.lkttipy.wlU ^ able to ao- : oept.- '.'y<**' J •' ' •'. ; '•-'•' .. • N. 3. Skinner came near not being here for trial last ; week. He only Sped yeifow fever;quarantlneva few hours. • .-•••• -•-'•.;?• •''.'. ., ' AN BuBhnell came home to Algona for ' the' Shaw .meeting, He was. Shaw's classmate in college at Mt, Vernon. ' /.', • ; . It is being tola-all over the -county thatJ R. Jones will be: beaten in Algona. Mr. Jones will-have 150 majority in Algona, ' Sunday afternqqn the Y. M. O. A. held a memorial-service'in honor of Neal Dow, theyeteran prohibition lead. e'r'Qf Maine'..,-.",...... • F W.' Dlrigley has .moved the head- ..:fe?$3T$rsS!3S hank building. ' . • iinher Qf the; small pipes .put in Sly 'to carry water to private the Baptist church Sunday evening. Rev. Landis preached a splendid sermon to a very largo congregation. The high school is getting Wm. Hawley Smith for a lecture to be given in the opera house Noy. 20. He is one of the country's brightest speakers. J. A. Hamilton is enlarging his home. He has excavated and put in a foundation of specially prepared brick that look well and make a warm cellar. Judge Thomas will not be able to finish tho work of the present term of court, and will adjourn tomorrow. He has had a lot of important litigation before him. Mrs. Wm. Quick is now a grandma. A big twelve-pound boy came to the Chas. Knutson home at Clear Lake Monday morning, both mother and baby doing well. B. Hulburt, who has lived in Kossuth 30 years, says we have had the longest dry spell he has ever seen. In other parts of the state it has been a half longer than here. John C. Patterson has been up in Swea City building a big barn for Albert Moktfi, and is now building a house and barn for Chas. Erickson of Algona, who has bought land there. Robt. Kain's handsome new home is finished and was opened with a big neighborhood house warming. It has a very sightly location and is a modern, big, and comfortable hoase. Algona should send a big delegation to the Bancroft coursing meet tomorrow. A big string of fast dogs will be there and the besfjack rabbit range on earth is only a few miles out. Daniel Rice took $1,200 of hogs to Chicago last week from hisPlum Creek farm. He realized $3.65 net here, which is a very satisfactory price. He hit the market exactly right. John Grove has sold the Northwestern depot hotel to Minnesota parties who will soon be here to run it. They will doubtless give early attention to moving it back out of the street. Dr. Lacy of LuVerne made no showing to the supreme court in the case the county has appealed against him. County Attorney Raymond has it all his own way. A decision may be expected soon. Next Sunday a series of special meet- jgs is to begin at the Congregational church Rev. Sinclair will be assisted send some Japanese art work from Now York, and her husband will send life work of his own. Will Purvis wll make a considerable contribution, and Miss McCoy Is arranging with Prof. Koehler of Minneapolis for a loan from the art school. All these in addition to the Des Mplnes contributions noted last week and to the kodak collection will fill the walls. Tho room will be open afternoon and evening and ought to be thronged. There was a big family reunion at the Addison Fisher home Sunday, at which 87 of his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were present. There were 17 great grandchildren, which-, we think, is the record for any of our Kossuth residents, Mr. Fisher was as young as any of them and enjoyed himself, as they all did, the day being one they will all long remember. Mr. Fisher was in town Monday and in answer to a query told several interesting things about his family as a body, but tho one we recall most clearly is that there is not a democrat in the lot. He is still in his prime, refuses to occupy that easy chair, refuses to grow old, nnd likes a political contest better than ever. May he be long with us to show us how to cheat time and be a boy among great grandchildren. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs, H. C. Dodge came to Algona Monday. Josle Pohlin has gone to Des Molnos to have her eyes treated. Mrs. Geo. M. Johnson Is visiting the old homo In Greene county. Mrs. W. J. Crammond has lately boon visiting with friends at Garner. Mrs. W. J. Studley Is at Clinton with her little ones visiting at home. 1 Dr. Keneflck wont to Belmond Saturday for a few days with his brothers. cur . bv Rev C. C. Otis of Charles City and by Mr. Colter of Chicago, who will lead the song service. F M. Taylor goes to the Trace Taylor farm in Union today to perform a marriage ceremony for Edith Taylor and N. E. Bartlett. Twenty-five years ago last March he married the bride's father and mother. Chas. Kraft, in talking about business this year and last, says his trade aas gained more than he had any reason to expect, and he expected a big gain. He thinks trade generally must be much better and that times are improving rapidly, The Epworth league at its business meeting last Wednesday evening elected the following officers for the ensuing year: President, J. A. Brownell; vice presidents, Clara Yetter, Celestia Reed; A W. Winden, Lizzie Hohn; treasurer, Mrs. D. W. Hohn. One J. Clark stole a watch belonging to Mrs. M. S. Hittrick in Union township He was caught at Indianola, where is serving out a short sentence for petty larceny. He will soon be M. U. Dalton's JMne Hogs. M. B. Dalton is making a specialty of fine hogs. He went to the state fair and bought a line Chester White boar, and not long ago shipped from the biggest breeder in Illinois a Duroo sow. He keeps all of his stock fully registered as well as any breeder in the state, and has both Chester White and Duroc full blooded boars for sale. He keeps both breeds, but makes a specialty of tho Chester White. He says that no case of cholera has occurred in the county among full blood Chesters, and that they are the coming hog. All hog breeders will do well to see Mr. Dalton and tone up their herds from his well selected stock. Auction. The undersigned will sell at public auction on the farm in Cresco township, i mile south of Hobart, on Friday Oct. 29, 1897, sale commencing at 10 a. m., the following property: Thirteen cows, some fresh, balance coming in soon, 25 shoals, one lumber wagon, bob-sled, corn plow, 16-inch J. I. C. riding plow, 14-inch Charles City walking plow, pounder harrow, 'drag, Peerless hay stacker, hay buck, mower, hay rake, corn planter, 70-yd.l2-ra. stack cover, nearly new, De LaVall hand cream separator, water tank, and numerous other articles. Free lunch at noon. Terms: All sums under $5, cash; over that amount ten months' time on approved notes at 8 per cent. Three per cent, off for cash. _ ' ' LOUISA McNUTT, Prop. D. A. Haggard, Auctioneer, Col. Burnap of Clear Lake was hero Monday as a witness in the Lund cases. F. M. Wilbur and family from California are visiting here at tho Wilbur homo. Nellie aiid Aggie Clarke went to Minneapolis Friday to visit their sister, Mrs. Chas. McCoy. Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Hiokok of Malono, N, Y., are hero visiting with their uncle, D. H. Hutchins. Hazwell Ramsey came from Seattle last week for a visit. He was a witness for his brother In his suit in court. Fay Reed is home from Blue Earth City for the winter. He says C. A. Smith has had good success with his horses the past season. M. J. Walsh started Monday for Livingstone, Mont., to enter a hardware store. He expects to come back next summer, but may not. Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Bellows drove up from Humboldt last week for the W. R. C. convention. They visited their cousins, tho Mai^ns, while hero. L. E. Key, the genial boomer of Cuthbort, Ga., was in town Saturday. Ho is taking an expedition south from Eagle Grove. He says Georgia is still tho garden spot. APPLES. APPLES We a Long on Apples Just Now and can furnish them by the barrel, by • the bushel, by the peck, or the handfull, as desired. Better lay in your supply for winter right now while you can get your choice of the best. No trouble about the price. That will be right. EVERY lady who contemplates buying a jacket or cape this season should not miss the special sale on Friday, Oct. 22, at ChriBchilles & Herbst's. One day only. _, GALBBAITH is selling men's gloves at 25c a pair. ; We Old Gold and Silver. buy your old gold and silver, bveoy houses have rusted out and are causing lots of trouble. , .. C Matson's country is all right. or pey . back for trial, with a good prospect of going to the penitentiary Sign of the big watch. 31 til a ... . Jt ~ — —, „ .. „»=« v.— .,— .they . . . . People who are figuring on aoratoh- he new selves but of a vote. Juliea Richards, th Next Wednesday will be cloak day at Ooeders' The agent for one of the Sggesthouses in the United States will be here with the finest line of goods Mr. Goeders has ever carried. Our readers will do well to keep Goedl -„ . -- .ers in mind when they want good their tloMVhwia read the new ^ at rea80na ble prices •w*r*»--** ' hm l«j%«,ffi«^L^Kj ^•^^Ts^T^fessffa S^« •^travels is a most interesting talker. ,of J3. B> Col. Spencer wants everybody to re- j°« 3KSS- «»:<*. weu JiastoBBrt 1 ^ - ' EIGHTEEN karat rings that are 18 karat, not 14 karat rings made up by Guy Taylor and Mortonsen of Britt went to Dayton Monday for a big tournament, and go to Council Bluffs next week for another. They are an Invincible team. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hutchins took in the Sioux City carnival and visited her brother at Hull on the way homo. They report the Sioux City Mondatnin festival a success. Fred. Anderson, lalo of tho Wigwam, and C. C. Larson with their families start for Missouri toclav. They will take some farms owned by C. R. Morehouse of Bancroft. Dr. McCoy goes to Chicago next Wednesday to road a paper on " Conservative Surgery" before tho ineetini? of railway surgeons. Iowa has a half dozen representatives on the program. Algona's old-time Milwaukee conductor, L. L. Cadwell of Decorah, came within one vote of being elected commander of the soldier's homo at Marshalltown. Hewould have made a good one. Samuel Mayne and a party are going from Bancroft next week to hunt ducks up in Minnesota lakes. They will begin at the south end and go north till they strike game, If that Is to the north pole. Rev. Talbot of Mapleton, a nephew of Bishop Talbot of Wyoming, will come to to Algona, Nov.. 1, to remain as Episcopal- Ian rector. He is a young man of talent. P. Kain is again at Battle Creek, Mich., at the sanitarium. When he left Algona he thought of going to Colfax, but changed his mind. He will remain several months. A letter received Monday states that he is gaining. C. J. Lenander. E. C. Anderson and a half dozen other Bancroftltea started north yesterday to hunt moose. The law Is up Oct, 25, and they will be on the ground. They will also take in smaller game, deer, boars, wild cats, etc. Mrs. Dunton, a sister of Myron Schenck and Mrs. C. D. Ward of Union, arrived from Kansas last Wednesday for a short visit. She says times are not as good there as here and that a great deal of hardship has been suffered in late years. Geo. Bailey and Durward Walker went to Davenport last week as delegates to the annual great council of the state of Redmen. Mr. Bailey was chosen great guard of the-forest of the state council. They both No. 8 E. State St. James Patterson. We Never Had a Stove Until we bought a "Cole's Hot Blast Air Tight" of you last winter, which we felt absolutely sure would hold fire and keep our house , warm when we wanted to leave it for the day. This is what a customer told us this fall who used a Cole's stove last winter. Another said, "I used a Cole's Hot Blast stove last winter, kept two office rooms warm night and day, and paid out less than $10 for fuel." Still another: " I put in a few Coles at night before going to bed and had a good fire in the morning; it takes the least fuel of any heating stove I ever saw " Another said: " I would not take $25 for my stove if I could not get another.-" These words of praise were spoken by three different parties who used the stoves in their own homes, and know whereof they speak from actual experience. We can give you their names and a dozen others' who are just as, enthusiastic m expressing their appreciation. Why should they not be? • Its- the only soft coal stove made that converts into heat the 50 per Cent, of nar gas that comes from soft coal and goes up the chimney in ordinary stoves They are guaranteed to save one-third of your fue^, hold fire all night with Cole's, and 36 hours with one hod of .spft , one hod of .spft coal. tire an mtriu wmi \^uiv;o, »"•-. j~ ».«».- ..---- --.,- - .We have had people smile when we told them what the stove will do but we put the stove out OH 30 days' trial, arid if they 'do not find all we say of the stove to be true we will refund their money. It makes the best farm, school house, and store stove on the market, for it will burn anything combustible with as steady a heat as hard coal. Come and see one. _^ _ . ^ f • I Y m t m**^ ^M^^ * *• ^ni *J i«^^ i^^^ p HARDWARE,. M, V. UAGQAHD. G. V. PttEK some jobber and stamped 18 karat. 6 J DINGIVEY & PUGH. NEW coal and feed store opposite Tennant house is where you can get your hay, corn, oats, bran, ground feed, shorts, screenings. Also all kinds of hard and soft coal. Please call and eive me a trial. Prices as low as the lowest. Goods delivered to any part of the city.-31t2 W. H. LACY. SHOES and overshoes, loves and mittens, big inds at Galbraith's. underwear, stock of all FOB sale, residence property, well lo*" i of F. H. Vesper.-80t4 01 VllU 1UIOBU Ut Vl*G ouuuw WWW.*. report a most enjoyable time. Rev, and Mrs. Landis, C. J. and Mrs. Doxsee attended the Baptist district meeting at Rolfe. Mrs. Doxsee read a paper, and Rev. Landis took a prominent part in the proceedings. It was the annual meeting of the Northern Iowa Baptist association and was largely attended. S. X. Way was over from Wesley Thursday to meet Mrs. Way,:who had been in Des Moines visiting her parents. He is republican township chairman in Wesley this vear and says the republican ticket will get ipore votes than some are thinking. " SUtz" is outspoken for the straight ticket. WE don't carry filled, plated oor ten- pent rings; but we have the finest line of solid gold rings at lowest prices.. 20 E. G. BOWYEB. G. M. JOHNSON is headquarters for Birdsell, Moline, and MUburn wagons, Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.l Abstracts, Real Estate,-^, Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. Don't Forget that we always have on hand all kinds of grain and ground feed, bran, shorts, and oil meal at reasonable prices; also * • • Chas, J, Doxsee, of all kinds and grades. Goods delivered to any part of the

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